Galway preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E16

We’re now just days away from the Connacht Championship meeting between Mayo and Galway and in this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast we preview the big game on Sunday at MacHale Park. Joining Rob Murphy in looking ahead to the match are ex-Mayo player and RTÉ analyst Kevin McStay and ex-Galway player and Galway Bay FM analyst Barry Cullinane.

After the lads start off with some memories from previous encounters between these two great rivals, the focus turns squarely towards Sunday’s contest. The importance of this match from the perspectives of both managers is discussed and the key match-ups for Sunday are considered.

The lads then look at the players who could have a major impact on the game and as they do they touch on Aidan O’Shea’s positioning, Kevin McLoughlin’s form, Shane Walsh’s battle with Padraig O’Hora last summer and why we might see a different match-up at MacHale Park, how Mayo might best deal with Paul Conroy and how Galway might handle Ryan O’Donoghue.

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66 thoughts on “Galway preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E16

  1. 2 Stand OAP/STUDENT tickets available for Sunday. Mayo V Galway. Face value €25.

  2. I think it was Padraig Brogan boot that was thrown into the crowd during a Club game in McHale Park, if memory serves me right!.. I was at the match but if memory also serves me r
    well, Michael Commins, wrote poem about it as well!

  3. I see mayo are not the only county with little information about the panel. Eamon McGee reckons it’s like North Korea in Donegal trying to get information on the setup and that’s with a brother in there. It’s the new normal

  4. What is this obsession with needing to know about the panel and starting 15 etc in advance of the day?
    Are we the only sport that names a team 3/4 days before a game? It’s mental really.

    How can a manager or selector be expected to name the 15, days in advance? Probably before they fully know on fitness of a player, before the last training session etc etc. Why should that information be provided any sooner than on match day? You don’t know the Liverpool team days before the next game, so why do we have to know the Mayo team?

    If we want to know a players fitness, then fine, if there is an interview then it can be asked, but apart from that, pointless.

  5. @WeWantJustOne – Rugby at both club and international usually names squads 2-3 days in advance of the games with no change to starting team or bench unless a injury in the warm up.

    Soccer teams play 50+ games a season so there is not as much emphasis on team / squad selection in the build up to games.

  6. It’s part of the whole buildup, of course people are wondering about team selections. In Mayos case it’s more about availability of certain key players than naming a first 15. It’s beside the point but premiership managers issue press conferences a couple of days before games which include updates on injured players.

  7. @we want just one
    Couldnt disagree more. Intercounty gaa teams have a responsibility to the wider wellbeing of the sport and a big part of that is to promote the game properly.
    This kind of secrecy and nonsense naming dummy teams does no one any favours. There no other sport anywhere as bad as GAA for it either.
    Every championship 26 should be named on the Thursday night. Should be a rule brought in at congress and big fines implemented if they aren’t followed. Same rules for all teams so no advantages to be gained.
    Someday, a manager will deviate from the script and treat his players and fans like adults and also be successful.
    All the dummies will then follow them as usual.
    Mayo might well win easily Sunday.
    They might lose.
    But I can assure you not naming a team till throw in and keeping stupid media bans for weeks before hand will have nothing to do with it.

    On a separate note – it’s depressing to read all the dirty linen being aired in public by certain Mayo gaa “personalities” and ex players on Twitter. The personal grudge towards Horan from said individuals is sickening.
    We have a massive game on Sunday but I swear these guys would prefer we lose, some of them are waiting 10 years to put the boot into Horan.

  8. @wewantjustone.if that post was aimed at me you couldn’t be more wrong. I have posted regularly that there is no need for this information as the opposition don’t need any insight into the camp. I was just putting it out there what McGee had to say and it goes on in most camps

  9. My impression is the 26 must be named on the Thursday. Think that’s the ruling

  10. We are heading into the championship without being able to name one line in the team due to injury and transition. It must be a long time since we have had that kind of uncertainty. With no gimmee games except potentially the connacht semifinal. Add to that selection crisis the psychological wounds of last year( which i think are greater than any other year) and the tactical deficiencies in our play an AI semifinal would be a good achievement.

  11. Some of ye must not be too busy, thinking about the team selection v Galway at the coming weekend.
    All will be revealed in a few days, probably the hardest game ever to call.
    If 4 or 5 of the regular guys are out through injury, I must admit Mayo will struggle and be beaten.

  12. Enjoyed the podcast. Was interesting to hear Kevin tip mayo to win if they have some of the injured players back considering he went for galway to win connaught in the paper at the weekend.

  13. I don’t know what the circumstances are around his absence but Colm Moran should be in this Mayo side. He’s probably the best forward in the county. Anyone who says he’s not good enough needs their head checked.

  14. Didn’t Colm Moran withdraw from the panel to go travelling in January?
    Don’t think there’s any conspiracies here. Agree he’s a quality player though and a loss, hopefully he gets a look in the future again

  15. @Larry Duff – I wasn’t implying there was any conspiracy around his absence, there’s enough drama and pessimism here as it is so the last thing I want to do is stir the pot even more. It’s a real pity if that’s the case, I would have moved heaven and earth to have him in the side.

  16. The reference in relation to O’Hora v Walsh by McStay I found interesting. O’Hora was lucky he reckons, yet Walsh was dumped by O’Hora after Walsh had dragged at O’Hora to stop his run up the pitch.

    I’m curious at what stage does it become a problem? A pull back of someone because you don’t want to put the effort in to chase them back fairly is ok? A reaction (albeit one that resulted in an injurt) isn’t ok despite the fact the initial foul is ok?

    This happens all the time, the root cause of so many of these larger incidents are the minor pull backs and stopping a players run. The black card doesn’t cover this type of fouling and it isn’t going to get a yellow.

  17. When discussing the match at home last night, the young fella said that why are so many Mayo players getting injured, he said this didn’t happen during Jim Gavin’s time when the Dubs were at full flight.
    He is right, Mayo seem to get alot of leg / muscle injuries.

  18. Tommy Conroy did cruicat playing sigerson
    Flynn did ankle after late tackle cs Kerry
    McLaughlin did injury playing sigerson

    Some other players mentioned on many occasions(won’t name), are just not favoured by Horan.

    Mullin fit and o Connor fit,

    Overall I don’t think it’s anything to do with Mayo s&c

  19. The pitch in mchale park judging from the on field video posted yesterday looks unreal, like a carpet.

  20. Will Galway ‘bate’ Mayo?
    I read with great interest Jim Carney (former RTE) piece in this week’s Mayo News- Down memory lane Entitled ‘A rivalry steeped in history’
    He mentioned the 1966 Connaught final Mhuigeo v Gaillimh at McHale Park.
    I met Paddy Kilbane (Butcher) on the road this morning and he asked me what the prematch atmosphere was like in Achill, considering we had two Achill players starting MJ Ruddy from Clougmore and Pat Kilbane from Polranny/Tornagee. This was huge for the parish of Achill. I wish to point out that we had no Podcasts, no Midwest radio, no MayoGAA blog, no Patreon or Discord-latest fad and an extension of the Blog!! We only had the weekly bible the Mayo News and that is where we found out whether the Achill boys made the team or not! The prematch was also discussed in scoil an Doirin by our ard Mhaistir Padraic Seoighe an avid GAA person who represented the parish (as well as others) with distinction and pride!
    Paddy was wondering what the atmosphere was like as he along with other young men were domiciled in the UK as immigration was rife-no jobs!
    It was the hay season and the turf was home ( no Green party back then) and the majority of our Dad’s were working in England. Consequently, our Mum’s had to ‘carry the can’ (even the can of water from the well in Gob). Coming up to the game my brother and I, Tony, had to impress my late Mum with our work ethic as we wanted to go to the big match in Castlebar! Remember going to Castlebar in these days was a big event! My Mum said that we could go but Johnny Phaddy had to send the cheque (called remittance) in the first instance! We waited with bated breath until Neil a phoist delivered the letter. My Mum opened the letter and the much welcomed cheque went straight into the bank -private and confidential (into her breast) without us seeing the amount! Remember money was tight then and our Mum’s were frugal and every penny was accounted for!
    Off we went to the game in Caislean A’Bharra probably with muintir Gob as we were
    inseparable growing up. The Derreens and Bleanaskill lads were probably with us! I can’t remember who we went with but it was probably Paddy O’Malley who never charged gasuirs/cailini at that time -a generous man Beannacht De lena anamh dilis!
    When we arrived in Castlebar we were amazed at the huge crowd and were more amazed by the hawkers selling ‘apples oranges bananes and chocolates! OMG they were go hann deas ar fad!
    The game itself was intense, hard fought on a blistering hot day and we were absorbed in it especially when the Mayo full forward MJ Ruddy (yes Noirin G. He was from Cloughmore) got the ball rounded the Galway full back Noel Tierney and blasted the ball into the Galway net. The stadium erupted all 30,000!
    Unfortunately, Mayo lost to a great Galway team by a point. The late John Morley was awesome at midfield
    and the whole team were unlucky on the day. Of course we were very proud of our Achill lads MJ Ruddy and Pat Kilbane and both played extremely well on the day! Naturally we were disappointed as there was no back door or Sunday Game in these days!
    Looking back these were glorious, happy days and we had a vibrant community in the Achill parish. Faraoir, it has been in decline since the 1960’s!
    That Connaught final was a long time ago in 1966 and the two counties meet again in McHale Park on Sunday.
    Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo v Gaillimh agus le cunadh De bheidh an bua againn De Domhnaigh !
    Mhuigeo Abu!!

  21. The big eagles concert is nearly here.
    Great to be goin, but haven’t a clue if it’ll be the original eagles line up that’ll be playing or not.

    Sure how would we know ?

    The tour manager won’t tell us anything.

    And it’s a new venue.

    Good luck with the sound checks.

    ” Testing one two ”

    ” Sounds good back here James “.

    ” Who asked yea. Fuck off back to your seat and shut your hole “.

    I hope they play their greatest hits on Sunday, regardless of whether it’s the original line up or not.

    You know, the tour manager doesn’t like to play with a drummer either.

    ” Yea don’t need a drummer ” he yelps.

    ” But James, a drummer would keep the rest of the band on beat and keep the beat nice and smooth all through the concert “.

    ” Did I not tell you to shut your hole “.

    The tour manager isn’t saying anything, which probably means there will be no encore on Sunday.

    I hope they don’t finish up the concert with,

    ” Desperado ”

    Followed by

    ” Heartache tonight ”

    And topped off with

    ” lying eyes “.

    The eagles are a big draw, and you can be sure, any big draw would sell out again if it came to it.

  22. Maith-an fear, Oileán Acla! Bhain mé an-sult as do chuimhní an ocáid mhór sna seascaidí. Mar fear Chaisleáin an Bharraigh, uaireanta déanaim dearmad gur crua an turas é a bheith lucht tacaíochta Mhaigh Eo, taobh amuigh don phríomhbhaile.

    Táim i mo chonaí anois ar an Mór Roinn, agus blianta ó shin, ag bainis mo chara, bhuail mé le fear a raibh ar an bhfoireann Gaillimh ar an lá shin, fear a bhuaigh triúr bonn uile Éireann sa tréimhse. Dúirt sé liom nár mhór na himreoirí Daly’s Hotel a usáid mar seomra gléasta, sular shiúil siad go dtí Páirc Mhic Éil! Créid é nó ná chreid é!

    Feictear an-chuid athrúithe sa CLG sna blianta beaga anuas, spóirt beagnach gharmíuil is ea sna laethanta seo i comparáid leis an tréimhse sin.

  23. Enjoyed that Oilean Acla . My fathers side are Achill , would of heard them players names mentioned before .

  24. Beautiful @Oilean Acla and lovely to hear of the adventure from decades ago. Enjoyed it very much.
    and @It means nothing to me, great to see the post as gaeilge. I wish I was better able to speak it.

  25. @Sean Burke, a few light showers but nothing prolonged or serious. Pretty much perfect weather for a pitch this week I’d have to imagine.

    That said, last weekend had an unbelievable downpour in town. Didn’t hit a few miles outside but a Castlebar Celtic home game in Celtic Park had to be abandoned at half time (Celtic 2 0 up on Ballinasloe Town) due to the torrential rain during the first half.

  26. Fabulous post Oilean acla. And great to see the cúpla focal ar an blog!

    Revellino, as usual I’m in stitches ?

    Larry Duff, agreed on all and every count.

    Listened to the podcast this morning and enjoyed it a lot. Was surprised to hear that there is still talk of Aidan at 14. Surely that ship has sailed? Kevin Mc Stay said it himself – we just don’t have the kickers to deliver the ball in as needed. Putting him Aidan there is setting him up for failure, and indeed, it has been tried and it’s failed, which is certainly not all down to Aidan himself. It’s time to move on. Kevin is absolutely right though in that this game is potentially career-defining for both managers, but I think particularly, Padraig Joyce. There is far more pressure on Galway to win this game and it will be interesting to see how they respond.

    I also really enjoyed Barry Cullinane’s takes I have to say, especially on Comer and Walsh’s unfulfilled potential and the fact that they are both big boys now who need to be able to look after themselves.

    I really can’t wait for Sunday. I suspect it won’t be a classic for the ages but the occasion should make up for it.

  27. No disrespect Ann Marie – but i think Kevin McStays comment that Mayo don’t have the kickers to put the right ball into a full forward is the silliest thing I’ve heard in GAA punditry for a long time. These are county footballers not Junior B players – of course they have the ability and skill to put decent ball in. AoS actually won a fair bit of ball in the first half of last years all ireland – he won a couple of frees and he had poor execution on a couple after he gathered position but it was certainly working to an extent… to suggest likes of Lee Keegan Paddy Durcan,, Diarmad O Connor, Fergal Boland, Mattie Ruane aren’t capable of hitting 40 or 50 yard balls in a manner that favours their own inside players just doesn’t stack up for me.

  28. I agree with Banjo. Aidan won plenty ball inside in last year’s final (Ryan’s pass to him the best I ever witnessed in Croke Park) but it came to naught. Kevin is wrong on this one. Aidan has been beaten hands down at FF for the past decade, especially against top teams, and top teams are now only putting one man on him.

    Aido at 14 might work against Galway, but not Kerry or Dublin. That’s not unfair criticism, it’s just facts based on crystal clear longitudinal evidence.

  29. Tickets right on the halfway line in the stand now available to buy. Great for the fair weather supporters still undecided about going!

  30. Aido at full forward. This has been tried again and again, and hasn’t worked against the big teams. He is not a natural forward. It should be so simple to have runners coming off him but it never happens. Also he isn’t going to skin his man, nor will he turn onto his weaker foot and pop it over.

    It might work against Galway, but I’d have my doubts. He created the peno last year brilliantly, but that was only because Mattie Ruane made a lung bursting run from midfield to give him an option. No other player within an arse’s roar of him.

    That pass from Ryan in last year’s all Ireland was simply sublime. A natural would have buried that chance.

    Aido still has a role, but it ain’t full forward in my option. Been tried to death

  31. That’s annoying Wide all, they sold all the tickets on the outside of the stand first.

  32. Not sure where Revellino is going with his Eagles post. Hard know what to make of that one.

    Most supporters will be hoping James and the lads can just take it to the limit (one more time).

  33. Here Comes the Weekend pod is online now for club members on Patreon. Mike with Colm Boyle and Michael Meehan looking ahead to the big game.

    That’s Podcast No.62 for the year so far!

  34. I get what posters are saying about the largely unsuccessful experiment about Aido at full-forward against the very best teams, but in fairness it has worked against Galway plenty of times. A case of horses for courses? We are not exactly flush with scoring forwards at the moment.

    @Revellino: Never too late to learn! I find Duolingo great for starting languages from scratch, TG4 have a lot of learners stuff as well.

  35. Great post Oilean Acla,great memories of that day I was almost on the half way line but the view was not great because of the crowd, but I well remember how well the whole team played Galway were a brilliant team at that time,but the next year we managed to take them,we were very innocent those years,now we expect to know everything about the team,hopefully we will have enough for Galway this year,we certainly need to bring some tactics for our defending,and to keep our scorers closer to the target,up Mayo

  36. I’d be of the view that it’s horses for courses. I don’t believe a footballer needs to be rooted to the same position for the whole year and Aido has shown he can be versatile in terms of his ability to play in different positions when asked to do so.
    No harm to stick him in at 14 against Galway/Leitrim, but it won’t work against the top teams. So I won’t be getting annoyed if he plays at 14 on Sunday but if we were meet the likes of Tyrone/Kerry/Dublin his ability to hold possession and give accurate passes will be better used further out the field.

  37. For what it’s worth, a lot of Galway fans online seem to be a bit worried about a lack of physicality in their full-back line, and I got that impression in their Division Two final against the Rossies too.

  38. @Liberal role in the tie… Agree with you as regards AOS at FF..Aiden is an Enigma to many fans of Mayo . And definitely Sligo and Leitrim teams as well, they just don’t have the Code breaker’s in Sligo and Leitrim.. But I’m afraid the Aiden Full Forward Code has been broken by the Top Team’s for many a year now, and they don’t need two players marking him, nor they didn’t need to get any advice from Bletchly Park either.. In the league final disaster AOS was at No 11, marked by Kerry No 6 Taoigh Morley, but was Morley marked by Aiden? Definitely Not is the answer! … Indeed did any of our half forward line succeed in marking their opposite number, especially Gavin White?.. Definitely Not as well!.. Mayo are in a bit of a predicament now with so many injuries, but my opinion, which has no influence whatsoever, would be regardless of injuries is to bring on Aiden from the bench about 40 minutes into the game, when a few are tiring.. .. Otherwise I think Galway, they have been the slowest of the big team’s in learning the Code, but I’m fairly confident that they know it now!.. The new playing surface in Paâirc Mhic Eil is something to look forward to, the weather has been fairly good and dry for the last week, so I expect it to play faster than previously. .. As they say in Bingo.. Legs Eleven.. do we have them?

  39. It means nothing… Not sure we have the fire power to hurt them where as Galway do.
    Walsh makes them tick, Comer can pounce at any minute and will be doing his best to get O Hora or Lee to react, Conroy is playing great stuff, Kelly’s and Tierney are in good form and they have a few lads who can pop up with a goal at any time.
    A sunny dry day and I think Galway will be really up for this. It’s not that hard to figure out how we will play so I’d make them favourites..
    In the grand scheme of things though, there will be another day out regardless so it’s not all bad.

  40. Moose79 – I think Kildare in the league had the same idea i.e. we’ll go man to man and Mayo won’t have the fire power to out score us. That proved incorrect and any time we’ve played Galway in an open game recently it’s been a convincing win for us.

    I’ve a feeling it won’t turn out like that this weekend. Galway will go defensive, try to frustrate Mayo by forcing us down cul de sacs and make the home crowd anxious.

    I’d fancy Ryan and James Carr if they’re left 1 v 1 with any of the Galway full back line.

  41. @It means nothing to me. Thanks very much for the advice. I’ll give that a try.

  42. @Moose79: I agree that we are short of fire power this season, in light of the injuries to Tommy, Cillian, Diarmuid, Paddy D etc. Which is why we might have to go to Plan B mode. If we can get over this game, a several week gap til the Rossies (in all likelihood) would enable the return of several key players.

    Granted that Galway have a very talented forward line, if they all fire at the same time. So far, they haven’t managed it against Division One teams, but maybe Sunday will be their day.

    I think we need to strangle them in the middle eight to have a chance, but easier said than done. There’s talk of Seán Kelly going to full-back, which would be a huge helping hand to us, if it were to happen. As we have seen with Oisín Mullin, you shouldn’t shackle a thoroughbred back at the paddock, they need wide open country.

  43. Oilean Acla. The glory days of Achill Gaa. ..Pat Kilbane some player. Played minor and senior Championship for Mayo in the same year.

  44. One moreyear, remember Tom Cafferkey. Páraic ó Seoige brother lived in Castlebar and we used to rise him by calling him a blow in
    He would reply that he was in Castlebar before we were born, a great gentleman as are all his family

  45. Aidans body language at 14 against the top teams always looks3a bit defeated. I’ve no way of knowing, but I’d have my doubts Aidan has really tried 100% to make it work at 14.
    Isn’t it up to Aidan himself to make himself an option for a pass running towards goal? Tends to drift out deep, tends to not be in sync with the players outfield?
    Not sure I agree with Kevin Mcstay that we don’t have the kickers. I think we don’t have it coached nor a target man with size really bought in.
    The pass, why does it have to be diagonal? It’s simply a pass favouring the forward, just happens that’s likely to be off to one side (diagonal). But Aidan can win or break ball fully covered against full backs
    We can blame mgmt, but isn’t a certain % on Aidan to have done like Donaghy and done loads of repetitions of this over the years with his outfield passers.
    The pass has an open target of what half a tennis court size space on the pitch.
    Sure the ideal pass is landing it on a snooker table from 40 yards … we don’t need ideal.
    Aidan can win it or break it when it’s far from ideal.
    I don’t see how it’s some exceptional kick?
    Look at Conor Meylers pass for Cathal McShanes goal? Sure wasn’t it just the pretty standard kickpass drill one does in training where you loft one up hanging for your team mate to attack in the air?

  46. The Senior Mayo team as follows:

    1. Rory Byrne – Ruairi O’Broin – Castlebar Mitchels
    2. Lee Keegan – Laoi MacAogáin – Westport
    3. Oisín Mullin – Oisín Ó’Maoláin – Kilmaine
    4. Padraig O’Hora – Pádraig O’hOra – Ballina Stephenites
    5. Stephen Coen © – Stiofáin O’Cadhain – Hollymount/Carramore
    6. Michael Plunkett – Micheal Pluincéid – Ballintubber
    7. Eoghan McLaughlin – Eoghan MacLochlainn – Westport
    8. Aidan O’Shea – Aodhán O’Sé – Breaffy
    9. Matthew Ruane – Maitiú Ó’Ruáin – Breaffy
    10. Kevin McLoughlin – Caoimhín MacLochlainn – Knockmore
    11. Ryan O’Donoghue – Riain O’Donnachadh – Beal a Mhuirthead
    12. Conor Loftus – Conchur O’Lachtnáin – Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    13. James Carr – Seamus MacGiolla Cheara – Ardagh
    14. Jason Doherty – Séasáon Dochartaigh – Burrishoole
    15. Cillian O’Connor – Cillian Ó’Conchúir – Ballintubber

    16. Colm Reape – Coilm O’Reabaigh – Knockmore
    17. Enda Hession – Éanna Ó hOisín – Garrymore
    18. Rory Brickenden – Ruairí Brickenden – Westport
    19. David McBrien – Dáithí MacBriain – Ballaghadereen
    20. Conor O’Shea – Conchur O’Sé – Breaffy
    21. Fergal Boland – Fearghal Ó’Beolláin – Aghamore
    22. Darren McHale – Darán MacCéile – Knockmore
    23. Aiden Orme – Aodhán Orme – Knockmore
    24. Darren Coen – Darán Ó’Cadhain – Hollymount Carramore
    25. Diarmuid O’Connor – Diarmuid Ó’Conchúir – Ballintubber
    26. Jack Carney – Sean O’Cearnaigh – Kilmeena

  47. Very strong mayo team named, he has definitely plumped for experience.
    AoS and Kevin lucky to get in based on recent performances but can kind of understand jh going with experience to get over this one

  48. Big blow not having Paddy.

    Can’t see both Doherty and Cillian starting. Expect Carney or Diarmuid to start in place of one of them, with Ryan going back into FF line.

  49. Any recommendations for places to watch game in or around Dublin city centre. Liverpool game is on at 4.30 so wud need to be a Gaa bar to take preference over the soccer on the TV

  50. Aidan is not lucky to get on it, he was one of our best performers in he league final.
    I’d agree Kevin Mc is, his performances have been poor. Whilst I put some of that down to possible heavy training being done before the Tyrone game and league final in particular, he hasn’t had a good league in general and I did think they’d go for him off the bench.
    Hard to see how Eoghan and Cillian could go well, having played so little football during the league.
    Very disappointing Paddy is out.

  51. I’d say that’s a difficult one casual observer but there might be a slim chance of o sheas merchant on the quays

  52. Strong team. As a poster above says i cant see both CIllian and Doherty starting, it would be a great boost if Paddy was on the bench come Sunday. I am more confident we can get the win after seeing the team sheet.

  53. Cillian, Oisin, Eoghan all start. Boom. Huge positive. Best we could have expected.

  54. I’m tempted to recommend the Dublin Supporters’ bar on Parnell Street, but you might be taking your life in your own hands! Big Tree is open again on Dorset Street, always a good GAA haunt.

  55. No use thinking of what might of been but you can’t help it when you look at a team sheet of forwards that include Cillian , James Carr , Ryan and then you think , Tommy C ! Game changer , dynamics are looking savage .

  56. I’d be hoping to see K Mc sweeping… Yes I know…he doesn’t play a sweeper but maybe all this learning we have heard about, will result in focus on not conceeding early goals… Just a thought…

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