Fixture schedule is published

The GAA today published its updated Master Fixtures calendar for 2021, confirming that the year’s inter-county football action will get underway in the middle of May.

The National Football League starts on the weekend of 15th/16th May, five weeks from Sunday, and, as signalled previously, it’ll be run this year on a regionalised basis, comprising groups of just four teams. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum of four League matches – three regulation ones plus at least one play-off tie (either a semi-final or a relegation avoider) – with a possibility of a fifth for those advancing to the divisional deciders.

The three rounds of League matches will take place on successive weekends in May starting on 15th/16th, with a week’s break ahead of the semi-finals and relegation play-offs that’ll be contested on 12th/13th June. The League finals will then be played on the following weekend, 19th/20th June.

Those League deciders will, however, only be contested if participating counties aren’t due to play their first provincial Championship matches the following weekend. If they are the final would be scrubbed and joint winners declared.

This year’s football Championship will, like last year, be run off on a straight knockout basis, with no backdoor and so the provincial Championship winners will go straight through to the All-Ireland semi-final. This year it’s Connacht v Leinster at the semi-final stage.

A rapid-fire Championship it’s set to be too, with the first round of games taking place on 26th/27th June and the Connacht final down for decision on Sunday, 25th July. Both All-Ireland SFC semi-finals will be played on the weekend of 14th/15th August with the All-Ireland final to follow on the weekend of 28th/29th August.

There’s no confirmation as yet on specific fixtures, though it was reported previously that, for the League, we’re in Division Two North this year along with Down, Meath and Westmeath. The draws for this year’s provincial Championship have yet to take place either but this is expected to happen at some stage inside the next few weeks.

Once the inter-county schedule is completed, the club Championship action gets underway at the start of September. County Championships are set to be completed by late November but the provincial and All-Ireland club Championships are, for whatever reason, scheduled to drag on all the way to the middle of February next year.

A copy of the GAA’s revised Master Fixtures Calendar for 2021 is here.

15 thoughts on “Fixture schedule is published

  1. So it looks like a Kerry v Mayo final.

    With the bid for 7 in a row falling at the semi final stage when Mayo ambush them, on their own home ground as well.

  2. I hope the poor auld Dublin team aren’t a kind of jet lagged after their early morning training sessions.

    Sight adjustment could be another factor. Going from training in the dark to playing under the best lights in the country. I hope they can cope.

    I wonder did they get the early Jab. The hardest working group during the Pandemic you could argue. Working their arses off with no concern about their own health at all. Patriotism at its best. Martyrs.

    From shining their own dressing rooms to running around in the dark with nets trapping them basterden covids I’ll be very surprised if they aren’t granted the freedom of Dublin before the year is out.

  3. Am I correct in saying we will be at home to Galway, roscommon and leitrim ,if we get to a semi final or final in connacht.

  4. @Paddyjoejohntom.. If they are resurfacing and extending the playing area in McHale Park this year, doesn’t look like any home Championship games, same as last year!

  5. Sorry leantimes, my mistake, I had thought that resurfacing wasnt to happen till after our last home game of 2021. Apologies on that.

  6. Resurfacing works won’t start until after our last home championship game. We played leitrim, ros and galway away last year, so presume we’d play at home this year if drawn against any of them – not that it’s any advantage given our record!

  7. Great news that we’re returning to some action!! We need to forget about covid and find some healthy safe alternatives to occupy our lives and our conversations. Cannot wait for it. Come on Mayo!!!
    So the resurfacing doesn’t start until after our last championship game?

  8. No crowds this year , just pick a pitch in the county that does suit our game . Sin e

  9. I was talking to a person who told me that all fully vacinated people will be able to attend the gaa matches when it starts up in may .Can anybody tell me is that true. I was under the impression that no supporters will be allowed in 2021.

  10. Come on, Jimbo – you know that comments of a “I was talking to a man who was talking to a man who said” nature aren’t encouraged here. Let’s wait until the matches are on again and see what the GAA have to say about whether or not supporters will be allowed to attend.

  11. Mayo vs London Connacht football championship of every 5th year is coming back in 2026 in 2006 if came back after post-phoned in 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease not part of the 2021 championships due to Covid-19. Full plans for the fixture and date for match wont be known until late 2025.

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