Four changes for tomorrow night

We named our team and subs for tomorrow night’s NFL Division One clash with Dublin at McHale Park (throw-in 7pm) a short while ago. Here’s the full teamsheet:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Dublin, 31/3/2012): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Kevin Keane (Westport), Shane McHale (Knockmore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Danny Geraghty (Ballintubber); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Alan Dillon (Ballintubber); Conor Mortimer (Parnells, Dublin), Barry Moran (Castlebar Mitchels), Michael Conroy (Davitts). Subs: Robert Hennelly (Breaffy), Eoghan Reilly (Castlebar Mitchels), Michael Walsh (Ardnaree), Peadar Gardiner (Crossmolina), Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber), Pat Harte (Ballina Stephenites), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Aidan Campbell (Swinford), Alan Freeman (Aghamore), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites).

So we’ve made four changes (it always seems to be four) but there are sure to be a few arched eyebrows at at least two of them. The first is Shane McHale in at full-back for Ger Cafferkey. The Ballina man isn’t even named in the subs so unless he went AWOL around the town the other evening (and I’ve no reason to suspect he did) then I guess he must be injured – right?

The second is Danny Geraghty getting a starting berth in a new midfield pairing for us – this is, by my count, our sixth new midfield partnership since the year began – alongside the recalled Aidan O’Shea. We definitely needed to do something with midfield, which has been beaten badly in recent matches, but James is really sticking his neck out by giving Geraghty the start here. Poor old Jason Gibbons – you’d have to wonder how long he’ll remain happy to be occupying a place on the bench after this latest slap in the face.

Barry Moran at 14 is certainly an answer to FourGoal’s prayers to see us deploy a big man at the edge of the square and if he can provide ball for Mort and Mickey Conroy then they’re certainly the lads to do damage with it. Neither Alan Freeman nor Cillian O’Connor can really have any complaints to be losing out in this particular reshuffle. But who’ll be taking the frees now, I wonder?

No sign of Richie or Alan Feeney in the match-day squad and Enda Varley’s continuing absence from the bench would indicate that he’s spending time on the naughty step too. If ever there was a time to eschew macho management then tomorrow night is surely it. Again, I really hope James knows what he’s doing.

In summary, we’re rolling the dice in a major way for this one, all the more so given that we’re facing a strong, settled and hugely confident Dublin team.  We’ll be doing very well, I fear, to get anything out of this game.

40 thoughts on “Four changes for tomorrow night

  1. Ger Cafferkey has his brothers wedding tomorrow. It was arranged for tomorrow as their was not supposed to be any Gaelic league games this weekend. Damn fog eh !! I’m not optimistic but I hope we give a good account of ourselves, especially the young players. Good enough bench. Let’s hope they have positive impact when called upon.

  2. I would imagine Keith will pick up Connolly with mchale asked to follow mcmanamon out the field and Keane picking up Quinn. Could bean interesting night in castlebar.

  3. Interesting selection. Just to confuse the hell out of Gilroy, I would actually have named Danny Geraghty at 14 and alternated him and Barry as the game progresses.

    It’s hard to know who will pick up who in the back line, but I would suggest the following: McNamanon is the strongest ball carrier, so I’d leave him to Donie, Lee on Cahill, Keith on Cullen, Shane on Brogan, Colm on Connolly and Kevin on Mossie.

    It will be interesting to see if the half forwards play as half forwards. Putting Andy there suggests they will. On paper it looks like an experimental line-up, but I’m just hoping that the other adage ‘fortune favours the brave’, might be applicable.

    Keep the Faith!

  4. I just opened another bottle of Chardonnay after reading what Fourgoal McGee had to say and who he would have marking the dublin forwards. I won’t make it to Mchale park at this rate. The €10 to the charities will be be worth it though…. Ive managed to convince her to go to the game and then johnny Mchales after. After seeing this team I may have just kick started a drink problem. After seeing what some guys would do I’ll definitely have a drink problem in the short term…..

  5. I hope we get the two points too, but I got a feeling my sober mood will not be coming anytime soon with the state our county team is in. Have the best 15 players in Mayo been selected for this game against the all ireland champs?? I think not, but if that’s our best 15 that’s been picked, it aint just the country that’s in recession and troubled times. I hope to God I’m wrong!

  6. Well its hard to know Kevin Keane is a natural full back still not picked there , I like that it’s not just put out the same 15 why not try more players earlier on in the league , I don’t know about ye but I know what dillon and mortimor are goin to do by now change it up more in the league I believe change is good , develop moreplayers and ye can only do that with games , digits your entertaining

  7. Patriot Looking at the selection I think this is probably the most physical team that James could have put out. The half forward line is going to have to work it’s socks off to stop the dubs getting quality ball into their forward line.

  8. Physical team Chisel! Like my father would say you would knock most of that foreward line with the wind of your cap! It`s very like Lilliput with Baz in the role of the giant…

  9. PJ. You had a few critical observations and a number of forthright but common sense suggestions last year about what backs should be doing. Your suggestions seem to have been adopted and the Mayo rearguard is the better for it. Do you have any similar wisdom as to what our forwards should or should not be doing?

    Incidentally, I heard that Danny Geraghty is a nephew of Ger Geraghty, but that he is also closely related to JH on his mother’s side. If that’s correct, he has some serious footballing blood in his veins.

    Keep the Faith!

  10. Donie struggled against McManamon the last time. First match I’ve missed since Galway league match last year.

  11. well tha way i see it j.horan has put es neck on tha line ere n again it seems lets try this player ere n tha player ther. If he keeps at it he,l surely get it right sometime but it may come to late for mayo n himself. how he can jusify gearaghty n c.f. afta las sun s beyond me n i,d stil hav freeman n ahead of dillion bcause he,s abigger score,n threat n at tha end tha day tha,s wat fowards aer for. Feel,n less cofident afta seen,n ths, team n tha,s for sure..HOPE I,M WRONG..

  12. You have to hand it to James Horan he has made some brave calls. I wish him well, I think this is Geraghty’s first start, against the AI champs at midfield. I’m glad to see a manager who’s not afraid to try new things.

  13. I thin the reason D Vaughan struggled against McMenamon the precious time is becasue of the tactics Dublin use. They put him in at 11 and then instructed him to go wandering all over the place.
    the problem for us is does D Vaughan follow him (and leave a gaping hole in the middle) or sacrifice that and try andhold the middle.

  14. jason gibbons should fire his kit at horan when danny geraghty is named at center field after last weeks performance who is calling the shots

  15. Ted – I’ve nothing against bad words per se (I’ve used plenty of them here myself) it’s just the context that they’re used in!

  16. Willie Joe I know I don’t hold the patent on the name ted but it looks like someone else is posting messages under my alias? ..the one posted at 9.34 this morning was not by me personally unless someone else hacked into my laptop. Is using someone else’s name breaking house rules? I just don’t want my opinions to be misrepresented on the site.

  17. i think it will be a draw they will be up for the dubs still not sure o the mort being in the corner

  18. Hi Ted – apologies, didn’t spot it before now. Can the other Ted please find another name? You’ll need to as I’ve just deleted those comments provided under that name and will also be doing so for any future ones.

  19. I suspect JH could be considering a three man midfield – with BM, AOS and DG. At least I hope so because I fear Dublin might just have figured out how to deal with ‘the big guy up front tactic’.
    I reckon it is an evening for mixing it up a bit – and not being too predictable.
    Here’s hoping!

  20. Is this one on the telly? Or dose it clash with women’s rugby union, nascar, ice hockey, skittles or bog snorkeling or something else deemed more important by the collective of our national broadcasters.

  21. well i cant wait to see whats posted up on this site now after the last two weeks or so…horan to get mayoman of the year and us being tipped to win the all-ireland no doubt….

  22. The Chardonnay will be polished off tonight. I knew there was a backlash coming. Great performance. We beat them in every area of the pitch! Credit to the management. They got it right. The pep is back in the step!

  23. Happy to see Patriot and a few others proven wrong this evening. Well done to Conor Mort on breaking the scoring record, he will set a total that will be hard beaten by the time he hangs up his boots.

    Clarke absolutely nailed on in goals now, one of the safest pairs of hands in the country. Boyle and Conroy really enhanced their reputations tonight as well.

  24. delighted for Conor Hotsocks Mort
    colm boyle had a massive game
    shame JH didnt empty the bench sooner a chanch to explore more options
    a great nights work well done lads

  25. Crikeys what the he’ll!!! What a heartwarming performance. Just when I was beginning to lose all hope . . . .very very proud!

  26. thats funny toohollow. For those of you who haven’t seen it here you go. this is what the GAA at national level make of us down the Wesht !!!

    Allianz Football League

    Pos Team P W L D F A Points
    1 Kerry 6 5 1 0 96 71 10
    2 Dublin 6 4 2 0 100 50 8
    3 Cork 6 3 2 1 84 66 7
    4 Down 6 3 3 0 78 90 6
    5 Armagh 6 2 3 1 78 100 5
    6 Donegal 6 2 4 0 75 88 4
    7 Laois 6 2 4 0 79 96 4
    8 Mayo 6 2 4 0 45 74 4

  27. They came they saw and they got their Asses whooped!!

    The hunger and more importantly the determination and desire not to be beaten for any ball was shown by all our men tonight. What a result! Fantastic performance.

    Fellas went out there and died for their jersey and the pride of their County. Hats off to them. I hope they all enjoyed it and get to like that taste.

    I know I did.

  28. Find it worrying we didn’t even hit the net once in a game we dominated from start to finish.

    Good win though, can’t fathom why the jacks were so lack lusture though.

    Aos was excellent along with the rest of them in fairness, great save in first half by clarke.

    Mayo were reved up for this one, well done Mayo.

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