Five in the hunt for U20 role

The Mayo News is reporting today (here) that there are five nominees for the vacant post of Mayo U20 manager.

As expected, outgoing U17 manager Seán Deane (Breaffy) is one of the nominees and, according to that piece lined above, the other four are Tom Mulderrig (Moy Davitts), Damien Egan (Bonniconlon), James Fallon (Mayo Gaels) and Peadar Gardiner (Crossmolina).

The deadline for nominations passed on Wednesday and a selection process will now take place to pick the U20 manager for next year.

28 thoughts on “Five in the hunt for U20 role

  1. Best of luck to them all.

    Is Sean Deane involved with any club in the upcoming championship?

    It’s just my own opinion but I’d imagine that the Under 17s and 20s are reasonably similar environments, and I’d prefer not to have jump straight from one to another. I would be prefer if those kinds of candidates did something in between. Something where they’d pick up new ideas.

    IMO ideas should be spreading between our 17s and 20s, and to a lesser extent our seniors, organically and irrespective of who the individual management teams comprise.

  2. Under 20s for 2024 would have played under Sean Deane at U17 level, I think it would be better for their development as players if they had a different management team at U20 level.

  3. I’d agree. These young lads need to be hearing from different voices at that age. Will be interesting to hear their proposed backroom teams.

  4. Good that so many people are interested. Hopefully the format is changed to a round robin as mentioned. Ridiculous that players can train for months and have one bad game and the season is over. A series of games should help develop players.

  5. Tom Mulderrig is working with effectively our u19 development panel (u20 next year).
    My own view is that’s plenty advantage enough to swing towards him.
    It would give a boost towards the remaining development work in 2023.

  6. Don’t know why any talented coach (and all 5 have talent) would want this gig in it’s present format. The 2nd most important competition and it’s treated with disdain by the powers that be. Maurice Sheridan just finished his 3 year spell and whether you were pro Maurice or not you have to have sympathy with any manager in a potential one game and you’re out scenario. In his 3 years Mayo only played 6 championship games, winning 2 drawing 1 (we won on penalties) and losing 3. What chance do you have to build momentum, team bonding and a game plan. How in hell do you give game time to enough panel members to forge trust and understanding within the group……….Please don’t throw up the pre season jolly as it’s the same as saying McStay should get his team sorted in the FBD. I know other teams like Sligo have done well in it and fair play to them but in a way it’s easier with a smaller pick as they probably know their best 15 or 17 before a ball is kicked. As you can tell I’m not a fan of the competition in it’s present guise but the best of luck to whoever gets the job.

  7. Agree with JP. Tom Mulderrig has done a lot of work with the Mayo U19 panel already this year and is best placed to carry this forward as the U20 manager. He has a lot of experience working in the academy and has a great backroom team who know all of these young lads. Best suited for the job imo.

  8. Damien Egan won with Ballinrobe CS has been involved in the club scene I think he would be a very good candidate if he has a good backroom team.

  9. Damien Egan and Terry Kennedy would be interesting. It would be great for younger players to have a new voice like that. Egan did good work with Garrymore and Kennedy was in the backroom team under Dempsey at Knockmore. Kennedy would bring a few new coaching methods that could go a long way to developing different skills for players both in defence and attack. New ideas for young lads is brilliant for their development.

  10. No disrespect but do we really need even more basketball tactics introduced to our u-20 set-up.
    I’d like to see someone who would encourage more kicking of the leather.

  11. 2 hops most of the basketball skills relate to speed of hand and coordination.
    The negative tactics don’t need to stem from basketball. That could be managers perogative.

  12. 2 hops, basketball coaching not designed to be defensive for football. All about hand eye coordination and constant movement off the ball. Looped and angled runs. Of course we need more kick passing in the game, agree 100% but it would be a big help to have dynamic movement as well. The dubs have been using basketball coach’s for the last decade. The way they loop off and around each other for scores and protect the D is straight out of the basketball handbook. That would be my argument for it, but definitely agree, can’t beat good kick passing

  13. Ok. I’ll bow to ye’re superior knowledge on that one….and Damien has good experience gained with the likes of Gerald’s, Ballinrobe,Garrymore and is now trying to keep Davitts heads above water.
    Best of luck to all nominees.

  14. Its hard to see how Peader Gardiner gets this job. He was involved with the last U20 set up which didnt go well to say the least! Surely its time for something different?

  15. Can anyone tell me more about James Fallon? I haven’t seen him mentioned at all yet?

    Peader Gardiner was with the ladies I believe, was it as a coach?

  16. The format is pretty cruel. Seems as an age grade we’re really unsure of what we want from it.

    The games to training session ratio must be completely at odds with the other grades.

  17. Peadar was part of Maurice Sheridan’s backroom team also @Frost. Not sure of his role there though.
    Wouldn’t know enough about James to comment!

  18. FrostTHammer – don’t know a huge amount about James myself but he managed Mayo Gaels to the county intermediate title 2 years ago. His son is a highly regarded young player, I think he could well be under 20 this year but might be wrong on that. Solid Gaels clubman but don’t know has he done a lot of management outside of that – could be wrong.

  19. What’s the story with having a son on the team if you’re manager? Surely that isnt allowed?

  20. Once he gets on there on merit shouldn’t be an issue I’d imagine.
    Son of the minor manager was playing on his team 3 years ago.

  21. A few weeks back someone suggested here on the blog that the senior team management should have a couple of the current large back room team double up – getting involved with the next Under-20 squad.
    Seems sensible to me as would having Tom Mulderrig and Sean Deane as joint-managers of the Under-20s next year. If they can agree to work together, all should help improve the supply chain system in place from county minor to senior level.

  22. Dec – Sean Deane was minor manager in 21 and his son was on team. He would still be u20 next year. Jack Fallon was not on u17 minor team in 21, i would assume given his performances for his club that year he would have been a definite starter for minors that year if he was u17.

  23. Ah once the lad is good enough, and by all accounts he seems to be, then there is no issue. Kevin Mcstay has his nephew in the mayo squad and Mickey Harte has his nephew (Peter) and I think his son played the 2008 final. There is definitely no rule to say you can’t.

  24. I like Egan. I think he has the right winning mentality. I’ve never met the fella in my life but what I’ve heard of him he comes across driven and impressive. I’d like to see him get the position.

    I’d have liked to have seen Deane do one more year at minor. I agree that I think a different voice and opinions etc would be of benefit to the u20s. Deane did a good job, without having won the All Ireland.

  25. Sean Deane in my view with the right backroom team has to be a strong contender….he has a proven track record with this group of 2 Con titles and knows the group well. He has added Colm Boyle to his team and if he can keep him involved and strengthen it further then i think it will be an easy decision for the County Board…
    However he will have a big job on his hands with both the competition format and level of priority given to this grade by the County Board over the past few years….Expecting lads to train for 6 months for possibly one championship game at this grade is a difficult sell….most lads are already paying colleges and adult club football ….the format needs adjusting…also County Board need to decide (like Sligo did) to prioritise this grade for next couple of years and not play U20’s in FBD or national league squads….like they did this year…..unless there are very exceptional…

  26. Was James Horan asked?
    Or will we wait until he’s with some other county before lamenting that he should be doing more with mayo?
    I know we have no idea if he would be interested but we should at least be going after him to keep him involved at some level

  27. All good & passionate candidates. Great to see such an interest in our young players. With new format new manager would have a better chance to help.players be seen. James Fallon i believe from chat amongst football people would be an imteresting option.. He has a great record with his club and young people. His son Jack, a talented young footballer wont be u20 this year as lads said he turned 20 recently. Good luck to all the nominees.

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