Four in the frame for manager’s job

It’s just been confirmed by the Mayo News on Twitter (here) that four candidates have applied for the position of Mayo manager. They are Ray Dempsey, Kevin McStay, Declan Shaw and Mike Solan.

The proposed backroom teams put together by Kevin McStay and Mike Solan were reported on over the last few days. There’s no word yet on who would form part of the the management teams proposed by Ray Dempsey or Declan Shaw but these details will, no doubt, be revealed at some stage soon.

Now that we have a confirmed shortlist for the post, I’ll put up a poll a bit later on.

The best of luck to all four candidates for the job, one that will set the course for the county’s footballers over the coming years.

92 thoughts on “Four in the frame for manager’s job

  1. At least we have something official now.
    If the proposed ticket of McStay is as reported then that would be my preference. I think having to be the main man and deal with media etc hindered Rochie the last time,maybe McStay could coordinate things and let the other lads concentrate on their roles,his army background might come in handy there.

  2. Think you might be jumping the gun on the poll Willie Joe until all of the various management teams come to light. Only fair that people have the 4 teams to compare.

  3. Very important to look at all 4 teams i think.Thats the only way to judge.
    Who will be the ex player on the selection committe.
    Perhaps there might be an ex player on one of the backroom teams too.
    A guy like Vaughan for example …..

  4. The managers should be shortlisted for interview based on the following criteria
    1. Previous experience at senior inter county level
    2. Previous success at senior inter county level
    3. Previous experience at minor/ U 21 level
    4. Previous success at minor/U 21 level
    5. Previous experience at senior club level
    6. Previous success at senior club level
    Candidates without satisfactory experience and success in at least two levels should be eliminated.
    The final criteria should be that the management team has a whole should have significant experience at senior inter county level.
    No rookies !

  5. I think you have a point there, The west is best – putting up a poll now wouldn’t make for a fair comparison as only two of the four backroom teams have been named. I’ll hold off on the poll for now, thanks for making this very valid point.

  6. Is it telling no external candidates put name in? They must think we a complete basket case!! ?

    Good call Willie Joe, the poll on the full teams/tickets will make for interesting entertainment/debate.

  7. Don’t rule anything out, the CB well fit to have another option in the pipeline !


  8. Nearly as important as the make up of the applicant management teams, is the make up of the interview panel. That has not been made public yet either. I think it would help to ensure confidence in the process if those involved were made known.

  9. @Gizmobobs I’m not surprised there are no outside applicants. I couldn’t imagine outsiders applying to become the manager of Kerry or Dublin. We’re not that different.

  10. I think there’s a good reason for that, Tubberman, which is that the list of candidates had to be submitted first. Possible conflicts of interest would need to be assessed in putting together the selection panel and that could only happen once the candidate list was finalised. In light of this, I doubt the selection panel has been fully decided on as yet.

  11. fair point WJ, it might have been a good idea for the CB to clarify that and the overall procedure. When there’s a lot of unknowns it gives room for conspiracy theories to thrive and god knows, there are plenty willing to take that opportunity!

  12. They did, Tubberman – they have a management appointment policy, which forms part of the Mayo GAA Operations Manual, and it was reported weeks ago that this is the process they’re going to use for this appointment. Conspiracy theories can also start when people don’t bother to inform themselves of some pretty basic facts!

  13. Must commed Rochford in the proposed McStay ticket. for putting his name forward. And willing to work in a role aside from manager to me it shows he has Mayo’s best interest at heart. Hard to judge who is the best candidate until Messers Shaw and Dempsey show their hand

  14. Well I googled “Mayo GAA Operations Manual” and couldn’t find it. Should someone in CB not just come out and clarify the procedure rather than expecting all supporters to go searching online in a wild goose chase?
    It doesn’t seem these facts are all that easily accessible to me.

  15. Just catching up and have just read through the last few hundred comments in the previous threads. Some very interesting comments, some new commenters and some strange suggestions. Clear favourite it seems so far with 2 to fully declare.

    Pebbles and Mayo 88, thank you both for dismissing the bizarre suggestion, by more than one poster, that the players should be involved in management selection.

  16. Pat Dolan fully agree,
    The final criteria should be that the management team has a whole

  17. Please Co Board don’t let McStay or McHale anywhere near the Mayo team.. Their time with Roscommon was a disaster. Remember the Croke park repay when we annihilated them It was embarrassing. Two clueless men on the line, way out of their depth Just a shame Rochford and Buckley not on the Dempsey ticket

  18. Out of interest I’d love to know what the majority of people think on here about players being consulted about management. I know the recent past has scared the role of the players in the selection process. But my concern is that if the players aren’t fully behind the man the county board recommends do we really think we can win an All Ireland? I completely understand that players play and managers manage but surely if there is a lack of trust from the get go then it can’t be good. Would the players be willing to die for a manager they don’t fully believe in? Would love to get some more thoughts on it.

  19. Looks like Shane Walsh has gone from hero to zero in his club inside a week. We can’t compare managers work in one county against how they would fare in another county. Different standard of players, finance etc. I say mcstay for the job. A couple of familiar faces and 3 new voices. I reckon whoever gets the job will have plenty of knockers to begin with.

  20. I’m impressed at your level of research there, Tubberman! I’m not sure why you think this kind of documentation should be available to all and sundry online.

  21. Onemoreyear, McStay and McHale must have been some spectacularly dreadful managers to awaken the sleeping Mayo giant in 2017 and allow Mayo to gain form that almost won an AI against the super Dubs.
    If they hadn’t been that poor as managers Mayo would be home in their pyjamas while Roscommon would have advanced.
    Roscommon must have been done out of a chance of advancing.
    It must have been a fluke that they won the Connacht Title.
    The fact that they were so woeful with Roscommon is proof sacrosanct that they’ll get nowhere with Mayo either (despite different players, panel, experience, budget, backroom).

  22. If the best players in the county are going to commit 100% to the training, lifestyle etc needed to win SAM – then they have to have 100% belief that the management team in place are up to the job and not out of their depth.
    If they don’t believe the management team are good enough- then we are going nowhere.
    Of course you can say – if any player doesn’t believe in the management team – they are free to leave the county set up. But we want the best players playing if we are to have any chance.

  23. How can the players decide whether management is uo to it or not. Firstly a lot of the players are too young to have that sort of a call and if up to it or not is the bench mark then maybe it’s the players who should be called into question seeing as managers previous goes against them. For the record im proud of the players and their efforts and my remark is directed to the posters calling for the players to have a call.

  24. No doubt – I’m not saying players should call the shots, I’m just wondering what the viewpoint is. Would you not think that players have to have buy in for the whole thing to work? It’s a very thin line but in my opinion I couldn’t see a team winning anything if they aren’t behind their manager.

  25. One of the criteria for selecting a management team could be costs. The higher the profile of the individuals making up the ticket the greater the costs are likely to be. If one ticket is half the price of another with no perceptual difference on project objectives or overall plan.. what do you do. Will the County Board look to interpret public preference for a particular ticket.. maybe they will look at the blog to see who is doing best in the pole.. and say to hell with cost for any easy life. Or will they go with a middle of the road team with the best bang for buck. I know at club level the most high level submission don’t always win out with more mid level reasonable submission getting the votes. This maybe different at county level but there are no certainties who will get this.. should be an interesting few weeks ahead

  26. Absolutely the players should have a say. Not the final say, but some input. I might be crazy but I think they lost faith in the previous management, after the final last year. If players don’t rate the manager, how can they take instruction or perform.

  27. @toetohand you are not far off the mark when you say cost is a factor. It was the deciding factor when McStay lost out in 2014 to the best of my knowledge although that was never said publicly. It could well be the same again because I reckon his management team won’t come cheap. But on the other hand it seems all the top teams nowadays are spending a fortune to achieve success.

  28. He said in an interview (about 2014) that he was willing to meet the CB and negotiate the terms, but it was clear to him from the first meeting that he wasn’t wanted.

  29. Diehard. I think you’re right, cost was used as an excuse , maybe after the appointment of Pat and Noel.
    Now let’s throw another cat among the pigeons.Suppose they do the same this time and a benefactor comes in and says, they will cover the cost. Someone like the “ sensitive one “ which they wouldn’t accept. Then the CB are in a really awkward position if most fans wanted McStay. Imagine the backlash.

  30. This McBride’s game in Chicago is one of the best I’ve seen in ages. Paul Towey on fire.

  31. I don’t think you should be able to renegotiate you’re position after you interviewed and have put forward your package.. cost and all. You set out your stall and costs are considered as a positive or negative mark against you in the interview process. A comparative level playing field as such with a rationale for selecting a particular ticket based on ranking of different attributes of the submission. There could of course be a greater premium or weighting applied to a so called high profile candidate over and above costs. I guess you can justify anything if your gut tells you to go with a particular submission because you like what you hear in the interview.

  32. If Paul Towey is not a key player for Mayo next year I’ll eat my hat. He’s after tearing Tyrone all Ireland winner Michael McKernan apart today. 1-17 scored out of 2-21 Incredible stuff. Left foot, right foot he has it all.

  33. Paul Towey scored 1-17 out of 2-20. About 1-8 from play and fouled for many more scores. Been marked by Michael McKiernan the Tyrone corner back who couldn’t handle him at all.
    Some of us were saying he should gave got more game time for Mayo this year – he is a real scoring forward- the type of player we were missing badly.

  34. I wonder what is the cost of winning an All Ireland.

    How much did Kerry spend this year ?
    Tyrone last year ?
    How much did the Dubs spend ?

    How much have Mayo spent over the past decade trying to win it.

    Is there some financial windfall if we do manage to win it ?

    It’s obvious by listening to the size and calibre of the backroom teams on the proposed tickets that the cost of the new regime is going to be astronomical.

    Is our obsession, chasing the holy grail, going to leave us in a pit we can never climb out of ?

    County Boards move on and Debt gets handed across.

    ” Nothing to worry about folks. Everything is in hand “.

    Me hole.

    Watching this selection process is like watching Joe, who drank the family farm and hasn’t a red rex left, bidding millions at the Classic car sales on a one of a type Lamborghini.

    We’re out of our depth if we want to admit it. But why admit it.

    Home James, and don’t spare the horses.

  35. 2 have jumped the gun here. McStay obviously wants to cause a stir and have his team stand out in a vacuum. The other 2 have held firm and followed due process. When the county board are informed hopefully we will be too. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.

  36. What’s the solution so Revenillo? Get the funding and hire the outfit most likely to bring success regardless of the cost. Or get the less expensive outfit who may not bring us any closer to crossing the line but keeps the cost down.

  37. WJ, I simply gave the opinion that it would be a good idea if the interview and selection procedure was made known in order to give public confidence that it was being adhered to – hardly unreasonable given what happened previously?

    You dismissed it saying its in some manual and that these are “some pretty basic facts!”

    So I asked where this manual could be found as I couldn’t find it online (never suggested i did ant great research by the way), and now you’re questioning why that “kind of documentation should be available to all and sundry online.”

    So which is it? Is the procedure a pretty basic fact, or should it be known only to those involved?

  38. When we reach semi finals or finals it is strong enough financially to cover the extra costs.
    The issue would be in having big gaps of not making semis. It was stated before by treasurer that it was important we reach semis.

  39. Asking players for their opinion? Ye must be joking, those are the very suggestions or approaches which need to be eliminated from mayo football. Players should not assume their position is guaranteed, rather they should have to prove their worth to make the panel and team first. Paddy Andrews spoke of Kerry’s capacity to deliver back to back title will require the unearthing of 3 or 4 players (subs or new panel members) next year in order to put heat on established starters and create massive inhouse competition. Meanwhile, here in Mayo we ask players “who would you prefer as the manager?” and “are you happy with the applicants and will you buyin to the new approach?”. There’s one solution to that; fight for your place and if you’re not happy there’s the door.

  40. @nephin, I think the players have said enough for the last 7or8 years regarding managers. Maybe certain players more than others.

    Players need to play and CB do their job.
    What other sport do players have a say in manager’s appointment ?
    Great candidates have applied, I’m excited for a restart in mayo fball. Only hope 1 or 2 of so called “senior players” arent asked back.

  41. South Mayo exile he was excellent in fairness.
    13 aside football suits him and other smaller forwards with the extra space

  42. Tubberman – it was announced at the start of the process that the appointment would be done in the same way as the most recent U20 and U17 ones were done, following the set process they’ve developed and documented. All that was reported at the time, as was the basic outline of the process that’s being used. I don’t know of any organisation that puts all of its processes online so I don’t know why you expected this process would be made available that way. If you’re involved in a club within the county, then maybe your County Board rep would be able to get this for you if you’re interested.

  43. Players should have no say.if not happy they can leave the panel.
    I presume there will be a bit of a clear out by the new manager anyhow.

  44. I dont have a problem with management teams getting paid at all.
    However this idea that ‘the premium team’ comes at a radically higher price than the other ‘inferior’ options is problematic for me.
    I believe that those involved should approach the job from an angle that they want their cost covered ……and a profit as well…..but it shouldnt be bonanza and if one team expects that then this would be a dealbreaker for me.
    The lure of winning the AI for Mayo should be strong enough that the candidates want the job….not regardless of money but with a very realistic profit (if thats not too crude).
    The idea that one team would want an outsize budget and wont do the job without it is akin to blackmail to me.
    Candidates have other sources of income perhaps work or pensions and these should be primary sources of income.
    It is still a largely amatuer organisation….at the end at the day.

    I would exclude professionals like S+C coaches and physchologists from this measure.However commercial reality is a factor here too.

    By the way i am NOT suggesting that any of the candidates are taking this approach but if any were this would be a hard no for me.

  45. McStay might be the favourite and seeing that Meath finally gave Colm O’Rourke the nod the Mayo CB might do the same with McStay. That could be a mistake. McStay hasn’t managed a team since he left Roscommon so unlike Dempsey and Solan he’s not at the cutting edge at all. Even O’Rourke is managing Simonstown. Donie Buckley was great but played out – he was no help to Peter Keane’s underperforming Kerry and Monaghan regressed this year while he was there (not all down to him of course). Steven Rochford while a really good manager for Mayo was not a factor at all in helping Donegal – they’ve also gone backwards. Has Liam McHale contributed as a coach to any winning outfit at the serious end in Gaelic football? Dempsey at least is currently a proven winning manager – Knockmore hadn’t won a County title for over 30 years until he won with them – I wonder what other team hasn’t won anything for a longish time? To be fair to Solan at least he can point to past All-Ireland success at underage and the lads he had are still with Mayo. Shaw is an intriguing one but Castlebar have gone backwards in last few years. Everyone of these is a risk. Its up to the selection committee to chose wisely but current form always trumps past performance.

  46. Liam, Solan is a backroom member of the Leitrim setup. With a backroom that Sligo rejected.

  47. Any choice other than the McStay ticket is a catastrophice decision for the future of Mayo football.

    Not without risk, but ticks so many boxes. It is the team as a whole that excites.

    The other three have no proven experience in top level intercounty management

  48. Paddy Ban – how do you come to the conclusion that it’s a catastrophic decision when we don’t even know who is on 2 of the other 3 teams.when you say the other 3 have no proven inter county management experience, I hope your just referring to senior? And on that point you are right, but with the level of experience that Rochford, Buckley and mchale and Mcstay have, between the lot of them none of them have been on management teams to win all Irelands. By your logic, Jim McGuinness and Jim Gavin should never have been given their jobs at Donegal or Dublin seeing as they had no senior inter county management experience before.

  49. For all we know one of the tickets walks in with an outstanding plan. Then a favoured ticket walks in with “Here I am Lord, it is I Lord, I am here for the Mayo job”.
    Recent hurling and football titles were won by teams looking forwards at the future cutting edge.

  50. @Liamontherun.

    Just to inform you as you seem to be unaware.

    Winning Connacht is a fair achievement for Roscommon. McHale was involved with them doing that.

    Winning the club allireland with Brigid’s. McHale was involved with that.

    Mcstay managed both the above. He probably watches more football than any one in the country. He is constantly analysing formations, successful score kicking opportunities and match ups.

    Rochford was not the Donegal manager and who knows what influence he had up there. When he was in charge and calling the shots with us as manager he certainly wasn’t afraid to change the set up from game to game.

  51. McHale just doesn’t strike me as a serious enough individual to be involved at that level.
    There’s too many chiefs in that setup and as someone has already said the most recent records of Rochford and Buckley aren’t great.
    Frankly it’s too “showbizzy” for me to be the right option, it’s like they went for the most high profile of names just to cause a stir.
    If I was on the CB exec I also wouldn’t be happy about the announcement/leaking of it, Damien Lawlor with an exclusive. If that’s how he is going to do his business well we don’t need it.
    The media gig is handy and fairly lucrative I’d imagine, mcStay will have to have one eye on that while managing, so he can go back to it, he did in Roscommon and I don’t think that suits us.
    Unless Dempsey presents a shocking back room team then I think he should be given a shot.
    The recipe of recent winning success at senior club level stepping up to success at senior inter county has worked for us in the past

  52. If hypothetically they go for McStay, the CB could negotiate and ask for their own compromise, ie you have to drop one of the cooks….
    So it’s not all or nothing. McStay has made his move. Over now to the CB.

  53. It’s highly unlikely the CB will just genuflect and accept any of the proposed applications as they are initially presented. And I’d guess that the applicants themselves may be aware of this and have left wriggle room. Always best to aim high first.

  54. Reekclimber.
    I get your point and in an ideal world I would agree. But if 5 or 6 of our very best players weren’t happy, would be happy to show them the door. Well I wouldn’t.

  55. Mcstay might be off the inter County scene for a while but it has taken huge courage to go at it 1 last time with a backroom team that is quite impressive and will all be aware of the personalities that each will all have to work together.
    I always felt that cb were fine with mcstay appointment the last time but were less taken by mchale and perhaps that may have played a part in him being overlooked.

  56. One concern about Mcstay was the way he came into Roscommon on a joint ticket with Fergal O’Donnell but after one year it was soon just himself and McHale that were there – they fell out with O’Donnell and the other two selectors after the first year, as well as several players. That kind of divisive approach won’t achieve the all Ireland glory everyone in Mayo craves.
    In addition it sounds like he’s already off on a bad footing with the Mayo county board, who whether you like them or not, will have to deal with the new management team to a very detailed level.
    Wherever you have friction between county board and management there are no all Irelands won.
    Not to mention what the players feel like about Mcstay and McHale.
    Last thing we need are 5 or 6 key players not making themselves available for whatever reason. It happened in Roscommon in 2017.
    I would rather see what Dempsey offers in his ticket. If it’s a clean slate and fresh team with no baggage then it will be hard to turn down.

  57. It’s true that McStay and McHales won a Connacht title in 2017 with Roscommon, but their overall record in the 3 years that they were with Roscommon from 2016 to 2018 was not only poor, it was shockingly poor in my opinion. Roscommon took some dreadful beatings under their reign. In 2016 they drew with Galway in the Connacht final, they didn’t learn a lot from that draw as Roscommon were beaten by 11 points in the replay on a scoreline of 3-16 to 0-14. The following year, in 2017, they won a Connacht title beating Leitrim and Galway. Later that year they drew with Mayo, but on this occasion McStay and McHale learned even less from the drawn game as Mayo beat them out the gate 4-19 to 0-09. That’s a 22 point mauling. Their 3rd year in charge in 2018 was even worse, in the group stages Roscommon got absolutely hammered. They conceded 4-24 to Tyrone, 0-20 to Donegal and 4-24 again to Dublin. These results give me no confidence in McStay and McHale. The hammerings that they got in the 2 replays would indicate that they aren’t able to adapt or learn from previous games, which is worrying. Mayo have had an issue conceding goals and by God, Roscommon conceded heaps of goals under McStay and McHale.

  58. It’s the last hurray for those 5 or 6 players anyway. They got the managements (×2) that they demanded and came up short. I’m not sure, then, on what grounds they’d be against McStay and McHale.

    They’re more than worthy of a shot given their CVs. Furthermore, it says a lot that they’re prepared to put their necks on the line for the most perilous job in GAA.

  59. Just a few points on the management appointment,it will be just as easy to backwards as forward if we don’t get the right management team we could easily be like Meath, Cork,or Down,it would be catastrophic for our finances then,I am in favour of Stephen Rochford who has proved that he can manage a team,with MCStay I feel that it is a very good management team,whilst I also believe that the manager has to manager has to be in charge,we need the players to be satisfied that they are being well managed,so I would be very much on favour of MCStays team,we need to reach the semi finals to keep our heads above water financially,I don’t have much faith in the county board to get things right but perhaps they will get it right this time because if not we might not see a decent team for years

  60. Iv enjoyed reading the post on here and it seems the consensus is for mcstay to be appointed and in fairness its also fair that other candidates should put their management teams forward.
    Cost is a huge part and it goes far beyond the 4 lads on mcstays ticket ,of the 4 Buckley won’t be cheap with the distance involved the other 3 are local so no big issue .
    I’d expect any candidates to be looking for a 3 year term given the ground that needs to be made up .

  61. Folks i wonder did kerry look at Jack o Connor results with kildare before they took him on in kerry. It was damage limitation with him against the dubs and he went at them with kerry. We must remember when mcstay was in charge of roscommon mayo were the 2nd best team in the country and hammered alot of teams at the time. I suppose the world would be boring if we all had the same opinion.

  62. Revellino I take your points on all of those things and clearly you have a soft spot for McStay and McHale and co which is fine. I said choosing the McStay ticket might be a mistake. It could work out brilliantly. Who knows? It all seems a little tired to me! Much has changed since the Rossies won Connacht in 2017 (and only because Rochford’s Mayo weren’t especially interested in winning Connacht at the time). It’s just an opinion but I think Dempsey’s recent achievements with Knockmore offers a more reliable signpost to each candidates formline. That’s how James Horan got the gig first time around when he won with Ballintubber. I do agree though that we can’t really judge for sure until we’ve seen all backroom teams.

  63. I think some in here are under estimating what McStay his achievements with Roscommon. I’m happy to go with McStay ticket . Really good guys around him . I have listened to McStay on many Podcasts he definitely analyses a lot of games and seems to be a real deep thinker of the game .If he were to get it he would certainly be at ease with media duties . I also admire him putting his name down again after how he was treated the last time round.
    Just my opinion of course.

  64. I get the feeling that many on the blog are hoping that the McStay Camp get the job, there was even a suggestion of a pole last night, sure what is the full make up of the other two management contenders ?
    Kildare had big names of former County players in their management team this year but only helped them slightly.

    I’m fully against “player power” in any setup, we have witnessed this before in 2014 and again in 2015 to remove that management.

    No player can have a say in things, the Senior players in Mayo seemed to have far too much control.
    Good luck to the new management team but I hope they can address this issue with player power either toe the line or be shown the door.

    Maybe a semi outside management team is the best for this Mayo team and the newcomers that will be added.

  65. I’d me of the opposite opinion mayomaningalway, but isn’t that what makes the debate healthy. I believe that people have over estimated on this occasion. I wont go through all the poor results again, but people must remember that Roscommon had won the Connacht under 21 championships in 2010, 2012, 2014 and again in 2015. They had more than enough players to work with and lett’s not forget also that Roscommon won the Connacht senior championship the year after they left.

  66. You would have to wonder why both Dempsey and Shaw have not made their backroom teams public at this stage.
    The other Contenders have made their full team know at this stage.
    Go for it in full or don’t go at all.

  67. @Mayo88 could be number of reasons for this:
    1) if they were asked by board not to as some “sources” indicated they likely won’t to stay onside with board.
    2) Some may be still being finalising, they didn’t have to submit tickets just express their personal interest in role at this point. Or,
    3) if final decision not expected until first week of September they may be waiting to get the coverage boost in week or so leading up to that point, and of course the main Poll Willie Joe’s ?

  68. First of all can I say well done to all the guys who put their names into the hat for the mayo job.. this is no small job and a job that will have come with a government style health warning ..probably second to Covid 19 scrutiny..papers forum and blogs such as yours Willie Joe will monitor all proceedings from the selection process to the confirmation of successful candidate..
    This job is massive and it would not surprise me if there is not a twist in the tail yet ..
    I was told 2 weeks that there was an approach was made by a prospective candidate to enlist a highly rated coach and bring them on board..
    has all candidates officially named their backroom teams?
    Like everyone else I wait with interest to see who gets the job and who ever gets it I will be 100% behind them.. the county board need to get it right and that 2 me is the most important step for the moment..
    Hon Mayo..never feel till the FBD league..

  69. @Gizmobobs, surely all four contestants had their management teams in place well before the deadline, anything else is only hoping for the best, maybe they have a weak backroom team and their proposal should be deemed null and void, ie incomplete.
    As most on this blog have stated it’s not just one man that makes up a management team.

    For this reason I think this may be a two horse race between McStay and Solan

  70. I can understand why some backroom teams are not made public,if not deemed good enough for Mayo other counties may not consider them.
    Great to have 4 contestants.

  71. If we are talking full transparency then prospective managers should be declaring their full hand at this stage.
    O’Rourke taking over meath should have them competitive next year.
    Dont see any point in going back into history and hivhlighting misages made 6 years ago. They need to be evaluated in accordance with their ability right now..
    I think McStay has come along way as a tv analysist. Not sure how much Rochford has progressed with Donegal.but its involvement with top team at the same time. Interview time. Busy CB.

  72. I say no one has their full backroom team in place, just the core. McStay has named some of his but it takes a lot more than five people to run the setup. Whoever gets the position still has a lot of positions to fill. And some of the positions may be common accross each setup (e.g. medical, video – are they the same for all teams as some have been invlved for a number of years).
    And to fair tp the applicants maybe some of there team dont want there name known at this stage. They could be involved with clubs in championship or their could be other reasons. We have an interesting few months ahead!

  73. Apparently Jack o connor didn’t approach Paddy Tally last year until after he’d been appointed to the job in Kerry.
    Candidates don’t necessarily have to have backroom teams finalised before the interviews.

  74. @Mickey When Jack O’Connor was appointed Tally was confirmed to be part of his management along with Micheal Quirke,Diarmuid Murphy

  75. @mayomaningalway Anthony Cunningham has pretty much matched McStays achievements at Roscommon

    @No doubt Mayo was the 2nd best in 2017 but apart from Div 4 team Mayo rarely hammered teams. That replay was a total blow out by Roscommon it was one of the worse defensive efforts I’ve seen from a 10 team as they were at the time. Follow year conceded 4-24 to Tyrone and Dublin showing little was learnt to shore things up after that replay trimming to Mayo.

  76. And now Declan Shaw has named his – Paddy Christie, Richie Feeney, Dessie Sloyan and Cormac Rowland.

  77. Paddy Christie…the ex Dublin player? It’s mad where these names come from. Fair play in all fairness, who knows where this will end up!!

  78. As far as I know Jack O Connor had approached Tally to assist him in Kildare prior to his sudden departure I definitely read that somewhere

  79. Mikey3, well said about joint Roscommon management , and suddenly a fall out. The other half of management is an excellent coach, and after he departed things fell apart in Roscommon.

  80. Dempsey would be a backwards step in my opinion. McStay’s ticket is the one to go for, would be very disappointed if he didn’t get it.

  81. In terms of the fear/respect factor., who by sheer force of presence and personality will be a Mayo version of Alex Ferguson and Jim Gavin? Enacting ruthless dispensability, purging egoes and cliques, pethaps only Ray Dempsey would go near passing that litmus test, i.e. if the county board understand how necessary that is.

  82. I wonder if some of those named in various backroom teams for example Stephen Rochford, Liam McHale or Donie Buckley might not be rigidly tied to any one ticket and be willing to throw in their talents to whichever manager got the job. Might make some of the lineups more palatable.

  83. Joe.g what you see is what you get so mcstay is basically telling the cb he has the services of these guys and everyone of them are prepared to work together.
    Of course the cb will have to assess if has number 1 mcstay can delegate and make it work because of the personalities involved and financially if its viable, the same will apply to the other candidates.
    I’m of the opinion that mcstay would have got the gig last time and the stumbling block was Liam mchale .

  84. Castle51. What I’m saying is if for example Ray Dempsey got the job would the likes of Buckley be interested in offering his services?

  85. Joe.G if dempsey is offered the job it will be because he has put the best ticket in terms of cost,experience etc ,Buckley won’t be on the ticket because he’s on the mcstay ticket. It’s not a case of giving a manager the job and than letting him go pick coaches ,selectors after he’s appointed.
    That’s why the mcstay ticket is gathering serious momentum.

  86. Boginmysoul: I agree this is important. After all none other than James Horan stated (uncontested I might add)that he was going to remove the bullshit from Mayo football. Whoever comes in will have the exact same task.

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