Four changes for tomorrow night

We’ve named our team to face Dublin at MacHale Park tomorrow night (throw-in 7pm). Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Dublin 24/2/2018): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Caolan Crowe (Garrymore), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Michael Hall (Breaffy), David Drake (Ballaghaderreen); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Adam Gallagher (Mayo Gaels).

So it’s four changes from the team that started against Galway last time out. Out from then go David Clarke, Paddy Durcan (injured), Cillian O’Connor (suspended) and Conor Loftus while in come Robbie Hennelly (his first competitive start for the county since the 2016 All-Ireland final replay), David Drake, Andy Moran and Adam Gallagher.

The team we’ve named for tomorrow night is a significantly altered one from the side that lined out when we last faced Dublin, in last year’s All-Ireland final. Only five of that starting fifteen – Colm Boyle, Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Jason Doherty and Andy Moran – will also be there from the start in tomorrow night’s game. Ger Cafferkey, Stephen Coen, Diarmuid O’Connor and Conor Loftus, who all appeared off the bench in last year’s All-Ireland, are, however, also in the first fifteen for MacHale Park.

Best of luck to all of the lads picked to play tomorrow night.

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  1. I’m not going to lie. That looks like a weak team. Particularly the defence. I’d be worried for them. Hopefully I’m am wrong but….

  2. Oh Lordee there is even less pace in the half back line now than against Galway when we were incapable of breaking lines as it was !!!!! I’d a feeling Hennelly might start . He needs a game just in case he is called upon later in the year. He may even be taking 45s……..Looks like Rochford is prioritizing the last 3 games which is proably right thing to do.
    I’m no longer optimistic of an upset

  3. What choice have we got, though, Rochford’s Brigade? Virtually the whole first choice backline is currently out injured. I have to say I like the idea of Robbie starting. His kickouts will suit this game better. Particularly if, as I’d expect, Tom starts.

  4. Oh, I’m not giving out. Just saying it as it is! Yeah, if Tom started and freed up Coen it would help. But probably a stretch to think they’ll beat Dublin. It is what it is! Just unfortunate to lose Harrison and Durcan to injury.

  5. Could be a tough night for our backline hopefully parsons will start need him badly fielding and running game

  6. Boots are thin on the ground for this one, We are down to the barebones love to see what the bench looks like.

  7. Crikey – we’re down to the bare bones !! All we can do is wish them the best of luck and hope they can find a way to click as a unit.

  8. For tomorrow night we’ll have just one player from numbers 1 to 9 who lined out in the All Ireland Final. There’s a lot on Colm Boyle’s shoulders. But best of luck to all. ??

  9. Last year we went out and tried to go toe to toe with Dublin in Croke Parke and got crushed. More than anything I’m interested to see how we set up. Will Rochford do the same again? Sacrafice the here and now for greater gain down the road. Im also interested to see how a few players get on like Caolan Crowe and Adam Gallagher.. this is their chance to step up.

  10. For tomorrow night we’ll have just one player from numbers 1 to 9 who lined out in the All Ireland Final. There’s a lot on Colm Boyle’s shoulders. But best of luck to all. ??

  11. I think the last thing we need to do is go out and give dublin a thorough test. That’s only goin to sharpen them up for later in the year. Tomorrow evenimg will go however it goes but if we meet again in 5 or 6 months time be assured we’ll be ready for battle. In fact the Dubs only real threat will be Mayo later in the year assuming all goes well for us. I can’t see.any other county matching them this year.
    We could have and maybe should have won Sam last year. All we need is a little improvement or maybe a little bit of luck to get over the line. Tomorrow won’t be the day to judge our season. Still hoping that we put up a decent enough show tomorrow.

  12. Mayo at full power are a match for them but in this one they would be better off to just defend the goal like nobody’s business and don’t allow them to look like they’re anything special. If it’s looking oninous at the half time, just pull all back and do a donegal on it.
    COYBIGAR !!!

  13. while i don’t expect that Mayo team to start i should note this Mayo back line Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Caolan Crowe; Donal Vaughan, Colm Boyle, Shane Nally; held Dublin to just 0-9 two years ago in
    machale park.

  14. bit of positivity would be nice, good to see the likes of Gallagher getting in from the start rather than the last 5 mins.

  15. From my count we may have 12 of last years panel out through injury, suspension or retirement
    Barrett,Harrison,Higgins,Keagan,Vaughan,Durcan, SOS, Parsons, Evan, Cillian, Conor oShea and Alan Dillon.
    Only members of last years panel not list on the team is Clarke, Newcombe, Big Barry and Conor Loftus. Maybe we might get Parsons back but that will still leave 6 spots on the bench that needs filling. Maybe Ger McDonagh, Akram, Stretton, Douglas, Naughton and Treacy

  16. Very happy with that team, it indicates to me that Rochford is prioritising the last 3 games. Have to diagree with the poster above, I think there is great pace in half back line with Drake and Hall, Drake has serious pace, i’ll give him that.
    If we can keep the net from being rattled i’ll be happy. Id predict a 0-22 to 0-12 point win for Dublin. Can see them popping it over from 40+ yards all night. Gallagher and Hall getting the chance Reape and Keane didn’t, lets see if they’ll take.

  17. Glad to see so many fringe players on team from start. Huge game for them and we will be a lot the wiser after game. We need competition for places all over the pitch, we need super subs that can up the tempo come championship time.
    I believe Rochford is doing the right thing, giving them a taste of playing at the highest level.

  18. Winning this would be really sweet but with who we are missing that seems very unlikely. However, I see it as a great opportunity for some fringe players to show us what they can do against top opposition . If they can handle tomorrow night they might very well be good enough in Aug / Sep if we get that far. If they cannnot make an impression in the league in Feb then I’m afraid it’s unlikely that they have what we need to win an All Ireland. It’s step up or step down time for some I reckon.
    Here’s hoping! And it’s even more important for suppporters not just to come out but to get behind the lads throughout the game. Its the least they deserve.

  19. Not going to hennelly bashing Willie joe … , but can I ask you an honest question ?

    Would you put him in the heat of battle in the summer ?

  20. That’s not a question for February, Mayoman. We’ve a long way to go until summer and who knows how we’ll be fixed then. I can see the logic of starting him tomorrow night and I think the sole focus in relation to Robbie should be on how he gets on then.

  21. As far as I am aware Clarke is not available tomorrow. Hope I’m not overstepping a mark saying that! But I heard in Wednesday that Robbie would be starting

  22. Tomorrow night is a great opportunity for all Mayo players even experienced ones to show what they are about. There might be one or two alterations before the start or not. However it pans out there will be a lot of guys out there that need to grab the bull by the horns. If you can do it against the almighty Dubs you are good enough, even in February. Looking forward to supporting the Mayo team again no matter who gets selected. Looking forward to seeing the Dublin team in full flight. Looking forward to seeing Paddy Neilan from Roscommon. one of the better referees around. Roll on Saturday night.

  23. I’m glad to see Robbie getting a start and really hope it goes well for him. It’s likely he’ll have a busy night so he’ll need all the support he can get – on the pitch and in the stands.

    Said this before but it’s time the negative noise around Robbie was dulled. We’re lucky to have him and Clarke vying for that position. We don’t have the same depth elsewhere.

  24. Good to see Robbie back …..
    I hope he is judged on his overall display as opposed to walk in goals to Dublin players !!!!!
    It would be of great benefit if TP was available from the off following tomorrow evening.
    Move Coen to the hb line & play kmc as a 7th defender.
    It might be a long evening. … would like to see Akram & Boland get decent game time tomorrow evening also.
    You could say the year begins on Sunday morning.

  25. I wonder why are so many of the Mayo guys injured, there are always lots of guys injured at this time of the year, I think its because of all the hard slog this past 7 years.

  26. Robbie should have got more game time before now, we need a good, confident replacement keeper if needed and Hennelly can be all of that and more.

  27. Stephen Rochford is right to cut the cloth to meet our measure this way. You alluded to it yourself Willie Joe in a previous post that league form has no bearing on the championship. We thought this time last year that Donegal and Tyrone would be contenders only to crash and burn later on and everyone was writing our obituary as well. If the Dubs win be 30 points tomorrow night it’s of little value to them and we always lose heavily to them in the league anyway only to be a different animal in the championship. I’m pleased that Robbie Hennelly will get game time and it would a huge bonus if some of the other lesser heralded players like Gallagher produced a performance. I’d say Mayo will go defensive and it could be a tighter contest than expected. It would be a delight if we could go after them with determined vigour but there’s plenty of time for that in the summer starting with Galway.

  28. I would also like to say that there’s no better way to test the quality of a player than up against the best so good look to all the ‘new’ lads like ODonoghue, Crowe etc who will have their hands full in that back line!

  29. Disappointing if Loftus doesn’t start. Management need to back him with a run of starts to allow him develop. It’s not like the guys in front of him are shooting the lights out.

  30. Not as despondent as some on here tonight, great test for the likes of O’Donoghue and Gallagher to play against the very best. Would expect that forward unit of ours to put up a fair score. A lot will depend on how quickly and smartly Jason Gibbons uses possession, he gets a huge amount of ball and if he can release it quickly by hand or foot, then combined with Dublin’s tendency to tackle a little too aggressively when on the road, we may not get two points but we could build a fair amount of team spirit for the road ahead.

  31. Good selection in the circumstances. Feel, like you WJ, that Parsons will start. If anyone deserves a start it’s Robbie; massive, massive loyalty to sit out every game since Oct 16.

  32. Delighted to see some of the younger players given a chance, particularly Adam Gallagher. It is important that they are encouraged and supported throughout the game. What a great opportunity for them to show case their skills, lets hope they keep the cool and stay confident.

  33. Don’t care about result, dubs might win by 1 or 10pts but if Adam Gallagher or hall or drake or Crowe or gibbons stand out and take the game to them it will be a good result. We desperately need new blood that can be live with the likes of the dubs. Good luck to Robbie too, it would have been easier for him to walk away.

  34. I agree with most that this is a great game for testing players more so than the result especially the likes of Crowe o donoghue Hall drake and Gallagher. Would like to see Akram and Boland Get tested in a game like this. Nally must be wondering what he has to do with so many players out and still can’t get into the side. Glad Adam Gallagher is starting at least he is getting a good opportunity to shine.if he takes it he will most likely fill alan dillons spot in the championship panel

  35. Lord I would be ripping if I was Michael Plunkett, Shane Nally, Ger McDonagh ,Sharoize Akram and James Stretton tonight.How do certain players keep getting chances.Alot of eyes will be on certain players tomorrow night.
    I am glad he has rewarded Adam Gallagher with his impressive Sigerson cup performances.
    Midfield , full back and half back line looks really weak at the minute.Hopefully Harrison and Durcan pass fitness tests and will be in the late changes along with Tom Parsons.

  36. It is curious to say the least, how up to eight or nine of Mayo,s first choice players are on the injured list for the past number of weeks and months with limited training and almost no game time being engaged in. It would be a safe bet that virtually no one will be on the injured list when the serious stuff gets underway later in the year. One could be forgiven for thinking that a certain amount of misleading information is being fed to the converted, in the same way that the team that “wont” play is announced at short notice, and the subs list is anyone’s guess, with subs not even listed sometimes appearing. IMO all this is unnecessary stupidity, and grossly unfair to the legions of genuinely dedicated Mayo supporters, To add further insult a match programme I purchased for the Kerry game, solely for the purpose of trying to identify subs, did not contain any details of either team.

  37. @TH,… Unfortunately sport can be and is ruthless, but we have no other choice but to trust in the management…. Liam O Neil is the first manager that I can remember, (I was around earlier but a combination of, Mayo not being up to much, me not knowing too much about who were the best footballer’s in Mayo, and the Culture of the Manager was only in its infancy then)… But I have never agreed 100% with any selection that any manager has ever put out since then, before the ball was thrown in.. Afterwards I have often acknowledged that on many occasions the management actually did know best… I won’t know either the actual Dublin or Mayo 15 to take the field until shortly before the throw in… In recent years I too feel some player’s get better and more chance’s than other’s,.. .Just now we have a depleted Mayo panel available in February 2018, for a combination of reason’s, particularly with the hope of having our best availabile, and playing to our best around August and early September. We are in somewhat of a role or the dice seneraio, a calculated risk of, defeat to Dublin who are an excellent team, have a multiple of potential excellent players trying hard just to break into the extended panel, and a multiple of advantages, in that no player from Dublin, needs to work or study outside of the Capital.. (indeed the same goes for the non Gaelic-football player’s, Dublin born people seem to have so many advantages over the rest in a so called Republic, which in turn further extends the advantages in terms of financial resources of the Dublin team to being a multiple of every other team in Ireland )… That and the fact that, that the National Stadium paid for by all, North and South of the Border and abroad, is for all intents and purposes a Dublin home stadium.. I will be glad to see the back of this current president of the GAA, under who’s leadership the GAA has pondered to the Corporate manipulating of Gaelic Game’s more than any other president of the past … Most of the media are based in Dublin, they won’t bat an eyelid at the state of affairs and yesterday is anything to go by with me delving into the ‘Reservoir Dubs’ I wouldn’t be expecting any calls for fair play from many who post on that site… Not by any means that I think that some of the vitorial on that excuse for a fan blog is represented of the many thousands of decent Dublin supporters…. On to the actual team… Good luck to everyone to wears the Green and Red,.. Ladies and Gentleman .I will be there in good time, 5pm for the Ladies, I don’t care how cold it gets tommorow…. When it’s all over around 9pm, we can have let the Gaelic-football world know that we are best supporter’s in Ireland, it’s not even close… Good luck to both the Women and the Men… Mayo Abu ,

  38. Stephen Rochford + managment team rating 2016 – A
    Mayo team big game rating 2016 – A
    Mayo supporters 2016 rating – A

    Stephen Rochford + managment team rating 2017 – A
    Mayo team big game rating 2017 – A
    Mayo supporters 2017 rating – A

    Wj’s mayogaablog rating – A

    The depth of analysis of who and why certain certain players will play against Dublin this evening is probably mind boggling. I believe a few of the newer lads are been wrapped in cotton wool. They’ll get their chance in times to come.

    Some of the players tonight I believe are going to be watched extremely closely by the managment. Lads that have been on the panel but maybe not on the pitch so much over the past couple of years. Tonight is a tough ask for some of these lads, but it’s the big audition for a few of them. If they do well, I think they’ll be asked to make sure they keep the knots out of their boot laces and be ready for action in upcoming games. If they don’t perform too well I think they’ll be put sitting at the end of the long bench next to the exit. Good luck to all of them.

    Tonight, in the overall scheme of things, is only a minute cog in the Mayo master plan for 2018. Rochford will have a solid framework of planning mapped out for the entire season. He will be tweaking and adjusting and shaping as the weeks go by and as certain situations like injuries and player availability present themselves.

    Tonight remains a small cog in the overall picture for 2018, and I am quietly confident when it comes time to review 2018, there is going to be a lot to smile about again.

    We are the luckiest fans in Ireland.

    God bless Mayo and all who hail from its beautiful lands and shores.

  39. We’ll be grand tonight. We just need to be aggressive and make the Dubs (who are the best team in the country) work for every score they get.

    Irrespective of the result it’s February not summer time and actual Championship time.

    A work colleague of mine from Dublin recently remarked to me after our loss to Galway that “Rochford isn’t stupid..” We’ve a five team, great squad and excellent back room team.

    I expect us to survive it D.1 but it’s going to be tough.

    I think it’ll be a tight game and maybe just maybe we might steal a win.

  40. Agree that it’s time for certain players named to step up tonight or take a ticket for the exit door – especially in defence. I too would rather throw caution to the wind and give McDonagh, Stretton, Kirby, Boland, Loftus starts irrespective of the margin of defeat. Kerry, Donegal, Galway, Dublin are tearing it up with plenty of young new talent thrown in…..why have ours not been making much of an impact?

  41. I can’t figure out team selection from week to week. Conor Loftus omission after one game staggering. Looking at Adam Gallagher named at 15, would suggest that Kev Mc will play a sweeper and we will employ a two man inside line with Adam moving out.

    I am hearing that Lee is very close to a return and wouldn’t be surprised to see him enter the fray maybe even before the start.

    Watching Darren Hughes dominate the Kerry Monaghan game makes Nallys treatment even more abhorrent.

  42. Hi All,
    Best of luck to both teams tonight and I think it will be a bit closer than some people think as these 2 teams always bring the best out in each other irrespective of current form etc….

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  43. I see the narrative of some is now leaning back towards “what is Rochy doing” same as last year until we clicked into gear and he was given a sainthood! The stark reality is that as a 15+ replacements we are not as fit as the teams we’ve played so far, and lack of fitness causes mistakes! Kerry were overly physical, and Galway suffocated us, when your not as fit as the other team that shows massively against them. Against Kerry our biggest problem was our midfield, they not once blocked their respective opponent from running thru centre field when in attack. This caused coen to be over run with often 3 players v him, which in respect caused our full back line to be completely overwhelmed and they looked awful bad because of it. (Not entirely their fault) we had no gas coming from half back against Galway which meant we were never breaking them down, and Durkin was alone against Kerry providing the gas and I think it directly resulted in 1-2 for us! Tonight I think is a freebie in the respect no one is giving us a chance, that’s a very fair assessment, next week against Kildare is vital so is Donegal and Tyrone. Getting our players back onto the pitch is more important tonight, putting in a cohesive performance and taking what comes with that too.

  44. Delighted to see Robbie Hennelly start, outside football he is one of the nicest young men around,
    This guy took his disappointment, got on with it, given huge commitment to Mayo and has earned the right to start, he will give a different dynamic with kick outs but he also offers an option for long range frees so don’t be surprised to see him on some dead ball duty
    Good to see Adam Gallagher Progres from the development panel, hopefully others get their chance to

  45. Let’s just get behind the lads and see what they can do. Some people get awful worked up over starting like ups. If anything under Rochford expect a change or two.

    All we can do is our best with what we have. If the lads give it their all there is. I think really there’s else we can ask for.

  46. I would also hope both sets of fans show respect tonight towards each other. A nasty undercurrent has developed in recent years. Let’s make the traveling Dublin fans welcome and not stoop the level of online abuse we have witnessed by BOTH sets of fans in recent times.

  47. Agree yew tree but tbh there has never been an issue amongst Matchday supporters
    It’s easier hurl abuse anonymously behind a keyboard

    I’m getting confident again of a shock result
    This is based on nothing but blind mayo optimism of course

  48. Not too sure about this one this evening at all. A low score from our opponents and a solid enough performance from the lads is the best outcome in reality. Anyway, we’ll see. Up Mayo.

  49. I can understand Robbie starting instead of David Clarke as he needs some game time,and he couldn’t get a better test than this, against Dublin.This is good management and they should go further and toss a few more in during the game, but not in injury time as this is a waste of time.
    Would it be too much to request that the team selected will be the one that starts, and by the way does anyone know if Alan Freeman is on the panel.
    Good luck to the lads particularly the newbies.
    If we don’t win so what, the experience gained from this encounter is priceless

  50. Well it looks like we have no choice but to give the nos. 16 to 21 first team experience.. but isn’t that what we are supposed to do this time of the year.
    The big moan after the all Ireland was that we should be bringing on our veterans in the 2nd half to steady the ship not taking them off. Now is the time for these lads to do the business and make the first 15 so we can have a bench that will scare the shite out of all comers later in the year.
    Have to say I’m delighted Adam Gallagher has got a starting place.. hope he actually does start .. for me he is the one player that could keep Cillian on his toes for the rest of the year.
    Hope it’s not snowing later !!

  51. I hope I’m wrong but I would be fearful for that selection. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available to the management if the injury list is accurate. Maybe the management is being sensible and focusing on the remaining games where points could be picked up and hopefully stay in Div. 1. Interesting week elsewhere also.

  52. Redcol, dont understand your comment re Nally, Hughes is an established midfielder, Nally is a half back, no comparison. As for the abhorrent treatment, you must be attending Mayo training to know the treatment he is getting. Maybe the simple answer is that he just isnt good enough to play midfield.

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