Galway game, another look – Mayo News football podcast 2022 E17

Sunday’s defeat to Galway represents a bad blow to Mayo’s hopes for progress in this year’s Championship, sending them once more off down the qualifier road, with all manner of doubts about how the rest of the summer will play out for them. In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast, Rob Murphy is joined by Billy Joe Padden and Barry Cullinane to assess the game and where its outcome leaves both counties.  

The lads discuss how the game played out on Sunday, pinpointing what went wrong for Mayo on the day, how Galway set up and how they won it. They also consider Mayo’s attacking approach, their decision to persist with a one-on-one approach at the back and their use of the bench. Turning to Galway, the lads discuss how their summer is likely to shape up following what was a hugely important win for the Tribesmen over their great provincial rivals. 

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72 thoughts on “Galway game, another look – Mayo News football podcast 2022 E17

  1. I have to say that I agree with Barry Cullinane and his take about the lack a kicking game with Mayo, and how it’s limiting Mayo so much..His opinion that he would have taken AOS off in the second half, except that I think it would be better to bring him on. .. I don’t really buy Billy Joe’s opinion that Mayo don’t really have players capable of kicking the ball into the Full Forward line.. Anyway we have 5 week’s to adapt or this team is history.

  2. I liked John Maughan’s interview a few days ago. He said James never believed in the defensive game even though this is now part and parcel of the modern game and needs hours upon hours of practice on the training field. Horan’s intentions were good but has ultimately failed at highest level. I still think a sweeper is the answer but it’s probably too late this year.

  3. The only way of an extra round in the qualifiers is if one of the following happens;

    Cavan beat Donegal
    Leitrim beat Galway
    Tipperary beat Limerick
    Westmeath beat one of Kildare / Louth, Dublin, Meath

    Tipperary beating Limerick is the most likely. Bookies have it near a 50/50 game with Tipperary having home advantage.

  4. Tyrone in big trouble here. 1-3 behind and down to 14 men.

    That would throw a real spanner in the qualifier draw!

  5. Knowing out luck it will be Mayo v Tyrone in omagh first round of the qualifiers

  6. For sure, Seanie, and don’t you know it’ll be up in Omagh too. Looks like a fate that’s written in the stars at this stage.

  7. I suspect tyrone, like mayo, might suit the backdoor better.
    They were never getting through an ulster run of ferm/derry/mon/donegal. Ulster is an absolute bloodbath

  8. Might not be the worst getting Tyrone if they keep getting red cards.

  9. Watching this makes it even more laughable and annoying Tyrone were allowed to win the All Ireland so easily last year. Way off the Dublin teams 2011-2020. They were brutal the night we played them in the league a while back and still couldn’t beat them then either.

  10. See the difference between Rory Gallagher the Manager of Derry and our Manager James Horan .Rory Gallagher wasn’t afraid of making changes when his team was winning ,he had passion which James Horan hasn’t got.

  11. I’m never one to gloat as I’m more of a chancer more than often but I’ll be collecting a right few quid in a few mins time down to Derry . Tyrone are the worst team ever to win an all Ireland and I’ll never fully understand how we were beaten last year .

  12. @Travelling Willbury.. Tyrone a bit Jekell and Hyde, .. Definitely Mr Jekell today, they were poor, and very poor discipline to have two men Red Carded, The Red Hand of today nothing like the Tyrone v several teams last Summer.. But you are right, Tyrone of 2021 a fair bit behind the Dublin team of the entire last decade, and Mayo a fair bit behind the Mayo team of most of the last decade as well.. Derry sailed a bit close to the wind as well as regards a few card’s, but the Ref decided on the lesser yellow a few times.. But congratulations to the Oakleafers, well deserved winner’s.. I still would believe that Donegal or Monaghan are a little ahead of Derry in the race for the Anglo Celt Cup!.. Incidentally has anyone any idea what’s an ‘Anglo Celt’?.. Sounds to me like a bit of a Paradox. But all the Ulster team’s in fairness give it everything to win it! .. It’s been a while since the Delaney Cup was courted with such enthusiasm by so many!

  13. While I agree Tyrone were not the greatest ever all Ireland winners its amazing how they beat such a great kerry team in the semi final last year and as for saying Rory Gallagher is so much a better manager than JH come back to me when he has managed a half dozen provincial winning teams and taken his county to 4 AI finals !! Tyrone were indeed poor today and Derry were good today. Derry were also very unlucky last year when a McBrearty injury time point knocked them out of championship. Anyone who has been following GAA would know Derry have a strong team at the moment. They had a good league apart from a horror show v Galway ( remember them) to whom they conceded 4 goals which deprived them of promotion. So congrats to derry today, but their win should hardly be used as a stick to beat Mayo and JH with. O by the way 7 members of Tyrone all Ireland winning panel left the Tyrone set up since last August.

  14. We seem to feel like it was an accident of history that we lost to Tyrone.What evidence is there of this.They relegated us 2 years ago in Castlebar, beat us in final in September.Beat us again this year in the league.
    We never played more than 30 minutes in any game for the last 2 years except maybe a couple of league games here and there and we have continued that into this year’s championship.Tyrone came to the final last year with a plan and won it…..bear in mind they beat the favourites as well in the semi……
    All the evidence to date is we are a bang average team ourselves……

  15. If tyrone turn up to the first round in the form they showed today they won’t get past Louth,much less mayo.
    The petulance of those red cards was shocking

  16. @sean Burke
    Tyrone were fully deserving of their all Ireland final victory, if they are a bad team what does that make mayo who they beat easily in the final.there is no such thing as asterixs beside all Irelands. The most deserving team is always the one holding Sam over their heads, no ifs or buts

  17. Raymond Gallagher would have more reputation and evidence of being a 2022 student of the game manager than James Horan. He has consistently got more from often average to decent teams.
    Listen to Raymond Gallagher on off the ball.
    Absolute obsessive student of the game.

  18. James+Fleming ,Fair point, but which manager would you prefer to shake hands with ? I know which one id prefer, and its not the one that spits into his hands every 25 seconds

  19. Spit never bothered me 🙂
    Sure a cow or dog would dribble all over yer hands and no major reaction 🙂
    Never got the whole spit outrage.
    Understand that people have it, but some of the same people some would get the shift off someone they just met?

  20. Clearly lads walking away from the Tyrone panel has come to pass. Too much experience replaced with inexperience has cost them.

    Fellows who know what to do in big games are needed Tyrone didt have the bench.

  21. Lean times, “Mayo a fair bit behind the Mayo team of most of the last decade as well”’re dead right. Its what I have felt this year especially since last Sunday after reviewing James Horan second coming to date. I feel mainly due to the quality of our forward play that we no longer are in the top 3 teams in Ireland. So grateful for all the great times JH and the lads gave us in the past.

  22. Don’t think the lads leaving the panel is what cost Tyrone today in fairness. Going 7 points and a man down in the first half was their undoing. They still had pretty much their strongest 15 on the field, bar possibly Mattie Donnelly.

  23. Travelling Wilbury – our forward play last Sunday was better than previous defeats to Galway in the last 10 years. I think Mayo supporters get a bit nostalgic at times. There were plenty of bad performances over the last decade too.

  24. I believe that Derry is a very good team,very unlucky last year I did say earlier in the year that they would be a difficult team to face,I am very worried that we have no structure to our play,as someone who felt that it was better to lighten the mood rather than allow gloom to overcome us I am afraid that I have to be realistic

  25. Is this the qualifier picture:
    Louth, Clare, Mayo, Tyrone, Armagh
    losers of Kerry v Cork. Dub v Meath. Monaghan v Derry.
    Above assuming no Tailteann team progress to provincial final.

  26. Centrefield, it’s an open draw in Leinster so not guaranteed Dublin/Meath.

  27. Can Louth now draw Tyrone ?….Mickey Harte against Tyrone !!
    Was it last year that Dublin only beat Wexford by 7or 8 points ? That win yesterday evening was like the old days . It would be foolish for anyone to write off Dublin this year. Tyrone showed last year, that you can win an All Ireland if you are in the right place at the right time.

  28. Thanks Horans Brigade.
    Didn’t realise Leinster were doing another draw.

  29. Ya Observer 2 Tyr v Louth could happen.
    Open draw for rd 1 first team out of hat are home.

  30. observer2
    i mean with all due respect too wexford it was always going too be a hiding
    Meath and kildare will be more of a challenge

  31. Yes I agree, but last year Dublin weren’t able to give them a hiding, and seemed out of sorts right through the Championship until Mayo beat them.
    While Kildare and Meath will test them, I still wouldn’t back against the Dubs in Leinster anyway.

  32. One thing I noticed in the Derry v Tyrone game yesterday was the attention Derry paid to minding their own house, particularly later on the game where they bought Emmett Bradley on to keep things tight. Tyrone were wasting their time with those high balls in. Derry were too cute to fall into that trap.
    Connaught telegraph reporting that Jordan Flynns rehab is going well and he will be in contention for the next game. Robbie going well also and Paddy was due to start training again on Friday.
    Not so positive on Oisin who CT say is in a race to be fit though for the qualifiers with a recurrence of hamstring injury. Let’s hope he wins that race and we can at least go into the qualifiers with everyone fit.

  33. You know I’d take Tyrone in Omagh. Don’t forget we can STILL draw Derry at Celtic Park, if Monaghan beat them. They’ve only won an Ulster QF. As the commentator Paddy O’Hara once said, ‘they don’t come much bigger than an Ulster semi-final’.

  34. The preferable match up would be Clare, Louth, Cork or Meath at home.

    The not as preferable but not the end of the world match up would be Clare, Louth, Cork, Meath Away or Armagh, Monaghan/Derry at home.

    The match up we want to avoid Tyrone, Armagh, Monaghan/Derry away.

  35. A thought provoker? Traditionally has Mayo ever learned or improved from beating weaker Div 2 or 3 teams in the qualifiers?
    I’ve seen that we tend to just run a very open gameplan which often isn’t the same gameplan we’d bring to bear on a strong division team.
    My preference is a draw against a division one team.
    Straight into battle, everyone on point.

  36. That’s a valid point JP. However sometimes after a very disappointing loss in Connacht Championship the morale and confidence is low so you’re probably better off getting a lower division team, winning , and gaining a bit of momentum. Remember in 2016 and 2017 we got Fermanagh and Derry. We made very heavy work of beating those but once we got up and running we made it to AI Finals Both Years

  37. Tyrone are there for the taking in the qualifiers – poor discipline is now a feature of their game and the refs will be wise to it. Bring them on I say

  38. Our time has come, I do think discipline is a bit of a chink in the Tyrone armour.
    (I also thought it was a little bit of an issue for the great Dublin side in big games).

  39. I would agree with JP expect we have injury/fitness doubts, so maybe the further wd go befre meeting a crack team, the better chance we have of doing ourselves justice. Also, the more championshipp games Hession Orme and Carney get the better…

  40. Some pluses arising from the U20s loss: McHugh, Irwin, and possibly Callinan presumably will return, and strengthen the panel.

  41. @Sean Burke not hard to understand at all. Tyrone was the better team by far in last years AI final. As for the worst team ever to win an all Ireland? well that title would go to Dublin 1995.

  42. Tough reading this morning on the local papers about the county hurling team not allowed play championshilp games in McHale Park.

  43. If Limerick lose to Tipperary, Limerick would go into qualifiers, that would leave 9 teams and possibility we would have to play preliminary round on 21/22 May. Is that correct?

  44. @donedeal – my understanding is that two out of Mayo, Clare, Armagh, Louth and Tyrone would have to play each other in a preliminary round if any of Limerick, Galway, Donegal or Kildare lose their provincial semi final.

    If two of the teams ( Limerick, Galway, Donegal or Kildare) lose their provincial semi final id assume four out of Mayo, Clare, Armagh, Louth and Tyrone would have to play each other in a preliminary round with one team getting a bye.

  45. Seanie – Galway Donegal and Kildare should all win but Limerick Tipperary could go any way. If Tipperary win we have nearly a 50% chance of playing in a preliminary in 3 weeks. That may well be to early for some of our injured players.

  46. @catcol I don’t know for sure but Callinan went off with a very bad looking hamstring injury in the semi final,I don’t see him featuring for the seniors this summer unfortunately

  47. Yes, FW, another one on the injury list. Probably not available until after the Leaving Cert anyway.

  48. The 20s and throw in Hession, Carney and Orme are all good footballers but they are not there yet at senior level. Its asking an awful lot of them to step up to that level this year.
    Very good interview with Holmes in western People. The jist of it:
    Derry dismantled Tyrone last Sunday doing exactly as Holmes said. They had forwards capable of scoring from 40-50 meters. Blanket defence dismantled from outside. Mayo have not the forwards with that ability. They keep running into massed defences with eventual turnovers and rapid counterattack to empty spaces and one or 2 speedy inside forwards, Walsh or Comer in Galway’s case.

  49. Beg to differ on long range shooting.

    Ryan, Mattie, Conor O’Shea, Diarmuid, Jordan, Leroy, Cillian are all capable of shooting from distance. They need to be let have a go. Belt a few over from distance and you’ll soon find the massed defences will have to actually make decisions on what to do.

  50. Didn’t actually see the match, Ontheditch – not yet anyway. Planning to see the recording.
    Did Derry use a blanket defence themselves?

    (I’m certain that they had massive skill on top of that throughout.
    Yes, accurate long range shooters essential also).

  51. Ontheditch – majority of Derry’s scores came from hand passing the ball with runs off the shoulder. There were very few long range points. Consistently scoring from 40 or 50 metres out is not a strategy that will win many games.

    When Dublin were at their best against defensive teams, all their scores came from around the D. It requires patience, but eventually someone needs to take on a man and either score or win a free.

  52. Wide Ball, totally agree with you when you say this:
    “ Consistently scoring from 40 or 50 metres out is not a strategy that will win many games”.

    It’s something I’ve observed Mayo having to rely on in a few games, e.g. versus Kerry in the League Final.
    It’s absolutely punishing, especially when the other team is defending their D en masse, AND then when we are open at the back.
    The opposition seem to waltz in for a score while we try to punish ourselves scoring the hard way.

    It’s another reason I argue to try to get ahead early and I think the game changes then. It’s a childish strategy, I know, but it can solve some problems.

  53. But total reliance on the slow built up is killing us. We are gone so predictable. We rarely counterattack quickly. Instead we give opponents plenty of time to organise their defensive strategy and then try to set up ROD to score, or maybe one of our half backs is the shooter. Turnover and we’re suckers for the quick counter attack. Also dismal record at creating goal scoring chances.
    We really do need to be a bit more than a one trick pony

  54. Catcol you could add Fergal Boland to that list. He’s good for two or three points in every game and all we needed against Galway was 2.

  55. Derry had a few things we struggle with.
    1. They had a blanket defence themselves.
    2. They had a few fast lads over six foot, they had the natural size and explosiveness to break through the tackle arm or force the foul. No. 12 was impressive in his direct running.
    3. When they got inside the Tryone 45 it was pass pass pass shot, but very rapidly. Shooters receiving facing goal.

  56. That’s your opinion mo2022, disagree on both counts , Mayo better outfit than Tyrone , Tyrone better on the day surely and full value for it.

    Dublin 1995 worst team ever to win all Ireland , really ? Some would say that side were unlucky not to win three in the mid 90s . All about opinions I suppose but dubs 95 were certainly in the mix big time prior to 95 . Ie 92 v Donegal and 94 v down

    All past tense anyhow , no sense in barstool yap i suppose .

    It will be interesting to see how Derry go the next day out , have to hand it to Gallagher though he had them primed for that game yesterday.

  57. Derry’s win was built on speed. The speed of their ball movement and the speed of their runs (which were incredibly clever at opening up space for others and punishing Tyrone running into the open space) often turning a 15 man inside their own half defense into a surging 10 to 12 man attack.

    Even when Tyrone got their runners back and had shut the doors the ball continued to be moved at pace putting all the headaches on the defenders who weren’t quite able to keep up. It made what already looked a deflated Tyrone side look sluggish, tired and eventually incredibly frustrated to the point they were lashing out. Still a lot of debate about how good Derry were and how poor Tyrone were. I’d just say yeah to both.

    Outside of the 21 and the D Derry missed more than they scored with 9 wides to 8 scores. They’d 5 scores from what you’d consider ‘long range’. Can’t remember them all but off the top of my head I think at least two were Shane McGuigan & Niall Loughlin frees and a third a Loughlin ’45. Doherty landed one amazing one from ’43 meters sauntering up from wing back and can’t quite remember the fifth. That’s at most 1 forward shooting from play outside the 40 and possibly none if it was another free.

    They managed 100% accuracy inside the D and 21 meter line managing to pop 5 points inside the D and another 1-3 inside the 21. They managed to create 75% more scoring chances than Tyrone did and managed a higher conversion rate (19/28 for 68% against 10/16 for 63%) on those.

    All sorts of ways they managed to beat up on Tyrone the last day, they were incredibly well prepared for the specific matchups from kick out strategies to create space to attempts at putting Morgan off on his frees, but hard to give the credit specifically to shooters or shots between the 40 and 50. Haven’t read Holmes’ article on it but if he’s suggesting building a strategy on long range pot shots I’d strongly disagree with it.

  58. Haven’t read pat Holmes article either but to play a speedster game you need speedsters in the absence of that there is no real choice but to have a pop , you’re certainly at nothing trying to negate a blanket at snails pace laterally passing and back passing constantly.

  59. Folks, those are some really interesting posts on the Derry v Tyrone game. Love them – so good to ponder.
    Tyrone’s clever management team was out-thought on this occasion.

  60. Mayo had 14 wides v Galway. The wides were as a result of both Wrong opptions and poor shooting from inside and outside the 40m. Pressurised shooting from a slow build up contributed to the poor shooting. Many of the Galway scores came from unpresurised shooting in space. Were never going to get the space from if we persist with slow build up.
    Great analysis Tsu Dho Nim. 50% from long range is not a bad return and remember a wide is sometimes better than a turnover.

  61. Sean Burke – we definitely missed the pace of Durcan, Mullin and Conroy in the 2nd half vs Galway. However I still think we could have done better with the players available. Surely Mattie and Eoghan McLaughlin could have been isolated 1 v 1 out on the wing and get them to take on their man. I also think Kevin McLoughlin should have got much more than 10 minutes.

  62. @Sean Burke

    Mayo better outfit than Tyrone based on what? you do know this is not the Mayo team of 2012 to 2017 whom was a certain top 2 or 3 side with leaders and warriors through out the team.

    Yes in my life time Dublin 1995 was worst team ever to win all Ireland. They were lucky to win that final against a Tyrone team with one scoring forward. In 1992 they were well beaten by Donegal playing in what was their first ever Senior AI final. After 1995 Dublin would not win leinster again until 2002 all of this would be known by doing some research than listening to barstool yap i suppose .

  63. Tyrone have to be very disappointed in their performance, they are undoubtedly capable of much better.. 3 occasions of very poor discipline cost Tyrone big time.. 2 Red Cards (1 a second yellow) and a needless Penalty conceded, exaggerated the difference between themselves and Derry, but no doubt who had who in their sights and their aim was unerring. Regardless, of individual incidents that cost Tyrone in the day, Derry were by far the better team… Tyrone like ourselves will now have a short time now to adjust their sights.. Depends on which Tyrone turns up next day out, … Against the odds, Tyrone are more capable than most in turning things around, oddly enough I think Tyrone are more likely to bring their A game, the bigger their opposition in the next round!.. Hope Mayo get a home draw next day out,.. We’ll see how it pan’s out. I wonder did the chief ground’s man in Croke Park suggest reseeding McHale Park in late September now that we are taking advise for Croke Park… Ballina for the Mayo hurlers, the children of a lesser God!

  64. Depressing reading about the hurlers situation with regards McHale Park. There’s two main sports in the GAA and it’s high time we realised that as a county. Anyone who’s ever played both knows a decent surface matters much more in hurling than in does in football. And yet another negative mayo gaa story plastered all over social media..

  65. Seanie CH

    Possibility of Derry away brings back memories of that disaster in 2007!

  66. Stephanie, Gerry McEntee famously said that all the Hurley in Meath should be collected and burnt.

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