Forty years and counting for Connacht

Connacht v Munster Interpros_Connacht’s long wait for success in the little-loved M Donnelly Interprovincial Football Championship (for which there is such a dearth of interest that even the indefatigable Martin Donnelly is now publicly wondering if enough is enough) goes on: tonight’s semi-final defeat to Munster means that four full decades have now passed since the last Western win in the competition.

Munster won tonight’s clash with Connacht down at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick by 1-16 to 1-13 to set up a final meeting with Ulster over in Ruislip next month.  That’s about all the details I have, I’m afraid – there’s nothing on the wires (as yet anyway) about the game so I don’t know who got the scores or, indeed, who lined out for the Westerners.  In this regard, it would have been kinda useful had the Connacht Council bothered its arse to publish a starting fifteen in advance of the game.  But sure, what’s the point – isn’t it only the Railway Cup after all?

2 thoughts on “Forty years and counting for Connacht

  1. just a small note on the county final between westport and tourmakeady . i was just wondering looking at the game and hearing later on about billy fitspatricks comments on how soft mayo reffs are on players they seam to always favior the forward and the small player . i am currently going to college in ul and we are encurreged by our maniger to be phisical with our oppsite no at training and it has just opened my eyes to how much is let go in other countys. i was just wondering is this fact atrubiting to mayos poor prefomances aginst meath and kerry. it always apered to me that we were spent to much time off our man and were never i there face like they were to us .

  2. Its a shame that this competition is disregarded by the powers that be. to think the international rules is prioritised ahead of it galls me. i would love to see this competition return to the top but alas i think it heading for scrap heap which is disappointing to say the least.

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