Four debutants in team named to face Donegal

We’ve just named our team to face Donegal on Saturday night. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Donegal, 25/1/2020): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Oisin Mullin (Kilmaine), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Fergal Boland (Aghamore); Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Brian Reape (Bohola Moy Davitts), James Carr (Ardagh).

The team we’ve named – assuming they all line out on the night – is very much an experimental one. Four of the fifteen – Oisin Mullin, Jordan Flynn, Bryan Walsh and Ryan O’Donoghue – will be making their League debuts, while Padraig O’Hora will be making his first start in a League game, having previously made a substitute appearance.

There’s experience weaved in there too, with David Clarke, Brendan Harrison, Stephen Coen, Colm Boyle, Paddy Durcan, Tom Parsons – making his first competitive start since the summer of 2018 – and Diarmuid O’Connor all named to start. Of the team we’ve named, though, only those seven played any part in the 2017 All-Ireland final (and two of these came off the bench then) so that gives you an idea of how much experimentation we’re going with on Saturday night.

Our most recent competitive match was, of course, last year’s All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin. Six of Saturday night’s team – Brendan, Colm, Stephen, Paddy, Diarmuid and James – also lined out against the Dubs that day while another two, Tom and Fergal, came on as subs.

The last time we faced Donegal was that totemic Super 8s clash at MacHale Park last August, just a week before we played Dublin. Only five players from that game – Brendan, Colm, Stephen, Paddy and James – start on Saturday night, while Fergal also made an appearance from the bench then.

Best of luck to all the lads named to start for us on Saturday night. Up Mayo.

51 thoughts on “Four debutants in team named to face Donegal

  1. I don’t think Coen will start will be his third game in 8 days. Looking forward to see the young lads their debut. Fionn McDonagh injured?

  2. Will be interesting to see how Reape, Carr and Flynn get on..Hope James plays the team named and doesnt start messing around on the day…A win in Ballybofey is a big ask but not impossible..

  3. Is Paddy Durcan now serving as Captain? I don’t recall seeing anything about the change from DOC

  4. I suppose we will find out eventually who is in the league panel in the coming weeks. All Mayo players out of sigerson now. Will be interested to see the match day panel. Was hoping to see more of Hanley and even Diskin this year but no sight of them even though they weren’t involved in college football. Jordan Flynn getting a chance in mayo colors again after his suspension is good, we need young blood coming in at the midfield positions. Matthew Ruane was a big last year. Hope Murray gets game time to. Can’t say there isn’t a freshness to the team with new players being tried out. Will be an interesting game to watch .

  5. Best of luck to the lads in the league.
    Good to see new faces but also to see experience and in particular great to see David Clarke back.

  6. I don’t believe Mcdonagh is injured..

    Horan is giving lads a chance to impress. An interesting selection if that’s the one that starts.

  7. Jordan Flynn an interesting choice at midfield. Well deserves his start as do the other newcomers.

  8. Looks like a youthful side.

    There was a lot of carping previously about Rochford allowing the squad to go stale and whatnot, let’s give the kids a chance to show what they can do in the NFL.

    Aside from that, it’s good to see Big Dave restored to the nets, hopefully he stays there.

  9. Best of luck to the new starters on Saturday. Good to see some fresh faces on the team, we need to look to the future, now is the time to do just that. Donegal will be fired up for this game despite the number of missing players they have at the moment. This will prove a good test for all our new and not so new players, Ballybofey is a tough place to go, Donegal haven’t been beaten there in a decade, (open to correction on that). Also, it’s great to see Tom Parsons back starting for Mayo. I really hope he can re-discover his pre-injury form. He’s a great inspiration to us all, I honestly didn’t think he’d make it back. I think we’ll win on Saturday by 2-4 points. Up Mayo.

  10. Interesting looking team. Coen will probably drop to full back and Boyle into the half back line. Mullins also a half back by trade. A very fresh looking forward six. Strange that Mcloughlin doesn’t start, thought he was our best forward v Galway. Is P Durcan captain for the year? Would be great if a team with so many young lads could get a win in Donegal.

  11. Wonder how Jason Docherty is getting on with his rehab.
    Great to see a Ryan ODonaghue in and maybe Gary Boylan on the bench.
    Hopefully James Carr can progress further. He was a great addition last year

  12. There was a piece with Jason Doherty on the Mayo news, basically said he doesn’t know when he’ll be back, hoping for the end of the league but won’t rush back. Which is the correct decision with that type of injury imo. I really like that team, though I’m doubtful it’ll start. Could see Ruane and Mcloughlin in would be my first thought. That’s of course they aren’t injured. Free taking an interesting one, Reape is decent and so is Carr at club level. Really excited to see Ryan O Donoghue he was excellent for Belmullet this year. Can play him anywhere in that front 6. His movement off the ball reminds of Andy the past few years but ROD has more pace. Can pick out a pass, can take a man on and has an eye for goal as seen in the u20 campaign with goals v Derry and Kildare. Mullins thrown in at the deep end but he’s a proper player. A serious athlete. Listening to midwest for the Kilmaine v Na Gaeil game they said he was outstanding against a midfield of O Connor and Barry when he came on. Two intercounty footballers. Nice freshness to the team and good to see Horan still trying to fill out the team. Hard to know how it will go, I’d take a draw right now tbh.

  13. Great to see so many exciting younger lads getting their chance.
    Most of us have been wanting to see the transition start, it looks like it’s picking up speed from last year.
    It’s also good that there is a sprinkling of the old guard there to guide and influence the younger lads on the pitch.
    It’ll be tough to get a win in Donegal, but you’d never know. They’re missing a few too.

    Either way, it’s best not to be too up or down after the league results if this experimentation continues over the next few weeks.
    It’s a great learning experience for these new lads. Let’s hope many of them get the chance to shine and we still manage to maintain our division 1 status. That’ll be a great start to the year for us.

    Way out west – Donegal lost to Tyrone in 2018 in Ballybofey. That’s their only loss there in 10 years I think.

  14. Good to see some new younger players getting a chance , but who will take the frees from left and right, games are now won on frees alone if you can convert all frees inside 45

  15. Cheers Dan, I knew they had a good record up there, I had forgotten about that game against Tyrone in the Super 8s.

  16. I seem to recall that we have never won up in Donegal. Perhaps Willie Joe can confirm?

  17. Good smattering from North Mayo with Belmullet, Ardagh, Crossmolina and the Stephenites represented from the named starters. If Kevin Mc were to get a game now that would be another one.

  18. I like this team and it’s balance. All capable and compotent players. Nice mix of experience and youth, it’s needed.

    Ballybofey is an ideal place to get 2020 to get going, dark and more than likely cold, wet and windy. No place to hide and why should there be. Front foot and don’t give an inch.

    Looking forward to seeing how the teams performance develops during the game and more importantly, finish strong and be composed!

    On we go.

  19. @sean maughan – if what you are saying in the case then that would be the entirely the wrong approach to things.
    If a Padraic o’hara or an oisin mullin is tearing it up in the league absolutely they should be ahead of a keith higgins come champo, there are places up for grabs here no question. Past deeds should count for nowt. Look at how the irish rugby team fared in the world cup by sticking with a team based on past achievements

    Im actually quite excited by the lineup, genuinely looks fresh and hopefully thats the team that starts.
    Wont get too downhearted/excited on the result as Donegal missing a raft of first teamers too so wont reflect accurately on where either team are at.

    Ill be happy with good close game and strong first impressions from the newbies

    Only disappointment for me is the goalkeeping situation, still cant believe we arent at least looking at a new option outside of DC/JH but im a broken record at this stage on that topic.

    Looking forward to saturday

  20. Higgins didn’t start the semi-final vs Dublin last year so why would he be guarunteed a starting place now?

  21. Would like to see Padraig O’Hora mark Ryan McHugh and see how he gets on.Has the ability to frustrate the hell of the player hes marking and put them off there game.hes a pure pest and could be suited to the likes of David Clifford and Con O’Callaghan as the year goes on.Think he only needs get better at his footpassing and decision making when in possession of the ball.

  22. Really happy with that team, delighted Reape is getting another chance, thought he was hard done by last season and is a bit like Alan Freeman in the sense that he’s a pure confidence player and needs a few games in a row. Boland has been going in stops and starts, needs to nail down a jersey this season but I’m a huge fan of his. Hopefully O’Donoghue can add something to the mix. Hard to see Coen playing after Sigerson, like to see McCormack thrown in with a full back line of:

    Durcan and Mullin have pace to burn and will bomb on and cause problems on the overlap no doubt. Be great to get at least another two steady defence options out of O’Hora/Mullin and McCormack. Reports in Mayo News that Carr had picked up a knock so potentially a chance for Boylan. would be a massive boost for the year if the lads could grind out a result with this starting 15, can’t wait!

  23. If that team starts, and I can only assume it will, because Horan wasn’t one for late changes in last years league, I applaud the ambition & trust he is showing in the new guys. Yes, we have a lot of players missing, but how many times were we disappointed with league selections reverting to type, post FBD league? 5 new faces (ok, officially 4 but O’Hora’s a relative newbie), added to the new faces that were brought in last year, points to the quiet evolution that James is embarking on with this squad. Sounding a word of caution though, this isn’t going to be straightforward, so lets be prepared to be patient with the new guys, its a big step up, one I’m sure they’re relishing. Best of luck lads!

  24. Sean Maughan, you may well be right about Horans intentions but only time will tell, I think that resting the senior players a lot more this spring would be a great thing, let injuries clear up and if we drop a division for a year or 2 then do be it. Let the league be used for throwing Carr, Mullin and Co in and leave it up to them to win games by themselves, rather than parachuting in older lads to do it for them.
    Btw, OHora seemed to be a handful for the Galway forward in that fbd league game, he stuck to him and made it very difficult to try and do much with the ball other than a quick pass before he got nailed, he’s one that should be watched closely in the league, the ould aggressive streak is a nice thing to see in a Mayo player. Also, best wishes to Jason Doherty and hope he’s back soon.

  25. Team named on Wednesday. What’s the world coming to?

    Interesting team and the newbies will be centre of attention.

    Maybe Horan doesn’t care about Div 1, but I expect to see a belter on Saturday.

  26. Very happy with that team. Great to see 4 debutants in a league match. This is what the league is for. Personally I don’t think we’ll beat Donegal, its too big of an ask away from home, with such a young team, but I don’t care, its all about development. No better place than Division 1 to try out lads.

    Excited about R.O.D, Flynn and Mullin. They look like they could have massive futures, along with Tommy Conroy (when fit). It will take all of them a year or two to really find their groove at Senior level. All i want to see is power and pace from all 4, the rest will come. Up Mayo.

  27. Exciting team. Great to see youth being served.

    Is there a prediction league this year? I can’t get facetheball website to even load. Thanks.

  28. Hi all, does anyone know if the game is being shown live on any station as can’t make the trip this weekend?

  29. I like the look of the team. I cant see us getting the win but once we get a performance and the lads play with freedom and no fear that will be enough for me .

  30. Best of luck v Donegal, good to see new players starting.
    However we need a third choice goalie NOW.

  31. Dave, I can’t see why you describe O’Hora as “sticking to” the Galway forward in the FBD. He totally ignored where the Galway forward was going on Galway kickouts and we were lucky that the Galway ‘keeper also ignored the free man for the most part.

  32. AndyD O Hora was switched to mark Adrian Varley in the second half. O Hora had a great game. Dave summed him up perfectly.

  33. Andy
    I was with a few others at that game, we all thought that O Hora gave a good display of robust marking. Maybe there was a reason the goalie ignored that forward ( 12) on the kickouts?

  34. O hora did what he was told on the kickouts and it worked, galway had all their players on the other side and was leaving that space for keeper to kick into but o hora stopped that and was still able to get to far side for the breaking ball, simple

  35. Overall an exciting, inexperienced team. Donegal also have an injury list as long as my arm too. O’Hora has given O’Shea and Cillian tough times of it in club action over the years. My fear for him would be the hard ground of summer if he would have the sizzling pace required for county football. Hopefully he does.
    I would fear for our full back line on Saturday against messers Murphy and Brennan. Coen would probably be the designated man to pick up Murphy although he has played a lot of football in the last couple of weeks. Mc Cormack done well on Paul Conroy in the FBD but he is a natural half back like Oisin Mullen, Colm Boyle etc.
    We will need Reape to take the game by the scruff of the neck like he did against Galway. Flynn was excellent against Galway but marking a much smaller man in Eamon Brannigan. Parsons was good from open play but clearly can’t jump like he used to.
    Boland was excellent, really turning out to be a quality player fro us. I would take a draw before we ambush Dublin in Mchale park.

  36. Really looking forward to seeing Ryan O’D, – From what I saw in the U20s he can pass well, has good pace and an eye for goal. To Billy Joe’s comments in the podcast about Mayo missing a playmaker – he could be one to watch for that role too.
    Reape – Great chance for him to stake a claim. The new mark rule could really benefit him. He can win ball but doesnt seem to have the pace to go past IC defenders. Hope he goes well.
    Really hope Carr gets a run of games and stays injury free. He has the size and pace to be a real handful for defenders justs needs a good run of games to establish himself.
    Really curious on the free-taking role on Sat – Hope this is nailed now and does not cost us the game as it has in league games in the past.

  37. I like the look of O’Hora, and though he had a great first half against Galway in the FBD, but from memory he struggled on Varley when switched to the full back line, think he needs to be operating around the half back line when he scraps well for breaking ball from lockouts also.

  38. Sean Maughan – how dare you abuse the comment facility here by posting an outrageous comment like that. It goes without saying that that’s your final comment that’ll ever be posted here. For good measure, all your previous comments posted here have now been deleted as well.

  39. Expect it will be a tough game for us and a difficult debut for new lads If they don’t tear up trees don’t be over critical It takes a while to find your feet at Co Senior Anyway Best of luck to them all I got more enjoyment out of the last Mayo Donegal game than I got for a long time at a match More of the same would be great

  40. This must be the youngest team we have had out in years? What would be the average age the team going out this evening 24 -25 ?

  41. Great to hear dispute with Mayo Supporters Foundation resolved and the focus is now firmly back on what everyone wants, Mayo Football. Hon Mayo!

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