Galway preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E28

As soon as Monday morning’s Round 4 qualifier draw paired Mayo against their age-old rivals Galway the countdown began to what promises to be a shuddering showdown encounter. The Gaelic Grounds in Limerick is the novel venue for Saturday evening’s meeting and there’s novelty too in the fact that, for the first time in twenty years, this championship clash between the two counties is a knockout one.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview Saturday evening’s eagerly-awaited meeting of Mayo and Galway. Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I get the show underway by setting the scene for this totemic clash and what it means for both counties.

Rob then chats with ex-Tribesmen star and Galway Bay FM contributor Barry Cullinane who discusses where Galway are at in the wake of the Connacht final defeat to Roscommon and what they need to do to be ready for Mayo’s challenge on Saturday evening. After that, Rob catches up with Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden who talks about how James Horan’s team are evolving this year and who assesses how Mayo are likely to set up in the Gaelic Grounds.

Rob then speaks with Jason Byrne, GAA correspondent of the Irish Sun, whom he met at the Armagh game and who gives an outsider’s perspective on Mayo’s impact in this year’s championship. Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty pops by too, to give an update on the U20s’ Connacht semi-final win over Sligo and to look ahead to the Minor Connacht final against Galway on Friday evening.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Podomatic and Spotify. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.

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38 thoughts on “Galway preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E28

  1. Where has darren coen being the last few years. Real find for us this year. Good for 5 points the next day for us but completely pointless if we are leaking goals at the back.galway will go for goals from the off the next day. U can b sure of that.

  2. This Mayo team are a perfect reflection of who we have become and a window into the emerging Mayo soul.

    Mayo get beaten by Dublin and Galway in the league. Shrugged it off . Dusted themselves down . Won the league ( beating Kerry twice in the process)

    We get beaten by Roscommon (when arrogance in preparation reared it’s ugly head)Our team regained its humility , shrugged it off, dusted themselves down.

    They won two cliff hanger games through sheer fighting qualities ( with no shortage of skill and game management ) that could easily have gone the other way but they WON. They won !

    They now prepare ( as someone on here said ) to dust off plan A.

    We get a Limerick venue, start pissing and moaning about it , get a timely and royal bollocking from our manager Willie Joe. The group shrugs, dusts themselves off,and are ready to go. Bollocking acknowledged.

    So ready in fact that it appears that Pebblesmeller ( I’m a huge fan ) might have sniffed some questionable rocks. No doubt his spirit is exactly what we need married to serious composure and yes, game management.

    Ignore the fact that we are all truly indebted to this team for giving us the time of our lives. Our lives subsumed into our on field players for glorious hours , even days at a time . Something bigger than ourselves . Tick. Glory .Tick. Glorious imperfection . Tick tick tick !

    But think about it for a minute. If one of our own , Kevin McStay professes a lack of understanding ,bordering on incredulity, as to why this Mayo team are so loved and how they manage to do what they do and why they don’t lie down like Mayo teams of yore , well I’ve got something to say to you.

    Despite setback after setback we refuse to die. We play patches of beautiful football and find a way to win with a depleted team.

    This Mayo crowd refuse to die. There is an indomitable spirit. Both team and supporters. They will not go gently into the good night . They don’t give a fc*k about former Kerry managers accusing us of gamesmanship. (Are there no mirrors in Kerry at all at all ?)The Emperor truly has no clothes.

    They don’t give a fc*k what pookeen asal in RTÉ thinks about our corner backs.

    This Mayo team don’t give a fc*k what you think of them or how they win. They’ve had enough of the BS. They’re ready to impose themselves anytime now (Pebblesmeller style )
    When they get a run on a team now it will be something to watch.

    With only half a team we are finding ways to win through efficiency and game management . Yet again , my admiration for this team goes up.

    No matter what happens on Saturday ( and it’s sure to include some elements of calamity , self immolation and ridiculous highs and lows ) they truly owe us nothing more than what they already have given us namely pride , a sense of place and togetherness, and epic entertainment.

    Whatever else they’re sure to be back sooner than later showing everyone outside that they ( and we ) don’t really give a fc*k what you think. We will do it the Mayo way.

  3. Wow Swahili you are brilliant and inspiring in your words and you are a great motivator

  4. Good shout Swahili. You said it all there. They’ve actually changed our lives over the last 10 years and made us into people who are better suited to dealing with the slings and arrows with which we’re faced. At least that’s been my experience and I reckon I’m not alone. It’s been an unbelievable ride already, and the best part is we still have Sam to come. In theory we should be feeling the exact opposite emotions to Dub fans, but we’re not because this is a different journey we’re on, and at this stage I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

  5. Wow, starting to really get excited now. Well done, as always, gentlemen.

    Flying over tomorrow with early Saturday arrival. Coming alone since brother is unavailable and wife thinks it’s insane. Have a room in Limerick that night and another Sunday in Westport. Would love to say hello to any of you that want to meet your distant crazy American cousin!

    Look for the Mayo jersey, of course, paired with Boston Red Sox cap and lucky red sneakers. Who am I sitting with??

  6. The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck after that Swahili. Brilliant piece and beautifully articulated. Mayo does something to me I cant explain and nobody only all the other Mayo fanatics will ever understand. My gut keeps telling me we can, and dare i say it we are going to do the job on Saturday. I won’t be at the game nor will I be able to watch it due to travelling abroad. I wont be able to contain myself until I find out the result. Keep the faith.
    Maigheo Abu.

  7. No ticket James. Was told it won’t be a problem. I plan on getting there for second half of the Ladies.

  8. No, Connecticut. Stuck between Boston and NY. Grandpa Griffin was a Red Sox fan. Said I could root for any team but the Yankees!

  9. I’m a Yankees fan myself, since living in the Bronx in the 80’s. But I’ll keep an out for that Sox cap. Hon Maigh Eo. ???

  10. I’m a Red Sox fan myself I’ve been to Fenway Park a few times they smashed the curse of the bambino after 84 years I love the stickers you see on sale in Fenway like “refuse to lose” and “reverse the curse” I don’t believe in the curse nonsense in Mayo even thought sometimes you’d wonder anyway not half fast enjoy the game and maybe you can wear a green and red Mayo hat next time you park your car in Harvard Yard. Safe journey and welcome home

  11. Thanks Backdoorsam.

    Fenway is great — I was there recently and wore the green and red jersey! I can’t wait for Saturday. Dream come true to see a Mayo v Galway game. Got some grief from a young buck when I traveled out to the Aran Islands last year. Looked at my Mayo hat and said that hat’s not welcome here. I laughed at him. Expect to be laughing a lot after the game (among other things)!

  12. So according to Mike Finnerty most of the Galway injuries will have cleared by Saturday…

  13. If AOS is only touch and go to be fit as some reports claim he should not start. . It would be more of a psychological blow for him to go off injured than not to start. On the other hand what a boost it would be to bring him on as a sub with the gane in the melting pot……

  14. Yep and Mike Finnerty is correct . I don’t know what Galway’s game is but it’s pure silly beggars to think anyone would believe the shite they’re spouting .

  15. @Swahilli, -Great motivational? speech there for the Mayo faithful… Best since Ger Loughane of Clare said in some dispute as regards the Venue ‘Even if it’s played at Midnight in Madagascar, that Clare would be there’… Incidentally I heard that both Mayo and Galway County Board were offered a toss for Madagascar.. But Galway declined because Madagascar was not really a Neutral Venue, like Castlebar and Salthill was, seeing as the Madagascar Flag is Green and Red, ….

  16. The emotive and resilent words are great but If AOS is missing i cant see how we will be able to compete around the middle. He simply has to play for us to have any chance.

  17. Met a Galway lad here in Galway and although he’s probably going he’s hoping Mayo win (and just to see an enjoyable game which he expects) so they can get rid of Kevin Walsh. He said their attendances are way down. It’s not the Galway way they’re playing.

  18. Wide Ball & Sean Burke, how can you come out of a podcast where Mike states that AOS is fine, Doherty is fine and most importantly, Keegan will start, and then start turning it round about his info about the Galway injuries being fine. Duggan, Conroy and Comer haven’t played basically any football in almost a year. It’s the same as saying Mayo have Parsons available if he was cleared to play by the medical team. They simply can’t start. He never mentioned Flynn, O’Currain, Bradshaw, all big doubts. So the only player he mentioned as being fine that could actually realistically start is Cooke. He’s cut the Mayo injuries by over 50% yet you mention Galway

  19. “Keegan will start, ”. I took that as a joke , I must be losing it but I’d swear he was being humorous.

  20. Good podcast. To echo what Mike said from watching yesterday game oisin mullin is a special player and one to look out for .good luck to all mayo teams over the next few days.

  21. Won’t get to listen to podcast till tomorrow evening
    What’s the injury update ???????

  22. Mike Finnerty was being sarcastic about keegan, no way will he start. Theirs a serious phony war going on over these injuries. Thank God a lot of posters aren’t buying what Galway are selling, because it means James Horan certainly isn’t buying it. Mike stated Conroy has played 2 games for his club, he’ll certainly start, along with Comer imo. Mike also said Aidan should be starting, and hopefully Doc.

    Great podcast btw, I wonder how Billy Joe isn’t involved in the senior set up! The man has serious tactical knowledge and comes across as a very astute reader of the game.

  23. I took the Keegan will start line as a joke as well. Frankly I’d be shocked if he could start after seeing the pain he was in last week

  24. James, my Great Grandfather. He was a Griffin who left Mayo (Kilvine) in 1889. His mother’s maiden name was Kirrane. His father died young and mother remarried a Daly (and had more children).

  25. Maybe Lee Roy will be ok for game .I spotted him earlier he did not look like he was on any trouble holding his weight on it so fingers crossed .He will be a major plus if he is on team
    I do expect Doc to be fit and AOS . No doubt Galway will get up for this game but let’s take Comer who has done feck all and only came on in club game it’s hard to see how he will be at match sharpness.Mike Finnerety mentioned Conroy,Durkin and Cooke .How fit will they be??? I am actually feeling more confident as week goes on which is surprising more confident . I think Galway fans are also not feeling confident. Mayo fans will also travel better to Limerick than Galway fans and I do think we the fans will have a bug speak in this game.

  26. I think Mike is basically saying Lee could well play some part, but can we all stop worrying about AOS now, have heard from several sources that he’s fine & with Doc making progress, things look much better than Monday.

  27. Fab post Swahili.
    All who love this team to bits please read
    SWAHILI JULY 4TH@ 6.12PM under Galway preview.
    Let the journey continue…….

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