Game day – hard to know what we want from this one

After the week’s break, we’re back on home turf once again this afternoon as this year’s National Football League Division One campaign reaches its closing stages. Derry are our opponents in Round 6 at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park today, Tipp ref Seán Lonergan will be throwing in the ball at 3.45pm and the match is live on TG4 with live radio commentary on Midwest as well.

It’s difficult to divine our motivation heading into this match. Natural logic has been stood on its head in Division One this year, with the ultra-condensed fixture schedule meaning that every team is already looking well beyond the League, instead focusing fully on a Championship campaign that, incredibly, will get going in a few short weeks.

The League used to be great. Now, sadly, it’s an irrelevant mess.

It’s still not a competition completely devoid of consequence, however, because retention of top tier status is still worth something. In truth, what really counts now for Sam Maguire qualification is to avoid relegation from Division Two. Even then, that might not be fatal if, like Kildare, you’re in Leinster and have had the good fortune to be placed in the opposite half of the draw to Dublin.

That’s a wider discussion point, however, one that doesn’t really help in seeking to clarify how we feel about doing our utmost to get a result today against Derry.

Avoiding relegation won’t be a motivating factor for us. With Monaghan falling through the trapdoor in an Omagh mudbath last night, the danger that we might accompany them is now negligible, all the more so given Galway’s defeat to Dublin yesterday afternoon.

The Tribesmen are rightly in the mire now, what with a trip to Kerry to negotiate in the final round next weekend. Defeat there would see them end up on the five points they’ve already got, which might not be enough to save them.

In addition, if Roscommon fail to beat Kerry in the early game today then they can’t catch us and so, if this happens, we’ll take the field at MacHale Park knowing that we’re safe. So far, so good.

As we all know, our apparent aim for this year’s League is to occupy one of the four Goldilocks placings, anywhere from third to sixth in the final table. Defeat today would ensure we achieve that objective.

But we’re not going out today to lose, are we?

I doubt we are but, a bit like the Monaghan game in the final round last year, we could well use the match for purposes other than doing our utmost to claim the two League points on offer.

This presents a problem for punters. It’s hard to be in it together when your team is playing in a competition whose purpose has been stripped of all its value and where winning a match like today’s might end up being more of a negative than a positive.

It’s a problem for management too, who are doing their utmost to have their charges ready for when the serious stuff begins, as it’s set to do shortly. How we get on today needs to be viewed through this lens.

Roll on Championship – I think we’ve all had enough of all this smoke-and-mirrors League stuff over the last number of weeks.

Aside from how today’s match goes – which should, at least in theory, be a fascinating contest, as we have yet to meet the current Derry team in a competitive match and it’ll be good to lock horns with them after a long absence, but we’ve no guarantee about what kind of contest it will be – what is worth watching will be the attendance.

This could well be one where the Mayo fans – as they’ve done more than once in recent years – vote with their feet. The GAA have made a complete pig’s ear of the National League and a small crowd in Castlebar for a match played on the national holiday would provide further evidence of this.

To make matters worse, Mayo supporters face a fixture clash today, with the women taking on Armagh in Ballina at 1pm. The Orchard County have five wins from five starts and will be favourites to prevail again today but Liam McHale is fashioning an attack-minded team, one that, like the lads, is already all but guaranteed Division One survival.

Ending Armagh’s winning run today at James Stephens Park would represent a nice statement of intent, setting the team up nicely for what could be an interesting Championship campaign. Here’s hoping they do it.

And let’s hope the lads do likewise. I know we want to avoid a League final but it would be great for us to beat the Oak Leafers having given a run-out to a number of lads who need game time, which you’d have to think we’re going to do today. That outcome could result in the Big Two slugging it out for the Division One title on Easter Sunday. Off with them if that’s what happens.

So here’s to winning a game we might not be all that bothered to win this afternoon. And here’s to the women winning one they definitely want to win. Let’s get to it. Up Mayo.

105 thoughts on “Game day – hard to know what we want from this one

  1. Ultimately, I would prefer to win today against a strong Derry team rather than be well beaten today and turnover a relegated Monaghan next weekend. It really does devalue the league, which up to now has been a bit of a cash cow for the gaa, and totally devalues the season tickets. I will travel today in the hope of a good game but will not bother next weekend.

  2. I’ll go for a 3-4 point win but could also be a draw ….any word on todays panel ?

    Rossies to go down – Kerry could give them a tanking today I’ve a feeling…

  3. It will be good if we are competitive today whatever the outcome. Attitude is important. I hope Mayo press up from early on and run at Derry. Hopefully there will be no serious injuries for either side.

  4. Need to avoid a hammering today. Also need to avoid a hammering by the Dubs in a possible final.

  5. No injuries is all I want. Really hope for a couple of changes, likes of Plunkett, McHale, Cillian and hopefully Carr meed minutes asap. Rossies could cause a big upset today. Always at their most dangerous when completely written off. 4/1 in the hyde is a great price.

  6. Maolla – if we are beaten well today I hope people don’t overreact. The game doesn’t mean a whole pile to us.

    Loads of examples down the years of teams shipping a hammering during the league but turning things around come championship.

  7. A good run out is what’s needed. Let’s get a thorough examination before championship.

    I wouldn’t worry about a league final against the Dubs – no pressure to win that. We can blood some players, get a leisurely run out in Croker and give the Dubs nothing but a damn trophy we’ve shipped nothing but criticism for winning.

  8. The named team will go close.

    Down a lot of bodies in defence. A clean sheet would be fantastic, but one and a low number of goal chances given up would still be encouraging.

    Middle third. Can we live with Derry’s athleticism? Good tests for players here.

    Attack. A goal would be nice. Inside line clicking. Hope Tommy was watching Canavan’s goal last night.

  9. @FrostTHhammer a leisurely run out in Croke Park for the final would be a bloodbath I’d rather avoid. Regardless of whether we want to win it or not.

  10. I think the gaa brought in a rule that ya can’t use a screenshot off ticket to enter game I can’t get into my ticketmaster today..Will they accept a screenshot in castlebar today.

  11. I don’t mind if we win by 3 or lose by 3 so long as we see a well rounded 70+ minute performance against a strong Derry side and at least break even in all each line of the field.

  12. Dead rubber in fairness but I’m looking forward to it, we’ve not faced them in so long and good to see they’re putting out the full team. Would love to see Carr back, if he shows any of the form from the league last year, he’d put the blanket defences to bed. I think we should go for it, it’s a great test, worry about the consequences when they fall

  13. Great to see Carr back
    We need him as an option inside
    The 4 main absentees are a worry …….eoghan mc also out

  14. Eoghan McLaughlin back in full training.
    Good to see Carr but he needs to get at least a half.
    Derry good defensive system so it will be challenging to break them down and create goal chances.
    McKinless only named in subs, I was looking forward to Boland McKinless match up

  15. Winning is a habit,we need to win every game we can,safe travels to all supporters and hopefully a great game,may the best team win as long as it is Mayo,if we reach the.league final all well and good we must acknowledge that players who win a league final will be very proud and realise that may be the biggest trophy that they win, I believe that we are in the top three, so go for it

  16. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Carr start, we need another forward going well inside apart from ROD.

    Derry, like ourselves going with roughly 11-12 of what you would call their strongest team, Conor Doherty, odhran lynch and mckinless the notable front line absentees.

    Both teams at similar levels of full strength so will be a close one. Draw written all over it and everyone goes home happy

  17. I’d be happy enough with a competitive performance and an opportunity to get minutes into the likes of Loftus, Carr and O’Donoghue.

  18. Hope we go for it, winning is a habit and every game should be there to be won. Glad to see the attacking options off the bench, James Carr, Frank Irwin and kevin Quinn would like them all to get a chance. Not sure why we haven’t seen more of Frank Irwin, was in form during sigerson. Not sure what happen to Ruairi Keane or if he is still on panel. Aaron McDonnell desires his start and first minutes in the league. Hope he does well.

  19. James Carr and Darren McHale won’t feature despite being named on the bench. Conor Reid and Fenton Kelly added to the subs list instead. No word yet on any alterations to the starting team but changes are expected.

  20. Seeing some signs of the real Tommy Conroy here so far. Taking on his man and scoring

  21. Well. Match over after 60 seconds of madness from Reape. Saves us from a final anyway

  22. Teams must love playing us. We are so predictable. Over and back over and back. Our lack of natural scoring forwards is glaring.

  23. Derry scoring every time they go forward. We need to tighten up. Lovely lively confident start for Mayo but we soon fell into the oul pattern.

  24. Every league, every year we are wide open at the back. I havnt understood people saying our defensive structure looking tighter in the league this year. It’s more down to our opponents wayward shooting…dub and Kerry in particular were really off form up top when we played. I said it here a few wks ago, I’m more worried about our defence that our attack going into championship, despite far more attention to the other way around.

  25. Needed this test, can’t understand those saying we should run the bench, this is the level, still believe we can match it

  26. Win or loose this game isn’t important anyways as many said we don’t want to be in the league final let Derry and the dubs at it..

    Seeing glimpses of Tommy conroy coming back to his old self..

    Mayos goal in response to derrys first goal a few minutes later was also positive..

  27. Positives – Tommy getting his confidence back. Carney also putting in a serious shift.

    Negatives – Reape having another meltdown gifting the opposition 3 points. Brickenden again showing why McBrien is invaluable to this team.

    I can’t be the only one finding Boland extremely frustrating today. Backwards all the time. People wanted a big test, they are getting their wish.

  28. No outlet up front either. Aidan lucky to be still on pitch, first yellow harsh but elbow and foul or so after it has him on dodgy ground, surprised not subbed as precaution.
    Agree with others on our defence, are we continuing to go man to man and paying price?

  29. Ref a disgrace
    Our CB gone missing from defence no pace. Destroying us up the middle. We started Ok but clearly Rochford’s Donegal stamp has left it’s mark -sideways and backwards. We need to run at them with pace and forget the slow build up. We are still in it if we change our tactics

  30. Don’t agree about AOS. Watching it on tv and I think he is being treated very harshly. He was pulled and hit in the face for the free McGuigan scored from.

  31. Let’s see if we can defend much better in second half. Derry finding their scores so much easier than us.

  32. Aido close to a red after that harsh yellow.There is a 3 point wind here atm so it will be much easier kick from the 45.Tommy looks much better today.

  33. @Lahanman that wasn’t a reality check that was was 2 minutes of madness towards the end.

  34. How do we know if we’re any good if we don’t test ourselves, great opportunity to do so, only half way there, here’s looking forward to a great second half

  35. Same ol’, same ol’ from Mayo. Over and back, down into the corners, over and back and lose it or a Hail Mary attempt, passing into traffic and, totally inexcusable, too simple kicks into the keeper’s hands. You can see the difference-every time Derry attack, they score and we’re lucky of we get one out of every two-they are cutting thro’ our defence at will. And, on top of all that Reape has another brain freeze and we gift them a goal, with another Kick-out cock-up.

  36. And AOS is damned if he doesn’t foul and damned if he does so maybe about time he started properly acting the bollix and then he will properly do damage to men hassling him and scare them off. Then at least he would deserve any cards he’d draw onto himself. GAA’s gentle giant. Wish he’d cause a bit of proper ache.

  37. Sad day for Mayo football???? WTF is going on at all. Shite football from Mayo, defence is brutal, they should gave Derry the points to save this embarrassing situation for fans.

  38. As bad a Mayo performance as I’ve seen in an awful long time. Two thirds of the championship team playing. Derry getting through us so easily. You can argue it’s a nothing game but the performance out there today is completely unacceptable.

  39. @Left boot a sad day for mayo football? Ah come on hardly embaressing in a game we don’t need to win meaningless game really that we didn’t want to win in the first place people were calling for a trial team like the one we had v Tyrone imagine if we had sent that team out today I’d hate to see that scoreline.

    It’s not the end of the world.

  40. I would appeal for calm after this result. Its disapointing we are playing so poorly and have semblence of a plan for the forwards or defence. Maybe we dont have the players to light up the championship anymore but for sure this management team look clueless.

  41. Our backs are simply woeful today.McBrien , Durcan and Coyne badly missed. y. OShea is our only man showing some spark

  42. Good job the blog wasn’t successful in converting Tommy Conroy into a wing forward 😀

  43. Not good. Dublin 1st Kerry 2nd (if they have the Clifford’s)
    The rest no where in this years championship.
    Dublin not what they were but still better than everyone else.
    The rest have not come up to the mark.

    As for poor old Mayo
    Win a few loose a few.
    Reach a 1/4 final maybe (that’s it)

  44. So a game that we didn’t want to winn, we lost, a game we didn’t want any injuries from, we didn’t, put in a decent performance, I’m happy, great test, lots of learning, time for championship

  45. AOS is very high mileage but to be fair worked hard today. Tommy C got a great workout. Bar the loss, some lovely passing from our fellas at times…..But……not sustained……Every time Derry got inside our 45 they came away with something. Derry defense very tight too.

    The reason to smile for me today was seeing shades of the old Tommy C now gathering pace……….

  46. At least the men watching with me perked up in that second half. When we threw caution to the wind were much better and bit of excitement.
    @You Three agree with you.

  47. The glaring weakness in this Mayo team is the lack of a kick out strategy which is starving us of a decent amount of possession- absolutely no movement for Reape to kick to. This was highlighted all of last year but there is no sign of improvement &it will come back to haunt us when the championship gets serious.
    Ryan needs to move to centre forward -a couple of glorious balls in that 2nd half!!
    Great to see Tommy back to his best
    An entertaining game of football!!

  48. @Biscan have to disagree with you tbh yes was all over the place from us for sure it was..

    But we put in a fight at the end and didn’t give up. Jordan flynn is some player.

    Tommy conroy definetly coming back to his old self he’ll come good in championship!

    We’re still waiting on paddy durcan, diarmuid o Connor, and eoghan mc to come back and we had no injuries weirdly I’m pretty happy after that and we’ve also managed to stay safe in division 1 and avoid a league final New York is where it all begins and this game will be well and truly forgotten about…

    Fair play to our guys they fight till the end no can say they just sit back and give up!

  49. Fair play to the lads. Derry are shit hot at the moment and have great forwards. Before it, I would have taken 4/5 point loss. Mid table. Grand. 20 mins to go it looked like a humiliation but fair play they didn’t let that happen. Big issues down the middle but that’s for another day. Tommy much better.

  50. Final whistle and what big takeaways can we take from it. The team’s foundation is fixed or the house falls down!
    Brickenden hasn’t the instincts or abilities of a top class fullback.
    Get McBrien back with 3 on his back and Coyne and Callinan in the corners.
    Paddy back on the halfback line with DOC back as our defensive midfielder and
    Flynn is turning into a top link player in the game and God know our best forward’s line-up??

  51. Safe with a game to spare
    Safe from a league final with a game to spare
    Mission accomplished ?

  52. Result no big deal, we went with a team trying to win it which is only disappointing element, we missed chance get more time in panel players.

  53. Clare – Could not disagree with you on fight and effort. Mayo will never ever give up. You can’t ask for anymore from any team.
    But we just don’t have enough quality killer players in the side to win the big prize.

  54. Happy enough. No injuries and Tommy is getting his spark back exactly when we need it. People can say what they want about Aido, but he had a great game. Scored again from play. A poster mentioned ages ago here that Tuohy lacks confidence in his ability, that poster was spot on. He has the attributes, just needs to realise he deserves to be there and stop hiding in games.

    Alarm bells are seiriously ringing now with regards Reape’s meltdowns. When teams aggressively press his kick (most championship games) he visibly wilts infront of it. Its happend too many times now. Whether we wanted to be in a league final or not, hes becoming a seirious liability. Hennelly needs minutes against Monaghan.

  55. Felt for a long time we need to get O’Donoghue to CHF, he has more vision than the rest of our forwards combined. Need McBrien back badly, but our whole defence is at sea at the moment, teams walking through us, CHB not being anchored down. Reape kick outs poor today, but he needs to have the option of kicking it long in confidence we will contest or win it, and that’s doesn’t seem to be there.

  56. I thought ye fought back well when it looked like Derry were going to win by double digits. Derry finished the game strongly though. I thought Aidan O Shea gave his all again, a great servant to Mayo. Ye need Diarmuid O Connor and Paddy Durcan back to progress in the Championship but you would expect they will be there. I think Tommy Conroy takes the ball into the tackle a bit too much, if he offloaded it more and continued his run for a return he would be more effective. All goalies struggle with the press, Reape is still one of the best keepers. Dublin well ahead of the chasing pack with Derry probably second with Kerry just behind them. Mayo are in a cluster of teams who could have a say but its hard to know if anyone else can get up to the levels of the top three teams.

  57. Don’t want to be too harsh on Reape but should have come to cut out the cross for first goal and won’t even mention 2nd. Not a good day for him. Good save from Jordan and Ryan’s one dipping over instead of under were tight margins.
    Some good clean catches around the middle from our lads too. Just defence badly organized and match ups wrong.

  58. Felt Aaron McDonnell was our best defensive player today, our left hand side looked wide open, Callinan is a great prospect but is better going forward than he is defending. Brickenden as a few have said was caught out a few times. Bright spots is Conroy in full flight and Paul Towey cameo. Bob Touhy failing to ignite again. Would like to see Frank Irwin given a start at 10 against Monaghan.

  59. Glad we’ve escaped the league final as I said. We escaped a right trimming though, only really got back into it, when Derry took their foot off the gas, and once they realised they had to up the gears to see it out they did so with ease and got the points needed to win with ease. Different gravy. More interested now in knowing, when we’ll have our best 15 available for selection, Mcstay is always very cagey about when players will be back, and nearly always rolls out the next match line.

  60. Reape for sure had an off day every player has a bad day but in all honesty would hennelly have done any better? He was a nightmare v Tyrone. Derry were on fire today I think more goals would have gone in v hennelly.

    In saying that hennelly does need more minutes.

  61. Mayo lack a serious mentality. People can say it’s a great come back and we kept fighting to the end. But why do we always have to be coming back from behind? We really do a lack a killer instinct in our team. Derry displayed it today, the Dubs and Kerry consistently display it. Even Tyrone when they bet us in the final. Went straight for the throat at the right time. We just always seem to make like so difficult for ourselves and then start to mount a comeback when the fans get the team going. It’s a mentality that won’t win us the major honours. I thought it was really evident today.

    Also Sam Callinan is not a full back line player. In his last 4 competitive games his marker has been man of the match in 3. Move him out to the HB line because he doesn’t offer that defensive intelligence.

    Derry look good, Micky Harte (and his so called rotten brand of football) will have them at the business end of the championship. Although I’m sure his nemesis Jim McGuinness will have something to say on that in a few weeks time.

  62. Brian.
    I wouldn’t believe a word McStay says. Before the league started, we’re going out to defend our title. Later it was we reached 6 points which was the aim. Then today, we’re here to win the game. James Carr is nearly ready for the last month and Paddy and McBrien will be pushing for places. I really don’t know what to make of it all.

  63. Also, we need to stop this narrative that getting to a league final is a bad thing. It’s absolutely not. The dubs will be in one and no doubt will be in the last 4 of the all Ireland series. They were in a league final last year too. Why this narrative is allowed to build is beyond me. I agree the league isn’t everything but it’s definitely not the reason why our season fell apart last year and won’t be if the same happens this year.

  64. Our goalkeeping: we seem to have gone from an embarrassment of riches, to an embarrassment.

  65. Glad there was a bit of excitement in the second half. It makes it worth it to watch the match.
    My takeaways:
    Derry scored too easily. They could score at will. Mayo could not. That was the winning of the game.
    We made some really lovely kick passes in this game. This was simply delightful to see. More of this please.
    Aidan made a proper nuisance of himself today and he is some man for one man.
    Paul Towey has gumption and can score. He displayed calm under pressure and made things happen.
    Why do we retreat so easily when other teams attack? Why not tackle higher up the pitch? We practically gift the opponent a scoring chance by letting them advance so close to our D.
    I am disappointed that we still have a lot of work to do. Conor Glass and Shane McGuigan were talking about small things to fix from their second half – fine tuning. That’s the level they’re at right now. We have larger levels of development to do.
    Still the game today was a good test for us.

  66. Reape struggling badly to get any short kicks away against the press.Derry had no more space when we pressed but got short ones away.Have to watch it back but i thought our keeper was at fault for two goals.Thats five league games and are we any better at kick outs than the Dublin meltdown last summer?.Pity about young Reids injury.Some positives also out there today.

  67. I hate that we don’t want to be in a league final. It’s our 2nd biggest competition in the GAA. You should play to be in every final. Its not that we have cabinets full of National awards.

  68. Callinan has excelled in his best position of chb. Since McBrien got injured he was needed in FB line, its obvious he’s out of his comfort zone there. Brickendens lack of speed, and the eternity it takes him to turn around, definetely dent his championship hopes. Have to say i like the look of McDonnell, has great pace and seems already conditioned for IC, took a great score aswell. Another game next week for him, and I think he could force his way into championship team instead of Brickenden.

    Ruane getting sharper aswell. Carneys stock rose big time today. Only room for one of Boland and Tuohy come championship. DOC if fit starts all day long. Towey keeps his spot on the panel after a fine cameo.

  69. McBrien can’t come back soon enough tbh.
    Brickenden has had the full league campaign now and I’m afraid I still can’t see what others are seeing in him.
    Callinan is very good when played in hb line but got schooled today at cornerback.

    The result won’t keep me up at night but I have to say I’m probably on the cup half empty side of things tonight, I really don’t see any real improvement there from last year tbh. Apart from that gutsy 10 minute burst from 55 to 65 when Towey came in it was a complete hammering and Derry left an awful lot of easy scores behind.

    No outstanding performer really but I’d probably give Carney the nod for motm

  70. Swallow Swoops……I agree fully with your points. A huge amount to work on, including team togetherness and commitment. But some passing by Mayo lads was delightful…..but that energy not sustained. Aidan put in a serious honest shift. And scored a free too…..

  71. Hello All,

    This was just the game Mayo needed. Found it encouraging. So many players played well and then others got game time. I would imagine the players will learn so much from this, as they analyse Derry’s performance. It must be a tonic not to have a relegation fight. It is plain sailing now.!

    Aidan O ‘Shea is an inspiration. Hope he has a rest next week. Mayo seemed to win a lot of breaking ball and did not gift it to an opposing player even when under extreme pressure. They are potentially a very potent forward unit.

    Hope they all have a nice evening.

    Ciaran 2.

  72. For the kickouts our backs need to be further away from the goal which will also draw out the forwards. This should create a bit more space for a defender to find some space for the keeper to find a man.

  73. Green and red/blonde, we wanted to be in league final, management basically named our championship team that was available. We just didn’t have the attaching or defensive set up to get the win as well as players having off days.

    Way they walked through is up middle was frightening at times.

  74. Some brilliant high fielding by us today. Carney, Tuohy, Ruane, Flynn and McHugh spring to mind. That has been consistently good throughout the league too.

    Worrying performance from reape on kickouts tbh. We were probably winning the midfield battle so can’t use that as an excuse either.

    Good to see Ruane and, in particular, Tommy showing glimpses of their top form. Delighted for Aidan to show his worth again. Great cameo from Towey, I think coming on as a second half sub will be his role but that can still be v important.

    3 horrendous goals to give away, but good that it happened now and not a couple of months down the line. No reason it can’t be fixed, plus we’ve a few top quality defenders to return.

    Safe with a game to spare and no league final to worry about. Job done.

  75. Great that Towey put in that performance. Would have been a disaster if he never got the chance to show he can be a key man. Every ball he got, he was asking questions of Derry. Loved the way he looked up and kicked the ball to an inside man. No hestitation and playing how the game should be played.

    Too much fear of losing the ball in our play in 1st half. Pass back if in doubt is the motto on display at times. Makes it so easy for the opposition.

  76. Not a great performance overall but Mayo did show in the first and last 15 minutes what they can be capable of. Thought the refereeing was iffy at best but not the reason we lost. Derry were continually able to find runners in space and our tackling left a lot to be desired.
    Keeper had a bad day. Full back line found it hard one v one and got little help. Half back line also had their hands full and provided little by way of line breaking, Midfield did OK, Carney had one of his best outings against a top opposition. Individually the forwards all had their good moments and could have been in for 2 or 3 more goals. The save from Flynn’s attempt was brilliant but overall we don’t seem to have an attacking strategy nor a defensive structure and after 2 leagues and a championship under this management it’s a worry. That late flurry that brought us back into it was real Mayo chaos type of stuff but that’s not training ground output but just players collectively going for it.

  77. I’d have to say one or two did their championship chances some harm today unfortunately. I think Ryan to 11 is becoming clear. Some great distribution,where as I thought the greater intensity today and the drier sod didn’t suit Fergal. Bob is nearly there,age is truly on his side and he will continue to improve.

  78. Wide Ball “Some brilliant high fielding by us today. Carney, Tuohy, Ruane, Flynn and McHugh”.
    Unfortunately those of us watching on TG4 didn’t see them due to the persistence with the camera behind the goal.

  79. Lionel, I love that angle as you can see the patterns of movement (or lack there of),
    The cluster and breaks and side loading were really obvious by opposition in earlier rounds.

  80. When Sean?….or is that you Corick in disguise.
    But seriously I don’t think this league has been too bad for us. 6 points asap would have been what most of us looked for before the start. It was important that we beat our nearest and dearest. I didn’t think we’d beat Dublin so that was a bonus.
    We mixed the good with the naive. Some aspects of yesterday’s performance were very good, especially around the middle area,we found quite a few weaknesses too, which is good to know in time. We were missing some first team defenders and looked disjointed as a result. Mattie finding a bit of form,Jack continues to grow in confidence and plays heads up stuff much more.
    I made the case before for Tommy at hf but Ito me now it’s clear we need to bring Ryan out to 11 (and would make him captain)so will need the big men on the flanks to bolster midfield.
    Maybe we need to start Reape against Monaghan in order to get yesterday ‘s issues sorted out. There were definitely signs of a fresher bounce in the steps of at least some of the lads yesterday. And finally on Aido,he might have lost a bit of pace but his heart is in tiptop shape.

  81. Gizmobobs I agree, but as soon as it’s obvious that the kick out is going long, switch to the regular view closer to the action.

  82. Got delayed getting to the game, when I finally got to my seat ,the score board read 1.4.ti 1.5 in favour of us ,but unfortunately that was all about to change but fair play from a deficit of 9 points back to 2 not a bad performance at all, just two referees decisions that I’d like to highlight, a kickout by Reape which clearly was kicked beyond the 14 yard line ,then a Derry player protested that it wasn’t and looked like to me the ref made a decision on this protest and hopped the ball and gave Derry the advantage, totally wrong!,and worst decision of the Game was when Conroy was clearly in on goal and the ref called back play and gave us a free in ,where was the fn advantage there? and the pile driver of a shot at goal by Flynn just to be snuffed out by a save ,hats off Derry were the better team on the day ,but we were definitely denied a chance to win by stupid decisions by a so called Referee, Hon Mayo,

  83. @HILL MAN: The line umpire (linesman/assistant referee/whatever you’re having yourself) on the scoreboard side flagged the restart not crossing the line rather than a protest. From my view it was 50/50 at best and from the TV replay the call looked correct (but neither of those had a great angle on it – certainly close enough to it that it’s a borderline subjective call rather than a ‘worst decision’ one). I’d love to hear if anyone was sitting along the line, especially on the MacHale Road side, what they thought of it.

    The Tommy one was baffling alright. I can only assume he was pulling Tommy for fouling his man or the ball early on, where going back for an awful advantage was advantageous… but can’t for the life of me see how Tommy was pulled for anything there. So potentially just a truely dreadful call. Hard to know.

  84. I’m still annoyed about the Conor McCluskey goal days later.

    It’s not like we weren’t forewarned, for years now Derry have been doing that attacking overload where they push up about 12 bodies. They carved us open about 7 or 8 times with that simple popped hamdpass between the lines.

    Then to compound it none of the defenders bothered with mccluskey, they all blindly ran after their own men on rudimentary decoy runs.

    I’d like to think we would learn from it but if we were to meet Derry on a an ireland semi final I wouldn’t fancy us

  85. @TsuDho Nim To be Honest I had a very clear view of the line right the full length of it ,I can honestly say without fear of contradiction that the ball was well clear of the line, Hon Mayo.

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