Game day: big performance needed to seal final place

Croke Park and Croagh Patrick

Photo: Mayo History (via Twitter)

At last it’s game day. The day where we lock horns with Dublin for the fourth time in the past decade in the championship and for the third time in this period at the semi-final stage. We’ve a good record against them in recent years, especially in the penultimate round, and today offers us the chance to enhance that still further.

The only way we’re going to do this, though, is with the biggest performance we can muster. Obviously the lads out on the pitch have to play to their optimum for the full seventy minutes but everyone else – management, backroom team and those of us yelling them on – has to play their part too.

This team has given us many great days to savour in the past. In navigating us cleverly back into the serious end of the championship once more, Noel and Pat have shown that greater days could yet lie in store. Today’s the day to write the next chapter in the story, one that takes us forward to our third All-Ireland final in four years.

Getting the right result today won’t be easy but matches are never won at this time of year without giving it everything. Let’s give it everything, let’s go for it with all we’ve got.

Up Mayo!

41 thoughts on “Game day: big performance needed to seal final place

  1. Good luck to ye today.
    Am really looking forward to this game.Two top class teams.
    I think ye will shade it & couldn’t pass up a small flutter at 15/8

  2. Time for road. Safe traveling to everyone and remember, leave your voice in Croker today. They can’t do it without us.
    It’s just another great day out, thanks to an outstanding group of men who have given their all, and continue to do so, and parked their lives for a few years in the pursuit of that cursed fucking trophy. As I’ve said before, enjoy these days and savour the occasions as they won’t last forever. There’s 29 other counties that wish they were us this morning.
    Keep 3 weeks time free. Mayo by 2.
    Hon Mayo.

  3. Best of luck to the Mayo team today. Give it everything ye’ve got lads and we’ll be cheering ye all the way to the final whistle.

  4. There s not a flutter in the flags in background of estuarine mist. You de want to see and savour the sight. Hope the day proceeds as it has begun and
    with a great improvement of weather this week ahead to enhance our victory celebrations.

    Those who are not with us are always with us and when we roar and shout can’t we hear them??

  5. This is it….best of luck to Mayo today and indeed all our fans. No matter what is happening on the field keep the voices loud and never give up just like this team won’t. Seize the day as they say.

  6. A huge performance required but I’m convinced we’ll deliver. Nothing for it now but to unleash the beast. Thankfully we have the very thing….

    Hon MAYO.

  7. Even the mountain of our ancestors is in position. What an appropriate place for them to view the great deeds which this day will unfold for all greens and reds everywhere!

  8. Looking at the weather predictions, no wind no rain 17 degrees perfect for football no excuses. Lets hope the ref does his job properly now and we are in for some craic today.
    COME ON MAYO….!!!

  9. My thoughts are with Diarmuid O’Connor today. It will be a very emotional day for him as he was a teammate of Darragh Doherty in the 2013 minor final so I would love to see Diarmuid have a great game as that would be a fitting tribute to his former teammate. We have two great teams in action today. We will need a mighty effort from everyone associated with the red and green to get a win today. Semi-finals are all about winning, I’d gladly take a one point win, best of luck to all of the lads today. Roll on the game!

  10. I think those sausages and rashers are gone to me head!

    What do you do when you meet a Dub on the pitch?

    Well… goes!

    You OYMA him
    You YAMO him
    You AYMO him
    You Moya him
    You Omya him

    And thus you ll find him in Mayhem where the score will read 1-15 to 2-14. Guess who wins!!

  11. Areas that give cause for optimism..
    Improved range of tactics.
    Lot of options for midfield
    Height advantage in several positions especially FF line.
    Super kick passing of Kevin Mc and SOS who has really improved in this area.
    Athleticism almost on par with Dublin now with addition of Diarmaid
    More options off the bench than any other year
    If Cillian has a good day we have a great chance.
    I watched 2012 semi lately and believe we’re at a higher level as are Dublin and Kerry than that year. On their side, stop Connolly or reduce his influence and keep McCaffrey busy defending and plan well for kickouts. Assume they have plan for Aido so throw a curve ball.
    Parsons is a great addition in the turnover department and capable of a few match turners.
    Sweeper(s) needed when we don’t have the ball.
    Dublin on a par with Donegal except fresh. Looked a dead cert early this year but static over the summer with us and Kerry raising our standards since it looks like a close call. Dubs will raise their game and hopefully so will we. Has the look of a great game. Let’s shout these lads over the finish line.

  12. Please God we will win this is s great bunch of lads and they owe us nothing but I would love to see them go all the way and claim Sam after all their hard work and training hope to go at it hammer and tongs from the start and do themselves proud

  13. if we go for a defensive approach and particularly focussing on stopping Brogan I think we’ll win as the lads up front should be able to do enough damage

  14. Agree centre field we have to stop brogan.he gets to much scores against us.we stop him and we win simple as.

  15. “Now it is autumn and the falling fruit
    and the long journey towards oblivion.

    The apples falling like great drops of dew
    to bruise themselves an exit from themselves.

    And it is time to go, to bid farewell
    to one’s own self, and find an exit
    from the fallen self. “

  16. You re Shuffly sure there Shuffly. That’s the recipe,simple as it seems!

    C’mon the throw in!

  17. This group of players are focused, intelligent and are a stronger unit that any other, who have donned the green and red in recent times. They will do us proud, and victory will be ours come the days end. Wish I was in the vicinity of Croke Park right now, but I will have to do with a ringside seat in The Blackthorn, Kenilworth New Jersey where green and red will be the prominent colours all around. Onwards to victory…

  18. David Drake is the secret weapon for this one! Best of luck to him on his championship debut

  19. I cant believe the courage of this bunch of players ,7 points down with 10 minutes to go , and they go and get us a draw. I so so proud of them. Our forwards did not have their best game today . so now the the scramble for tickets for next Saturday starts all over again . Mayo supporters get in early to book your tickets .

  20. Proud! Could have wrapped up before D got goin in second. What kind of a team have we at all? Game will bring them on miore than D.

    Roll on Roll on !!

  21. Pendulum has totally swung Mayos way after that.
    You’d have to say Dublin should have closed it out 7 (or was it 8?) up with less than ten to go.
    What a finish though.

    Mayo to win next week imo

  22. What can we say heart, spirit, steel, strength, and skill, what a wonderful mayo team up mayo

  23. I don’t really know what to make of that, sort of like the Kerry game last year

    We were awful in the first half, and not much better until the 60th minute when we stepped up a gear and looked unstoppable! 5 more minutes and we’d have won by a few

    In a way we should have won, we missed some real chances in the second half, and Andy Moran had a few clangers. but we also looked dead and buried with ten to go. So it was strange!

    We’ll need more from our forwards next week though and we need to pressure those kickouts

    Dublin were very shaky at times, they have their moments but are not the finished article

    Toss up really next sat I’d say, but there’s an All Ireland for the taking for us for sure- again

  24. What a team. I’m in bits just watching it on TV. What an amazing bunch of lads. Unbelievable stuff.

  25. To the 2 women in Cusack stand 305 EE who left with 10 mins to go I hope to never see you at a game again and also to anyone else that left early too. Said it in 2013 & Horan was right. This team gets abandoned time and time again when things not goung our way. Best supporters in Ireland my arse. That team deserves so so much better.

  26. McMahon was an absolute liability for them, so that’s a big plus. MDMA looked very rusty. Rock was useless and Flynn is really having an off-year. No Connolly next week either. Or ROC maybe

    Need to go 15 on 15 next week and as I say we need our forwards to step up. Better service to Aidan too not hail marys that hang in the air for half an hour.

    I think that game will do both teams good tbh, I’d fancy the winner to win Sam. Toss up as I say, could be another extra time

    Dublin get scores easier but also get rattled easier. I think we’ve better workrate and hunger

    We could (should) have beaten them today and in 2013- lets get it done next Sat!!!

  27. There was a boxing match between two supporters Mayo v Dub in Cusack 305 at the end. First time ever i saw that. Disgraceful stuff. Not what our games are about

  28. on balance we should have lost this one.

    Why oh Why cannot we kick the ball over the bar when clear when 10,20.30,
    yards out????

    Still magnificent fight back and showed our class when we cut loose,

    Thanks a millón !!!!!!

  29. Summed up well Observer

    I’m more happier than disappointed after that. Even though we were very flat and under par for plenty of the match (eerily like 2013) we showed such insane will to win and hunger near the end. This team give us great value!

  30. it is always a sign of a good side when you can grind out a result having not played well. There are so many things that did not go well, you have to believe that the next day we can improve. The performance of the subs was crucial to the result, but Cillian must be our MOTM given the way he took responsibility when needed.
    Character, guts, heart – that is what we saw today

  31. By the way, can we have a serious look at this rule whereby the keeper is not allowed to collect the ball having saved it. This is 2 games in a row where we have suffered here. Clarke was penalised against Donegal, and Hennelly pulled off a great save today but was punished as he was trying to regain possession. A Dublin boot went in and the ball squirted out for a sitter. Seems an anomaly- I suggest either the keeper can pick it up within the 13m area, or he gets some protection e.g. advancing players should not be allowed to lash a boot in while the ball is in his control

  32. Ball wasn’t in his control to be honest,, in fact the problem is he didn’t know where it was and that’s where the problem stemmed from. Totally not his fault but its just the unfortunate fact. It’s an event that might just win Mayo the 2015 All irelandvFinal,, don’t knock it,,

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