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This year’s National Leagues are being launched formally today so it’s time to start thinking about all that. Described several years ago by the previous DG Liam Mulvihill as a competition that starts with a bang and ends in a whimper, we’re heading into it with the usual aims of trying to stay in the top tier while also seeking to unearth some new talent between now and April. We’re also, of course, doing so for the second year in a row under new management, with all of the uncertainties and opportunities inherent in this.

The bumper crowds at the January pre-season games, not just in the west but for the McKenna and O’Byrne Cup matches too, are evidence of fairly strong pent-up demand for live inter-county action. We’re sure to bring a big away following to Páirc Uí Rinn next Sunday, where there’s every likelihood we’ll once again strongly outnumber the Cork support on their home turf.

Next Sunday’s match is the first of three matches involving us that’ll be shown live on TV this spring. TG4 are doing this one as well as the Donegal one on February 28th, while Setanta are covering the Dublin one on Saturday week.

I’m still unsure about what I’m doing for the Cork match but the fact that it’s live on the box allied to the ridiculous colour clash – which obviously won’t be as bad if I’m trying to follow which side has the ball while doing so on TV instead of being there in the midst of the crowd – means that I’m leaning heavily at this stage towards not travelling for it.

I’ve a more pressing reason not to undertake the journey for it, though, one that, to be honest, is also likely to impact fairly significantly on the number of matches I get to this year. This is because two (and maybe, on occasion, all three) of the kids now have matches on Sundays and, you know, they won’t be kids forever so I’d kinda like to see them in action too. As a result, I might be relying on second-hand accounts of the Mayo matches this year more than I’ve done at any time since the blog’s inception. Sure we’ll see how it goes.

With the League’s return, the Allianz/Facetheball prediction mini-league is also set to reappear shortly. I haven’t done the under-the-bonnet stuff on this yet – though I note that Club ’51 have (details here) – but I’ll do so either later on today or tomorrow so you’ll have the chance to join in the fun then.

15 thoughts on “First three League matches live on TV

  1. I have decided to stay at home and watch it on tv as well because like yourself I’m colour blind and cannot see a difference between green and red. Hopefully we won’t be playing them again down the road in championship as 1 game is enough to miss every year.

  2. Even though it’s a long trip from Belmullet/ Ballina to Cork nothing beats being there

  3. WJ, a quick question, do you pick up all the channels on that tv or do the rabbits ears only get One and Two? Its great to have so many Mayo clubs in the business end of things so early in the year and that the league is about to start with a bunch of new fellas looking for jerseys in the county football scene.
    I read last night that templenoe, the crowd ardnaree will meet are playing at a high level in Kerry? Anyone else hear this, they may be too strong for our fellas if they are, not getting excuse in early but ardnaree will have it all to do if that’s the case.

  4. WJ, I know what you mean about the kids. I have 3 too and wouldn’t miss their games for the world. Keep up the great work, really appreciate your awesome blog helping me keep up to date!

  5. Backdoor Sam:

    It’ll be much handier for you now to get around to the matches in your new helicopter … thanks to the big Lotto win! You wouldn’t pick me up on the way?

  6. There’s always 3 or 4 seats in those helicopters too. You might swing by for me as well?

    Lovely jubley!

  7. Whats the story with parking in or around pairc ui rinn? Any info appreciated. I will be coming from Dublin for it.

  8. It’s no problem, mayomanindublin, from my experience last year. There’s a place called the Silver Key on Churchyard Lane (R852) which is a good place to get food beforehand. It’s only 5-10 minutes walk from the ground and we parked round the corner from there – on Ballinlough Road – without any problems last year. The important thing is to get there as early as possible.

  9. There is a lot of on-street parking around the ground MayomaninDublin, but I’d recommend you get there early if you don’t want a long walk.

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