Four Mayo matches on this weekend

This coming weekend is set to be another busy one for teams from the county, with four matches set to take place. One of these takes place on Saturday while the other three are on Sunday.

The game on Saturday involves the U20 footballers who play their second match in the Leo Murphy Cup. This one’s away to Derry, at The Loup, Magherafelt, where throw-in is 1.30pm.

The hurlers are also away to Derry but their NHL Division 2B match against the Oakleafers isn’t on until Sunday. That game has been fixed for Celtic Park and throw-in there is 1pm. Ticket info for this game is here.

The postponed LGFA NFL Division One opening round game between ourselves and Galway has now been refixed for Sunday. The game will be played at Tuam Stadium and throw-in is 2pm.

Tickets purchased for the postponed game last weekend will be valid for Sunday’s game and anyone planning on going who hasn’t yet bought a ticket for it can do so here. Weekend passes for the LGFA streaming service – which is showing the game live – will also be valid for the coming weekend.

Sadly, I won’t – because I’ll be in Dr Hyde Park then – be able to do the kind of regular in-game updates on Discord that I was set to do on the women’s match last weekend. Hopefully, though, there’ll be enough updates coming through to keep everyone up to date on how the three matches on Sunday are progressing.

The fourth match involving the county this weekend is, of course, the men’s NFL Division One Round 4 clash with Armagh in at Dr Hyde Park in Roscommon, where throw-in is also set for 2pm. If you’re not a season ticket holder then you can purchase tickets for this game here.

The best of luck to all of the Mayo teams in action this coming weekend.

24 thoughts on “Four Mayo matches on this weekend

  1. Hi this is just for the mayo team since Patrick Durcan and Tommy Conroy are injured for mayo so we need to have two new vice captain to fill for Paddy Durcan and Tommy Conroy so I’ve been thinking about the new two vice captain I decided on Diarmurd O’Connor and Matthew Ruane cause I think they are perfect for it

  2. Gutted to hear of the death this morning of Kieran Cawley Crossmolina. He was an absolute gentleman and as learned a Mayo supporter as you would ever meet. Had the pleasure of travelling to New York with him in 2014 for the Mayo V New York game. May he rest in peace and deepest condolences to his wife and family.

  3. Playing the ladies and mens games at the same time on the same day is ridiculous. It demeans the ladies game as it really doesn’t allow supporters the opportunity to either go to the game or watch it live. The skill levels and intensity of ladies games often exceeds that of the mens game and deserves a bigger audience.

    The game against Armagh promises to be a real humdinger. A win for either team guarantees survival in Division 1. A draw would probably be enough either. Selection for this one will be worth watching as options for most positions are up for grabs. Squad rotation will be a factor so i expect to see a return for Swanee and Durcan barring any possible injury concerns. The new lads played very well the last day so James has a learned a lot about how they react in the heat of battle. We are in a very good place at the moment and there is no pressure on Cillian to return until he is fully rehabilitated. Selecting a team and sticking with it appears to be the way forward for James and is a refreshing approach to the game plan. This is possible because we probably have the best bench in the country at the moment. Looking forward to Sunday!

  4. Well said, Katie Dixon. You wouldn’t get two finer vice captains. Hopefully Patrick won’t be injured for long. But I’m sure James will have to put his thinking cap on now. Well done
    Didn’t know Kieran,but by all accounts he was a faithful and passionate Mayo man. God be good to him and his family and friends. May he be at rest.
    Looking forward to the challenges for the weekend…are we spoiled or what…. it’s fantastic.
    I know it’s only the league, but it’s really great to see how the young men, on the senior team are slotting in and looking perfectly at home.
    I’m also looking forward to seeing the women playing Galway. They were very impressive against Westmeath. There’s a positive vibe coming from their camp too.
    Best of luck to all our teams. Maigheo go deo.

  5. Jesus lads we don’t need more vice captains. Some people make far too much of a big deal about who is captain, vice captain etc. It’s a title only. Every teams has leaders on the field and in the dressing room. Just because Durkan and Conroy are injured does not mean they don’t have a voice.

  6. Any season ticket holders having a problem getting ticket printed for Armagh games next Sunday.
    I logged in this morning to print a ticket and only ticket available was for the Kerry game.
    I filled up the help section and got an email back telling them what I know already.

  7. As the only Irishman to ever play in three World Cup finals once famously said –
    First captain, second captain, whatever…

  8. Glorydays, I suspect our paths crossed that weekend too. We travelled from the airport into NYC with Kieran and the lads and a great weekend was had by all. I just can’t believe the news, and though I hadn’t seen Kieran for a while he and his family have been in my thoughts a lot over the past year. May he rest easy and deepest condolences to his wife, little boy, brothers and extended family. It’s just not fair.

  9. Katie,,Diarmuid ó Connor made a very bad call against Roscommon for the last free of the game not allowing Loftus to take it.

  10. Our paths did indeed cross that weekend Ann Marie and a great weekend it was. Am geniunely saddened today by Kieran’s passing gone way too soon and so hard on his wife and little boy may he rest in peace

  11. Armagh are a physical team so we should get some scoreable frees. One odd feature of the Dublin game we got no close in frees, inside 40 meters. I can not not remember that happening in a Mayo game ever.

  12. Patjg I didn’t see the Dublin Armagh game but according to a Dub I know, he said that Armagh were very careful to not concede frees within scoring range. As mentioned – didn’t see it myself so I’m taking the man’s word for it, but I expect that is something we will see again on Sunday.

  13. Willie Joe
    Is there any merit in coming up with another name for “The Smoking Section” on the podcast.
    Just a thought and I don’t want to be a pain in the arse but smoking is not a positive in any way.

  14. Watched the game in full again and very pleased with the overall performance especially Jordan Flynn in midfield. He plays now with the head up and often looking for the fast kick pass in. Also I see an improvement in his athleticism and tracking. His game seems to be based on keeping the ball moving fast. Very positive to have a player I wasn’t convinced about improving to the point where he might be difficult to drop. Also less worried about Brickenden watching back, there was a little slip in the bad conditions the time his defence was badly breached but overall he did well. I won’t get carried away with any of the new players but even Paul Towey despite not scoring was involved in important ways and could have a future in the forwards. The new player who impressed me the most was Aidan Orme epitomised by the brilliant sideline ball at the very end. On a dry day that would probably have led to a goal. He had one blot only which was an early wide which should have been a score. Carney did better than I expected and tracked well making sure the Dublin wing back never got racing up the field. It will be a long shot for him with Kevin Mc and Fionn McDonagh pushing for half forward places along with Jason Doc who might be in HF or FF line but he’s showing promise for the future which makes it even harder for Fergal Boland a player I like to see on the pitch.
    The one established player who’s dropped off a bit is Stephen Coen possibly because of a little bit of extra pressure being captain. Did little wrong and no doubting his leadership but not sure he’ll actually hold onto his jersey because Oisin Mullen is nailed on and Enda Hession is pushing for a position in the backs with Eoghan MacLoughlin and Michael Plunkett also pushing hard. Paddy Durcan to come back as well is nailed on so competition for places is huge which is a very good thing. McHugh did little wrong but a starting place in championship is a long shot for him. When Cillian comes back in the forwards it’s a right headache up there too but in a good way. I think we’re very much in the mix if we can overcome Galway, Ros could push us very hard in a Connaught final but reality is if both play to potential we will win, especially with the subs bench we now have.
    Dublin were poor but on another finer day we could have 1 or 2 more goals as we had far more goal chances than them.

  15. As for Armagh, I think we need to double team Rian O’ Neill every time he gets the ball but Stephan Campbell won’t have the same impact as super sub against us as good enough and all as he is a s a footballer he’s not that pacey any more and we are very pacey in most positions. Jarlath Og Burns is a really fine footballer who will need watching as well but other teams have caught up to Armagh and I can see them slipping back in the pack as the league progresses. We also need to watch O’ Neill under the high ball and not sure who’s the man to do that, maybe Brickenden but he’ll need help any time his man secures the ball as O’ Neill is simply too good to leave things to chance. Harry might do well to get back in as a starter for this game but could come on if we have any trouble. McHugh will probably be replaced for this one to try and secure the 7 points and guaranteed survival but should get more chances in the remaining games as starter and sub.

  16. Thanks, 1989 – it’s one to think about all right, which we’ll do. I finally kicked the habit in January 1988, an era before the smoking room ever became a thing!

  17. Very curious to see team and subs if named today. Very surprised and excited, while not getting carried away, with the way many of the new guys performed last weekend, after being worried when the team was announced.
    Building a strong squad and great to have a bench that looks like it can make serious impact late on, something we badly lacked in the All-Ireland when Horan had little faith in the replacements.
    Very interesting to read that Keegan was the only starter on last Saturday’s team that started the 2017 final. And to think we won ! Some change management !

  18. Team has been named on the Mayo GAA website.
    Frank Irwin comes in for Paul Towey. Conor Loftus for Jack Carney, Fionn McDonagh for Brian Walsh, and Sam Callinan for Donncha McHugh.
    Bench includes Aido and Conor along with Paddy, Kevin McL, Fergal Boland and Brendan Harrison.

  19. Interesting James keeps name checking Mark Moran and David McBrien but neither have been involved to date, hope to see both line out soon.

    I hope Enda Hession isn’t injured again i see hes not named in the panel. Garrymore sent out a happy 21st birthday message on twitter , so hopefully James is just giving him the weekend off for some personal time.

    Best of Luck to Sam Callinan and Frank Irwin on their first league starts, two players who will have a big future with the Mayo Team.

  20. Looks like JH prioritising a strong bench this year which is great to see and long overdue, the amount of AI finals we have lost by having no impact from the bench! We can often be guilty on this forum of it too, getting far too worked up about starting xv as if its the be all and end all. your finishers are as important, 20 man game now so starting on the bench isnt the snub it once was

    As i said on other thread this is a match to be enjoyed not endured, 2 open exciting football teams who will be playing with shackles off and no pressure of relegation, should be a fun shootout.

    Looking forward to seeing callinan get a run, i believe he has ‘it’. Presumably frank irwin drops out to midfield area somehwere

  21. I think Kevin Mc and Aido will be very useful subs to bring on . I’d have preferred to see Carney again but Conor Loftus now more likely to be a half forward come championship so probably good to start him there in a game or 2. Sounds like Oisin fit to play, I’d have preferred Enda Hession if fit as we need Oisin flying and know he will perform at championship level so no need to risk him. However Callinan getting a call so young is a huge vote of confidence in his ability.
    Still a fairly strong team so looking forward to it.

  22. Good to see JH continue with his youth policy. A big game for the Ballina youngsters, especially Frank on what’s bound to be a tough weekend for him.

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