Galway match-day panel for Sunday named

Graphic: Our Game

Galway have just named their match-day panel for Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final against our lads, a match that’s fixed for Pearse Stadium with throw-in set for 3pm that afternoon.

Here’s the match-day 26 they’ve named for Sunday:

As widely expected, both Seán Kelly and Damien Comer are named on the starting fifteen but whether or not they’re fit enough either to start the game or take part in proceedings at some point remains an open question. All will be revealed on the day, I guess.

42 thoughts on “Galway match-day panel for Sunday named

  1. Ah sure if we’re good enough we are good enough to go ahead if not so be it.

    Good luck to our guys we can do this .

  2. It has the look of a team that could win an all Ireland with a bit of luck. Let’s hope they are all fit to play so that we get the acid test we need. No hiding places now. Cook to CHF is an interesting move. There’s a plan there .

  3. Pretty much was same team we played in league yes I know league & championship different altogether but I question this Galway team who couldn’t beat Armagh without their main star but yes I know we fluked up against cork to..

    Dont buy that this Galway team has all Ireland winning chances if they do then its do or die for them on Sunday…

    We will really see how ‘good’ this Galway team are mayo to cone bouncing mayo by 2 or 3 .

  4. On the ditch .Cooke to centre forward there’s a plan there.what could it possibly be

  5. @Tuamstar haha my bad . well I still think we will hold our ground against ye and a be a different animal then v cork . So wouldn’t get to all excited :p

    Tough ask could go either way but with I’m sure will be cillian o Connor back tommorow in team selection be a huge asset for us be interesting to see our team selection ..

  6. It’s a big weekend for Galway Gaa – both hurlers and footballers in action.

    Delighted for Dylan McHugh – such a cultured performer, a serious option off the bench.

    It’s always a healthy respectful rivalry. Hopefully, the weather is ok. Has all the ingredients of a good match.

  7. Quite frankly I’m not interested in the Galway team for Sunday. I’m interested in our own team and the type of football we play. It seems it could be very wet on Sunday so no messing about with too many sideways
    Hand passing and we’ll be fine. If we play to our strengths I think we have enough to beat them.
    If not I’ll be happy to see Galway go all the way.

  8. Is it my suspicious mind or am I mad. Why would you name the two lads if they weren’t going to start. That would be a huge downer for Galway. I’d rather name them in the 26 and then start them, if fit. That would be a huge boost.

  9. Mind games by Galway with that published team no surprised given Joyce was a big fan of Alex Ferguson. Be great to finish the year with a Croke Park match but I have my doubts if the winner on Sunday will get much further. Three energy sapping games in 14 days and up against a rested group winner is up hill task lets be honest.

  10. We Must Fight on Sunday as a Team Together and show some Character. Ryan was hammered against Cork , Jack took a hefty punch to the head and where were the rest of the lads? Nowhere. If that was Dublin or Kerry or Tyrone All players would be surrounding the Aggressor or the Ref but what do We do ? We just Run Away. Let’s grow some Balls. . No lying down . We are lacking Intensity on the pitch . Let’s get stuck in from the start. Think We must start our Strongest Team on Sunday and go for it especially against the Galway Shawl.
    Have Management learned anything from last Sunday?
    We will All know when the Team is named.
    Changes have to be made from last week.
    I’m no Jim Gavin and I don’t know what’s going on in training but I would like the following changes made v Galway
    Swanny to CHB (and stay there)
    Paddy and Enda each side (attack away)
    Flynn to MF along with DOC
    ROD to CHF
    Tommy to start
    Cillian to start
    Carney to FF
    Coen as Sweeper
    Mattie to come on with 20 Mins to Go with Eoin Mc and Carr.
    We have not become a bad Team overnight.
    I just hope Management get it right on Sunday.
    If We can’t get our Game and Tactics Right from the Sideline Up against Galway and beat them then that’s it.
    I would rather go down on our Shields fighting for every Ball than go out of the Championship on a whimper.
    It’s up to the Players and Sideline. Pick our best Team from the start.
    Do they really want to win a Celtic Cross or not?
    If they do and this Year is wide open believe me Dublin or Kerry are not at their Best this year then go out on Sunday next and show Everyone We mean business.
    Go neirigh an TADGH le MHUIGHEO.
    Come on Mayo!

  11. I’ve enough of the shite talk on punishment dished out by Cork to Ryan. Firstly it’s not clear they are the wrong side of the line, maybe on the line, maybe over it on one or 2 occassions but all players take some punishment at this level. Secondly Aido was properly giving out to the Ref about it. Thirdly there’s so many Cameras that any crap is spotted most of the time and sanctions often ensue. And finally Ryan is well able to look after himself and is a tough lad. It didn’t affect his performance, he stuck to the task. In any event the Cork game is in the rear view mirror. Galway named a good team there whether or not theose guys are all available we’ll find out soon. On our side, I hope for and expect a few changes, but more so would like our defensive system to come together on the day enough to win the thing. We showed the other day we can string a few scores together and beat the blanket and put ourselves in a winning position. No point talking about the end game, we just need to learn the lessons.

  12. “mind games”… Or you know they may actually start…

    I’d be shocked if comer didn’t start.. and Kelly is one of the best warriors in the game, if anyone can make a quick recovery for the cause…

  13. Itv would become a very peculiar situation if cillian was not on the 26 at the very least this weekend . I’ve mentioned player markets in the betting as in indicator but it has been wrong some of the time to take it as if they have info but anyway not a single market available on Cillian since the player markets went up last night . (Boylesports)

  14. Heather, I could not agree with you more. A great team selection although Jack Carney may be needed around the middle against Galway.
    It is time we toughened up. Galway have beaten us up in the past.
    If we end this farce at CHB we give ourselves a chance.
    We have all the ingredients to be a great team. Hopefully they are utilised in the right way.

  15. Bate the blanket of course Cillian hasnt left the panel he will be in the matchday 26 and might have 25-30 minutes in him at best. Lets be realistic anyone expecting Cillian is coming back from injury. I hope we put up a good show and go down fighting but ive lost faith in Rochford he has learned nothing since his last spell in charge and stint with Donegal. I hope for next year there is a cull and a freshning of the backroom team and McStay takes command

  16. Jordan to midfield for this one – as Galway will have 2 of Maher, Conroy Mcdaid in there.

  17. Strange to hear talk of rochford not changing and mcstay taking charge as I am led to believe that mcstay has very little input into tactics.I thought James Horan would have changed his outlook before his second spell but it seems that is their philosophy and why I think there won’t be any significant changes made this weekend.Hope I am wrong

  18. Anyone with any experience/knowledge in logistics with county teams?!

    I’m sure knowing everything these days, there’s paperwork and hassle involved in removing players from the 26 on medical grounds. Would Galway really willingly go through this effort with 3 players, at the risk of not having a 26-man panel again?

    I suspect if any of Kelly, Comer or McHugh were definitely a no, they wouldn’t be named at all? That said I’m sure its still potentially touch and go for one/some of them

    For Mayo, could we see a left field change somewhere? Or is McStay tied to this system now?

  19. On reflection I think we are going about beating well organised mass defensive units with some wrong selection , hession and eoghan mcgloughlin should start , aido should be in midfield for the first period .

    We will need a big game from diarmuid too , it’s in him especially against this lot . We have been well disciplined all year , last thing we need in a game like this is a black or worse a red , Galway are no shrinking violets and will target , Jordan , Ryan and diarmuid , im sure they will be well drilled/warned , no wild swinging and keep the head with Hurson .

    Is it nearly Sunday yet .

  20. Those injured Galway players must be ready, I dont see a reason why Galway would name them if not. It would be a big downer for them if they removed them on match day so I’d take it they are ready to go (may not be a 100% though but PJ wont risk leaving them out)

  21. Kelly will start. I’m sure he wouldn’t have continued if he thought he had a serious injury. He was hobbling around after an impact injury, something that would normally take a few minutes to run off, but they had to sub him off because it was in the dying minutes of the game.

  22. I like that team @heather. Hope we see some of those changes at least. We have to start our best team and try snd get ahead in 3rd quarter. Pretty sure it will go to the wire.

  23. Whatever about Kelly, but Comer would still be effective at 10% fitness just standing at the edge of the square all game

    Its do or die for Joyce now, so I can’t see him taking the cautious approach – unlike the Armagh game

    Makes much more sense to start them anyway, if they hobble off early its only one sub used up

  24. While you would think it will go to the wire (simply because both are crap at pushing on and seeing out games comfortably :D), looking at WJ’s other article there has been some unexpected one-sided games in this rivalry from time to time

    Its been such a strange championship literally anything can happen Sunday

  25. There’s no mind games there – that’s a Galway team with a laser focus on winning the All Ireland now that all backdoors have been removed….and one which will easily brush us aside if our recent form continues on Sunday. Cook will make mince meat of our current CHB….is McStay brave enough to make the necessary change or is he going to stubbornly stick with his original plan ?

  26. Ciaran you are being very generous to us with Damo would be still effective at 10%. He is really on his game but only at full tilt. Straight up we should have beaten Armagh by 6/7 points. Coughed up 2 golden goal chances and missed a penalty. They had no sniff of a goal but took good point chances. Too casual and it has cost us big time. On to Sunday and I fear the winner has a tough ask with that turnaround time.

  27. @45
    Indeed, Cooke could well be galways secret weapon, its mostly forgotten but in the infamous game in limerick where we beat them with the James Carr wondergoal Cooke was immense in a losing effort for Galway, absolutely destroyed AOS at midfield and kicked 4 or 5 screamers from distance. I’d be more fearful of him than Tierney or Burke who rarely play well against us

  28. Mayo man living in Galway. God hope we win, But feeling whoever wins could be dead man walking. Mayo could play Dubin Armagh Derry, 6 days later. And knowing our luck it would be Dublin or Derry. Big price to pay, not beating Cork. But we are, were we are

  29. @mayotillidie – Think of the confidence it would give us going into a game against any of those after beating Galway. I wouldn’t fear any of them.

  30. Aos should come back to middle for Gleason kick outs as comer will do same. Reckon it will be low scoring game so goals to make the difference… Carr likes scoring goals against Galway but Tommy has to start. If we don’t concede a goal we win. Easy said, but we have to stop Sean Kelly runs. I’d rather us kick hopeful wides than give turnovers .. Jf shows rest how, shoot quickly, so what if some don’t go over, ( this does not apply to last 10 mins!)

  31. The top teams will have to be faced at some point, don’t be worrying about, just full concentration on the Galway game for now.

  32. Is Hennelly injured? I would much prefer to have him as our second choice keeper. If he’s not injured then I’d be pretty disappointed with that decision to say the least.

  33. Loks like a good team Heather is Rising – have you ever done any managing jobs – there may be a vacancy soon!

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