Galway 0-17 Mayo 3-23: rousing restart win over the neighbours

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I’ll freely admit I had no idea what to expect today. Seven months since we last played a competitive game, sending out an experimental team to face a Galway side full of unfamiliar names. It was a hard one to call – I wonder did anyone guess our fifteen-point winning margin correctly?

We never really got going at all in the spring. But right from the throw-in today we went pedal to the metal and we were out the gate and over the hills by half-time. What a stunning first half that was.

It was mildly surprising that we started with the team we’d named on Friday night. But that was good, as it showed that James was willing to back what was largely a young team. They repaid his faith in spades today, with debutant Mark Moran in particular putting in an eye-catching display, notching 1-2 and picking up the TG4 Man of the Match award.

Conor Loftus was another man who enjoyed a profitable afternoon and he got us going within thirty seconds of the start, letting fly from distance to grab the lead. It was a lead we’d never lose from then to the finish.

Sean Andy O Ceallaigh had his big paws all over Aidan O’Shea – that continued for the whole game, incredibly he was never booked for these repeated fouls – and Cillian O’Connor pointed the resultant free. He popped over another one soon after as we established an important bridgehead early on.

Galway suffered a major blow then. Damien Comer had started in place of Michael Daly but he hobbled from the field with no more than three minutes played. It looked like hamstring trouble and if it is then, in light of the condensed season, that could be his year over.

Silke blazed over, with the goal at his mercy, to open Galway’s account. We had a sort-of goal chance ourselves just after, Cillian lofting his handpass in a bit too high and Aidan could do no more than paw it over the bar.

A rapid downfield move – already we were showing so much zip and energy to our play – ended with Mark Moran firing over. Two minutes later the Westport man found the net, Cillian feeding him superbly and he slipped the ball beyond the ‘keeper.

Galway enjoyed a small revival after that. Two points from Conroy, bookending a Finnerty free, cancelled out the goal but Mark Moran then swung over a peach of a score to keep us ticking over.

O’Donnell, on for Duane who hobbled off with what looked like another muscle injury, pointed for them but we got the final score before the water break. Stephen Coen did very well to claim the forward mark and he then proceeded to knock it over.

A Cillian free soon after the resumption stretched our lead to six. Conroy then boomed over an effort that the umpire on the near post immediately flagged wide, only for his companion to flag as a score. Maurice Deegan had a chat with the two umpires and the score attempt was chalked down as a wide.

The scores did, though, keep coming in rapid succession. Tommy Conroy, shooting under pressure, put us seven clear. Another Finnerty free for them was followed by a second point from Conor Loftus, this one after claiming a forward mark.

Finnerty was once more unerring from the dead-ball, after Eoghan McLaughlin had clattered into one of their lads. Eoghan protested that he’d gone in with the shoulder, which he had, but he’d connected with the Galway player’s back.

We then cut them clean open, Oisin Mullin – what a talent this lad is – speeding forward, offloading to Aidan who fed Paddy Durcan. Paddy’s shot was low and hard, rattling the net to shoot us nine clear.

Sean Andy then got into another tangle with Aidan, Deegan spotted what was happening from half a pitch length away and Cillian tapped over the resultant free.

We were rampant now. Before the half-time whistle blew we added six more points without reply, in a mesmerising spell that saw us go in at the break a yawning sixteen points to the good.

Sean Andy’s jersey-grabbing paws were once again responsible for the first of these, as he hauled back the in-rushing Tommy Conroy. Cillian converted the free.

Aidan, from a super pass from Paddy, knocked over the next and Cillian got one from play after that. He got the next one too, brother Diarmuid picking him out with a pinpoint pass from a sideline ball, Cillian swivelling to fire over.

From a humour point of view, the next score we got was the pick of the bunch. Sean Andy found himself under severe pressure from Aidan – not a comfortable place for any player to find himself in, in all fairness – and this caused him to foul the ball on the ground.  Cillian had no trouble with the free.

Tommy Conroy got our final point of this remarkable half, in which we’d posted a score of 2-17, but Cillian missed a chance to add one more to that tally, when he tried his luck with a free off his left and it came up short.

After that blistering first period, it was always going to be a more raggedy second half. Galway, already well beaten, were only playing for pride now, while we were obviously going to take the opportunity to give players on the bench a look at the action. We had, though, to keep an eye on the points-difference side of things as we knew this could have a bearing on final table placings this day week.

We traded scores on the resumption. McDaid for them. Conroy for us. Cillian, yet another free after O’Donnell grabbed hold of a fistful of Mark Moran’s jersey. Finnerty off his left from play for them.

We made our first switch ten minutes into the half, with Fionn McDonagh coming off to be replaced by Bryan Walsh. A Varley point for them was responded to by Cillian’s tenth score (his eighth from a free), which was also our twentieth of the day.

Our next score put the icing on the cake. Mark Moran’s ball into Conor Loftus was superbly judged but it still left Conor with plenty to do. The Crossmolina man did it all, though, dodging round the ‘keeper, evading the flailing Galway backline and slipping the ball to the net.

That left us sixteen clear at the second water break. Cillian and Diarmuid left the pitch at that stage, Darren Coen and Ryan O’Donoghue joining what was now a fairly pedestrian contest.

Galway scored four more in that final quarter, we bagged three – Aidan and two from Paddy completing our tally – as we closed out a win by fifteen points.

While it’s always good fun to hammer the neighbours, this is a result we need to box away quickly and focus on the next challenge. Galway, in retrospect, went with too much experimentation from the off, did nothing when their ‘keeper kept kicking the ball out to us and were helpless to stop the game careering away from them. If we meet them in the Connacht final this year – a place there is a given for them but not for us, with Roscommon to get past first – they’ll be a very different proposition.

But it was good fun and we can be more than happy with our afternoon’s work today. Our Division One survival isn’t yet guaranteed but our fate remains in our own hands going into next weekend, as it has done so often in the League in the past. Put simply, we need to beat Tyrone to be sure of staying up.

It was also very encouraging to see the young guns play so well today. David McBrien did okay against a tough opponent in Paul Conroy while fellow first-timer Mark Moran enjoyed a dream debut. Oisin Mullin was excellent, Eoghan McLaughlin did well and so too did Tommy Conroy.

Conor Loftus, for long a player who seemed to have lost his way at this level, looked reborn today. His 1-2 contribution to the win will do his confidence the world of good.

So that’s Galway sorted, for now at least. Now it’s a home match with Tyrone back at MacHale Park next Sunday where we hope we can complete yet another top tier great escape.

And isn’t it great to be lost in all this talk about football – and only football – for a few hours? Maybe that was the biggest win for all of us today. That and hosing Galway.

Mayo: David Clarke; Oisin Mullin, David McBrien, Lee Keegan; Paddy Durcan (1-2), Stephen Coen (0-1, mark), Eoghan McLaughlin; Matthew Ruane, Conor Loftus (1-2, one point a mark); Fionn McDonagh, Mark Moran (1-2), Diarmuid O’Connor; Tommy Conroy (0-3), Aidan O’Shea (0-3), Cillian O’Connor (0-10, eight frees). Subs: Bryan Walsh for McDonagh, Padraig O’Hora for McBrien, Darren Coen for Cillian O’Connor, Ryan O’Donoghue for Diarmuid O’Connor, Jordan Flynn for Ruane.            

Who was our Man of the Match against Galway? Pick your top three performers

  • Mark Moran (35%, 652 Votes)
  • Oisin Mullin (21%, 393 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (11%, 207 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (9%, 162 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (8%, 148 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (7%, 123 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (3%, 49 Votes)
  • Eoghan McLaughlin (2%, 41 Votes)
  • David McBrien (1%, 16 Votes)
  • David Clarke (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Matthew Ruane (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (0%, 8 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (0%, 7 Votes)
  • Padraig O'Hora (0%, 7 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 7 Votes)
  • Darren Coen (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Fionn McDonagh (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Donooghue (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Bryan Walsh (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,030

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67 thoughts on “Galway 0-17 Mayo 3-23: rousing restart win over the neighbours

  1. Well that was great!! Best half of football we have played in years and the movement & support play in that first half was class. The newcomers were excellent. Good to have Cillian back. Well done all.

  2. Great performance. Still things to work on…we conceded a high score also and at times looked open at back but what a first half performance and leave AOS inside. Always nice to remind Galway we can put them to the sword…during the Rochford years he never managed to beat Galway and they had the psychological advantage so good to see normal service resume with Horan and long may it continue.

  3. The state of play:

    Beat Tyrone and we’re safe
    Draw and we need Meath to defeat Monaghan
    Lose and it’s Division 2 next year for sure…

  4. Great win for us. Mark Moran looks like a baller. What about Robert Finnerty isn’t he the cut of the father (Anthony from Moygownagh) probably a better player already he looks the real deal but great to see we have discovered a few forwards ourselves

  5. “And when it came to the breaking ball at midfield, Mayo were like the lad outside the Blue Thunder with the curry chips at quarter to three in the morning. They were ravenous and didn’t care who saw it”. The peerless Keith Duggan, just a few minutes ago.

  6. Well that was embarrassing to say the least from a Galway point of view.
    I said it before the hiatus that people were getting carried away with how we were playing. Today reinforces that in a big way.
    We were beaten up a stick all over the pitch. No aggression or intensity. Tackling non existent.
    Allowing Mayo backs saunter up the field to set up scores untracked. It had to be seen to be believed.
    Yes we were missing players (as were Mayo) but that’s simply no excuse at all.
    We have no defensive or kickout strategy and that was clear to see today. Our goalkeepers failings were exposed badly (not the first time but this was the first time on live tv!).
    Our tackling and tracking of deep runners was abysmal.
    Gleeson will be dropped after today for sure.
    We have problems all over the field tho.
    Walsh and Sean Kelly will come back in. Flynn, Varley, O Donnell will start. Possibly Mulkerrin also.
    Comer who knows – that injury could rule him out going forward. Same with Steede.
    That’s probably it.
    I don’t hold out any hope for the championship after this.

    None of the above is to take away from Mayos performance today. They were exceptional.
    First half in particular.

  7. Massively encouraging to see so many young forwards stake their claim today. Mark Moran deserved MOTM but Tommy Conroy and Conor Loftus had their best days yet in the Green and Red. Conroy in particular nearly had a Ciaran McDonald-style goal only for he hit it straight at the keeper! AOS outstanding as ever and not a man to let a disappointing county-final get the better of him. I thought the Galway forwards were finally getting to grips with the game in the 2nd quarter but a shocking midfield and defensive performance sunk the entire ship and they were well beaten by half time.

    Should we survive for another year in Division 1 this campaign will be seen as a successful one having blooded so many young players. Its always a fine-line to walk with Division 1 being so competitive and compact.

    Great to get one -up on the neighbours but unless we do the business next week it will have all been for nothing. But no reason we cant beat Tyrone at home

  8. Galway man my thoughts exactly..
    Padraig was taught a lot of lessons today by JH.
    We were a total shambles.. One thing I thought Mayo were flying it and it showed that Horan had worked in conjunction with the club managers in Mayo.
    We were so heavy legged. Moran looks a baller but no one laid a glove on him from Galways point of view..

  9. I’ve been telling other Galway lads for the last 3 years to watch out for Oisin Mullin.
    I’m not too far away from his neck of the woods.
    A serious baller.

  10. I know a few of the galway lads on that team today. I know they’ve been doing very heavy training past 2/3 wks. Galway cant afford both Comer and Walsh out. They make the team tick.

    Galway looked like team that didnt really care about the result. Mayo needed the win. Neither defence laid much hands on attackers. Galway still mounted a sizeable score which Horan wont be too happy with.

  11. What on earth is any team doing heavy training for at this time of year with knockout Championship matches starting in a fortnight? If that’s what they’re doing they need their heads tested.

  12. Very impressive performance by Mayo today . I watched it on TG4 & the biggest thing I took from the Game was, Ciaran McDonald’s influence , on the forwards . Ciaran was a brilliant player & he is a brilliant coach aswell . It was a very good decision to bring him in as part of the Backroom Team . Galway were poor particularly in the first half , but Mayo were brilliant . Mayo are very serious All Ireland Contenders. Best of luck Against Tyrone next weekend . It looks This year’s Championship is between , Cork, Dublin, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Mayo . Most likely A Dublin V Mayo Final .

  13. Really enjoyed that I must say. The pace and energy all over the pitch was infectious (if you’ll pardon that remark). Great passing game too with balls delivered in early to the forwards, who didn’t hesitate. Mullin, Maclaughlin, Matty, Paddy all did real damage with lung busting runs that spelled trouble for Galway every time. Aidan and Cillian did mighty work – I thought Cillian looked really sharp, great passing, defensive work, free-taking. And, I’m not forgetting Mark Moran – I’ve rarely seen a newbie so assured on the ball.

    Some caveats. Kickouts gifted Galway at least four points. Why not give Rory Byrne a shot in the second half when the game was won? But if our kickouts were iffy, Galway’s were a class apart. It was hard to keep track of the Mayo scores for a five or seven minute spell late in the first half, and their keeper was at the heart of it all. Our defence too will need to look at some of those Galway attacks and ask serious questions. Also, I thought Darren Coen looked rusty when he came on.

    Galway didn’t have to win today, and were missing quite a few. We did have to win and it showed

  14. Great win today.
    Donegal also did us a big favor.
    At least we have staying up now firmly in our own hands.
    Beat Tyrone and we stay in Div. 1

  15. We finally have a number of talented players coming through at once. Mark Moran, Oisin Mullin and Tommy Comroy all unreal today. Will mean little to nothing if we can’t back it up next Sunday. Isn’t it great to be talking about live football for once

  16. Carriage Dubh, Donegal would have done us a bigger favour if they lost! They would be on 5 and have to go to Kerry next week.

  17. Great win talk about hitting the ground running! Mayo are at championship pace already, I watched loads of games this weekend and no other side are close to Horans men fitness and conditioning right now.

    Galway are now back to where they were when before Kevin Walsh arrived. Easy to beat and score against. Regardless of what players PJ will have available for the Connacht final he hasn’t got a clue on how organise a defence.

    Mayo I have no doubt will beat Tyrone whom looked poor today against Donegal who didn’t need to play at their best to win and seems like they will have a few players suspended and look lost without Colm Cavanagh, Cathal McShane.

  18. Game was over at half time in reality. Mayo played with great pace and most importantly workrate. I was seriously impressed with Mark Moran, looks made for this level and I had never heard of him before . From a Galway point of view, lots to work on and I thought we would lose but not like that, I wouldn’t underestimate the Moycullen thing and secondly the u20s still involved, it meant fellas not match fit were thrown in and that backfired badly, I think ye have a great chance this year and the team that played today could really open up in Croker, Connacht could be the tricky part!! Anyway best of luck

  19. Great win today but it is still only 2 league points.i see the galway v dublin game is on tg4 next sunday so we will have to do with mid west radio. I thought mayo v tyrone would be on tg4 as it is a winner take all match.This match needs to be boxed away quickly and get ready for more of the same against tyrone.MAYO were tuned in perfectly for today .hopefully the gaa season can continue despite the corona

  20. Dont know who said Galway were doing heavy training Willie joe but that’s not my point..
    I noted that James said in his post match interview that he had met and worked with club managers in Mayo at the start of club championship so I presume they were all singing of the same hymn sheet fitness wise. Out side of club its 9 months since inter county so James brilliantly worked with the clubs in getting his players to the levels they were at today..
    Galway on the opposite looked like they have been sitting on their arses since March.

  21. Great teamwork from all the lads.
    Dont think any of us expected a fab Sunday afternoon like this, forgetting the world we live in for an hr or 2. BLISS. NORMAL.
    Thanks guys!!

  22. I’m trying my best to find some negatives to stop me from getting carried away as usual but tbh I’m buzzing after that.

    Was worried when I seen the friendly lineups we had v donegal a few weeks ago that Horan was sticking with same same old and felt we needed to mix it up with more newbies

    Boy, did the newbies deliver today.
    Mark Moran defo motm and gives us something completely different at no 11,reminded me of Brian mcguigan.
    Closely followed by oisin mullin, this boy is a serious talent, he will end his career with a hatful of allstars.
    Also gave Tommy conroy a nod in the motm voting too. Great to see club form rewarded.

    Everyone played well really, all individual battles won.

    As for galway…
    Before the game I don’t think pj would have been too bothered about losing the state of that performance will surely leave scars.
    They have a major problem with their goalie, I was almost feeling sorry for the lad. He is a massive massive weak link in both his distribution and general play.
    Their defenders are relatively mediocre too.

    Big game on cbar next week, donegal dispatched Tyrone comfortably

  23. …. Also big shout out to mayo for some of the hairstyles on display today, mullets and man buns all the way :-p

  24. If the Tyrone game isn’t on Tg4 or, is there a chance GAAGO will cover it ?

  25. That was more like it to-day. Great to see Cillian making good contributions in open play and as reliable as ever with the frees – it’s not as easy as it looks sometimes. The only fly in the ointment is the form of Diarmuid. Where was he today? I just hope he is fully recovered from his past injuries. He is now one of our senior players and, make no mistakes, we need him must more influential when the heat comes on in a few weeks time.

  26. With all the knockmore lads and a few ballagh lads + the well seasoned lads we have no reason to be afraid of meeting anyone galway talk about there under 20s and lads injured their under 20s were lucky to beat us on penalties which if we had our shooting boots on an evening you wouldn’t put a dog out we could have bet them with a few points to spare we have pleanty of young talent which make for exciting times God i love this county

  27. Serious performance but knowing Mayo luck the Championship will get cancelled tomorrow!

  28. _ Mayo fairly galloped away with that, Galway had no answer today to Horan’s trademark of hard running and hard tackling.
    – Exactly WJ how in the hell would Galway be in heavy training, it’s not as if the championship is months away.
    – Grear to have COC back as means we have no messing around with the frees and he put in a few nice passes as well.
    – I thought Moran might struggle a bit physically today but he didn’t because it was not a physical match. Conroy picked up.plenty of ball and Loftus can thread some passes, Mullins very good going forward, Aido once again led by example and Paddy is just becoming one of our most important players.
    – Two very valuable points and a large scoring deficit wiped out and Galway bet makes this a good day
    – Beat Tyrone now and we are safe, they looked bearable kept in the game by a dodgy penalty and a few soft frees from a Mayo ref.
    – Our full back line have to get way tighter as were caught out a number of times today. Ruane needs to get rid of the ball much faster or shoot for a score himself as carrying the ball into a Tyrone scrum next weekend will not do. DOC will have to make an impact next week, very quiet today. Eoghan Mcl will have to tidy up his tackling as the Tyrone players will feign catastrophic injury with the least touch.
    – There is no guarantee that Monaghan will beat Meath so Monaghan could be the other team to drop.
    – Finally thanks to all involved today for playing and officiating…..much appreciated

  29. Very impressed with the newer players today, truth be told. Some of the older fella certainly have no first dibs on Jersey from here on out.
    As Olive and others point out, DOC was not at his finest today and Matty Ruane has had better outings. It could also be that teams know more about those and how to counter them, hence why the newer blood shone, but shine they did.
    How Seán Andy didn’t get a yellow for the persistent fouling I’ll never know, but Maurice didn’t issue many cards today, I think only the one, which is a rare game.
    Aido was very good up front abs provides a great outlet.
    I think we could really have scores more truth be told but look, beating Galway by 15 isn’t a bad day out no matter how many they were missing or how many of ours were debutants.

  30. If connaught championship does plough on I’d be seriously cautious of the Rossies….they look in mighty shape and went to Armagh yesterday evening and with all the verbals which come at ya with the nordies(which was audible on tv) they stood tall and looked very tough and convincing. Galway may not be not even be a worry for us yet. However we looked savage today and the hunger and drive was visible all over the park!! The young and old(er) players are gelling well and there a cohesiveness there that could prove to be a game breaker. Please let it all go ahead for the coming weeks and I know that a selfish ask but it would mean so much to us all.

  31. Just over a year ago we lost to Dublin. My opinion on that game was, once vaughan went off, we just didn’t have enough athletes to deal with them. From today’s performance that doesn’t look like it will a problem again

    A lot of young lads and their form will probably go up and down. There may not be a clifford like star there but the depth of quality very much suggests we’ll continue to compete at the business end for the foreseeable future.

    Mullins and Moran were excellent today but there’ll be bigger challenges. Mullins looks like a starter but Moran mightn’t quite be there yet. IMO there’ll definitely be teams that don’t quite suit him playing against yet. Tyrone next week will give us a better idea

    Was a nice comfortable debut for mcbrien. I don’t think he did much wrong. He probably would have learnt more had comer stayed on the pitch but the other side of that is a roasting might have destroyed his confidence. He’s definitely the future but I think this year is probably a bit too soon for him.

  32. I think most realise that was a shocking performance by Galway and will hold up on judging our lads till at least next week . Tyrone will be a massive test , if we pass that test and get a way around the swarm then we could start to think we have a right good chance of beating both ros and Galway . If we see the likes of young Moran tap over a few scores next week , it really would be massive boost . There were times today actually most of the game , Galway defence looked non existent, they were diabolical , Tyrone will be such a contrast to that open not a glove on ya type stuff .

  33. Hard to know where to start with that! The people who said it was a dummy team got their answer! Loftus in midfield worked a treat. Only worry is that the cat is out of the bag now. Teams will probably try and target him on kickouts. Great to see Cillian back close to his best. When he’s on song we’ll be competitive with anyone. I won’t hype up the young lads after one game, with the exception of Oisín Mullin. He’s the real deal.

    If I had to pick out negatives, McDonagh and Diarmuid were very quiet. With Kevin McLoughlin back next weekend, one of them will probably lose their place.

    Hopefully the season isn’t scuppered after today!

  34. Absolutely delighted for Tommy Conroy today. I know some people from The Neale and they’re rightly very proud of him. He looks as strong as a horse, goes direct every single time. A brilliant forward whos confidence is growing.

    Bonus for them today getting one over on the border neighbours!

  35. Also want to tip my hat to Stephen coen. He’s very quietly grown to be a important member of the squad. With everyone fit he might just be the lad who misses out but when is everyone fit

  36. Some of the young Mayo lads looked very quick I was surprised how slow we were at times or are the Mayo lads Moran etc exceptionally quick?. The goalie situation is beyond me I know ye have cribbed here on Mayo goalies but its hard to believe that young fellow is best goalie in Galway or did he have an awful day? Sean Andy isnt a number 3 but young lad at 2 did well given the circumstances. Finnerty stand out for me and gives me hope. Mayo need to forget this completely as Roscommon are well capable of winning Connaght this year. Just shows you cant take Walsh, Comer out but we could be without them if it goes ahead. Congrats to Mayo ye have found young players to build for the future.

  37. Shouldn’t we feel so honoured(cough cough) that Pat Spillane thinks we are a marvellous team. Such a dose!! Nobody cares Pat in Mayo here…..we will remember all the shitty things you said down through the years each and almost every Sunday over the last few summers though

  38. Great result today. I for one certainly didn’t see it coming so congrats to both Mgt and players on that performance. Great to see new faces doing so well especially the younger guys. hopefully this can continue next weekend and we survive div 1 relegation.

  39. Oisin Mullin…how do we hold on to him!? Mayo GAA or whoever has their hands on the wheel need to make sure he stays in Ireland. If he was from Kerry or Dub that ‘Australia thing’ would have been knocked on its head by now.

    When interviewed, I think on a blog here pre-Covid, James Horan was asked about Mullin and his response at the time didnt fill me with confidence. All he could say was that Mullin would be part of the Mayo senior football panel for 2020.

    We need more than than. It was bad enough losing Hanley. A gigantic loss. If Oisin goes it would be a loss of similar proportions.

    You would hope Andy Moran, Ciaran Mc, Lee, Aido would be advising him. He has a chance to be part of team over the coming years to try to end the famine. What else could top that!??

  40. Just a few thoughts from the day- appreciate the fair comments from our Galway guests, this game meant more to Mayo, and will not mean anything if we meet in a Connacht final but you are providing fair and valid assessments of the match. Out guests add to the quality of the discussion.

    As most have said, Tyrone will be a different challenge, win that and we can go to Carrick in good shape. We need different options and today has provided some potential but steeper hurdles lie ahead. It would be disappointing to go down now as we have given ourselves a chance, so this is a big test from a mindset perspective.

    We have games coming up one after the other, can see changes for next week and then more again for Carrick. Win that and onto the Hyde, the Rossies are well capable of winning Connacht again and look likely to get back to Div 1 so will be in flying form to knock us out again, looking any further ahead is being premature.

  41. Great to win and some great performances but Galway were terrible. We HAD to win and they may be still in ‘pre-season’ mode with a few weeks to go. Mark looked very good but I’m sure he wouldn’t have it as good on John Small. We’ve some good athletes now with McLoughlin, Mullin, Paddy. Oisin Mullin is a serious footballer – looks a different level. We cannot let him be the next Hanley story. We have to make sure he has all he wants in Ireland. He looks like he could be the man to step in for Zippy over next few years

  42. Catcol Donegal winning was best result for us as it means a win against Tyrone guarantees safety otherwise we would need other results to go our way. Great performance from mayo and nice to see the new guys stepping up to the plate. Need to keep the feet on the ground and follow this up with the same intensity and desire for the Tyrone game and whatever championship games we involved in. As regards oisin Mullin your right galwayman he’s a serious baller and a great young man and I’m from his neck of woods.

  43. With all the games coming thick and fast it’s good to see that our panel is as strong as it is when you look at today’s bunch.
    Bear in mind that we trimmed Galway by I believe the greatest margin, without the use of Harrison, Barrett, Boyle, Vaughan, Seamie, Tom, Jason and Kevin McLoughlin.
    Noting that Harry and Jason are unlikely to be fit to play, that’s still quite a number of very experienced players not to have used and still run up what GAA stats reported earlier on Twitter as our highest in the League since scoring 7-13 against Laois in 1949, and our third highest ever score in the League.

    And yes, the negative Nellies will have to point out Galway were missing players yadda yadda yadda. So were we, and you can only play what’s in front of you.

  44. A great performance today but no need to get too carried away. When we win we are world beaters when we lose we are the worst in the world. Galway were beyond brutal but in fairness we were excellent especially in first half. Not out of the woods yet and Tyrone will be as difficult as usual Anyway well done to JH and the team As previously our county footballers give us all a great lift. Would have said on Friday that matches should not go ahead but have changed my mind after some good games over the week end Stay safe Maigh Eo abu

  45. Thanks Willie joe we won’t get anything easy in roscommon I think we should beat Tyrone next day change team around a little save a new gems for championship no point in letting Tyrone rough them up send in the veteran’s who are battle hardened and can grind out a win

  46. Living here in Melbourne and closely follow AFL. I know that Essendon and Geelong were right into Mullin pre Covid. But I would be very surprised if he ends up over here now, certainly in the next couple of years. AFL clubs are all taking major haircuts on funding and the days of bringing Irish lads across could well be over for a couple of years at least. By then he will be 23 and that’s is considered very old to bring across a “project player” from Ireland who could take 2 years to get to the level required in AFL. In any case, Australia is completely locked down to outside people and will be for a long time to come I’d say. There’s loads of Australian citizens that can’t even get back into the country for months now.
    Very possible, likely even, than Covid has caused Oisin Mullin to stay with Mayo GAA instead of AFL.
    Loved Mark Morans game today. Reminded me of Alan dillon with his composure on the ball. Conroy also looks like a real prototype modern intercounty forward, athletic, fast and an eye for goal.

  47. Wasn’t a perfect performance despite the great scoreline but the most encouraging thing was the performance of new or almost new players who seemed to have no fear at all having a real cut at the game from the off. Conroy even taking on guys down risky channels and backing his pace, that pace is something we could really use. Similarly MacLoughlin and Mullin flyers. Fergal Boland will struggle to get back in with Conor Loftus also having one of his best games. The Galway movement for kickouts was pretty bad and I pity that goalie, a lot of the time he hadn’t much to aim at and when he went short we applied plenty of pressure. That said a few he just gave to us on a plate. Paddy Durcan also had a stormer today, a real leader in the team now. I never expected Sean Andy to get such a pasting, he one of the few full backs you would think with the physique to Mark Aido but turns out not, and ref also missed a blatant penalty foul on Aido late in the game.
    One weak point is still a lack of a left footed free taker for those awkward ones and Kevin Mc may be asked to take it on again. One thing I really liked was kick passes into the forwards usually worked. I like many didn’t foresee Loftus really playing midfield but it worked, don’t see it as a long term tactic. Another plus is the level of panic Aido caused, with good ball going in this could be a real weapon. The future is bright again on the Mayo Seniors front. Hope the guys back this up with any kind of win against Tyrone.

  48. Wow, that was fun today. Love the play of Mullin and Conroy. Future’s bright there for sure.

    Not gonna lie — heart jumped into my throat when Aido went a$$ over tea kettle near the end with the game long over. Pictures look great so all’s we’ll that ends well! Tough break for Comer — feel bad for any player who’s persevered to get back (like Jason) only to have another setback so soon after the return.

  49. That was a real tonic yesterday. A great lift for any mayo sports fan. I’ll try not to do too much smiling at work in Galway in the coming week.

    One thing that has me anxious already about next weekend is the league table.

    Monaghan know that a win for them against the winless Meath ensures their Div 1 status. That means Tyrone must win in Castlebar to ensure they stay in the division.

    Harte will have noted our slick play yesterday and I’m thinking he will be sending out his team with a declaration of war. One way or the other it’s going to be a tough tough encounter.

    On the same note we also know we must win, well I think a draw would see us survive with our scoring difference but who wants a nail biter ? We’ve had enough of them over the past few years.

    One thing is for sure. Hoping we do not pick up any injuries at the weekend this game should be a great prep for the championship assuming it goes ahead.

    Anyway, Yesterday was a brilliant performance and the baton is back in our own hands.

  50. I’d have to echo some of the comments above regarding Oisin Mullin. Without being over dramatic, Mullin has the potential to be one of our best ever players. (He has the full skillset). It’s the calibre of player like him and Tommy Conroy that we need to win All Irelands, pacey, fast, athletic and skilful players. We can’t lose him to Aussie rules, that would be a travesty for Mayo Football. In the last decade, we’ve been so close to getting to the promised land, who knows, a certain man from Ballaghadereen who went to Australia could have been the difference? At the time he went without a whimper, how big a loss he would prove to be. It can’t happen again.
    As Mayonaze says above, I hope characters like Horan, McDonald and players like Leeroy and Aidan are putting the arm around him and telling him that he has a huge future in Mayo Football. The lure of Australia must be huge for any young player, but Mullin needs to keep in mind that very few make it out there, in fact you could probably count on one hand the amount of ‘Irish Project’ players who have been a success. If it was me, the lure of winning an All Ireland for the team and County I love would be much greater than any professional AFL Contract.

    Regarding yesterday’s game, we need to box away this result very quickly and move on to Tyrone who we also need to beat. This will be no easy feat, the last time they came to Castlebar they done a demolition job on us. Our lads will need to be focused for this one. Galway were not at the races at all, they’ll be a different animal come Championship, possibly still one of the favourites for the All Ireland. Joyce will use the manner of this defeat to motivate his players for the championship. There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded Maroon, we need to keep this in mind IF we meet them in the Championship.

  51. I did a team player by player preview before the match. One big new addition was lots of elite pace, not just quick but “oh shit what just happened” quick.
    But, pace is one thing you need a few experienced conductors upfront, which was Aidan and Cillian.
    Slight concern, three players we wanted to see consistency from we didn’t see consistency, Matthew Ruane, Fionn McDonagh and Diarmuid.
    Matthew Ruane doesn’t have the power to break through the tackles he’s taking the ball into.
    He needs to lay the ball off.
    When you have a big collective of elite pace you are a long way to winning most field sports.

  52. @Larry Duff, interesting insight there.

    @winterchampiscoming…exactly on Mullin. You’ve hit the nail on the head. And you’re right, Galway will be very dangerous. Someone posted last night that galway are now ‘easy to beat’. I was shaking my head in disbelief at such naivety. Joyce will have those lads fired up next month.
    For what it’s worth, Galway are 11/1 still on Paddy Power to win the All Ireland. Mayo are 14/1. I know those figures aren’t solely constructed on a team’s chances but for the most part, they are.

    Yesterdays game was like a fast paced challenge match. End to end stuff, no crowded defences and hardly a hand laid on a forward. Of course it was promising to see our new lads have positive performances. Encouraging for sure but, there was zero ‘do or die’ in Galway. Therefore it’s almost impossible to use it as an accurate barometer for where they are heading into Championship.

  53. Tyrone received 2 red cards yesterday.

    Does anyone know will they be without these 2 players next weekend ?

  54. @Pk.

    Not to pick on you, but this nonsense of ” under Rochford we never happened to beat Galway ” has to stop.

    Under Rochford we lost 2 all Ireland’s by a single point one after a replay, playing the best football we ever played.

    We beat Galway last year, fair enough but what happened after that ?

    Rochford deserves plenty of respect for what he achieved with mayo and not this nonsense of he never managed to beat Galway.

  55. Saw a few posts saying that all we have to do is win against Tyrone and we’re safe … but I don’t think so and can someone please confirm. I reckon that if we & Monaghan win next Sunday then both of us will be on 7 points and the head to head result will decide who goes down, we lost to Monaghan so therefore we go down with Meath … is this correct?.

    Great performance yesterday, a pleasure to watch the old enemy being put to the sword.

  56. If we beat Tyrone on Sunday we’re definitely safe, Martin. Meath are gone, we’re on five points and Tyrone are on six. If we beat them we’re ahead of them regardless of how Monaghan (also on five) get on against Meath. It’s completely in our own hands.

  57. @WJ.
    That corrects my earlier post. Thought both Tyrone and ourselves were on 5 but Tyrone are on 6 so a draw not much good unless Meath best Monaghan. Not completely out of the question as Meath put in a fair performance against the Dubs this weekend. Anyhow. The mentality has to be to go out and win our own game.

  58. I must say the “glow” of that performance yesterday makes this pisser of a day in MAYO & all the other stuff that’s going on ,a lot more bearable. Like most posters here I was really impressed with the performance of the newer lads. I could just imagine K.mac instilling confidence into the likes of Mark & Tommy to express themselves, like Tommy with the nutmeg and both teasing defenders before scoring. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if they didn’t start the next day, maybe a few Knockmore lads just to keep Harte guessing .Really important to follow it up now & box the league away before champo.

  59. I also want to echo Revellino regarding Rochford.

    Stephen Rocford did a tremendous job with Mayo and as such a young manager. In my opinion he was very harshly treated by the county board.

    Rochford had Mayo playing outstanding in both All Irelsnds in 16 and 17 and we were cruelly unlucky the 1st day in ’16. I would be delighted to see him manage Mayo again. I’ll put it another way. I think it would he travesty if he isnt managing Mayo in the next 5-8 years.

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