Four changes for tomorrow night

We’ve finally named our starting fifteen and subs for tomorrow night. Here are the details:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Kildare, 16/3/2013): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Tom Cunniffe (Castlebar Mitchels), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Barry Moran (Castlebar Mitchels), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Cathal Carolan (Crossmolina); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Michael Conroy (Davitts). Subs: Kenneth O’Malley (Ballinrobe), Kevin Keane (Westport) Michael Walsh (Ardnaree), Shane McHale (Knockmore), Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber), Alan Freeman (Aghamore), Cathal Freeman (Aghamore), Richie Feeney (Castlebar Mitchels), Enda Varley (Garrymore), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Alan Murphy (Ballinrobe).

So it’s four changes from the side that started in Newry with David Clarke coming in for Kenneth O’Malley in goals, the injured Donal Vaughan replaced by Tom Cunniffe at centre-back, Seamus O’Shea recalled at midfield with Aidan switching to centre-forward in place of Richie Feeney and Evan Regan making his full competitive debut at corner-forward instead of Enda Varley.

Ger Cafferkey, who was forced to retire before half-time at Pairc Esler following that vicious, pre-meditated assault by that runt Laverty, has recovered sufficiently to retain his starting place at full-back for tomorrow night. Shane McHale and Cillian O’Connor have both been added to the bench.

21 thoughts on “Four changes for tomorrow night

  1. Now WJ, if any of us said anything like that about Laverty, the “house rules” would be down up on us….. but I suppose fair is fair, and your’re probably telling the truth.

  2. Also, good to see Cillian O’Connor back on the subs, but no sign of Danny Geraghty. He hasn’t had a run out in the league at all this year. Anyone know if he is injured?

  3. What is he up to putting the best midfielder in the country in a position that dosnt suit him.

  4. was at the game on Saturday evening, was a bad tackle think your wording is a bit strong

  5. What has Richie Feeney done to deserve demotion? Still, interesting to see Evan Regan getting a run – at last.

  6. We continue to experiment which is good, interested in seeing how Evan Regan does, heard a lot about him but have yet to see him play. I do not think that Richie Feeney has done enough in the games to date to justify that he should be cf in the championship. Kildare will be defensive, will be interesting to see if we can work a tactic that will break the down, uultimately do not rate Kildare so the expectation is that we will win, if not, then does not auger well for our long term chances in the championship,

  7. Catcol his inability to win breaks 1st of all has resulted in his demotion, cannot see him there in june when dillon comes back. I think our chf line has been quite poor really. Time to up it…must win match. Up mayo

  8. i really dont think that team will start. either way we should have enough in the tank to beat kildare. the league table will look different tonight, hopefully with us winning and other results going our way. up mayo

  9. yes, but did you see the pic. of injured Ger Caff.on Twitter. How did he recover in time to play?

  10. D,ont see the point in changing goalies again from game to game, o malley done nothing wrong in newry, midfield…. dont see the reason either for a oshea moved out of there again neither as he is 1 of the best midfielders now in ireland, i welcome carolan,s start in the team as he,s not afraid to have a pop far out…. regan i dont know why is he starting the lad in a game we must must win, u,d think horan woud hav giving him abit more time before starting him a crunch league match.Tell you what,i dont think james horans left hand knows what the right hand is doin, the experimenting shoud be over by now….here,s hopeing……div. 2 woud be a disaster and the end for alot of this team as we know it and worse again our friends an neighours acrossthe border, the herring chokers could be up in div 1 next season , what will that do for the mindset and morale of both teams before we meet in salthill. jesus…worse case senario for me anyways , wat ever any 1 else thinks tonite will tell us if this team has balls or not, excuse the expression….have to win …C,MON MAYO..

  11. Good luck tonight lads. Think we will win. Good to see Cillian back. Hopefully Andy to follow. Whats the story with Dillon? Anyone know his injury status?

    Lets give Horan a chance lads. He is trying things at least. He sees the players more than us so he knows what the form is like. If he wasnt trying things i would be more worried.

    Hello to my Uncle Tony Greene in New York. I know he follows the site and like us is a long suffering Mayo supporter. Happy St Paddys Reilly!

  12. Very harsh on Laverty! In terms of the team, good to see Regan being given a chance, don’t know a whole lot about him to be honest. Don’t see why James is persisting with O’Shea at centre forward, think it’s more a case of getting his best 15 out on the pitch at this stage in order to get points and Richie just isn’t the man for centre forward. But Aidan is a midfielder out and out, and I can’t see this experiment lasting until the summer. Looking forward to see if Cathal Carolan can build on his early promise. Big match – relegation beckons if we don’t win.

  13. Have criticised JH for slow decision making and weird selection choices however having read Sailpins piece I think I may have been quick to judge. At this end of the league its as close to championship football as youll get. Horan is blooding alot of players in and making positional changes but this can be a good thing later in the year if key players pick up injuries like Andy did last year.He would then have a larger choice of players who would all have had game time and not bit part roles.
    Positional changes have helped already, Keegans stint in the forward line has made him an attacking threat when bursting through. He is no longer in unfamiliar territory and has gotten himself a few points since being moved back to the half backine.
    We all want to see a win this evening and no one wants to see Div2 football next year but if its part of a master plan that will bring us the Holy Grail then Ill grin and bear it.

  14. I hope the nonsense of placing defenders in forward positions is over – totally illogical. Defenders don’t possess the guile, instincts, know-how, side-step, pace or balance, not to mention scoring ability. Speaking of which, we have too many score makers and too few scoretakers. Anyway good wishes to the team for tonights match.

  15. Im looking forward to aos at chf. He seemed in poor form against dublin.
    So I wouldn’t write off that exceperiment just yet based on that display.
    If we can get him running onto the ball at pace 40m from goal then he will do damage. Also as part of a reduced forward line he offers a great target for long balls out of our defence.
    I think we need to give jh a bit of slack ……..he has done a good jobs and will continue to do soon. We now have a seriously good team that we can be sure will give anyone a run form their money .

  16. CHF has been a problem position this year and last year. I assume JH is trying AOS there because nobody else ( e.g. Gibbons or SOS ) is putting their hand up in training to grab that spot. If we can get AOS bursting through the half back line with ball in hand, he will create havoc and goal scoring chances for the inside line.

    Maybe it’s time Moran stood up to be counted in midfield with SOS or Gibbons making that other spot their own ?

    Glad to see Regan getting a chance to see what he’s made of. A direct swap with Varley is not risking too much as I don’t see Varley making the championship team
    and Regan may turn out to be a better option. Good to see Carolan getting more game time also – if we unearthed two new good forwards from the league campaign, that wouldn’t be so bad.

    Good to see Cillian back among the subs.

    A good win tonight and we’ll be back suckin’ diesel !

  17. REMBER 51…know ur uncle tony greene very well and played with him manys a day in gaelic park with the green an red, tell him john lynskey says hello…..

  18. Oh dear
    Listening on the Internet and dissappointed in the loss. Billy fitzpatrick is talking some sense for the first time in my opinion. Mayo should have buried Kildare.

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