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With all the fun and excitement around the Mayo exodus to New York, with Mayo Day celebrated with such gusto over there yesterday, it’d be easy to forget about the game itself. Not today, though, as the focus zooms into Gaelic Park where, at 2.15pm local time (7.15pm back here), the ball will be thrown in to start our 2019 Championship campaign.

This is a game that, self-evidently, we should win with ease. Indeed, it’d be a shock of rather seismic proportions were we to fail to do so. Under Justin O’Halloran’s management, New York have made themselves tough to beat – and they deserve great credit for this – but this meeting between the newly-crowned National League champions and a team that has only played A v B internal training matches this year, whose ranks have seen significant player turnover from last year, can logically only go one way.

The priority for us today should be to put the result beyond doubt as early as we can and with the minimum possible fuss. We need to ensure that we don’t give them any chink of light in this contest, no hint at all that this might be the underdog’s day.

From a playing perspective, getting the result is clearly the objective today. The unique atmosphere over there, the strange playing surface and the rather surreal nature of the occasion all mean that we shouldn’t be looking for anything more than a win that ensures our place in the provincial semi-final three weeks from now. That outcome should be well within our grasp.

It’s a big day in particular for James McCormack, Matthew Ruane and James Carr, all of whom are set to make their Championship debuts in New York today. Here’s hoping all goes well for the three of them.

Today’s Championship opener for us closes two significant gaps in time from our perspective. The first is one that has stretched to just over ten months, back to our last Championship outing, which was against Kildare in Newbridge. While we’ve put significant distance between ourselves and that cathartic defeat in the time since then, it’s good that today the team begin the job of writing a new Championship chapter for themselves.

A far longer period of time has elapsed – a bit over four years and eight months – since James Horan was last at the helm for us in a Championship match. It always felt as if James left unfinished business behind him after the trauma of Limerick, a sense that has been given further substance in this year’s League campaign.

Lookit, he’s back and this is Game 1. We know what we need to do. Let’s go do it. Up Mayo.

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  1. Amen…up Mayo and hope all our team and travelling supporters enjoy the occasion. We’ll stick the ears to the radio and be with you in spirit. Maigheo Abu

  2. Hopefully there will be no injuries picked up and that COC will get some game time to bring on his fitness. Would have concerns if that is FB line for champion ship but it’s not going to matter today.. enjoy the New York experience those who are there. I guess the recession is well and truly over..

  3. To Revellino,
    New York – State of Mind – the pic with the Skyscrapers.
    The above is where you will WJ’s Link to CT for Full Panel and not Mayo News as stated.

  4. Looking to get in and out of Gaelic Park with as little fuss as possible. Close the game out early, run the bench and don’t risk any injuries on a hard playing surface.

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Eugene McGee. Great football man and a really good journalist too. I think it was him that coined the reference to the Ulster Final as being the ‘puller and draggers’ day out’.

    He played a major part in stopping the five in a row in 1982. Here’s hoping James Horan can follow suit this year!

  5. Sad about Eugene.

    I see programme pic has appeared on Twitter: Subs listed are:


    So no Cillian in the 26 – then again JH said as much during the week.

  6. Raining hard this morning in the Big apple, players will be use to that. Not much cover for the fans in the ground

  7. Yes, should have said that. Again, per the programme, McDonagh at no 10. BTW, am not in Big Apple (more, much more’s the pity), but am taking this from Twitter. Hope I’m not contravening anything WJ, but both team’s panels have been posted.

  8. Thanks again Ciaran2. Appreciate that.

    Throw in the ball straight now ref and away we go. Hope every one enjoys the match and the very best of good luck to our lads.

    London could have a tough enough test as well. Galway could pull off a win against them. Hup Mayo.

  9. Some great video clip’s and photo’s , neighbour’s friend’s and relations of Mayo fan’s, singing ‘The Green and Red of Mayo’ in Time Square, New York, and other places, making their way instantly to those few of us still left in Mayo via WhatsApp,etc!.. Keep them coming, even if does make us a bit jealous, and continue to have a great time yonder!.. Championship 2019, is about to Throw In very shortly…soon time to tune into the Radio to hear how Tribesmen fare in London, no doubt it, Today is the beginning of it … Another great poem from Revellino, telling the story of previous mass exitus to New York in more challenging time’s for many! Sad news this morning regarding the passing of Eugene McGee RIP! Over and Out, for the time being from Leantimes, who is still very much in a ‘Mayo state of Mind’ and only the slightest bit envivious!

  10. Any Free streaming link for the game. I Don’t like the idea of giving back details although they say there is no charge

  11. Ontheditch – that link was posted here earlier this week and I don’t think it’s worth drawing further attention to it. Any service that tries to get your bank details sounds like a scam to me.

  12. Here at Gaelic park. Small queue outside but taking forever to get in. Paying cash on entry.
    Unfortunately its pissing rain.
    I woud say if ypu are here in next hour can pay at entry.

  13. I wouldn’t risk Cillian today either. Astro is an unforgiving surface and it’s likely to be a wet day. Not the day to be playing your first game in a few months.

  14. Just got in. Me and brother had no tickets.
    They let in 200 now with no tickets.
    If non ticket holder come in next hour should be ok.
    Small crowd but pissing rain unfortunately.
    Ladies match just started.

  15. Coming up to Half Time in Ruislip, London 1.05…Galway 0.08…Is the shock of the Century about to happen? Will it be Brexit for Galway?

  16. Galway have survived but London appear to have given them a right good rattle. Its all about winning the game and moving on to the next match. Best of luck to team and supporters today. Get in .get the win, get out without injuries.

  17. Galway held on to win by four. London went inches to scoring a leveling goal in the dying minutes of the game.

  18. But they are not Mayo so they will get away with a close encounter against London. People still talking about ours.

  19. One change for us Boyler in for Chris Barrett. Rest of team lines out as named a few days ago.

  20. Solid start for Mayo. Couple of wides but sounds like there’s a tricky wind.

  21. Sounds pretty easy. Can run the full bench for the second half.
    However it has to be said the coverage from mayo gaa and midwest is frankly embarrassing. Mayo gaa twitter putting up the score but not the scorers. Billy Fitz on MW doesn’t seem to know that the mark rule from kickouts was not one of the experimental rules but is a rule that’s in place a few years now.

  22. Now the dilemma.
    First test: approach this game like any other championship match – passed.
    Second test: win the game – done.
    Best option for Mayo momentum would be jump on the plane right now.

    But there’s half a game left.

    Do you press on and risk injury to key players?
    Do you press on and risk losing momentum in a scrappy second half?
    Do you start running the bench but then also risk losing momentum and introduce questions and then have to build up again for the next round?

    Will be interesting to see how this scenario is managed.

  23. I am at the game. The wind is horrid and has been raining all day. Totally fine with the score. NY has rarely entered Mayo territory.

  24. Loreto Road.
    Think you just try to get to the end without injury and up the training level in the training camp as no questions whatsoever asked today.

  25. Credit where it’s due Evan Regan had a fine game by all accounts. Well done to Mayo looking forward to facing the Rossies now. Rest In Peace Eugene McGee

  26. Rest in peace Eugune,do not always see eye to eye with his views but was always a real football man

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