Galway name their team for Sunday

The Tribesmen have now named their starting fifteen for Sunday and here it is:

Galway (Connacht SFC semi-final v Mayo, 26/6/2011): Adrian Faherty; Alan Burke, Colin Forde, Johnny Duane; Gary O’Donnell, Greg Higgins, Gary Sice; Joe Bergin, Finian Hanley; Owen Concannon, Mark Hehir, Garreth Bradshaw; Padraig Joyce, Paul Conroy, Cormac Bane.

So KC was on the money, with those three U21 lads – Colin Forde, Johnny Duane and Mark Hehir – all making their senior championship debuts on Sunday, as does centre-back Greg Higgins.  From our perspective, there are plenty of new names to get acquainted with in this line-up but there’s a few old faces in there too. I guess the key thing from Tomas O Flaharta’s point of view will be whether or not he’s got the balance right but, no more than our man, it looks like he’s had little choice but to set out his stall in the way that he’s done.

5 thoughts on “Galway name their team for Sunday

  1. As expected Willie Joe. Interesting to see what our subs will be. In a strange way most Galway folk i have spoken with are as interested in what reaction our guys will have if we lose on Sunday given our poor qualifier record (’01 aside). As i said in another thread recently the big thing for Mayo and Galway over the coming years is to develop a Cork/Kerry habit of peaking when it matters most. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Mayo/Galway rivalry, what it means to us and what it meant to our ancestors. However with the way the championship is currently structured there is a much bigger picture than previously.

  2. I read that yesterday, couldn’t believe it. I’ve never heard any other county come out with this. And this from our captain.
    We’ve had 10 years to get the hang of this ‘new’ championship structure, you’d think we’d have it by now.
    Maybe it’s a way of trying to focus minds solely on the next game, but all I can see it doing is adding more pressure.

  3. I think you’re right Dan. Get outta the mindset that we will be looking at the qualifiers route. One game at a time and we’re still in there for Connacht….as we speak.

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