Game day – injury issues make this one a huge challenge for us

For the second time in three weeks, the lads are back in action in Croke Park today. Unlike the Kildare game, however, HQ is set to be rocking later this afternoon as ourselves and Kerry head the bill on an attractive All-Ireland quarter-final double-header, which also features the fascinating meeting of Armagh and Galway.

Our match gets underway at 4pm with Meath’s David Gough in charge. The winners will meet Dublin in the semi-final, following their facile victory over Cork yesterday evening.

Big Croke Park days when we pair off against the best with everything on the line are occasions we’ve all become so used to over the past decade. While we never claimed the big prize we were always an essential part – often the essential part – of the Championship story when it really mattered.

Those were days we came to relish. We had a team we believed in and which we knew would give everything in pursuit of glory. We also knew that most of our main men would be fit and ready for the fray.

Today feels so different in so many ways. The lads’ appetite for the fight is still as keen as ever and there’s still so much to like about the way we continue to challenge year after year. This time, however, we simply cannot avoid the issue that has crippled us every year since 2018 and which cripples us so badly heading into today’s clash with Kerry.

That, of course, is our outsized injury list, a problem that has bedevilled us all year and has continued to do so, even in the final few days leading up to this game.

Ryan O’Donoghue – our outstanding performer throughout the League – was probably the player we could least afford to lose this summer. He’s out today, as he was for the two qualifier games. Ryan heads a list of absentees that currently includes Brendan Harrison, David McBrien, Michael Plunkett, Bryan Walsh, Fionn McDonagh, Darren McHale and Tommy Conroy, with serious doubts about the fitness of at least two others who are nonetheless listed in today’s match day 26.

No team could be expected to cope with the kind of injuries we’ve had to cope with this year. While it’s undoubtedly true that the return of proven performers such as Robbie Hennelly, Oisín Mullin (if he’s okay to play and there are doubts about that), Paddy Durcan, Eoghan McLaughlin, Diarmuid and Cillian O’Connor since the League final strengthens us, as does Jordan Flynn’s recovery from the broken bone in his foot he suffered in that game, the hits have kept coming, in an unrelenting manner.

To that extent, today feels a lot like 2019. We suffered several injuries that summer too and pitched up in August to play Dublin in an All-Ireland semi-final with a patched together team, fielding at least three players who patently weren’t anything close to full fitness. The lads managed to put in a powerful opening half against Dublin that day before getting washed away soon after the break.

In seeking counter-arguments to that proposition, Kerry are nothing like Dublin were back then and, for all their glittering talents, they still have a fair bit to prove when it really counts. We went toe-to-toe with what was largely the same Kerry team on that night of wind and rain in Tralee back in March and while they hosed us at Croke Park in the Division One final a few weeks later we were missing all those heavy hitters listed above that day.

We can, too, point to our greater experience at this level. The bulk of our lads have played in the last two All-Ireland deciders and some, including that warrior of warriors, Lee Keegan, have played in several more. If we’re still in it at the fifty-minute mark and doubts start to creep into their minds, we could have a chance then.

That said, we’ll still need an awful lot to go right for us – and wrong for them – if we’re to have a chance of getting a result today. The conditions may help us, though it’s looking a lot less windy up here this morning than it did at the same time yesterday, but I’m not sure weather will be a deciding factor in any case.

No matter how you frame it, it keeps coming back to how this unrelenting injury crisis has hobbled us so badly. If we were pulling from a full deck for today’s game – with a fully fit Tommy Conroy, Ryan O’Donoghue and Cillian O’Connor up top – then I’d be as confident taking Kerry on today as we were in 2014 and 2017. That, however, is not a luxury we have on this occasion.

I’ve no doubt the lads who are on the field for us today will give it everything and, who knows, it could prove to be enough. After all, it’s always best to expect the unexpected from us but I think we all know it will take something special for us to seal the deal today. Here’s hoping we find that X-factor this afternoon. Up Mayo.

284 thoughts on “Game day – injury issues make this one a huge challenge for us

  1. I now feel we may sneak a win. A performance for us to get emotional about later. I can’t remember since 2011 how low our expectations have been going to Croker and I feel our lads will thrive on it later if we are not afraid to take the shot on. Up Mayo.

  2. Willie Joe i hope you dont mind me giving a shoutout to John Roe of who very decently gave myself and indeed I think also MayoMayo 2 corporate box tickets each for today’s match. I think its very decent of him to come on the blog and offer 4 tickets free. Safe journey to everyone travelling I intend to enjoy the experience and hope for the best. We have a minor all Ireland final to look forward to in a few weeks so whatever happens today there is already green shoots.

  3. Best of luck to the lads today. I’m feeling more nervous and downbeat rather than excited and hopeful about this one. With all the injuries I just can’t see it happening. I hope to god I’m wrong. Either way I know they will give a big performance. Up Mayo

  4. Without ROD our hopes are even slimmer than before. Anyhow these lads have surprised everyone in the past and even the bookies haven’t taken much of a chance. Kerry are only -4 today , on paper and on form Kerry should be beating us out the gate today.

    Maybe if we get a quick start and pressure Ryan on
    kickouts early on we might get some change.

    Best of luck to all, team and supporters and safe travels.

  5. Thanks Glorydays – it’s absolutely right and proper for you to do so. It was a really nice gesture and it would rekindle your faith in human decency at a time when, in so many other ways, it’s being sorely tested. Fair play to John for doing this.

  6. Even without the substantial injury list, we’d rightly be marked down as underdogs. I fear for us today in terms of the scoreline. Kerry will want to lay down a marker after Dublin’s easy win yesterday.

  7. I am going today to support my team. We have had great days! We must stick with them through thick and thin. Thanks to all the panel for getting us this far. Maigheo Abú.

  8. Best of luck Mayo, it’ll be a tough assignment but do your best.
    Maybe a hugely physical game might suit Mayo and I don’t condone it but plenty of the ‘hands on’ approach from and straight after throw in will be needed.
    The dark arts has crept into games of late and Mayo may need to engage in same. So go down and find that imaginary contact lens or start a row to slow things down until the final 15 to 20 mins when hopefully if things are still close let’s drop it into sixth gear and motor on like never before because we have the strength and conditioning of that there is no doubt.

  9. This is a “I think I can , I think I can, I think I can time. Will it change to, “I know I can ,I know I can, I know I can. Highly unlikely based on form and relentless injuries . Mayo are a wounded animal. Will we lick our wounds? Bide our time, or will we come out swinging? I love our teams great heart ? ? . Come on Mayo!!!

  10. I am wondering why so many people were trying to sell / offload their tickets yesterday, do they know something that I don’t know re injury to key players?

    I suppose we will not know the full situation until we are sitting or standing in Croker today, 5 minutes before kickoff.

    Very strong wind in Dublin right now, will make if difficult kicking into the Hill 16 end.

    All we can hope for is that all players give it their all and they can adjust to certain set plays.

  11. Good Luck to the Mayo Team and Management today let’s hope for a big performance and see where it take us Thank Wille Joe and all the contribution to you blog All so to all knowledge Kerry post keep the faith up Mayo

  12. Best of luck to Mayo and Galway today.
    Have two 10 year olds in the back of the car here.1 in Maroon and 1 in Green and Red, wish me luck!!

  13. On such days as this was the Legend of the Mayo football team written.

    Hon Mayo.

    Win one more for me.

  14. Best of luck to our lads today…….its only another game. We know how to handle both victory and defeat with dignity. Enjoy the day!!!

  15. The very best of luck to the Mayo team today. One thing not in doubt is that the lads who do take to the field today will play with pride and passion and fight to the end. What will fate hold for some of our longest serving players and manager ? All we can hope for now is that some way, somehow each and every player finds a level of performance from within to re-ignite our season and get the county of Mayo buzzing with excitement once again. Up Mayo.

  16. Main thing i am looking for today is somethjng different from management.What variance to the game plan will we see that takes avcount of the challenge and the hand we have been dealt.

  17. The main message as hard as it can be at times but it’s all we can do as supporters is get behind them . This is not a time to be shy nor fearful , stand behind your county today , it’s our county , they are out their giving it every inch that’s in them , clench your fist and roar Mayo Mayo Mayo Mayo .

  18. @Mayo88. Think you are reading too much into the selling of tickets yesterday. I offered a ticket on the blog yesterday as the group I go to games with had one extra. It’s no more than that and I suspect it’s the same with anyone else offering tickets. If injuries or rumours of injuries stopped Mayo supporters from going to games there wouldn’t be any of us in Croke Park today!

    Best of luck to the team today. Once more unto the breach…

  19. Rain, rain, rain, could be to our advantage, hopefully as glimmers of hope are all we HAVE today! COME ON MAYO!

  20. Ive have to hold my hand up Willie Joe and apologise, after me questioning the authenticity of 4 Corporate level tickets being given away by a fan from an outside county.

    An incredible gesture form the man who gave them, and i hope the recipients have a cracking day.

  21. Comhghairdeas to our minors innie. Mar a deirtear as gaeilge ‘Tus maith leath na hoibre! We are only half the job done!
    Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo inniu i bPairc A Crocaigh! Let’s be positive and support the team and management. They are a credit to their county to be competing in another quarter final. There is no reason why we cannot beat the much touted ‘best team’ in the country- An Riocht!
    Go neiri le muintir Mhuigeo i gconai. Bigi curamach ar na boithre!
    Mhuigeo Abu

  22. Just going to throw this one out there and it won’t be popular. But regarding the list of named injured players in the article.
    O Donohue : Huge loss. Our best player this year along with Lee Keegan
    Harrison: Brilliant servant to Mayo but plagued by injuries and didn’t look back to his best when he returned this year but hadn’t enough time to prove himself
    Mcbrien: potential, but not enough time at county level to say how good he is yet.
    Mcdonagh: looked like a serious prospect a few years ago but hit and miss form since. Injuries have played a big part in this of course.
    Walsh: Never really had any massive performances for Mayo. The All Ireland final last year was a particularly poor one
    Mchale: Brialliant County player who has never set the world alight for Mayo yet.
    Conroy: Again like O Donohoe, a huge loss. Was awesome last year in the championship and a serious scoring threat.
    So my point being, while it would be great to have all available. Which players would be essential against Kerry today. I’m going to say O Donohoe, Harrison and Conroy. While in the last few weeks, we have had the return of Durcan, Mullin (nothing more than a rumour that he’s injured yet) Hennelly, Flynn, one of our other top performers in the league, Carney whose showing great potential and Carr whose always capable of anything. So barring any more injuries to the named team..I don’t think we’re in as bad of shape as we think we are. Time to focus on the positives. Up Mayo

  23. Good luck to Mayo today, ye have a tough ask but anything can happen.I am uncertain on our chances against Armagh. Safe journeys to all. Its overcast, damp and breezy enough here today.

  24. I watched back some of the Munster final in the week. Kerry were bang average for 50 minutes.
    Keep it tight, drag them into a dogfight and somehow try and find a way to get over the line.
    Diarmuid at 11 is exactly what we need. He played some of his best football in years at 11 earlier in the year. We need to be getting the ball to him at every opportunity.

  25. Best of luck to the lads today, and safe journey to all travelling.

    That Dublin game from 2019 was on my mind earlier as well. Even before that, I didn’t feel as downbeat as I do today. We went into that game with injuries, but off the back of a cracking performance against Donegal. We haven’t put together more than a decent 15 minutes in any meaningful match since maybe Armagh in the League in early March. The team owe us nothing and will fight hard, but the vibes have been consistently bad since the League final. Kerry to beat the handicap has to be the bet.

  26. I have a hill 16 ticket going spare. If you’re interested let me know. One of our party of 4 couldn’t make it today.

  27. Dave Johnston – you have a good point there. Conroy and ROD are massive losses as the replacements are nowhere close to them. Apart from that, it would be nice to have McHale, Walsh, Harrison and Plunkett on the bench but they can’t all play!

    Hopefully Mullin is fine.

  28. I was thinking about the 2019 Super 8s game vs Donegal in the run up to this one. There are several similarities.
    We arrived in that one having been hosed by Kerry in the first Super 8s match and having beaten Meath in the 2nd game, albeit with our two late goals putting a bit of a gloss on the scoreline. Donegal had beaten Meath pulling up and had got a draw out of Kerry. They were being spoken about as real All Ireland contenders. We looked like a tired outfit and had a number of injuries. Donegal were flying and were strong favourites. Even among our own support base, we had serious doubts. Gough was the ref. The winners would play Dublin in the semifinal. It was a wet, windy day.
    But the result did not go the way the pundits predicted. We prevailed and did so convincingly. No more than anyone else, I don’t know how today will pan out, but Mayo has form in these Backs-to-the-Wall situations.
    We might get another day out of them yet.

    Keep the Faith!

  29. Good luck to The Mayo team today and boy are we going to need some luck to have any hope of winning.
    Maigh eo Abu

  30. Northwest gael.
    Will take that if still going. If is stick up your no. And I’ll ring you. Thanks

  31. A lot needs to go right for us. A lot needs to go wrong for Kerry. I cannot recall such trepidation around a quarter-final. The prize for today is a date with the Dubs.

    Bring it on. Up Mayo

  32. I wouldn’t normally comment on who any manager should start because that’s entirely his choice but this game can only be won by tactical savvy providing the players have the discipline.

    In my opinion there is simply no choice but to play a sweeper, if Horan doesn’t bite the bullet on that then let him be prepared to perish on that rock.

    It’s days like today that should drive home to everyone the importance of developing systems and not having all your eggs in one basket and even deploying a sweeper today may not work effectively because it’s a role that needs a lot of coaching and practice as regards to reading the game, but anyway needs must.

    Without going into too much detail but if I were in a situation like this considering the opposition and considering our injuries then I would start 7 defenders and sacrifice Loftus and play a 3-1-3-2-3-2 type formation with the (1)(Sweeper) also used to double mark Clifford when he can read that a pass is going to get in behind him , in other words when the play is too close to him, this takes a lot of practice to be able to read the game like this but look there is no choice but to go for it.

    The sweeper can still get forward to a certain degree but needs to be disciplined to know when to get back to cover, you don’t need a sweeper to be in place when you are in possession obviously but if he’s not well on his way to tracking back when a turnover happens high up the pitch then you are asking for trouble.

    AOS and Carney furthest men forward but Horan must drill into AOS to stay in that area regardless, if he starts to wander without instruction then the system breaks down, he and the sweeper, are the two most important men today, their discipline is key.

    If it’s carried out to the letter then I feel it gives us the best chance of victory.

  33. Any predictions for the score today ?

    Galway v Armagh will be an intriguing contest, remember some of those Galway players tasted glory already this year, the Sigerson final, where some big names players were completely snuffed out for UL.

  34. We will win I think.

    Kerry haven’t proven anything yet. Clifford can be tamed by Lee with a little bit of help.

    Cillian wil produce I think, we are finally going to see the old Cillian back, this is is kind of territory. Out of the 12 forwards on show today, he’s only one that’s done it on the big day.

    Put Aidan in at FF and he will wreak havoc

    Mayo by 3

  35. As i said earlier in the week this will be Redemption day ! I feel the players know they owe themselves and supporters a big one and this one is it. Could be a classic, no negativity please from 4 – 6 just get behind them and roar them on !

  36. Viper
    Thats a pretty good plan.Having OShea and Carney in there fully committed will help our defence as well as it will stop guys joining the attack.
    They need support from Carr and Cillian as well of course.

  37. Effective sweepers take lots of time to develop.Its not something that can happen effectively in a short space of time. I agree we need protection at the back but fear that it will only partially work anyway as we don’t play with one in the vast majority of games.Very best of luck to all involved today.Really tough task

  38. – Bang on Dave Johnson as usual. You would swear all the Mayo players will be coming to Croke Park in a fleet of Ambulances rather than a Bus such is the narrative about all the injuries. We are missing TWO key players today through injury, Conroy and ROD..
    – Weather will have a big influence on both matches today.

  39. Would agree on the sweeper, no serious team refuses to deploy one these days. Even yesterday with a limited Cork side, they stayed in the game for 50 minutes via keeping a man stationed on the D, basically yielding no goal chances. Goals conceded has been the main factor in us not reaching the holy grail IMO, rather than missed chances.

    Have no doubt that the lads will sweat blood today but it’s hard to see us winning on form and given the losses of key players. Nonetheless, Maigh Eo abú! Maigh Eo go deo.

  40. Good luck to the team and management today and even if we are beaten they have left no stone unturned trying to deliver what they have promised to do.I am proud to be from Mayo and I’m proud to always ,always,always support this team. I think we can do it and I think we will do it -because it is not expected,we are underdogs and we are just so ornery and bloody minded.Beating Kerry is the second best thing in Gaelic football. Being from Mayo is the best.

  41. Very good summary WJ . 2019 is a good comparison and i expect a similar outcome. 6 or 8 point win for Kerry hopefully no more. Jack O Connor isnt going to mess up..
    Galway and Armagh will be fascinating. I think Galway will do it.
    Enjoy the game everyone and safe travelling.
    And above all keep perspective and respect for all involved…

  42. In that infamous semi of 2019 we played Dublin a week after the Donegal game. This time round we’ve had a two week break. An important two weeks imo.

  43. Big challenge but thinking back to Tralee earlier this year I felt we really rattled them at times that day and they struggled a lot with our intensity out the field. Very similar to the Tyrone game last year. If the same type of game transpires this could get very interesting indeed

    The main difference in the end was obviously Clifford and he may well be again today

    I don’t think Kerry are as good as some make out, yet this still a formidable challenge especially given the injuries. I’d well fancy the Mayo of 2013-17 to win this but feel we’re a step below that now

    Think this could be a bit like the Dublin game in 2019 – except not as big a hammering – I could well see us even winning this at half time but I would expect Kerry to eventually pull away. Given our lack of scoring power and inconsistency it’d take something extraordinary to dig this out, we’d need an almost perfect conversion rate and a few goals, as well as holding the likes of the Cliffords and O’Shea quiet…

    I think once Kerry get the job done today that they will beat Dublin aswell but genuinely feel they could be walking into an ambush in the final like with Tyrone last year

  44. Difference is we actually played well in the Donegal game and were out of gas for the Dublin game. This time, we’ve been bang average in two qualifiers and shown zero form. I’m afraid this doesn’t end well.

  45. Best of luck lads and lassies. Should be a cracker of a game, the time to Catch Kerry is cold in the quarters – they have a soft underbelly that can be got at, if you can make them doubt themselves.

    On the question of whom the Dubs would prefer to prevail today, I would say this.

    If a single game of Gaelic football were to be played between Heaven and Hell, for all the souls dwelling here on earth, and the game so transpired that Heaven fielded a team comprising the greatest historical football Kerry starting XV, while Hell fielded all the greatest England world cup players, and was managed by the Dark Lord himself –

    I’d have to think long and hard about whom I’d shout for.

  46. @Olive Kerrigan: ROD and Tommy are two key forwards though, which is an area of the pitch we are very light on quality. IMO to beat Kerry we would need those two plus the O’Connors firing on all cylinders. Not to mention that some of those who have returned in recent weeks still don’t look sharp.

    Hopefully the rumours on Oisín are only that, because he would be another big loss.

  47. I have three tickets for 303 row E if anyone is interested.
    Unfortunately I cannot make the game.
    Face value.
    Let me know if anyone is interested
    Up Mayo!

  48. A lot of gloom and doom on here today but there are a few reasons why the match might be closer than some people think. In the league final Kerry were close to, or even at, peak fitness while our lads’ legs seemed stuck to the ground, they outpaced all over the field and that was the main reason for the big margin of defeat. Today both teams fitness levels should be around the same. We also have the return of key players who were missing in April and that will even up the teams a bit more. We’re also overestimating the impact of the loss of Tommy and Ryan, hopefully they’re on the way to becoming elite level 4/5 points per game from play players but they’re not there yet. In last year’s final they scored 3 points from play between them. Surely their replacements can match that tally today. If we repeat last year’s uncharacteristic flat performance in the all ireland final we’ll lose heavily, but we’ll run Kerry very close if some of our main players who are under performing return to form and we produce a typical Mayo big stage performance. Best wishes to our lads today and well done to our minors yesterday.

  49. Think this one may be a bit beyond us today but we’ll journey with hope in our hearts and roar our heads off.
    Forget injuries and whose not available, just leave it all on the pitch lads. Give it your absolute best and no-one can ask for more !!

  50. Mo maguire.I think it’s less doom and gloom.and more of a reality check..No ROD makes the task a seriously uphill climb considering the form of our forwards recently..

  51. I’ve had a late fitness test this morning and failed (went over on my ankle) so can’t make the game today unfortunately so I have a ticket to get a home for it’s lower cusack section 304 if anyone is interested you can text me 0872996343 and we can sort it out

  52. Yes Regina, we’ll definitely miss Ryan’s all action, roll up your sleeves approach, he typifies Colm Boyle’s do or die attitude more than any other player we have. Big chance today for our younger forwards to put their hands up, let’s hope one or two of them take the opportunity.

  53. Just a quick steer for those planning to comment on proceedings while the match is underway today. Some of these contributions have been OTT in recent matches and have left me with a mess to clean up afterwards. If you do plan to comment in-game, then please keep what you have to say measured and avoid dumping on the team or individual players. Thanks.

  54. Cannot hide my cynacism for any team setup that hoists the white flag and by extension concedes an inordinate amount of possession to the opposition.
    I include sweepers in that, as all an opponents has to do is run at/by them, as the tackle interpretation is a lottery for defenders & a cash cow for attackers.
    While preventing the concession of goals is a given, unlike soccer, GAA counts what goes over the bar.
    Far more important imo is having loads of pace in every position, so as to minimize overlaps – that, allied with match-ups can usually do the business.
    I could be wrong of course but I have no interest whatsoever in being associated with what passes for a GAA football contest nowadays – tactical colonisation, me thinks.
    Good wishes to JH & crew today.

  55. Can’t believe the tripe being thrown at McStay recently. Bad form. Posters clearly looking for ANYTHING to bitch about.

    Up Mayo.

  56. As a Mayo man living in Galway, I have listen to some stuff since Galway beat Mayo. Feel injury robbing of a 50 50 game. However can only imagine us dieting with our boots on.

  57. I hope Mayo play attacking football & not stalling around the opposition 45m line, I hate that pattern of playing gaelic football, it’s awful to watch & Mayo can be powerful when they go all out attack, let’s hope they get it right today. Up Mayo

  58. Good luck to all who are travelling today. And roar when the team can do with those wings.

    It could go two ways – a Mayo AI final 2020 type game or Mayo could pull major rabbits out of hats.

    The latter is firmly within the realms of possibility.

    I was thinking of the Mayo-Dublin 2019 game when we were bedevilled by injury and tired.

    But we shouldn’t be tired today and, most importantly, we have the conditioning to stick with the lads from the Kingdom. We have several young pacy players on the panel who will bring more energy – Hession, McLaughlin and Ruane.

    Scoring has been the thing most talked about. However, I have heard before – “where are the scores going to come from?” – and we got them.

    Please God things go well for all today. I am proud of our warriors and our fans.

    Let’s put in a performance and see where it takes us.

    Good luck to Big Mike, Chesneychet and Galway too today.

    Hon Mayo!

  59. Is that the Carnivore diet Mayotillidie? Each Mayo player to Eat his kerryman limb by limb? If so I approve!

  60. I’m hoping for an Armagh and Mayo win today. I think we will have our work cut out with Kerry. But stranger things have happened as they say. Up Mayo

  61. As the Mayo News headline said:
    Stan’ up an’ fight until you hear de bell,
    Stan’ toe to toe,
    Trade blow fer blow,
    Keep punchin’ till you make yer punches tell,
    Show dat crowd watcher know!
    Until you hear dat bell,
    Dat final bell,
    Stan, up an’ fight like hell!”???

  62. A former kerry player has tweeted about rumours of the unavailability of Clifford for today’s game.

  63. It worth remembering on a day like today when Mayo are plagued by injuries that history does give our boys a chance.
    An recent article on the Irish Examiner mentions that in the last 12 years, Mayo have played 31 championship games in Croke Park and have lost only 9, whilst in the last 11 years Kerry have played 23 championship games in Croker and failed to win 13 of them.
    When you think that 6 of those Mayo defeats were in the All Ireland finals, you can appreciate how powerful we can be on a non All Ireland day at HQ.
    The bookies odds (Boyle Sports aside) suggest we can only win 3 games in 10 against Kerry so let’s hope one of them is today.
    Come on the green and red

  64. After a slow start Galway have really tsken over. If they keep it up in 2nd hslf they should pull away….playing conditions not to bad.

  65. Excellent first half of football between Galway and Armagh… Just have a feeling that who ever score’s the first goal will shade it..

  66. Conditions so far look far better than was predicted…Ref Coldrick making some baffling calls. Hope neither him nor David Gough are the centrsl figures in the outcomes.

  67. McDaid should have got black for Galway. Hand trip was blatant. Galway settled in very well though and I think they’ll kick on to win it.

  68. Was talking to a friend earlier and it may just come down to old school mentality of winning your individual battle with your marker.
    It’ll be about manic aggression and the fight in the dog.
    Will it Mayo or Kerry who’ll be the dog who wants to fight that bit harder?

  69. How’s that for drama! It looked like one of the Armagh backroom team was trying to rake Comer’s eyes which properly dirty.

  70. What a brilliant game of football? .. not good to see the mayhem at the end of normal time. After so much brilliant football from both teams!. Very similar to the end of Mayo v Dublin after a long range equalized…I think Shane Walsh has given the ball away with 3 unnecessary wayward cross field kicks in the last 15 min when Galway seemed home and hosed, composure was needed. … Hope Galway can regain their composure.

  71. Why oh why do they enter//exit from the same tunnel. McGoldrick might have got the sending off correct but he has got a lot of bad calls, maybe the’ve balanced out.

  72. Almost as crazy an ending as our Dublin game..
    Yes km79 some might.
    6 pts up going into injury time.

  73. What a crazy game of football. Galway capitulate again, had that game all but wrapped up and somehow there’s extra time. A lot of mayhem after the whistle. Comer eye gouged

  74. With a man extra
    Some of their forwards seemed more interested in lying on the ground/ball/armagh players for the last 10 minutes

  75. I don’t know why the same exit is used. All the money Croke Park are making, I don’t see why they cant have 2 exits?

  76. Galway shocking in last 10 minutes, they had the game in the bag & blew it.
    It’s going to be a dogfight in extra time, bring it on, Up Mayo.

  77. Agreed blond64. Maybe the rain will cool things down. Mayo v kerry back to 4:45

  78. One change to the Mayo team, Kevin McLoughlin in for James Carr.

    Kerry to start as listed.

  79. Best of luck to Mayo to day hopefully we will win,but Galway are useless if that was Mayo we would be laughed out of Dublin

  80. Wonder if that means Kevin potentially at sweeper. Hopefully James is fine, and hopefully Oisin’s not actually injured.

  81. Ah guys, will ye stop re the Galway ending (“throwing the game away”)? Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
    Seeing out a game is a major skill. We know this.
    It’s easy to let something slip.
    We have to guard against losing advantages ourselves if we get there.
    At least one thing we have, even if we’re riddled by injuries, is big game experience. I hope to the skies this will stand to us today.

  82. They were 6 points up with an extra man heading into injury time
    I’m not sore what other way it can be described?

    I would think we will see AOS in Ff now

  83. Armagh let their keeper off the hook in ET
    His head was gone
    He will prob win it for them now

  84. Agreed – before the drama actually kicks off, shootout doesn’t feel like it belongs in the game

  85. Km79 – 4.45 (haven’t heard anything else announced since update given before ET)

  86. Great character from Galway.. when forwards were asked quest6in shoot out they answered..

  87. Congratulations to Galway. Probably the slightest bit the better team on the day..The Saw Doctors are playing in Croke Park, hopefully they will be playing again today..Many more happy people will be on the N17 .. hopefully!

  88. Cillian Mcdaid was outstanding
    Really stood up when older lads hid
    Fair play to him

  89. 6 points up after 70 mins and Galway win on penalties. Shane Walsh will be relieved. Cillian McDaid the hero One set of western supporters on a high. Well done Galway. Brilliantly taken penalties by Galway…

  90. Galway slightly the better team.Cant understand how Kelly was sent off unless it was a case of both captains getting reds . Some penalties by Galway Shane Walsh will be a relieved man

  91. Well done Galway, great chance to make All Ireland now for sure, Armagh’s first penalty was awful, worst I’ve ever seen.
    Come on Mayo, keep the West awake.

  92. Lot to live up to after that ?

    Galway fully deserving overall really.. they had maybe two poorish wides all game – their forwards are ridiculously clinical

    Will make final now.. and anything can happen from there – especially with forwards who kick scores like they do

  93. In fairness, we’ll done to Galway. They deserved it and am happy for them.
    That eye gouge was disgraceful, poor Comer. Surely a very long ban if not life time ban.

  94. Wouldn’t be so sure about that Ciaran. I thought Galway soiled the togs with the finish line in sight today and got out of jail because Armagh didn’t have enough to close it out. Derry are a well organised side and more than a one trick pony as they proved the other day. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see an upset.

  95. Congrats Galway, I felt they were the better team but they will be tested for sure with the high ball going forward.
    Safe travels to all from the west as it’s going to be a late return home for most, haven’t read any of the previous posts but I hope Mr Geoff doesn’t decide this game. I know he is viewed by the Mayo supporters as a great ref but the only time he gave Kerry a fair shake was in the ,19 final. Looking forward to this battle and may the best team win, Círraí Abú

  96. Best performance so far this year. Fair play to them. Black was very harsh but coped well.
    Well in it, few missed opportunities, kerry look like they can score goals but we will take it…
    If mayo DOC stayed down there kerry DOC might have walked…

  97. How could you not love this team, with all the chat in the run up to have outscored in the black card period is huge. Some great performances in the first half. Praying for a bit of luck to go our way in the second half. If Kerry change up tactics and put us under pressure it will be a massive test of tactics but so far can’t have any complaints.

  98. Hession under pressure, need O’Hora to come on and get tighter on Geaney. Black card on Aido looked harsh. Well in there during first half.

  99. We’re well in this game.. very good response to the double whammy of a goal and a Black Card.. Black Card on 29 minutes, for what I didn’t see, the first half was 38 minutes long do AOS should be back after the first minute of second half.. Kerry getting off restarts a little bit easy .. but delighted with the first half.. Robbie Hennelly not going long, probably because of the presence of David Moran around the middle, maybe this might change in the second half..

  100. Kerry’s Diarmuid O’Connor a lucky boy not to see red for that elbow.

  101. Kerry playing in 2nd gear. Big 20mins now for our lads to try and stay in it and hope to make it a nervy chaotic finish.

  102. This doesn’t fit the media narrative does it. We really should be in front too. A few years ago Kevin Mc would’ve raised that green flag.

  103. Would like to see boland Moran and Towey on the field in the second half, conditions would suit these players better and they have more footballing ability and pace. More quality footpassing needed. And backup runners for backing ball

  104. The game plan is working. Now bring in Boland, Orme and throw on Mark Moran. We need to go for it now. Bomb the ball in high to Carney…. We need goals.

  105. Our forward play is so bad I’m stuck for words. It’s pathetic. Regardless of whether we win this or not.

    Kerry have been terrible and they still look like they’ll win

  106. Game going away from us, kerry not out of 2nd gear and we are beating ourselves. Some players are not up too speed of game and never taken off. Need Goals

  107. Kerry put it on a plate for us by not moving out of 2nd gear and our forwards haven’t taken them. Kerry only need to up it a gear to kill it

  108. Same old , same old , catching practise for the keeper and gifting the ball /passing the ball to Kerry after endless hard work , pointless working hard to overturn the ball then waltz up field then softly pass the ball to a grateful Kerry player , and the best part is we have been doing it all season.

  109. Mcloughlin diarmuid o connor very poor . At least Kerry will give Dublin a game.

    Time for Rochford.

  110. A bridge too far with the injuries
    We need fresh ideas from sideline too
    Horan has been a great servant but his time is literally up now.
    Who next is the question

  111. Didn’t feel like tactics resulted in the wides, dropped shorts and rush pulling the trigger. This feels more like ’19

  112. A very sad day for Mayo football.
    The guys faught so hard, created plenty of chances when the game was still alive but as ever, no one to put the ball over the bar…

  113. A tough watch. Same old mayo and missing simple opportunities. Either wide or into the keepers hands. Had the momentum early in the second half and did nothing with it. Cant blame management. Just basic errors on the pitch. Kerry were well beatable today. They’re nothing spectacular.

  114. Keep calm everyone . Respect and perspective required. Welk done Kerry. Comiserations to our Lads at least they weren’t beaten totally out the gate…

  115. We had Kerry on the rack 10 minutes into the 2nd half but we had too many momentum sapping wides.
    How we could have done with ROD during that period that might have a very different ending.
    Our shot selection was very poor again today.

  116. Biggest questions that need to be asked – strength and conditioning – how we got so many hamstring injuries. Something wrong there with injury prevention and management. And clearly shooting is (still!) a major issue. Some good young players coming through, lots to look forward to. #wegoagain

  117. Forget about Rochford, we just cannot keeping going back to managers that have failed more than once before time and time again. Donegal have been brutal since he got involved too. Hard to see Horan walking away. Far too much involved to just walk away. I hope he walks, but just cannot see it happening.

  118. Had the chances but those wides sucked all belief out of them. In fairness the lads fought right to the end despite it being a losing cause for last 10 minutes – but then again lack of fight was never the problem. Hard luck to all.

  119. Cillian has served us well. But why was he left on for 70 mins? Doesn’t seem up to the pace of top class games anymore.

  120. Congratulations to Kerry, Mayo fought hard in the first half but all the wides and balls dropped short into the goalkeepers hands cost us. Best wishes to Galway going forward. Mayo aren’t too far away but we need a proven forward coach to set a plan in place and get more out of our forwards

  121. Whatever about injuries, some of those misses you wouldn’t see in an underage club game.. so frustrating, Kerry were absolutely there for the taking

    41% conversion rate!!! Galway must have had 90 plus earlier??

    Can Kerry lift it for Dublin? If Kerry don’t pick up (and Clifford wasn’t even 25% fit today), and if Dublin really have declined, every chance Sam will come back west..

  122. Good job we caught Kerry cold or god knows what the score would have been ., Aidan O’Shea has been a grand servant ( CRACKING POINT TODAY) , like wise Kevin McLoughlin and Rob Hennelly , but it’s time to make way for the next generation .

    We need a fresh approach as well as fresh legs and an injury free run , hopefully we get all three in time for next season.

  123. A hammering and Kerry didn’t even have to play well. We are in serious bother with the forwards situation lads. No one with flair or any cleverness going forward. Taking on low percentage shots so often would indicate a lack of proper coaching, but they were even missing shots that an U14 could put over. Desperate stuff. Until we sort out our forward play, we’re going absolutely nowhere.

  124. The truth is we did an awful lot right except the most important thing- score. When we began to put Kerry under severe pressure we needed to score and hit the front. The wides and balls dropped into the keeper’s hands killed us and our spirits gradually died with the realisation that we were not going to win began to sink in

  125. Disappointing but not as bad as it could have been if all the injury rumours turned out to be true.
    Valiant and good performance from our defence.
    We just couldn’t score in that second half. Why that was I don’t know.
    Kerry defensive skill?
    Missing our two main forwards ROD and TC?
    ROD would have caused problems there today.
    I feel we probably have forwards work to do – when we see the Galway and Armagh forward play against a crowded defence there are ways to open up space.
    It’s always hard to lose but here we are. Maybe maybe maybe we work on the problems now.

  126. Sone people on here with their comments seem to forget Tommy Conroy and Rod exist…

  127. @ciaran Dublin will be laughing watching that.
    They will win Sam easily. Kerry the most overrated side of all time IMO. Countless soft turnovers, and us worse.
    Dublin wouldn’t turn over the ball 10 times in an entire game. Guys like Kilkenny Fenton etc just too good.

  128. Sure, ROD and Tommy missing today was a big big loss but it’s no excuse. We had more than enough chances fo win today. I really hope some of the defenders, Lee, Paddy are f&cking out our forwards in that dressing room. Ruane missed some sitters too. It’s not good enough and I really hope there are some truths being told between those 4 walls.

    Kerry were very average. We really missed a great opportunity.

    On today’s showing Galway would take kerry

  129. I don’t like calls for the manager’s head after a loss that brings our season to a close but in the interest of Mayo football and our tens of thousands of supporters, we must realise that going backwards isn’t acceptable for any teameven one so-called in transition.
    Not winning is acceptable but the mixed-up game-plan when outside our own 45 and no runners off the shoulders at speed to break them down, not to mention terrible wasted final shots for scores was terrible today. Our defence was caught out by them doing what we never tried to do to them.
    Going backwards just isn’t acceptable to Mayo football supporters. We deserve better and those changes can only come from the top!

  130. Kerry were well below par – they wont be that poor again

    Most disappointing thing, we lost a game that over the last 10 years we usually would have won

    Feels like a fresh voice may be needed

  131. Just depends on how much Dublin have actually improved from last year, Grain of Rice

    The Dublin of old would win easily, but remember how bad they were last year… And they did get relegated in the league. They haven’t beaten anyone in champ either

    But yes Kerry were very poor, I actually think Armagh would have taken them today if they met them

  132. Great day for Galway.. have issues in goal but great to have plenty to work on for a semi final.
    Mayo were abysmal in the second half, again same ould story wide after wide..
    Jordan flynn was terrific when yer older lads went missing..

  133. I dont think we got it all that wrong tactically. We mixed it up well, had Kerry on the wrack for a period in the second half but failed to put it on the scoreboard. 12 wides, a few balls dropping short. Hession, Orme, Flynn and Carney all progressing well. Ruane returned to form. More quality forwards and well be back. No doubt its the end of the Horan effort, we enjoyed the journey….. Probably too soon for Andy Moran to take over at the Helm, but it will be fascinating to see how events unfold.
    Now we have to cheer on Galway, thankfully they got over the line

  134. Probably Kevin Mc’s last game donning the green and red. A stalwart servant for us the past 13 years. The fallout of this game is going to be dissected and reviewed for months, so let’s not cock the gun. Hopefully AOS and Lee stay on for another year

  135. If Horan remains, NOTHING will change.
    That’s the biggest issue. Forget all the nonsense about social media campaigns etc.
    there is such a clear ceiling to his style of football. It happens year in year out. We can all see it.
    What is mcdonald doing in the setup too? Our forward play is so slow, lateral and blunt it’s depressing to watch.
    That’s even accepting that Horan ball makes us carry it into traffic every time. I still think that despite that, the forwards could still be more inventive when surrounded by bodies.
    Also why was carney taken off?

  136. Grain of Rice – Dublin are likely to be missing Con and McCarthy in the semifinal, so I wouldn’t be so sure. Without Con in particular, I think they’re not as formidable up front.

  137. I’m sorry to say but that’s just not job retaining good enough after four years .
    New mgmt needed.
    Wide open at the back and no playbook up front. Reduced to potshots.

  138. Had our chances after half time but some absolutely shocking efforts. Some players just havent got going at all this Championship. Matty Ruane very poor again today and Steven Coen just not at the races at the moment. Received a kick out today proceeded to look like a fox that had been lamped. Kerry turned us over and scored. Game over with 20m left.

  139. The best instinctive forward I saw in the club championship last year was Colm Moran and he’s not even on the panel.

  140. Went out with a whimper in the end and the game was there for the taken, same old story lads who can’t kick it over the bar, i think a change is needed but I think if Horan wants another year he should get it.

  141. Of course we had enough chances to win…but we hadn’t the forwards to score…so the fact our two best forwards are out injured suddenly is no excuse, plays no part!? Jesus when we lose a lot of people struggle to engage their brain…

  142. We really need a new approach at manager level. Would anyone be averse to an outsider as new manager? I know it hasn’t worked in the past, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way to go. I’m convinced we have the players, just reckon a new lookout could make the difference.

  143. And then Con O Callaghan missing for Dublin weakens them but ROD and TC out for us is no excuse…God give me strength

  144. Hard luck to Mayo players, the backs & midfield played very well, however the forwards was awful, kicking the ball into goalies hands is crime it sets Kerry away and they scored every time, game over, they tried their best.

  145. @Grain of rice – Agreed 100%. Why in the name of all that is holy is Colm Moran not in the side. He’s the best forward in the county. The fact that he’s not part of the setup is disgraceful.

  146. Guys, I do feel we need to analyse why the forwards aren’t scoring. It’s not just one reason alone.
    Yes, our forwards need to improve for sure. Accuracy accuracy accuracy.
    But I’m wondering did Kerry change up their defensive setup in the second half? Did that play a role?
    Are we missing *dynamic, problem-causing* forwards, in particular? We need more of them.
    ROD and TC movement are different to the others.

    We need also perhaps to emphasise specialist forwards as opposed to players who can be multi-dimensional. I look at some of the forwards in the first game as specialist forwards (not meaning to compare but just see other examples). A thing we have bet on over the last year or two is forwards who defend, try to turnover ball coming out of defence. Is this still something we want to bet so much on? This is not particularly ‘specialist forwards’ territory. It’s weighing things up here.

    Let’s try to crack this. We owe it to ourselves.

  147. The only positive I can think of is the attention will all be on the previous game’s incidents and not ours

  148. @Ontheditch…why do you say Orme is progressing well. What has he done? How much has he scored in this years championship? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think he scored at all.

    Ruane back to form?? He had some dreadful misses today. I don’t think he played that well. Flynn did.

  149. I for one am proud of every one of them. Crucified with injuries and loss of form from some individuals but these lads have been on the go non stop. They got to the last 3 national finals. Dublin got to one. Tyrone got to one and Kerry got to one and some of you don’t factor fatigue and injuries into the equation. After half time there was only a point in it and Mayo were on top. Created loads of chances but missed most. Our 2 standout forwards were out injured and had they been available I’m pretty sure we’d have got the scores needed. These lads deserve a rest and a bit of understanding from supporters who demand too much.

  150. Lads – those two forwards were on the pitch in last year’s final and it was the same story. In fact this game played out very similarly to the final. Conroy has potential but he is still very much a work in progress. There is no guarantee that he’s going to massively change things when he comes back, especially if there is no forward coaching going on.

  151. ROD and Tommy were available last year. Minor difference overall.
    The tactics don’t work.

  152. Yes I agree, Walter. We created enough chances to win. Tactics worked well in that we created good scoring chances. And no management team can legislate for missing chances. No excuses either, its back to the drawing board, but there are positives

  153. Tony Mcentee, Andy Moran + a Defensive coach would be my preference for a mgt team. Jimmy McG
    also a good option.

  154. Our forwards just not good enough without oDonoghue and Conroy. Not managers fault. Not all players make themselves available.

  155. Missed our chances in the 3rd quarter and some big names should have been subbed at that stage.
    Is it OK to ask why was O’Hora brought on when we were 6 down?
    We had our chances but left them behind once again.
    Anyways the wait continues…….mwah.
    Best of luck to the minor lads in the final, they are a mighty bunch.

  156. A lot misses were potshots due to mgmt having failed to coach a playbook of attacks.
    Mainly on mgmt.

  157. …I don’t blame Horan for lads inability to kick basic scores. Like, our shooting today was Division 3 level at best. Horrendous.

    Horan has done a mountain of work for Mayo. But has it gone a bit stale? I deally don’t know but form has been very poor this year. And don’t anyone talk about the league. The league counts for nothing

  158. @ mayonaze. Orme saw very little game time, but made an immediate impact today setting up a score for Flynn. He is an outstanding club player for knockmore and will convert that form to county performances, i have no doubt. Carney and Towey also. The future is bright, though it may take a little time. Ruane tried very hard, was probably low in confidence after a very average season. But in my opinion, he got through a lot of good work today

  159. Kerry will win the All Ireland, so much room for improvement- Dublin without McCarthy & possibly Con , Kerry will put them to the sword

  160. Kerry scored easier chances mainly off a playbook.
    Like Dublin.
    We have no playbook.
    Individual adhoc attacks.

  161. Anyone that thinks TC and Rod wouldn’t have made a huge difference today with the amount of possession and chances we had…all you can do is laugh really.

  162. We battled hard today but as most thought the loss of our two best forwards was too much. Go easy on the team and the sideline a lot went against us this year. We will be back.

  163. I agree with JP overall – it’s the tactics.
    You can coach hard work and tactics into players but you can’t coach forward nous and guile. You also can’t coach pace. Couple a lack of those attributes with bad tactics and you get this type of result.
    In the medium to longer term I’m actually very confident we will win an All Ireland pretty soon.
    But it won’t be under James Horan. You can take that to the grave.
    Two of the big positives I took from today were
    (A) Jordan Flynn is a genuine option at wing forward. I really liked his game and he is a key part of the future. He uses the ball really well with kickpassing and is probably our most accurate long range score taker. I would like us to become less reliant on long range scores but todays a different matter.
    (B) Mullin can do a job on Clifford for us in the future. I thought he showed that he’s well capable of containing him. The only time Clifford got off the leash was when Durcan was marking him for the goal. Of course, all the excuses about Clifford being injured will be trotted out but he didn’t look too injured to me.

  164. I cannot see how ROD and his movement would not have made a difference (however big or small) in that Kerry defence today. Our lads couldn’t get in or create space. ROD would have pulled someone out of position and opened up a pocket.

  165. JP that statement might have validity of we had ROD and TC on the pitch the whole country knew we were stretched on attacking options. Easy to be critical

  166. A lot of misses weren’t fucking potshots either…they were incredibly poor..of course that wouldn’t fit into the narrative about the management being clueless that some on here love to peddle. I agree that maybe this management team has gone as far as it can but Fuck me some people on here love blaming them for everything…how the fuck are they to blame for some of the misses today!

  167. exactly JP was like we’d get to the 45 yard line and no idea what to do next and no one running of the shoulder to create an overlap.

  168. People suggesting Jim McGuinness should go follow he who must not be named on Twitter, and leave the serious conversation to this forum.
    I doubt Jim McGuinness could name 10 GAA clubs in Mayo yet we want him to manage our team from his home in Glenties, 4 hours away?
    Get real please.
    There’s a reason why just one manager in history has win the sam maguire cup from outside his home county.

  169. Walterwhite

    They picked them , and in Cillian’s case left him on for the full game

  170. @Mayonaze: If you don’t blame Horan for lads inability to kick basic scores, then who is responsible? A quality forward in his day. He’s the manager. Improve them or get a forwards coach to improve. A bit of an over-reliance on winning frees can’t do much for forwards confidence either. Not just in Horan’s time either.

  171. Jez, if Aidan, Kevin Mac, and even Leroy want to retire, who could blame them, and they deserve the right to hang up their boots gracefully.
    If a new manager was to come in with new ideas, it should be a true rebuilding (not just so-called transition, which clearly means same old, same old).
    A proper emphasis on finishing forwards has to be part of the new Mayo. It too easy for tactically wiser managers to counter our good scoring backs.
    Ah Jez, we have to see a new and better way of playing the game that see us over the only line that matters.

  172. Just in the door. Rousing battle between us and Armagh lots of fouls unpunished but we stumbled over the line but were the better team. Mulkerrins absence at 3 causing huge problems. Mayo I thought were well in it but a few bads wides sucked the life out of yer challenge. Have to take them but Kerry dont look fantastic it will be interesting to see how they go agin the Dubs.

  173. Tom O’Sullivan ran riot going forward today. Cillian tried his best to keep up with him, but lacks the pace unfortunately. Cillian should never have been left one on one with him inside our own 13m line. That’s just brutal management, planning or both imo. You wont see Clifford defending in his own square. When his marker goes forward, someone else takes the responsibility to cover across. Mayo under Horan have never had any defensive plan bar man on man. They don’t seem to have an attacking plan either for that matter. One wonders what plan if any that managment are actually trying to get them to implement in games. Maybe there is one, but I cannot see it.

  174. The reason grain of rice is that Dublin and Kerry who have 67 AI between them hire internally because they have enough candidates internally with tactical nous.
    Mayo do not have candidates with required tactical nous and creativity.
    Also going forward there should be 3 mandatory roles: manager, defensive coach, attack coach.
    This is the structure in NFL and Rugby

  175. Desperately disappointing second half. Kerry did not look that much ahead of us but took their chances. We looked out of ideas from third quarter early on. Ran out of road in the end. Can’t ignore all the injuries but all this going back to the well gets worse every year

  176. Let’s face it guys, well done to the players and management for trying their best today and to rescue the Season.

    Thanks management for the past few years, time for a full clear our, management and a few older guys.
    We are pissing against the wind if leaving the current guys in place.

  177. Well, after a pretty good first half that second period was shocking. We were in the game at 50 mins but had a bad series of three or four wides from 40 metres out, when really we should have been trying to work the ball in. Shot selection has been a big issue this year, as has a lack of pace in our forward line (hopefully ROD and Tommy can right that next year).

    We seemed to fade a lot after those, which I wasn’t expecting as usually our fitness levels are very good.

    I would agree that it’s probably time for a change, as much as JH has been a great servant to Mayo football. We have had an injury crisis this year but we have gotten further away from winning Sam over his second term.

    There are several available managers out there with All-Irelands on their CV, from Jim McGuinness to Eamon Fitz to Stephen Rochford to Jim Gavin to Conor Counihan. Kevin McStay, Joe Kernan and Pete McGrath also…

    I’m not saying that all of them are realistic, but Jeez we could draw up a shortlist and ask.

    I’d fancy the Dubs and Derry to advance to the final now, particularly if D. Clifford continues to suffer a nagging injury.

  178. And who would you pick John…the amount of forwards ‘that are the best forwards in the county’ that aren’t on the panel is unreal…not to mention the fact that our two best forwards being injured doesn’t make any differenc according to some.

  179. @mayonaze – I forgot Eugene McGee. Himself and omahony. That’s it. None in the last 20 years.
    The Mayo manager has to live in the county or at least be close by and heavily involved in club football in Mayo in recent years.
    How many failed messiahs do we need to prove this?
    Mcguiness lives HOURS from Mayo. He’s not a credible option.

  180. Second comings just don’t work in Mayo, this is the third time it has been done, with the second coming worse than the first.
    It has been a good journey but we need a fresh approach.

    I wasn’t going to go to the game today as I guessed the outcome this morning.
    The 2nd half display was the worst in years, and to rub salt in the wound, Mayo management brought on an older guy in the last few minutes.

  181. Hold on .Will those persons who blame James Horan for our inability to score ,please explain the reasons .He does not have the authority to stop play and say “now kick the ball between the posts that are right in front of you”.”this is how it’s done”

    The reality is Mayo have never in my time had quality forwards.And the still don’t.
    They may have had one or two but never any more at the one time.

    Just look at the number of shots Kerry had and the number converted. Compare that to Mayo.You will get the answer .

  182. Game panned out pretty much as expected Thought Kerry would be better but a lot of our lads in Defence worked incredibly hard.As usual our old failings came back to haunt us we don’t score enough. You can blame tactics all you want but we created loads of chances and kicked bad wides and dropped into goalies hands and these things suck the life out of a team. It will suit some people’s agendas to blame management ( the usual scapegoat when things are not going well) but management got lots of things right today unlike our forwards. Problem also was that our backs didn’t score with exception of Coen. Without Conroy and Coen our forwards are weak.Thats not an excuse, it’s a reason.

  183. There’ll be lots talked about, hopefully it’ll be useful, over next few months. I commend the lads and management for their effort, as always. Good Mayomen! Now perhaps we can have a rest.
    But I want to point out good performances too.
    I thought Oisín Mullin and Enda Hession played brilliantly today. You felt secure, especially in Hession’s case, and that’s to take nothing from Oisín. As a poster above said, it’s great we have found a good marker for D Clifford.
    Stephen Coen was better today. And scored.
    Eoghan McLaughlin is a great tackler!
    Jordan Flynn is a safe pair of hands and can score.
    Conor Loftus can score.
    Aidan’s long range point – wooohhhooooooo!!!!!
    Jack Carney has great promise. Loved seeing him this year. Let’s see more from him and work with him to develop. I think he can be lethal and that’s what we want.
    We did very well defensively today.
    Mattie was much much better today.

  184. 41 percent conversion rate is pathetic especially seeing as at least 5 or 6 of the chances should not be missed at any grade even underage. Some of the Kickers didn’t even have a marker pressuring at the time of kicking. Each of the bad misses is like a point to the opposition. Hard to see how management can be blamed when players are missing simple chances from 30 metres. Remember if these chances are taken there’s a great chance of winning and the management is brilliant

  185. Mayo88 – “I wasn’t going to go to the game today as I guessed the outcome this morning.” You’re some supporter. Its fairly obvious DOC was brought on as its his last season. A thank you and acknowledgment from Horan and fair play to him for doing it. This management team and players owe us nothing. Great performance today from many players. Our forwards just could not score which is more their fault than Horans. Up Mayo.

  186. Yes, To Win Just Once, I noticed that too. Our backs did not score today in the main.
    A Kerry tactic that worked? Or something else?

  187. Disappointing is an understatement!!

    Feels like a team of old would have defo won. Kerry away over rated.

    All I can ask and pray is that our experienced members decide to stay and don’t retire. That’s all we can hope for!!

  188. @to win just once.

    The nail on head. 11 wides and 3 or 4 shots into the keepers hands. Our shot conversion was 41% and that killed us.
    We did plenty of other things right and at 50 minutes we had just missed 3 good chances which would out us ahead coming up the home straight.
    Whatever people’s thoughts of the Manager tonight nobody can legislate for some of those misses.
    Main thing now is to get Ryan and Tommy C back to full fitness for next season.
    Still plenty of positives going forward.

  189. Why was Carney taken off.Why was Mcloughlin on and O Hara not till Aido went.Why wasnt Boland on earlier not when game was gone.
    Most of all how have we accumulated so many injuries in one season? Also where did the Mullin injury rumour emanate.
    James owes us nothing but he has no more to bring to this game.

  190. @Travelling Wilbury,
    Yes I did say thanks to the players and management for all the great days out since 2011.
    But we know deep down that a new approach is needed in the aftermath of this defeat.
    The ago problem has never gone away, Mayo forwards cannot get enough scores to win the day.

  191. While disappointing today think the setup is gone stale and missing conroy and Rod didn’t help matters. Overall think the future is bright new tactical ideas needed with injuries to clear up and lads like carney, flynn and hession etc keep devolping and Mayo won’t be far away next year

  192. Reboot needed, we really miss ROD and TC too much. Carney won hard won ball all summer but never seemed to have support. Forwards will be gutted for themselves. V poor season for them. Backs and midfield not too bad, with the exception of ruane, who has lost his shooting confidence

  193. Horan selected the wrong team. Aidan O’Shea should not have been selected. Cillain and Mcloughlin have not the pace anymore but can forgive Cillain selection. Young man’s game. Not taking our scores sucked the life out of us. Kerry deserved the win but could have been closer. Horan has served us well but needs to go. He relies too much on the old guard.

  194. Hard luck to our lads. It must be said nobody goes out to play badly or lose a game. Injuries didn’t help this year but that second half was pathetic. We need a total reset.

  195. Crazy day with Galway Armagh game very disappointing again for us Where is the intensity we hear about on the training ground? The second half the players were tired/listless. Where is the forwards coach? I mean a junior team would put some of them points over – this is the million euro team after all. Is any local media going to ask about the endless injuries?It feels end of an era Thanks James – its time to step away. We need a new voice on the sideline and fresh idess.

  196. Hello everyone,
    Like everyone on here I am disappointed but not shocked, we never left the traps this year. Like us as supporters the players need a break. They will get it now for six months. It will be well deserved. It is premature to talk about retirements and changes of management, the county board may change and they may not i for one think James deserves another crack for another three years. There is a still alot of talent in the county. Colm Hanley from Ballaghaderren strikes me as a player who could be brought back. the two injured players, also. We will get it right yet.
    Thank you to the team for their efforts this year

  197. Disappointing but expectedly if we really look at forwards, we were better then Kerry from 1 to 9, upfront I’m afraid 0 if our team would start for Kerry.

    Also disappointed in blog lately not much content anymore, the odd podcast and rest behind paywalls,
    Lot of sensorship if you don’t have similar views.

  198. Iv heard people defend horan by saying he brought in a lot of young players over the last few years. As far as I am aware, numerous of the mayo stalwarts retired so regardless of who was manager younger players would have to be selected to replace the retired players. Also a few of the young players people talk about won an all ireland u21 title in 2016, making them 27 this year. Are they really young players?

  199. Commiserations Mayo,

    Overall a very disappointing game for Kerry but we got through in the end.

    1.3 for Clifford clearly on one leg.

    It must be so frustrating for the Keegans and Durcans who work so bloody hard to see such poor shooting.

    Look ROD and Conroy on the field and Mayo would br playing Dublin in 2 weeks.

  200. Not enough scoring forwards rang through today and its doubtful if O’Donogue,Conroy was available if Kerry winning but stopped but the margin would certainly be less.

    Some credit must go to the way Kerry defending. Did they give up many if any goal chances last year when beaten by Tyrone they conceded 3 so improvement is there for them under Jack O’Connor.

    Probably the end of Horan 2nd term now, where to next? who knows with more retirements expected and a lot of the young players coming through still need a year or two of strength and conditioning before making any meaningful impact in the championship.

  201. Commiserations to all on this blog, that was an uncomfortable afternoon from a Kerry perspective to put it mildly. The conditions certainly muddied the waters in relation to the execution of the basic skills and it affected both teams. I couldn’t believe the amount of turnovers that both sides won and lost as a result of slides, falls and unpredictable ball hops. When Mayo came within a point of us I honestly was starting to see this battle as a Groundhog Day like the Tyrone game last year. I haven’t seen the game back yet but it looked like we were trying to walk the ball into the Mayo net and as last year we were being turned over at critical moment of completion.

    Thankfully for us Mayo failed to punish us from far too many gilt edged opportunities gifted to them and we managed to score a few from equally annoying unforced turnovers from a Mayo perspective. As has been said above Kerry were there for the taking today and as I said I was dreading the equaliser as I was so fearful of the Mayo roar that so often drives and inspires the Mayo warriors. Frankly I was surprised it never materialised when ye had Gaines momentum with the obvious unsettled play patterns from Kerry perhaps it was the tension of the occasion, I remember the drawn game in ‘14 and Boyler Keegan and Higgins driving sword, axe and spear into the Kerry team and as a result of the deafening supporters who had the stands shaking with enthusiasm and war cries.

    I’m sure emotions are running high but tonight is not the night to select a new Mayo management on this blog or elsewhere, James horan could kick the ball over the bar a quarter of a century ago but today he could only trust in the ability of the players he handed the jersey to to complete the requires finish he needed.

    Perhaps ye need a change at the helm but I do feel Horan has been well fettered with the loss of two or your top forwards and there seems to be an unhealthy level of under confidence from those chosen jerseys today. To me horan is a very good manager and so was Rochford, it won’t happen but I’d love to see Rochford in charge with Horan a selector but that will not happen as ego would be an undeniable obstacle.

    Genuine commiserations, Mayo are a wonderful and noble team and they bring the most wonderful level of fight and fear for all who oppose them in championship, James Horan has to be acknowledged for this achievement, warriors are ye.

  202. @Gamechanger10. Congratulations well deserved win .I actually taught our Championship ambitions were dealt an an almost fatal blow in the League Final months ago…We never really rediscovered our Mojo….On Armagh v Galway, just watching the Melee on RTE News,..I certainly hope that the Galway Captain is available for the Semifinal, he didn’t seem to do anything wrong in what I seen. Anyone know the answer to this, after Armagh had missed 3 penalities, would just a point scored by the last Galway Penalty taker been enough to see them trough?

  203. Hard to know what Cillian O’Connor’s role is now. He can’t win his own ball. Any yard of pace he had is gone.

  204. The game went exactly as predicted. Kerry would come in a under cooked and un tested..David Clifford carrying an injury. (If he hadnt been injured what would he have done to us!)That gave us a chance. But we wouldn’t be good enough to take it due to our poor forward play and tactical deficiencies. And thats the way it happened.
    If ROD and T conroy had been playing would they have got 3 or 4 each from not so sure.
    I think we do need a change of management and the 7 month rest to heal physically and psychologically.
    But thank you so much to all the players and management for their total commitment to Mayo footbal this year again and for the enjoyment (if less than previous years) all year you gave us.
    To those who will step away and retire , do so with your head held high be proud that you were involved with Mayo and proud of what you achieved….
    Mhaigh Eo Abu…

  205. This just highlights how last year’s all Ireland was the once in a lifetime missed opportunity.
    We had tommy and ROD, everyone else fit minus cillian. Still hard to accept that loss, that was certainly the softest all Ireland to win after beating the dubs and avoiding Kerry

  206. If an undercooked Kerry team could beat us by 8 points without coming out of 2nd gear , what would either Galway or Armagh have done to us today ! ,

  207. Personally, I think we have to acknowledge our defensive performance today. Things began to unravel for us in the second half.

    One of the lads in the RTE postgame commentary referenced the ball that Keegan couldn’t hold onto out on the side line when up against two or three Kerry forwards. We lost possession there.
    We seemed to have momentum up until then but for some reason we then started to lose momentum.
    It coincided with us not being able to score.
    Personally I was sorry to see Jack Carney not on the field in the second half. He had some go to him and it was a negative when he wasn’t there.

    In addition, we only seemed to have a one man full forward line at times. Surely that wasn’t going to be enough.
    It’s a puzzle.

  208. Skylineirl – what are you on about? Not much content, eh? 55 different posts in April, 40 in May and 39 so far in June, all for free and all while I’m holding down a full-time job. I really am sorry that I’m a disappointment to you. On the podcast front, we’ve put out 25 free episodes so far this year, with the rest (bucketloads of it) available for a very modest monthly subscription.

    Also, if you’re going to make an allegation about censorship, you might at least try to spell the bloody word correctly.

  209. I wouldn’t write off Cillian yet. Scored a great point on the turn in first half. He was always in a race against time this year to get back from that injury. A proper pre season for him over the the winter will be vital.

    Positives for the year: Jordan Flynn, Enda Hession and Jack Carney look quality players at this level. Oisín staying put. Eoghan McLaughlin improving.

    Negatives: Injuries to key players at various times this year. Loss of form for other players. Definitely things that can be better next year.

    Probably is a natural conclusion for management, even though I don’t think they did anything wrong today. However as I’ve said previously, I don’t see any obvious candidate to replace JH. Guys who live 3+ hours away just are not realistic options and I don’t see many internal candidates.

  210. @Grain of Rice, Your argument against appointing an outside manager is that no outside manager has won an All-Ireland in the last 20 years.

    It would be a bit hard for them to win it alright seeing as they weren’t managing outside counties to begin with.

    How many outside managers lost All-Ireland finals in the last 20 years, the same amount that won.

    I’d say with reasonable confidence that more All-Ireland finals were won by outside managers in the last 40 years than All-Ireland finals were lost by outside managers in that period, I’m open to correction if someone has that info.

  211. Hello Everyone,
    I just rewatched the video of the fight at the end of regular time in the Galway/ Armagh game. These were disgraceful images to watch. Damien Comer has always been a great player and the way he was disrespected today was beyond the pale for me. The person who attached him was not a member of the Armagh panel( al least he did not have a armagh jersey or tracksuit on). Protecting the players is the main job of the GAA- this was not good. I am not blaming the ref, I think he did a good job in the game. Honestly the GAA should hand down the harshest of harsh punishments for this

  212. In life there is a beginning and an end to everything. Alas this (should be) the end of the current management. Time for a total purge and some fresh eyes and ideas. From the outside everything appears to have gone stale. I dont like to put the boot in after a defeat but the officialdom at county level leaves me very deflated. I dont have the answers, but as a club official my few dealings with county officials would make you cringe. It’s all about who you know and how long you have been a back scratcher. ‘Ate them when boiled’ springs to mind when I think about the competency of most of the them. I have no confidence that the best available person will be chosen whenever the next manager is appointed.

  213. Lost it at start of 2nd half where we were on top for first 10 minutes and kicked 4 terrible wides. Kerry went up the other end and scored a few points. Our heads dropped, players gave up and we were chasing shadows. Think there was a lack of belief in the team since the All Ireland Final last year. They were a wounded animal waiting to be put out of their misery. We now need to press pause and reset with a new management team.

  214. WJ I think we are all in need of a Rob Murrphy positive special.I don’t go charging us die hard Mayo fans to listen to Kevin Mcstay patronise us will help in anyway!

    Keep the faith & we will be back again next year!!

  215. Of all things to complain about after the match I didn’t expect a complaint about the amount of content on the blog!

    Really hard to know what to make of that match. We were competitive and had we taken our chances when we had the momentum who knows what may have happened. I guess the impact of the injuries to our forwards came home to bite us. Not just Rod and Conroy but also the likes of McHale or McDonagh who would be good options from the bench.

    A lot to be excited for next year, James will face the critics again but one thing is he brings players through and I thought today Carney was superb before he had to go off.

    Work needed on our forward play, Dublin don’t shoot under pressure and work the ball around until the time and space. We need to work on this.

    Roll on 2023.

  216. After a second viewing on the Sunday Game, .. still can’t see that Séan Kelly does anything wrong..he shouldn’t miss the All Ireland semifinal.. Galway v Derry!

  217. Mayo have lost that fight, hard to blame them as many of the older guys have been around so long and lost on the biggest days.
    Galway showed today that they were not going to surrender and had that fight one needs.
    In a repeat of the 1998 semi v Derry, anything I’d possible for them.
    Let’s change it up completely in the months ahead.

  218. Gutted it ended like it did but proud of how they played in the first half particularly after the goal and harsh black card.
    I was more upset after the final last year tho. We blew that. We played the same way we always played. Today we mixed it up, but I think that was a reaction to the public outcry for change.
    I thought myself we should have changed things after the covid all Ireland. Give the older lads one more year and the newer lads a fresh start. Teams often get a bounce with a new system.
    I don’t get why people are so anti change. We have had 8 years or whatever it is. Managers have won all Ireland’s and haven’t got that stent.
    I don’t see why we would re-appoint either. Everything is too familiar. We need faces in there who have won all Ireland’s. We have plenty of good young players who can play. Let them.
    Yes, we have great days but we are a bit of a laughing stock at this stage because we don’t help ourselves… We all get the whattsapps from out neighbours!
    I didn’t go to any game this year. I was so annoyed with last yrs final. I’m on the road since 89, but this year i had enough. Breaks my heart because I love football.
    I’ll be back, we’ll be back but let’s have a proper rebuild. What’s the point in changing faces but not the approach. This isn’t a horan out rant, he’s hurting as much as anyone, but successful teams adapt and move on… We have good footballers coming through… Let’s move on..

  219. I was asked about what would be in a playbook. I posted on this before. To repeat some basics.
    1. Target man wins a ball and runners are coming on the loop. Don’t kid yourself that we have this occurring anything like what it should.
    2. Dublin move – the backdoor cut handpass over the top to a player who suddenly turns 180 back to opponents goal.
    3. Dublin move – posession on sideline worked to eventual central channel shooter.
    Dublin have the template of what works, Kerry have much of it.
    Ryan and Tommy would only have reduced the margin today.
    The tactics we go with and the chaos of it will not win an All Ireland nor near it.
    When we got close with Stephen Rochford we had more structure.
    2014 and earlier is when our current tactics had any chance. They simply don’t work since 2015.

  220. Simple answer built a team from day one instead of chopping and changing the line up right up to the Galway game for a start , there has been no cohesion all season .

    To many players picked on past performances , just watch who jumps ship before they are let go , we need a team that plays for 80 minutes , instead of the 40 minutes that we have played in the last three championship games .

    Hard decisions need making and they need to be made at the top ie selection , the last two games were wake up calls , yet we made the same silly mistakes again today .

    We won our turn overs through hard work yet time after time we went up field and just handed the ball back to Kerry who then waltzed down field and punished us , players need to learn to retain possession and if they cant get the basics right they have no right to be playing championship football.

  221. Excuse me Willy joe, No need for low blow re spelling,
    There has been a reduction in podcast especially
    The week of a major game. I do feel there is
    Issues with censorship on blog and a bias at times.

    I’m sure this blog helps the career/income and good luck to you in that, only right if it does and Should do. But I feel blog is more about the subscription anymore and that is a shame, maybe a better way that doesn’t alienate the fans.

  222. That was no low blow, Skylineirl. You’ve some neck to come on here making allegations in such a Pudsy Ryan manner, on tonight of all nights.

    You’re wrong on the podcast – we’re still churning out plenty of free episodes, like we’ve always done. The bonus content has to be paid for but I think we’re providing enormous value for money there.

    Censorship? Bias? Oh please, give me a break. There are literally thousands of comments posted here every week, only a handful are troublesome, some because what they post could be actionable. Can you provide evidence to back up your allegation on either front?

    The blog never has been about career or income and there’s no subscription element to it. I’ve invested a huge amount of time and expense in it but ignorant comments like yours would really make me wonder why I bother. I certainly didn’t do it for people like you.

  223. My comments weren’t ignorant so excuse me,
    Your the one getting nasty,
    I just made a point about the blog and you didn’t like it. Patreon is a subscription so don’t get your point above. Good luck to you on it, as I said your right to make money from it, but maybe better ways to fund it and keep fans engaged. But there has been a reduction in available podcasts. Calling me ignorant/pudgy etc is nice, thanks. I’m leaving it at this.

  224. You were incorrect in all you said, Skylineirl, and to that extent your comments were ignorant. I’ve little appetite for any of that tonight. You haven’t, I note, come back with any evidence to back up your allegation of bias or censorship.

    On the podcast, we’re on target to release roughly the same number of free episodes as before. Going the Patreon route has given us the ability to put out loads more content, with close to 100 episodes released already.

  225. Willie Joe, you are quite patient to put up with that crap at this hour of the night, I read and enjoy your blog so much, today we lost, positives and negatives , management can’t kick ball over the bar, calls for this and that to happen will not solve our immediate problem, confidence and reassurance will help, but we still got to last eight, all in all a possible B, correct me if you see differently.

  226. Willie Joe – thank you for this blog. Sorry you are having to put up with all of the above silly comments.

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