Game day – it’s all on the line in this one

Jeopardy returns with a vengeance in the Championship today, not just for us but for all counties contesting All-Ireland preliminary quarter-final ties.

Our do-or-die clash is against League champions Derry and the match throws in at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park at 6.30pm this evening. Brendan Cawley of Kildare is the ref and the match is being streamed live on GAA GO (where Mike is on commentary), with live radio commentary on Midwest too.

When the same two teams met in Castlebar on St Patrick’s Day the narrative around them was very different. Then, Derry were the form team of the spring and already – prematurely – being bracketed in a group of three as genuine challengers for the All-Ireland.

We’d done enough by then to retain our Division One status – thanks to the first of what would prove to be three wins over the Rossies this year in the previous round – and, even though we’d have liked to beat the Oak Leafers, we weren’t, unlike them, aiming to make the Division One decider.

They were in fine form that day, hitting us for three goals and threatening at one point to dish out a real thumping to us. But we reeled them back in from a lead of nine points to just two at one stage, though they finished well to close out a five-point win.

How different things are now. While they went on to win the League – beating Dublin in a penalty shootout – a crushing Ulster defeat to Donegal was then followed by two other wounding losses in the All-Ireland Group Stage, away to Galway and at home to Armagh. But for a nervy and extremely unconvincing win over Westmeath in Round 3 last weekend their year would already be over.

We’ve only lost once since that March meeting and that, let’s face it, had as much to do with David Gough as it did with Padraic Joyce’s tactical acumen, as what looked like was going to be a narrow Connacht final win morphed into a one-point Nestor Cup loss.

But we picked ourselves up after that setback and finished unbeaten in the Group Stage. A measure of our progress was surely the level of our disappointment that we let victory over Dublin at Dr Hyde Park last Sunday slip from our grasp.

So, if form lines mean anything, there should only be one winner today. Right?

It’s not, of course, as simple as that. Colm Boyle, speaking on the Final Whistle podcast, was firm in his view that Derry will put in a big display this evening. They have to – anything less and they’re likely to take a bit of a beating.

Boyler had another nugget on that pod, by the way, one that should provide us with some comfort.

It’s this: teams managed by Mickey Harte have only ever got the better of Mayo once in the Championship.

That was when they beat us by a single point in a 2008 qualifier. We saw off Harte’s Tyrone in 2004, 2013 and 2016 as well as his Louth side last year. So, while we’d be fools not to respect a manager of his calibre and the teams he manages, we’ve no reason to fear him or his charges either.

There is, of course, the MacHale Park factor and the difficulties we so often face in breaking teams down in the tight confines of Castlebar. Again, though, this shouldn’t be overstated – we’ve never lost in the Championship at home to anyone bar our Connacht rivals and there’s a long list of counties we’ve sent packing from our place in summertime over the last decade and more.

We have the tools to add Derry to that list this evening. It’s not going to be easy but who ever said it would be? This is, finally, an all-or-nothing Championship game and games like these against tough opponents are never easy.

Last Sunday the lads provided all the evidence supporters should need that this is a team worth following. They went toe-to-toe with the All-Ireland champions the last day at a Connacht venue where the Mayo support was greatly outnumbered by the travelling Dublin fans. We owe it to the team to turn up in big numbers this evening and get behind them in the way we did so often over the past decade.

One of those days was the 2017 qualifier against the Oak Leafers, a match I always feel was the one in which the connection between players and fans became fused, both of us on the one side, all of us in it together.

We need to channel those emotions again this evening, as, after a ludicrously short turnaround, the lads gear up for their biggest game so far this year. A game full of peril and where, if we’re not firing fully, will end our year but which is also our ticket to the quarter-final. It’s a ticket I firmly believe will be in our possession tonight.

It’s time for action and this time that includes the fans. Now’s the time for that big Mayo Roar. Let’s hear it tonight. Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

311 thoughts on “Game day – it’s all on the line in this one

  1. Great article WJ . Top Class!!
    I have a great feeling about this evening. Our bench will be critical for resting lads in the last quarter.

    Any word on Boland’s Red card?

  2. Can’t see us losing this one although Derry will be up for it. But I think we have sufficient experience as a unit not to under estimate the league champions. Mid field contest will be a big factor. If we can give good supply into the forwards we will win pulling up.

  3. Great stuff Willie Joe! Big statement from Mayo last weekend in The Hyde, I loved it!! Let’s hope we can reach same level tonight, and again concede no goal. Mayo Abu!

  4. Good piece by McGinley on the RTE site. Can never write off a Mickey Harte team and they weren’t just the best team for most of the league, they were a distance ahead. Can expect Mickey to change or tweak the risk reward game they play. Expect him to dismiss their bad results and tell his team they will win. I expect a dogfight and home advantage might be just enough to get us over the line.
    We’re going well but it will all be for nothing unless we win this evening. The team needs us in full voice.

  5. Hope the ref is up to speed with the “Dark Arts”, as this is sure to be up there with anything a Voodoo priestess would be adding to her pot of hexes.
    Forget Harte and his aura of mystique. Straight into them from the get go lads and the green and red shall prevail.

  6. When we played Derry in the qualifiers in 2017 there was only about 10k at it.
    People forget games like that,Fermanagh,Cork and few more over the 16/17 era.

    Derry took us to extra time that day and Clarkie saved a penalty.
    It was one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced at a Mayo game and the crowd kept on roaring encouragement as Mayo kicked wide after wide.If ever there was a day to put the argument to bed of whether a crowd makes a difference to a performance it was that day.

    There’ll be a similar attendance there this evening.If we can be as loud and passionate again we’ll have done everything we can from our end.

  7. Today will be a challenge.Derry have not bee playing well buy they have quality olmolayers and they could rediscover the form they showed earlier. They handled us easily last time we me, scoring 3 goals against us and goals will be critical today I doubt Derry will be as open as they have been.
    Against Dublin we played really well but tactically we’re naive in closing out the game. That ending situation should have been rehearsed. We have not been good at closing out games when we are ahead let’s hope we have learned from experience
    I do not know what to expect from our bench
    Several players, O Donoghue, Carr. plunkett for example have not played much all year. Hession and even Cillian are still struggling to find their best form and we need a ban other big man in reserve.
    Toward the end of games we take out a combination of Aiden Flyy Carney Ruane and we have been losing long kick outs at a critical time, against Roscommon Falway and Dublin
    I would have liked to have seen more of Irwin but do not know his situation.

  8. I watched the Westmeath v Derry game and they were very unimpressive. The late goal put a gloss on what was a very ordinary performance, and in the balance for a long time.

    That’s not to say Derry can’t produce an improvement today in a do or die game, but if we perform we’ll win.

    I would like to see more of the same from McHugh on Glass. Mattie is well able to run with Rogers, and McBrien is a good fit for McGuigan.

    Will need to use the full bench today, and maybe earlier than normal given the demands of the current schedule.

  9. A great performance would be wonderful but
    I’ll gladly take a win and no injuries

  10. Safe travels to all supporters today,enjoy the entertainment,please show respect to both teams and referee,I am certain that we will win ,and keep the critics silent

  11. “Let’s bring the hay in first”. .. Derry don’t respect us just like Tyrone let’s teach em some manners today

  12. Rousing article again WJ, love it. Watched the league game again today, while our overall performance was good they created a plethora of goal chances that I can’t see will be repeated today. Nothing easy but I believe, 3:30am kick off for me so will try to get a couple of hours of shut eye in. Maigh Eo Abu!

  13. @Thatteamwontstart: Technically, yeah. Any children u16 should need a €5 juvenile ticket for this match.

    No idea how strict they’ve actually gotten on gates these days (comparing official attendances being less than half full and sidelines looking jammed around the country the last few weeks I’d have question marks on it) mind, you’d probably find lots of folks on the gates that’d wave you in, but in theory they’d need one alright.

  14. You three same time for myself, I assume you are east coast Oz, or else in Russia? The 3.20 alarm is tough.

  15. Great article WJ. Sets the scene perfectly and recalls that day in 2017 so well. Interesting that Con Kilpatrick got his ban overturned but not Boland . Anyway go for it Mayo. Huge match which we desperately need to win. Crucial that support keeps right behind them even if things are not going great on the field at various times

  16. Ah feck it, Granuaile. They’re tough on these things. Let’s hope it’s consistent across the Championship.
    Tuamstar, don’t be giving us palpitations! Do you mean we supporters have to get in shape and stick it across the full game, extra time and penalties? Jaypurs. I’m nervous enough already but getting ready to get stuck in.

  17. Big game this evening, two teams will be on the gallows and one will fight another day and the other will drop through the trapdoor and become the subject of historical conversation for the 2024 Championship. Derry won’t be easy to defeat and will if nothing else fight like dogs to save reputation and to show pride in their jersey.

    I believe Mayo are the better team but I am concerned about the energy and Herculean effort they expended a few short days ago. I hope ye win this game but for the reasons stated it could be a difficult day in McHale park. Best wishes to Mayo

  18. Think we will do very well today and grab a few goals – Mayo by 7 or 8….

  19. If we win and we win by scoring goals against Derry that other teams have I’ll be incredibly happy – showing we can match our tactics to exploit weakness would be great. If they go 15 behind the ball and we win that’ll do fine.

    Hopefully a good crowd

  20. Last Sundays performance against Dublin so encouraging. Should have banished a lot of the negativity weve been hearing all spring and early summer. Lets hope supporters get out and support Mayo this evening. They deserve it just as much as a few years back when their chances of success were percieved to have been greater. Current team and management doing their very best and they’ve earned our support particularly with last Sundays performance. A packed McHale park at 6.15 would be worth at least a 5 points start. Amateur players doing so much to keep the morale of a county high deserve a full house backing them. So get in the car or on the bike and get there. Up Mayo.

  21. Anyone sitting on the fence about going to Mc H, you’ll still get a ticket in your nearest Centra or SuperValu,,the evening will be dry and humid. Take a good spoon of honey to warm the vocal chords and turn up. Then turn up the volume. We might make the difference.

  22. Interesting article by Malachy Clerkin on Mayo fans. Let’s see how many can make this evening although I can understand why people may struggle to get a late Saturday throw in with so many other things on during the summer.

    Hopefully, Derry do not deny us another day out, if we continue to be patient and build on confidence from last week, then expect Croker awaits next week.

  23. Improvements in performance in each of last 3 games so obviously good work being done on the training field. One area that needs looking at is our midfield, I don’t think we won any – maybe one – of the long kick outs against Dublin, I hope they’ve worked on this in the short time they’ve had. Best of luck to our lads today and to our minors tomorrow.

  24. Yes MayoMayo1, I’m in Sydney trying to get some sleep but it’s like waiting for Santa, you know it’ll come quicker if you can nod off but too excited to manage it!

  25. You are right Mo, one loose one at that. I expect Derry will go long with kickouts. I’m thinking DOC will start at mid and coen dropping back to half back. Can’t see McLaughlin making it.
    Hession and carr have been sitting on the bench for long enough. Today should be a good day to give them game time.
    The fascinating match up is McHale v McKinlass. Gareth loves to come forward and he will be anxious to but out of character sending off behind him. Hell need watching

  26. Haven’t owned a Mayo jersey for years.
    Don’t have a hat, a scarf or a rosette.
    Haven’t got one of those wooly yokes for around my wrist either.
    I am most definitely not a ‘Banisteoir’.
    But this evening I’m bringing the flag.
    It’s usually stuck in the gate outside the house on an evening like this.
    Packing the vocal chords too.
    I have a good feeling about this one.
    Let’s go.
    Up Mayo.

  27. Heavy drizzle will make for slippy conditions. May not be ideal for our speed merchants but hopefully we can adapt game plan to weather.

  28. Good luck to the players and management team alike this evening. It’s well within our range to win this one, so here’s hoping the sideline can adjust tactically to anything different Derry throw at us. Maigh Eo Abú

  29. Best of luck this evening lads,

    On form Mayo should be winning this one.

    Suspect come Monday morning we will be having a dance next weekend.

  30. Tight enough with galway /monaghan though I’d say Galway will pull away the 2nd half..

  31. Ticket sales were very slack as of yesterday was under 8k, you’d expect few thousand to buy day of though when people know how they fixed

  32. Nice to see paddy durcan leading the team into mchale park in the video he’s some man and a great captain. Still smiling away to despite the injury..

  33. Let’s not jump the gun on that one corick bridge – we’ve some heavy lifting to do before we can even think about joining Roscommon and Galway in the last 8

  34. This game is going to be horrible, quality wise, but i think we’re in for a tense error strewn exciting game. Conditions terrible, crowd numbers a disgrace.

  35. My nephew tells me attendance could be impacted by number of concerts and festivals on this weekend. The old fogey to young buck ratio might be skewed.

  36. It feels like there’s a decent travelling support from Derry.
    I’m feeling nervous.
    The ground is starting to fill up.
    Up Mayo!

  37. 6:30 a terrible time for Derry supporters, but where are the Mayo fans. Needed tonight.

  38. Jordan Flynn took some knock there, worrying not to see him moving.

  39. We’re miles off the pace of this game so far. Hope the hangover from last week isn’t too much. Very worrying so far.

  40. Derry kinda cynical whenever anyone manages to get past them. It’s like the ball can go past them, but the runner can’t.

    Ref not having a great game in that respect; how McKaigue escaped a card when Aido robbed him, I’ll never know.

  41. You’d have to wonder if Jordan Flynn isn’t suffering badly from that head hit.

  42. Derry with every man behind the man but breaking at pace and can score from long range. Meanwhile we are fcuking around. We are in huge trouble already.

  43. Lots of unforced errors, laborious and slow movement. Looks like a team that haven’t played together before.

  44. We are shocking bad tonight – no energy and so many unforced errors resulting in turnovers which in turn is giving Derry energy

  45. Dreadful.

    1 point from play in 30 mins. God it’s terrible by Mayo so far. Derry completely dictating the pace.

    We are far too open in defence…AGAIN. How many fucking times have I typed that this season… and here’s another…way too slow in attack.

  46. So much for all the hype, Mayo look totally out of it right now with no idea how to break down this Derry defence.

  47. Jaysus. Flat out from the dubs game.

    Unless we have a come back 2nd half we are gone.

  48. The blanket defence has been the most common form of defensive system for the past two decades, yet our bucks still seem clueless whenever they encounter it. Slow, lateral passing across the pitch, telegraphing ropey hand passes, fellas afraid to have shots.

    We need a dramatic increase in intensity and directness in the second half to be in with a chance of winning the game.

  49. @pullhard derry 6 to 2 and we just look flat out and bad handling errors derry parking the bus to.

  50. It’s a shocking performance from us. We can talk about blankets and negative play all we like. We don’t deserve to be within 3 points right now. Derry much the better team.

  51. Pathetically embarrassing from both sides…..cillian and Diarmaid need to be on….

  52. Blessed to only be 3 points down but Derry also blessed not to have had at least one black card in that half

  53. WTF was that! We are damn lucky to be only 3 points down. Not a clue how to break down their defence!

  54. We can go toe to toe with any team but any team can beat us with a blanket defence.

    Same failings unless a massive change in the second half.

  55. That was a hard watch, is this the exciting football that that jeopardy brings, I’d take league any day of the week over thay

  56. This team need to get finger out 2nd half. We need Cillian on cos we are clueless in attack. If we don’t win today then any goodwill or morale obtained from the performance against Dublin is completely quashed.

    I think that’s the worst half of football I’ve seen from a Mayo team in championship in a long time. We have 35mins+ to show what we’re made of. We’ll learn an awful lot about these fellas.

  57. Derry dictating play but the off the ball stuff has to be called – with no yellow / black cards they’re free to stay at it

  58. Derry should have 2 cards at least.

    Feck it anyway rossies and galwegions through and now this guarantee they are all jumping for joy watching this.

    Who knows we may bounce back 2nd half here’s hoping..

  59. We’ll come storming back in the second half or else we wont looks like we will never learn how to bate the blanket and Mickey Harte knows this well

  60. Only kick of ball in it, far from over yet. But our defensive man to man style structure management have been persisting with is crucifying us again.

  61. Possibly the worst display from a Mayo team in a number of years. Fatigue is not an excuse.
    First half was an absolute shambles in every way. Hope I’m eating my words at the end of this, but am struggling to see how we win this

  62. It’s better to play badly in the first half, only one mayo player has scored a point from play and he isn’t even a forward and yet Mayo are only two three points down. Mayo have to show a little endeavour and start using the boot to take from derrys ability to reset and set up a defensive structure. The cards are on the table now so ye have to just go for it. Good luck in the second half

  63. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. Derry shoot. We don’t.

    Pathetic so far.

    Let’s see what Mayo are really made of now.

  64. Fuck Derry too, they have wonderful ballers but are playing like Louth, it’ll be good for the game for us to kick them to the kerb in the second half

  65. Surely there’s a kick left in us. Fair old breeze behind us 2nd half now so let’s use it.

  66. Lord Clare… if that’s all your worried about!

    Mayo as predicted look legless and lack of energy, but biggest concern is no score from play from any forward or midfielder in 35 mins..
    Still time though

  67. I mean, people here were celebrating a draw with Dublin last weekend and I couldn’t understand it – it was plainly obvious how disappointed the actual team and management were in the aftermath of that match. They did not want to be here and shouldn’t have been. It’s hard to get the heads right after something like that.

  68. We have to stop this back and over football, nobody willing to have a shot. Just run at them in straight lines and you will get passed them or get a free and a few cards for them. Big improvement needed.

  69. Worst half of football I’ve seen by Mayo play in15 years. They are diabolically sloppy, flat footed, and out of ideas. Mc Stay needs to give them a roasting this half time and nail down the fact for all them boys that they all have to burst their guts this second half or we will be out and out of football for this year. Time to really up the pace and get this attack moving. Super disappointing half of football. I worry do we have the legs. We seem to be so off the pace.

  70. @Tuamstar where did I ever say that’s all I’m worried about? You don’t need to tell me how flat out we look I can see it for myself…….

  71. Fresh legs needed. Ff line dropping to deep. We are forced into slow build up. Have to change in second half. We can win it but it’s not pretty. So difficult to get space in McHale pk. Quick breaks needed.

  72. I’m afraid this game is already gone from us. Just can’t see where our scores are going to come from. It’s as depressing a half of football as I’ve ever seen from Mayo. Not a single forward scoring from play. That’s not good enough at any level. No business being in a quarter final with that. And we still haven’t learned how to beat a blanket. After several years.

  73. Sweet Jesus. No template for Ulster??.. and those learnings and experiences can’t be translated from the whiteboard to the pitch after all those years of being trumped by this predictable approach….

  74. Even if we beat Derry we’ll be in same scenario as last year. We’ll be very flat come the 2nd half of the quarters. That’s why it’s so important to win your group

  75. Fair play to the rossies though I mean no one saw that coming..

    The GAA should be ashamed of themselves why do they have to have sooo many games packed in we are obvs wrecked from the dubs game. Also we’ve always struggled v defensive style but honestly derry they are so fecking rough and aggressive. No cards is ridiculous against them..

    Why oh why can’t gaa space the games out….

  76. Still in this. Only three and we’ve been sloppy.
    Crying out for the O’Connor brothers.

  77. Clare in fairness tuamstar was bang on who gives a fuck what Galway or Roscommon think

  78. Dont lose faith, Galway had a dire first half as bad as i’ve seen and they lifted it in the 2nd half.

  79. @our time has come yeah true but we all know we’re getting slagged to fuck from them if we go out.

    And it’s just annoying tbh we can go toe to toe with any team in open play this park the bus style is killing the game. Being on the 2nd half if we’re good enough we’re good enough.

  80. Galway and Ros seemed unaffected by two games in a week, no excuse for Mayo this evening.

  81. Same story as last weekend. Can’t just close out a game. That missed fisted point was ridiculous.

  82. Referee is a absolute joke. How many times have they pulled us down and no cards.

  83. My heart…

    But some game jaysus whatever happens on we gaa a shite first half bit one thing our guys never give up. Fair play to them honestly u even thought the game was done by half time..

  84. A few things:

    1) We can’t keep missing easy hand passes over the bar at inter-county level, arguably it’s cost us the last two games.

    2) Maybe I’m wrong here, but it looked like for the Derry free prior to their point, that the ball was brought forward far more than 13 metres.

    3)Also, we just can’t defend a lead, so we should stop trying and attempt to win the games through scoring, rather than sitting back near the death.

  85. How has he found an additional minute in the extra 4?
    4 minutes over the 35 and 1 minute over the 4!? Farce!

  86. Christ we played keep ball for the last 10 mins of that half and it cost us, when will we learn. I hope the lads have the legs in extra time. Can they go to the well again please god!!!

  87. Were * shite * but as others said even if we get passed this I think we are gone next week to many games at once tbh.. Sorry for double post!

  88. I wouldn’t say it was a great second half by us. It was decent but we made stupid errors in that last 5 mins. 1. AOS running into traffic and losing possession. What was he thinking
    2. Loftus fumbling twice! And losing possession
    3. Callinan missing a feckn simple point.

    Just not good enough. A really poor last 5/10 mins. Whoever wins ET will be f@cked for next weekend.

    Let’s see what ET holds before giving an overall reaction.

  89. Love it pull hard 🙂 what does Eddie reckon of the game management??

    Don’t think we can give out about ref in that half. He was very generous. The penalty, the hand to face by Ryan in front posts etc.

    Good value for money all same.

    The sustitutions and time of them again a bit odd.

  90. What a miss by poor Sam….you can’t expect to win with that kind of play….

  91. And yes, we can’t be complaining about refereeing when we got a few soft ones and Ryan O’Donoghue was very lucky to stay on the pitch.

  92. Poor ol Sam isnt a corner back and definetly not a corner forward either with that miss. It will end next weekend for sure if we manage to scrape a win but I feel Derry will pull away now

  93. This is going to be a big test going into extra time, subs, resolve etc, the winners could be in bother for the quarter final next weekend.

  94. Great last minutes tactics by Mayo again in
    Gaining some Extra Needed Game time.
    What else can you say about that…

  95. Somehow we seem to just manage to make the hard road more difficult. Can we not simply win. Perhaps it’s time to be knocked out cause we’ve shagged ourselves. Too little, too late, too hard… time up.

  96. I knew Derry had a kick in them, we see it now, Glass could be the difference in extra time as he was in the club final, why can’t Mayo get Hession to carry the ball forward and give it to O Donohue, Conroy or C O Connor.

  97. Are mayo coached not to shoot. Start of extra time, recycled the ball on the 30 yard line countless times and no shot taken. Hard to understand.

  98. To many games at once even if we had gotten through today we would be gone next week.

    Can’t keep that tempo up

    Whatever happens I’ll be cheering ye along as always next year guys ye bring us great days out and always do us proud I think we just burnt all energy v dubs.

  99. Roscommon lose 3 championship games ..twice to Mayo and are in QF’s ….anyone think there is problem with structure…

  100. Well done Loftus, great leadership and belief in getting those scores.

  101. Gotta say I’m happy the anxiety is over. Tough luck Mayo but truly no one else to blame. You can’t defend your lead. Sorry.

  102. I think we all knew after the draw last week that this could happen, probably quarter final was all that could have gotten to.

    Derry will come good now, I had this feeling all along.

  103. So two of the teams playing next week have lost three times. One of them twice to us and yet we go out in a penalty shoot out. The GAA have destroyed the Championship. Simple as that.

  104. Congratulations Derry the better team won in fairness but fair play to Mayo they never gave up. A huge thank you to the mayo team panel and management for all the enjoyment they gave us all year and for all their efforts. Best wishes to Derry, Roscommom and Galway going forward

  105. Derry more composed …
    They had the experience of a penalty shoot out…
    Still tough defeat …

  106. Credit to the lads for battling. Think mgmt had not developed the bench enough to help us out tonight.

  107. I dont know glorydays mayo were the better team in the second half but once again our achilles heel is our inability to hold on in the crunch minutes

  108. No good. Lads showed a bit of fight but it was a poor display. Incredibly long stretches with no score from play. I said Derry would be really dangerous and that it was the worst draw. Whoever thought cork would be worse!??

    Another year gone.

    That slow lateral stuff, it gained us nothing. Anytime we played well this year was when we went at teams. In the first half today and again in the opening half of ET, we were second best and just too open at the back.

    Derry were the better team and kicked some beautiful points. I’m not gonna namecheck players now, it’s not the right time but there are lads who are masters of crab football and not doing much else. Surely they have more football in them!??

  109. Well said Glorydays… I should congratulate Derry and Roscommon and Galway. Fair play to them. They deserved their wins.

  110. Right, I decided to wait until the final result was locked in.

    This WAS NOT a refs fault
    This WAS NOT a championship structure fault.
    This WAS NOT dirty Derry tactical plays fault.
    This WAS NOT the fault of penos

    This was 100% the fault of the mayo management.

    No team that wins an all Ireland plays this absolute shite football that we play. If Mayo and McStay want to progress the first thing he needs to do is run Rochford and his so called forward coach from Corofin.

    I just hope Kevin can give all the media another 9 minute interview (that seemed to get so much fucking bullshit praise) today and explain how we didn’t have a forward score from play in the first half, how we went 40 minutes scoring only 2 points.

    Stephen’s Rochfords so called “Corofin” style of play is rubbish and completely in effective. A broken and battered Derry team had to score a grand total of 15 points after ET to beat Mayo on home soil.

    What a shambolic style of play that doesn’t suit any of our players. Liam Mchale was dead right to walk away from that rubbish.

  111. Almost embarrassing to hear the Mid west commentators still blaming everything / everyone bar the players , the six day turnaround, Derry didn’t give us chances , brilliant second half performance both in normal time and extra time , Cruel way to lose , cruel way to lose , cruel way to lose , we can’t play against the blanket defence ,

  112. Just a word of caution, all – emotions are running high right now so please be measured in what you post. This isn’t open season to have a pop.

  113. It was always going to e a tough ask for us to come back after a 6 day turn around.

    Our guys never gave up till the last second

    Still think we can go toe toe to with any team we showed that v dubs last weekend.

    The turn around game time is an absolute joke.

    Gaa can fuck off ridiculous.

    Our guys should be proud of themselves yes heartbreaking in the e D but they managed to bring it to penalties in the end these guys put so much time and effort into this for free it’s only a game at the end of the day.

    I’ll be back next year as always cheering ye on and waving the green and red we will be back with paddy durcan better then ever

    Even if we had gotten through we would be gone next week to many games at once gaa need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  114. Callinan’s miss proved costly.

    I’m beyond sickened with that. Where does this team go from here? We just need too much build up to score and struggle against the blanket. Old failings coming back to haunt us. Management hasn’t addressed it. Will it be the same next year? Probably. Not getting to a quarter final is a kick in the teeth.

  115. Ah for the love of god “we should have won easily “mayo for Sam isn’t a tactic.we haven’t improved one iota in terms of breaking down blanket defences.hard luck to our lads they didn’t give up and last Sunday did take a lot out of them but it’s been obvious all year that we just didn’t have the quality in crucial positions.another catastrophic mistake taking Aidan o Shea off with a couple of minutes to go .absolutely ludicrous

  116. Questions need to be asked of mcstays team selection in my opinion. How can you leave the 2 o connors on the bench for a game like that. This loss is a bad one

  117. As a poster above said…coached not to shoot…..It’s a soul destroying style of play and will win us nothing. Lateral and backpass offloads, no territory gained, no shot at the posts….

  118. Hope all the people celebrating a draw last weekend have a bit of a think about that – it’s a win or nothing. Terrible position to be in given the structure of the championship and that was clear last weekend on the faces of the management and team. And yet we still had an opportunity to win in normal time.

    The substitution of Aidan O’Shea with 2 or 3 minutes left on the clock of normal time has to be questioned. He was having a huge game and was making things happen and then to take him off when it was up for grabs was insanity.

  119. Cillians mentality and what he has brought for over a decade being appreciated a bit more by many tonight
    Going to be hard to replace him and Aido. Every replacement is a significant downgrade
    Hope they stay on

  120. Gutted, believed we were better than what we showed today, we lost that game by not showing up in the first half. But credit to the team, thanks for the journey, can never question the effort, regroup and rebuild for 2025

  121. “It’s all on the line today” is the heading of this thread. Well it was lost on the line today. Baffling team selection. Tactics all wrong. O Se taken off our only left footer. Mad stuff. Big review needed after this shambles.

  122. Only the GAA can think of a system where you can lose to a team twice and finish below them yet progress further than them, all in the same competition. 3rd placed teams should be sent down to the latter stages of Tailteann.

  123. Km97 – totally agree. The younger lads are not on the same level, especially when it comes to mentality. We cannot close out big games and that’s going on since last year against Cork. Our championship last year ended that day and same as last weekend.

  124. Arah shite talk out of people asking why the o connors weren’t playing….they played in 7 all irelands and they didn’t make the difference. Yes cillian was a brilliant player in those years but stop blowing smoke up his hole he didn’t do much when he came on compared to oshea.

  125. 1985 totally correct on aido why does mcstay constantly make the same substitutions every game which are predictable. Aido needed to be on that pitch as the game went on. I said before how that substitution happens every game and is of no benefit today the best exapmle

  126. Give it a rest Clare , if you think that Derry beat us because they had an extra days rest / to prepare your deluding yourself , we lost because we were clueless .

    No forward scored from play in the first half , we tried to walk the ball through for a score , yet last week against the current champions we were shooting from distance , Kick outs again went astray do i need to go on.

  127. Mayo not good enough, heart can only get a team so far but Derry were the better team today.
    It’ll be a long winter ?

  128. Got what we deserved..cant kill off a game. Cant shoot unless we’re within 15 yards of the goal. As soon as it went to penalties, the game was up, no way we had the composure to win a penalty shoot out.

  129. Management should reflect and consider their position. They took off oshea in the last 2 games and have coughed up the lead. The sub brought on did not impact at all. Could have done with him for left free which ryan put wide. No new learnings from management.

  130. Dont understand why aidan dropped deep for the last 15 minutes of normal time playing a sweeper role and slowing the play down. Thought we needed to tag on points to deflate derry rather than defend a 2 point lead and ship pressure

  131. Anyone abusing Mayo team or management should cop themselves on. They left absolutely everything out on the field this evening. We simply have no luck and there’s no point blaming this one and that one for our loss on penalties The team certainly has shown lots of improvement this year. Losing in injury time to Galway was sickening, conceding 5 mins into injury time v Dublin was sickening, conceding in the 6th minute of injury time to Derry was sickening and losing on penalties is sickening. And that is for me as a supporter. Imagine how the players and management must feel. Gave it all they had as they always do but came up a tiny bit short as usually happens

  132. Bandwagon I don’t know what football your watching but the o connors are consistently some of pur best players and especially diarmud in recent years. Cillian constantly turns up and is our top scorer which speaks for itself a small bit. They most definitely should’ve been on the pitch today ahead of some more inexperienced and less prolific lads today

  133. Give the lads a break. They actually showed a lot of bottle to come back in that second part of extra time – they pressed brilliantly. It was a very tight game. The first half was awful as a game. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Derry unfurled the blanket in a tight McHale Park. These are the breaks.
    Derry hadn’t deteriorated at all but I still don’t find them excellent.
    We knew Mayo weren’t the finished article this year. I think they progressed an awful lot this year – added on a lot of things. If they have the stomach to continue and stay cohesive, I think they’ll be a lot better next year as they add on things gleaned from this year. The main thing to add on is to learn to finish out games (examples – end of Galway game, end of Dublin game, end of normal time in this game). This is no shame. It is an honest to God thing to work out and incorporate into our game. It’ll make us more ruthless.
    It feels gutting to go out the way we did and it doesn’t feel nice but I’d appeal to Mayo supporters to see the real progress Mayo has made in their play, game and team this year. It was a lot. Next year will be McStay’s third year with the team. We can expect a more mature animal next year.
    Let’s not feel too down. We have a very good team with an incredible age profile on it
    Take it easy folks. Now I’m off to lick my wounds.

  134. Taking off O’Shea is classic Rochford lads. Probably got a message from the GPS. How many times did he take off Boyle when he was the manager.

    I feel for McStay because it’s clear as day there is some serious backseat driving going on here. But he needs to show that he’s the manager and lay down the law next year.

  135. Derry by far the best team, they have class forwards & they controlled the game bar 10 minutes. Mayo defending a 2 point lead is crazy.
    Back to the drawing board again & hope to improve for next year.

  136. “Sure all Cillian did was score a penalty “

    Yeah it’s kind of helpful scoring them
    Never in doubt he would score his
    He always does

  137. “We have no luck” – please.
    We had an opportunity to win the game in normal time and Callinan fisted a point wide from about 2 yards. There’s no excuse for that.

  138. In tight games, they were coached to take a shot when the score was on.
    If you look, we shot twice or three times for goals at close range and missed them. That’s how precious score chances are and how hard it can be to nail them. Those missed goal chances at close range almost feel more aggravating right now.

  139. Looks like the wafflers were right after all and someone did too much waffling last Sunday.

  140. Weren’t clinical enough last week and same again this week. Simply cannot afford missed like Callinan’s if you want to challenge for All Irelands.

    Now I am not going to use the championship structure as any sort of excuse but call a spade a spade the GAA have made an absolute bollix out of it. What other competition has a round called a preliminary QF ffs.
    The top 2 in each group should be in a QF. It’s nothing but a fucking money grab.

  141. Genuine question…. Can anyone tell me, how much did we score from play in normal time???

    Ken Kenedy right…that fisted miss in last minute was huge. It goes over, we win. We just hadn’t the composure up front like Derry had. Their scores were a much higher quality, we relied on frees and the penalty.

    It’s soul destroying stuff. The only positive this year for me was Donnacha McHugh. That’s about it.

    On the O’Connor’s, I’d definitely be in the camp that they needed to be on earlier. No brainer for me.

  142. Roscommon or Galway will probably draw Derry next week
    Bad miss by Sam and Ryan should have have taken free that Reape missed.

  143. @Bandwagob is that why both the O ocinjors both nailed in their penalties?? Jaysus

    Yes honestly so dissapointed by this but our guys as I said never gave up till the last second.

    Our guys go out each year despite all the slagging from everyone cause of our fuck ups.. But still go out time and tone again and give us great days out.

    The O Connor brothers would walk onto any team.

    I’m gonna say it dubs will win Sam anyways no doubt about it Galway, rossies will get fucked out next week.

    We will come back better then ever next year with Durcan to. Thanks guys for all the great moments and effort ye out in all year to give us supporters those great joys and great moments wasn’t our day but be proud of yourselves for giving it your all!

  144. Congrats to Derry, I always enjoy watching them and Murray and McGuigan in particular kicked some great points this evening. Good luck to them next week.

    As for us:

    1) Nobody can question the heart of our squad, they really gave it everything they had this evening. But in terms of ability, we have fallen a long way from even the 2020-21 period.

    2) Winning the league was great, but we have repeatedly failed in the championship under the present management group. It’s hard to say that we have improved under the present regime.

    3) We are at our most dangerous when we drive at teams, going direct and breaking off the shoulder. One wonders why we persist in playing Aido at full-forward if we seldom pass him the ball close to goal, and even more rarely break off him when he gets the ball in his hands.

    4) We are still largely clueless against the blanket, this stale, slow passing back and forth is not only ineffective, it’s very boring to boot.

    5) My Lord Jesus, we are incapable of defending a lead. Maybe instead of sitting back towards the end of games, we should try to finish games off through scoring?

    6) Failing to hand pass the ball over the bar from ten yards out is inexcusable at inter-county level, and has cost us the last two matches, simple as.

    7)The officials, once again, were the square root of useless. The umpires visibly weren’t sure if two scores had gone over (once for us, once for Derry). Ref Cawley also let Derry get away with a lot of grappling off the ball, and somehow didn’t give a card for one of the most obvious professional fouls I’ve seen in a while (McKaigue on Aido, first half).

    8) Penalties are no way to settle a gaelic football game.

    9) The GAA has to drop this ridiculous farce of forcing amateur athletes to play several games back to back, while other teams get to rest. It flies completely in the face of player welfare, and there is no bloody need to play the All-Ireland finals in July anyway. Time to put the finals back two weeks and allow the players (who entertain us for nothing) adequate time to recover.

    10) We don’t get enough change out of what is, on paper, a pretty decent full-forward line. Derry kicked 0-8 from McGuigan and Murray from play, that’s a big difference to us, most days. Mike Finnerty said in his commentary (at one point in the first half) that Ryan O’Donoghue is responsible for over 40 per cent of our scores in the championship. We are goosed if he gets injured or suspended.

    Best wishes to the squad and fans and we go again next January.

  145. I heard a word on TV last week or last weekend, it was “Jeopardy”, the Gaa President mentioned this word, as he was saying the championship had too many league type games and teams were not getting knocked out, we got this today when you look at how Ros are now through and Mayo are out.

  146. Sending love to Lee Keegan tonight for publicly humiliating Roscommon supporters on a national website. Karma is a Bitch

  147. Fiftysixty i acknowledged their input over the years. I think diarmuid still has plenty to offer but i feel cillian has a lot of mileage on the clock as a great player. He still can be very effective against teams like cavan roscommon etc. Prob the management’s fault but last week jack mccaffrey ran cillian into the ground

  148. Penalties and we were very lucky to be given the opportunity of penalties in all fairness. We are a below average 1st division side at best. We simply don’t have the players at this level right now. Not enough forwards with match winning ability and our forward line is devoid of energy and ideas and scoring confidence. We seem to have work way too hard for scores. They are not good enough. Simple as that. We can complain about the number of games but let’s be honest the quality is just not there. We need a complete rebuild next year. Time for a few old heroes to hang up the boots. Is McStay the man to do it. I really have my doubts after these two years. Young lads all at sea at this level simply bereft of ideas. I don’t doubt their effort they died with their boots on. But that’s just not good enough at this level. These older boys just look just crest fallen, way to much football played. Again I have said it all year O Shea off the field gassed when we need him with the game in the melting pot instead of him being there when he is really needed. It’s time to refresh this team and rebuild. Part of me believes Rochford has way too much say in this camp. And McStay is the publicity corespondent of the group. McHale left for a reason. Time for a big freshening up. Rochford has had his opportunity with this team that Horan built. Time to let him go. It feels a bit like O Mahoney after we lost to Longford. But in this instance what do we have coming through. What a group of players we have the last 15 years. They were so close. And I tip my hat to every one of them. Hopefully some fresh blood and management comes through and we make the grade. I really feel like McDonalds son Kobe will be needed at senior level next year. Now it’s time to rebuild. Tough luck but it’s time to move on. Fair play to the Rossies today!!!

  149. Joe 2 give it a rest like a good lad.
    Rossies havnt won a championship game in Croke Park since 1980, how embarrasing.

  150. @Bandwagon I’m relaxed…

    Just don’t know how anyone can slag off the O Connor brothers I’d beyond me..

  151. Bandwagon on a game where every kick needs to go over the bar we didn’t start cillian who is onbe of the best scorers of all time. On diarmud he’s one of our top 3 best players why u would leave him on the bench beyond me.

  152. Pity about the loss tonight – let’s hope it’s not Aido last game – what a season he has had

  153. Food for thought for the Review body-only one goal scored in all three championship matches and that from a penalty. Something will have to be done about these suffocating blanket defences.

  154. I say good luck to Galway and Ros next weekend.
    The problem is that there has been no progress from last year, surely this lies with the management team.
    We saw under Horan a step up in his second year in the job,
    McGuinness may not win the All Ireland this year, but probably will next year.

  155. We weren’t good enough to win an all Ireland this year anyway truth be told but our age profile is great and despite the loss we played better in this year’s championship than last. We definitely need to reassess our tactics and style however – a top class all Ireland winning forward is needed on that ticket to coach our forwards how to break down the blanket – Oisin mcconville springs to mind (I know he was on dempseys ticket but I don’t want Dempsey just mcconville)

  156. Only consolation is that it’s Best all round Mayo were knocked out there. Mayo going up to play anyone in Croke Park next weekend after the last couple of weeks would have been carnage.

    Aidan should have been brought back in at some stage of extra time.

    Ifs ands buts.

  157. Mayo gal, as last week proved, and again tonight. He shouldn’t have been taken off at the death.

  158. Bate the Blanket,

    As you well know many of our supporters think the likes of McGuinness and Harte are very average managers but we are in love with Rochford.

    You’d have to worry wouldn’t you.

    Will be interesting to see if Seamus Touhy has any review process put in place? He’s the man who was quoted saying when he became chairman that he had every intention of winning an All Ireland with Mayo. We are the furthest away we have been since 2011.

    But I’m very confident he will leave as it is. He gave these men a 4 year team after all.

    Imagine if this style of play was going on in Kerry. Peter Keane ran after 2 years losing an All Ireland semi final.

    That’s the standards of the winning counties and counties like us that I believe are only along for the ride.

    Also just want to thank the players for a great effort all year. I wouldn’t be to quick to put blame on them. They are being coached to play like this.

  159. Congratulations to the Derry Football team for their incredible victory over Mayo! ? Despite the odds stacked against them, Derry showed their fighting spirit and determination on the field, securing a well-deserved win.

    While Mayo put up a strong fight, their chances slipped away due to unfortunate management decisions. It was a heartbreaking defeat for Mayo, who seemed to have victory within their grasp but let it slip away in the end.

    Nevertheless, today is a day to celebrate Derry’s triumph and commend their resilience and teamwork. Well done to the players, coaches, and supporters for a memorable victory! ? #DerryGAA #Victory #Teamwork #Resilience

  160. Yes I agree Giz – really do not understand that change at the death. Anyway . . .

  161. Penalties is an awful way to knock a team out of a championship. This isn’t soccer wish we could go back to the time of replays. I also find it unfair that teams like Derry and Roscommon that had three championship defeats prior to their games get a second chance,hate this structure.
    Hats off to Derry though they came and put everything on the line so did we. We may have come out on the wrong end but i’ll never stop supporting these lads who put in enormous work week in week out for Mayo.Better to have died with our boots on tonight then to be hocked next week in croker like the last two years.

  162. Fiftysixty fair enough…hindsight now unfortunately. Towey brought a forward instinct to the game when he came on

  163. Ahead in injury time v Galway- lose
    Ahead in injury time v Dublin – draw (we lose out)
    Ahead in injury time v Derry draw – lose on penalties.
    Can u see Dublin or.Kerry or any Northern team do that?

  164. Watched it in a pub in Salthill. Great game.
    Jordan Flynn was brilliant as was Tommy Conroy.
    That free on the right is never on for a right footed player, very unfair on him. The lack of a left footed free taker has cost Mayo in the past and did again this evening.

  165. “Its best all round we lost”

    Mad. Lots of strange coping mechanisms on display tonight but that one takes the cake.

  166. Can’t complain about the effort, just not good enough. At our pomp 7 to 10 years ago we had the players but they lacked the football intelligence to get the job done. They always made that mistake at the wrong time, pressure always got to them. This team is the very same, except the players are not good enough on top of that. Three times this year alone, in championship, we have conceded while ahead at the death. Surely you would learn after the first one, no, second one, no again, and the third time ends the year, what can you expect, no one to blame but themselves.

  167. Please nobody say this was down to bad luck. It wasn’t. We didn’t play well enough to win. We showed very good effort but we failed on execution of skills and strategy. The game was there in the final quarter and we failed to close it out despite several very good attacking positions. I listed earlier just three off the top of my head. Aidan running into traffic and being overturned. Loftus being overturned despite having a 2nd chance to control possession and Callinan missing what should be fairly routine at senior intercounty level.

    Have we really progressed this year?? Where’s the evidence? We’ve failed to reach the last 8. Other than Donnacha McHugh can anyone tell me a player that has clearly progressed? I can’t name any. Some have played as well as last year (ROD and McBrien spring to mind). Some have regressed but the only one for me who has most definitely improved is McHugh. I thought Reape also had a progressive year but overall I think it’s been a 5/10 season.

  168. Clare not slagging off anyone. This county loves making gods out of players. Anyways we’re not getting anywhere. People have different opinions, move on

  169. @Achill75, i am not accepting having to read pub talk writings on a national website, where he publicly humiliated my country on numerous occasions. At the end of day at least mc mahon has won all Irelands

  170. Fingers crossed Cillian and Aidan can give at least one more year. Really not ready to see the end of them!

  171. If we had won the penalty shootout, ALL the comments tonight would be positive – the team were brilliant etc.
    Lose by one penalty and we have a litany of negative comments including how the team has regressed since 2020/21 and another cogently listing out in a line everything that is wrong with us.
    I wonder if the team deserves us supporters.

  172. @pittsburgh some good points but Kobe is only 17 and deserves time space and guidance to develop. He or any other young guy or girl dont need that sort of pressure. @Clare I agree with you the O Connor brothers are a class act and owe us nothing

  173. @Babdwagon fair enough.

    I think we are all hurting massively atm.

    But we need to ask the gaa superpowrs why they need to feel the end the season in July..

    Maybe the want a nice holiday in August..

    The whole ting is a joke.

    And derry should have gotten 3 cards at leat in that game. As I said thank god Jordan flynn was Ok and he’s a tough guy to..

    I for one am laying off social media the next few days I’d advise ye to is well

    Ill ways be proud of our guys no matter what they will be fuming at themselves tonight but by god they fight till the end and I’ve a feeling mcstay might be in trouble here sadly as think he’s not a bad manager.

  174. @anylad – Neither Galway not Roscommon can get Derry in the quarter final draw.
    All three of those teams have to play one of Dublin, Kerry, Donegal or Armagh.
    On tonight’s game – could have won it in normal time but in reality Derry were (slightly) the better team overall and deserved to go through I think.
    I would have been raging if that penalty was given against us. It wasn’t a footblock – look at where the ball hit his leg. Never a penalty.
    Don’t think we have improved at all under McStay.

  175. I know we say this every year but hopefully a few club players show they can compete and challenge for places

  176. Hoist by my own petard, I might be, but there’s the makings of a Sam winning team there. Now’s not the time for recriminations but the plan was not in place for this very predictable Ulster blueprint. I’ll leave it at that except to say I’m the one with an arse like the Japanese flag.

  177. Joe2, Lee was wrong to slag your team off. You are a valiant team and I and most Mayo supporters wanted Roscommon to win today. You can read back the comments.
    I would also ask you to please embody some graciousness at the fact that you are through to the next round after losing several times in the Championship so far. The same goes for Derry.
    Genuine good luck to your team for the next round. It feels good to see you through.

  178. I hope the review of this seasons campaign is done and we know its findings before we commit to renewing season tickets for next year’s campaign.

  179. Clare nobody is doubting the ability of the o Connor’s or all our players efforts and refusal to give in although I did notice in comments that you had conceded defeat in extra time before we equalised .Alot of very silly stuff posted all year about us winning the all Ireland.The truth is management inherited a squad of young players after the ending of the greatest team and era we ever had .Anyone that actually watches football knew this team didn’t have the strengths to win an all Ireland at the minute.I am not saying it won’t happen for them but they same weaknesses were being shown up in almost every game.wide open at the back .no dominant ball winning midfielders under pressure and an extraordinary inability to close out a game.we still have alot of very good players but a different direction has to be taken now whether Kevin mcstay stays on or not.This evening was perfectly set up for Derry and Micky harte and we fell into the trap.Longford and 2010 seems familiar now

  180. Well done to the team. Havent the naturally talented forwards of Kerry, Dublin, Derry, Galway. Thats just a fact. Yet they through sheer effort and never say die attitude they can compete with all those teams.Twice they were beaten tonight(3 points down at both half times in a low scoring game), yet they managed to rescue the game twice. We just havent the quality needed at the moment. But by God let no one blame the 21 lads who fought so hard last Sunday and today.
    I agree that taking off O Shea late in games made no sense this season.

  181. First of all well done derry same old mayo struggle with the blanket defence but we’ll done to all the mayo lads they gave it everything u can’t ask for anything else now I like Kevin mcstay as a person but he is not the man for mayo gaa we need someone new that will take us over the line he will have to do a lot of building but it can be hope every one has a lovely weekend and take care 2025 we start again

  182. @1985 eh one of the posters above questioned the O Connor brothers and yes I did conceded defeats in extra time so what most of ye did to?

    I never once said we would win all Ireland this year.

    Your very jumping onto some of my posts to be honest 1985 maybe I can be a bit over confident in our team but I just genuinely think our guys deserve more credit then they get .

  183. Sorry Clare I didn’t say you said we win the all Ireland this year.Anyway it’s a very depressing evening

  184. Paul Towey has been the most underrated player on the Mayo panel this year. Comes on and scores a good point and sets up another score. He’s a very intelligent quick player and it’s beyond me how he didn’t get more game time this year. Plus had the guts to stand up and take a penalty.

  185. God I seen it all , someone saying that a 16 year old should be playing senior mayo football next year , as if the lad isn’t under enough pressure allready . Thankfully he has his head screwed on , please god the minors can do the business tomorrow.

  186. @1985 no worries..

    I think we are all hurting alot atm.

    But I think we knew when lost paddy durcan we were finished. I know I said it earlier but when I saw him leading the team in on crutches with a smile on his face the enerfery he brings and confidence is dneytjibf else

    We will bounce back next year guuy fair play to our guys for bringing a very aggressive derry team penalties..

  187. Mayonaze, you say:
    “ Have we really progressed this year?? Where’s the evidence? We’ve failed to reach the last 8..”

    I’d like to ask you – “What was our route to the last 8?”
    “And what was Kerry’s, Dublin’s, Roscommon’s?” That’s just one thing to add perspective. There are other measures of success for this team’s development.

  188. @Rakestreeet good question.. well think we need to cheer on the dubs..

    Honestly think be dubs v derry final!

  189. The problem is unless we develop some more quality scoring forwards then we will be having the same conversation again next year. And as someone said earlier when one of your forwards score 40% of your scores then this should set off alarm bells. All the top teams have 3, 4 or 5 scoring forwards. The top forwards come to the fore especially in tight games like this evenings one where scores are hard to come by. No amount of tactics or management will change that reality.

  190. The old saying comes to mind, Attack is the Best Defence in Gaelic Football, the other team cannot score when your team has the ball in their half of the field. For years now Mayo have tried to sit on a lead of one or two points by trying to keep possession in their own half of the field by just passing the ball bac kand over. It has never worked yet and never will. Keep attacking no matter how far ahead or behind you are.

  191. The better team won. No excuses. We made some brilliant runs across the field going nowhere. And when we reached one sideline, we were brilliant taking the ball back to the other sideline. This is the Rochford way. Derry were incisive in their running.

  192. @2hops 100% an exciting young team…

    Kobe Mcdonald star in the making I’m a bit biased as he went to my secondary school as his dad to but he’s a star and what makes them tick!

  193. Absolutely gutted myself and, especially, for the players and management. A cruel way to go out, even tho’ we would probably be too shagged to raise a gallop next weekend, because of those clowns in the GAA. Not apportioning blame, but once again we threw away a game we had the winning of and I think the problem is this trying to keep possession and wind down the clock, which doe’nt suit us, instead trying to get insurance scores, which suits us better. Somebody has already referenced our losing possession twice late on, in attacking positions and this illustrates my point-we were more intent on retaining possession, than trying to set up a score. Our young lads will be better players for the experience of the last few years and hopefully we will unearth 3/4 new diamonds from the club and underage scene and I hope our great servants, Aidan and Cillian, give us another year in green and red. And, for God’s sake management, give us a more attacking adventurous style and close out our games by being ruthless and going for scores, instead of the hanging on, which has bitten us in the backside many times.

  194. OK, guys, unless somebody can confirm that Aido was injured, I’m going to call this……taking him off at that point in the game constitutes the single worst bit of game management I’ve ever seen in my life. He was literally carrying 14 men on his back, and after he was subbed, the whole shape of the game changed immediately. I genuinely can not believe they did that…..hopefully it won’t be his last game for us, but if it is, what a thing to do to him, and what a way to acknowledge what he’s done for us……

  195. Look lads them boys did their best. Just not at last 8 level. It’s over. Move on. I’m gona shout for Derry from here on in. The Rossies are shite lads and galway not much better.

  196. I agree On the ditch. Derry were more incisive, they had the moves to get players in position to shoot successfully. As usual, our attack was laborious and didn’t look structured. More Coaching and skills needed to improve Mayo. We can’t think of ourselves as contenders until aftera long process of rebuilding.
    Why Aido hasn’t been on field to help close out close games in last couple seasons is criminal.

  197. I wonder if we’ll see any of the old guard step back for our next competitive campaign in 2025? I hope they all give it one more year because they still have something to offer.

    On our 2024 season:

    Looking at our defence, it has been much better on preventing goal chances this year. On the flip side, we have looked a bit ponderous in attack this year. If Kevin is going to come back again for another go, he’ll need to work on the balance of our attack. We need runners from deep and men running off the shoulder, to break down the blanket and mix it up a bit more. We’re not suited to playing endless recycling of possession and lateral play. Sooner or later someone gets isolated or losses patience. We need to aim for every attack to end with the ball going dead next year.

  198. I’ll say – Aidan being subbed too early has lost us games in the past too. In these red hot games when you need players with big game experience to see things out, we start bringing on kids who have no experience in these situations.

  199. Aidan played a full game – a massive amount of it out the field. He was top class. Do you believe he had the energy to play a further twenty minutes when we needed to get scores to win the game?
    He was replaced in my mind because he was drained. Derry players were even cramping at the end of normal time.
    I agree he was a big loss. We don’t have two Aidans. But Towey was a gain. And I thought Tuohy had some good plays. The lads actually played quite well in extra time as a unit. They pressed brilliantly close to the Derry goal – reminding me of the Dublin game in 2021 and it was a joy to watch.
    For me the deciding things about this match were:
    – The Derry shawl
    – McHaie Park confined space
    – Derry were managing to score a bit more easily than us in tight spaces. If we could have tightened that, it would have helped. This was the decisive factor.
    – The first half was horrible.

  200. @Maumtrasna view. I think AOS was gone for the free missed by ROD. We played the game on Derrys terms, trying to create an opening in confined space and Derry were better at it.

  201. Unfortunately We got what we deserved tonight.
    I know All Mayo player’s who wear the jersey always give their best But.
    A few of our current squad members simply are not up to Country standard no matter how much hype they get from poster’s on here.
    Our last All Ireland final defeat was a real kick in the teeth for many Supporters We lost to a very poor Tyrone team that day.
    This year we have not been able to finish out 3 games we had already won .
    Those types of collapsing performances will not win anything and Management and Team need to ask Questions of themselves why this has happened.
    Us Mayo supporters accept all these defeats far too easily sometimes .
    A Complete change of Mindset for Management, Team and Supporters will have to happen if Mayo are ever to Win an All Ireland final.

  202. And to add further context re Aidan – he was key to our playing as well as we did in normal time. He was on Conor Glass – a massive danger man- for a large part of it. He was a physical match for Glass and kept ball away from him a lot I noticed.

    He also directed and dictated play.

    He was frequently an out ball when we needed it, and in that suffocating blanket style of play when Derry were in your face we absolutely needed someone safe and reliable to offload to. Aidan was that person again and again, playing an invaluable role.

    He’s virtually impossible to dispossess.

    So – I think we needed him on the pitch for the first seventy. Aidan in his 91st game was class and an important player.

  203. Derry were the better team overall.
    Taking oShea off in injury time was criminal.
    Ryan O Donoghue second penalty put to same position as first one?
    Mayo penalty was soft.
    I think Loftus coughed up possession for equilezer..
    Far too cautious in first half.
    Now I will enjoy the rest of the championship.
    Galway hard to watch.
    Congratulations to Roscommon.

  204. No leaders on pitch when Aido and Mattie taken off. Glass and Rodgers were free to do as they wished. Lachlan Murray kicked points for fun. We were clueless going forward. 3 forwards in around the small square all day. Why, ball never kicked in to them. Fouls on Mayo players not penalised were unbelievable. Saying all that we should have closed it out if Sam just punched that ball over. Reape should have saved the last penalty as well. Such a frustrating season. Penalty was same as last week and both were penalties.

  205. Chin up everyone .
    Last week took its toll on the team. Many players were leggy today and just not firing at optimum . There was something wrong in mchale part today almost like an all Ireland final where the seeds of doubt could not be lifted . The crowd were there . The atmosphere was almost edgy and that flowed onto the pitch . So many 5/10 performances and although the team fought hard it was always forcing things . The blanket defense is something that really we need to get over and should have 15 years ago . Management :
    -) So chin up , we knew this wasn’t going to be our year and loosing on penalties is. Nothing compared to the Tyrone final or 2017 .
    -) they are a young team and still building all be bit it I think McStay is not or should not be the man to lead them .
    -) Pray Aiden and Cillian stays on as they are legends .-) Pray for miracles that we are injury free and Oisin returns and we uncover 2/3 more stars from this wonder minor team we have .
    -) This is where we are right now . Roll on next year and good luck to both Roscommon and Galway in the last 8.

  206. We 100% have regressed since last year, I’m sorry to say. We should have closed that out, but again, we never learn. Not ruthless enough. Not making a QF is a disaster, it places us way down tbe pecking order. When we play direct fast football we look good, but this lateral nonsense that we played in the 1st half needs to stop, we’ll win nothing if we play like that. Mayo should play to their strengths, lateral crab football is not one of them.

    I’m pissed off that we lost, but I’ve hope for the future, there’s plenty of young talent there. A change of direction may be needed. Good luck to the Minors tomorrow.

  207. McStay asking for years for the job.What has he brought to it? Not his fault we need more quality players but some decisions baffling.We need Aidan to go on but how long can he continue for? We need a trawl at club level…in truth all teams do. Most find one or two players.
    And perhaps one manager with proper selectors and coach is the way to go.

  208. @ Swallow… I’m not sure if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with my point that we haven’t progressed!? I’m guessing the latter? Not making the last 8 is just a reflection of our lack of progression. I didn’t necessarily say it was an exact barometer, cos the rossies are fairly poor but they are in the QF’s and we aren’t. No one with a brain cell can say they are better than us. We beat them twice on their own turf. Simply put, we are a good bit better . However, my main point is that we have not progressed. I don’t count league. In my opinion it’s a glorified series of training games. We conceded two goals v NY and conceded more goal chances v Cavan than we created. Versus Galway we left our FB line totally exposed. We did that again today in the first half but to a lesser degree. Our FB line isn’t strong enough. Coyne and Brick are ok. Average intercounty defenders. McB is better but with no protection even the best FB can look vulnerable. Callinan didn’t really come on much this year. Carney didn’t – he goes sideways too much. Flynn wasn’t as good as last year or even arguably 2022 either. Coen was ok. McLaughlin hit and miss. Some great games but some average. Hession found it tough to get onto team despite looking 12 months ago like a dead cert to be a starter. Bob hasnt progressed. Tommy only showed glimpses in recent games. Aido was Aido. Put in a real shift and while he made errors, it’s hard to fault him. Cillian and Diarmuid didn’t get enough game time, Cillian not sure why and Doc cos of injuries. Ryan was good. Boland ok. McHale ok-ish.

    So, have we progressed? No. I don’t think so. I don’t think we’ve regressed. We have plateaued. The problem with not making a QF is that a manager in 2025 can be express satisfaction with getting to the last 8 and feel it progressive when it’s not. So in that sense 2024 has been a backward step.

  209. Need time to process that, but giving away winning positions, in games again. 3rd time in championship this season

  210. And sorry but anyone talking about minors as potentials for next year…seriously!??? They are literally children. Also it’s as clear as feckin day that whatever S&C Mayo academy are employing is behind other counties. It was embarrassingly obvious at u20 and something WJ to possibly go deeper into in the off season….

  211. @brockgaghman. The rossies are shite and Galway aren’t much better..wind your neck in. Theyre both In the last 8 and we’re not.

  212. A lot has been said and after a few hours this is what I’ve concluded
    – This Mayo team simply aren’t good enough the arrogance of some Mayo supporters making out this Derry game was going to be some sort of walkover who are Mayo to look down on anyone like that? Despite their poor form of late Derry were always going to give Mayo issues due to their defensive structure which this current team has and will continue to struggle against
    – Management, it seems to be fairly clear Rochford is calling the shots (can be seen today giving instructions to players and even at halftime of extra time seemed to be giving instructions while MCStay stood by the side) This system simply does not work that’s before taking into consideration how poor Rochford was as manager. Yes got close to Dublin in finals but people seem to forget the games against Fermanagh, Derry , Roscommon , Kildare not winning a Connacht championship and staying up in division 1 in the worse way imaginable.. Either McStay manages the team or steps aside
    – Over Hyped players this is more of a mayo supporter side of things but when you hear people comparing young players to Lee Keegan… my god. Fair play to these lads they try their best but they’re now building these reputations which aren’t warranted no player under the age of 25 on the Mayo 26 has won a Connaught under 20 title ( I’d go as far as say minor too but I’m open to correction on that). Yet we’ve built them up as if they’ve multiple underage all Irelands reality is they’re not of the standard of past players

  213. It bugs me that posters are constantly giving out about Stephen Rochford. It is boring.
    We are a team built for open football.
    However, our management team have worked on playing against blanket defences and we have made progress on it. Compare how much better we are at it this year than last.
    We might have taken shots a bit quicker instead of taking an extra bounce out of the ball. Room to improve.
    McHale Park makes this style harder.
    Derry imposed the blanket.
    Derry played Westmeath last week, we played the AI champions to try to top the group.
    Due to the week on week aspect of this structure, we had a six day turnaround.
    Who do you think got things right in the playing style today, e.g. Aidan’s role?
    Who do you think figured out how to play the Dubs last week?
    Who brought us to a whisker of winning Sam in 2016 or 2017 although we nearly lost to Fermanagh?
    We are out for now. I’m glad I saw Mayo in Hyde Park and McHale Park in the last two games.
    We wait for next year’s progress.
    We have very few injuries bar Paddy’s unfortunate one.
    Please God we have a different and better Championship structure next year.

  214. Hard defeat to take against a bang out of form Derry team. Game should have been closed out in normal time then it was Derry that should have closed it out in extra time would probably take it that way more so than a bloody penalty shootout to decide a knock out gaa match.

    Galway into the last 8 their win in the Connacht Final proved it’s worth in the end or be it Mayo let that win slip through their fingers.

    Rossies also into the last 8 after Mayo beat them twice they appear to be a better team away from the Hyde with their last two championship matches in MacHale Park producing wins and today beat Tyrone in Healy Park.

  215. Joe2 your the embarrassment mate coming on a Mayo blog the evening Mayo lose a championship game after penalties. Roscommon have won 2 games all year Mayo have beaten them 3 times this year. No win against Mayo at home in 23 years. No win in Croke Park in 44 years.
    By your logic only people who have won All Irelands are entitled to an opinion such as the click bait columns penned by Philly getting hit off of Mayo. So does your opinion count then? Oh ye won the minors well Mayo have won 2 All Irelands since then.

  216. I’m not one of the over reactors and generally positive before games but before this one I was complaining about some on here being disrespectful to Derry and Harte. Not sure if any of that overconfidence has any impact on the team so it may be a moot point.

    On the game myself and the guy next to me felt Aido could be brought back on at any stage in extra time. It might mean subbing off a lad brought on. We also agreed at half time that it would be useful to bring Cillian on and I also said Diarmaid for Mattie who worked hard chasing Derry for 35 mins and looked fatigued from early enough in the game as he did when subbed vs Dublin. The other thing we said before Ryan’s awkward free was to leave it to Cillian who is one of the best if not the best from the wrong side.
    Sam kicked a nice point, tried another when chances were hard come by and missed that point but still a young guy so I wouldn’t be hard on him as some are, he had a go. A few chances were spurned because either on a the wrong foot or trying to bring it in another 5 or 10 and didn’t work out. Derry on the other hand we’re using these blockers on the right wing to give the shooter space.

  217. @Swallow Swoops I think it’s the fact that Rochford has been involved with Mayo for 5 years now and hasn’t achieved anything of any real worth.. ran Dublin close in a couple of finals.. would Kerry be celebrating that fact if they were in the same position? There was Fermanagh, Cork, Roscommon, Derry , Kildare you cannot forget how poor we were and we eventually got caught out. Questionable decisions in Finals will ignore the goalkeeper saga as for the fact it didn’t work and didn’t agree with it but could see the logic behind it however certain players played a part in those finals which I think were more questionable and people don’t bring up.
    As for Dublin last week we drew with them didn’t beat them even tho for certain supporters you’d nearly think we did beat them!
    It’s not all bad with Rochford has done some good things for Mayo like you said gotten close to beating the Dubs apart of Mayo league win however Mayo supporters seem to forget about the negatives and have to ask ourselves will Rochford bring Mayo an all Ireland and the answer is no he’s had his chance and we need to move on same thing happened with Horan

  218. Overall we were better and more consistent than last year but some promising younger players flatlined or went backwards. I think our organisation improved. Derry were the better team tonight but we showed loads of fight as we did vs Dubs. I’d give credit to the lads for their efforts. I think we’re short of new talent from the other top teams so it’s laudable to have performed as well as we did this season.
    I don’t know the management dynamic and delegating roles but I want McStay retained. The only other person I can see with both the attitude and modern knowledge and S&C understanding is Andy who has a job to do with Leitrim and still learning. McStay has a weaker hand than some other managers. We’ve had no underage production line.
    On player fatigue, I think that would mostly be a factor next week not this week and Derry will have a mountain to beat any of those teams. They had an extra day but had to bus it down. Injury played a part with Eoghan, Diarmaid and McBrien all having recent hamstring issues and James Carr obviously not quite fit enough after his operation. Paddy won’t be 100% next year, it usually takes nearly two to really get the form fully back after ACL so we’ll need more bolters in defence as well as attack.

  219. Obviously everyone is disappointed, but put things in perspective, we are a top 8 team despite not making it this year, we lost 1 championship game this year, competitive in every game. This pile on against Rochford is nonsense(wasn’t mentioned last week after the performance against the dubs). Time to lick our wounds and get ready for club football. Best of luck to Galway and Roscommon and hope we see a winner outside of Dublin or Kerry, no offence to them but think the championship could do with a novel winner

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