Game day – back in action again

The pre-season stuff is over and done with, today marks the start of competitive action for us in 2018. We open our League Division One campaign this afternoon up at St Tiernach’s Park in Clones where throw-in is set for 2pm.

It’s a long way from the first match of the season to the biggest date in the GAA calendar, the one we all want to be part of once again. But as we know so well, in particular from last year and that incredible journey we went on, much of the joy of being a supporter is, well, supporting the team along every step of the way.

It’s a fair old trek to Clones for those of you making your way from the west to today’s game. From here in the capital it’s a good bit shorter but, then again, from up here our home matches involve a considerable amount of mileage. Location, location, location.

But every year when it’s time once again to hit the road I always feel that it’s the first sign that winter’s grasp is weakening. January is all but done, spring is once more on the way.

On the way too is plenty of football. Starting today against Monaghan where, hopefully, we can make a positive start to our 2018 NFL campaign.

See you all in Clones. Up Mayo.

PS: Thanks to Peadar for the new and improved match-day graphic.

33 thoughts on “Game day – back in action again

  1. Win today with Jason Gibbons and Eoin ODonoghue showing well would be big stuff.
    Those two I think potentially vital additions given our age profile at midfield and corner back.

  2. Looking forward to it. Getting ready to hit the Road from Galway. Hope Jason Doherty will be on frees today too. Good luck to all the Mayo teams in Action today.

  3. Best of luck to the Mayo team today. A hard task to come away from Clones with any points this time of year against a Monaghan team with close on three times the amount of work under their belts at this point. Getting something out of this game would be a real bonus. Safe traveling all.

  4. Have no fear about Eoin O’Donoghue JP
    He’s carved from the same Rock out around Lennon’s quarry as Chris Barrett and Willie Joe before him he’s the real deal. Best of luck to the footballers and hurlers today. Up Mayo.

  5. No Hughes or McManus is a huge loss to them. Wiley got cleaned out in the Summer and supposedly is on the bench. I fully expect a Mayo win. Doc retaining ball in the full forward line and feeding Loftus will benthe match winner.
    Time for Regan to shit or get off the pot as there is a queue of young forwards (Treacy, McDonagh and Naughton) coming behind him that are not going to wait three years to show what they can do.
    Mayo by 3. Safe travels.

  6. I agree with Pebblesmellser I am a fan of Evan Regan hes a good guy but it’s time for him to show what he can do or give others a chance I’d love to see Rego light up
    The spring and Summer hope he takes his chance

  7. Lets give regan a right good shot at it,you can tell most of us think he has it in him. I make no secret of it I believe he could be brilliant .best of luck to them all today. Heading up now, hup Mayo.

  8. It’s a pity this game is not a few weeks later as it’s one we would win when fitness returns. Hoping we can get something today. Hard to see where the 4-6 points for safety will come from. Woildclike to see Adam Gallagher get time in league. More to offer then Evan Regan in my opinion. Enjoy the game all and safe travels.

  9. Last night Dublin started Colm Basquel at corner forward and Brian Howard on the half-forward line. Basquel scored three points from play and Howard scored two from play. They did the same last year with Niall Scully and Con O’Callaghan, starting new young forwards to increase the competition up front and keep the older guys on their toes. O’Callaghan ended up scoring a goal in the All-Ireland final at the start of the game then the older guys landed the final knock out blows on us.

    I know that we don’t have the same strength in dept as the Dubs but still you would love to see one or two of our young lads make an impact like that in the upcoming games, especially up front. This would also add to the competition for places which is always a vital thing to have in any winning team.

  10. Best of luck to the team and to all travelling today. A tough start to the campaign but 2 points could be crucial in a difficult division. Go for it.

  11. HSE I hear what ur saying. U would imagine new guys would be fit as fiddles as not involved last year. I wish them all well. For me nally could do good job as 7th defender. Reads the game well and has great long passing game to enable transition from back to forwards. We’re a great county for breeding great defenders. We have ass loads of all star awards for defenders over last 5 to 6 years but we lack all star forwards and I guess that’s the crux of or all.

  12. Big day for both Regan and Loftus, a chance to start claiming a starting place. Team looks solid but would be a bit worried about midfield, feel we need a big game from Gibbons to prevail. Mayo by 2

  13. Great to be back on the road! Thanks WJ for keeping it all ticking over and now as it ramps up. delighted that the podcast is back.

    Mayo to win I feel. best way to follow if you can’t make it? Midwest?

  14. Was in Croke Park last night and have to say that Johhny Cooper is playing the wrong sport,he should definately take up High Board Diving, he will win a medal in next olympics if he does….

  15. A good overall performance with two points would be the ideal
    start with a few newbies doin the business. Safe travel folks.

  16. It sounds promising so far, level at the half time and a wind behind Mayo after it. Hurlers are clattering donegal too, Keith Higgins playing at fullforward at times!

  17. Horrible windy day here in Tuam. Football is scarce on the pitch too.I’ll scribble up a few lines about it later.

  18. That’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Two more wins from 6 and safety should be assured. It appears Donoghue and Douglas had impressive cameos which is great to see.


  19. Have to say I was worried about this one and thought if we lost it could be a difficult campaign So wonderful to get the win Well done to all the lads

  20. Great Result for Mayo – a very valuable two points .Well done Mayo .We are up and running Congrats to the Mayo Hurling Team and also the Mayo Ladies

  21. Hon Mayo! A huge two points given the players we have missing, and seemingly some of the strong arm tactics by the opposition.

  22. Great result today, like i predicted! I knew the Mayo class would shine through. Well done to mgmt and in particular Douglas, O’Donoghue et al. Who cares what happened in Croker yestrday eve, who were the ‘home’ team facing ffs?!
    Onwards and upwards, MaighEo Abu!!!!

  23. Great win away with number of new players, speaking of new faces, where has Fergal Boland gone to ?
    Played most League games in 2017 not a sign of him this year, so far ?

  24. Fergal has only just finished with Tooreen in the hurling so I’d say he was given a week off and will probably be back training this week.

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