Game day – back in the big house

By the time we take the field at Croke Park this afternoon, just five counties will remain in the hunt for the Sam Maguire this year. Our All-Ireland quarter-final tie against Dublin is the final one of four such fixtures being played this weekend and it throws in at HQ at 4pm, preceded by the Cork/Derry game at 1.45pm. David Gough of Meath is the ref and the match is on RTÉ.

It’s our first appearance at Croke Park this summer – our last as well, if we fail to get over this afternoon’s huge challenge – but we’ve played on the hallowed turf already this year, having beaten Galway there in the National League final exactly three months ago today.

Dublin are a team we’ve seen an awful lot of over the last decade. But it’s been a while since we’ve played them, as there was no League meeting this year and we didn’t stay in the race long enough last summer to get to play them in the Championship then.

This means that our most recent summer rendezvous with them was the evening in 2021 that we finally ended the long unbeaten run of the six-in-a-row champions. That was a real rollercoaster occasion at Croke Park, with the ongoing Covid pandemic meaning the place was less than half-full but where the atmosphere was absolutely electric on a night to remember from our perspective.

It was entirely fitting that we – the only team to go properly toe-to-toe with them when they were truly great – were the ones to bring down the curtain on that record-breaking run of Sam Maguire successes. Enormously satisfying as that win was, however, its significance fell away within weeks, as we meekly succumbed to yet another All-Ireland final defeat, this one to a poor enough Tyrone team. It’s a defeat that scars us all still.

That win over Dublin two years ago also helped to cover over a rather uncomfortable truth from our perspective. We may have been their greatest rivals in their golden era but it was a rivalry in which they always found a way to win.

One of our great warriors of that time, Colm Boyle, admitted in his column for the Irish Mirror yesterday that we had our chances in those big games but we just didn’t take them.

Which leads us to this afternoon’s meeting and the rather pertinent question: can we beat them this time?

Dublin come into this game as deserved favourites. They haven’t really put a foot wrong so far this year – losing only once, to Derry midway through their Division Two League campaign – and they progressed through Leinster and then the All-Ireland group stage with understated efficiency.

They haven’t provided too many hints about what they’re really capable of this year. Kildare in Leinster and, in particular, Roscommon in the group stage made life difficult for them but in neither of these situations were they ever in mortal peril.

Dublin were always going to make it to the last eight, in the same way that Kerry were too. The Kingdom fairly showcased their talents at HQ yesterday and you’d imagine that Dublin will be looking to do likewise today.

They come into this meeting with us, though, with plenty of unanswered questions about them … as, of course, do we. How much have the likes of Fitzsimons and McCarthy left in the tank? To what extent have Cluxton’s mercurial powers waned? Have all those muscle injuries that have plagued them in recent weeks cleared up? Are they coming into this one undercooked?

I think we can dispense with that last one first. In their glory days, Dublin always arrived at this stage of the Championship having barely broken sweat in Leinster and it never bothered them then. It won’t today either. They’ll bring war to this contest, in the way they always do when it comes to knockout Championship football.

As for the rest, we’ll get our answer this afternoon. Dublin know they left another All-Ireland after them last year. Even without the injured Con O’Callaghan they put Kerry to the pin of their collar in the semi-final, a game they lost by the minimum and were unlucky to lose.

All year, the quiet talk has been about Dublin rousing themselves for one almighty push for another title. We’re now the ones standing in the immediate way of that aim and so we can expect to feel the full force of their ambition this afternoon.

Much like the Dubs, it’s hard to know where we are. The form team in the country this spring, since then we’ve yo-yoed between good and bad. The win over Kerry in Killarney was so good it had an unreal air to it, the display against Louth was bafflingly incoherent, while the loss to Cork was awful at so many levels.

But then last Sunday’s win over Galway felt like a statement, albeit one voiced at times in uncertain tones. It was also the win that earned us our ticket to today’s show.

Like last Sunday, this one’s a hard one to call. The bookies favour Dublin and they may well be right, not least given our inconsistencies in recent weeks and the questionable form of some of our key players. But if we hit form – a bit of an ‘if’ admittedly – then this team, one always built with the wide expanses of Croke Park in mind, have the personnel and the skillset to do the business.

I’m not sure it’s worth taking this particular discussion further. Game day is all about action rather than words and today is definitely a day for action.

This is a day we’ve been building for all year, the day we get to showcase our talents on the big stage. There’s no stage bigger for these players than a full house at Croke Park and that’s the stage they’re all getting up to perform on this afternoon.

So here’s to a performance to remember from the lads today. Here’s to another downing of the Dubs. Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

288 thoughts on “Game day – back in the big house

  1. Totally agree WJ. Nothing more to be said. We know what we have to do. Let’s lift the roof off the place.

    Up Mayo!

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  3. Cannot wait to hear the Mayo roar in Croker. Up Mayo. Let’s do this!

  4. Good morning Willie Joe. On the train packed with guys in red jerseys. Those who will stay for the second game will not be shouting for the Dubs! Cmon Mayo!

  5. Can’t wait for the match to start, really looking forward to it with a huge mix of excitement and nervers. If we have a big performance we have a chance.

  6. We need the Mayo roar today to negate the hill. Give it everything you have got as no doubt the team will do likewise. That’s all we can do, the rest is out of our hands. Hon Mayo!

  7. Hi all. All mayo supporters in croke park have a big job on today. We have to show our support by cheering,roaring ,chanting like we never did before. Gargle and lubricate your throats before the game if you need to.i really believe this is our year. Mayo can win it. A one point win will be enough UP MAYO.

  8. Dublin v mayo usually dishes up a tasty battle and today should be no different. From a mayo point of view we gotta hit the ground running. Tear into them. Hit hard and fair. Our scoring needs to improve. A performance like we showed against the kingdom and no less.

    Speaking of the kingdom. One swallow dont make a summer. They wont get carried away. So lets concentrate on ourselves.

  9. Well said WJ. If you’ve a Hill 16 ticket, stick together and head for Section A near the Cusack Stand. Every Mayo Supporter in the stadium needs to play their part as they always do. Up Mayo! Let’s back our team to the end.

  10. Well said Justoutsideballagh – us fans have to raise our game and lift the team today – bring the colour, bring the noise

  11. Well set up WJ. As we prepare to head for Croke Park today, I am reminded of the of the great days, (and not so great), that we’ve had there over the last decade and more. Under various management teams, lead by, Horan, Holmes’s and Connolly, Rochford, Horan again, we’ve had some titanic struggles, not least against today’s opponents. We go there again today, this time with a new management team, led by McStay, hoping and indeed, believing that we can take down the Dubs, and maybe go on to greater success. So let’s get behind the team today once again, and hopefully we can do this. C’mon Mayo.

  12. Best of luck to the Mayo team today. While our fate remains uncertain from where we stand as of this morning, one thing that is guaranteed is that our lads will give it everything and fight to the end against this very strong Dublin team. Safe travels to all supporters making the journey to the capital.

  13. Your match previews Willie Joe are the most coherent, on the money and lacking in cliches out there.
    Possibly this year you put more thought into them or maybe it’s just more practice leading to a higher level?
    We need a lot to go right today, but, I’m delving into cliche there 🙂
    Enjoy the day everyone.

  14. It looks like it might be a sellout as there are no tickets available on ticketmaster.
    A last minute change means I am going with the family and I am looking for only 5 tickets 😉
    A big ask, I know but even if we don’t get into Croke Park, we’ll watch it close by.
    If it suits anyone looking to get rid of tickets.
    Thank you
    Come ON MAYO!!

  15. Anyone on the way up looking for tickets, I might have 3 available for collection in Kinnegad…….
    Liam (087)981-3778.
    Text me if interested

  16. Great article @willie joe well said!

    If were good enough we will do it if not so be it.

    I have full faith we can do it though!

    Good luck guys

  17. We will need to play exactly like we played in Killarney and We must get off to a good start. Hit the Dubs with early scores and keep them on the back foot. Match ups will be crucial. If we can nullify O Callaghan and Caffrey then we have a great chance. Our Bench is very strong let’s hope Management will use it wisely. I hope Cillian gets a good run out Today a great player to come in for us. Hession also even Kevin Mc with 20 to go is still a smart player as is Carr if not starting. We have the Firepower for once. Mayo by 2. Safe travelling to All.
    Go neirigh an tadh le Mhuigheo.

  18. Big game ! we have all our forwards fit and available. They could all click today. Really looking forward to it. Should be a few changes on both sides cant see Dublin starting without a free taker. Enjoy and Come On Mayo !

  19. Just leaving the Kingdom now for Croker. Was out and about earlier and it’s no surprise most everyone here is willing Mayo on. Understandably they would see a Mayo win as a clearing the decks towards another title, plus a chance to right some wrongs should themselves and Mayo meet again. I guess we’d thinking the same way if the boot was on the other foot.

    Really looking forward to this. Emotions swinging wildly between nervousness, hope and optimism. Atmosphere in Croker should be electric.

    Safe travels to all. Mhaigheo Abú.

  20. Always a high quality game against our friends from the East – Mayo seem to raise their game at sight of blue shirts. Fingers x-ed agus Maigh Eo Abú.

  21. Let’s forget the names of the teams playing today. One team won the Division 1 League, only losing one dead rubber game. In the final they beat last year”s All Ireland finalists. In their Championship campaign so far they have beaten both of last year’s All Ireland finalists. The other team haven’t beaten a single Division 1 team all year. They did draw with one Division 1 team, a team which has since been eliminated from the Championship. Yet this is the team which has been installed as strong favourites

  22. Best of luck to team and management. A huge challenge no doubt but a fantastic opportunity as well. Big test for our newer players who have been great all season but who are set to experience something different today. We need to be patient, hang in and not let the dubs get a run on us. Kerry’s excellent performance yesterday can be seen as both a a warning about what the really good teams can do when they hit form but also as an inspiration as we are the only team to have beaten them this year. Go for it. Maigh Eo Abu

  23. Today is my day. Mo direach.
    Maigheo Abu
    Safe travels to one and all and Mayo the best team win!!
    Maigheo go deo

  24. Good luck to all the team management and fans and I hope we have a win to celebrate this evening and an AI semi final to look forward to. Big performance required.

    Hon Mayo.

  25. Watching from abroad today. Question marks over both teams. For the first time since at least 2013 versus the Dubs, I think we have the better squad and the higher ceiling. Dublin have brought along some decent players under Farrell but still reliant on McCarthy, Fitzsimons, O’Callaghan, Fenton and Kilkenny. Wonderful servants and great champions but a lot of miles up. Is the hunger there?

    I feel if we start ok and are still in it after a half hour we’ve a good chance. Think Dublin will look to blitz us early and shake the young lads in defence. Both teams not as good as 2010’s with weaknesses to exploit. I’m cautiously optimistic but we will need a strong showing from the bench.

    Interesting stat in the Irish Times-the most Jack Mc has played in any competitive game this year has been 47 mins, and that was the Leinster quarter final. Since then, he has played roughly 80 minutes across five games. Manning has not managed a full game this season.

  26. I saw many Dubs supporting Tyrone yesterday when watching the game away.
    Does this mean the Dubs were hoping Kerry were beaten, thinking they would knockout Mayo today?

    I reckon the Dubs will start the game at a crazy pace to try and catch Mayo out or else lift the pace right after halftime, do the Dubs have enough pace all over the pitch ?, probably not, hope Mayo is ready for anything today, including dirt off the ball.
    The Referee needs to be on his game.

    Derry could well beat Cork by 4 or 5 points.

    Surely Mayo need to try a few new things that we haven’t seen in the past few games, is their a lack of height in the Dubs defence ?, McCarthy may get a new job today in tracking O Shea or possibly John Small.

    A semi final with Monaghan awaits, I hope it’s Monaghan.
    Let’s try and win with a few points to spare.

  27. You covered it very well WJ, hard to call either way, we have tended to do well in the 3rd quarter, hopefully that sets us up to close the deal, and the our hunger is greater than the Dubs.

  28. Mayo should play like Kerry did. Tight at the back with hard tackling. Not shadowing. We have the players who are excellent tacklers except Coen and Eogha McLaughlin. Need Forwards holding their positions. Kick passes to forwards as first option. If I see Tommy Conroy or Ryan O Donoughue back with the backs then it’s good night I’m afraid. Other thing is if Aiden O Shea is tired take him off. Management has been slow this year on subbing a bit like management’s in the recent past. If you are subbing you need to sub the right players. Not like taking off Carney against Kerry last year just because he was a newby.

  29. Mayo by 5, eoghan Mc to get man of the match!
    Up mayo, this is it, we are landed let our presence be heard in the capital.

  30. Thank you again Willie Joe you really are a fountain of knowledge on all things Mayo,I am confident that we can win but then I am always optimistic,safe journey to all supporters and really Croke Park is our favourite ground,hopefully that it will be a great game with no injuries to either team,and that we will win six or seven,

  31. I agree with the poster that said Mayo should keep it tight in defense.
    Don’t fall into the Tyrone trap yesterday, ie, defenders static waiting for Clifford to make the move, to late then.
    Attack the ball from the front less of this marking space or waiting for the forward to make the first move.

    Kickouts may decide the game today.

    Have to admit I’m confident going into this one.

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    Call at 0876534267

  33. Good piece Willie Joe to get the blood pumping. Best of luck to our boys today and lets get the Green and Red machine going in the stands which will be full. We need to empty the lungs and be a 16th player especially and enivitably when the Dubs hit their purple patch. It won’t be easy but then again it never is. Extra time..Mayo by a point
    Enjoy all and safe travelling!!!

  34. Personally don’t see the hype about Gough as a ref. Think he’s very pedantic and focuses on one or two things. A lot of people thought Hurson was in favour of Galway last week (he wasn’t, thought he was extremely fair. Hurson to my mind the best ref in the country by a long way.
    Gough gave aido a black card last year for sledging while Diarmuid O’connor (the kerry one) got off with elbowing our player in the head in front of Gough and the linesman. Point of my post is that we shouldn’t expect any favours from this ref. If he’s fair, we can have no complaint.

  35. I’m over in France. I’ve Gaa go. Paid the year. When I open it it usually says ‘watch now’ but today only getting ‘buy’ options…. Anyone the same?

  36. Cool heads needed today..
    Everything has been said now..
    Throw off the shackles..

  37. Wow could it happen that we head into a big game with a full deck and they have big injuries !
    That’s the bit of luck that makes the difference between two well matched teams

  38. Not impressed by Derry. Too reliant on Shane McGuigan for scores. Regardless of what happens in 2nd half I’d be very surprised if an Ulster team contests the final

  39. Mayo need to start with quick pace & stand up physically, the defence has to be tight from the off, midfielders needs big games today, forwards need to go with quick ball & rattle the Dubs, most importantly they’ve got to block Dublin halfback line attacking. Hope Mayo team are clued in from throw in, Up Mayo.

  40. Best of luck to Mayo today. Midfield and kick outs need to be sorted. Also our decision making and error count need to drastically improve. If we’ve worked on those areas of our play then we’re in with a serious shout.

  41. If truth in Kilkenny being out it should be ours to lose.

    Callinan likely replacement for Carney if he is out.

  42. Moose79. Mayo match is on RTE today and not on GAAGO!
    Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo inniú!
    Mhuigeo Abù!

  43. Forget about CK or anyone.
    We are landed, as Peeneree said above. We are here. We are going to do this.
    The fans have their job too.
    Good luck everybody. Enjoy! The pitch is looking great. There is lots of space. Up we go! Up Mayo!

  44. Made no difference to Monaghan yesterday, even with the extra time. Shouldn’t be an issue.

  45. I’d treat all these rumours of players out with a pinch of salt until 4pm.

  46. Need to win possesion & breaking balls in midfield and be in game after 60mins.
    Need to prove our worth today.

  47. We’d have be favourites with those changes. McCaffrey and Kilkenny massive losses.
    Especially with our clean bill of health.

  48. Both look grand in warm up. So will play a big role yet

    What a Dublin bench as a result!

  49. Kilkenny, McCaffrey and Small may be impact subs in the third or fourth quarters. We need to be smart.
    They might be trying to target our energy possibly waning after three games in three weeks. Come on Mayo! Let’s give it socks for the entire game.

  50. Hession on a good call, a point down is bad for how much control we had. 3rd quarter huge. Eoghan and that yellow over nothing is dangerous

  51. Legit goal there, could be massive. Should be ahead, playing all the ball, good move getting hession on, o hora was getting skint. Still all to play for, third quater power play now, cman Mayo

  52. We should be winning this game
    Took way too long to make the change but at least it’s made
    Carney will be lucky to see the second half as well
    I’d worry about Eoghan mc on a yellow

    But we will win it
    Cillian to be the difference

  53. Definitely the better team, a poorly conceded goal the difference. O’Callaghan anonymous, couldn’t ask for a whole lot more

    Costello flying though and mannion and basquel very dangerous

    CK and jack will obviously be massive for them

    Can’t fault the workrate or intensity one bit

  54. Lads goal was rightly disallowed according to the Sunday game. Had we been given it I could see an investigation being launched into Gough after the game. He’s gave us everything so far

  55. By the way it won’t make the headlines but a real subtle interception by diarmuid prevented a surefire 2nd goal

    Once again he’s Mayo’s MVP

  56. Good call taking O Hora off. Best half of football ive seen all yeah hopefully we can rattle the net and beat the Dubs I think the first half will give the younger lads a lot of confidence. Callinan and Conroy and O’D doing really well

  57. Folks, I think McCaffrey is on the Dublin bench. Thought I saw him.
    From where I’m sitting McCarthy is looking good for Dublin, fit, sharp and confident. Our midfield duo seem to be doing a good job.
    We have a lot of speed on the field now – Hession and Sam. McBrien is sticking to Con like glue.
    I’m anticipating Dublin to hit us like fifty lions in the second half.
    We have the personnel to do this. Let’s hope we do. Up Mayo!

  58. Kick out is where we may loose it unless we sort it out. Dublin can get goals of it. Eogham Mcloughlin needs to come off. James Carr and COC to make a difference hopefully..

  59. Gooch did the same as flynn a fews year’s ago near the corner in croker and kicked a score and it was lauded as genius

  60. O’Hora should have been pulled straight away. He’s a half back in fairness and doesn’t have that turn of pace for CB. Management were very slow to make the change. Still in the hunt here which is all you could have hoped for.

  61. If McLoughan has a card then I’d pull him. He’s has a really poor tackling technique.

  62. Why can we not bomb in a high ball into our Full Forward line?

  63. Ah fuck this. Miles off an AI .don’t have the forwards and defo don’t have the defence.

  64. I have to say this. Dublin a joy to watch. And this is with their main men missing. Going to be a hell of a battle between them and Kerry

  65. Maybe it good thing we go out now then just get hammered in the semi not good enough today sadly .

  66. For days people saying mayo by 3 or 4 it’s over for mayo but it’s no shame all the players can do is give there best safe home people

  67. This game is a great example of Dublin picking footballers and mayo picking athletes. We aren’t nearly clever enough as footballers.

  68. Saying it for years. We need a defensive coach who has won all Ireland’s. We are too nice. There was a hiding coming if not today, then against kerry.

  69. Yes KM79, you need footballers first, as a start . I’ll sit back & enjoy Dubs

  70. Moose79 – 100% agree with you. Paddy Tally, Kevin Walsh, Mickey Heart, Cian Oneill. But we would turn or nose up to them in Mayo. Instead we go with men who think a man who has played his whole life as a forward could do a job at CB. No sweeper system. Why? Because it’s not attractive on the eye. Every team who has won an AI in the last 15 years has built their team on defence. But no, not Mayo. We have all the answers. To ignorant to do what’s needed

  71. Carney should have been pulled ages ago. He offers very very little going forward. Not just today but in previous games too he hasn’t been effective. Good league but hasn’t the pace for Summer football.

  72. Not to worry after today we can get out and support our clubs. Use the league to work on our kickout strategy and the defence just do enough to stay up the league really is worthless

  73. 1 week turnaround too much. Mayo out on their feet. 2019 all over again. All Ireland lost in that last quarter against Cork. Such a pity.

  74. Carney. Anonymous…and has done little in championship.

    Ruane. I can see why he didn’t start v Galway.

    We have passed the ball backwards more than a rugby team.

    ROD, TOMMY buzzing first half but just way too slow getting ball near them. Our general movement is awful compared to Dublin. We make life terribly hard for ourselves. Labouring for scores while Dublins all come with more grace and ease.

    Shambolic 3rd quarter.

  75. The warnings were there in 1st half, man on man in fullback line with no sweeper.
    Dubs ambush at start in 2nd half, exact same as 2019.
    I warned about this yesterday

  76. Mayo are totally demoralised now. Its aembarrassing they are so shot of confidence.. feel sorry for them..

  77. KM79….agree. We are 8 down….leave AOS on and put him edge of square. Only hope.

    A really really poor performance 2nd half. We huffed and puffed first half and played some decent ball but still trailed. That told its own story.

    Over and out.

  78. Even if we had 3 weeks off before this match, we”re not beating Dubs in this mood

  79. tell me what did we expect?struggled against Louth.Beaten by Cork and too many games in a short time .Fatigue.

  80. Everyone was calling for Horans head a while back. What has changed with the new top management team? Or maybe we realise now that the mayo team of 2011 to 2018 was a once in a lifetime team. Keegan, boyle, Vaughan, parsons SOS, Moran, etc. Hard to replace.

  81. @Alan – lord you can’t be saying that. These men have over 40 years experience on a sideline. Only one of them has bothered to manage club teams in mayo, Mulligan. Everyone wanted Horan out after last year. He’s streets ahead of this management team. Like what system are we playing?

    We spent the whole year with Loftus at CB and then after one loss we change the whole thing up. What level of conviction in a plan is that???

  82. That is possibly the worst half of football I have seen Mayo play in Croke Park….Brutal.

  83. Heart goes out to the players.
    I won’t say my thoughts, I’ve made it very clear my thoughts on what issues were throughout the year.

    They really came home to roost today sadly.

  84. Yes Dave Johnston we’re a pale shadow of the 16, 17 team. Beating Galway last Sunday is the only saving grace for us.

  85. The hunger is well and truly back!!

    Two teams miles ahead of everyone when it truly comes down to it, I’m getting giddy already thinking about a Dublin Kerry final

  86. Commiserations, everyone. Comprehensively beaten. We can have no complaints about that. Dublin strike in the third quarter again. A repeat of 2019, just after half time. Dublin squeezed us everywhere then and we couldn’t get our running game going.
    Back to the drawing board, chastened, with a lot to learn.
    Chin up, everybody.

  87. @dave they were and he didn’t win it with them. That’s why people called for his head

  88. We have been shocking for months and months. No shape, no defensive strategy, no kickout strategy, brutal scoring return. Looks like our really poor performances against Roscommon, Louth, Cork etc. is a true reflection of where this managment has brought us. Sure when you’re only scoring 11 or 12 points a game you have no chance. 3 more years of this to look forward to.

  89. Mayo Galway Armagh Tyrone Monaghan, even Cork, and the rossies all proven to be the same level when it comes down to it.

    Can beat each other, but way off the top teams

    Special mention to James McCarthy – what an absolute rolls Royce of a player. Mannion outstanding too I thought. CK and jack won’t get back in for semi

  90. Not good enough today. I think even with another week resting it wouldn’t have changed the outcome.
    Well done to the Dubs. Deserved their win.
    Hard luck to our lads. Tough day at the office.

  91. In France at moment, had to watch match on phone. A bad day at the office for yous. Most I’ve seen us up for a game in a couple of years. I remember 2009 as someone mentioned above the started earwigs. We were hammered by Kerry and an AI felt a million miles away. At the final whistle feelings can be raw. Yous have some serious footballers in the team. Not a good day today, but the players on all teams give it everything and make a lot of sacrifices. Mayo never go away. Don’t tear them down. Give them the support. Yous will definitley be back next year. Look forward to seeing yous in the league and hopefully latter stages of the championship.

  92. As predicted the game against us took too much winning and Mayo were well off the pace in the 2nd half. I was surprised how quickly ye folded with the Dubs looking far quicker , fitter and sharper but the 2 week break did Kerry and Dublin no harm. Dubs just have the panel and will press Kerry in the final. See ye next year with all Connaght counties well off the top 2.

  93. Keegan the only mayo player to score a champ goal against Dublin in ten years?? YIKES

    Has O’Shea ever scored from play against them?

  94. There is no point in me or anyone else saying anything negative about that. It speaks for itself. There is a feel of the 1993 semi-final against Cork about it. We have a lot of good players, about 8 of them, if I am being honest, but we have yet to have 23 players for this level, which is what we need.
    Forget about All Ireland’s next year- it will take three years to build a panel to get back to the top table.

  95. The breeze through the national league always had that air of invincibility about it with such a light and relatively inexperienced team. My reservations about this team’s ability to become a championship heavyweight were brutally exposed today.

  96. If that Dublin team is a pale shadow of the 15-19 team, then what does that make us!!!

  97. We lost any chance at an All-Ireland run down in Limerick. That’s where the damage was done.

    Dubs ruthless in punishing any mistakes today, and boy did we make them. Two preventable goals conceded and an open goal missed, you don’t get away with that against the top sides.

    We are just not good enough. This is roughly our level now, sad to say.

    Thanks to the players and management for their efforts this year, see you again in January.

  98. For Kevin to say this hasn’t been a bad year is very weak. What would Kerry and Dublin managers say after a hammering in an AI semi final. And then Sunday game panel heaping praise on him for being a nice guy. If I remember correctly Tomas Ose basically told Peter Keane to step aside after an AI semi final 2 years ago. We are actually being laughed at by the TOP counties.

  99. Alan – he was smiling and laughing too. Shocking stuff. At least you could see the hurt on Horans face when he lost

  100. A very tired Mayo team no match for a rampent and very fresh Dublin side.
    This blog which gives a great service to Mayo football can sometimes be guilty of generating too much hype.
    In reality we never had a chance, beating galway was our A I Final.

  101. We were very unlucky,we will be back next year,best of luck to Dublin now

  102. All in Connaught was behind Mayo for this one. The one-week turnaround was always going to be a deciding factor. I hope all Mayo fans now get behind Galway in the hurling semi next Sun. Kerry/Dublin still the best teams by a distance.

  103. Time and time again Mayo lose the third quarter and the game is over. Same craic again today. I feel sorry for those good young footballers.

    Until we get set up defensively we are going nowhere. Dublin and Kerry score goals. We had our chance today and hit the post from the edge of the square.

    Second half we needed a change at midfield to freshen it up, needed height to compete with Fenton and nobody was there. Tuohy was tried and played in the league and not seen since. We saw some beautiful quick kick passes today into space and the forward line in the first half but then it went out the window in the second.

    Today though is the concession of goals, long ball in and we concede from it. Why do teams continually target us for high ball yet we can’t seem to do it? Every high ball in, we end up in the air competing, back ends up on the ground and easy goal. Was there any sweeper dropping in today?

    Mileage there for a lot of players and we need to seriously look at trying out some others.

    Options in midfield and half forward line are badly needed. I’d happily take flirting with relegation in the league next year if it meant developing some players and trying some things out.

    I’d also like to see us change and become super defensive. We have tried the man to man long enough and come up short.

    Not enough angry or annoyed, just resigned at this stage as we keep doing the same thing and have the same old failings. We aren’t a top team, not even close.

  104. Sobering alright MikeyJ and they were actually poor in the first half by their 2010s standards. Some daft misses

    Agree John McHale some comments not ageing well at all. Based on champ form we needed a miracle today

    Imagine how bullish we would have been if it was the dubs who lost to cork and Roscommon

  105. All – ease off on the personal insults aimed at Kevin McStay. I won’t be tolerant of anyone posting abusive comments so please take this as a friendly warning.

  106. ‘Not a bad season’, sure what hope have we, when our manager thinks that, after been bet out the gate.

  107. @twisted wheel…. You have to have the talent coming through to build a squad. We took our eyes off underage between 2011 to present (with odd exceptions) and we have very little coming through. Every year we read here, literally ever year, about such talent coming through. Where is it? I think some people simply cannot judge talent. And when we do get someone really good they fuck off to Australia

    Mayo need to get back to the drawing board and put real emphasis on success at minor and u20. Get some winning mentality coming through.

  108. I read this blog and recommend it to others as it is usually devoid of the nastiness which passes as fair comment on other sites. Willie Joe moderates it vigorously. However, reading these posts during the 2nd half of the game is truly disheartening. The players are amateur, players who live within our communities. Not one of them tog out or give up hours of their young lives to play badly. The “fans” need to get a grip and watch what they post. We are all disappointed but to use a hackneyed cliche “no one died”

  109. If I read another comment about Galway must be kicking themselves…absolute horseshite. Galway were built up all year and in truth were no better than ourselves..they would have been beaten out the fucking gap aswell today.

    Thomas O Shea praising Kevin McStay..If that was a Kerry manager that gave an interview like that after that result I’d like to see his reaction!

  110. Playing Galway last Sunday was always going to take alot out of them physically and mentally.I was not in anyway confident about today.the issues we had weren’t going to magically disappear.we wasted way to much time on a weird defensive experiment that was very unlikely to work.having said that the unfortunate mistake by young Sam callinan today opened the floodgates.we have to find a ball winning midfielder and stop leaving ourselves wide open at the back where a long high ball in is being defended by jack coyne and Padraig o hora who was miles off the pace today.clearly a planned move by Dublin to get mcbrien out of that area.After watching Kerry yesterday I had a fair idea that we weren’t in the running this year.the evidence has been there for the last few games

  111. Tough day at the office!! Kerry v Dublin final now for sure. Clifford will send them homeward I’d say.
    Tommy Rooney on OTB power rankings has Mayo way too high it seems on a weekly basis. We are around 7th or 8th in the country at best. A long way to go to be contenders once again. A lot of rebuilding and rethinking to be done. 2013 to 2017 were the the years we were at the top table and that ship has long sailed . Anyways its only a game and I am still proud to say I’m a Mayo supporter regardless of todays hammering!!

  112. Hill16, very kind and wise contribution. Thank you very much. I appreciate your words.
    You were definitely up for it today and had the tactics right too.
    On reflection, we could have gone all out in the first half and racked up a lead. Dublin and Mayo both targetted the second half.
    We had the personnel to win but were prevented from getting going. Dublin seemed intent that they would dominate us, not let us get going or even score.
    McCarthy in particular looked full of energy.
    We are a better group of players than we looked today and we have a slice of humble pie to eat now for another twelve months.
    Let’s work on scoring and skills that we can rely on in all tight spaces.
    Dublin had the tactical plan right and looked to target our weaknesses. Then just tack on the scores and squeeze us.

  113. 3 points scored in an entire second half tells it’s own sorry story. The Dubs are bang average, years off the 6 in a row team. hopefully our management team doesn’t have us peaking for rounds 3 and 4 of the league next year.

  114. The ex Dublin and Kerry pundits have played a blinder here. Proclaiming Galway favourites for the last month and talking up Mayo and Tyrone all this week. Lee Keegan on the other hand doing an interview during the week stating he felt Mayo had the panel to win an All Ireland. You would never get that from one of the Kerry/Dublin lads.

  115. A hard lesson today for our fellas…….but a lesson it is. Onwards and upwards with this teams development…….

  116. Well said Big Mike. We are our own worst enemy. And then they tell us how good and nice McStay is. And he may well be a nice man, he comes across as one. But they know full well Mayo are no threat. That result would never be tolerated in Kerry. People in Mayo will try and find positives in it. Nothing about today was positive. Absolutely nothing

  117. They got a few small points lead after half time and all they did then was press the kick out (we’ve seen it before), win the kickout, score and repeat.
    That’s not a no. 6 issue. That’s something we’ve seen before (2019). Posters mentioned the midfield all year. They’re good. We just fell into their trap.
    Allied to this – they defended aggressively all under the field so we couldn’t score one point and get any momentum (which would be dangerous). Like Tyrone in 2021, they made us toothless.
    They also were clever in their substitutions for maximum intimidation (esp the timing, and in the Jack McCaffrey one). This was also done to prevent us gaining any momentum and to drive their advantage home.
    We were targetted, we had weaknesses and we were outthought. No shame in that but lots of embarrassment and licking of wounds. We must stop this from happening.

  118. Its a carbon copy of Roscommon a few years ago , its just like 2010 all over again nothing learned from the past , bringing onn old players who are passed the sell by date, this management will never reach a final guaranteed, 3 more years with this carry on , really. This beats 93 very embarrasing , what are 5 people doing with this team, can they learn a kickout system, every other county has one ,people are blaming the goalkeeper what can he do when there is no one to kick it to, this is very embarrising to watch, it was the same in the under 20s this year. go vora dia urran. slan

  119. Three games in 14 days took it’s toll, in the past Mayo would love that schedule not the current crop is this is clearly not the Mayo of old team that contained warriors in defence and number of good midfield options and in attack Cillian O’Connor and Andy Moran at his peak.

    Last year was Mayo first Quarter final defeat since 2009 now two last 8 exits in a row.

  120. Reape may not be the answer either
    Worrying how he has performed when the real pressure came on last 4 games

  121. An awful championship. Worst I can remember in a long time. Lay off the team and McStay. It’s only football at the end of the day even if it is our religion in Mayo. I think we are all scarred from so many AI losses. Maybe we need a break of a few years, as much as I hate to say it. Reset.

  122. A lot of young new players on Mayo team, no experience at this level, boy will they learn alot from today, it will let K McStay & crew know exactly what they need to do now, they were blown away with Dublins physicality all over the pitch. They will be back.

  123. People forget, Kevin brought in a lot of young players. They are inexperienced, and need time to develop. Kevin and Dessie Farrell would know each other well, as they both played at Na Fianna club. So, naturally, he has a certain affinity towards Dublin. By the way, what’s wrong being gracious in defeat. After all, it’s the players on the field that make the difference.

  124. I’d imagine Aiden O’Shea, Cillian O’connor and a few others may call it quits after another miss at Sam this year…
    That second half was hard to watch, sad end to a promising start of the year

  125. Km79 – have to agree unfortunately. Has played well over the last while….but if you tank under pressure (like a few of his teammates), exactly when the team needs you then there is an issue. Not sure what the tactic was but our kickouts have been an issue.
    Carney should have come off, I felt that was a selfish decision and he wasn’t adding anything to the game.
    Ruane was running around like a headless chicken.
    OHora looked tired and should have been taken off earlier imo
    Although, I don’t know why I’m picking out particular players because the whole team was in shambles.
    No unity at all. Why wasn’t Conroy coming forward in the second half?? Stuck to the side of the goal and should have looked for the ball because he’s well able to score. Our best players all seemed to be out of sorts.
    A few retirements otw I would assume

  126. It wasn’t purely Reape’s fault. We have a midfield that is incapable of competing for a high ball and the writing has been on the wall with that since 2021 when Tyrone exposed them.

  127. Dreadfully poor 2nd half. At the end of the day we’ve lost to Roscommon and Cork. Got annihilated by the Dubs today. And I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have beaten Galway last week only for they were crippled with injuries.

    Certainly a lot of soul searching ahead over the winter.

  128. Goals are sickeners especially when they are soft. Unfortunately, mistakes by Padraic OHora and Sam Callinan cost us dearly. We recoverd well from the first one and we played well in that first half. But the second one sucked the energy out of us and gave the Dubs the cushion they needed to cut loose.

  129. We need to Rebuild.
    Patience is needed as it may take a few seasons.
    What’s a few more years?
    I went to my first match in 1974 Galway vMayo in Tuam. I can wait another while.

  130. Who cares about what analysts say. It has no bearing on matches. As others have alluded to here the game was lost two weeks ago down in Limerick. Shades of 2019 where the Dubs wiped us out after a tough AI campaign. Needs to be a readjustment of attitude. We need to be winning Connacht and topping our groups. This rubbish of sneaking in the back door is getting us nowhere. We were completely gassed today in the second half. Unacceptable goals conceded and no threat whatsoever in the forwards. Don’t want to name individual players but some performances were near Junior B level. We have the talent to compete with the Dublins and Kerrys of this world but tactics and cuteness letting us down every time. Hard luck on the team and management but another long winter beckons. The win down in Killarney is meaningless now

  131. Not much of a consalation but we won the league, think we shot ourself in the foot in Cork game, don’t think all Ireland in us this year anyway.
    We were miles of it in second half, disappointing

  132. Goals conceded again have killed us. The first one we recovered from but the second one was fatal.
    They were awful goals from a defensive point of view.
    The first one was a long ball in. Should have been meat and drink for O’Hora.
    The second one I thought Reape should be giving Callinan a call to clear it out for a sideline or 45.
    You wouldn’t mind if the Dubs carved us open but both of those goals were avoidable.
    We need to be more streetwise than that.
    Mind the House at all costs

  133. We are short too many Sam completive players. A 2-3 year rebuild is needed bringing in players as young as 19 and 20.
    I flagged pregame that Aidan should come on and not start. As well as a rebuild we really need to modernize our mgmt backroom team.
    First role is a defensive coach.
    Secondly, after all these seasons why do the Kerry and Dublin players have a thicker stronger build than our players? I’ve had a well flagged view that we’ve been on a misguided SnC path.
    I don’t believe the likes of Lee Gannon or Graham O’Sullivan would be built like they are training with the Mayo panel.
    When have we made a slim player look like current Sean OShea?
    We’re not close but we can get a lot closer.

  134. Does anyone expect to see Kerry or Monaghan set up like we did today where one ball in leaves two average size corner backs one on one with their men .as for o hora he didn’t appear to realise where he was on the field when through in first half and turned back out with conroy beside him.Don’t really know what people expect mcstay to say after a game.we don’t have a midfield in of story.diarmaid o Connor is a great footballer but he is covering too many areas and is not an out and out fielder.

  135. Good on you, Maumtrasna View. I’m mad as hell. Not blaming anyone. Just mad. We hate losing these games.
    Thanks so much for giving us the benefit of that wisdom. I mean it. It helps.
    Anger can lead to energy.
    And as you said, we have a bit of time.
    Commiserations to us all this evening.

  136. Again it makes 2021, awful. That’s was the chance a rubbish Tyrone team that should have been bet.

    Midfield and half forwards no where to be seen in the second half.

    OSe should have been left on full forward line did ok. Not the problem for a change.

  137. 1985 – Diarmuid is a top class footballer, he’s selfless and picks up the slack for his teammates. But, like every other Mayo player today, he wasn’t playing his best football. I’m not saying that the Mayo players playing on form would have won that game – certainly not. We were outplayed in every aspect of that game. The tactic was obvious, get a good start in the first half – Mayo should have taken advantage of the Dublin wides and should have pulled ahead. Shoulda coulda woulda I suppose

  138. Can people stop saying it wasn’t a bad least we won the league. The league is irrelevant. Its a warm up gig for the championship. There’s only one goal at the beginning of every season and we’ve failed to achieve that now for coming up on 73 years by the beginning of next season. Its beyond depressing at this stage.

  139. Another year ends in disappointment. I think our year has gone very like Rossies under McStay. We came out of the blocks and had great momentum through the league but once the ground started to harden under our feet, we were way off the required pace.

    At the start of the year, with Keegan and Mullins gone, I didn’t know what to expect except that a rebuilding job was needed. Viewed through that lens, winning the league, beating Kerry in Killarney and putting Galway out of the championship was a decent enough year.

    I do see lots of anger on here and despair about where we go from here. I’d be thinking that management will look at this in the cold light of day and see that we have added Reape, Coyne, Callinan, McHugh and Touhy as genuine options. Add to that, we have had progress from Flynn, Carney and a fit Conroy, so if we can add a few more options next year, we can be back in contention.

    I’d like to see us taking a more reserved approach to the league even if means relegation and time our run for championship next time. It’s what the two best teams left standing have done.

  140. All – I’ve been through the comments and have weeded out the worst of them. If you find yourselves in moderation this evening, then you’ll know why. I’d appeal to everyone not to post abusive comments. Critical comments that are fair and reasonable and which don’t stray into abuse are allowed, as they always are, but anyone who crosses the line won’t be posting again here for a while.

    John/Robert – do yourselves both a favour and find something else to do. I really don’t have time for trolls this evening.

  141. Tough game for all involved today, not what any of us expected and it’s a real pity. Ya’d have to wonder about the role of events and I know if we’d beaten cork it wouldn’t have been as gruelling but we didn’t and it was a quick turnaround.

    @JP, re the s and c it’s a very primitive view to think about it as size only. You’re missing aerobic capacity, endurance, power, all these do not equal in muscle mass, sure at that rate the lads could pile on the muscle and be slow as Christmas. Fine balance and all that.

    Disappointing but we’ll go again and we’ll have lots to say on the way!

  142. Hard one to swallow
    A few key moments went against them (disallowed goal, McLoughlin missing an open goal, defender refusing to clear his line for second goal).
    Team then dropped their heads and gave up with 25 mins left.
    We are back to where we were pre 2011. Lack of leadership and hard edge when things go against us.

    How many of the team that finished would you ring if you in trouble?

    We are back to the 2000’s era. Good when it’s going well and wheels falling off if something goes wrong

  143. Kevin McStay really needs to study the club scene in Mayo, I really question his knowledge of all club players in Mayo, some players have been left out of the Mayo panel for whatever reasons with very good club form the likes of Darren Quinn, Jason Gibbons, Kieran King,Caolan Crowe,Oisin McLaughlin, Conor Diskin , Colm Moran , Fergal Boland and a few others all better than alot of the players that lined out today.Give me Jason Gibbons before Matty Ruane we wouldnt be bullied like we were today in Midfield. A few too many Goody to shoes in the panel for my liking, best 30 players should be picked no matter what there age club or commitment issues.Kevin was complaining in his book a few years back that he never got a chance at the Mayo job.Not once did he serve time as a Club manager in Mayo or his hometown in Ballina.Maurice Sheridan the same.Jack Coyne and Bob Tuohy were the only new players brought in for the 1st year of a new management team, No trials held.He said we wernt in a rebuilding phase , we are now Kevin.Went balls out for the League and had a disastorous championship.I am not saying we would have bet Dublin today but I question are all the best players in the current panel.Looks like the end of Jason Doherty and Kevin McLoughlin and maybe even Aido. All 3 have been great players and have given great service to Mayo.It could be a long time till we are back in an All Ireland Final again.Football in the County in general has been poor.Under 20 performances of the last 5 years have been terrible and need to be addressed.A lack of Mayo players making Sigerson squads at Third level in comparison to 10 or 15 years ago and the other bigger football counties .There is no Under 21 club competition in the County to address players dropping out after Minor.Club football in the County has been poor for a number of years.Castlebar Mitchels in 2015 the last team to win a Connacht club championship.

  144. Not sure what Reape was meant to do on kickouts when no one showed for him, seems clear we have no kick out strategy all year. Look back last week with multiple Mayo players contesting a ball with one Galway player, so they naturally hoovered up the breaks.
    In early league when teams weren’t fit and pressing up it was easy to get kicks away.
    It seems we thought this would stay the same for year so didn’t need any other option.

  145. Bad day at the Office for us. Very good first half and should have been 3 to 4 points ahead at half time came out a bit too cocky in second half and let Dublin take control of game and then the normal soft goals and game over. A few will proberly call it a day after that. Whats needed now after club championship is that all the young defender especially be put on a tough strength and conditioning course for winter months and
    come back next year more physically stronger and able to prevent these soft goals that always destroys us.

  146. What role was Cillian assigned to when he came on? Lot of time in around middle, with smaller players like ROD and Tommy inside.
    McBrien was even FF for a while, again we never really tried to lob a high diagonal ball in to box, one main sources of goals in GAA.

  147. I thought David McBrien did well today.

    P.S. It has been a decent year in this team’s development and in this project. Under pressure today some of our unpolished aspects showed. We need to see them to fix them.
    We need to look at the kickout-midfield issue too.

    I find it much too simplistic to say it’s a McStay-Roscommon scenario. That infuriates me to be honest. This is year one of this project. This is Mayo. There’s room to progress and things to fix. That’s a young enough team. Let’s keep our faith in them though I think we can rest our supporters’ hats tonight. We probably feel a bit tired and need a cup of tea and to lick our wounds. I know I do.

  148. @Killala Sunrise, In my view Kerry and Dublin players look stronger and more explosive than our players as a team average.

  149. Like some have alluded to…can we just realise, the league is Mickey Mouse. Yes, staying in Div qm1 is preferable but a drop once in while to Duv 2 is fine also long as you bounce back straight away. The league should only be about blooding new players, trying things out, systems, tactics etc. it counts for jack shit come championship so can ppl please stop making such a song and dance about it next year. We have too much of a habit of lauding over lads cos they blitz some team in February. Surely now, if there ever was any doubt before, 2023 is absolute proof that league form is nothing to go by. However, it can show if a new kid has the makings of a real player.

    It’s gonna be a busy autumn and winter for management

  150. When we go with a system and abandon it 80% into the year nothing can be expected.

  151. The players in that 28-31 age bracket will really need to see some new things from mgmt over the winter.
    The approach this year really stalled come summer time.
    Kevin kept going on about how you had to be really motoring early as there’d be no time mid season.
    I’m convinced the likes of Kerry and Dublin trained right through the league.

  152. No point in ranting on about this Mayo team, they tried their best, and inexperience cost us dearly today especially the two goals, when they look back at the first goal they will cringe because corner back should have cleaned up that ball no problem but he lost his bearings completely, not exceptable at this level, the second goal was a joke, you have to try and pick up the ball in danger zone & he probably would have got a free out, lack of experience big time, hard luck on the young man.
    Otherwise they were doing OK, back to basics for next season.

  153. Disappointing finish to say the least.

    Spending every game this year, before today, with Loftus or Doherty at 6 proved to be a massive waste of effort. As a county we produce countless half backs so it just made no sense. Leaving Hession on the bench all championship was criminal too.

    David McBrien the big find this year. Sam also looks the part, notwithstanding his mistake today.

  154. We were real championship contenders following our League success and subsequent win over Kerry – according to the local & national media, ably abetted by whole pile of posters on this blog.We were told we had
    a top level panel of players expertly guided by mngt.
    Today we are told that at least two of them haven’t the pace for football at this level & come back James all is forgiven.
    Some of us were slammed for entering caveats/reservations re above successes, which was ok at the time but not ok in retrospect.
    So who are the poor judges of players/mngt – haven’t read any mea culpa on this blog so far.
    As alway life isn’t binary – there are a host of variables feeding into success/failure – not simplistic assertions masquerading as facts (that includes my cùpla focal) – let that be the takeaway & keep the faith.

  155. @in ROD we trust –
    Quite a presumptuous comment. Kevin and team had AT LEAST one member of the management team at EVERY club game last season. Every single one. I’m sure after today there will be some serious questions posed. I would expect a couple of retirements and that leaves room for new faces. Management teams across the country face tough decisions when it comes to choosing a panel and some just don’t make the cut! It can be a hard pill to swallow… there were players on that Mayo team that made mistakes that you wouldn’t see in a Junior B match. And it’s awful to see… it’s just not good enough at this level.

    Some of the lads you mentioned have been on the panel and were dropped

  156. Dublin too fast and furious.they pressurised mayo and mayo couldn’t settle into a rythem .
    Needed a couplov leaders there today to steady the ship.

  157. Sinn e, today reminded me a lot of 2019, Dubs tested Mayo out in 1st half, and blew them away in 5 or 6 minutes at start of 2nd half, which I actually missed in Croker.
    Better to go out now than get hammered in a final.
    Still a good learning for the younger guys today.

  158. Margie – I’ve binned two comments from you now. In one you called someone a “bluffer” and in the other one you called someone else a “bottler”. This kind of terminology is out of bounds so if you want any future comments to appear here you’d need to start winding in your neck and starting posting in more reasonable terms.

  159. The second goal was all on Callinan…absolutely nothing to do with Reape. Once you make a decision to shepard a ball like that over the line you better make well sure it goes out. This is not a pop at Sam Callinan, he has huge potential but that was inexperience showing…he will learn from it.

    I think the worst thing about today is the manner of the defeat. We may have questioned where the dubs were at but they were the bookies favourites today and where a lot of us thought we were in with a decent shout, losing is not a huge shock. The way we lost though is very disheartening. There were many echoes of 2019 but it felt worse somehow. When the second goal went in, there was no response there, heads seem to go. Ryan missed a simple enough free straight after, Eoghan Mcloughlin missed an open goal. I hate to say it but I feel if Dublin found themselves in the same position the response would be different. Fatigue and inexperience may have played it’s part but somehow it feels like there’s more to it than that, a lack of mental toughness and ability to perform under immense pressure. I feel this also cost us the final in 2021.

  160. Well I thought we were closer to Sam competitive post league, but I was wrong.
    So mea culpa whatever.
    Based on the facts of the season the mgmt don’t appear to have the scientific detailed approach needed.
    It would be a boring list to point out those facts, but suffice to say the championship and player selections have been quite haphazard.
    So what really worries me is that that is not something fixable. You are either really detailed and organized or not.

  161. Thank God for sport…
    England lost the 2nd test, now 2 down in the series.
    Ricky Fowler just after winning on the PGA tour…first win in 4 year…
    Max Verstappen winning the Austria Grand Prix.
    And now highlights of the 2nd day of the Tour de France about to start.
    Yes indeed, thank God for sport ?

  162. First time since 2010 failed to make semis in back to back years

    In all honesty – it was understandably glossed over during the week – but if Kelly/Comer were 100%, if Tierney buried that goal chance, if Walsh had even a passable performance we would have been beaten by a mediocre Galway last week. We’re definitely well back in the pack now

    There was some mad comments during the week, stuff like we had a better bench than Dublin (All Stars and All Ireland medals falling out of some of their arses), that we would be a match for that Kerry performance yesterday, that Dublin fans were cocky for thinking they’d win today (despite being bookies favourites) – this all held water maybe 5-10 years ago when we had our greatest team ever, but we’re miles off that with the current side. Have no problem with optimism at all, but as a county I just don’t think we help ourselves, I know its only a cohort of fans but some of the delusion, so ubiquitous online, just has to seep through to players

    Way too much expectation on this group, when in reality – based on our personnel (lots of key retirements in recent years) – we’ve no right to be in the top 5 in the country anymore

    For that reason I’ve no qualms with how the season I went. I felt the players gave their everything for the most part, some new lads had great breakthrough seasons and O’Shea had his best campaign in years. We just don’t have anything near 15 top level footballers anymore though

    Dublin would take Tommy Conroy off us, at a push, and that’s it at the present time

  163. If those players mentioned retire, who is going to replace them , i dont know any names that comes to mind, 3 of them are ready for the p45 , 2 are not good enough and 2 are doubtful, that is 7 players you have to find, where are those players to be found, one player could play a role but only in one position, dont blame the goalie he can only be as good as the players that show for the ball, what progress has this team made since 2019 v dublin a repeat today after half time. Those are nearly all Horans players, mayo are going backwards , humiliated twice in the same year, the kickout is a total embarresment, a very sad day for Mayo football, i knew it was coming , Mayo could end up going back to 1970, in 2000 or 2001 there was very few supporters in hyde park v Westmeath .That was the start of the rott untill 1985. a certain player put the ball wide from 15 yds, Mayo lost by a point, i hope this dont happen again but it looks eerily like it, slan

  164. Ciaran, perhaps you are calling that view ‘realistic’. I see it as harsh and it doesn’t tally for me. Yes, I agree we could have lost against Galway if they had a fully fit Kelly and Comer. They didn’t have replacements though.
    Dublin still have strong players and tailored their gameplan today.
    Mayo are a good side. I believe we have strong personnel. We had a lot of strengthening and polishing to do. It doesn’t happen overnight. Teams will try to expose our weaknesses and we have them currently.
    Let’s see how far Dublin get this year after that performance. And next year.

  165. Felt like Mayo were hanging on in the first half really despite the tight score line. Dubs had missed a lot by their standards. Second half they went to town and Mayo were tired. To answer the question you posed in the write Willie Joe – it seemthere’s plenty left in Mick Fitz and McCarthy, who is just an extraordinary player it must be said.

  166. Lads we are going nowhere any time soon without proper midfielders, flynn/diarmuid/ruane and Carney are all good hard working athletes who will put a shift in but they are exactly the same player. Unfortunately I don’t see a solution anywhere at club level either, the best midfielder in the county by a country mile the last few years is jason gibbons at 35 years of age

  167. While looking at the positives for our chances in advance, many of us suspected deep down the extra game with no rest week would make this a long shot. Some were saying the results of some group games, I pointed out that was not true that Kerry would be in absolute peril if we won the group, it was that important for us to win it.
    I concur with the view that it was a good year for us overall.
    Winning the league was both enjoyable and good for team development. Some might say Championship is all that matters but when building a team that is great for the confidence of the new lads.
    On today we were probably the better team in the 1st half, the ball for their 1st goal was speculative, ok well taken and backs and goalie maybe could do more. The only other blot was the lost pass from Reape nearly causing a goal but leaving them 1 up.
    Second half it seemed lost when they went 4 up, I was thinking we’ve stopped functioning and fatigue will likely undo us from there. Ok it was unfortunate for Callinan he opened the floodgates with that mistake but the game was getting out of reach anyway.
    For subs, management did the right thing replacing O Hora who was the only back the Dubs were really making any headway on and bringing on experienced lads inn2nd as more rookies would likely lead to even more mistakes. No issue with taking off O Shea a week after the Galway game. The reason was to get Cillian on. The subs made no real impact as the game was gone, only a goal or 2 would have given any chance but the legs collectively would’ve likely packed up even if we got goals.
    I still think our panel is very good but Kerry and Limerick hurlers set the template focusing on multiple years success underage. It’s possible to win an AI without that targeting but it’s more difficult. The other thing Kerry keep doing is producing more superstars and Dublin have a few too. Kerry’s population isn’t a whole lot more than Mayo’s. I think Kerry will likely beat the Dubs, a bit like rugby World Cup NZ hammer Ireland, England hammer NZ and SA hammer England to win it out. The final result flattered Dublin because for 35 we were at equal to them.
    Had we won our group we could have made the semis but probably too inexperienced to go further regardless of who was managing. I’m also in the camp of being happy with McStay and his team. We lost 2 great players and found some new ones who will be great. We could do well with Tuohy on the team next year and 1 or 2 more along with this years newbies getting more battle hardened but we could do with some underage success to really boost the team.

  168. Ciaran – Galway have beaten us once in the last 8 competitive games. They are not a better side than us no matter how much you build them up.

  169. Just speculating here on retirements and I’d welcome all players to remain, but Kevin McL has put in a massive shift. He’s the obvious one. I still think AOS has more to offer IF used right. 2023 showed some glimpses of that. Cillian hardly played last 2 years. If he can just stay niggle free he has another year or two there for certain, if he wants. Doc, again, missed 2 years but he may call it a day, but certainly a year in him if he wants to go again. I think keegan left us 2 years too early, for what it’s worth.

    I think it’s more likely we’ll see some fringe players released. Not gonna name names.

    McBrien and Sam two strong additions this year. Coyne did ok. We need another 2 or 3 next year but my concern would be that we’ve had little success even at provincial level at u20 especially over the past decade. Then at minor…two teams in a final in 13 years with only 1 win. Not enough. How can we expect top players to suddenly appear. Even at club level, our senior club county winning sides have failed to inspire.

  170. Yeah not enough plaudits can be given to McCarthy

    Connolly said during the week he’s been their best player of the 6 in a row generation and its hard to disagree with that

    I’d be hard pressed to find a better corner back than Fitzsimons over the last decade also.

    Two legends in fairness. Even Rock was ravenous when he come on today, fair play to (the unfairly much maligned) Dessie & co for really generating the hunger again after the last few seasons

  171. Much of a muchness Wide Ball, but neither is within an asses roar of Kerry or Dublin at the moment so it doesn’t make much odds who’s better really (bar online bragging rights maybe)

  172. Along with the match what was disappointing was that amount of Mayo fans leaving with 59 minutes on the clock.
    If you support a team, you support them in the good times and the bad times. You can’t expect to be there and reap the highs when the team is winning, if you aren’t willing to be there and support them in the lows. How many of the lads on the pitch would have wanted to leave at 59 minutes but didn’t have the choice. Imagine how hurtful it was for them to see their supporters leave like that. Next year let’s support the team fully for the full 70 minutes in the highs and the lows

  173. Christ, what is it with people about the If’s and buts with Galway, if Galway were good enough they would be in the AI semi final, they weren’t good enough and they weren’t there. If itfs and buts won matches we’d have another half dozen All Irelands.

  174. Tough reading here tonight. Some very arrogant posts during the first half.

    We were never at the races this year. One good performance, one average and 3 bad. If and injury ridden Galway had a semblance of their shooting boots last weekend wed have been bet out the gate. And might’ve spared us today. As a famous man once said “simply not good enough”

  175. I congratulate Dublin today for a comprehensive win and I will watch with curiosity how they and Kerry progress from here. I agree that James McCarthy appears to be a great player. Paul Mannion also looked sharp and impressive today.

  176. Some serious shite on here to night. No it didn’t go well in the second half but these lads give us some of the best days of our lives. Ease up. We will be back next year.

  177. Willie Joe any reason I’m always in moderation? Can’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

  178. @wide ball , Galway beat us twice last year alone?

    I think the last two weekends have been evidence that no Connacht team is near the pace and of course in this year of new formats and unknowns it would always be Dublin and Kerry who play the system correctly

  179. I tuned out early in 2nd half, have been here before too many times.

  180. @Wide Ball Don’t waste your breath, I think there are some on here think Galway are still going to win the All Ireland!

  181. Folks, we simply do not have the calibre of players compared to 2012-2017.
    Relax with the abuse.
    League title was won this year at least.
    Please let all club footballers in Mayo playing in the forwards put their hands up this year in the club championships.
    Up Mayo.

  182. BateTheBlanket you’re some supporter. Hope you don’t be bothering people for All Ireland tickets when we make the finals.

  183. I didn’t see any spark in Mayo in that second half. Once the second goal went in, we quit like we did against those Kerry teams back in the noughties. That team in 2021 wouldn’t have dropped the heads as bad. The heads dropped badly and Dublin just brought the pain. Time for O’Shea and Cillian O Connor to call it a day. And a few others. Shame they were so close for so long. But Mayo’s old failings came back to haunt us. Time for a big purge and give McStay a chance to build a new team like Horan was. I just don’t see it happening for him as the players are not there at underage level right now. Hopefully I’m proven wrong. Mayo’s forwards let us down today by not driving it home when we were in the ascendency in the first half. It’s been the main problem the last ten years and the reason an All Ireland has not come our way since 1951. Game is now up we had plenty of chances. No creativity or directness in attack in that second half, just fist passing back and forth to the free man, play breaks down and Dublin on the attack again. Being a fantastic athlete will only get you so far you need ball winners and scoring forwards to win a game none of which we have had, in the last two years. COC has been injured and the rest while ok forwards are not at the same class. O Shea experiment at FF has failed. The Mayo attack is just not as good as it was. This was the greatest group of Mayo players we had since 51. All of them should take a bow. We fought tooth and nail with the greatest football team of all time. Great times to be a Mayo fan but it will be a few years before we make it back to the semi finals or finals again. Leagues mean nothing ask any Kerry or Dublin player, McStay had our fitness peaking too soon and it masked a lot of failings. I’d worry about staying up in Division 1 next year. We need development squads now to bring on young players in the county. Let’s concentrate on developing top class scoring forwards, it’s clearly been our Achilles heel. Clubs take note a lad at twelve years old doesn’t need to run and run and run. Letting young players develop attacking skills which requires actual kicking and using the ball. Quality forwards scrimmaging will help build good defensemen. Whatever happens all those players from that 2012 class of Horan can hold their heads high. We were so close on numerous occasions. It will happen!!! Keep the faith.

  184. BateTheBlanket – for someone who by his own admission didn’t even watch the full game, you’re not short on strong opinions. You might want to find something else to do with the rest of your evening as you’re irking me at this stage.

    Still Dreaming – I don’t think you’ve posted here before, which was why your first comment went into moderation. That’s sorted now.

  185. Thats the level we are at for now. It was hard in Croke Park today.
    I know we are all sick of this but just because we lost all Irelands should’nt mean the team that’s there now get less time to develop.
    There is alot of inexperience in there and they have to get their time.
    Its not Sam Callinan and Jack Coynes fault that we are sick of waiting.
    Give McStay his chance and lets not abandon ship after today. Its their first year.
    I remember Dublin in 2009 and 2 years later we know what happened.
    I remember Limerick in 2015 (I think) totally collapsing and one of the lads missing the ball when he was trying to take a sideline cut.
    You just have to keep on going. Fix Mid Field search the county for new players and on it goes……
    I dont have a better pass time anyway

  186. This was going to happen. It happened to us before with Dublin a week after we beat Donegal. Dublin knew this would happen. Their game plan revolved around Mayo running out of gas. We left as contenders the day Cork beat us. Don’t blame the players. The management yes for the day we lost to Cork. Dublin pressed up knowing that Mayo would run out of gas. Headquarters seem to take a perverse pleasure out of inflicting this on teams. Three of the preliminary winners lost. The fourth is irrelevant as both teams are bad.

  187. Sorry @Willie Joe, but this is so like 3029, I warned about this yesterday

  188. For all the Galway posts they havnt beaten Kerry in a knockout championship game since 1965 and they havnt beaten Dublin in championship since 1934, and they wernt going to beat them this year end of story.Lost Armagh and Mayo at home and keep whining about injuries.Ciaran you seem obsessed with Galway.

  189. Okayyyy…. did I not just call them “mediocre” above…?

    Which is exactly what they are this season

  190. The Dublin medical team were up to there usual tricks again running out on to the field after a Mayo score, not that it mattered!!

  191. For my own sanity I think it’s time I left this place…
    Willie Joe you are a pure saint to put up with some of the comments posted here…

  192. That was our biggest loss in a long time seemed like u ran of energy and ideas on the side line
    Still can see why took o shea off so early
    Lacked a game plan in second half could not get hands on the ball game was over before we knew what happened
    We could not get to grips with there speed and we were trying to do things as indivuals rather than a team

  193. Bob Tuohy needs to be played every minute of every league game at midfield next year. Time will tell if he’s good enough but he has potential and our midfield needs surgery (Diarmuid aside)

  194. Pittsburgh, it’s not the players’ fault they found it hard to score in the second half. They didn’t fold. They were shellshocked or psychologically whacked. The damage was done when Dublin went three up after half time. Then they just dominated – getting score after score from pressing our kickouts and winning the ball in midfield. They found it easy to score. So we were reeling a bit. How do we feel when the adrenaline is flowing and we’re under pressure? That’s how the lads were feeling. It was hard to be composed. We fumbled and made silly handling errors.
    The crucial thing is that Dublin closed down the space in the scoring part of the pitch. I was in the Davin stand looking straight down at the Dublin goal underneath me. Dublin shepherded our lads out to the sides and also defended/harried aggressively everywhere. They went press press press everywhere, even harassing our men back into Mayo’s own half. This was both containment football by them and a desire to completely dominate and have the upper hand. They timed their strong substitutions to drive the sword in further and heap pressure on us.
    If someone like Cillian O’Connor cannot get a penny-sized space to shoot from you cannot accuse our team of folding. Dublin were ready for the start of the second half, knew what to do to dominate and did it.
    Now if our lads had a wee bit more experience on our numbers 8 to 14, a bit precise, wily cagey operators, it might have made a small difference. To be honest, that’s all we needed, I think. If we hit one or two points over, we could have got momentum and Dublin would be on the back foot. They don’t like a Mayo team with momentum, esp in the second half, and did EVERYTHING in their power that that would not happen today.
    If we had hit early and hard (i.e. in the first half) OR if we could have got one or two scores at all in the second half, you’re looking at a more open match, and would you bet against us then?

  195. Some funny decisions alright. But great year had by all, we won the league and I’m sure there was huge work done to bring through all these new players not seen in the green and red before!

  196. Wow both Kerry and Dublin 6/5 – assume Kerry would be a touch shorter if the semis were reversed?

    Impossible to separate them though, the two in a row factor and Dublin’s record in finals has me just leaning towards them. Just

  197. Liam, I knew our million euro plus set up had a lot of people involved, didn’t think was that big that they were able have a man/woman at EVERY GAME

  198. I hate losing! But getting a hammering like today is utterly dispiriting for me. I can only imagine what it is like for the players.
    I didn’t really expect us to win today but I didn’t expect a total collapse and that is disappointing. As to the future it’s very hard to accept that our great day’s are well behind us and unlikely to come back anytime soon……probably not in my lifetime anyway.

  199. You could be right, John McHale. I wish a large portion of the more excitable contingent would do the same. This isn’t an easy gig tonight.

  200. Gizmobobs – I’m afraid you’re wrong gizmo. I’m telling you hand on heart, either Kevin or one of the selectors were at EVERY game. Why would I lie about that?

  201. Gizmobobs – you’re making claims there that you can’t back up. Your anti-McStay agenda, which you’ve kept up in one form or another all year, is starting to grate at this stage. You’re on thin ice here now.

  202. And Liam I do not mean to infer you lying, in just saying it’s not physically possible to attend ALL games when so many clash time wise.

  203. How many players did he bring in Liam.Saying you were at every game doesnt mean anything, thats usually a media ticking excercise for new management teams.Jack Coyne is the only player he brought through. Did he bring in the best 30 players outside county panel at present and trial them.He has only 4 players from South Mayo in the panel, Conroy , Hession , McCormack and Coen.There should be at least 8.

  204. @ciaran what odds are Galway for next year, I’m sure you’ll tell us all

  205. Apologies Willie Joe, which claim did I make that can’t be backed up? I will apologise if that’s the case. I always try and back my comments on evidence. If was expenses I was basing it on extrapolation of the Quarterly accounts from CB.
    And in fairness, and possibly sadly, the money is key part of success. I wouldn’t want see our lads have to car pool like down or take trains to Waterford like Leitrim.

  206. In Rod we trust, Galway also have 3 times more all Irelands than we have lest we forget.

    Are you trying to suggest there’s a bias on the mayo panel? What other players from South Mayo should be included? If anything north mayo for years has been under represented. Not that it matters, club football is visible enough now that everyone gets their stage. If they were good enough they’d be in there

  207. It was your crack about “our million euro plus set up” which you admit yourself is based on no more than extrapolation. This really isn’t the night for this kind of stuff.

  208. In ROD we trust – It’s not about having this many from the south and this many from the north etc…. That is ridiculous. It’s whoever they feel is best for the team.
    Jack Coyne and Bob Tuohy – with Jack being on the starting 15. Also introducing Callinan as a starter.

    Stephenite – You’re absolutely right… you’re on the money with that one.

    Gizmo – Of course they clash, but there were 5 or 6 of them to cover the games… and they did. Why are you so negative about management? You seem to have your knife stuck in them.

  209. What is it with the Galway fan club on here?! Makes me laugh. I’m no expert but it’s plain for me to see they have done practically nothing at all since 2001. Sick listening about them. As far as I’m concerned they are way worse off than us. If we are bottlers what the hell are they?! Laughable.
    We are out. There will still be a Mayo team next year. We go again. That’s all there is to it. I’d rather be from Mayo than Leitrim or Carlow. Or dare I say Galway. Have had more days out in the past 22 years than all of them put together.

  210. One thing everyone is forgetting to mention is this “food poisoning” thing that happened in the camp. Food poisoning nowadays is as rare as hens’ teeth. If the lads got gastric illness, then it was in all likelihood a virus.
    I am not privy to the extent of the this illness in the camp. But the tiredness of some players, that I saw in Limerick, then today … and yes, even last Sunday, smacked of bodies recovering from the after-effects of a virus, or still actually suffering from it. That plus, of course, the 3 matches in 14 days.
    But no player could re over from a virus and play at the intensity required at the top end of intercounty football within a week. They need the opposite actually: rest. Two examples I have heard of are Mattie Ruane and Pádraig O’Hora. Apparently there were others. But if anyone has any info on the sickness in the camp, I would really like to hear about it.
    This thing of the GAA crushing these matches into a few weeks and forcing amateur players to play at championship intensity week after week is quite simply wrong.
    Just for the sake of bringing balance to this discussion, I would like to remind you of some 5 short weeks ago or so.
    Not many posters on here were in Killarney. In a crowd just north of 20k, Kerry supporters outnumbered us 4 to 1 … as far as I could see. Sadly you missed probably one of the best Mayo performances of my lifetime. The lads were absolutely flying. They scored 1-19 against the team that are likely to win the AI. They beat them out the gate … and with very very little support. That team did not become useless in the flick of a switch. From my vantage point, there were a few reasons for the bad scoreline.
    Number one as I alluded to, a lot of them were out on their feet in the second half.
    Secondly, they started to go for goals instead of keeping the scoreboard ticking far too early.
    Thirdly, we got a few bad breaks at crucial times.
    I, at least, am looking forward to next year. Mayo are a lot better than they looked today.

  211. I hate this soccer nonsense that’s creeped into GAA. Banter boy crap and spewing sewage at rivals etc. GAA was far better when you’d shake a hand with a rival and have a pint after and god forbid support a neighbor if they cross the Shannon. Roscommon fans on social media beside themselves at our lot tonight but it’s no worse than the crap a seen form a few of our lads last weekend

    @sinead, they’ve won 2 all Irelands in my lifetime anyway and they won a hurling all Ireland a few years ago. I’d give my left arm for a sliver of that. Comments like that are just soccer nonsense and we should worry about ourselves

  212. We never learn conceding crap goals in croke park since 2006.You will not beat a top level team if you concede 2+ goals. Still we go out year in year out without a sweeper even though we are a poor side defensively. Put McBrien in as sweeper next year and leave him in that role.
    Being solid defensively is the starting point for any team in any sport that wants to win championships

  213. @ Stephenie don’t watch soccer. I just don’t get the obsession with Galway here. I couldn’t give a shit about what they won 22 years ago to be honest. In the last 20 we have been more to the fore and I’d take that. Also I’m talking about football, not hurling. Again that doesn’t bother me. I didn’t personally go after anyone here only the obsession with Galway.
    And you miss my point, that we should worry about ourselves is what my point was. Who gives a fuck about Galway. I don’t get it. We lost today. None of us are happy. It’s an amateur sport. We move on. We will still have a Mayo team next year and we support them.

  214. My fellow Mayo supporters, we need to let this day go and ease up on each other.
    As I remarked in my Oscar winning leading role back in the mid 1970s, when I desperately tried to break out of that asylum, and get away from that wretched nurse (One Flew Over …) “At least we tried goddammit, at least we tried”
    At least Mayo tried today folks, and it didn’t just happen for us. We were beaten by a better team, simple as. It will be up to Kevin and the lads to analyse and come back, and when they do, we’ll support them again. Time now to relax the ‘kaks’, today is done and tomorrow we begin again.
    Thanks Willie Joe, well done with this on a tough day for all.
    Remember folks, it’s only a game, and all reading this are privileged .
    At least we tried..
    Up Mayo!

  215. Galway won in 2001 Sinead but since that its been slim pickings even worse for Meath since 01. Look rare wins are better than no wins but Gaelic Football is a two horse race with some brief interuptions. Its set up again for either of the two so no real surprise. Galway being a dual county you can switch to hurling which was a 3 horse race for decades until jp saddled Limerick now its a bit more open but only just. The warnings lights were on with Dublin pummeling Derry earlier in year and Kerry trounching Louth who Mayo scraped a win of. Galway stumbled over Tyrone, Kerry steamrolled them. Everything must change so everything can stay the same should be motto of football with awful stuff being played by most teams but I dont include Mayo in that but its not working for ye either so ye will have to go more defensive. Its been a poor championship and GAA will get their Dubs vs Kerry to gloss over it. I actually fell asleep for second half of Kerry game yesterday. Enough from me for2023 but tearing strips of each other is grand but big two are just laughing at us all.

  216. Stephenite says:
    July 2, 2023 at 10:59 pm
    I hate this soccer nonsense that’s creeped into GAA. Banter boy crap and spewing sewage at rivals etc. GAA was far better when you’d shake a hand with a rival and have a pint after and god forbid support a neighbor if they cross the Shannon. Roscommon fans on social media beside themselves at our lot tonight but it’s no worse than the crap a seen form a few of our lads last weekend

    Comments like that are just soccer nonsense and we should worry about ourselves

    Agreed, soccer nonsense has creeped into GAA. Ahref chap and his pal Enda trying to rile up the rossies directly after beating Galway last weekend those two need to cop themselves on focus on Mayo.

  217. I’m not trying to get at Galway supporters here either. Sorry Tuamstar and Chesneychet. I was addressing Mayo supporters. Sorry if I offended ye.

  218. Swallow Swoops!!! That’s awfully woke of your response. “Pittsburgh, it’s not the players’ fault they found it hard to score in the second half They didn’t fold”. What would you call it then? why did it happen?. We were toe to toe with them at half time should have been ahead. Fact of the matter is these players need to fully understand where this rot started and how it was allowed to happen. So we can figure out how to deal with such challenges in the future. Otherwise how do they get better? I agree names should never be mentioned and these boys put their heart and soul into the year at this level but the question is how do we get better from this as a collective. The second half started with missed tackles, poor defending and terrible attacking play. There was no bite, no aggression like Mayo teams of the last few years. Dublin were allowed to run at us in waves and we did nothing in response. Either we were gassed which is somewhat understandable, or we just are not good enough. I believe it’s a mixture of both. Either way hard lessons need to be learned We looked like startled earwigs as the phrase says. It just looked like we rolled over and took the beating like Mayo teams of old. We were completely switched off in the opening ten minutes of that second half. And after that it was too late the damage was already done. That goal chance that hit the post wouldn’t have changed the outcome in my opinion. I’m still not fully convinced with this Dublin side. I felt like they were there today for the taking and we were simply just out on our feet and outclassed by a veteran side. What do you expect 3 weeks in a row of of hard games mostly of our own doing. In all honesty be a man and except the fact the team right now at this level are not good enough. Our best players are in the twilight of there careers and what is coming through is either good or mediocre at best. I’ll never stop supporting this team but I won’t wrap them in cotton wool and say nice job for trying your best either. That’s not a winning mentality. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again. We produce some great players, but not enough class clutch players. We got to get better on developing top talent. This great Mayo team, any other era Mayo would have got The Sam. However you can only beat what’s in front of you. We unfortunately had the greatest team of all time. Many of these lads have been to the well once to many times. We need to make a ten year plan starting with young kids and invest heavily and now. If I seem abrupt in my response to you Swallow swoops it nothing personal I just want to see Mayo succeed. Part of our failings is definitely psychological but the only thing you can do in response is to produce players of a better standard and quality which was lacking today. Our day will come. Keep the faith!!!

  219. No offence at all Sinead it was a bad day for ye yesterday and a bad year for all Connacht counties in AI race.

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