Game day – fast start key for us today

The sun is shining, the day’s going to be a good one on the weather front. Beating the Rossies today would be good too.

Our Connacht SFC semi-final against them throws in at Dr Hyde Park at 4pm this afternoon. Seán Hurson of Tyrone is the ref and the match is live on RTÉ, with radio commentary on Midwest as well.

As Rob pointed out in his Patreon column last night, the last two times today’s opposition turned us over in the Championship – both times in Castlebar – it was in cool, wet and windy conditions. Today we’re playing them in fine weather on a cracking, big pitch, one ideally suited to our running game.

Unlike last year we’re not facing into them seven days after a tough League final either. Sure, we’ve had the New York trip but that game was a fortnight ago and there’s no reason for us not to come into this one in the perfect frame of mind.

We’re missing a few players today – and the loss of Diarmuid, Cillian and Eoghan will be keenly felt – but they’re not dealing from a full deck for this one either.

They do have home advantage, of course, but this is a venue at which they’ve only rarely beaten us in Championship. The most recent time was, of course, that smash-and-grab Connacht final victory of 2001 and the only other times they did so prior to that was in 1991, 1980 and 1978.

Past performance doesn’t, though, always matter. Roscommon demonstrated this to effect in 2019, their Connacht Championship victory over us at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park that days bridging a gap back to 1986.

In any event, as I pointed out the other day, we have our own historical righting of the record to attend to today. It still astonishes me that you have to go back as far as 2015 to find the most recent time that we beat either Roscommon or Galway in a non-knockout Connacht Championship game. That’s a stat we simply have to sort out today.

In order to do this, a fast start is important for us. Think of how different our meeting twelve months could have gone had Stephen Coen found the net with his goal chance fifteen minutes in.

It’s important we draw them out of the deep-lying formation they’re sure to adopt from the off this afternoon. The best way to do this is get a run on them early on and force them to chase us for a change.

On the podcast earlier this week Billy Joe was bemoaning our inability to create chances. I’m not sure that’s our problem but converting the chances we’re making certainly is.

We left four gilt-edged three-pointers behind us at Gaelic Park and our goals-for column so far this year shows how shy we’ve been in that department. Putting that to rights will go a long way towards earning the win today.

We can’t afford to take any solace from the Rossies’ poor League form either. Yesterday’s results – from Sligo’s heroic efforts against Galway, to Cork’s better than expected showing against Kerry and then Donegal’s defenestration of League champions Derry – provide ample proof that we’re in a different ball game now. Roscommon will know that and we need to too.

Ryan O’Donoghue’s form in the Bronx was a joy to behold but Davy Burke will obviously have a plan for our talismanic forward. With Ryan bottled up more than he’d like, everyone else has to step up. Our ability (or lack of it) to get scores from different areas could be the deciding factor this afternoon.

I need to get ready to go now so there’s no point warbling on further here. I think we have the capability to do the business today but only if we show greater aptitude than we did in our 2019 and 2023 meetings with them. We know full well the challenge they’ll present and we have to show we can meet it and beat it.

Right, it’s game face time. Here’s to a positive performance this afternoon and the win we know we can achieve if we play to our potential. So let’s play to our potential. Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

127 thoughts on “Game day – fast start key for us today

  1. Good luck to the guys today. Glorious sunny day which will suit us.

    I expect us to come bouncing out for this one revenge for last year we can’t loose 2 years in a row to the rossies be disaster.

    Rossies will think they will be able to take us no doubt and be different team then the league.

    Diarmuid, cillian and Eoghan are big losses. But I still think we will have to get us over the line..

    Mayo by 4 or 5.

  2. Best of luck to Mayo today I think we will win but will struggle to beat them if another forward doesnt step up to help Ryan he cant do it all on his own.

  3. I thought Donegal were excellent yesterday. They moved the ball quickly on turnover by kick passing accurately. Jim McGuiness is a master tactician and knows that back to basics of football is the way to go.
    Also goalies might think twice about leaving their goal line. A victory for football I would say and a lesson we could learn from for today’s match.

  4. Beautiful day ,no excuses. Mayo by 0.17 to 1.12 with Ryan kicking about 8 and Tommy finding his feet again .Maigheo abú

  5. Mayo need to play like Donegal last night to beat the Rossies. It has been a terrible week for Mayo football as our u20 finished last in Connaught beaten by a stronger well drilled Sligo team. Apparently, our management team picked u18 rather than using 20 year old players!
    It was sad to watch as the Sligo team were much stronger due to the age difference!
    We badly need a bounce today.
    Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo inniu
    Mhuigeo Abu!

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    I can’t make the game.
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    If anyone is interested.

  7. @Oileann olca wouldn’t say we need to play like donegal to beat the rossies donegal caught out the derry keeper don’t know why harte didn’t tell their goalie to stay in the goal after the 2nd one went in..!

    I’m sure mcstay hopefully was telling reape to stay in his goal last night..

  8. Mcstay has instructed reape to play out the field in the first place so unlikely he will change his mind now .Donegal have obviously been working on this system for some time and you can’t just switch to playing like that overnight

  9. Still a lot of questions over so much surrounding this Mayo team. Defensive structure is questionable and the jury is out still on a number of players.

    Midfield, it’s a huge game for Carney and it’s time for him to really take a grip of proceedings in the mid sector.

    I’m just not sure I fully trust this team yet. They’ve shown an ability to really take fire but are equally capable of looking leaderless and rudderless. Today is a big test. I expect a huge effort from Roscommon despite talk of the manager etc. This will be a proper championship match and it’s time for some of our lads to step up to the plate.

  10. ..don’t get Clare started on Jimmy McGuiness (lol). The guy is a master tactician… who would have done wonders with Mayo had he had control of that squad between 2012-17. Just look at the improvement he’s shown already since coming in. Donegal are the most improved side in the country in 2024. The challenge now will be keeping their feet on the ground for their next round. It’ll be so interesting to see how they do there.

  11. Good luck today,

    After a few potential shocks yesterday Mayo will be well warned after last year.

    Cannot see any repeat of that.

    Derry fell into the same trap Mayo found themselves in so you’d expect lessons have been learnt.

    I’ve no skin in the game but after that cowardly stamp on Jason Foley and the reaction of the Rossies management I hope you do a job on them today.

  12. Expecting us to win this by 3 or 4 points.
    It won’t be easy, Ros will definitely set up defensively, but I’d much rather be playing them in the Hyde than MacHale Park.
    The big pitch and dry conditions will suit us and I’m expecting a big performance from Tommy. He likes the dry sod, so I think this is where we will see his proper re-emergence.

    Hard luck to Sligo yesterday, but they’re a coming force in Connacht.

  13. Jim McGuinness might be on holidays watching the quarter finals. Wait a while b4 connonising him as football has a habit of making peoples earlier opinions look foolish as the season goes on. One game at a time for me and tho this could sound foolish by evening i expect mayo to come through after a tightish struggle.

  14. Beware of goalkeepers to sticking to the basics. This had to happen at some stahe but I had not expected 3 goals

  15. First championship since Longford 2010, that neither of O’Connor brother will be involved in. That is some stat.
    *Credit goes to the excellent archives on this site for that stat.

  16. That’s an incredible stat JB.. they will be missed today. Best of luck to the team and management.. Maigheo Abu

  17. McGuinness will keep his lads grounded He said it himself on the telly about one swallow not making a summer but he was delighted too. Hard blame him. Donegal haven’t looked that good in a decade.
    Anyway, best of fortune to our bucks today and a victory of any sort is all we need, even if we are playing badly.

  18. I’m expecting a big performance from Mayo today and a reaction from the players to lay down a marker after being bullied off the pitch by Roscommon last year.

    Roscommon will also want to lay down a marker in front of their home crowd so it’s important we get a strong start in this one.

    It’s a day made for Tommy C to kick into form, can see him rattling the back of the net.

  19. Not that confident heading off today.
    My negativity comes from the club championship and how poor it was and very very new talent emerging.
    League was OK
    Today is where all the training since December kicks in.
    We should just shade it by 3 points .
    Let’s give the Rossies lots of it today and get behind the players that sacrifice so much for the Mayo Jersey

  20. Hard to get too excited about this game, maybe it is because I do not see us going too deep into the championship. I think that the QF is our limit. Winning Connacht might give us some bragging rights, but will need to see improvements in how we play. The Rossies are well capable of winning today and while I think that today will not be a classic, whoever wins might see the benefits in two weeks time. I give us a hesitant vote to win today but really hope that we see a few standout performances from some of our younger players to build their confidence for future challenges.

  21. I don’t believe that a fast start is key. I’d be happy enough even if it’s a tight game and we finish strongly. It’s usually in the final quarter when we’ve relinquished leads in key games in the past, so emphasis should be on finishing strongly and not letting the opposition back into games when/if we find ourselves ahead.

  22. Culmore, won’t get them for hour or two yet but expect two changes to the bench or more.

  23. Harte was caught out possibly by the lack of time for prep work. McStay has no excuse this time around and he won’t need any if Mayo keep to the game plan he has undoubtedly conjured up for this match. Donegal didn’t really pull a master stroke yesterday, more like the league winner’s curse IMO. Derry looked flat and dejected in the second half. Let’s not forget Harte took this gig to win Sam, not Ulster. Mayo’s plan must incorporate a provincial title to instill confidence in the panel. Building on from that is another process entirely. Derry will be there at the business end. Mayo’s path requires a series of momentum winning games to reach those confidence levels.

  24. I’d maybe say we need to set the tone here from the off. Play the game on our terms.

    I think if we play with a bit of confidence and a little swagger we will be hard beat. No one wants to play a Mayo team enjoying themselves, and you can’t walk outside and not think it’s a day to be enjoyed.

    A lot of pressure on us today. Hopefully we don’t feel it.

  25. More than anything, it’s important to avoid a lot of cheap turnovers today, we saw last year how much the Roscommunists fed off those. If you lose the ball cheaply against them, they are content to hang on to it for several minutes in order to draw you out, as the Dubs also found out last term.

    The Rossies have a very decent forward line and may be good for a goal or two today, we need to rise to the challenge today. Hopefully we will have found the answer to our issues at centre field by mid-afternoon…

  26. I think it’ll turn out like last year’s league game in The Hyde, where we had them well bet before letting them back in with goals, Mayo by 6

  27. You’d be hopeful of a comfortable win for Mayo today. Roscommon have a lot of players unavailable and they just don’t have the squad strength to compensate.

  28. If the rossie goalie is pushed up on our kick outs reape should plant the ball down on top of him and challenge him. Win the break amd move ball fast if u can. Engage the fly goalie. If he wants to come out field make him play. Thats what donegal did. God it was staring us in the face ha ha

  29. Tony, not particularly if imagine. One knock that will be need replacing. But expect 2 to 3 changes in starting line up.

    Limerick well off pace today 11 or 12 wides. But starting to warm up to task offensively.

  30. Mayo started intense training too early last year and were jaded by the time the championship came around. Hopefully the less than impressive league performances was because the plan is to peak later in the year (and nothing to do with McHale leaving the camp). All will be revealed today. Mayo abú.

  31. Gizmobobs – You spoke too soon on Limerick.

    Cant see any of the o’connors or mclaughlin walking in with squad so assuming they will not be togging.

  32. Tony I said they were starting warm up 😉 like the Dubs. They go through gears when needed.

    No, don’t think you’ll see the O’Connor’s today.

  33. The Reape suituation will be very interesting today.

    I’m actually more worried if he is told to stay in goal and not come out for the simple reason that we are being reactionary.

    Management did the same with Loftus last year when things when south. Mcstay either shows the balls to trust what he is trying to do or might as well forget about it.

    If there is a change to tactics in relation to the goalie the players will see right through it. And it’s way to late to go changing things up less then 24 hours before a game.

  34. Why are the management insisting on Reape playing outfield. Its a recipe for disaster

  35. Average.

    The best word to describe what we saw there. Rossies far more comfortable in attack just missing good chances. ROD dragging us through it again.

  36. We’re a bang average team. I hope this is a wake up call to the posters of people on here predicting a hammering today. Hopefully we scrape a win. We have no consistent point scorer apart from O Donohue.

  37. Midfield struggling, ponderous in attack and no intensity at the back, a very ordinary first half.

  38. Fast start, as we wanted, great goal and then nothing. Roscommon on top since, tighter in defence and our Kick-out, again, a shambles. Think we need to introduce a few subs for the second half.

  39. why are we not more DIRECT, first 10 mins flying it ..since then its more us letting the rossies in the game than the rossies the better team..
    can some1 tell me what Tommy C does?

  40. Struggling against an under-strength Roscommon. Rossies could be and should be ahead actually. We are just so poor all over the pitch apart from a couple of individuals here and there.

  41. Agree with Tony Freeman. Has Conroy had a touch yet. The big worry is we are showing no sights of improvement from our league form. Some on here suggest we’ll turn it on come championship but our forward play is not up to scatch. I did think Aidan started well. Hopefully we can come up with something new in second half.

  42. @Dave Johnston I’d reserve judgement until the game is over wouldn’t call us average not a great first half we always seem to come bouncing the 2nd half good goal by Aido in fairness to him.

    Paddy durcan is also putting in a big effort in fairness.

    We knew the rossies would throw everything at us.

  43. Baz Ham, why on earth would we do something as logical as that. AOS winning loads of ball first 10 minutes then spends the next 25 back in his own defence.

  44. Anyone’s game at half time Roscommon playing most the football but not punishing us a lot of scrambling defence not easy to watch we’re up by a point only playing in fits and starts on a knife edge the backs need to stay back and forwards need to stay forward

  45. When Joanne Cantwell is pulling the piss questioning why AOS isn’t just left inside would make you wonder what the hell we are actually trying to do.

  46. Getting cleaned all over the pitch and plenty of passangers in our 15 but still 1 point ahead. Roscommon look hungrier, unless something changes at half time there will only be one winner and it won’t be us.

  47. Tommy looks like a punch drunk boxer absolutely dazed . Our refusal to let the ball in as old fashioned as that sounds is fuckin mind boggling .this is very unimpressive stuff

  48. @Green & red ah she is right to be fair I just find her irritating in general

    Something needs to change 2nd half I’m getting flashbacks of last year already

  49. Why in the name of God is Aidan not staying inside.
    Was winning every ball for first 10 mins. Then he comes out the field and we lose shape completly

  50. I’m perplexed as to why we stopped playing those footpasses into Aido, given that it was paying dividends in the first quarter. We do that a lot, and in fairness to Roscommon, they have gained momentum as the half wore on.

    Tommy looks desperately off the pace, his only real contribution was to give two very dodgy handpasses into congested areas.

    We are also losing all the breaks off our own kickouts. Would need to make some changes if the lads don’t spring into it after the break.

  51. I agree Clare, she’s a right pain in the arse. I like the girl who does the evening edition. Not nearly as ego driven

  52. Much improved second half in all fairness. But you’d feel the Rossies lest 2-7 behind there. We got the win and deserved it based on the second half. But there are still a lot of questions to be answered. One thing for sure, we are not remotely all Ireland contenders.

  53. Well done Aido. Fair play to conor Loftus, and well done Tommy… we all needed those performances

  54. Mayo not great, Roscommon worse. Simple as that. Nothing to get excited about.. Connacht football now gone back

  55. That midfield is going to get properly rinsed before the summer is over.

  56. We looked good when it mattered in that second half. Hard to read too much into it

    Always good to beat Roscommon though.

  57. Well we got over the line a lot to work on for sure though.

    Fair play to Tommy conroy and conor loftus. Aido put in a good game to.

    Pretty boring game though in all honesty.

  58. I never doubted Conroy for a second, and anyone who did hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about and should refrain from sharing their opinions on anything football related.

  59. Lots of improvement needed if want a long summer, but job done which the main thing.

  60. Mayo45 I don’t think it’s naysayers in fairness. Mayo have to graph themselves off the best teams in the country to stay competitive. There is a lot of aspects of mayos game that can be improved without better players. We can see the impact of good tactics and a clear style of play with other counties.

  61. Tommy conroy will come good he’s definetly coming back into himself.

    I think we are still trying to peak at the right time there’s a lot more football to played in all fairness.

    We will be able to have a good go at Galway to who beat sligo by the skin of their teeth.

  62. Our kickouts kept Roscommon interested. I think Bob Tuohy fielded one ball in the second half but other than that Ros picked up nearly all the broken ball. Never felt the result was in doubt because it always felt like we had their measure but plenty to work on which isn’t a bad thing.
    Joanne Cantwell getting stick on here and it’s totally warranted as she comes across as a snidey piss taker. In fact the whole RTE experience needs to be overhauled, its just archaic and amateurish.
    Pleased for Tommy today, he needed that.

  63. Not vintage by any means. Very poor Roscommon were with us until they tired. No one will be shivering in their boots…Conroy showed his class, given a good surface and a bit of width. Who would we beat without AOS

  64. One of the highlights of that game was thinking I saw Mayonaze on the tv looking cool in his shades up behind one of the goals.
    Tommy looked a lot better and AOS was everywhere. Ryan still the man. That first half was woeful save the first 8 mins. Improved in the 2nd half thank god.

  65. Good win,

    Pulled away deservedly in the 2nd half a bit like Kerry, Mayos midfield looks an area of concern.

    Great to see Conroy coming into it in the 2nd half as he is a very good player.

    Mayo v Galway should be another battle.

  66. The stopped clock was correct,if only AOS could score,if only T Conroy Could score, our goalie given away soft goals,mind you if only Ros had a couple of Mayo forwards, it would be more interesting hopefully the naysayers will be quite for a couple of weeks,well done to the Mayo team and management

  67. Good win against a top 10 team away. Looked better when we played fast, direct ball. Paddy and Jordan looked less than fully fit. Thought we restricted Roscommon well overall in the second half in an unusually mature display. Kick outs probably the biggest concern.

  68. O.k win we left 4-5 handy scores after us. Ross miss’s weren’t even half chances. Paddy should have been taken of much earlier looking at him. Some great scores in the 2nd half Tommy, Fergal and Loftus who did very well when he came on. Kick outs and some of the turnovers not great Ref didn’t do much for us either.

  69. “Their not a very good team”, Cavanagh and co fairly sticking knife in to the poor Rossies

  70. No goals conceded and no clear goal chance given – Brick had a tuff time of it though with Murtagh. Not a classic but a nice warm up for Galway

  71. That was not bad. Alot of players found their sea-legs. Tommy, Connor, all good. The O’connors to come back. Not too bad

  72. what would we do without Ryan, the man is some footballer.
    AOS very good today.
    Conor Loftus coming on off the bench good also along with Hession.
    Midfield poor was Ruane and Coen bad day in the office.
    Good second half by Tommy C .
    Again though look at the return we got from the first 10 mins of the second half by playing DIRECT.
    Are McStay and Co not seeing this when we go at that shit lateral play, Rossie were still in that game with 5 mins to go and missed 2 great goal chances.
    we shud be putting the foot on the throat and finish teams like the rossies early.
    that’s my 2 cent worth anyways, glad to be in a connacht final against our arch rivals

    Mayo Abu

  73. Yes @green&red. Let’s compare ourselves to the best. Dublin, easy win against D2 side, Kerry, struggle against D2 side, Derry beaten by d2 side, Galway, struggle against D3 side. Mayo, comfortable win against D1 side with elements of the game such as midfield and kick outs to be sorted

  74. I thought Aidan played well as did Ryan and Tommy got a few scores which will do his confidence no harm. It was a boring enough match to watch with ponderous build up play from Roscommon at least Mayo were more direct at times. Assume bookies will make ye favourites against us in the final but I would see it as a 50/50 but Joyces record against ye is poor. Both Gleeson and Reape will be under big pressure in the kickouts with both probably forced to play it long most of the time.

  75. I really hope that our boys get a deacent B and B,and some good scram,when you see the crowd we should realise that our players deserve a lot of credit,up mayo

  76. Paul B – waiting years for the midfield and kickouts to be sorted. It won’t be this year either. Midfield a huge problem area for us for years now as the personnel there seem incapable of winning their own ball no matter what way it’s delivered to them, and the days of strong, smart half forwards like Jason Doherty mopping up the breaking ball are long gone.

  77. Always better to win a boring game than lose an exciting one.
    Plenty to work on for final,so not a bad position to be in.

  78. Struggled on breaking ball.. Jordan Flynn is usually excellent on that but he seemed a bit off today. Probably due to his injury layoff.

    We had to rely on our superior and more accurate forwards to beat the rossies today 🙂

  79. The main area of concern for me is the lack of pressure on opposition kickers and those kickers often finding themselves in acres of space inside the 45 area sometimes directly in front of goal. It happens time and time again.
    Midfield not as much of a problem as far as I’m concerned. We’ll sort it out eventually.

  80. Also, 2 outrageous outside-of-the-boot kick passes from Brickenden leading to points from Ryan. That was a real feature during the league too

  81. John aka Willie Joe
    Have you ever considered using people’s real names when they post ..
    Just asking…
    Job done today.. lots to work on.

  82. Ryan was excellent.Aiden had a very good game.great to see the reception he got when coming off.a bit diffent from last year against Roscommon

  83. Good win and job done .it wasn’t perfect but it didn’t need to be .as I stated on here in lead up to the game I expected us to win but it certainly wasn’t a hammering.The fact we had to bring Aidan o Shea out to midfield in first half is proof of the issues we still have in that area.The idea that people are naysayers because they comment honestly on what they see in a game is childish nonsense.i would imagine 99 per cent of people on here want to see us win but you can only comment on what happens in front of you .Anyway we are in a Connacht final and I heard mcstay on radio saying they have alot of things to work on before salthill.obviously a naysayer

  84. Job done!

    Great third quarter which sunk the Rossies, we were ravenous at that stage and the scores were coming from everywhere. As the panel was indicating at half time, Rossies effectively collapsed in the second half. Diarmuid Murtagh’s wides summed them up.

    I was pleased with the forwards overall – a good spread of scores, and good to see Tommy and Conor hit some good ones. While we had few wides, maybe there’s a category that needs to be added: ‘shots not taken’. Our hesitancy at critical times is a worry when scores are on: Brick and Colm had points for the taking, hesitated, got turned and we were on the back foot immediately. Brick did hit a beauty of a long pass to Ryan for a clever mark, it should be said.

  85. In general our defence was good.
    I liked Conor Loftus’s sharpness. He, Fergal Boland, Tommy, and Paul Towey were good support for Ryan.
    Aidan’s goal was class!
    I’d have loved us to attack more and put the game out of the reach of Roscommon as the second half wore on. Relying so much on containing them defensively and holding possession had me holding my breath big time.
    I could see us losing out with this tactic if we rely on it later against a more dangerous team (Ros are dangerous enough, but didn’t do damage to us today). I don’t like relying on it. We need to balance it.
    We have the players to rack up scores on the scoreboard.

  86. “Getting cleaned all over the pitch…”
    “Struggling against an under-strength Roscommon.”
    “Tommy looks desperately off the pace…”
    “Tommy looks like a punch drunk boxer absolutely dazed.”

    They’re just a few of the naysayers I was referring to. I’d rather use another term for them, but I don’t want to cause too much controversy here. There’s nothing wrong with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but posters and “fans” like that should be ashamed of themselves.

  87. Also Kevin did say we had a ”mixed up”’ kickout strategy. He’s right there… even if it was a slip of the tongue.

  88. Good and relatively comfortable win away in a Connacht semi
    All positive on here no doubt ?

  89. Corick don’t worry, we’ll check another few Mitchelin guide resorts to add to Adare Manor and Lough Erne before years out 🙂
    We’ll win Connacht and should hopefully only have one top tier team in group with us so will be able get minutes into returning players like O’Connor and Carr.

  90. Fair enough mayo 45 I didn’t see those comments.I have just heard that naysayers stuff on here a lot when general comments are made

  91. At match, very hard to pick a man of the match from that. The good first, great to see Tommy on score sheet. AOS, took goal well, but I thought his handling in first half was poor, but I will look back at match, to see if I’m been a bit harsh. Great to see impact from bench, Loftus 2 great points. Jordan Flynn, and Jack Carney done alot right. And hope Paddy not injured for galway.
    Now the bad, don’t like Reape playing sweeper, lucky it didn’t cost us a goal. Our long kickout, we’re not good, especially first half, we never looked like catching one. Ref was bad as well.

  92. Hang on , tommy was a 3 out of 10 in the first half at best. Very good second half . Comment was made at half time . I dunno what the issue is , we all know what hes capable of ,simply saying he wasnt at the races in the first half doesnt make one a nayser its telling it as it is .

  93. Agree Sean, and fair play to Tommy, who was likely feeling the pressure, so to be able up his game like he did in the second half says a lot about his character.

  94. Only the best for the working class,they deserve the very best for their commitment

  95. Yes the players deserve it as they don’t get paid bar a few endorsements and photoshoots.

  96. @Corick Bridge on the money as usual with your prediction.

    A comfortable day for us all said. The House minded and good to see Aidan and Tommy on the scoreboard.
    Fair play to Conor Loftus who looked bright and kicked a couple of nice scores. Another option for us in that area.

    I thought we defended well today. Brickenden did plenty right although he gave the ball away needlessly a couple of times.

  97. Mayo45 – The first half performance was not a good standard by Mayo and there was some very worrying signs with certain players not in the game, not being able to handle roscommon intensity and being cleaned out in midfield. A much improved second half by everyone especially Tommy and Fergal.

  98. Yea Tommy conroy wasn’t at it in the first half and Aidan did mishandle a couple of balls.That was the point I was can’t just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen and just be a cheerleader no matter what rubbish you have to endure

  99. I’d be happy enough. Smart resting the O Connors at this stage, so much mileage. I feel we easily won that game today in 2nd gear. There was some glimpses today of how potent our forwards can be. O Donaghue is top drawer forward. Finally O Shea got the right ball today and for once buried it. Fast, high, direct and early. Why don’t they start him after 20 mins, so he can finish a game off? He gassed out in the middle of the 2nd half like every other game he’s played in the last 2 years. He puts in a manic amount of effort in every game but I rather utilize him to finish games off. I’d wish our midfield and half forwards would drive on more and be more direct, take on the full back line more instead of pausing the run and recycling the ball. Also the long direct ball in, there was moments they did it today and it caused the Rossies havoc and we capitalized each time. Let’s mix it more. I believe our forwards are well capable of winning the 50/50 battles inside. We sliced through and overpowered the Rossies defense during a 15 min spell in the second half, basically killed the game off. The defense preformed much better in 2nd half, and then the team switched off to a game of keep ball. It’s horrible to watch with 15 mins to go. Poor enough game, but look at Derry yesterday, just like us last year, back down to earth with a thump. We won not showing the full deck of cards. I’d be happy enough if I was McStay. Cantwell is horrible presenter, calling Connaught football weak and pointless. At least their is 3 counties in the province who can compete at this level unlike Leinster. What a fright Galway got yesterday also. A little more directness will be needed against Galway. Also the kickouts, while much better in the 2nd half is a big problem area and concern. Onwards and upwards!!

  100. Ha ha….Great comment above Joanne is a ‘..shnidey piss taker..’ The girl is blue to the core and always throws the dig at Mayo……

  101. Can only beat what’s in front of ya and Mayo did that. If you’ve any ambition in the champo the fuckin rossies shouldn’t be getting in our way.. They are a bang average div 2 side at best.. People on here need to calm down about the negative attitude towards mayo.. Seriously.. 11 finals lost since 89..I think we have earned the right to be critical… Not personal. Call a spade a spade and say we’re pretty much a one man side with rod. As I said we’ve no one to score 1-4 or so from play. We are 5th or 6th in the ranking. Galway are no good either.. We just have to accept it’ll take a few yrs again to reach 2012 to 2017 type of outfit.

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