Four changes for Armagh game

We’ve named our match day panel for the Armagh game. Here’s the team and subs we’ve named:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Armagh, 27/2/2022): Rob Hennelly (Breaffy); Lee Keegan (Westport), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber|); Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aiden Orme (Knockmore), Frank Irwin (Ballina Stephenites), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels), Brenda Harrison (Aghamore), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Conor O’Shea (Breaffy), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Fergal Boland (Aghamore).

So it’s four changes from the team that started against Dublin at Croke Park last Saturday night. In come Sam Callinan, Fionn McDonagh, Conor Loftus and Frank Irwin, replacing Donnacha McHugh, Bryan Walsh, Jack Carney and Paul Towey.

The best of luck to the lads on Sunday, in particular Sam Callinan – a young man who has yet to sit his Leaving Cert – and Frank Irwin, with both of these Stephenites tyros set to make their full League debuts at Hyde Park.

33 thoughts on “Four changes for Armagh game

  1. Very happy with that team. I thought Carney would get another chance but just shows JH really doesn’t care about the league, but yet I think we’ll win. This team is stronger I’d than Dublin. Surprised Hession or McLaughlin isn’t on the bench however

  2. That’s a good half forward line. In fact, the entire forward division is solid.
    The full back line is still gaining experience and should be tested versus Armagh.
    Exciting to see Frank Irwin and Sam Callinan getting a start in this game.
    I’m also happy with this team.

  3. Exciting team – surprised that Irwin gets the start at FF but that is only going on very limited time I have seen the guy in action. Cant say he came a cross as a natural scoring forward.
    For those on here more in the know – Is Irwin a guy you see as a long-term FF for Mayo or someone that may end up more around the middle of the park?

  4. Depending of course on how the first half goes, I’d certainly be expecting to see Carney and McHugh getting game time in the second.

  5. I would say Irwin is a more natural half forward, or possibly midfielder.

    Fionn McDonagh seemed to play inside for NUIG in the last couple of games so maybe he’ll switch positions with Irwin at times.

  6. Frank Irwin has played plenty of ball at full forward for the Stephenites and for the Mayo Minors in 2019. Center half forward would probably be his best position but he can put in a shift at 14 no bother.

  7. Yes agree with Oisin … team selections for the league are all preparation for championship…
    Great to see more new(ish) faces …
    I’d gladly settle for a draw and no injuries.

  8. Hard to see as much long ball being played into the forwards can’t see as much space being afforded to our forwards as we got in the Dublin game.

  9. I believe it was slight hamstring issues keeping both Durcan and Doherty out last weekend. Hopefully nothing serious.
    Fantastic to see Callinan getting a chance, he comes across fearless. He has a big rugby background so physicality should come naturally to him.

    I think without getting too carried away is there a team in the country at the moment that can afford to have Harry, Durcan and O’Hora as back up in defense on the bench. And also do without Mcloughlin/Hession? Incredible depth.

    Our full back line will be tested big time, would not surprised to see one of the above 3 subs named to start. Aido will also have a big part to play Sunday with Armagh’s physicality, will be expecting him to be on the pitch much sooner than he was last week.

    After a deflating Winter its exciting times again. Up Mayo!

  10. Great to have the match day squad named so early. I’d expect that team to start. Horan seems to go with the named team for the last few games. It’s great to have such a panel to pick from where there seems to be decent cover for all positions. No sign of James Carr on any of the panels. I wonder is he injured or not up to the required standard at this time.

  11. Horan building a strong panel that will offer him plenty of options in every line bar full forward as he prepares for the big showdown in April. Tommy Conroy’s loss is incalculable and if any further injuries are picked up or Cillian not fully recovered then we cound find ourselves in a difficult spot. Hope Irwin, Orme etc can prove to be viable options over the course of the league as we will require 5-6 forwards capable of hitting the target under pressure come championship.

  12. Presume you mean Frank Irwin 45, he’s only played one game at senior level, and only in this years FBD. He was being scouted by the Aussies I believe, they have a nose for talent as we’ve seen before. I hope he acquits himself well enough to be putting himself in contention.
    We certainly appear to be very fortunate with the panel this year given the numbers we have missing. Here’s hoping the form continues.

  13. An experimental team again. Worked last time but how bad were the Dubs. Will be interesting to see if this team is strong enough for Armagh. Hopefully the answer will be yes but think some questions will be answered either way on Sunday.

  14. Agree with other posters, great to the squad announced on Thursdays.
    Brickenden will have learned a lot from last weekend. Flynn Ruane partnership look strong in midfield. Good opportunity for Fionn to bring his level of performance with NUIG to the Mayo team..
    I dont agree with posters who say its only the league, thats a bit of a cop out, its almost making an excuse for not winning before a ball is kicked.
    We’ll be looking for mental strength as a unit on Sunday. Who can stand up and be a gamechanger. Can we continue to create and take goal chances.
    The most pleaseing thing about the victory over Dublin was that we didnt win by one point. We mantained our momentum to the end.
    More progress on Sunday.

  15. MF pairing same as last game. Both big fellows which is important. Flynn has shown his ability to land a big pass/score in most games so far. Ruane growing with confidence. Back up from Aido could be creating a solid MF. This area may be bedding down – lets see. I would be surprised if Jason is sidelined – you would have to assume he is being looked after and not being run too hard / too early. A win will keep us up in D1. As a sideline interesting to see how Kildare fare out. Surely they will believe they can rattle the Dubs. Up Mayo.

  16. In terms of how important the winning is, I think the idea of “performance” is key (not to rely too heavily on the language Horan uses when not trying to give away too much in interviews). If we lose a game trying out a new approach, or giving a new player a run out so that there’s a clearer idea of who should be getting into the 26 consistently, or what other styles of play work for us that would be ok. You don’t really want to be Donegal in Tralee and hard to see how much good you could take from a loss like that. But let’s beat Armagh anyway

  17. This will be a great physical test for Mayo in tight spaces, can we handle it? Tyrone physically asserted themselves on us in Croke Park blocked up the middle and our boys were bouncing off them forced into pop shots on goals. Mayo more times than not will win a wide open game man on man just like the all Ireland semi and last weekend. Here’s hoping come the summer we can live with the Northern blanket if we make it that far.

  18. My wife’s people are from Forkhill South Armagh, and interestingly enough the Gaa club there have an old Mayo connection (long story!) and they wear a red and green strip in honour of that link.
    Looking forward to going to the Hyde on Sunday, and seeing our great team in action and we”ll both be cheering on Mayo!
    Excited about some of our new guys who are named, esp the two Stephenites.
    These are great days for Mayo. Championship open enough this year, and Mayo as good as any. Bookies have us 3rd favs, but i believe we’re better than that. I’ve no fear of those ahead of us.
    Enjoy the wkend folks, Up Mayo!

  19. Willie Joe every county should be made name their team or at least panel by Wednesday night. What do we expect Colm Keyes and company to write about. We are losing out on the PR scales massively. Croke Park should be feeding stories to radio and newspapers every day.
    I don’t want to know about cricket on the morning Sports news

  20. I wonder what stage is Cillian’s rehab at? Only 8 weeks to championship. He needs a couple of competitive games before then.

  21. What about the 2 lads who got game time in the FBD: Fionan Duffy, and Justin Healy; are they still on the panel?

  22. Great to see more player rotation but good to see the midfield diamond staying the same with Coen, Ruane, Flynn and Diarmuid staying in their positions. Important to give Ruane and Flynn, both very impressive the last day, time to bed in as a midfield partnership. Time to start settling parts of the team with Diarmuid rejuvenated at CHF and Coen, who looked a bit lost in early games, needing to cement his place at CHB.

    Jury still out on Full-back but hoping Brickenden, who did okay last week, can show further improvement though you’d imagine come championship Harry or Swanny will be the choice. Also wonder will McBrien get his chance during the league ?

    Disappointed to see no Jason on the panel. Hope he’s okay as FF is up for grabs with either himself or Cillian being the prime candidates.

    Would have liked to see Carney get another run but he’ll probably come in off the bench.

    Hope Orme can continue to play well. At this stage he looks like a championship starter and if he continues to improve he can lessen the impact of losing Conroy. Ryan and himself seem to have developed a really good understanding, both clever, knacky forwards and with Cillian between them, should be a good FF line.

    Great to win tomorrow and get safety and room to experiment for the remainder of the league. Mayo by 3.

  23. What about Aidan in at full back to counter their high ball strategy …just like we did very successfully in ’17 versus Kerry’s long balls into Donaghy?
    It would be a big surprised for Donaghy to see this strategy being pulled out if the bag … again by Mayo … against his new team. ?
    Mind you it was Rochford who was managing in ’17. Maybe it is not Horan’s style.

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