Five Mayo lads on All-Star shortlist

The GAA/GPA football All-Star shortlist was published at lunchtime today and this year we’ve got five players on it. Trevor Mortimer and Donal Vaughan are included in the half-backs, Alan Dillon makes it into the half-forwards while Andy Moran and Cillian O’Connor are named among the full-forwards. Andy is obviously our best hope of seeing the Green and Red represented in the final fifteen with Donie also possibly coming into the reckoning although he’ll more than likely get squeezed out in the final shake-up.

Newly-crowned All-Ireland champions Dublin predictably lead the charge with 12 nominations followed by Kerry with nine, Donegal (seven), ourselves and Kildare (five), Cork (three), Tyrone (two), Wexford and Derry (one). The full list is here. The 2011 All-Star team will be unveiled at a hoolie in the new Convention Centre here in Dublin on Friday, 21st October.

7 thoughts on “Five Mayo lads on All-Star shortlist

  1. O’Connor,Vaughan & Moran was our three best players by a country mile & i’m astonished with the 5 nominations TBH.

  2. Trevor had a fantastic year and played his heart out all year too thought he was a bit subdued in the semi but feel this was because of the injury and wont be a bit surprised if he gets one too 🙂

  3. I have never spared certain counties for getting certain nominations i.e Kildare etc. Moran and Vaughan deserved nominations. A case may have been made for Trevor and a case may have been made for the absent Hennelly and Keith Higgins but what in gods name did Dillon do to get on the list? I am now rechecking the list to see if Conors name slipped through the cracks somewhere.

  4. I see the Kildare media love in continues.
    John Doyle, give me a break. After 1 or 2 good games at mdifield at the start of the campaign. Was nowhere to been seen at the business end(Meath or Donegal matches)

  5. To me the siting of John Doyle at midfield shows how poor Kildare are. By the way, Wexford who are better than them but dont have the shluuuurp shluuuurp with the media got a single nomination. It sure pays the have the likes of Micko and McGeeney around your county or Paidi in Westmeath. Remember them and a slew of All Stars. By the way the following men who did the county some srvice never got an All Star Peter Burke, Kevin Cahill, David Brady, Noel Connelly, Trevor in his prime, but Even Kelly did and Davy Dalton did and if you don’t know where they are from and the years they got them , then have a look around. OK, Dalton got his for his team reaching a Leinster semi final which they lost.

  6. Donal Vaughan has also been named on the preliminary panel for the International Rules Team.

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