Freeman and Higgins both available for Dublin match

According to this report in the Mayo News, Alan Freeman and Keith Higgins are both available for selection for this Sunday’s crunch NFL Division One clash with Dublin at Croke Park (throw-in 2.30 pm).  The Aghamore attacker has recovered from the hand injury he suffered in our opening league match against Down last month and if he’s okay then I’d say there’s every chance we’ll see him in the starting fifteen for Sunday.  Keith Higgins has returned from Australia and will also be pushing for a starting place but we’ve a number of other options in the backs at the minute so it could well be that Keith may have to be content with a place on the bench for this one.

The same report says that Trevor Mortimer is also back from his travels but that he hasn’t, as yet, rejoined the squad.  Personally, I’d be more than a little surprised if James Horan were to call him into the league panel at this stage.

It appears that Maurice Deegan – he of the dodgy penalty decision against Kerry – will be the ref for Sunday’s game.  He definitely owes us one after that performance. I could have a rant about this but what’s the point?  We might just have ended up with Marty Duffy instead.

4 thoughts on “Freeman and Higgins both available for Dublin match

  1. Simple WJ. I bet Dublin will get all the 50/50 calls and we will get nowt. This has been going on for years and until Mayo stiffen up and say “enough is enough” we will get poor refereeing decisions because Mayo are seen as a county that will put up with it.
    Jack O Conner and the cuter managers keep the refs on their toes. So to does their county boards.

  2. Just back from a very enjoyable and funny parade in Kiltimagh – had to head for the “local” fairly quickly though due to a sudden shower of hailstones. We kept in line with tradition and had a few pints of the “blackstuff” – – followed down by a feed of bacon and cabbage and here I am now full steam ahead with my two fingers flying on the lap-top. Ontheroad I wish you wouldn’t be so negative and bitter all the time – try and see the glass half-full now and again. In fairness I believe you have contributed in a positive way to the Strategic Development Plan – maybe you might try and unburden yourself of some of that bitterness and negativity! ! I was in the minority last week in predicting Mayo would lose to Armagh and it looks like I will be very much in the minority again this week in predicting that Mayo will shade it against Dublin if James Horan picks the right team which should be along those lines: (1) Hennelly (2) Cunniffe (3) Feeney (4) Feeney (5) Higgins (6) Cafferkey (7) McLoughlin (8) McGarrity (9) Kilcullen (10) Cambell (11) Freeman (12) Dillon (13) Moran (14) O’Shea (15) Doherty. Yes – the spine of the team is still a cause for concern but at the end of the day you have to be pragmatic and make the best of the resources that are available. You can only “dance with the ladies that are in the hall.” You used to be fairly handy at the two-step yourself Ontheroad – – – isn’t that right? !

  3. A bit rough there Samuel Maguire! I think ‘ontheroad’ makes a reasonable enough point in saying that the Dubs in Croke Park tend to get any bit of softness thats going. It can be hard for a ref to give unpopular decisions agaist the Dubs what with with the hill screeching in his ear and all that.
    I hope your prediction is right – it would be a real pleasure as always to put a spanner in their works. However, I think we are a bit short yet.
    I do agree in giving James Kilcullen a run. From what I know he is a fairly tough individual – and goodness knows a bit of that never went astray.
    As regards seeing the glass as half full ….I was practicising like hell myself today…..but it took a good few before I got the hang of it.
    Slainte and here’s to batin the Dubs……now where is that half full glass until I empty it again!

  4. OK Diehard I’ll take your point there – maybe I was too hard on “ontheroad” – – I might have had the glass too full – – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt so – Slainte tu fein!

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