Galway 0-16 Mayo 0-15: Tribesmen edge it in frantic finish

When Tommy Conroy fisted the ball over the bar with two minutes of normal time left it looked as if we were on our way to victory. We should have been too but we failed to seal the deal from there, with Galway converting three frees in injury time to snatch the win by a single point.

The home celebrations were, as you’d imagine, exuberant. They’d snaffled victory in a game where they’d struggled for long stages and, in doing so, completed a three-in-a-row of Connacht titles for the first time in forty years. It’s also the first time they’ve beaten us in a Nestor Cup decider since 2008.

As well as the destination of the silverware the outcome of today’s provincial final decides what group we’re both heading for in the All-Ireland Group Stage. We’ve now avoided the Group of Death but we’ve got Dublin to contend with instead.

We made one change in advance of throw-in this afternoon, with captain Paddy Durcan not making the 26 and Eoghan McLaughlin starting instead of him. For them, Shane Walsh didn’t line out and was replaced by Cathal Sweeney.

Colm Boyle said on the Final Whistle pod after the game that we had 66% possession in the first half. It certainly looked that way and we should really have been further ahead than two points, though, having said that, Damien Comer could have had the ball in the net twice at that stage.

The opening half was littered with errors by both teams, with the contest almost appearing more like a League game than a Connacht final. We got the game’s first score – a nice one from Matthew Ruane – and we were never in arrears before the break.

Trading scores was the order of the day. After our opener, Finnerty pointed a free for them and then after Comer’s goal chance, where Colm Reape made a brilliant double save, Ryan O’Donoghue knocked over a free for us. Then a point from Fergal Boland, shooting over from a central position, was answered in kind by Comer.

A Finnerty free, after David McBrien, struggling badly, once again fouled Comer, brought them level. Then Donnacha McHugh, finishing a move than began with a great Stephen Coen block at the other end, put us back in front. Tommy Conroy, turning and shooting under pressure, doubled our lead.

In our next attack both Aidan O’Shea and Jack Coyne were fouled in quick succession before Gough finally blew. Ryan popped over the free.

Finnerty hooked over a nice score from out on the right and then Ryan claimed and converted a mark before a Finnerty free left two between the teams at the break.

We definitely looked in the better position then. They’d already made two substitutions, we had way more of the ball … but more wides too, six to their solitary one.

Points from Comer and Heaney hauled them level soon after the restart. The game was starting to open up now and from then to the finish the scores kept coming at both ends.

Finnerty fisted over to edge them in front for the first time. But back we came, with a booming score from Jordan Flynn, followed by a second from Mattie after Galway ‘keeper Connor Gleeson was turned over out the field. He now looked a real liability for the Tribesmen but that narrative changed fairly fundamentally before the finish.

Ryan, from distance, smashed over a great score to put us two up. The same player stroked over a free, awarded after we’d got a ’45 when Eoghan McLaughlin appeared to have smashed his effort badly wide but which was adjudged to have got a deflection.

We were starting to look comfortable and Aidan O’Shea was called ashore, to be replaced by Cillian O’Connor. That decision was one we’d come to rue in the frantic finale, shorn as we were of height and heft in the middle of the field.

Back they came with four on the spin to go ahead once more. Walsh, who was introduced just before the break, got the final one of that quartet, as Galway sought to kick for home with less than ten minutes of normal time to go.

Then Cillian landed a monstrous effort, Walsh bagged his second for them and, after Tommy Conroy was fouled, Ryan converted the free. We had a real game on our hands now.

We got the next two scores and they looked like decisive ones. Mattie, after a clever, patient build-up, put us back in front and then Tommy fisted over. That really looked like a winning score.

But five minutes additional time were signalled and Gough, who didn’t seem interested in calling for fouls up until then, gave Galway three frees within range in injury time. Finnerty converted the first and Gleeson bagged the other two to snatch a sensational win for Galway.

This is one we’ll have huge regrets about. We had more than enough possession to win the game but our wastefulness – we kicked eight wides to their three and made far less use of the ball when we had it compared to what they did with it – left us vulnerable to their late, decisive charge.

And when that came, we wilted. Maybe not as badly as we did against Cork last year but, once again in the white heat of Championship, when the pressure came on we were found wanting.

That will sting, as will leaving Pearse Stadium this evening without the silverware. We’ve no time of introspection, of course – everything now shifts to the Cavan game in a fortnight’s time and all we can do is look ahead to that match.

It’s impossible to do so, however, without also reflecting on our shortcomings today and what these mean for us over the coming weeks.

Today’s loss leaves us wounded and it also means we’re lacking momentum at just the time of year when we really need it. We’ll find out soon enough over the next few games what the deeper impact of this loss will be for us.

Colm Reape; Jack Coyne, Rory Brickenden, Sam Callinan; Eoghan McLaughlin, David McBrien, Donnacha McHugh (0-1); Stephen Coen, Matthew Ruane (0-3); Jordan Flynn (0-1), Fergal Boland (0-1), Jack Carney; Aidan O’Shea, Tommy Conroy (0-2), Ryan O’Donoghue (0-6, four frees and a mark). Subs: Diarmuid O’Connor for Boland, Cillian O’Connor (0-1) for O’Shea, Enda Hession for Flynn, Conor Loftus for Coyne, Bob Tuohy for Carney.

Who was our MOTM against Galway? Pick your top three performers

  • Matthew Ruane (26%, 704 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (13%, 352 Votes)
  • Colm Reape (13%, 340 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Donoghue (11%, 302 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (8%, 208 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (6%, 158 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (6%, 151 Votes)
  • Jack Carney (4%, 99 Votes)
  • Sam Callinan (3%, 74 Votes)
  • Jack Coyne (2%, 47 Votes)
  • Eoghan McLaughlin (1%, 37 Votes)
  • David McBrien (1%, 29 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (1%, 26 Votes)
  • Bob Tuohy (1%, 25 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (1%, 25 Votes)
  • Rory Brickenden (1%, 23 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (1%, 20 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (1%, 18 Votes)
  • Enda Hession (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (1%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,315

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120 thoughts on “Galway 0-16 Mayo 0-15: Tribesmen edge it in frantic finish

  1. Sickened . Thought we actually played well throughout.
    Also Thought if it went to extra time we would have beaten them .
    Hard luck lads on a gigantic effort.
    Congratulations Galway,

  2. 71 minutes played 0-15 to 0-13 ahead lets call it like it was, game management was poor on and off the field to lose that game and Connacht title and lets not forget it was a Galway team that should have lost to Sligo and were lucky to avoid relegation from Div 1 this spring.

    Mayo new or newish players and management needed that Connacht title and it’s gone now. What’s needed now is to not have another tame Quarter final exit from the championship as the last two years. I don’t see that happening unless Mayo can top their group and chances of that happening with Dublin in the group? even the rossies will be love another crack at Mayo now.

  3. Correct Brian
    Nobody is beyond reproach
    Terrible decision by Ryan.
    That’s the game management that’s spoken of by other posters.

    If O Shea had done it the internet would be in meltdown

  4. Willie Joe, I am grateful for the match write-up and post-match podcast.
    It’s a downbeat feeling now but we need to lick our wounds. The podcast will help.
    Good luck for the trip back to Dublin.
    Thank you for the powerful work you and the lads have done to keep us informed and entertained in the lead-up to the Connacht Final.
    Blind hope is our only ally now for the next few weeks.
    All, when are our next games?

  5. Cheer up everybody ?We’ve avoided Derry and we’ll beat the Rossies and Cavan but will we beat Louth????

  6. Brian-ya bad decision by Ryan but if you take him out we are a very average team

  7. O Shea won the ball from the throw in. Didn’t see him on the ball again until the 14th minute. Always the same, plays where he wants to play and does what he wants to do. He has no impact on games. Amazed he was taken off though. Just a thought, how about playing some mobile players, Towey for example.

  8. I’m absolutely sick. Was always going to be close but really felt we had that within our grasp coming down the stretch. Lacked composure and leadership, so that’s a major disappointment.

    Although maybe the bigger issue is that it was close at all. Really should have been further in front. And then having said all that we had to scramble two off the line.

    A bitter pill to swallow but we don’t have much time to recover. One of the few positives for me was the form of Mattie Ruane. He looked back to something like his best today.

    Overall though, we’ve a site of work to do.

  9. Wouldn’t be harsh on Ryan O D he did what he thought was right in the moment I’m sure he’ll look back and realise his mistake he has been our most consistent player so far and got us over the line in most games.

    I’m sure Rossies will bouncing at the thought of revenge.. But sure aren’t they always!

    Not the end of the world but it was tough to loose it like that I’m sure the guys will be hurting more then any of us tonight.

    Onwards to the group stages I’m glad it’s cavan first and not the rossies anyway.

    We missed paddy durcan alot today great to see diarmuid o Connor back it’ll take a bit for him to get back to his full best..

    God help the mayo people living in Galway tonight! They celebrated like they won the all ireland if that had been us we would get slagged off for celebrating madly..!But fair play I suppose to them.

  10. Not sure what to make of that. To my eye, we dominated the ball, we had the game in our grasp & threw it away. Our attacking play at times is shambolic, players on the ball not even looking up….pretty clear they’re being to coached to recycle the ball at all times. That’s horrendous coaching. Compare some of Galways play in 1st half with hardly any ball. Paul Conroy ALWAYS looks for a direct ball to the inside men, he is always looking for it. Is it any wonder our forwards get no joy?

    To be honest, we don’t have the players anymore.. but there is more in them than what we saw at times today.

    Comer & Finnerty had acres of space in front of them. Could you imagine the damage they would have done if they even broke even at midfield?

  11. Don’t agree on the whole idea of avoiding a so called ” Group of Death” a win today would have added to the momentum and you can’t beat a bit of championship silverware

    Which is/was easier to do? Beating Derry at home or Dublin in neutral venue to top a group and avoid the 2nd v 3rd play off before All Ireland quarter final??

    Roscommon and Armagh (who should lose the Ulster final) are about the same level

    Cavan are probably better than Westmeath.

    A bad way to lose today to a big rival and will do well to bounce back from that disappointment to reach AI semi final at least to call this championship a success.

  12. For all the soft sh1te talk during the week of how it would be better off ending up in group 2, we are very likely looking at a last 12 game against one of Armagh/Derry/Galway, absolutely nothing soft about that.

    Today was a sickened. In many respects.

    Comer and Finnerty ran amuck, and yet we owned the ball for most of the game and led going into injury time. Was it 66% percent possession boyler mentioned ? That should be translating to a 5 or 6 point lead but we have no efficiency or guile in attack

    Stephen Coen was easily mayo motm for me. All the stick he gets he is generally the one guy you can trust in the bigger games

  13. He made a mistake going for goal but hard to fault Ryan overall, did his best and tried to take on as many shots as he could. Same with Tommy Conroy. Asked questions of the Galway defence and was fearless in trying to break the lines. Overall I was desperately disappointed walking out of Salthill. It’s not just the loss of the Nestor Cup but the manner of the defeat and the effect it will have on the rest of the campaign. I find it hard to see the team picking themselves up from this loss and making any sort of impact in the business end of the championship. We could have taken some serious momentum and brought it into a big game at home against Derry, which beforehand I would have been confident of winning. But instead we have to spin ourselves up against Cavan and Roscommon (who will only relish another chance to turn us over in the Hyde) and what will be a very tough outing against Dublin. We may well get over a preliminary QF but even then we will emerge battered and bruised into a quarter final with potentially the same outcome as last year. I find it disheartening that we had no answer to the Galway onslaught at the end and couldn’t manage to see out the game from a winning position. No goal-scoring threat and not a big enough spread of scorers in the forwards. Paddy Durcan was badly missed for his line-breaking and chipping in with one or two points. There are a lot of problems to solve and only weeks to solve them. Management have questions to answer also. Was it a good idea to replace Jack Coyne for Conor Loftus. Our defence looked in disarray at the end. Others have mentioned about Aidan O’Shea being taken off too early. I thought Flynn looked subdued throughout.

    What’s truly depressing is that the generational Mayo team is well and truly gone. No-one has stepped in to replace Keegan and Mullin. We are well outside the top-four and even a provincial title is a big ask for us in a three-contender province. Unless the younger players really step-up we have a fallow few years ahead of us

  14. Absolute bottle job.
    Our conversion was terrible. Galway, with limited possession, always looked dangerous when they went forward. Even aside from that, we were two points up with four minutes of injury time left and they scored 3 points in that time.
    Total lack of leadership. Some of the subs were bizarre. O’Shea was very good today and won a lot of ball played in quickly. Taking him off made zero sense. And I say that as someone who would be critical of him.
    That was our only chance of silverware. It’ll be a short few weeks ahead. Disgusted.

  15. Very disappointing loss but Galway deserved their win. Good move by Joyce to keep Walshe Maher and Tierney for the second half. All three were big contributors.our bench did not have a similar impact. Our usual failings came back to haunt us..Too loose on defence, too slow and lateral in attack,too many players weak and unwilling to shoot off their weak foot, Any county player should be able to score off either foot from 39 yards in good position.Towards the end of the game we went defensive to protect the lead and that does not seem to suit us In a situation like that you have to be very disciplined and not give scoreable frees. In the last play with time seemingly expired we were walking the ball upfield with no urgency and nobody stepping up until Cillian took on a difficult shot.we missed Aiden after he was taken this going to become a Rockford thing where certain players get taken off at the same time every game like Boyle in 2017. Our lockout stetegy was better and we did better on breaking ball but we did not do enough with big majority of possession

  16. Disappointed we came away without silverware today but it must be said David with whistle in hand today for the final 7 minutes was abysmal & cost us the game. I don’t blame referees at all because I am one, how and ever he really gave Galway every opportunity to get back into it today only 2 of the 5 frees he gave were frees in my view and it screamed home town ref to me. Hope Galway enjoy playing Derry & Tyrone ! Whilst we get back on the horse again . I really can’t blame us today I felt we played incredibly well as a unit.

  17. A few thoughts aliasing not seen it back.
    I think Joyce and the Galway management won it for them. The histrionics they engaged in during the second half around every decision was unreal. Did it play into Goughs subconscious in the last few minutes? Because I definitely feel there were 3 bad decisions that gave the three points. Soft enough foul on Comer l, but it probably was a foul after immediately a blatant should the back, a Galway player appeared to trip himself up and get a free, and I thought the last free was blown as soon as there was a contest for the ball. Will watch back and amend my thoughts after if I am wrong.
    I feel Comer was virtually unplayable at times. But it wasn’t until Walsh came in that someone could play of it.
    McLaughlin for Durkan definitely hugely impacted us. A fit Paddy would likely have kicked a couple of scores and got a couple more assist from the possession in space that McLaughlin got. Paddy is a different class though. Up there with Leroy for me.
    The lack of heads up football was unreal. There was one case in the first half where I think Callinan had the ball coming out to towards the 45 and Carney and Flynn I think we’re on the Galway 65, behind their with at least 30 yards in front of them. At this point one should have ran into the space to give an option. However both moved towards the ball carrier. But even if they had, the ball carrier never looked up. So even though for large parts of the game we were facing a deep defence, when we did have opportunities in space, we still played like it wasn’t there.
    Tommy is showing signs of getting back. I feel his pace is there but there were a couple of times when he had the opportunity to test his man that he didn’t trust himself.
    I thought Diarmuid did well and Cillian kicked one great score however I think the shape of the team changed for the worse when they came on. I think Diarmuid for Flynn instead may have worked better.
    I would still back us to give anyone a game and we should at least make the preliminaries with a home draw, however game plan is not working to go much further than a quarter

  18. No point in doing a postmortem on this one for too long – we lost, we made a fair few errors on the pitch and the sideline but we need to park it and learn from it. Our Defence and attack need surgery

    The championship is divided into 3 phases :
    1. provincial championships
    2. group stages
    3. all Ireland series (preliminary quarter finals to final)

    The first stage is over and we now need to focus fully on our group (the second phase). A poster above stated Armagh are the same level as Roscommon – I’d have Armagh ahead of them myself to be honest so I think we’re in the marginally easier group. We should finish second but only if we now regroup and focus. Losing was always a 40%+ probability today and so it has transpired. How we react now will tell us what we need to know about this team

  19. @Paul, it probably will be played in the Gaa neutral venue of Croke park, I bet we will hear the excuses, expected crowd, promotion of Gaelic games due to Leinster Rugby’s presence there yesterday, the usual excuses.

    There may be two games played there the same day in a double header, it won’t look as obvious then.

  20. @paul I’m hearing some dubs calling for Croker already I mean mayo do like playing in Croker but it would be very unfair for it to be played in Croker should be Limerick or somewhere else you’d hardly get a full Croker anyway for a round Robin.

  21. Not as bad a defeat for Mayo in my eyes as it will be for Galway sleep walking into a massive kick in the proverbial in their AI groups. I don’t see us winning Sam this year but I would actually be very worried for Galway. Derry will be out of sight by half time. We actually have a couple of games now to build upon without any hype. Although slim odds the Dublin game can either be a catalyst or the end of the line for us this season as can’t see AI won by county who doesn’t top their respective group(extra games, injuries etc.) If you can’t top your group are you actually good enough to be a contender. I don’t think the same is true of your province in Ulster or Connacht anymore!

  22. Joyce and the Galway management definitely won the battle today. Made big calls early on and throughout.

    Can someone please explain how we didn’t play a sweeper in front of Comer? How did the “most experienced management team” in the country not see that Comer was running the show?????

    That’s 5 Connaught championships lost by Rochford with Mayo. And lets be honest lads, Galway aren’t going to be winning the major honours anytime soon.

    Mcstay made the comment when he got the gig that Horan had done the rebuild, well I think they have completely dismantled it since. There is no defensive or attacking shape whatsoever. Galway should have had 2 goals and we didn’t look like scoring one.

    It’s simply not good enough. People can say that the players aren’t in the county to be all Ireland contenders. It’s a 50/50 argument. Look at what Derry and Donegal have done in a very short space of time.

    Doubt the county board will make any big calls though.

  23. Really makes you think whether tony mcentee was the mastermind behind mayos kicking game and incisive attack in 16 and 17. Rochford has continued the predictable lateral possession game he employed with donegal

  24. To Clare, who posted God help any Mayo people living in Galway tonight. I wonder who was the former Mayo player Anthony Finnerty supporting today ?

  25. Would love to see the stats on how often Jack Coyne was inside Galways 21. Would have been better placed as a sweeper infront of their ff line. He seemed to be going by the television in the forwards a lot. Thought we’d win handy at half time. Way too many players turning down point scoring opportunities. We’re to tied into a rigid system that just doesn’t suit us. The old saying t” To many cooks spoil the broth” comes to mind. P.s please explain (nothing personal or vindictive in this)how did Aiden get called ashore and Eoghan and Rory Brickenden stay on the pitch. Surely it was Cillian on for Jordan, pull out Aiden and Enda Hession on for McLoughlin and Swanny in for Rory as the 1st sub.

  26. The fact that there was absolutely no defensive cover in front of Comer is unbelievable at this level. Comer was in dreamland in the first half.
    Sadly we have seen this defensive set up by Mayo before. We were told lessons were learnt and wait until championship to see a new defensive structure. Sadly it was the same defensive shite again today and sadly it will be same defensive shite for the rest of the year.

  27. Very naive fouls conceded by sam callinan putting a hand over the shoulder when the galway forward was running into the arms of 2 defenders…did he give away 2 frees like that in the last 5 mins?

  28. Out thought again on the line. We never come up with anything new. The music died for me in 2021 to be honest along with a lot of supporters by the looks of it. That day we went out and played tge same way we always did as it got us that far, but we also expected the opposition to do the same.
    I was floored by how many thought we’d win today to be honest. Already people are jumping ahead to the Dublin game… roscommon and cavan are no push overs….
    Today was the ideal scenario for Galway. Very little expected of them… but they were at home, with good forwards playing a team they know exactly what to expect from.
    Why are the mayo fans so quiet? Because we know what’s coming….2 up in injury time and we make a balls of it.
    It’s grand tho, we will probably get Horan to come back after this and flog that horse for another few years.
    I remember a few on here calling for Jim McG to be approached a few years ago, and that that was scoffed at….

  29. Great analysis by Ciaran Whelan on Mayo’s forward play. I hope management takes note. Enda McGinley also spoke about us going one to one which has it’s merits but you need pace to do that and our backs were standing too far off their forwards.

  30. Just after seeing that last free for Galway on Tv , it should have been a free out, but game should have been won at that stage.

  31. I’ve come to believe that you don’t need to be a good footballer to play at a high level, you just need to be athletic and run all day. It’s incredible to believe that guys at that level can’t kick with both feet, so easy to defend against. You see kerry and Dublin players kicking comfortably with both feet and its so basic. We do the simple things so poorly.
    Shouldn’t have taken off oshea, he’s a our best ball winner by a mile and uses the ball very well, so many others run down blind alleys and end up getting turned over or over carrying. Should have given mcbrien a bit of help with comer, one of the best forwards in the game and destroyed us today, management are very poor that they can’t see that problem early and rectify it. We are miles off competing for Sam, miles….a connaught title wud have been nice today. Not to be however.

  32. We have nobody to blame but ourselves

    Making the same mistakes over and over again on and off the pitch .

    What’s the definition of insanity?

  33. Gough bad some mistakes for both sides , the last one against us was crucial of course but its not the reason we didnt see the game out , we invited them on , we lost our nerve , whatever way you want to describe it was terrible game management and it started by taking aido off imho

  34. @moose79. Anyone who didn’t watch the game would think we were thrashed by a division 4 team reading you. We lost by a point away to our main rivals who were right behind us in division 1. No shame in that. Is there a divine right to be in the top two teams in the country? Is a county with probably the 12th or 13th pick in country always being in the top 5 or 6 teams something to be ashamed of? But not as good as 2012-17, so let’s abandon them. Feck right offf

  35. Bandwagon. I often think the same about the Rochford era. Was it him or McEntee who came up with the idea of putting Aidan on Donaghy. If it was Rochford, strange he didn’t try to do anything about Comer today. Instead did the usual, Aidan off , Cillian on.
    Only 3 things to say about today.
    We blew it.
    We blew it.
    We blew it.

  36. @Brian

    And then McStay demanding a big “Mayo Roar” for the game today. You won’t hear to many people jumping up and down watching paint dry on a wall because that’s the equivalent of the way we play.

    As a county we criticised Horanball because there was no structure but at least we went at the opposition.

  37. Judging by how well McEntee is doing at Sligo you would think that yes, it was him that was running the show in 2016, 2017.

  38. I was annoyed at some of goughs decisions at the end but as others have said we should have had the game won by then we were by far the better team for the most part of it comer we should have had a sweeper in to mark him.

    You’ve got to admit comers first full game back in a while and he was the best player on the pitch.

    PJ praising the ref after as others said he was fuming for alot of the game at the ref good old PJ.

    I think we did have a bit of meltdown in the end but we missed a good few chances also should have been done and dusted after Tommy C got 2nd point lead.

    Hopefully the guys can pick themselves up and come again like we always do and I’m sure they will.. but it was a tough loss to take.

  39. Lots of ball won today but no pattern in our forward play once again today.
    The pattern of endless aimless hand passing donegal employed under Rockford very evident in us again unfortunately.
    Did we kick one long ball into full forward line all day? No wonder we have no goal threat.
    What happens at all the training sessions?
    Do they just play possession hand passing drills?

  40. I think Galway thoroughly deserved their win. What an absolutely brilliant save from Reape in 1st half and I have never ever seen that open goal in 2nd half for Galway that didn’t materialise.
    For me,Galway deserved to win. Few dodgy decisions by Gough at the end,but Gslway deserving winners.

  41. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. We no longer have a Mayo style of football. No discernable evidence of any improvement or plan since the Roscommon game. We have sold our soul to a defensive ponderous nonsense where first thought is to look backwards or laterally but do not under any circumstances kick a ball 40 or 50 meters in the direction of the opposition goal. No attacks down the middle or players running off the shoulder. No double teaming on Comer who was allowed the run of the pitch. Players afraid to shoot when in scoring positions. Crazy pot shots taken instead. Our transition on turnover ball too ponderous. Management too slow to make changes and when they do its usually the wrong call. AOS the fall guy again leaving no out ball for Reape at the end. He won a ton of ball inside in the first half but had no shooter to lay it off to. Management need to have a good look at themselves and their tactics. They are choking the life out of the players and the supporters. Let loose the dogs of war.

  42. Who else thinks we need to finish the game with Aidan O’Shea on the pitch because for me we seemed rudderless without him on the pitch today which is really worrying to be honest. He needs to be coming in after HT because he causes serious problems for the opposition and he doesn’t have 70+ minutes in him.

  43. So we finished the game with our two form players sitting on the bench. Aos and boland a man that could shoot from distance. Especially in the last 10 minutes when the space opened up. Did we not lose this one on the line

  44. @Our time has come. Let’s not forget Armagh was playing in Div 2 this year and were lucky to beat Div 3 Down last week. Armagh would have been played in neutral while now the rossies in the Hyde.

  45. Down who will be playing div 2 next year as will the rossies MO2023 and for what it’s worth our record in the Hyde is better than mchale park

  46. Not that it’s going to matter this summer but if our county board accepts Croke Park as a “neutral “ venue against the Dubs we may as well forget about it altogether.

  47. Facetheball. Agree100% and Mayo45 we were rudderless without Aido but I would only take him off if he started coming out the field. Galway would have to have 2 back to watch him so it would limit their attack. The only reason he comes out is they won’t let the ball in. According to Ciaran Whelan on the Sunday game Stephen Coen went in to the full forward line 11 times but contributed nothing there. He just circled in and out and if he had stayed in he would have got the ball and they showed it clearly. Obviously he was told to do that. A decoy but they certainly weren’t fooling the Galway defence. Management love to overthink things like Rochford did replacing David Clarke with Robert Hennelly in the All Ireland replay.

  48. You’re dead right KM79. No way should we agree to Croke Park. Let’s see if McStay sticks to his guns like he did with the Rossies a few years ago.

  49. A chill pill is needed by Mayo fans. We all know that PJ’s P45 is only a matter of time. He hasn’t got what’s required to bring a team of ducks to a pond on a wet day.

    Mayo will regroup and will still finish ahead of Galway.

    Looking at today, I believe it was a Rochford special!! I felt I was in watching Donegal imploded similar to a few years ago when he was in charge . A game plan is needed and a level of cuteness to close out the game.

  50. Just home after a few bevvies and some of the Galway players in Tuam tonight..
    Firstly I thought for a provincial final it was very exciting..
    Some of the comments claiming Gough was harsh on Mayo? Lads he made some horrific calls on both teams…
    I agree Mayo had more possession but we made more use up front… Our goal chances x 2 should have been buried, I don’t recall Mayo getting a sniff of a goal.
    Our bench was much more efficient than Mayos and these were the small differences in been the first county to get to 50 Connacht titles..

  51. Well the local media, all the Mayo pundits and supporters better be ready f they try to force us to Croke Park! I would have no faith whatsoever in the County Board insisting on a neutral venue. Last time (v Kildare) the County Chairman said most supporters would prefer travelling to Croke Park and there was no point in complaining!! Another thing from today – I didnt see one bit of improvement in the forwards play under this new coach.

  52. I for one would like to see us playing the McStay way, because this ain’t it. This is completely against his football ethos.

    Will we win anything playing like that? Perhaps not. But we might at least entertain.

    And we can categorically say that we aren’t winning anything playing this lateral rubbish.

    How many times did Paul Conroy play a quick direct ball into Comer & Finnerty? It caused chaos. A lot of our players don’t look up, or more accurately are told to play conversatively. It’s a simple game, stop overcomplicating it

  53. Very true Tuamstar
    Especially about the goal chances created (or lack of yet again for Mayo)
    Gough has been the best ref in my opinion for a number of years but had a dreadful game today. For both teams. I suppose like players , managers etc he can have a bad day.
    Mayo didn’t get the job done end of story and Galway did
    Enjoy the celebrations !!!!!

  54. Are they parading the nestor cup in eyre square tomorrow night , ive never seen a galway team as jubilant since the old knockout days with a nestor .

  55. Peter B – I’ve altered your handle (adding a B to it) as another (now ex-) contributor disgraced himself on here earlier posting some terrible, abusive scutter and I wouldn’t want you to be confused with him.

  56. At half time, I was confident that we would win. In truth, we should have been more in front at half time. Comer is a true leader and this will Galway great confidence.

    We mixed the good and the bad, 15 points ain’t bad, and there is time for structure for sure but we do not mix it up enough. We kicked 8 wides I believe but the reluctance to let it i more quickly makes us too predictable. Our backs struggled and really we should have had a plan B for Comer. I thought that our kick outs were better but still coughed up chanes at the end.

    I have no doubt that Cavan will be confident coming to Castlebar, in reality this is truly a must win game for us as we need to come 2nd in the group. We will need to throw some caution to the wind but it is always a challenge to bounce back from a provincial final defeat. Time for the management and the leaders within the playing group to step up.

  57. @Tuamstar tommy conroy nearly got in with a goal chance actually and Eoghan mc.

    Your goal chances by 2 as you say should have been buried but reape made an excellent save and we somehow managed to keep the 2nd out I think it was flynn who got back to it.

    Congrats on the win but we were by far the better team for most of it and should have it won long before the 45 minute we just can’t close out games it seems and had a meltdown at the end.

    And our bench had guys only coming back from injury like diarmuid o Connors first game in like 3 months.

    I also agree there is no way should settle for Croker if that’s what’s going to happen.

  58. Some great turnovers today , but unlike the days of old, instead of bursting up the field we slowed the game down until Galway got back into position.

    Management need to change their approach, this system just doesn’t work , it’s not playing to our strengths. How many times did we go down the left hand side, realise no one wanted to take the shot on with their weak foot and switch it back out.

    I must say , how Mayo have developed since last year is very disappointing, what has changed in reality since last year?

    I understand we don’t have the same quality of player we used to have , but we are so risk averse now going forward…it’s depressing to watch .

  59. Gizmobobs I think the tail is wagging the dog. McHale left the set up because he had a different ethos to the others & wasn’t being listened to. A man who soldiered with McStay for years. They always played attacking football, often to their detriment. But they were aligned.
    That’s just my opinion

  60. I might be old fashioned but where is the harm in having a shot rather than getting turned over OR being penalised for over carrying…I’ll shout & roar without much reason but I can see why fellow Mayo fans mightn’t buy into the plea for the “Mayo roar” if numerous lads opt out of shooting and pass the buck…shoot!
    “Green&Red” seems to be of the same opinion

  61. Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing. Hate losing; hate losing to Galway; hate losing a Connacht final.

    Should be ok by Tuesday – of next week.

  62. Mayo Focus. I think this is the McStay way from what I remember from Roscommon and it’s aided by Rochford who was picked by McStay knowing what he did with Donegal. Slow and ponderous and cautious like his analysis on RTE. I also remember him saying he would have Aido at full forward and get the ball in direct to him. None of that now. So he is the boss and it’s up to him to call the shots. And fair play to Liam McHale who left because he didn’t agree with the way McStay wanted to play.

  63. So many of the players cannot score when in ridiculously good positions.
    Coyne, Callinan, Mclaughlin all pulling out of having a go and ending up in no-mans land holding on to the ball; Carney not making any impact with his play.

    Would like to see hession & loftus getting a starting position soon.

  64. Mayo Focus interesting your point on McStay not having your team playing to his football ethos. Many in Galway have thrown the same stuff at PJ in that his own playing style was far different to the style his team plays with. Possibly more a reflection of the modern game where possession is king and risk is limited. On the game I thought we were patchy for the most part but efficient at critical times. Remember 4 or 5 key Galway lads had very little game time over the last 5 months and it showed at times tbh. Methinks we will get better as the talent is there. Very surprised O’Shea was taken off. He won 95% of ball in front of our rookie full back Sean Fitzgerald in the first half and was always trying to lay it off. Cannot ask for more as he did a lot right expected of a target man. Also I would be ripping if we had lost and had to play the neutral game against Dublin in HQ. Not only do the Mayo County board need to act but the Connacht Council need to voice their objection on this. I would expect similar if we had lost today.

  65. Being clever & thinking outside the box didn’t work out for Rochford Jr, Now as “Sticks for the reek” says; McHale didn’t agree with our dour game V Louth , Cork, 2nd half V Dublin and this years game v Tyrone and the 1st half today would certainly suggest McHale was right to disassociate himself from this safety first approach to shooting…the personnel are fine but they’re too scared to play off the cuff

  66. I’ve said it here on numerous occasions AOS gasses after 50 mins. When will they learn he needs put on after about 20-25 mins. Way more effective having him there to close out a game as a main target man. Terrible lateral forward play again today. Drive at your man or kick the ball in long. I’m actually happy we got Dublin, as if we can’t beat or compete with them then we simply are not good enough. I hope McStay give them all a roasting in the dressing room as that collapse was shockingly bad, aided by a referee or not. Not good enough simple as that.

  67. The Dublin game won’t be in Croker and they won’t want it there either. They will love a different venue and it won’t bother them because they know they will beat us anyway.

  68. 15 scores. Not enough. At least 20 required to win major games. Until that happens it’s mid ranking mediocrity I’m afraid. They may try and cast the net to find a few forwards in the Mayo diaspora.

  69. Clare … ye didn’t test Gleeson with any serious goal chances.. anyways I know you feel the need to question every post I put up.. whatever makes you feel better.
    Thanks, KM79..
    Sean Burke, I think it was the nature of the win which brought over exuberant celebrations…very like Peader Gardiner point back in the day…

  70. MayoRoosterman. The Mayo Roar will come back naturally,when the play on the field is exiting. This over and back stuff only puts the supporters to sleep. McStay said himself after the Roscommon match, he has to earn it. Well he hasn’t yet.

  71. Lads,a kick of the ball either way as it usually is between these two and was well expected and predicted. Yes, to let a lead slip in the manner we did is disappointing in the extreme but it’s doesn’t have to be season defining, because it’s not. We have a chance to regroup, reboot and go again. Management need to study this game big time in the next few days and realize that they made a fair few bad calls and rectify them pronto. Especially to do with player positioning and substitutions.
    We won’t be challenging for the bigger silverware now,we don’t have a team to do it,but let’s at least get a tune out of what we have and enjoy the journey as long nas it lasts.

  72. The reality is that we are better off now having lost the Connaught Final by just one point as we are in a better group… Roscommon even though we beat them are just like us the same group. Teams always learn more from defeats. I would much more prefer to play Cavan ( who are a serious Team to be given full respect) than play Derry.

    Think this way if you were to place a 100 euro bet on Mayo to beat Cavan in McHale Park or have the other choice is to back Galway V Derry in Salthill which would you pick

    Also I would not be too bothered about beating Dublin when it doesn’t matter . The time to beat them is when it is knockout

  73. McStay you are the manager! So stand up and manage. You are the boss so dictate. We can do better than this.
    So let us see your style while you still can. Its now or never.

  74. Does anyone know the fixtures and dates for Mayo now.

    Just wondering where we might play Dublin and surely every venue outside of Croke Park and Cork
    would be too small?

  75. Just in the door, a good night in Tuam indeed… Delighted with the win, agreed some soft frees to Galway towards the end but I thought Gough was mixed for both teams throughout. Keeping Conroy and ROD to 4 scores from play really helped our cause.

    Where to here for both teams? We did well to stay in the game today and hopefully momentum will help us against Derry but I’d worry about that one… but thats a story for another day. For Mayo, they are still well alive in this years Championship, a win against Cavan and a winnable game in the Hyde and they are back on the road again.

    All the best for the rest of the year.

  76. Ah no there’s loads of places that could take Mayo v Dublin in the groups, Semple Stadium, Gaelic Grounds…it won’t have the aura of a straight knockout game

  77. Having Mayo v Dublin in Semple Stadium or The Gaelic Grounds would be a mouthwatering prospect.
    Two of the biggest fan bases in the country, Dublin will travel and take over one of the ends, the atmosphere will be just fantastic. Just need a ticket now!

  78. Usual nonsense I read here pre match. KM saying Sam would mark Walsh out of it as normal. As normal? I’ve never seen that before and it certainly didn’t happen today. Where did that idea come from?

    Another clown saying there was no pace in the Galway team? What is Walsh, Comer, Heaney etc? Complete and utter over confident nonsense that have screwed us since day dot and screwed us again

    We won the possession stakes by a mile and reape deserves credit in that. The fact that we lost the game, with all that extra possession is an absolute embarrassment. Is this a joke or something? Winning the possession stakes 70% and somehow losing the game? Zero goal chances to their two? How?

    That’s not on management, that’s on players. If Galway’s had competent management atal we’d have been beaten out the gate

  79. Just on Shane Walsh. He is one of the most skilfully gifted footballers to ever play the game.
    He plays the game with a style that is simply a joy to watch.

  80. @Shaney concidering the amount of times Mayo has played Dublin is a Neutral Venue in big Match’s going back the last 12 year’s that was always Dublin’s defacto home venue.. Croke Park, why not concider Dublin playing Mayo in McHale Park?…or Dr Hyde Park.. preferably McHale Park.. regardless.. when was the last time a big match that a Connacht Venue actually played host to a BIG game at at Neutral Venue..I think myself we have to go back to 2001 when Galway played Roscommon in an All Ireland quarter final..36K attendance.. McHale Park is bigger and better today.. anyway Congratulations to Galway today.. best of luck to them in the upcoming round robin.
    Hope to meet them again in Croke Park in 2024.
    which would be a real Neutral Venue for both Galway and Mayo..

  81. I posted here a few weeks ago giving out about the keep ball at the end against roscommon. As I said then that’s what cost us against cork. We’ll we are not learning anything. We went 2 up and went at it again. Invited them on and paid the price. Flynn should have been called ashore at half time. Boland should have been left on because as the game opens up he s good from 40 yards. Aos should not have been taken off. Miles off it on the line. Joyce didn’t hang about with his changes. Numerous players not willing to take on the shot. Brought on doc and he clearly needs game time but not in a battle like today. We had the winning of it but negative tactics cost us.

  82. Lads, the neutral game will definitely not be in Croker. Relax and take a minute. ,2 tough battles ahead before the Dubs.

  83. Desperately disappointed with the result. Such small margins. Joyce won the sideline battle because Galway won. McStay had won the sideline battle after 70 minutes because we were in front. Despite Mayo being slightly more dominant Galway had 2 outstanding goal chances. We didn’t have any unless you say Ryan’s effort to chip the goalie counts. I thought Mayo played the more front foot football and took greater risks but because we lost it now seems the wrong tactic. I rate Gough highly but the free against Tommy was extremely harsh and the last one was surely a foul on Loftus. I don’t want to whinge too much or I will sound like Joyce. What’s most disappointing was that this was our only chance of silverware as we are not near the heavy hitters. As I said before we are well behind the top three and on a par with 5 or 6 other teams. I would genuinely be concerned about our chances in group stages. This is a horrible defeat for us to overcome and facing a well rested and extremely competitive Cavan who took out Monaghan and took Tyrone to extra time is a big task. I remember us struggling to beat Fermanagh and Derry in 2016 and 2017 after losing in Connacht. No chance of beating Dublin and another match v Ross is not too appealing on this Monday morning. The great team we had is well gone and we are just an ok side. We did a lot of good things yesterday but the result is everything and we lost that

  84. I’m not despondent after yesterday. Beaten by an outstanding free kick following a bad refereeing decision. Two of my footballing Galway friends said it was a terrible decision by Gough. Otherwise we were the better team until Walsh was introduced and even afterwards. I remember last summer when McStay and company called Aido ashore, we almost lost that one. Yesterday they did it again and we did lose. We need to learn from our mistakes.
    But on we go in two weeks. The season is not over by a long shot. Best wishes to management and squad for the business end of the season.

  85. I have to disagree that we’re not kicking ball into our forwards. Aidan won 4 or 5 balls and laid it off where eventually ryan scored at the end of the move. I think our biggest issue is our naviety – going one on one against galway forwards. No harm trying for the 1st 20 mins but have the cop on to put a sweeper back if it’s not working. Galway must not have believed that mayo were affording comer and finnerty 40 yards of space on front of them.

    I also think we have to admit that galway have better forwards than us and realistically have a better chance of going deeper into the championship – comer walsh finnerty heaney Tierney are all top class forwards. And we have to stop saying our players are coming back from injury and need time. Comer only came on vs sligo and was motm today. Diarmuid was anonymous and incorrectly brought on. People praised cillian for his point (v quiet otherwise) but we lost a kickout winner in aidan by replacing him.

    Lastly well done donnach mchugh excellent game.

  86. Post match comments by mc stay,

    “It’s something we wanted to do as a group. It would have left us having won a lot of the stuff that’s on offer to us, if we could have won the Connacht Championship, just this group over the last 18 months or so, but it wasn’t to be.”

    It’s pretty clear he’s admitting a Connacht title was our sole chance of silverware.

  87. @Brian

    You have to remember we have a county board chairman who gave them 4 years. Any logical chairman would have said a max 3 years with a review for a potential 4th, and review every year to track performance. But no not in Mayo.

    Kerry ran Peter Keane after getting to an AI final and semi final. Our CB chairman certainly won’t do that. The only hope we have is that McStay himself decides to leave. But my genuine fear then is that it’s just handed to Rochford.

  88. Very hard to watch football. Always looks better on telly because you dont see the I am questioning why I put myself through the expense.Galway deserved it today as we just waste opportunities. No point having possession if we do nothing with it. I think the talent is there but there seemed to be no structure or leadership today. And really they should all be leaders. I think management have to take responsibility. I don’t mind if we lose if is a good game to watch. We played better football in the league last year.

  89. The worst thing about it is that we are zero fun to watch anymore . All slow lateral passing. I’d rather we have a right cut at teams for what’s rest of our summer than a death by a thousand hand passes

  90. @Tuamstar I don’t question every post I put up I give an opinion. I said fair play and congrats to you did I not? And the decision at the end by gough for the free was ridiculous even ciaran whealan said it on the Sunday game after that gough was harsh on Tommy C.

    Tommy C always gets fouled cause if the opposition doesn’t he’s gone should have a free out.

    And if mayo had celebrated the way ye did like that we would have been accused of “no all Irelands are won in may”

    Anyway onwards and upwards 2 weeks to dust ourselves down and get ready for cavan if we can somehow manage to pull off a surprise and beat the dubs we can still top the group I wouldn’t put it passed us to go and loose connacht and then come out with a reaction to beat the dubs..

    Anyway only a kick of the ball really yesterday just still a sickening result really!

  91. Don’t know why people are talking about the Dublin game.
    Will we ever learn. If we don’t improve considerably then both Cavan and Ros could beat us. Won’t matter a dam then where the Dublin game is fixed for. Cavan have the style of play that we are unable to breakdown. They will sit back like Louth last year and hit us on the break.
    I can see it now – and the crowd in McHale Park getting more and more frustrated with Mayo hand passing the ball all day going nowhere. Reality is our team is closer to the level of Cavan and Ros than Dublin.

  92. Honestly think this is no harm.Season starts now and we can go forward.Some of our forwards overrated as they just hang on to posession.
    Its a worry though that we have to work so hard for scores.

  93. I definitely think we will struggle in the group from here on. The manner of that loss yesterday was disgraceful and worse, we are playing ugly, cautious, boring football. We are barely playing to win, just hold possession and lateral, ponderous stuff. You’d really have to question the influence of Rochford on how we are playing because honestly we are playing the same putrid stuff Donegal were playing when he was with them.

  94. We lost the game for many reasons mentioned above but surely this lateral football is to blame. But no matter we will do it again and again and again. Mayo deserve to lose with this pure rubbish. Players are not allowed to open up and go for it – so what – just try it once and see what happens.

    A few posters mentioned 2016-17. I firmly believe the playing group could have performed to the level they did without any management – they were that good. Sorry but this management team has let the county down. For all the doubters Aiden has delivered again. Groundhog day – once again.

  95. I was surprised Aidan went off as he was causing problems, hard to dispossess but perhaps he was tired maybe better to introduce him at HT. Lot of lads on Mayo team not taking shots on, same to a lesser degree with Galway. TheGalwayU20 against Sligo kicked points from all angles, is it coached out of them for dreary possession based senior. Mayo will need to regroup as Cavan and Roscommon will battle. I can’t see ye beating the Dubs though unless they have a bad off day. Better for us to have a crack at Derry as Dubs would beat us too.

  96. The terms “Learnings” and “lessons” popping up alot again.

    Agree though we are still in the equation, we have the personnel to compete with anyone on their day. It has been pointed out before we have essentially the same team available that got us to the AIF in 2021, less Keegan.

    Our defensive naevity is again a concern, not willing to play a sweeper gifting opponents the luxury of hitting their main outlet time after time, and not providing cover to our men marking key opponents must be very draining for our lads.

    Attacking wise it’s hard to make out what plan is. But if we were to lose Ryan like Cavan have Lynch we would be in serious bother.

  97. I thought Padraic Joyce’s celebrations were a bit over exuberant . I thought he was very ungracious in defeat on the 2 occasions Mayo beat them last year and very ungracious in victory yesterday

  98. I thought Padraic Joyce’s celebrations were a bit over exuberant . I thought he was very ungracious in defeat on the 2 occasions Mayo beat them last year and very ungracious in victory yesterday
    I doubt you would see Jim Gavin, Jack O Connor, Jim McGuinness or Mickey Harte jumping up and down or celebrating in such a manner

  99. @Belmay agree 100% he couldn’t just say hard luck mayo had to take a swipe at us you can have sore loosers and sore winners to and PJ is both.

  100. One poster on he concluded that Stephen Coen would be his choice for man of the match. Fair enough every contributor is entitled to there opinion but I would appreciate if that poster could explain their reasons for selecting him as their man of match. For example what contributions they felt he made during the game that would mark him out as the Mayo Man of the Match , I would really appreciate their feedback or others feedback on this

  101. Hi Clare I missed the Swipe he gave to Mayo what did he say. The Mayo Management should ‘Bank’ his co.ment and reaction I know other cou ty managers would a d have used that type of thing as future motivation

  102. @Belmay he goes articles about how mayo have beaten us the last few times and nothing about the opposition having not won a connacht in a couple of years.

    Just thought it was quite a petty remark!

  103. I was at the match yesterday and was really puzzled by a lot of the refereeing decisions ( where can I get a copy of the rule book ?). I watched a full replay last night and on balance I think the referee gave both teams some dubious frees equally. However, as the saying goes – “two wrongs don’t make a right “. All in all I think the match was poorly refereed. Perhaps if I understood the rules fully my opinion would change, therefore I’m serious about getting my hands on a copy of the rule book. Being a Mayoman living in Galway it’s hard to take a defeat like that.

    On another point I have an observation on the mark – I think it’s detrimental taking a mark out the field when the possibility of taking a score isn’t on. All this does if give the opposition a chance to regroup. This was evident yesterday when Jack Carney indicated a mark and then decided to continue with play, only to be called back. Eamon FitzMaurice thought this should have been a hop ball (again rule book please!). Only take a mark when you have an opportunity of a score otherwise continue with play as you are in position of the ball.

  104. I got the interview , never mention Msyo once never said hard luck or they will still have a part to play as would be typical of what other managers would say , just a ‘Snide comment about the opposition not winning connacht titles’ which I guess was a direct swipe at Rochford in particular but also McStay this commented should be ‘Banked’ let Padraic zkoyce look after his own affairs not Mayo

  105. All top managers carry a chip on their shoulder and use this as motivation. There is still plenty of room for the “us against them” siege mentality. And if any county could find reasons to develop this mentality its Mayo. It all seems to be too nice with McStay and this Mayo team – we won’t upset anyone and be nice boys on and off the field.
    F#£% that – nice boys win nothing

  106. @Three Swallows: The ‘full’ rules can be found –

    For the playing rules (rather than the more admin/setup stuff) of football, you’re looking for the latter half of the Official Guide Part 2. Can take a while to get used to reading them, so don’t be afraid to post questions from time to time (there aren’t many that pay a close eye to them, but the handful that do are as pedantic as myself and tend to go in fairly deep) if you hit any walls there. There’s a couple of refs frequent posters here so I’m sure they’d be happy to help improve understanding on various rules.

    Anything ‘wrong’ yesterday was on how an event was viewed (the push on Ruane looked blatant to me but depending on David’s angle might have looked ok, or the Tommy/Maher one looked like Tommy just got there first and Maher went down to pick it late but again an element of subjectivity to it) rather than anything particular to the rules. Stuff like the hop ball for Galway on the wrong position, bringing play back for a substitution or bringing the 45 forward for dissent (all of which heavily queried by Galway fans/sideline) were perfectly by the book, just open to a level of interpretation where he could have let one slide type of thing.

  107. TsuDhoNim, thanks for that.

    One question – what power/input does the linesman have ? For example if he thought it was a push on MR and that TC’s tackle was ok could he have influenced the ref to overturn his decisions ?

  108. It’s a very precarious Time for mayo football right now. Let nobody say we don’t have the players. They have already been in two finals. What new talent has this management team found this year. I didn’t see anyone new coming off the bench. It’s a big few weeks ahead. When was the last Time mcbrien actually lined out at 3. We all want mayo to succeed on here I have taken a few swipe s at this management set up in the last few months. I think posters on here are beginning to see what’s I see. Take a look up north to donegal.. what a difference a new manager has made. I’ll leave it at that. Positive s from yesterday. Ruane. Conroy and I think coen has a decent game too.

  109. I was sitting just behind the sideline where Padraig Joyce was situated and the abuse he gave to the linesman and occasionally to David Gough was shocking. He should have been banished long before the end of the game..

  110. @ThreeSwallows: Haha, that one is a can of worms for sure. Hopefully one of our resident refs might take a run at that one for us.

    TL;DR: Yeah, they could.

    In practice: I’ve never seen one go that far in my ~30 odd years watching.

    Technically it’s covered under 3.1 (v) –
    “The Lines Umpires shall bring to the attention of the Referee, during a break in play, any instances of foul play, in particular rough or dangerous play, striking, hitting, or kicking, or unauthorised incursions onto the field of play or other infraction of Rule by a team official, which have not been noticed by the referee. They may also, if requested by the Referee, assist in determining the validity of a score.”

    The variance between “any instances of foul play” and the “in particular” for the more violent acts tends to cause line umpires in practice not to overly ‘reref’ decisions and potentially clash with the referee who had let it go, even when they might have a much clearer view of an infraction. I can only think of a few softer ‘fouls’ (anything less than a black or red offence) I’ve ever seen called by the line umpire (hate that term), and never one I can remember where a team had gone on to score before the next break in play.

    We tend to see officials fall back to 1.1 (iv) “To consult, on a needs basis, with a Line Umpire or Score Umpire(s) – where neutral – in order to establish matters of fact” in 99% of cases to avoid those potential issues, with the ref initiating the contact in the majority of cases.

  111. One thing is certain about yesterday, if replays still existed that last free would not have been given and it would be back to Castlebar next weekend!

  112. Gough was probably in a hurry home to see himself on TV. Extra time and Salthill traffic might leave him late.

  113. At least both teams fought it out until the final whistle, The Connacht Championship is still alive..Sligo almot beat well ..Neither side could have complained if it went to extra time yesterday too much..Ulster is very good two games having gone to extra time . Leinster and Munster , less said the better. The last time Croke Park was full for a Leinster match..was, was let me think?..on Saturday last ..But it was for Leinster Rugby or is it Rugger? .Led by a Mayo man…The last time Dublin didnt win the Delaney Cup was when it was presented to the Meath captain in 2010 following a Try scored in the last minute by Joe Sherdian. Considering that David Gough comes from the same County that allows Trys scored as a way to win a Leinster Final I have to conclude that he is an terrific referee {not perfect though}. Just thinking to myself wouldnt McHale Park be a wonderfull venue for the Galway v Donegal/Armagh match?

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