Game day – a win would be super

It’s the Championship but not as we know it.

This afternoon in Killarney we take on Kerry in Phase 1 of the All-Ireland quarter-final. This Group 1 fixture – our first ever Super 8s match – throws in at Fitzgerald Stadium at 4pm this afternoon, with Tyrone ref Seán Hurson the man in charge.

To say this clash in an eagerly-awaited one is a bit of an understatement. The inaugural Super 8s last year didn’t exactly set the pulses racing and yesterday’s opening ties in the other group were no more than good in spots. This format needs a classic encounter between two big guns and today’s sell-out match in Killarney at the very least offers that possibility.

From our perspective, though, it’s not the health of the current Championship structure that will be of concern to us. Instead, it’s the opportunity to land a severe blow on Kerry, one that would, if we win, badly dent their hopes of further progression this summer.

It’s a big ask. Kerry are unbeaten at the venue since way back in 1995 and although it’s only Cork who have provided any kind of opposition there to them down the years there have been plenty of good Cork sides over the last twenty-odd years as well as a few not-so-hectic Kerry ones. That unbeaten record, then, isn’t one to be sniffed at.

It’s also our first ever Championship appearance in Fitzgerald Stadium, the first time ever that we’ve taken on Kerry at their home place in the Championship. And, of course, it’s our first ever match in the Super 8s, while Kerry got to take part in it – and have the scars to prove this – last year.

So we’ll be doing well, I reckon, to get a result from this game today. While a defeat would be a setback for us, it wouldn’t be a fatal one as we could still advance with victories over Meath and Donegal. It would, though, ramp up the pressure on us ahead of those two games and it would almost certainly send us into the path of Dublin in the semi-final.

For these reasons – allied to the delicious opportunity of besting Kerry for a third time this year – a win today is well worth going for with everything we have in our locker. And, as the last few weeks have shown, we’ve got quite a few positive elements about us this year to make Kerry ever so slightly worried heading into this one.

First, we’ve a vastly more experienced outfit. While, on the downside, this means more miles on the clock it also ensures that, when the battle is raging this afternoon, our lads are well used to this environment and know how to handle themselves in such a game. Can the same be said of Kerry’s talented young team?

It’s also the case that there’s much to like about how we’re playing this summer, a point that was particularly evident against Galway last weekend. Increasingly, there’s great energy and purpose to how we’re moving and, week by week, you can see that the quality of our play is inching ever higher. Will we see another jump in performance today? And, if so, how will that impact the battle that’s going to be played out?

I’m not going to speculate on how this one might go later today. But what I will predict is that we’ll see another strong, positive display from the lads, one that will see this team blossom still further. If that’s what we do get, then we won’t be far away.

Right, let’s get to it – it’s time to put the super into these Super 8s. Safe travelling all and get ready to lose those voices all over again later on today. Up Mayo.

201 thoughts on “Game day – a win would be super

  1. I couldn’t travel home for this one so will be prowling in front of the tv this evening.

    This would be a savage win for the lads if we can pull it off. Up MAYO.

  2. The fry is on now and the backpack loaded, sun is beaming on what should be a brilliant day. We will have to play this one to the very end cause they won’t slow up and they will be looking for the early goal to quieten the mayo fans, hugely important to shout even louder if things are not going our way at times. It’s what championship football is supposed to be. Maigheo abú

  3. Willie joe Did you know that mayo played Kerry on the day of the official opening of this pitch in 1936. Of course we went on to better things later that year. Today could be a good omen. Up mayo

  4. Lucky enough to be based in Kerry. Clatter of the clan arrived yesterday and the atmosphere at one of our rare BBQ opportunities In the glorious evening sun was only mighty. Truth is, no one can call this one with confidence. If anyone genuinely believes they can, then methinks there’s a big conical shaped hat emblazoned with the word FOOL present in your kit bag. What we justifiably have in abundance today is hope. While not yet having taken us to the promised land, this incarnation of the Mayo team seems to revel in crunch situations like today. Very best of luck to James et al and no doubt the Mayo support will take it up a few notches yet again. Safe journey to all. Thanks WJ for providing such a fine forum which acts as a huge release valve for so many. Ah… I hear some Mayo animal supporters arising from their slumber. Heatwave or no, it’s time to put on the rashers.

  5. Really looking forward to this one. Heading shortly for the long trip South. Hard to call but there will be added energy in the Kerry boys as they are undoubtedly under pressure to get one over us in their own back yard. A slight concern I have is that it’s going to be a very warm day and I fear we may suffer more from fatigue than them in the final 10 mins.
    That’s all to be seen, of course, but if we perform as best we can we will win, that’s it.
    Safe travels to all and Hon Mayo.

  6. Any handy places for parking? Still traumatised by Na Piarsaigh club in Limerick!!
    And any good spots to watch the other match beforehand?
    Let’s frustrate this Kerry team defensively for the first 15 or 20 minutes.
    And then cut loose, Up Mayo

  7. Backdoorsam – I would be thinking that Tom Parsons would need to get a few club games under his belt before even to be considered. The man hasn’t played a competitive game in 14 months.

  8. Beautiful morning here in Killarney. Signs up at the entrance to town welcoming Mayo visitors. Let’s make the most of the hospitality and come away with the points

  9. Every player who starts has to up his performane today. There can be no taking the foot off the pedal in relation to marking, fielding and scoring. We have to start as against Galway and tear into this Kerry Team. Sure they are good and have one of the best half and Full Forward units in the championship but We have Experienced Skillful backs that will cope.
    What forward likes playing against the like of Higgins, Boyle, Barrett, Harrisson, O Donoghue or Fit Paddy Durcan? None do. Get the Match Ups correct today and Mayo will thrive.
    I wonder is Seamie O Shea fit enough to start with Aido? That would be some combination that Kerry would not like to see! Imagine the two O Sheas making hay in the middle against Moran and launching Mayo attacks.
    Our Forwards will win us the day provided they get the quick ball as provided in the Galway game. Mayo should mix it up today and try a few Long high direct kicks into Darren Coen early on and try to create havoc inside with these small inexperienced Kerry backs . This is their weakness along with their Midfield and Mayo must target this today. High ball in with Cillian and Mc Donagh and James Carr feeding off Darren Coen.
    So lets impose Our Game on Kerry like we always do. Of course Respect them but with but lets also Respect ourselves. We are Mayo. We will never lie down , We Will keep the shoulder to the wheel even when we are down.
    I was in Kerry this week and they are not as cock a hoop as they usually are.
    Mayo will win today and our full squad will have to play their part.
    Safe traveling to all on the roads and let us all roar with pride these Mighty Green and Red Warriors onto Victory!
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  10. Belief is everything in life, Mayo certainly have huge experience much more than the Kerry line in, after seeing the Dubs yesterday live in Croker for the first time in the 2019 championship one thing I’m pretty sure about is Mayo will need All the injured guys back on board before the eventual meeting later on this summer.
    There could well be some new match winners in the Mayo team later today, maybe Boland, Loftus, Ó Donoghue etc.
    I won’t be travelling today but will be in Croker next weekend, first time to play meath since 2009.

  11. Just looked at weather map on Met Eireann app. Killarney will be hottest place in Ireland today. Six degrees hotter than Cork city for example. And the hottest time? Yep, you guessed it, 4 pm. 29 degrees! Bring the sunscreen lads.
    Hate to say it but probably favours youth. Still feel we can do it though.

  12. Only 14,000 in the Hyde last evening and only 30,000 at Croke Park for Dublin v Cork. A disgrace and an embarrassment to all Counties involved. I’ve seen more people at a christening.

  13. I just checked, the Dubs are at home again in Croker to the Rossies next Saturday, funny how their first 2 games are at home with the 3rd game away to Tyrone, it would be much better if they had to go to Tyrone for the 2nd game in the group.
    I forget, Croker is their nominated neutral venue!

  14. Safe travel to all heading down today. Bring suncream if ye can, going to be a warm evening, not much cover on the terraces of Killarney. Also, bring flags and voices, we need to show our team that we are there as always. Up Mayo, let’s do it.

  15. Going to be listening in from Riyadh today (unfortunately not in Killarney). Best of luck to the boys today….. it will be a cracker of a game. our new young guns will be a match for Kerry…. with Mayo aggression and discipline, we can pull it off…. Mayo Abu…

  16. A great weekend so far in killarney, Savage weather, town hopping and great craic with the locals last night. Really feels like a carnival atmosphere
    If we get the result today would top of a great weekend.

    I have to say im feeling more hopeful after watching qualifiers last night, having seen the tean with momentum Tyrone looking far sharper anf fitter than Roscommon over the 70 mins, i honestly think layoff does teams no favour and teams coming through qualifier seem much sharper and well tuned.
    Power to overpower kerry from the 3rd quarter

    Mayo to win by 4. 2-12 to 1-13

  17. Really looking forward to this one. Stayed with friends in Limerick last night to break up the journey. 29 degrees if that is the case isn’t good worry today would be the last 15 and whether we will still have it in the legs. If we can finish strongly and Aido is at full pelt I think we win but this one is very tough to call. Not the end of the road if we lose but makes it so much tougher. I was glad Willie Joe called out the stat about no team making semis after losing first game in super 8s…pretty small sample size with that one! Lets make some noise today. COME ON MAYO

  18. Recently, as a family, we have become health food conscious. But every weekend, we have one slap up “fry” as they call it in Mayo.
    Some of the posters here have just whetted my appetite, so here goes: rashers, sausages, black/ white pudding, tomatoes, mushroom, and yes….”dipped bread’ to top it all off..

    Here’s hoping for a result… Killarney fine pitch surface, although not in the same class as Limerick, will still suit Mayor’s style of play. Best of luck and safe travelling..

  19. Heading southwards now too. It has the looks of a beautiful day. I’m feeling nervous but I genuinely believe we can do it today. We’ll need to keep the head and the composure all the way through as Kerry can be expected to rattle us royally throughout the game. Youth will have the confidence. Andy can come on to give a confidence boost later in the game. I believe in our backs. Boyler will be prowling and on duty as he was for us in AI Semi Final replay 2017 and in League Final. I think it’s a statement of conviction that Aidan is captain today. And this makes me feel steadier.

    I’d love Kevin Mc to do some damage on the scoreboard for us today – people might not be expecting that. I’d love to see Seamie O’Shea on for us to boost us for a while at midfield. We still have runners on the field although Diarmuid and Paddy are out. Hopefully we can mix it up as we might need to. I hope some of our forwards can be close to goal to pick up spilling ball as Diarmuid has done and James Carr last week.

    I’ll be shouting them on. Hon Mayo! Mayo by 3.

  20. Expect fire and brimstone from Kerry in front of their home crowd today. Snatching victory in Killarney today may be very challenging but it is also very achievable. Up Mayo.

  21. Couldn’t get to this one but I’ve two Kerry mates and their kids coming round for a barbecue and the match! Will have to keep our emotions in check in front of the kids, that’s for sure! I’m worried. Way too many people tipping Mayo for this one and I just think Kerry will have prepared to the hilt given what happened in the league final. Culture is such a hugely important ingredient in sport, and I just think all of the brickbats that have come Kerry’s way have been a little unfair. They could’ve easily snuck a win or a draw against us in the league, despite our relative dominance and I just think it’s teed up perfectly for them to remind every man and his dog what Kerry football is all about. I hope I’m wrong but I’m fearful for this one…some game to be looking forward to all the same, hon Mayo!!

  22. I’ve an adult and child ticket available for the match, in killarney now 0877963770

  23. I agree Exiled in Dublin – it is perfectly teed up for a Kerry win today. There are rumbles of worry coming out of Kerry (no talking up of self) and a succession of Kerry pundits talking us up. There’s even that headline saying the Gooch is concerned that Cillian is going to do damage and break the all-time leading scoring record in Killarney today.

    It’s putting the plaudits on us. That’s stage set for an ambush.

    But… this is into serious Championship now. At a certain stage Mayo get very focussed. We’re grizzly and we want to advance. I feel, going on past experience, we should be tuned in properly for what we have to take from today’s game and know what we have to do to get the job done.

    It may be set for Kerry to spring surprises on us… but they still have to win the game. Can we remain tenacious? Can our backs dig in? We can. Tiredness may be a challenge – Horan needs to be tuned in to manage that. Kerry still have to win the game whatever about the stage being set.

  24. Wild jealous im not on the road with our Group today.Gaa Go in Lake Tahoe will be my viewing.I am not worried about the heat as i feel we will have the better bench for the first time i can remember.We can win this on the sideline.Stick Together.

  25. Another epic day for Mayo football and for our amayozing fans too. Sounds like it’ll be hot. Hope we have the stamina and legs to go all the way. It’s a huge ask and you can bet your fry up for breakfast that Kerry intend to keep the bacon at home today. There was feck all in it in the league final. Kerry are close and take our injuries into account as well as the home ground advantage gives them a major boost. I’m anxious though I do have that innocent kinda optimism that us Mayo ppl seem to be blessed with. I hope to frig I’m right and I’m trusting our brilliant supporters to be my voice today. Give your all…we expect it from our team so let’s reciprocate. Give it welly Mayo today. Drive safely and support with wild hearts. Love Mayo…go deo.

  26. @man of Arán, I lost track with the Calorie count in that breakfast, some where in the 4000’s.
    As somebody that has bought into the health food and Gym and indoor soccer since mid February, I can say for sure it works, no fancy diets just cut out the bad food, look at the County footballers, sure they are leading the way re food and diet, not just all about fitness.
    This is the excitement in following Mayo, you never know what you are going to get, today’s game will be no different.

  27. Best of luck from the Viking stronghold of Dublin. Looking forward to this game, and if the heat doesn’t take too big a toll, I see a win for the visitors on the cards. I think Kerry are over-rated, that said, will always be a dangerous foe to tangle with.

    It’s been a good day in the capital thus far, Jim Gavin in his morning press interview, has confirmed that Diarmuid Connolly is back training with the team.

  28. Was at the match in Limerick last week, there was a very noticeable improvement on our performance v Armagh – naively carrying ball into tackle reduced (although Armagh were better tacklers than Galway), fewer poorly executed kick passes into our forwards, fewer Reganesque-type ‘look at me’ attempts at point scoring which invariably fail. One area we need to focus on – our bench must contribute more, more often than not they weaken us. Looking forward to seeing continued improvement today and best of luck to our lads. Great to hear what a wonderful experience supporters have had over the past 8 years , that’s without winning Sam and WJ your blog has contributed greatly to all the enjoyment. Thank you.

  29. Yes another weekend where the standout game involves Mayo!
    This just seems like one that Kerry cannot afford to lose. That will be worth something.
    Good luck to ye.

  30. Nerves building big time. Cannot see how 15 Kerry men will lose to us in their back yard. If this was on in Croker i’d be far more optimistic. Still, going to empty my tonsils onto the seat in front. Don’t stop shouting for our team, they need all the help they can get. Head says Kerry by 2. Best of luck to James and the boys! Hon Mayo!!!!!!!

  31. Had the fry in Tralee, Mass and prayers in St John’s, nearly here, nerves starting to kick in but feeling strong on a magical win, on a magical w’end in Killarney, and magical summer 2019.
    Very best of all that is great to James and our
    Mayo heroes. Up the green and red of Mayo all the way.

  32. Best of luck to Mayo today , I just hope the lads can pull it off & surely guarantee ye a place in
    the semifinals,

  33. Genuine best wishes from Dublin fans. Mayo are improving and coming for us. We know this and it will be titanic struggle again .i don’t think it will be in the semi as I think both will top their groups!
    Your team of proven warriors will be too much for a Kerry team that has potential but not experience.
    Safe travel and enjoy the game

  34. Well it was billed on TV as a blockbuster and I’ve no doubt it will live up to the title..Feeling queasy already..

  35. Gutted i won’t be in Killarney today. Will be in Nowlan Park for two old codgers. Tickets bought last year when championship 2019 was a distant land.
    Not feeling overly positive about this one. A slight tinge of Newbridge or Nowhere about it. Kerry team under enormous pressure from the animals. If we had our full squad yes we would do it. Heat will be a factor and not ideal for Aido.hope I can find a pub in Kilkenny that shows football!

  36. Great article in Sunday Times. Sums up what we are all about. A day for the knotted hankie. Hon Mayo!

  37. There was a queue, a large one at that, waiting to get into the ground at 1pm.

    I wouldn’t mind getting into the stand, but the terrace may have to do!

    Glorious day in Killarney. This is what championship is all about.

    Up Mayo!!

  38. Subs R Hennelly,E O Donoghue,D Drake,M Plunkett,J McCormack,S O Shea,F Boland,C Loftus,C Treacy,E Regan,A Moran

  39. Hennelly O’Donoghue Pkunkett Drake McCormack Treacy Regan O’Shea Loftus Moran Boland

  40. Where is Mikey Murray, is he injured or what. With that heat today we would need someone young like him on the bench to step into midfield if our lads run out of steam with that heat.

  41. Thanks for sub’s list. Big build up of traffic heading in here to Killarney. Great day for football. Mayo to do the business here today! Up Mayo!

  42. Meath are going to be stubborn opponents next weekend for us …………exactly the type of team/game we play beneath ourselves .
    A dangerous game ……need everyone back

  43. The heat is going to be a huge factor .Them boys on subs list will have to make a big impact when called upon .

  44. Hope it is a great game,I expect Kerry to try their best but Mayo will be too good for them,two teams who play the game as it should be played with very fair supporters,hope Game changer enjoys it but not the result,he is always very fair in his comments,up Mayo

  45. Meath playing very well in Balleybofey… phase 3 could be very interesting yet! Not to mention next weekend… I’d say donegal will hold on for the win, but scoring difference might be crucial… and Kerry have to go to Navan for the last game..

  46. Donegal not living up to the hype
    Second best team in the country for many pundits for some reason……..

  47. Ah well, Donegal pulled away comfortably in the end… real pressure on Kerry now, as Donegal will have some spring in their step in Croke Park.. the sequence of games is in our favor without a doubt… Hon Mayo!

  48. They got a nice boost in scoring difference in injury time
    Meath tired badly in the heat……..

  49. Mayo being beaten badly. Kickouts killing them it could be over by ht. Next 10 mins critical.

  50. Will be the first hiding we have got in many years. Kerry better in every area of the pitch.

  51. Was always a danger of this today
    Need to keep chipping away at the scoring difference if nothing else
    And keep the discipline

  52. Hope we hit our purple patch after half time! All’s still not lost, but our guys look out on their feet! Backs are well and truly against the wall

  53. We need a slight improvement in the second half,but beaten at centre field

  54. Getting murdered at the restarts, SOS has to come on to give an option, Clarke under serious pressure (did the exact same thing Robbie did v Ros but won’t get the same criticsm).
    Passing into forwards is dreadful, there is plenty of scores in there but service is poor, Loftus for McLoughlin an option there (need McDonagh and Doherty on the field). Losing isn’t the end of the world but need to reduce the score difference.

  55. SOS shouldn’t be on the bench if he’s not fit enough to be coming on in this scenario to contest ball in the air

    Again Horan leaves our FB line isolated on a Kerry FF line one on one and lets them get murdered.

  56. You will not get away with a Clarke’s kick outs against the top teams. They’re disastrous.

  57. whos he supposed to kick it to Turnip Head. He’s the least culpable player on the pitch for this disaster

  58. People like to talk about Clarke as a shot stopper even though he was beaten from a free for a goal in Limerick. His kick outs are murdering us. Real poor ball in to forwards when we do get it. Kerry winning all the physical battles and Mayo standing off them.

  59. Centrefild – Just don’t kick it to david Moran every time. That’d be a start..

  60. Mayo been terrible. No need to make any excuses about the ref. Just beating by a team that was fired up from word go.

  61. Mayo have to hope Kerry beat Donegal next weekend otherwise Mayo have no chance of qualifying for the semi finals due to the massive hammering out score difference is taking.

  62. What a really bad day at the office… absolutely nothing going our way today… hopefully Meath aren’t as good as they looked earlier today!

  63. Shocking performance. Beaten all over the field for the whole game. End of an era today lads. No way kerry would have done that to us 3 or 4 years ago. We’re miles off the top table now. Between Kerry and Dublin for the foreseeable future.

  64. Had a feeling all week we’d get hammered and sadly it has come to pass. Horan should have shutnjis mouth
    After the league final saying we should have beat Kerry by 12 points wasn’t helpful you should never give the opposition any ammunition. Well done Kerry and enjoy yer victory Gamechanger. I think we’ll beat Meath but Donegal will be too strong for us. Next year try and go through the front door it’s the only way

  65. Cleaned Kerry in midfield with the same keeper but an extra midfielder second half
    Some players just didn’t show up first half
    It happens

  66. Emabarrasing.

    I also want to say how ungracious so many Kerry supporters are. The booing on Cillian’ s frees even though they were 8 pts up. And generally around us. Nasty stuff. Long time since I experienced it.

  67. 15 players didnt show up in the 1st half Kim. Name one that excelled today?

  68. I hate the Kerry crowd always did. The most arrogant set of supporters. Cheering wides when they are so far ahead. Devastated at our no show today.

  69. Sad to see those great warriors performing
    so badly & the younger players were a big disappointment today

  70. The potential for this to happen was there, we’d have taken this before the Galway game. Anyone with half a brain could see we were tiring badly against Galway, 4 games in 4 weeks is just too much for the older lads. Meath will be no gimme next week either. Still have a chance though. Kick passing was horrendous, it lost us the game 1st half.

  71. Last time we played them we had DOC, Paddy Durcan and Matthew Ruane firing on all cylinders. Think the injuries finally caught up with us today

  72. Mayo heads we not focused in the first 15 mins. Gave away too many frees that led to a 4 or 5 point lead before we knew where we were. Should have picked a stronger mid field pairing, that’s where the game was lost in the first half anyway.
    Hopefully Ruane fit or Seamie to start the next day.

  73. Congrats Kerry. Did their homework and executed well by a young fit squad. We probably missed Paddy and Diarmuid who would have added some fight in those conditions. But too many players had poor games today. David Moran killed us at midfield in first half and we never got to grips with Clifford or O’Brien. Recovery now this week and prepare for Croke Park in 7 days.

  74. So, is it head-to-head or PD that determines which team goes through in the event they are tied on points?

  75. What a shambles. Did not get the basics or the match ups right. Midfield cleaned out in the first half. Our passing woeful.
    We should have known that Kerry would come at us from the word go and we should have planned accordingly.
    But the heads high these boys will rise again as they have done in the past.
    Throw off the shackles now and give youth a fling.
    Com on Mayo

  76. Very disappointing effort. I wouldn’t call it the end of an era though. Just a no show against a quality side and we were punished. In the second half we came into it more and seamie and andy both made a difference. Tracey added a bit of badly needed pace too. Harrison not a suitable one on one defender against Clifford. That cannot happen again in future. I’d expect Kerry to beat Donegal next week and if we can get over Meath we would be back in the mix.
    Horans shite talk about 10 point wins after the league final was always going to come back to haunt us. You’d never hear Jim Gavin come out with ammunition like that. Kerry are not an ordinary football county – it means so much more down there (like ourselves) and comments like that would have really annoyed them. Very foolish to be giving them extra motivation. You can be sure they stored that all week and they meant business today – we were sitting ducks in many ways. I’m still optimistic that the season is not over but the mental challenge against Meath will be tricky.
    As an aside – Spillane on tv after reminded me why I cheer for Dublin always when they play Kerry.

  77. As bad a performance as I’ve seen from a Mayo team in years.
    We looked ill-prepared, unfit, an absolute shocker from the goalkeeper and utterly destroyed in the half forward line.
    I don’t see how we can come back from this. They tacked on a huge score on top of a dominating performance, which will work against us.

  78. Disappointed in that result, really thought Mayo would win. Still you never know…..

  79. It was obvious from 10 minutes in that we were in big trouble. Kerry dominated from start to finish. Won every battle going especially the one in midfield. Mayo were low on energy and it showed in the amount of silly mistakes and poor ball into the forwards. Just did not get going today and hard to see where we go from here. We’re struggling badly with our restarts and unless we get a massive improvement there’s not a hope we’ll beat Donegal

  80. Outfought, out thought, an absolute shambles.
    A lesson too, to those people on here who talked rubbish all week about the pressure being on Kerry, and other condescending comments. A lesson in humility would do some of you no harm.

    Our goalkeeping woes are far from over, despite what some people here think.
    It’s just so hard to take any positives from that today, apart from the miniscule comfort of Cillian breaking the record.

    The damage to our points difference is severe, -10…

  81. Ultair, on the strength of that performance we’ll be lucky to beat Meath.

  82. Too many hard games this past few weeks, the best result we can hope for is Kerry to hammer Donegal next week, a draw or if Donegal win than its lights out for Mayo in 2019, scoring difference is too great to claw back.
    The Dubs, Kerry, Tyrone and Donegal all put up big scores this weekend.
    A none event all around, far too many guys went missing after 10 minutes of the game.

  83. I think the Mayo team were heavy legged today , they were yards off the pace of the game & the foot passes into the forwards were so easy for Kerry to snuff them out, kerry bossed Mayo today in every position with physical tackling & lightning speed + class forwards. It had to be Kerry’s day. Not the end of the road for Mayo, I think J Horan had one eye on the Meath game next weekend & paid a heavy price, Make no mistake the Meath game will tell us a lot about where this Mayo team is at. Looking forward to it.

  84. @line ball. Give youth a fling. Is that not what we did today? Carr, Mcdonagh and Coen all started today and neither made an impact. We still had to bring on Andy Moran and Seamie o Shea in the second half.

  85. What a difference a week makes..Delight to disappointment..
    Was concerned about how much today’s game would take out of us regardless of scoreline but Meath in a week will be a big task now..Both physically and psychologically..

  86. The victory over Galway was completely overblown. Galway were shocking that day and we still left them in it.

  87. Observer 2..The pressure WAS on Kerry after being beaten by Mayo in the league final and playing on home ground..Dont think even the pundits said otherwise..

  88. We should give the young lads a chance in the league
    Next year win 3 games just to stay in Division 1 and then go hell for leather and win Connaught. Tie Damien comer to the posts for 70 minutes if we have to but avoid the back door at all costs it killed us this year with injuries. I reckon if we beat Meath
    By a point or two next week we’ll be lucky anyway we have no business meeting Dublin in a semi final
    They would take absolute pleasure in destroying us

  89. Need to move on immediately from this. Bad day out, no point in trying to analyse it, it was a total disaster. One thing is clear, the Clarke/Hennely debate is now wide open again.

  90. Dont think we dare to say it but it all started from our no1. About time our no 3 keeper was given a chance. Surely he must be better than the other 2

  91. Going to be a long day or 2 for Willie Joe on here I feel.
    Lets be fair. We beat Kerry in the league final as we destroyed them around the middle sector therefore starving their forwards of the ball which is the only way to stop them.
    Today we were missing almost ALL of those players and the remainder are not fight. I do not think McLoughlin is fit. He is defo carrying an injury
    It is also hard for a goalkeeper to find a target when ALL of the match ups were being won comprehensively by the Kerry lads

    Onto next weekend. We need a few back. We have to make changes. But not in goals. WE HAVE TO WIN. And then hope Kerry do as well

  92. Why the hell are some posters talking about next year.the same clowns that walked with 15 minutes to go today.The Bandwagon parade!!
    Still in it if we win our 2 remaining games!!

  93. Lads is there any third option in the county for goalkeeper outside of Clarke and hennelly.

    Both have proven time and time again they are not up to required standard of a modern keeper

    Uuugh. Awful performance.
    I can’t think of a single worthy performance to vote for in the motm poll

  94. If Hennelly made the mistakes Clarke made today, he’d be nailed to the cross. People don’t want to acknowledge it because it’s David Clarke.

  95. Regina, the league is only the League.

    Mayo got their welcome to the Super 8 today. Three particularly one sided games with winning margins of 9, 10 and 13 points….Tyrone /Ros being 4.

    My Motm for Mayo was Aidan

  96. Michael Schlingermann Kiltimagh ,Matty Flanagan Balla or Rory Byrne Castlebar Mitchels could all do a job.I would rate McGuinness from Claremorris who was with the Mayo Under 20s as having the most potential for the future.

  97. @Th. Theres nothing bandwagon about it. Today was a matchup between 2 of the top contenders to Dublins crown, and we got absolutely destroyed in every sector of the field. We would all love nothing more that Mayo to reach the holy grail. But people are just commenting about what they watched on display today. We can #!allinthhistogether till the cows come home, but at times, as much as it kills me to say it we have to say that our best days of a golden generation of players are behind us. And it hurts no one more than myself to make that statement.

  98. Agreed dreamy,
    Some people are blinded by the occasional save or penalty save. The role of modern goalkeeper is so much more than that.

    Look at the other top goalkeepers Cluxton, patton, Morgan, beggan. Quick varied kickouts that give you loads of options

    Im picking on Clarke a bit here but the outfield performances not much better.

  99. In fifty years following this team I can’t recall a game during which we got such a beating at midfield. And, any ball we won during that embarrassing first half, we kicked straight to Kerry players with almost a written apology attached. I’m aware but not bothered that I will incur the rath of the Mayo4Sam brigade but, contenders we are not. Wholesale surgery needed on this team and where better to start than next Sunday against Meath. We could give the Royals a game. Maybe even beat them. But if Donegal need to beat us they will. And, on today’s evidence, with ease.

  100. So many areas for improvement so I feel we could turn this around yet in the next 2 games.

    1.Lost midfield battle.
    2.Waited until halftime to bring on Seamus OShea when change should have been made earlier
    3.Kickouts highly contributory to this.
    4.Lack of intensity
    5.Basic skills errors
    6.Poor movement
    7.Three highly influential players out injured
    8.Bad luck
    9.Refereeing poor
    10.Slow to make tactical changes in general
    12.Kerry sharp in all the ways we were not

  101. Outfield performances were not good and limited options on the day, but Kerry clearly targeted his kickouts and it worked. The amount of our own kickouts that immediately left us on the back foot trying to defend was unacceptable. Then another kickout that nearly instantly ended up in the back of our own net was criminal. Like I say, if it had been Hennelly, he’d be hung out to dry

  102. Clarke has very little options for his kick outs. There was no movement at all and Mayo players were waiting for the ball to come to them while the Kerrymen attacked the ball. It was a complete systems failure, it is very unfair to blame one player. He kicked it out to Aido as the short option wasn’t on a lot of the time. Aido mightn’t always catch it but he’d usually at least stop the other man catching it. Too many players left on for too long that were out on their feet while our bench wasn’t utilized until the game was dead and buried.

  103. Greetings all. Calm down, calm down! We were never winning today even if we showed up. And there in lies the point because we didnt show up and the scoreline doesnt tell the story. The lads have had a savage last 3 weeks and fair play to them for getting through the qualifiers. They are boll***d and in need of a break. They were never getting a break in killarney of all places. Very poor performance by us that flattered kerry today. A team that we are better than. What mayo player was at full tilt today? None that i saw. I thought we were wide open for a good beating in the Super 8’s and it has happened. Expect a different team mentality showing up next week in croke park and a good mayo win. None of that team should be crucified after today.

  104. A lot of people don’t understand the Kerry mentality – they were never going to let us boss the game like We did in Croke Park. And the James Horan shite talk about winning by 10-12 points was just what Kerry wanted to hear.
    The game panned out exactly as I suspected it would. Will need to freshen things up for next Sunday.

  105. Look on the positives. The two big games were always going to be be Meath and Donegal. Also the game showed up the problem areas we have to work on for next week.
    Goalkeeper kickouts – I thought we did better in second half; has anybody any statistics
    Full back line – unlikely to come up against anything as sharp as Kerry ff, also Durcan may be back and Keegan will strip fitter
    Bad luck – one of those games when nothing went right.
    All to play for and great experience. I agree with Dave Johnson above- it was a tough game for the newbies, Andy and SOS made big impacts.
    Meath will have learned a lot about taking on the Mayo kick out, bit worrying for us.

  106. Very interesting that when its clarke making the mistakes, it’s made out to be the midfields fault but when hennelly makes the mistake, he’s solely to blame. Likewise, when we have a good day in midfield with henelly in goal, it’s all down to the midfield, and when we have a good day with Clarke, its all down to him.
    People have the absolute blinkers on this issue and it goes back to the 2016 final.

    Anyway i don’t want to keep going on about it. It was only one aspect of an all round awful game that we looked poorly prepared for. Serious problems coming back from that defeat. Wouldnt be surprised to see us losing all 3 games

  107. Probably the main reason Kerry won today was that they pressed our kickout from minute 1. Historically Clarke is clueless when faced with a high press. We just couldn’t get the ball away and Kerry just kept knocking over the points.
    We had it way to easy against Galway because Kevin Walsh’s bizarre tactics of not pressing the kickout, he only decide to do it at around 55mins and like today Galway had us in all sorts of bother when they did.
    Meath will do the same thing next Sunday

  108. Surely we knew they would press on the knockouts
    Horan should have had a tactical plan in place

  109. So many areas for improvement so I feel we could turn this around yet in the next 2 games.

    1.Lost midfield battle.
    2.Waited until halftime to bring on Seamus OShea when change should have been made earlier
    3.Kickouts highly contributory to this.
    4.Lack of intensity
    5.Basic skills errors
    6.Poor movement
    7.Three highly influential players out injured
    8.Bad luck
    9.Refereeing poor
    10.Slow to make tactical changes in general
    12.Kerry sharp in all the ways we were not

  110. Bad day at the office.We were totally off the pace. Donegal did not look world beaters. thimk we will beat Meath

  111. I’ll tell us now…and it’s something I’ve thought a long time. After spending the past 2 days in kerry and growing up in galway city….’we’ Mayo are too nice and soft mentally. Until we change that we’ll win fuckn nothing.

    The display in Tuam last Wed was shocking. The management must be changed. Anyone who thinks or argues otherwise is just not clued into a winning mentality.

    If Mayo people are serious about winning an All Ireland then we must stop celebrating and over hyping irrelevant successes. There really and truly needs to be a change in mentality otherwise we will continue like this…it feeds into an acceptance of mediocrity. If you’re a Mayo fan, content with the fact that we are at the “top table” the past decade then you need to ask yourself some serious questions.

    Kerry have won heaps more than us. Granted they’ve a slight population advantage but they win because mentally they are in a different space. And until you accept this and strive to meet it we will continue as we’ve gone on for the past 70 years.

    Look at them. They decided they needed to changed things up and won 5 minor All irelands in a row. Now they are amassing a team will win multiple All Ireland’s. Take our minor 2013/u21 2016 team out if the equation and our underage record the past decade has been abysmal.

    Mayo GAA needs to serious look at itself..what it’s doing from primary school thru to Tedd Webb and on from there. Whatever is being done is way off being good enough. Results prove this.

    People (In the know) were talking about us having lots of talent coming thru at u20. We were beyond shite in Tuam last Wednesday and anyone there will agree.

    If Mayo are serious about winning Sam then we need an elitist mentality. Like Kilkenny in hurling. We will never gave the population advantage of Dublin or Galway.. so we need to make our young players coming through better. It’s not hard to do this. It starts at 4/5/6th class level and getting basic skills on point.

    Mayo has such enthusiasm and support second to none but this needs to be channelled correctly. For as long as I can remember it hasn’t been. If this doesn’t change then we’ll continue following the usual trend. Losing.

  112. A humbling experience. Not too many positives to take from that hiding. It would be remiss however not to mention cillian’s scoring record. Hopefully mattie back next week. We owe meath a beating.

  113. Of course the better team won but we’ve had 6 games on the trot.
    The Kerry support around us were horrendous.
    Comments by a certain lady and her partner were way out of line, and I gave it to her at the end. I said write us off at ye’re peril.
    Never experienced that behaviour before and I’ve been at many games in my life.
    Match won at midfield in 1st half for Kerry for sure. But As good as they were they only got 1 goal and I’m giving credit to David for that.
    Chins up, a good week’s rest /recuperation for the lads now and onn we go. Never say die, never.

  114. Game Over Ball Bust. Donegal are a better team than Kerry and will beat them next weekend in Croke Park then even 2 wins not good enough with that deficit to wipe out. Enjoyed the journey and those lads that pack it in this August Owe us absolutely nothing. Legends, remember it’s only a game.

  115. the half glass empty brigade are out in full force again. There are two games left. Beat Meath and game on in Castlebar against Donegal in 3 weeks. Time for the injured to recover. I certainly hope the panel have more faith than some of our supporter!. Hon Mayo and fxxk the begrudgers.

  116. Feeling a bit blitzed after that. We handed Kerry advantage in the first half when we couldn’t get away our kick outs. This needs in some way to be addressed. We were on the back foot all half and so were caught for fouls close to goal resulting in penalties which Kerry duly scored. Easy peasy! They must have got their first ten scores in this easy way. We had too little possession.
    Mayo didn’t take their men on out the field as intensely as they have done before. They kept off them a lot especially in the first half. They concentrated on defending close to goal and I thought our backs played well in the circumstances.
    Combined with this the Kerry defence were much better today and gave Mayo little room. The key component of this was work rate- they worked hard in a way many of our team couldn’t due perhaps to a need to conserve energy or because we were missing players like Diarmuid, Mattie and Paddy.
    It was a combination of factors that caused this steam roll experience today. Kerry were fresh and prepared – Mayo were trying to use little energy, were squeezed on their kick outs in a premeditated way and Kerry has tightened up. They were a bit more streetwise.
    If I were to summarise this in one phrase – we were not fresh, Kerry were and we paid the price.

    The quicker we move on the better ; ) I think that’s the only way to look at this.

  117. The only consolation from that game was getting to see david clifford in the flesh. He is worth the price of admission himself

  118. Easy known half the contributors on here have hardly kicked a ball in their life…if they did, they’d realize its not all clarkes fault! Yes his trajectory is high, but every mayo man was out jumped or out muscled by their man. He had hardly any options to kick to, no runners, kerry pushed up big time an it won them the game. Kerry were just the far better team today, it happens, move on.

  119. Mayo were never going to win this game. No team will beat Kerry three times in a row in the one year. However major mistakes were made on the line and on the field by both players and Management. Clarke getting some blame on here but he made a few great saves and kept the goal count down, his kick outs were not up to standard , but none of the outfield players made themselves available for kick out. Very poor kick passing forward by our half backs , most of them went to Kerry players and only Andy Moran seemed able to get to the ball before his marker. Management let David Moran rule midfield in the first half and did nothing about it , Vaughan was never near him
    Doherty and McLaughlin never got near the ball and were left on the field too long . Next Sunday is a must win against Meath and I expect Kerry to beat Donegal so last game is a winner takes all in Castlebar and I do expect Mayo to win that and make semi finals

  120. Good one Mayonaze. Agree 100%.. I’ve been saying that for years and I’m 78 years of age. Waste of time.. Nobody wants to know..

  121. I was behind David Clarke’s goal for the second half and there was nothing on for him to aim at. The few times a player managed to get free he found him. Kerry closed down all his options most of the time. Cluxton couldn’t have done much better. He also made an extraordinary save from O’Donoghue and caught a great ball clean over Clifford. This loss has nothing to do with David Clarke. Do some people think he just kicked long for the fun of it?

  122. McNulty, no one is saying he kicked long for fun. The point is that his kicking long is not good enough at this level. The ball hangs in the air for an eternity. The Kerry goalkeeper could have jogged up and caught it with the amount of time it hangs up there. It gives opposition time to read it and crowd midfield which is exactly what they did. David Moran had a field day with them it suited him down to the ground.

  123. One last point in the first half, we played the game at a pace that suited Kerry. It resulted in many unforced errors, coughing up possession easily. We need more control v Meath.
    Glad to see James McCormack get a run and was going to score a goal had he not been brought down for penalty. Concur with other posters, I Would not have minded to see substitutions a little earlier.

  124. Mayonaze will you give it a rest with the ‘soft mentally and we need a root and branch change’.
    You could accuse every county of having a soft mentally. In the 00s Kerry couldn’t beat Tyrone. Kerry haven’t beaten Dublin in a championship game in this decent. So basically Kerry haven’t beaten the best team in the country in the past 20 years. As for Galway mentally they bottled it against Monaghan last year, went out to a whimper against Galway and threw away a 5 point lead against Roscommon this year.
    We lost today granted but putting it into perspective we were down diarmuid, ruane and durcan. Had played 3 games on the trot and coming down to a Kerry team chomping at the bit. So fair play to them.
    As for underage the minors won Connacht this year and the under 20 were in an all Ireland final last year.
    We have 2 games left Meath and Donegal. We beat Meath next week and we are back with a chance of semi final.
    So hold the we are never going to win an all Ireland until the attitude or our psychology will change.

  125. Totally agree Jason.

    We didn’t get to the pitch of the game and weren’t able to match their tempo or tenacity. I can’t say I am too surprised given the run we’re on and the missing personnel. It’s also important to remember that Kerry really had to win today – we knew it wasn’t do or die and that showed in our performance.

    So there’s no need to panic. We’ll park this fairly quickly and look towards Croker, where we simply have to win. To be honest that very scenario tends to bring the best out of us.

  126. I will be in Croker next week to see both games, Mayo will need to put up a big score v Meath, even that may not be enough unless Donegal lose to Kerry.
    I think most people on this blog including I didn’t expect a win today, it was always going to go down to the last game v Donegal.

  127. As a relative neutral so to speak not a bit surprised the behaviour I am hearing of some Kerry fans. When we beat them 3 yrs running in the mid sixties in the championship their supporters could not take it all. Full of plamas etc if they are beating you with the same crap ‘ yerra your day will come bs’ But by god if you are a beating them everything Paidi and Sean Cavanagh said is true. They have no respect for Connacht football if the truth was known. When we beat them in the super 8’s last year the roof nearly lifted off the Hogan stand when we got our goal near the end and the ground was not even half full. Had not seem Galway fans giving vent to their feelings like that in a number of yrs. Dub fans going in that direction unfortunately. It us called a sense of entitlement with the regularity of winning. Arrogance can be used interchangeably if you wish.

  128. This defeat is not surprising. We are devastated with injuries and playing Kerry at home. We have been struggling past average team’s.
    We have to keep going

  129. Can’t believe people are saying it wasnt do or die and that we’ll be back in it if we win next week…if donegal win against Kerry, which I think they very well could, it’s all over

  130. @Joe Mcdonagh…thanks. I have saying it and I know there’ll be the usual who will slate me for being defeatist and negative but the reality I’m not happy with second best and unfortunately I think far too many people in Mayo are and this feeds into a psychology of not winning and worse, being OK with not winning.

    I know we are still in the championship this season but Mayo GAA needs a good long hard look itself and that includes the people on the ground, in the club’s. If we continue as we are we will get no where. We need to up our game and it starts at primary school level. I’m saying it a long time. Nothing has changed.

    Mayo.Dunphy….once again, we agree. Anyone who starts blaming Clarke for tonight’s miserable performance hasn’t got a clue. Our inability to win breaks was a big issue tonight.

  131. Fair point dreamsleep.. I can only say that there was almost never a player available or running to take one of those low hard drives that I think you are referring to from Clarke. Maybe our players know it’s not his expertise but he simply had nothing to aim at. It just seemed to me as that, in the circumstances, he didnt have much choice but to let it out high where our best man is and hope he can beat their best man. A lower trajectory kick could or would have been intercepted and put in his net before he knew it. I know what I’d have done in his position….

  132. I would not write Mayo off yet! We’re still here. We’re still breathing. Yes it’s a disappointing result but if we beat Meath next weekend we are still in with a chance of reaching the semi final. Kerry did to us today what we should have done to Dublin in 2013. We are where we are and no amount of bitching and moaning will change that. Cillian missed a penalty and nearly broke the crossbar in three. Just not meant to be. Despite being outplayed in every sector for large periods of the match we still could have been there close enough if we took our chances. That sounds crazy. But it’s true. Clifford is a freak of nature. If he gets a finger on the ball he will cause damage. We need to move on from this one. Park it up. Let the lads look at the video. They will know better than anyone of us what they need to do. Keep the faith.

  133. Hi, Not much to add. I am not a football expert but do want Mayo to beat Kerry as much as the next. It seems that our new prospects got a bit of real action and will be so much wiser. 2 Matches to go. It would have been so much worse if we had not beaten Galway.
    Much can be learned from today. My Teachers tell me that you can always cope with this Moment (Now) and hope the players and fans alike will be found singing shortly. A setback can be a catalyst for change.

  134. Disappointing day at the office. I was sure we’d be at least competitive today but in hindsight we obviously had emptied the tank against Galway and had nothing left for today. We were leggy all over the pitch and that’s why we lost so many kick outs and were so static up front. Kerry on the other hand were vibrant and hopping off the ground with points to prove all over the place. I think Paddy Durcan was a big loss as his driving runs from deep so often get the opposition turned and lifts the seige when backs are to the wall. I reckon that if we had played Kerry a week earlier or at least had a 2 week break – this game would have been a lot tighter. The real knock-out stuff starts next week!

  135. Kerry look as if they’re peaking at the right time of the season. They may beat Dubs yet if Dubs slip up and let them run midfield like we did for 35 minutes today.
    The backdoor toll and injuries caught up with us today, made us look much worse than we really are.
    Hennelly wouldn’t have done any better today but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start next week as part of Horans rotation policy.

  136. Agree Jason, any man that describes the performance of any Mayo team as ‘beyond shite’ is a fairweather friend at best and we have plenty of them on Facebook tonight laying into team and management without a clue what they’re on about.

  137. If I had to pick a single differentiator today between the teams I would say foot passing.

    That and David Moran has the best 35 mins of his career in the 1st half. Clifford is just unplayable and good a day on him would be keeping him to 3 from play …that says everything

  138. I have met some lovely Mayo supporters on the way home, among them a wonderful man, who I think has seen many days of Mayo football over the decades. He said to a Kerry supporter, ‘You were good today and we were awful’. I think he’s a tough man with perspective and he’ll be back supporting again next week with a smile, some hope and maybe some expectation. Nice to be surrounded by good people when in a defeat like this. Makes me feel better at least.

  139. Jason B, don’t ‘quote’ me saying ‘root and branch’ when I never used those words. Your msg makes no sense. Kerry couldn’t beat Tyrone in the noughties but how many All Ireland’s did that Kerry team win? Several. So your point is irrelevant. And I don’t get your reference to Galway and monaghan.

    I’m 42. You can count on one hand the amount of championship games i’ve missed for Mayo at underage and
    /or senior the past decade. I’m around long enough and have lived out of the county to gauge where the Mayo mindset is at. Until it changes we’ll continue as as we have done for the past half century. Not winning.

    We need to look at Kerry and look to aspire to them. Do you think Mayo could win 5 (FIVE!)…All Ireland minor titles in a row? The way I see it is, if Kerry can, then Mayo can. But not enough Mayo people have the right mental approach. Not enough truly believe we do. I get accused of being negative when all I am demanding is greater success. We’ve won fuck all All Ireland’s over the past 70 years. If Mayo GAA are serious about winning Sam then it needs to start with school kids. We need to develop a conveyor belt.

    Time passes too quickly. I’m fervently supporting Mayo GAA for 25 yrs or more and I don’t like the idea of being 62 (In 20 yrs) and still waiting for Sam.

  140. God on ya Joe Ruane. We are not out and next 2 games is what Mayo will bring to Super 8’s.that makes it exciting.
    This game will bring out the best revolt ever seen by all of us. In this together until the end.

  141. Seriously tho we need to cop on when dealing with the media and be modest and gracious in victory and not be spouting stuff like we should have won by 12points I
    Thought Horan was smarter than that and Brady saying we should be beating Roscommon by 15 points that has to stop keep the head down and say nothing until we can back it up after winning a few Sam Maguires. I worked with a few Kerry and Cork fellas they absolutely don’t rate us at all they look at us the way look at Sligo and Leitrim Kerry and the Kerry public expect to beat us every time. They have some tiny bit of respect for Galway but they don’t have an ounce of respect for Mayo football so we need to be cuter when we beat these guys or we’ll pay the price when It really matters.

  142. Exactly Backdoorsam…They laugh at us. I think the Mayo supporter who hasn’t lived long enough out of the county may be just doesn’t realise it cos Kerry (and Cork) people womt necesssriky do it to your face.

    They don’t rate us and unfortunately, you can understand why. Look at the trophy count.

    We aren’t being negative. We desperately want Mayo to achieve but something needs to change in order for us to get where we want.

  143. Your 100 % correct Mayonaze. We are too nice we don’t have the killer Instinct we can’t even hold on to a lead and put teams away the 1996 final is a prime example we were flying in that game and were the better team by miles and yet we managed to let a 6
    Point lead go and get beat in the replay. That was absolutely criminal. Galway made sure it didn’t happen to them in 98. if we were in Kerry’s position at half time I’d still be afraid that Kerry would have come back and beat us we’d all be afraid of our

  144. A Mayo defeat is again a catalyst for a deluge of distinctly unscientific and frequently dangerous advice. Beat Meath, develop a kick out strategy and we are not too far off.

  145. Aos is clearly carrying an injury and was basically on his own too for the first half
    McLoughlin has either not started or been subbed after 50 minutes of last 3 games. So he clearly isn’t right either
    Keegan not right .
    Vaughan is not fit . Seamie obviously not .
    Durkan out along with Diarmuid and Ruane (and Parsons )

    When you see it typed out like that it is basically the strongest part of our team wiped out.
    That’s why I refuse to be too harsh on anyone today
    To stop Kerry you starve their forward of the ball as we did for much of league final
    We couldn’t do it today
    I’m just praying that kerry win or draw , we win and have a bit of break and recovery to give Donegal a rattle
    I don’t fear them
    And take it from there

  146. Jason B. I agree 100% with Mayonaze. I am 78 and held Sam Maguire all those years ago.. I know what I’m talking about. A question.. Why didn’t one of the best Mayo teams in decades, this one, not win an All Ireland?? If they had the Dublin Manager or Jim McGuinness they would have at least 2 wins..I was ranting on here, after Donegal beat us, about us leaking goals, etc etc.and I was ridiculed by all the positive Mayo people.. Who was right??? We have never changed.. Can anyone see that??

  147. I have to agree somewhat with Mayonaze, Mayo are too nice when it comes to football, living in Dublin since 1994, people feel sorry for Mayo when it comes to football, after 25 years I cannot warm to the Dubs, the arrogance of many of their ( soccer mainly) supporters is rotten, I will always shout for their opponents in Croker, as I was yesterday evening.
    I will be there next Sunday shouting for Mayo v Meath.

  148. The respect for Galway comes from the sixties team that beat them in “their” all-Ireland so it sticks in their minds that Galway beat them when it mattered. They say the same thing about Down. Offaly.Tyrone etc. Its a grudging respect out of losing an All-Ireland thus they must have had a great team to beat Kerry and if you look at the roll of honour there is some truth in that outlook. Sadly for Mayo until you beat Kerry in a senior final you are not respected but congratulated on your fine efforts but always expected to be the losers. Its the mark of champions arrogant and self important but with the wins to back it up. Look at the arrogant way Dublin destroyed Cork and you will see it in full flight. Kerry want what Dublin have but I have my doubts the panel is there to deliver on that desire.

  149. It was chastening today but I just love our team. Played as good as they could, few wides, missed penalty, crossbar clatters and slow reactions against a team that was wired and hopping for action. We’re not done yet and we won’t be till the final whistle. Yeah it was hard to take but really nothing stuck for us today. Bring on Meath and let’s give our team the support they deserve. It’s a tough day and nobody feels it more than they do. I am 58 and may never see Mayo lifting Sam. But I have seen more passion and heart in Mayo football that would make bigger winners wilt. Mayoforever. Let’s believe unashamedly and give it all we have. Hard luck lads today. Great to see Seamie back and a few young lads got a taste of real action today and did no harm at all. Looking forward to the return of the wounded soldiers to bolster our heroes. Come on Mayo. Let’s get together and keep hope alive.
    Maigheo go deo

  150. I couldn’t give a hoot if Kerry respect us or not. Today was a bad day at the office, simple as. Mayonaze coming out with great points there. I feel Clarke is just been rounded upon, so people can vent their anger, without looking at what really went wrong…kick passing non existent, destroyed in the middle 8, lack of pace in backline brutally exposed, the list is endless.

    Paddy sorely missed among others, James Carr never got into it. Kerry fully deserved their win, the beauty is we are not out yet! So keep the fucking heads up, it’ll be a long winter to mull over things when we’re out. Their is only winning team winning the AI this year and its not Kerry, Donegal or Tyrone, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to lay of the magic mushrooms.

    The main thing that annoys me about us supporters, is when we win, its OTT stuff, the league final for example…the cringe off time square, we blow everything up to high heavens. On the flipside, we lose a game and its all out dejection! The world is ending stuff….farcical. We lost a game of ball to a very good team in their backyard!!! We’re missing 3-4 starters and the heat just knocked it out of us.

    Lets just park it now, and move on. We have a game in 7 days time, time to look forward not back, life is too short.

  151. folks
    let s not despair
    these guys owe us nothing
    amateurs, four games in four weeks with serious injury problems
    the legs were giving in understandably so
    probably the best kerry attack in years
    let us see next 2 weeks
    hopefully mid field will improve

  152. Mayonaze will you give it a rest? You sound like one of these head coaches in the NFL who gets one year to turn around a losing franchise, all hellfire and bluster. We’ve been the only team in this country for the past 5 years who have been within a point of Dublin in the big games. Nobody else has come lose, at a time when they have had literally all the advantages available, and if not for shocking luck (2 og’s, for instance), some craven referees and a Donie short circuit we’d be talking about Mayo and Dublin each looking at 3 in a row. Everything you’re saying is devaluing the effort these men have put in for 10 years in some cases. A bit of respect and perspective is in order, notwithstanding today’s performance, which was predictable based on injuries and fatigue.

  153. Reality is 5-6 of our best ever players are gone well past there best and are getting found out as intensity increases. Horan will have to mix things up a bit for next week. Lets hope we don’t hear people saying we should be beating Meath because they are a division 2 team and we won division 1 etc. We can do without this type of false arrogance/confidence. Look at the Kerry media over last week – Gooch praising COC to the hilt, Tomas o’ Shea tipping Mayo and Dara questioning the Kerry defence. Peter Keane must have been delighted. They come out then like men possessed and have game wrapped up after 20 minutes.

  154. All – it’s going to be a bit later before I get to the comments. As ever, I’d advise everyone to be measured in what they say. Also if anyone has taken the opportunity to go overboard in their criticisms then you know what’s going to happen, because it will.

  155. Well said Fear Bolg ! Well , well said .
    I agree with you 100 % too !
    These men and this team deserve respect. It is a measure of them and what they’ve achieved that no one , no one questions Mayo’s resilience now .
    Today we were too tired , too injured and too depleted and this was a bridge too far and too soon.
    But no one in their right mind would think of this team as anything but the “ right stuff “ or write them off.
    I believe we made Kerry look good ( better than they are ) today and simultaneously made ourselves look worse than we are.
    This was a 2 or 3 out of 10 combined performance after three 7-8’s
    People , we have already come back twice this year ( after two defeats in the league -we won the league ) and after losing to Roscommon won three games on the trot. Does anyone think that we won’t have a say in this thing yet ? That we won’t launch another comeback ? Or that we won’t do just enough to reach the semi finals ?
    Because I’ll always be optimistic about these guys.
    Croke park next week will be a tough assignment – make no mistake. But I’m expecting some more flashes of the boys of summer and us doing enough to win. Also , Donegal were not as strong at the back today as I had imagined. You can score against them . I’ll always be realistically hopeful while this team plays and I will always retain my pride in my county and in this team regardless of what anyone else thinks. I know enough to know better.

  156. Just home in Dublin from Killarney.
    One of the toughest days watching Mayo. Fucks Sake.
    100% agree with Fear Bolg above.
    These 3 games are about getting to the semifinal.
    The score today makes it harder but that’s all.
    We are really suffering with injuries this was predictable today. I thought we would lose by a big score and we did.
    Let’s work on getting to the Semi and giving that a go.
    If the guys on the field today couldn’t get it done today damn sure the guys on the blog wouldn’t have either.
    We will improve over thge next few years and 2019 is still up for grabs

  157. Very disappointing performance today.

    Kerry were riled up from the start and their shooting was very good- 15 points in the first half and I hardly remember a wide from them- but we made it very easy for them by conceding soft frees in front of the posts (a few very soft awards from the ref, but you couldn’t say we weren’t under pressure anyway).

    D.Clarke had a bad day today and got picked off for a few scores from kickouts. However, as other posters have rightly pointed out, there was very little movement for him out the field.

    He also prevented three goals being scored, so let’s not go nuts with some of the calls to recall Hennelly.

    All the damage was done in the first half really, you’re never going to reel in a ten point deficit against Kerry. The annoying thing was that we looked dangerous on the rare occasions that we broke into their half, but we kicked possession away carelessly too often.

    Those two goal chances that Cillian missed May also prove costly, a four point defeat would not have been the worst result in the circumstances. Overall we just looked leggy and not up to the pitch of the game-in roasting hot weather against a much younger side- and in hindsight the exertions of the last three weeks, injuries etc. probably caught up with us.

    As an aside, in the words of Mick McCarthy, some of ye need to, “pick ya f***in chins up”. There are two games to be won now and if the sight of a Meath jersey doesn’t quicken our blood then we may as well pack up now.

  158. Its interesting to see the very negative comments on here immediately after a defeat. I have to presume that a fair number of them are written by people who were not at the game. Most game goers are making their way back to town, cars trains etc. Mayo were outclassed today. It was not because of what JH said after league final. It was because Kerry were better than us in every sector of the field. Clarke getting criticism for kick out. I would like all the experts here to tell me what a goalie should do when his team are getting beaten all over the field. Harrison not able to contains Clifford. Again could the experts tell me someone on Mayo panel who would be too good for him. Throw in the young lads. Our 2 best subs were Seami and Andy. Kerry were super in first half today, fresh, focussed and with a point to prove. We were carrying injuries and looked jaded. Meath is an extremely difficult game. They are young, fresh and have bounced back well from Dublin demolition. They will fancy beating us. But this team has shown amazing resilience and may well dig out one more big performance and take the Super 8s to the last day.

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