Five stars

Photo: alan_dillon via Twitter

I know we may have argued the toss over who should have won what and that some have also raised questions about whether or not the awards mean anything in practice but the above photo of our five winners from last night’s All-Stars is still unquestionably one to raise the spirits on a cold, dark October morning. Well done lads, well done to everyone involved in the Mayo team in 2012 and here’s to even better days in 2013.

4 thoughts on “Five stars

  1. Great pity McLoughlin didn’t get one. Most consistent player we had all season and got us going in the AL when we badly needed someone to step up. Let’s hope there’s a photo with seven or eight in it next year.

  2. lads does anyone fancy ballaghs chances of progressing in the club championships? ,Mayo teams have been very poor at this level in recent years

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