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I had intended to do this update a few days ago. But then all hell broke lose on that other matter (with the Indo still manfully doing their best, six days on, to keep that flame alight) so this issue, also a historical one but with involving considerably less blood on the carpet, had to take its place further back in the queue.

Q4 every year is the time when the results archive, and the work that’s still to be done on it, tends to rise up the Mayo GAA Blog to-do list. It’s a project that, all these years on from when I first began working on it, continues to be chipped away at. Most of the additions made to the archive have happened at this gathering-in time of year, when the here-and-now stuff has eased off. As it did for a few months … up until Saturday.

What I can unveil now is that I’ve spent the last number of weeks adding a further significant batch of U21 and minor championship results to the archive. So, as of now, all senior (league and championship), U21 and minor (championship) results, team details and scorers are available for each of the last thirty years – they’re all here. FBD results are also included back to 2000 but I don’t propose to go wading back through the 20th century on the pre-season side of things.

I’ve currently got an annual sub on the go with the Irish Newspaper Archives – a truly wonderful resource – so, as time permits over the coming weeks and months, I’m hopeful of making more progress in chasing down U21 and minor championship results further back. In fact, having waded through the barren lands of 1987 to 2000 (chronicling five more All-Ireland final defeats at underage level in the process) I’m quite looking forward to the next ten years I’ve got to do, containing as it does three All-Ireland wins at underage level.

On it goes, until it’s all done. I’ll go on.

15 thoughts on “Further expansion of the results archive

  1. Unlike Beckett’s character though, Willie Joe, your going on is yielding results ( in every sense of the word).

    Great addition to a wonderful resource, one that I constantly use.

    Happy Christmas to you and family.

  2. Good on you Willie Joe, that is not easy work. have done a few research projects over the years its draining going through all old material. Mind it can also be massively interesting! Happy Christmas to you sir.

  3. What a tremendous resource you’re providing for Mayo fans, Willie Joe. Like myself, you obviously love research! You can now rest happy over the Christmas season.

  4. Thank You for your excellent work all year. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and that 2017 is good to you all.

    2016 was a very enjoyable year as a Mayo Supporter even if we didn’t win the All Ireland. We had great days out in Cork, Castlebar, Ballybofey, Clones, Carrick, Roscommon, Tullamore, Sligo, Dublin etc Not forgetting Mayo Day in Ennis. It’s a pity after the great year it was that people are talking about an article written by a poor galway journalist who seems very envious of our success.

    Looking forward to starting the journey again in January.

  5. Dont know where you get the time. Great stuff.

    Time for us all to close ranks and pull together.

    25,000 in Mchale Park for our opening home league game. Dont worry about that poor Galway journalist. He has no time for Mayo.

  6. Thank you WJ for the archives and especially for 2016. All in all we had a great year one to remember and savour. Mayo Day in Ennis was magic. I will be watching it over the holidays. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our quest. May you and yours have a Happy and peaceful Christmas.

  7. Jim Twenty five thousand would be the way to go and a decent start to the new season. That would mean getting about 18 thousand tickets sold abd though the turnstiles or close to it.

  8. Haven’t posted in a while.. just wanted to thank you Willie Joe for this wonderful resource, to wish you and yours and everyone else on this site a Merry Christmas and that we all move onwards and upwards with renewed hope that 2017 will be our year

  9. Well done , willie Joe. Your dedication is a marvel.
    I have been doing a bit of tidying about the house recently and found the going slow as every old match program etc. had to be read before being put away so I can’t imagine getting through so much detail and getting it into publishable shape. I hope you can find a few hours for family time over the Christmas.
    In any case here’s wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

  10. Willie Joe, there is some amount of compiling and research gone into this archive. No easy task. Well done, absolutely terrific work

  11. WJ.

    We’ve archives and history because they tell the story of where we’ve been, We´re currently in the public eye because of where we are and We’ve all got opinions and views because we all know where we want to go.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing this excellent forum and to wish you and all the contributors a Very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful, Prosperous and All-Ireland winning 2017.

  12. Great reading. Thanks WJ.
    What jumps out I 2016 is how Diarmuid O’Connor was flying early in the year, then faded off the score lines and onto sub bench at times.
    Hopefully he is 100% all next year and we will be in a good place.
    Hennelly popping over 45’s and long distance frees for fun in the early matches this year is also interesting…..

  13. Two immediate points from the archive. How low scoring matches were pre 1994.
    How competitive Leitrim were over the decades.

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