Galway FBD League review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E2

It turns out that penalty shootouts in Gaelic football are like buses – you wait forever for one to come along and then two arrive together. And so it was yesterday at Tuam Stadium where, just seven days after the novelty of seeing a spot-kick tie-breaker against Leitrim in Carrick-on-Shannon, a late, late goal by Galway forced Mayo into a second pre-season shootout. This time it was one we were destined to lose.

The Mayo News football podcast was at Tuam yesterday to capture this latest bit of January drama from the Mayo team. Host Rob Murphy is joined for the match by Mayo News columnist Sean Rice and afterwards Rob gets Nigel Reape’s analysis of the game. We also hear post-match thoughts from Colm Boyle and James Horan.

The focus then switches to the Club Stars event that took place in Westport on Saturday night, where Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News speaks with special guest, Tipp hurling legend Nicky English. Ger also catches up at the event with award winners Diarmuid O’Connor, David Drake, Rob Hennelly and Nóirín Moran of Westport.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right-hand side.   

51 thoughts on “Galway FBD League review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E2

  1. Great crowd at the match, unbelievable for Jan. FBD game. I wouldn’t worry too much about the result either – more preparation, and there won’t be a kick of a ball between the sides come summer. Mayo are bedding nice footballers into full forward line – as I said previously, that’s where you need the quality.

  2. Side issue I know, but haven’t seen a comment on the new jerseys seen on the team for the first time last week. Personally I think they look a bit putrid and miserable (or maybe its just the time of year?)

  3. KL – agree completely. Hate the white, hate the green, hate the back (we look like Fermanagh or Meath). ‘Designers’ have taken over and gone mad.

  4. Agree on the jersey…too much green and. Or enough red..from the distance we look all green.

    That said we have many more issues and matters to be worrying about other than the jersey design.

  5. Haven’t seen the new kit in action yet on account of being based abroad, but have never been a big fan of the red and black change strip, always feels like I’m watching Down.

    Was back in Mayo for Christmas and couldn’t get over what people get charged for sports gear there- no wonder Sports Direct and the online retailers are cleaning up.

  6. Thanks for the laugh, yew. The white collar was the brainchild of someone who’s never worked up a sweat competing!

  7. Ah now Not Half Fast…it sounds like one of Danny Healey Ray’s observation of those who don’t eat meat. Maybe our team have become vegan… feckit!! Anyone who doesn’t eat meat hasn’t done a decent days work!
    You know what… any jersey looks good when you’re winning. Bring on the league. Welcome back to the madness in Mayo. Long may it last.

  8. Great Podcast WJ well done to all involved. Nicky was one of the greats and at his best in 1989. Six times an All Star and always a gentleman. Really looking forward to the to the new season which is finally almost upon us.

  9. Just wondering what poster think of 3 hand pass rule. I’m it does nothing to eliminate blanket defence. Also if the final hand pass in a sequence goes in to a player in the corner, he now has to kick and is likely to be turned over, in fact contributed to the high numbers of turnovers against Mayo.
    Players will have to be able to create a chance out around the forty and have a pot when the chance arrises. A wide is better than a turnovers. In this respect I am beginning to like Reape the more I see of him. Even though he balooned one ball in the first half, he did have the sense to see a chance had opened up for him and was brave enough to have a go. Beats moving the ball on to player in worse position and eventual turnover

  10. Anyone got an update on Tom Parsons progress from injury?
    Wondering what kind of recovery schedule he is on and if his recovery is going well and according to plan?
    would be great to see him play some part in 2019 in the summer

  11. I listened to Kieran Donaghy on Newstalk yesterday evening and he bigged up Tyrone as the team best able to match Dublin. Then I read this on RTÉ and he names all but Mayo…..hopefully sticks in the care of Horan and players…..

    “It’s up to ourselves and the likes of Galway. Monaghan, Tyrone, Donegal to try and find figure out a way to win an All-Ireland.”


  13. Don’t believe it’s pathetic whatsoever of Donaghy and I very much doubt he’s bitter about any schooling he supposedly got . He gave his opinion and by leaving out Mayo as challengers this year he would be part of the majority. It’s a rebuilding job in phase one this year as far as most can make out . If you can make a case for Mayo good on ya but I don’t think it’s wise to be screaming offended at people who don’t believe we are in the mix this year

  14. Of all the things to get offended about in the world today, Kieran Donaghy’s opinion is not one of them. Tyrone got to the All Ireland final last year (and annihilated us in the league). It’s hardly controversial to consider them contenders this year.

  15. We stayed in Division one of the league with the last kick of the ball, were beaten twice in championship, didn’t make the super 8’s and the majority of our team that started against Kildare will be in their 30’s this year. Don’t think many will consider us contenders this year. I’d be happy to make a Connacht final, make the super 8’s, be competitive all year and unearth 2 or 3 new starters. Anything else would be a bonus.

  16. I agree with Sean & wide ball, Donaghy named teams in last year’s super 8 and semi finalists/finalists, nothing wrong with it. You can only judge teams on the last years championship where Mayo were poor. It’s time to get the idea that we are the only ones to run Dublin close so we are second best team rubbish out of our heads, that was two years ago. This is a new era new management etc, no one really knows yet how good we will be.

  17. Some lads are very sensitive. When the lads in Galway Bay FM spoke poorly of our chances – lads weren’t happy. Donaghy didn’t talk about us at all – lads weren’t happy. IF some one talks up our chances – they will be accused of been cute hoors trying to hype us up. I agree with NiallMc above. it is 18 months ago since this team put in a good team performance (all Ireland 2017). A lot of these lads are well into their 30s now. I am hopeful rather than anyway confident.

  18. Theres a big difference already between the mentality of Horan and Rochy.Last year Rochford was making excuses about having so many players based in Dublin, and he really hadn’t the panel up to match fitness for the start of last years National League.
    I haven’t heard James mention once the players training in Dublin disadvantage, it’s all about looking forward to the Roscommon game, Players training in Dublin didn’t prevent our 2 neighbours Galway and Roscommon getting to the two Division 1 and 2 finals.If you look back on James record in League it’s really strong he got us to a League Final in 2012 losing to Cork ,and 2 Semi Finals in 2013 and 14 v Dublin and Derry.
    I fancy us to have quite a strong League, if we can beat the Rossies Saturday week and if certain key players like Paddy Durcan, Aidan O’Shea, Kevin McLoughlin, and Chris Barrett are all back for the Tyrone game in Omagh it could set us up for a good run off the League, we owe Tyrone one after all that happened in that game in McHale Park last year were we lost Lee Keegan with a dislocated shoulder and Boyler and Andy were sent off ,plus we suffered our worst defeat since the O’Mahony era.

  19. Chris Kelly, you choose to ignore the fact that Mayo in 2018 were not aable to start training anywhere until after Christmas, unlike Galway and Roscommon. I would also venture to say that Galway at least have far less players based in Dublin and far more at home compared to Mayo because of their stronger industrial and employment base.
    Where Roscommon fit into this picture I do not know.

  20. AndyD you are correct about last year as I remember it the Mayo team were on holiday when the FBD started. Also the fact that more than a dozen Mayo players are living outside the county is not an excuse it is a fact. One you cannot pin on this manager or another..

  21. Few Mayo players in Sigerson action tonight, University of Limerick leading DIT at the minute 1-13 to1-12
    Joe Mason Cill Chomain at fullback, John Cunnane Ballyhaunis at centreback and Fionn McDonagh at RHF for UL, Ul Bench also contains Stephen Rochford Ardagh, James Lyons Aghamore Stephen McGreal Claremorris, Josh Ronayne Davitts, Aaaron Dunn, James Carr Ardagh and Joe Dawson Louisburgh

  22. NUIG drew with St Marys Belfast last years winner but lost out 4-2 on free kicks, Only Stephen Brennan from Claremorris starting, Gerry Canavan Mayo Gaels and Kevin Quinn Ballinrobe coming off the bench both were minors in 2015. NUIG team included Keiran Molloy, Peter Cooke, Cein Darcy, Michael Daly and Rob Finnerty and Kildares Jack Robinson who tormented us at minor level a couple of year back. Donovan Cosgrove listed as part of the panel but not among the subs tonight

    Would like to see more of our lads playing in these games James Carr for instances at UL has been out injured for long periods but he needs to be standing out at this level if he is being considered county senior standard.

  23. Mayomessi – I’m just back from the UL DIT game. Fionn McDonagh went off injured just before half-time. Didn’t look too serious, he was doing well up to that point. James Lyons played very well when he came on. John Cunnane played the full game. Joe Mason didn’t start. Him and Josh Ronayne came on towards the end of the game.

    No Mayo player on the DIT squad but Brian Howard played the full game for them.

  24. Thanks Wideball
    Is James Carr fully fit, a good mayo contingent down in limerick, well worth following. I saw that there was quiet a few changes to the team shown on the programme, the lad from Clare Keelan Sexton seems to have stood out scoring 1-10. Match report is up on

    I also see that NUIG have another chance to the backdoor, they look like a strong team on paper, not sure what to make of the freekicks settling the game.

  25. Wideball – no appearance from James Carr? I wonder is he injured? Seems to be finding it hard to make break through. Lot of injuries

  26. Thanks Wideball, seen the match report on the Quiet a few changes from the team listed in the programme I saw. Brian o Malley must also be injured he was listed in the programme. A good Mayo contingent down in Limerick, well worth following.

    I also read that NUIG have a second chance through the backdoor, hard way to go out on freekicks. They look like a strong team on paper.

  27. That’s a shame about Brian O’Malley. I assume Ryan O’Donoghue would also have been playing for UL if he was fit.

  28. Re . ‘Dublin unfair home advantage’ in Super Eight’s. This is my own personal opinion, that this totally unfair and unjustified ‘rule’ where Dublin get two game’s in Croke Park, one being considered ‘NOT’ a home game only came into being as a result of the sheepish adherence by the various ‘County Board’s’ including our own, The policy’s of the vested interest?’s of those in Croke Park, have more and more became the National GAA movement… I commend the ‘Donegal County Board’ on their challenge to this blatent unfair advantage conferred on Dublin.. I hope all the various ‘County Board’ around the country lend them their support, and most definitely our own County Board …. It’s a no brainier. .The ‘Newbridge or Nowhere’ campaign of last June showed that the powers that be in Croke Park can be challenged…. I wonder what any of ye fellow Posters and Reader’s think as regards this issue?… I think that if you go back over the last 10 to 15 year’s , Dublin haven’t played as many Championship match’s outside of Croke Park as you could count on one hand. Add to that, all National League finals, and Semifinals when they were on the go were held in Croke Park as well….Does anyone matter to the powers that be in Croke Park outside the Pale…. Enough is Enough, well done to the Donegal County Board and personally I wish them well in their endeavors!

  29. It is that time of year again & posters will be naming their team for Ross game & basing it on the FBD games–it happens every Year & is always wrong.FBD will be used to cull players – i fear for some that only got one half

  30. Leantimes..Just read an article on that..Glad to see Donegal County Board questioning how a county can play a home and neutral game in the same place!!Its bonkers..

  31. Leantimes, it’s an absolute shambles that one team essentially gets two home games while everyone else has one. The GAA explains this that there was never meant to be a “neutral venue” round but instead a “Croke Park” round. Fair play to the donegal county board for raising the issue at congress. I would hope that the other county boards have to balls to back the motion but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  32. Like i said last year. Playing championship in september, means a diffuclt start to the league. T0 me it’s a no brainer.

  33. @Norris, ….Or even August, ..All Ireland Final set for August, unless his Holiness the Pope Francis decides to visit again….He is a Mayo’ fan after all, He even signed the Jersey!

  34. Have any of ye spotted, league match tickets at the gate will be €20 this year, €15 for pre purchase. What price rise’s will we see in the championship? Tony Leen will have an article on match ticket prices in tomorrows examiner.

  35. All 5 Mayo games played on Saturdays will be on Eir sports, round 2 game against Tyrone is taped deferred on TG4. Round 7 will not be selected for a while

  36. Team for Roscommon

  37. Great to see some badly needed forwards putting in performances that should at least keep them on the panel .. Still worried about mid field … Its now really about mobility but still need to be able to contest the high ball .. Aiden might not have the mobility . DOC has it .. Seimie very honest but may also struggle .. Would Lee be an option / Donnie ? Would be good the get a settled pairing in the league but can see a lot of rotation there .. Wonder will we see Tom P this season .. A big ask after such a horrendous injury .

  38. TH – I’d have Michael Plunkett at centre half back for the first few games in the league. We don’t have a natural number 6 in the squad. Durcan is better on the wing.

    I’d also persist with Drake at corner back. People always complain about conceding goals from high balls in. That won’t change until we start picking taller/stronger players in the full back line.

  39. Will the green light be given for the increase in ticket prices before the first round of the league. €20 to attend a league game is very harsh i think. May put some people off going to games.

  40. Centre back is critical – I thought Coen might be the one for this but not sure. Barrett would be my first preference if fit…..but Plunkett definitely worth a look now and for the future. Prefer Lee and Durcan on the flanks. Boyle depends on who is performing! Am still more worried about midfield though…..

  41. I see Roscommon herald journalist Ian Cooney has tweeted that Roscommon will be without half of the team that started the Connacht final in June for the Mayo game on January 26th. 8 starters in total gone from Injuries,lads doing exams and others that has gone traveling overseas. All that Mayo will likely be missing is Cillan O’Connor? as the likes of A O’Shea,Barrett,McLoughlin etc should at least be on the bench.

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