Football, interrupted – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E11

The rapidly spreading Covid-19 coronavirus has, with astonishing speed, upended much of what had hitherto passed for normal life right around the globe. Sports events have come to a standstill everywhere and, closer to home in the world of Mayo GAA, the fraught issue of whether or not Mayo might be able to avoid the drop from Division One this spring has become rather moot. 

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we try to make some sense of this much-changed world, one in which all GAA action has been suspended and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Co-hosts Rob Murphy and John Gunnigan of the Mayo GAA Blog are joined for this episode by Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty to chew the fat on the new reality we’re all now living with and what this means for all of us, including for Mayo GAA.

Next we hear a few Mayo voices from around the world who tell us what it’s like to cope with life in the shadow of the coronavirus where they’re based. Cora Staunton checks in from Sydney, while across the other side of Australia, we hear from former Kilmaine player Alan Burke in Perth. Balla native Colin Sheridan dials in from Beirut in the Lebanon.

In these strange and hugely stressed times, issues around health and well-being are more important than ever. Perfect timing, then, for Rob to catch up with the recently appointed chair of the Mayo GAA health and well-being committee, Niall Dunne to talk about the role he has taken on and the relevance of wellness issues both within the GAA and more widely.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as on the Mayo GAA Blog.

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19 thoughts on “Football, interrupted – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E11

  1. @Again thanks Willie Joe, and the the contributers to this Podcast and Blog…. Playing it’s part in keeping spirit’s up!…

  2. Donald Trump, The Pope, Boris Johnson, Leo Varadkar and a 10 year old school boy were all on an aeroplane. The plane was crashing but they only had 4 parachutes. Donald Trump said he was the most important man in the world and should get the first one. The pope said he was leader of the Catholic Church so he took the second one. Boris Johnson said he was the smartest man in Britain so he should get the third one. There was only Leo and the schoolboy left. Leo told the boy he was only 10 years and had a full life ahead of him so told the boy to take the parachute. The boy replied it’s ok there are 2 parachutes left, but Leo said in a puzzled voice there were only 4 parachutes, yes said the boy but the smartest man in Britain is after going off with my school bag.

  3. Lol good one Done Deal haha. I know football is the furthest from all our minds at the moment, but wouldn’t it be great to have a lot of our top guns back firing when this is all over?. If say Cillian, Boyle, Ruane, Doherty, Barrett, and to a lesser extent Vaughan and Seamie, were back playing, i couldn’t see us been relegated if they play out the remainder of the league. Which i doubt they will anyway, because if this lasts past the summer, squads will need at least 6 weeks collective training before any match could be played, imo.

  4. I know our last league game was only a short few weeks ago but to me wirh all that has been happening since it seems like an absolute age ago. It is hard to give football much thought right now but P.G. before too long we will be debating brilliant scores and missed opportunities over a pint or 3. That seems like heaven right now. Good joke Done Deal. Keep them coming.

  5. The Galway New York game has been cancelled so there goes the Connacht championship. Always thought that 2021 would be our best bet as 2020 would be our transition year. A year’s break for our veterans and we start 2021 with a full squad of our warriors and young uns rearing to go. In the mean time keep safe, we will overcone this.

  6. They haven’t released the exact number of positive cases in Mayo. Just said it’s between 1 and 5.

  7. Everyone’s health is number 1 priority for the coming months, that’s why I believe that we now may see very little inter county GAA this season, maybe straight knockout but I also could see the whole season been postponed and start again in 2021.
    If this happens there is a lot of players around the country that may have already played their last games at senior level.
    But as I stated we all have more important things in life…

  8. I resorted to YouTube watching the great moments of the last 10 years. There were so many to choose from. Personally that first goal against Donegal in 2013 felt magic. I remember being so tense before that game and then the realisation that something special was about to unfold.

  9. Re cases in Mayo every single county in fact of the matter.. the only figures that can be released are confirmed… only a tiny percentage of people have been tested… it’s essential that everyone acts in their social actions as if they have it, ,…The best natural advantage we have is that Ireland is an Island. And this Virus cannot get across the Irish Sea or the Atlantic, neither can Animals or Bird’s carry it…It can only be transferred by Human Interaction! Measures South of the Border, were quicker, more stringent/ In fact we were terrific in many aspects of the management of this Crisis.. Much better than the one led by Borris Johnson. . the facts were painfully plain for anyone to see, as a Disaster unfolded in front of our eyes, and inaction, stupidity, ignorance were the Hall Mark’s of Borris Johnson leadership……. Again re the figures from Mayo, the only figure is this one.. if everyone was tested and the figures read ZERO…. for everyone on this magnificent Island..then we could relax, but only to a certain point…. remember this in Ireland as well…A great number of Irish people were at Cheltenham last week, and have now returned to Ireland… also the plane load’s of Italians were allowed into Dublin for the Cancelled Rugby Match of March 7th, and the numbers dieing in Italy was then frightening over 100 for the previous week….I cannot foresee the future. ..I really hope that our friends North of the British Border in Ireland, take as many steps as are Nessary and many that seems unnecessary Today as well/ Tommorow will be too late for many if the scientific evidence based knowledge is not put in place today…….

  10. Best of luck to everyone during these uncertain times, the situation in London really is quickly escalating and this week in particular has seen a ratcheting up of measures and tension. Hopefully everyone keeps the head whilst also making sure they’re keeping safe.

  11. if there is no inter County football this year and its looking that way, we may never see the likes of Clarke, Boyle, Barrett, Higgins , Vaughan, Parsons and S O Shea in a Mayo jersey again.

  12. Inter county football is the last thing on our minds these days but I can’t see some type of an all Ireland competition going ahead
    Everybody stay safe but I think the way are government are acting (very well) this will be all cleared up within a certain period of time

  13. Culmore, I can’t agree with you there. If say their is no football of any sort in 2020 (95% chance), I personally think if any a them lads were making this year they’re last, then they’ll go again in 2021 regardless of been an extra few months older. Theirs a complete collective training ban, so their not commuting from Dublin, and have obviously plenty of time to relax (outside of their personal training schedules). We’re all going mad with no sport to watch, you can be sure their feeling the same about training/playing.

  14. Breaking News from Croke Park
    Covit 19 Mayo 1-15
    The curse continues….

    Expect to get this from your football ‘friend’ on whatsapp.

  15. Any old foggies like myself that can remember the Galway/Mayo league game in Tuam that was abandoned with Galway winning by 3.8 to 0.6 with 6 minutes to go due to a pitch invasion led by fans from an east Mayo town?

  16. Jr. I was at that match. I remember being crushed up against a barrier outside when somebody fortunately opened the main gate and we all ran in and onto the pitch. It was exciting but so dangerous. I remained on the sideline until the game was abandoned. I deny being one of those fans. On a serious note may I wish everyone including your good self Willie Joe a safe time over the coming weeks and hopefully we’ll see some football action before the end of summer

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