Football, interrupted VII – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E17

The gradual reopening of the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic moved a step forward on Monday, with an easing of a number of restrictions that were in place since March. As the country starts to get moving again the GAA is also in the midst of planning its return to play, with the focus initially on club action followed later in the autumn by a resumption of inter-county activity.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast, we concentrate on the return of on-field action in the GAA and what it’s likely to mean in practice. Host Mike Finnerty is joined in the Mayo News offices by colleagues Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan to discuss the GAA’s return to play roadmap. They also pore over the results of a detailed player survey published in this week’s Mayo News, which contains a number of interesting insights on how players feel about taking the field once again in these uncertain times. 

The lads go on to chat about what the next number of months could look like for the GAA, both locally and nationally, with Billy Joe Padden also joining the discussion to give his thoughts on what the immediate future holds for the playing of Gaelic games in the shadow of the pandemic. Mike, Edwin and Ger then round off this episode with some brief reflections on the paper’s recently concluded and much-acclaimed Top 100 Mayo club footballers series.

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15 thoughts on “Football, interrupted VII – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E17

  1. Looks like the league is not cancelled
    Round 6 to be played as basically a warm up for the championship. Round 7 will be played for games affecting relegation /promotion in the middle of the championship !!!!

  2. Could be looked at as a positive, if it’s true. The extra game with something at stake would bring the edge back, and if it’s a straight knockout championship then you really need as many games as you can get.
    Where did you see that info Km?

  3. Yeah can see there being a consensus to play the remaining 2 league games, would be better than 2 tough friendlies for most before champo gets going

  4. Galway and Tyrone before starting potential straight knockout football might be no bad thing. Hopefully the grounds hold up to winter conditions – injuries over heavy pitches for a rushed AI tournament would be a real shame!

  5. Think if they intend to play inter county it should be championship only. It’s going to be late enough to finish up. Playing the A I Final the Sunday before Christmas just does not make sense to me Even worse for hurling than football as it’s more of a Summer game Think if they intend to play Championship they should start in late September early October and get it finished at latest by first week in December Will just be very artificial playing on winter in front of small crowds Though I am delighted sport is coming back I feel the GAA should have just left it to the clubs this year

  6. Great interview on Midwest earlier with Kevin O’Neill earlier. Great footballer. We didnt see enough of him. Just wanted to highlight that our clubs are going to have a huge workload. I dont envy the ‘covid supervisor’role. Not to mention trying to sell tickets for the Development Draw, fundraise, run lottos,etc, and so many people in our communities out of wotk.

  7. Lets be honest finishing the league before starting the championship makes a lot of sense

    Of course it’ll mean Mayo will be relegated barring a miracle but looking at it objectively – as others have pointed out – its an ideal tune up game or two for every team before the real high octane action returns. As well as that, if anything were to go wrong around November they can always delay the championship mid-way through, but while they have the opportunity they may as well just finish the league off as it only takes two weeks and then start a new campaign afresh in 2021

    We’ve been bailing water for a long time in the league (with the obvious exception of last year but every other year since 2014 we’ve been in a relegation battle of some sort) so I honestly think starting 2021 in division 2 with a re-building side is not that big an issue, if that’s what transpires

  8. One of the main reasons why relegation has been feared over the past few years is because of the anticipated loss of revenue due to reduced crowd sizes. Now that games next spring are also likely to involve social distancing and thus diminished crowds, this obviously becomes less relevant.

  9. Just a query..
    I came across a programme for the 1995 Connacht final in Tuam last night , and it had Kevin Mc Stay down as trainer of the Mayo team but no manager named.
    I know Jack o Shea had managed Mayo in 93 94 and john Maughan arrived in 96 but who managed Mayo in 95?.

  10. Mayo’s manager for 1995 was Anthony Egan. Kevin McStay was indeed the team trainer that year.

  11. We went from being a shambles in Tuam in 95 much worse than the ten point defeat we left Tuam with to being within a kick of a ball and a dodgy refereeing decision to lifting Sam in 96. John Maughan made us believe again

  12. Thanks for the replies… John Maughan really made some changes in a short period of time..

  13. Deepest condolences to all on here from Charlestown Sarsfields on the tragic death of Colm Horkan May he rest in peace

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