Galway NFL preview – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E28

More than seven months have now passed since Mayo played their most recent match in this year’s National League campaign, with all inter-county action mothballed since then due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. County teams all over the country are, however, set to take to the field once more, with the remaining two rounds of League matches scheduled to take place this weekend and next, followed by the strange prospect of a winter Championship.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we look ahead to the return of the inter-county action this weekend, with our focus set squarely on Mayo’s pivotal Division One clash against table-toppers Galway in Tuam. Rob Murphy and I are back anchoring the podcast together after a long absence and we chat about football in the time of the coronavirus, both in terms of the issues this poses for transmission of the virus and the fact that all games will be played behind closed doors but will be available to view either on broadcast TV or online.

Looking ahead to the Galway game on Sunday, Rob gets the views from both sides of the fence as he catches up with Billy Joe Padden and Barry Cullinane. We also hear from Mayo GAA Chairman Liam Moffatt, with whom Rob spoke about the challenges the ongoing pandemic poses for the organisation and funding of GAA activity within the county.

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12 thoughts on “Galway NFL preview – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E28

  1. Government decision will probably be made tonight or early morning. What do Kerry do now with a game in Monaghan tomorrow at 2PM.

  2. As far as I’m aware chief medical officer said last week that elite sports ie GAA could still be played under level 5 restrictions.

  3. What is the purpose of the GPA ?, isn’t their boss on 70k at least per year for a part time role.

  4. Tuamstar – both Leo Varadkar and Michael McGrath have confirmed inside the last 24 hours that a move to Level 5 would mean an end to inter-county games. So-called elite games can be played under the Level 4 restrictions but not under Level 5. Unless, of course, it’s Level 5 with a tweak.

  5. Yes the chief medical officer did say elite sports could continue on level 5 but members of the government has stated that if we go into level 5 we will have no championship this year. They stated that the GAA is a amateur.I seriously think that all games should be called off and cancel this season.

  6. I’m not sure whether the league or championship should go ahead or not. In fact I’m not sure about too much at all these days. The one thing I am sure of is that I don’t have the same interest as I used to.
    If we were to have a championship and IF IF IF we happened to win the damn thing wouldn’t it be ironic ( to quote Alanis Morrisett).
    No crowd! No atmosphere! Not there! No celebration! No recognition! No way!

  7. I cant see any way there will be a championship this year .Its only a matter of when we go to level 5……Think the Gaa should not wait on government guidance and cancel all activities for 2020 and hopefully restart in 2021.
    Stay safe all.

  8. All week I was thinking the GAA should pull the plug on the season. However with the game now less than 48 hours away I’d be gutted if the Gaelic stopped. Great to see loftus at midfield btw. A really fresh team in general has been named so fair play to Horan.

  9. I was all for cancelling the league primarily to be honest because I’m afraid we’ll be relegated but feck it after seeing the team named I want to feel normal for 70+ minutes and watch a match and forget about the dreaded thing

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