Game day – get going again

After our six-week break from the action, we’re right back in it today. Our All-Ireland SFC group stage opening round match against Kerry throws in this afternoon at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, at 3pm. Seán Hurson of Tyrone is the ref and the game is being streamed live on GAAGO.

I’m in the west myself this morning but it’s a long a way down to Killarney from here so, of necessity, this needs to be brief. That’s no problem, today’s a day for action rather than words.

It’s obviously a big day for us and a big challenge too. We all recall what befell us the last time we played them at today’s venue and we clearly don’t want that to happen again later on this afternoon.

After a hugely positive National League campaign, when we were in everyone’s conversation about teams that might challenge for the big one this summer, the loss to Roscommon altered that narrative hugely and suddenly. There’s been plenty of chatter since about “which Mayo will show up?” and the like.

It’s as if we have to go out there and prove our bona fides all over again. (In truth, though, even if the prevailing narrative might not make sense to many of us, isn’t that what sport is all about?) Today would be a delicious day on which to do this.

Tony Leen, chatting on the match preview preview pod the other day, made the very pertinent point that Kerry rarely fail to perform in matches like this. That means that, if we’re to take them down today, everything is going to have to go extremely well for us, better than it has so far this year.

We’re definitely going to need more from the middle third, a sector where, despite losing Tadhg O’Rourke to long-term injury in advance, Roscommon dominated in large measure. We’ve been punching a bit below our weight in this area of the field for some time – both on winning primary ball and on picking up the breaks – and we’ll need to be much improved there.

The forward line has to click better and the backs have to put some kind of hold on the much-vaunted Kerry forward line. In addition, unlike in 2019, our restart strategy has to avoid blowing up in our faces.

That’s asking a lot but, to beat the best, which Kerry, as defending All-Ireland champions, can with justification claim to be, we’re going to need to produce a performance that delivers all over the field.

Another thing that Tony said on the pod gives us, perhaps, some cause for some optimism. That 2019 meeting – which, with Covid and everything sense, seems so long ago – wasn’t just the last (indeed, the only) time we played them there in the Championship, it was also the most recent time they’ve played a big game at the venue.

That means it’s a big day for them too, a day when they know they need to perform. If we can get at them early and ruffle their aristocratic feathers, we could profit from it.

Clearly, if they, as they’ll want to do, wreak early damage on us then it could be a long day for us. Then, as Kevin McStay pointed out on the pod last week, the important thing will be to leave enough “air in the balloon” for us to recover over the remainder of the group stage.

In that regard, our minimum objective for today is that a repeat of 2019 must be avoided at all costs. It goes without saying – but I’ll do so anyway – that the sky’s the limit on our maximum objective this afternoon.

Right, that’s more than enough yapping. This drive to Kerry isn’t going to do itself. Take care everyone on the roads and here’s to a productive day down south for us. Let’s get to it. Up Mayo!

153 thoughts on “Game day – get going again

  1. My heart says we can do it but my head says we cant. I do feel they will give a good account of themselves and it will be a great game. Good luck to all the players especially the younger lads who will learn so much from today. Safe driving to all heading down to Killarney. Maigheo Abu

  2. After our really enjoyable spring tide it would be nice to get the buzz back and start believing again with a mighty performance in Killarney. Alas that poor showing in Castlebar against Roscommon left many
    with that sense that this team is not on an All Ireland trajectory – for this summer at least. I hope they are feeling hurt by that dismal display and can show it today, however, can’t see us come away with anything from today’s encounter with the champions tbh.

  3. Safe travels to all if we put in a good performance I will be happy not the end of the world if loose.

  4. Looking forward to it and am optimistic we can win. Expect a curve ball and maybe 1 or 2 starting changes. Have a small few euro on them @7/1 -3pts. Would like to see Carney, DOC, Mattie, Jordan rotate positions if or when needed. If we get the best out of these 4 in the right places we’ll go a long way. Enjoy !!

  5. Ruane needs to step up and perform…too many sub-par performances from him recently.

  6. What spotlight says. It seems a lifetime ago since he was being called the new Brian Fenton

  7. I agree with Clare safe journey to all everyone on their way to Killarney

  8. Glorious day sun shining here in Killarney ,town well buzzing , be a very good Kerry crowd here .

    Any rumoured changes ?

  9. There is live Commentary on Today’s Game Kerry v Mayo on Mid West Radio . just so everyone knows as Well and it’s Free.
    Support local, Support Mayo.

  10. If we win it will because we’re physically taller and stronger.
    They have the pacier and more skillful team.

  11. @ James Fleming or Mayomanindublin can you send your email address or phone number and I will send them over now

  12. Safe travels to Killarney, everyone. I hope ye have a great day.
    I have a good feeling about this game. Mayo are not travelling to Killarney for the stroll.
    And we used to like playing in Kerry – I’m thinking of League matches in the last few years. Why can’t the team be licking their lips a little for the game today? On the other hand, Kerry will be intent on showing us who’s top dog.
    I would like to see us getting lots of scores, and blocking their access to the ball, whether winning ball in midfield, holding up runners, or anticipating kick passes.
    Mayo by 2.

  13. About time we get a proper game, now that the Arseboxing of the provincials is over. Looking forward to this.

  14. Best of luck today foireann Maigheo from sunny Spain!! Many San Miguel’s will be ingested if we down the Kingdom today. Safe travels to all heading down. Keep the faith!!

  15. I agree wholeheartedly with Willie Joe’s comment,we need to be better and hungrier and scrappier around the middle.That was where so much of our success in the past decade or more had its origins.

    Is the fight in this team? It’ll need to be today if we are to prevail.Fight,belief,hunger,composure,sharpness,opportunism all need to be there.Having said all that you’d have to agree with Kerry being favorites and the vote on here says a lot.The best result today (big picture in mind)might be a defeat for us by one point or a draw with a last minute Kerry freak score.That will avoid the hype and strengthen the belief in this new young team that on an even bigger day against Kerry they can deliver.Mainly though,today is about avoiding a blowout.

    It’s also crunch time on the CHB experiment.
    O’Connor is nothing if not ruthless.

  16. Was in process of writing a long text, on what I think we play, and Kerry will set up. Then thought, when do Mayo follow script, especially against Kerry in last 15 years. So deleted what I was writing and just wish Mayo Luck

  17. Best of luck to team and management. Really feel it’s a big ask to get a result so hoping we at least get a good performance. Well beaten on my last trip to Killarney but we turned it round to beat Meath and Donegal and qualify for All Ireland semi final. So while today is a great test for us it is not the be all and end all. Maigh Eo Abu

  18. Expecting about 3 changes from that starting lineup from what I’ve heard. Some of them forced changes

  19. Willie Joe that was one of your best match previews. You were hitting nails on the head like an East Mayo roofer. Brief writing time available probably lead to mainly salient points

  20. Cannot see a win but would settle for improvement.Dont think THAT backline up to it but may be changes.
    If and it is a big if our top players Ruane,O Hea,Paddy,Conroy and Durcan play up to their best we can have hope but still have feeling we will concede goals.

  21. I never like losing but would be happy with a big improvement on the last outing and a performance from Ruane.

    Can’t wait to see how O’Brien handles Clifford. No easy task.

  22. There was only one thing we could do today and that’s turn up and we haven’t , Advantage Kerry . An absolute disgrace the amount of mayo who have travelled . Cost of living crisis my hole , be no mention of cost of living crisis id we made the final .

  23. @sean Burke I think with the way the fixtures are now and everyone has pretty much written us off for this game is a massive factor to why people have not travelled cost of living &accommodation are massive issues to.

    Here’s to a good game hopefully.

  24. @Sean Burke, Well, ya, people will stretch for a final and can’t be expected to do the same stretch for this game.
    Cost of living is real for many.

  25. @Sean Burke, in fairness its 3pm on a Saturday. Theirs communions going on left, right and centre. No direct train from Mayo, accomodation extorniate, 4 hour car journey, not a knockout game. Those of us here will make ourselves heard.

  26. @sean If you don’t think people are struggling there is absolutely no hope for you.

    Such a clueless comment.

  27. Maybe Sean the majority of people are trying to tell us something.
    Let the players give us something to celebrate.

  28. I remember back in 2011, very small Mayo support v Cork in Quarter finals at Croker ( mostly the Dublin based Mayo’s at the game) yet Mayo upset the odds and beat them.

  29. Fair play to those who have made the journey and hopefully some will make the weekend out of it.
    As regards the match itself…it’s very hard to see us getting a result but avoiding a heavy defeat is vital for our confident going forward.

  30. Hello All,

    Just a couple of words.

    Well done to all who travelled. I am happy enough to watch on mobile and really am hopeful that, Buckley, will have our backs well drilled.

    I am surprised at the lack of optimism on the Blog. My sense is that James Carr, Aido and Ryan Ó, will really want to hit the net, backed up by the half forwards and midfield. They have great experience now. There is real possibility with the subs.

    Hope you all enjoy the game as much as is possible.


  31. @FrostTHammer – I’m in now, but it logged me out, then when I tried to log back in an error message appeared, something about javascript. I was definitely entering the correct password so don’t know what that was all about. Hope it doesn’t crash so fingers crossed.

  32. Durcan, Coen and McDonagh out. No better option than to bring in Doherty at his age?

  33. Three changes – Padraig O’Hora for Paddy Durcan, Donnacha McHugh for Stephen Coen and Jason Doherty for Fionn McDonagh. Huge task for that backline to keep out the tide now.

  34. Kerry can’t afford to lose today! The shame would be insufferable for them. Imagine the backlash from the Kerry faithful and the Fürher like scowl on JOC,’s face. Its a huge motivator for them but it could be a slight weakness if exploited!

  35. I’m not receiving notification on my BOI app for approval of payment to GAAGO. Anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?

  36. @sean the tide turned when we were dragged to croke Park for a connacht final. We are no longer a handy cash cow for CP. Every Mayo GAA person has thought of little else since the draw was made. Calling out people like that is a bit OTT.
    This is another indication to the fixtures committee that this system has many flaws.

  37. So last year we put all the injuries down to freakish bad luck. And here we are in a new year missing 4 first team starters at the start of the business end. What will we put it down to this year?

  38. A very difficult task made impossible with those changes…..could br a trimming coming..

  39. They’re saying Paddy Durcan and Stephen Coen are ‘available ‘! What does that mean? Are we sparing them? Looking further down the road?
    Maybe McStay is resigned to losing this game!
    Hope not!

  40. I am glad large numbers didn’t travel..we have a responsibility to the environment now….

  41. Absolutely not our best team.Way less confident than we were.Has to be other logical explanation.

  42. Crazy. Is this another Rochford trick. Surely Hession should be in the starting 15 as well

  43. @seanburke. You let yourself down with that post earlier. Have a good think about it.

  44. Why are Mayo management picking silly teams earlier this week when a few of those named guys are injured?

  45. Aidan back defending, runners from back popping up for scores, where have we seen this before….
    Unlucky not to be 6 up. Kerry defence porous as have highlighted previously.
    I’ll stick with Dublin for the A.I.

  46. Kerry there for the taking, loads of space when Mayo goalie taking the kickout, long over the top could pay dividends.

  47. Thanks MidWest Radio and Michael D.
    Enjoying this 1 st half immensely.
    Keep it up lads, Mayo Abu.

  48. Very fussy refereeing that allowing no contact. It’s Gaelic Football, not basketball. Ridiculous yellow for Diarmuid.
    Playing well despite the ref, and could have had 3 goals, but scoring some great points.

  49. Unreal first half. But if we end up losing by a point or two, we’ll rue one of those goals not going in, or the Reape 45s.

  50. Mayo playing brilliantly – 3 real goal chances, be out the gate if we got 1 or 2 of them. I suspect the changes maybe tactical but have definetly worked. I think we will come out much more confident in the 2nd half and power on. Not to often in a game where all 15 are playing well (I know Reape missed 2 45’s but he’s been very good apart)

  51. Should be ahead by a cricket score!! Kerry won’t let that unbeaten record go easily. Expect a feisty second half. Ref could decide this game yet but not in mayo’s favour, seems a bit cracked.

  52. I’m not going to apologise for post albeit maybe it was made in frustration. I just think they deserve better support but I shouldn’t of brought cost of living angle into it .

  53. Kerry totally off the pace. Pity we could not have taken one of the goal chances. James Carr scores were top class

  54. Small Mayo attendance!! !!
    Maybe the Mayo supporters are telling the GAA where to Go Go.

  55. Start this second half and we’ll be almost there.
    Clock will be our friend if we have a decent margin.

  56. A very good performance in the first half but if i’m being critical we’ve left 3-3 behind us there.

    We need to mind our own house at all costs in the second half.

  57. Sensational first half display
    Huge 35 minutes now in the battle for Sam imo.
    See it out and things looks very good indeed.
    Failure to do so would be hard to take as we are much much the better team
    Conroy off the bench could be the ace up our sleeve

  58. Loftus a disaster in waiting AGAIN. Goal chances will kill us. Need to lock it down now, start holding the head and play the clock abit for 10 or 15 minutes.

  59. Willie Joe. I don’t know about pinching you but there’s 3 Kerry fans near me could do with a fecking slap. Ignorant as feck.
    Kerry keeper has frustrated us so far. Come on Mayo.

  60. Stay out of it Joe G, long summer ahead yet.Take the win and head back to Mayo and tell of how we were the team to break a 28 year winning streak!!!

  61. Hudson giving Mayo a hard time again as he did in 2019. A few soft frees for Kerry there in the first half a d this has continued again in the second half.

  62. Jez, you can’t touch the great David Clifford, or it is a free. Star envy has no place in refereeing.

  63. Delighted for McLaughlin!! He’s taken some grief recently. San Miguel’s here we come. Maigheo Abu…

  64. Well done, best ive seen from ye in years. Ye could have won by even more.

  65. After that performance, I think Mayo have to be near favourites for Sam now. Great team performance. We should be beating Louth and Cork by about 10 points. Top the group and straight into a quarter final. I honestly can’t see us not winning it outright at this stage

  66. Margie – your a bit harsh on Conor. I suggest you watch the game over again he played very very well.

    Overall a fantastic Mgmt and team performance. We finished with our strogest team. Missed a couple of chances but they are creating them..Wonderful stuff

  67. That’s a statement win
    It’s almost as if there were mitigating circumstances for the Rossie loss
    Kerry are completely and utterly dependant on Clifford. If he gets injured they are done . Simple as that .

    Ourselves and Galway are on a huge collision course this summer I believe …….

  68. What a win and Team performance

    Special mention to Mattie Ruane and Eoghan McLaughlin delighted to see them put in a performance like that.

  69. What did I always say about keeping keeping the faith haha go mayo what a win !!

  70. Brilliant win. Aido proves he has still has the engine for the full match. Scoreline flattered Kerry tbh.

  71. Let’s leave talk of winning Sam out of the comments – we did well – that’s all

  72. @Clare – I hold my hand up, you kept faith all along when many others including myself didnt. Enjoy the win.

  73. What a win and what a performance. Delighted for the lads and management team. Great to know now where we are at and it’s looking good. Maigheo Abú ???

  74. @JKEL88 ah thanks I understand its so hard to keep the faith though sometimes ! You enjoy the win also! : )

    still a bit to go but after everyone writing us off fair play to the guys and management team no one saw that one coming ha!

  75. Said it before and I’ll say it again, Kerry are nothing, tadaí, nada without David Clifford, and he is the best player ever by lightyears. They’re just a very average team without him.

  76. We saw the benefit of options off the bench in the second half and the depth of panel that we have. Please God Cillian can get back which will strenghten us further.

    Enda, Eoghan Mc, Tommy and Paddy are some mob to bring on when the game is in the melting pot.
    Serious wheels on all of them

  77. We should win the group now but let’s not take Louth or Cork for granted.
    If it goes our way, with the help of God Kerry will get a stinker of a prelim.

  78. @Jr great commentary on the game on Mid West Radio.
    No buffering !!!. Great win for Mayo.
    Maigh eo Abu.

  79. Up Mayo!

    Fair play WJ – I think the MOTM poll doesn’t reflect the pre-match changes, and there’s two Paddy Durcan’s!

  80. Brilliant day! Icouldn’t understand leaving Durcan and Coen on the bench but now I do! Brilliant tactics and brilliant play. They’re saying they never saw Kerry play that badly before. I reckon they played as well as we allowed them.
    In truth we should have had a couple more goals but for great goalkeeping.
    The Kerry lads are in for some stick from JOC and their supporters. Losing in Killarney to Mayo will hurt big time.
    All that daid David Clifford once again proved what an amazing player he is. How in Christ’s name do you prevent him kicking points like he did today? Short of shooting him I don’t know.

  81. Wonderful to get that win.

    The lads had the right mindset.

    We were in great shape, bouncing about the place.

    And, crucially, we (the management) used our heads and thought out a good approach in advance. It had all the ‘learnings’ of Rochford’s time with Mayo – finish with your strongest team, a blitz goal from nowhere like a Lee special, and the importance of a five point cushion against Kerry.

    One other thing, quality-wise, I loved the sharp disciplined runs opening up the D when we were attacking that crowded area.

    Fellow Mayo people, let’s hold back on the Sam stuff until a person is holding the cup. This was simply the result of us out-thinking the Kerry team today and having the ability to pull it off. There’s a very long way to go. I’m thrilled with that result and love those lads to bits.

    Let’s enjoy tonight and the next week! Hon Mayo!

  82. Really and truly Galway should have taken Kerry in last year’s All Ireland.
    Kerry will be gutted today though, especially after their thrashing of a decent Clare team.

  83. I think I remember Tony Leen saying in a podcast during the League that Kerry supporters are wary of Mattie Ruane. He gave them nightmares in the 2019 League, I think.
    And although he has been subdued for a wee while, I think Mattie will still be giving Kerry supporters a few nightmares after today. Tis great to come out the right side of a result : )

  84. Delighted for Ruane and Eoghan Mc especially. Have got a lot of stick recently

  85. Great win. We beat them all over the pitch. Our boys were bouncing off the ground in that 1st half in particular. Kerry a bit flat but they couldn’t live with our pace. I will let that comment slide on Conor this time Margie because it doesn’t deserve a reply. Well done to all. We are in the mix now.

  86. Clifford outstanding again today and kerry very reliant on him probably player of the match and @clare player of the blog .Great to see the forwards on song today and defence solid overall mattie and Diarmuid won midfield but please stop posting about winning the all ireland.

  87. Losing those challenge games to Tyrone,Kildare was a blessing in disguise. Great win and could easily have scored 4-20! couldn’t get over how open the contest was. Mayo looking good for All Ireland semi final at least now. Kerry have the more difficult route to the business end now.

  88. Great win but it has to be said that Kerry were piss poor. Credit our lads for some brilliant plays and exceptionally well taken scores. They really stepped it up in the second half as Kerry started to turn the screw. Management smarts a major factor in today’s victory also by bringing on four defenders early and providing plenty of fresh legs to help counter the Kerry attacking threats. We would not have seen that under Horan so kudos to Kevin McStay for applying learnings from the Roscommon game.

  89. Wow. Overjoyed with the win – Carney is a Rolls Royce in midfield and our tactics were spot on. Congrats to Kevin and the management. Hopefully we don’t get carried away after this and knuckle down to beat Louth and Cork. Bigger challenges lie ahead after those two and we won’t get the same space that we got today. Huge statement though.

  90. Calm people. Calm.

    There is a very long road ahead. I agree with Liberal Role in the Tie…. louth will park a double decker bus in Castlebar. Cork could be a slippy one…Cork are one of those counties that can suddenly turn up and take on any team on their day.

    Good use of squad today. Still feel we can be better in defence. Tighter. Meaner.

    Good day today. Long way to go.

  91. Great performance, Aidan Oshea was sublime and that bench well if we don’t have a panel to cause damage with team I’ll throw my hat at it.

  92. best I’ve seen Mayo in a while, Kerry goalie and Clifford kept them in the game…Great finish from MacLaughlin, ….something different this year, seems to be a calm in the squad, still think we need a proper no.6….Onwards and upwards, Up Mayo

  93. Galway Tyrone game “living up” to my expectations between two of the most cynical teams out there . Fairly funny to see Galway going cracked at Tyrone picking up so many “injuries” during the black card time

  94. There is massive competition for places on that Mayo team especially in the backs. It says a lot when you can leave Hessìon, Durcan, McLoughlin and Coen on the bench. Not to mention Brendan Harrison or Rory Brickendon or Michael Plucknett! Wow!
    Then up front you have Tommy Conroy not starting. McDonagh, Cillian O Conor, McHale, Towey, McLoughlin all looking for a jersey. Not bad. I’m sure I’m missing someone!!@
    That game will have brought the young lads on a tonne from the point of view of confidence and experience.
    Now we need to learn to take all our chances
    Today we had several goal chances. If we could manage to improve our goal scoring we’d be hard beaten.

  95. Very bad conditions in Salthill ball like a bar of soap. Galway playing ok as are Tyrone who look more like the 21 team than last years shambles. Galway need to up it against the 14 men.

  96. Mayonaze – I think everyone has been pretty calm on here since full time, no?

    If you want to see people losing the run of themselves, look at the comments on here after we lost to Roscommon.

  97. Congratulations lads,

    You take your defeats like you take your wins with humility.

    Beaten on every line comprehensively.

    Huge respect and kudos to Mayo GAA.

  98. Conditions and the red card are making it a poor game Chesneychet, both teams with a lot of wasted possession.

    Galway will be happy going in at half time, ye should push on now in the second half.

  99. Yeah its poor fare the Mayo game was a higher tempo. You would expect Galway to push on but lads need to shift up a gear.

  100. Final Whistle pod is up on Patreon! Rob, Mike and I are on it and we’ve post-match reaction from Stephen Rochford and analysis from Martin Carney.

  101. Very impressive performance all round. Great to see them working so well as a team. Delighted with the win and Aido well deserved MOTM. Great job all involved!

  102. 1-01 from the bench was massive for us today. We used to see that at our cost from the Dubs. Even Tommy made a huge difference as they put Gavin White on him and that was the end of White in an attacking sense.
    Fair play to Mcstay today. He made the right subs at the right times.

  103. It’s downpouring drizzle and tears in Killarney ..the only smiles are on Mayo faces …historic win. To see Kerry fans leaving Fitzgerald in their hundreds with minutes on the clock …to break their longest-ever-home-GAA-record deserves a celebration given how often we have been skewered by the Kingdom …only the first of the series but what a win , and what a blissful joy to be here to witness it ! Hon Mayo

  104. Jordan Flynn, the unsung hero for us today. Definitely my second MOTM
    Always moved us forward and gave clever passes.

  105. Kerry where not pushed about todays match so don’t get carried away

  106. I’d say Kerry didn’t want to finish top alright , wanted the extra prelim quarter game, one week less of a break and to lose their home record . That’s the only reason Mayo won. Kerry were not bothered

  107. Coveyexile, fair play to you. I am delighted for the Mayo fans, who travelled today (who were able to).
    I’m vicariously imagining how you feel. So very pleased for you. The stadium and surroundings are beautiful there and a Mayo win is to savour. Have a good evening and safe home. (Hurray!)

  108. MOTM all the sweeter for Aidan when it’s against Kerry.
    A win to be savoured for today.

  109. What a dreadful performance from Kerry. Good performance from Mayo, especially in creating goal chances, but Kerry defence were a hopeless unit.
    Why did Clifford get so much space. Was our sweeper not the one to close him down.
    Great to see Ruane Diarmuid outstanding, good honest display from Jordan and Doherty, Carney is our no 11 no doubt, and our inside line was brilliant. ROD such a quick thinker and utterly unpredictable .

  110. How sweet was that win! Super performance by Mayo and it’s clear to see they made good use of the six weeks break. The team was very well set up and organised – the influence of Rochford and Buckley very evident in so many of the good things we did today. Also great to see good use of the bench when we were starting to come under pressure in the second half. All the Mayo players and management team deserve huge credit for that result. It’s not easy to single out any Mayo player after a win like that but I thought Aidan O’Shea was excellent in the full forward role today.

  111. Felt a bit detached for some reason. Had so much trouble actually getting there, no prog, behind goal, ah stop.

    Mayo much the better, but I worried about Kerry press around the centre. They seemed able to score every time they countered. Mostly Clifford mind you. Would have been nice if Colm’s frees went over. Surprised at rave reviews for AOS, based on what I saw in 2nd half. Not that he was bad. Mattie seemed to catch my eye.

  112. @westkerry. Nice post. I must say I thought you were being a cute kerry beep with your worries in the build up to the game but you were proved right.. What’s your opinion now do you think kerry have more in the tank or is that as good as they’ll be? I reckon we’ll see a more up for it kerry the next time. As for mayo I’m wondering will we be able to find a way through the packed defence when we meet it.

  113. Swallow swoops thanks for that…still drizzling here for what it’s worth but let’s take the joy for the moment ..there are so many thorns of sorrow and heartache following this team ..I will be proud to drive around the Dingle peninsula tomorrow with the green and red flags flying …

  114. Great victory and performance by all our players. It was all about Kerry all week. No mention of Mhuigeo!
    Comhghairdeas to the team and management!
    Huge achievement beating the Kingdom in Kilarney!
    Mhuigeo Abú!

  115. Coveyexile, may the joy extend long into the next week : )
    Catcol, I hope you get to find your centre and that you can feel the joy of the win too. I know the feeling when logistics make us feel ragged. You were there though – fair play to you! Mattie did indeed seem to terrorise the Kerry backs.
    P.S. I was right behind David Clarke’s goal in the first half in Killarney in 2019. I’m imagining where you must have been standing today : )

  116. @No doubt I laughed at that player of the blog haha thanks! @1989 thanks also haha so delighted for our guys what a credit they are to us only early days of course not getting carried away at all but to go out and prove everyone wrong and the first team to beat kerry in killarney since 1995 is a great achievement!

    I really thought your man on gaa go was sooo biased towards kerry no he was from kerry but surely they could have gotten someone mutual to commentate felt like muting the commentary at one point ha!

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