GAA GO is a go

I know this link to GAA GO was posted already but it’s worth doing so again just to make sure that everyone who’s interested in subscribing to the service gets to do so ahead of Saturday.

To recap, the GAA GO streaming service is once again available this year to everyone living in Ireland as well as overseas, reflecting the reality that matches are again having to take place behind closed doors. This year over 60 League and Championship matches will be streamed live on it and our game against Down on Saturday is one of these.

Match passes for individual games are available and they cost €5 for League matches, with Championship games available for €8. The value option, however, is to buy a season pass, which, for just €25, gets you access to all of this year’s action on the platform.

I signed up earlier today and it’s a very straightforward process, especially if, like me, you’d subscribed last year too. The link for the sign-up page to the GAA GO service is here.

7 thoughts on “GAA GO is a go

  1. Ceist agam ort WJ: if you sign up, can you have it on more than one device?
    It sounds like good value

  2. I signed up last night. Unbelievable value and we don’t see that too often.

  3. Its incredible value for us at home , and its a great service for thr irish all over the world.

  4. It would be great if someone could answer Umpire’s question. Anyone from GAAGo on the forum?

  5. I used GAAGo abroad a few years ago so I presume it’s the same now. You could sign in on any device but only 1 device at a time. Sign out of one before you can use on another

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