Game day – it’s all on the line once again

Because it’s the qualifiers, it’s no surprise that today’s match day has arrived with indecent haste after our last one only seven days ago. And, because of today’s opponents, we need no reminding that each day out in the qualifiers could well be our final Championship outing for the year.

We’re strongly expected to beat Kildare in this evening’s Round 2 qualifier clash, in which a place in the All-Ireland quarter-finals is up for grabs. The match takes place at Croke Park (with a 6pm throw-in) where – finals aside – we tend to perform better than anywhere else. We’re also coming into it with a small bit of momentum following the win over Monaghan whereas their last day out was the Leinster final hammering meted out to them by a rampant Dublin.

We could, then, with some justification, wonder if the Lilywhites are up for this one. But we already know – not least due to how the Newbridge or Nowhere meeting four years ago played out – that they quite obviously will be. The same prize is on offer for them as it is for us and it’s the same season-ending fate that awaits whichever of us that loses. Of course they’ll give it everything against us, a team they know they can beat in Championship football.

In addition, like every team that plays us nowadays, Glenn Ryan and his brains trust don’t need to do any original thinking to come up with a game plan that gives them the best chance of beating us. Like Galway under Joyce, Kildare aren’t a naturally defensive team but if they – as Galway did – hold their noses and drop players back, that will mean, once again, we’re faced with the kind of exam question that simply doesn’t suit us.

The fact that we’re missing Ryan O’Donoghue from our starting fifteen today will also surely embolden them further. Ryan played absolute puck against them in the League match in Carrick and he’s been our best player this year by some distance. While he may, I guess, feature off the bench for us, the reality is that if he was 100% fit he’d be starting for us at Croke Park this evening.

They can, too, channel memories of 2018 to help their cause. The venue is an issue this time as well – only on this occasion for us, with the fact that the match is at HQ likely to result in perhaps the smallest Mayo crowd at a Croke Park Championship match (ignoring Covid) since the All-Ireland quarter-final against Cork in 2011. Absent the usual huge Mayo following, the cavernous venue isn’t likely to feel anything like the usual home from home for us this evening.

Back in 2018, Kildare came into that fateful Round 3 clash against us at St Conleth’s Park off the back of a humiliating seven-point defeat to Carlow in the Leinster quarter-final. We’d both won two qualifier rounds that long, hot summer – us beating Limerick and Tipperary, while they beat Derry and Longford – heading to Newbridge and even though we were hampered badly by the loss through injury of key players, we still appeared to have the greater momentum.

Does this sound at all familiar?

Sticking with that Newbridge match, Kildare got a run on us early on that evening and while we reeled them back in without too much trouble, we’d shown them how we could be got at. This then gave them them the confidence to have a right cut at us and, backed by an increasingly vocal home following, that proved sufficient for them to land a mortal blow on us.

So, how we set out our stall from the start has to be key to our winning this evening’s match. While we did many things badly against Monaghan last weekend, a crucial thing we got right was that we were on the front foot on the scoreboard from early on and we never found ourselves chasing the game.

That meant that even though that 20-odd minute scoreless spell we endured in the second half was hugely frustrating, it wasn’t ultimately at all damaging. All the more so in light of Monaghan’s ludicrous tactic of sitting deep for most of the second period even though they were the ones in arrears.

In our two Championship matches so far, we’ve played our better football in the first half. Against Galway we recovered really well after a very poor opening spell and against Monaghan the last day we established a lead we never subsequently lost.

A positive opening spell – hopefully one where we can manage to locate the net in situations where clear-cut goal chances are on – will go a long way towards securing the win for us this evening. If we can do this and get our strike runners purring on the pristine Croke Park surface it could be a profitable evening for us, notwithstanding all of the dangers this all-or-nothing tie poses.

The best of luck to the lads later on and good luck too to Mayo’s women footballers who play their first round-robin match in this year’s LGFA All-Ireland Championship at 2pm this afternoon, as they face Tipperary at MacHale Park.

Here’s to two wins from two today. Onwards and upwards for both of them. Up Mayo.

201 thoughts on “Game day – it’s all on the line once again

  1. Great post Willie Joe. That third quarter has become an issue for us in recent matches. Add in windy conditions up here, and we might find scoring into an empty Hill 16 goal quite tricky. Rain a possibility too.

  2. Roll on 6. Happy enough to be watching it at home but safe travel to everyone heading up.

    I’d be happy with a non-statement win and no injuries. Keep us under the radar.

  3. A good post to read while digesting the fry. As stated above, its the errie similarites with 2018 that has me worried. I’ve an awful feeling about this game. If Ryan somehow starts it will give more confidence. Just hope these nerves are all for nothing, and we’re in the pot Monday morning.

    An early lead here is vital, as surely Glenn Ryan will get as many men back as possible to block the space. Carr needs a big performance in the absence of Ryan and Tommy, if he deilevers, we could be okay.

    Best of luck to the lads, and safe travelling to all supporters.

  4. Rumours that ROD is fit circulating.. be a massive boost.. Fancy us to get it done either way in Croker against a team who, like ourselves are not used to setting up defensively

  5. Well said williejoe. That builds it up nicely. Good luck to all involved today and hopefully we’ll see a good game and a mayo win at the end. We need the likes of Carr and Loftus to step up today. Maybe an early goal from carr could get us moving though goals from play seem to be very hard to come by for mayo. I’ll stick with a 6 pts win (I’ll take an og win).

  6. All just a note to anyone driving into the game.


    Its a personal bug bear of mine is that people get clamped all the time at our games in Croke Park because they think its for weekend parking especially around the Iona Rd area.
    People just dont know….
    The clampers know the story and will cruise by just around throw in time and get to work.
    Hasnt happened to me but I imagine its a horrible feeling to get back to you car at 8.15 and have to pay €120 and wait an hour to be released…..
    Your need €10 in coins of the parking App.

  7. Good luck to the Lads today and Safe travelling to everyone heading to Dublin.

    I was quietly confident all week but this morning im getting nervous. Hopefully we can get out with a win and no injury’s.

  8. Could someone with programme post the subs list please. Extra bit of width in croker and kildare open style of play should enable us create some goal chances. No excuses no hiding places, early substitutions for plsyers not putting in the hard graft, we owe them one.. Or 2 hopefully with minor team doubling up.

  9. Hi Willie Joe. A great piece as usual to start the day. I am very confident going into today’s match. JH has taken some heed of the performance v Monaghan and changed some of the forwards. I would expect more changes before the match starts. Kildare will suit us as they don’t play the defensive style blanket and are more of an attacking team with good scoring forwards. Again We have a tight back line with experience and pace. We need to strike early and often. If rumours are true then ROD could BE STARTING this would be massive for us. I predicted a win by 7/8 points and feel more confident this morning. Move the ball forward with pace into Cillian, Carr and Doc, these lads will cause serious damage.
    Best of luck to the Mayo Team and Management Today. Best of luck also to our Ladies and Minor Team.Safevtravellingbto All.
    Mayo Victory Today.
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  10. We need the heads to be right today, no gawking, just driving on, we do need to win and we need to put fear in the rest of them – I’m sick of the road

  11. Well done, as usual Willie Joe.
    And a big thank you 1989. Most considerate of you to advise us.
    And good luck to our ladies today as well, and our minors tomorrow.
    Safe travelling to all who are lucky to be able to travel.
    And hopefully no injuries on any sides.

  12. Work with a few lads from Kildare and the banter has been good, but in all seriousness and none of this reverse psychology they were sayin not a notion will Kildare win this game.. the Kildare fans are not too confident at all and alot of them not traveling

  13. I don’t think I ever remember any team that went on to win an AI, sneaking across the line.

    They’ve gone through the competition with confidence and commitment and conviction.

    I’m sick of reading lads saying ” a one point win will do today “.

    If that’s the team attitude then an AI is as far away as ever.

    We need to get out on that pitch and put in a performance that only an AI contender is capable of putting in.

    The team need to start proving to themselves that they are on a higher plain than Kildare.

    Mayo need to prove that us been in the last two AI’s was no fluke and that we intend to be in this AI as well.

    Fuck the coming in under the radar.

    Beat Kildare today and beat them well, and then invite Dublin or Kerry or whoever is left in the competition on to the pitch and challenge to try and beat us if they are able.

    We need to start showing a bit of backbone and a bit of fight and if we do that starting at 6 o’clock today that will leave us in a good place.

    Good luck to all the players and the management and safe travelling to all on their way to Croker.

    May the green and red flags fly from the flagpoles signalling victory when the final whistle blows this evening.

    Hon Mayo.

  14. A loss against Kildare shouldn’t even be contemplated, hockeyed by Dublin and Westmeath managed to score 2-15 against them.

    Even if they do try and close up shop we’ve had more than sufficient time to learn how to overcome this and it’s Croke Park.

    I believe Kildare will bring the best out in Mayo, they will awaken them in every sense.

    Whether it’s a 1 or a 5 point win doesn’t matter although I believe it will be closer to the latter, with the usual Mayo heart stopping moments thrown in for good measure.

    It’s only Kildare lads, don’t panic and don’t even contemplate a loss.

  15. Revellino, if the team have that mindset you want them to have, we’ll be dumped on our arses this evening. Its one game at a time, no looking over the fence, they need to be fully concentrated on Kildare and not an All Ireland. Its all about the next game and navigating the hurdles the best you can.

    We will always be “far away as ever” from an All Ireland until we win one. Most realistic supporters would agree that the cruel injury suffered by Tommy ended any chance we have this year. Just like Cillians absence was seiriously felt against Tyrone.

    One game at a time, and I’d snap your arm off for a one point win today.

  16. @Lineball 2.0

    I’ll guarantee you, Dublin went out to beat Kildare off the planet a few weeks ago not to pip squeak a one point win. That’s why they are front runners for the AI again. They believe in themselves.

    If you are snapping arms off for a one point win against a Kildare then you aren’t giving yourself much hope of beating a Dublin or a Kerry in all fairness.

  17. Well said Willie Joe. Let’s all be positive now and wish the team in to a cosy success . Haven’t left Leeside yet but i’ll be there before 6. Up Mayo???

  18. @ Revellino Well Said. I too am sick of this 1 point will suffice, 1 game at a time conditioning. Its time for this Mayo Team to go out on the field and thoroughly dominate the game for 70 plus minutes. Its time for Mayo to put down a serious marker for the likes of the Kerrys. Let other Teams sit up and take notice of us. Remember the performance v Dublin in last year’s AI semi final. We should be going out to hammer Kildare, that is the mind set, that is the only way we will ever win the Sam Maguire.

  19. @Lineball 2.0, It’s still one game at a time, whether you’re confident or not and give me confidence in my own ability over self doubt any day.

    I think you may be mixing self confidence and cockyness up, they aren’t the same things at all.

    If people can’t be confident of beating Kildare in Croke Park then we may as well forget all about ever winning an All-Ireland and leave it to the counties who actually back themselves.

    Even saying stuff like the injury to Tommy ended any chance we have this year is so self defeating, take a leaf out of the Tyrone psyche, in Mayo there’s too much of the “Jesus we’re finished” attitude instead of using setbacks as a galvanizing tool.

    Sure you want your best players available but it doesn’t mean you should wave the white flag and surrender if you don’t, that’s why we have squads and panels and spend a fortune developing players and that’s why we have a manager, to manage.

    And he’ll manage to win today as well.

  20. No excuses. We should be stuffing Kildare. They were no match for us in the League and then went on to be utterly humiliated by Dublin. We’ve named a strong side and Croker should suit us. If we lose we’ve only ourselves to blame. Up Mayo.

  21. A sobering thought for us mad Mayo supporters.
    I watched again the early stages of the dublin kildare game and if the truth be told, I very much doubt our forwards would create those goal chances let alone put them away.
    It also should be noted that following that early dublin onslaught, kildare more or less matched them for the rest of the game…food for thought I would say!!!

  22. 100% Revellino. We’re more than good enough to beat them well. None of this pensive nonsense. Foot to the floor and drive on

  23. One niggle I’d have is our subs, not so much for today but if we progress. Kevin Mc is a shadow of his former self and he’s just not making the impact off the bench.

    It’s especially regarding our forward cover, we’re fairly bare, although glad to see Darren McHale make a positive contribution last weekend.

  24. @Liberal role in the tie

    When we lose players like Brendan, Ryan, Plunkett and Tommy to injury we arent going to have as much depth on our bench.

  25. Subs as per programme:

    Conor O’Shea
    Kev Mc

  26. I seen that wide man, programme is available for download from dbapublications. Was hoping for a few fresh faces.

  27. Think we will need our scoring forwards on from the start – Boland and McHale, with McLoughlin coming from the bench. Can’t see us getting enough scores with the 6 named forwards to outscore Kildare!

  28. I am confident that we will win today, both teams are well matched skill wise, we have a better structure but mentally is where this game will be really decided, we still have to get over the Tyrone and Kerry defeats in CP, Kildare need to recover from the Dublin drubbing, give them a good start then they may have a chance but I think that we will be better than last week and will have more than enough to win today.

  29. It’s certainly not a subs bench to strike the fear of God into any opposition.

  30. One week on after a tough assignment against the longest serving division 1 team, Mayo won’t be “hockeying” or “stuffing” any team who’s head is in the right place.

    In terms of scheduling this is the toughest weekend of the season.

    Start well and we can win out comfortably enough. Two comfortable wins in a week against division 1 teams is statement enough

  31. Great stuff Wj A very enjoyable and knowledgeable post For those who won’t be happy with a one point win because AI winners allegedly don’t do one point wins think of Tyrone beating us in 2008 by one point and going on to win AI or think of Kerry’s struggles with Sligo and Longford and Limerick and going on to win AI titles. Take every game on its merit, show respect to all teams, go out and perform and see where that takes you. Kildare can be a dangerous animal. The very best of luck to team management and supporters today .Also to the ladies and minor footballers. Could be a great weekend if all goes our way

  32. O neill
    O Grady
    Shea Ryan
    Kevin flynn
    O callaghan
    Mc Cormack
    Neill Flynn
    Dan flynn
    Jimmy hyland
    The apparent Kildare team

  33. Have any of ye ever taken a look at Kildare management, 3 or 4 brilliant past players in their line up, John Doyle, Anthony Rainbow and the once great centre back Glenn Ryan.
    Will they be able to put something in place to save Kildare’s Season.
    It remains to be seen later this Evening.

  34. Have to agree Liberal. Lacking scoring threat big time on that bench. You could count on 2 hands all the championship points scored amongst all that bench. As usual we are in for a struggle and agree, a win is all that’s important. Really worried now that Ryan’s inter county season is over for this year. Huge, huge loss given his form over last 18 months.

  35. See rumours being spread about Paddy Durkan availability now – will it ever stop!

  36. You mention w.j.that we are performing better in the 1st half now and lacking in the 2nd half So we solved our problem from last year but just moved it the other side of the half time whistle. Small tweak and you’d hope we’d rectify that and put in a full 70 minute performance. Mayo by 4+. Have a fiver on Jack Carney to be man of the match at 14/1 . Plus a fiver on Clare. Always gamble responsible. (Spent a tenner of the ticket money it would have cost me as I can’t go today)

  37. Can not travel today
    best of luck to mayo

    Can the match be seen on now tv or is it just sky sports

  38. @1989 – i actually think we are lighter on back cover. Jordan, Diarmuid, Carney and Conor o’shea can all cover midfield.

  39. Would love to be there but it’s not feasible. 80 euro for diesel and didn’t even fill it.
    But I’ll watch it on the radio… God bless mid West.
    My heart will always be there. Come on Mayo. Time to play!!

  40. Not sure we are starting our best team.The lack of change from James even in the subs a real worry and his habit of not reacting quickly on the sideline is infuriating.
    Thought Orme did well last Saturday..cant see why he was dropped in favour of those who do not score.Would like to see Boland on…no disrespect to any of the lads who give their all for Mayo.
    Fed up of rumours by the way.

  41. Not really rumour you’re just weighing it up now and you’d think Ryan’s year is over . You take Clifford and Sean o se outta Kerry or con and Kilkenny outta Dublin their chances would be definitely decreased so Tommy and Ryan out of Mayo and we are fooked . Still think we will win today tbh as I don’t rate Kildare as a collective unit at all .

  42. Not travelling today. I miss very few Mayo games but am extremely annoyed we couldn’t have this game outside of Croker at a reasonable time. A double header with the minor match in Tullamore would have been logical but the CCCC don’t do logical things.

    Loftus gets another chance so hopefully he will grab it with both hands. I think we will have too much for Kildare today and the quarter finals will be the real test.

    Best of luck to the lads and to all those travelling to support the team.

  43. Be refreshing today to see loftus spray a few diagonal balls into Carr and cillian . Just simple non complicated football now and again

  44. Best of luck to our western brothers traveling up to the 1st game today.

    And the Rossies too

  45. If we are focussed, with heads properly in the zone for this match, we can be successful.
    Nothing less will do to win this game.
    We know about Kildare’s scoring forwards and athleticism.
    And as a poster above mentioned, they have a proud and highly capable management team, who will want to do damage.
    I seriously respect Kildare. That’s why we definitely need to have ourselves mentally right and prepared from the first whistle.
    I also agree with the above poster who said that bar the bucketful of goals in the Leinster final, Kildare matched Dublin.
    Please let’s not be swaggery or full of ourselves (no justification), but please let’s go out with heads right and do what I believe we can do, but we haven’t seen in a long time.
    Up Mayo!

  46. Kildare are not a benchmark for anything. Defence is porous, and the sideline inept.

    Any team with realistic designs on the big prize should be beating them by whatever they feel like.

    Mayo by 6.

    If you are traveling, park north of the Mobhi road – 5 minute taxi ride to/from Fagans – taxis passing all the time. No clampers and no fees.

  47. Real fans don’t spread rumours on game day. It only damages our chances by informing prying eyes from the opposition and gives them a head start tactically. Typical of that gobshite on twitter – stick to the soccer “mate”

  48. jaden,
    respectfully disagree.They have better forwards than us and I do not expect them to leak goals like they did against Dublin.
    Man of the match v Dublin last year not playing,2 best forwards not playing and injuries not fully cleared up.Where is all this confidence coming from.Hyland,Flynn ,McCormack and Feely very fine players.Their sideline might just learn more than ours…time will tell.

  49. A few posters on here seem to rate a few fringe players highly , well if playing as selected and if they are as good as ye say, then they could have great games, no excuses.

  50. Rip off by GAA fatcats to have us here in croke park today and Tullamore tomorrow . €10 for a programme. They couldnt care less.
    ROD season is over only if kildare win today.
    Will the rumour mongers shut to f#ck up.
    Very tricky crossfield breeze blowing. It will be very interesting to see how Ros and Clare cope with it….

  51. 10 euros for a match programme today in Croker ?, Holy fuck ! I never bought them when they were 5 euros.

  52. Could jh do something he has done before and pull one out of the bag like posting conor o shea at the edge of the square and launch in high ball and vary it with our running game. Highly unlikely I’d say.

  53. According to Jim McGuinness on Sky Mayo couldn’t get a hotel in Dublin and are travelling up today and coming back tonight. That’s tough on the players

  54. Km correct. I was charged €10 in error. Had to go back to programme seller to sort it. Enough of rip offs. Very small crowd.

  55. Hopefully Jack does the business today 2 hops. Alot depends on the right ball going in. Here’s Hopefully

  56. Roscommon losing by 3 point, still a big chunk of match to go. But said earlier in week, team who comes out of qualifiers, could cause the 4 teams waiting in quarterfinals a big scare. Roscommon have not played in weeks and it shows

  57. In Dublin and heading to Croker soon. Feel lucky and excited to be here. Will shout loudly and please God we get a good game with a good result for us.

    May I also draw your attention – if ye are here – to a gorgeous mural in black and white of two foxes on the side of a building just at the bridge in Drumcondra? It’s fab.

    Best wishes to everyone shouting on at home. I’ll be thinking of ye and, if the stars align for us, I hope we’ll get to have another day (more days) out.

  58. Soft penalty…The Rossies had in the bag, Soft Soft Penalty???? Well done to the Mayo Women, almost as many in McHale Park as Croke Park…At least there is plenty of place for social distancing in Croke Park… Don’t think it’s even as lonely around the Fields of Athenry!

  59. Great start to the day. The noisy neighbours quietened for another few months. Now for a Mayo win to top it off.

  60. Ross still waiting since 1980 to win a championship match in Croker. Incredible stat. No more than ourselves, they have plenty baggage.

    Congrats Clare. I’ve lots of friends from there.

  61. Someone had told me had both Roscommon and Donegal won this weekend it would have kept is on the Derry/Galway side of the draw (assuming we win this evening). Ah well !!!

  62. Pretty dire stuff. Only interesting thing was seeing Mark Moran wearing #25 jersey.loftus not at the races.

  63. Brutal game and pathetic from Mayo again. We deserve to go out based on this performance so far.

  64. Bad all over
    No urgency
    Really need to up it in second half
    Loose marking on both sides

  65. Worst I have seen from this Mayo team. Kildare not much better. Running straight into them, no change from earlier games. We are pushing up when we lose the ball but just wasting energy. Wide open when they run at us. Cillian having a stinker. Nothing on the bench. Not looking good.

  66. Only 3 down. Surely we have to improve in second half.. kery or Dublin in QF anyone…

  67. Need to improve fairly quick here. In fairness to kildare they’ve learned a few lessons from their hiding against the jacks.

  68. Forwards are clueless. No one putting their hand up and giving us a bit of leadership. Bring on O Hora and throw Hession up front. We need major improvement to dig us out of this one. Kildare backs look a bit porous but im not convinced we can open them up…

  69. Perhaps Mayo prefer a narrower pitch,they don’t appear to like the wide open spaces of Crime Park

  70. Awful. We deserve to be knocked out. The alternative is scraping through here and getting a hiding in the quarters. Maybe we deserve a hiding to make it crystal clear what the problems are.

  71. Very disappointing. Shooting all over the place. Running game not working, hand passes not going to hand. Need to improve or out we will be. Double sweeper causing us problems AGAIN. Mcloughlin and Keegan playing well. And Jack Carney apart from shooting. But at least guy getting involved

  72. Nobody in that forward line is making a case for themselves. Useless.

  73. A goal will win this game. Not a forward insight for mayo. Still expect Mayo to win.

  74. As to be in the top 2, worst 1st half way performances we’ve ever had. Surely.

  75. The talk about statements and 6+ margins before throw in. What set of forwards do they think we have

  76. Lucky Kildare left their shooting boots at home otherwise they could be out of sight already!! We are very very flat and lethargic. I think we should bring in O’Hora and Flynn for a bit of energy.

  77. Well, what would’ve happened if we started with the team that finished…….. Or what will?

  78. Fabulous come back, well done Mayo.. team and management.. Substitutes made a huge difference, …Oisin Mullen my Man of the Match

  79. The worst Mayo performance in a long time.

    So many players had poor performances. Ruane did nothing. Coen poor. Durcan and Diarmuid not himself. Hennelly missed all three shots. Just our overall attacking play was disjointed.

    Hopefully we can improve. Luckily for us Kildare were really dreadful. A decent team would have knocked us out today

  80. Jeff – you have some nerve trying to post plamás like that at full-time after what you were attempting to post when it looked like we were goosed. Don’t ever attempt to post another comment here.

  81. I’m with Exile. Hats off to James for good substitutions and to the lads for some bloody heart. Maigheo abú

  82. Subs won the game for us. Stressful but good win. Hopefully get ryan back for the 1/4.

    Up Mayo!!!!

  83. We play that match in the Hyde or Tullamore and I think we may have lost.

  84. Fair play to every player.

    They never hung the heads and battled back for the win.

    Very exciting for a 5 point win.

  85. In particular massively happy for Boland and even if we are reliant on the backs getting that first goal was huge. They just don’t give up

  86. What a win in the end. We can never question the teams character. Keegan immense again, good to see Flynn back. Two good points by Boland..we live in hope.

  87. Hard to fathom that. 6 points down to win by five. Good stuff. For once I don’t have many words. Well done all. I am very proud of this team

  88. Well done to team and management,I had given up hope,but all the subs made a difference,they certainly give us some enjoyment

  89. Well done Mayo, you can write them off at your peril. How on earth do they keep doing it? In fairness they are tough nuts to crack. Could make the final yet dare I say it …they are never really beaten. Huge congrats ? ?

  90. We are not improving. Kildare were really poor and we were lucky to get away with that. Brilliant goal from Oisin. Apart from that we were on our way out with a whimper. Will we see any improvement for QF. Let’s hope so as we are very poor this year so far and look like a wounded animal from last year’s All Ireland that need to be put out of our misery.

  91. Let’s hope this is a season-changing match. We found scores very hard to get yet again, but let’s hope it brings us on. They have the taste of Croker again. Today was classic Mayo. Wonderful drama, lots to learn, but we’re still in the pot. Up Mayo.

  92. Willie Joe, can you erase that comment I made at 7.03pm. I should be ashamed of myself.

  93. Culmore, I withdraw my earlier remark but will repeat it (in a different tone)……God bless your optimism !!

  94. I hope we are just keeping our best stuff under wraps!… if we get Ryan back, we might have a very small chance ….and nice draw v Derry/ Galway… Roscommon losing slightly lowers the odds there, so need donegal win to help our chances

  95. This is why I was pleased about Croke park. With that pitch. and our speed and conditioning we are in any game right to the end. What a finish. Up Mayo!!!

  96. We are in the draw , but i doubt if even Clare are worried about us never mind the other 6 teams in the last 8

  97. Have to hold my hand up, I thought we were gone for this year. Also wrong on Boland, he seems to have the X factor as regards to getting points. We are a mad sort of team which is no bad thing but nerve-wracking for supporters.

  98. Process is always trumped by outcome – a 5-point win is an exceedingly good outcome.
    On to our next engagement – my gratitude to all concerned.

  99. Justoutsideballagh, I have to agree with you. While delighted with win. Too many players playing below par. Forwards will need ROD back, and firing. Which hard to do considering missed alot of matches/ training in last month. Midfield need Fylnn back and firing, and Mattie need to find form from last year. Alot of IF’s there already. And Paddy Durkan needs to find his shooting boot, and Keegan needs to do what he does every match. But live in hope

  100. I agree, justoutsideballagh. We aren’t improving. We got away with it today. Kildare should have been out the gap.

  101. The roller coaster never stop! …always exciting following Mayo. Sam is only a dream Bonus

  102. Loftus had a patchy performance but one super score and his pace got us out of trouble big time there at the end.

  103. Matthew Ruane’s form is worrying. His basic skills have gone to pot. Looks very low on confidence.

  104. Great finish, delighted to be in Q/finals.
    However, I will ask the question how did it take James Horan over 50 minutes to get our best 15 on the field, mind boggling.

  105. Crete Boom…Looks like you nailed it with comment about OHora and Flynn bringing the energy..
    Alot to work on but will enjoy the win..
    Well done Mayo..

  106. Except in a final never rule out Mayo. Going forward team selection is very important. O Hora has to start, Mullen has to go to CHB at least, both OShea and Coen are only impact subs in second half.. Boland and McHale better than some of forwards selected to start today.

  107. Well done on the win but it wasnt pretty and it was an error strewn match. In the end Mayo are in the draw on Monday same as Galway and Rossies are out. It is probably fair to say that Mayos chance of advancing involves avoiding Dublin or Kerry as a repeat of league final would be on cards if Mayo form doesnt improve and rod is not back in forwards. Roll on Monday.

  108. Some turn around . But we do like to make it hard on ouselves. Delighted to see boland get his chance. Subs made a good impact as kildare wilted. I hope our forward unit begin to click for the next day. Keegan was heroic again.

  109. Oh good heavens, it is hard to be a Mayo supporter watching those games.
    Fair play to one and all. I feel sorry for Kildare but glad we won.
    Don’t really know what else to say except Kildare are a quality team. Every time they attacked in the first 60 minutes they looked dangerous. When the game broke up and got ratty, that’s when Mayo came into it. *The fans and their energy assisted Mayo, I feel, in that crucial time when we started to claw back).* Kildare panicked a little.
    Jordan Flynn made an important difference when introduced (steady and can take a score).
    Oisín important, as the last day. Eoghan Mc too. Enda Hession very good. Darren McHale good. Lee, a great warrior again.
    Kildare played defensively and this unsettled us, again.
    I don’t know where we are going. We looked threadbare for long stretches but I’m seeing it now as an adventure with nothing expected. My hopes for an assured, decisive performance did not materialise. The posters who spoke about scraping a one-point win were closer to the truth of the matter.
    But nonetheless, we march on. Up Mayo!
    Safe home to all the travelling fans (who shouted and pushed on the team in the second half – well done to ye).

  110. That was a great win,it was like they turned a switch.
    We haven’t played very well in either of the 2 qualifier games but we are still into the QF.
    Horan very emotional after the game.

  111. Life is a rollercoaster…following mayo is the scariest rollercoaster on earth. Great comeback even if Kildare collapsed. In the pot for another week anyway.

  112. A game of two halves, shocking in the first , better in the second .. the subs worked, but by God Kildare completely ran out of legs.. Hessions block big turning point..
    So it’s one of Dublin, Kerry, Derry next for Mayo..

  113. Two moments won that game
    Hessions block
    And Mullins wonder goal

    There is no plan anymore
    It’s down to the players digging deep and finding moments of magic

  114. Great Win and Great character from Mayo and all Mayo supporters should enjoy it but…
    Play like that against Kerry or Dublin and we could get a real trimming – a10-15 points beating
    Some really, really poor individual performances today and starting forwards are just not at the races
    We’ll be big underdogs against any of Kerry, Dublin or Derry but that’s not a bad thing i suppose
    Delighted for Boland – showed his worth today big time. Hard for Horan not to start him now

  115. The ‘NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE’ from our lads is just incredible especially in traumatic and chaos moments in game.
    Well done lads,, and well done to the 2 South Mayo lads too Enda and Oisin for saving the day!!!

  116. They might hold the quarter in Tullamore for the Mayo faithful. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  117. The set up and team selection is all wrong imo and I’d agree with KM79 that it’s now left to individual talent to dig us out. Conor was turned over in the tackle time and time again. One good score might save him, but overall his losing of the ball in possession and poor hand passing let the team down on a numerous occasions. A luxury that we just cannot afford. The Croke Park pitch just doesn’t seem to suit Aiden for whatever reason and it was his poorest performance all season. Likewise with Stephen Coen, just seems to lack the necessary pace. The win hides serious flaws I fear, but again the Mayo lads dug deep which is a fantastic credit to their character.

  118. No wonder Sky love mayo on a Saturday evening … You just couldn’t script it. Well done Mayo. Hession block. Leeroy points with left. Brilliant.

  119. Great to win the game in the end, but we are kidding ourselves if we think we will trouble most of the remaining sides on current form. We were awful for 50 minutes today, and but for some errant shooting from the Lillywhites and a few big cameos (Fergal Boland, Jordan Flynn and of course, the magnificent Lee Keegan) we were gone.

    I would ask some big questions of whoever is preparing our warm ups, because we seem to start every game groggy, giving the opposition time and space to build a lead. Against the top sides, we won’t reel them in.

    Oisín is not a full back, end of story. Give him some clear open country and he’s a completely different player, and I think his goal demonstrated that.

    We were out of it at midfield for long spells, Matty in particular seems to gone off the boil since last year’s All-Ireland. Aido also takes far too much out of the ball in our attacks, good to see Jordan Flynn getting back there (and he meant his goal, shades of Horan 96 against Kerry).

    We still look completely disjointed in attack, especially against a mass defence, albeit we caught fire for ten minutes in the second half.

    Lots of work to do. One thing though: Kildare managed to implement a reasonably cohesive defensive structure in a matter of weeks following the Dublin game. IF our management team took a leaf out of their book, we would become a much harder team to beat, especially if we got ROD back. I have seen no evidence that our management team are inclined to do this, but hopefully it happens.

  120. Can I just th that no team will want to meet us,we are where we are in the hat for the next day so I am happy to be there,a huge congratulations to team and management,Mayo for Sam

  121. @Liberal Role in the tie… Castlebar if we draw Dublin.. and toss for home or away if feasible v Derry.. Kerry or Galway (we already have a home/away agreement with Galway, same as Cork/Limerick) or a Venue geographically between Mayo and their opponent.. Except for Dublin who haven’t played a knockout Championship match versus anyone in over 20 year’s, time to change that… Incidentally, anyone know today’s official Croke Park attendance?… Didn’t look 20K on TV.

  122. Moving Keegan to chb was the masterstroke. We need himself or mullin in that position to give us forward impetus.
    Hession excellent again. Supperior fitness won out in end. Credit to management/training for getting some things right.

  123. @ The West is Best….I’m actually laughing at that one. Aidan hasn’t dominated a game in Croke Park since he destroyed D’gal in 2013. Sure, he’s played in 7 AIF’s and never scored….!?

    Someone mentioned Horan being emotional. His team looked out of ideas. It was clear he felt the performance was way, way off where he hoped it would be.

    The only positive from today is that we are still in it. I said before the game that winning is all that matters and that statement wins count for little. Can we call this an ‘understatement win’!??

  124. It was exciting but lets be realistic we were awful on basic stuff against a middling side we will likely get hammered if we meet Dublin or Kerry.
    We cant keep doing this

  125. Mayo only had a squad of 24 players today,the 26 was submitted on Thurs but one got injured and one got sick,that’s why Mark Moran was in the warm up.
    He wouldn’t have been eligible to come on at any stage.

  126. Some people said that there was nothing between the two teams and we would be lucky to win by one, yet we pulled off an 11 point turn around.

    The turnaround shows that the team still has the capability, it just needs consistency and to put out the strongest team from the start in future.

  127. We really really need Rod back for quarters
    And to draw Derry. No ifs bits or maybes we need the luck of the draw to get on that side
    Then anything is possible

  128. Km79, we struggle against defensive sides. If we draw Derry they can do mass defence better than Galway, Monaghan or Kildare.
    The cat will be among the pigeons then and I don’t know what kind of a Mayo performance I’d expect.
    Maybe Mayo have been doing what Jim Gavin always said, “stick to the process” (which I understand as “stick at it, stay in the game, your chance will come before the end.”) We’ve had to do that against defensive teams but I would like to see us start a little better, maybe.

  129. Were going to get caught again like we did against Galway playing rope-a- dope
    Needing opposition to wane
    Before we spark into life .
    Leaders stood up today in defence ,Credit to James Horan for making right calls early from bench because we were on the ropes.He will know that 20 minutes performance wont win the quarter final no matter who we play. We also got the rub of the green in the last 2 games which we were well owed over the years.

  130. I wouldn’t fancy us against Derry at the moment, they have serious cohesion, a solid game plan and forwards who know what they’re doing. Everything we are missing at the moment. They would turn us over and hit us on the counter, a tactic that Kildare implemented at two weeks notice and gave us serious trouble with today.

    Clare would give us trouble going on today’s performances.

  131. Great point ‘It means nothing to me’, Kildare changed tack completely today and caused us massive problems. A team with a defensive strategy well embedded ie Derry, Galway, Kerry could kill us off.

  132. @Liberal Role in the Tie: My hope would be that as most of the substitutions worked out yesterday, that the management team would make some changes in that vein, fitness permitting. The one plus from yesterday was that in the second half, we actually hit four excellent points from acute angles on the right hand side (Boland x2, Loftus and DOC), something I haven’t seen since the Dublin game last year. If we could find a way to systematize that, it could be one way of beating the blanket (the other way is high ball into the full forward line, but JH seems disinclined to select Darren Coen, and we didn’t get much change from aerial balls into the Kildare full back line yesterday, maybe one mark in the first half from James Carr, who shanked the subsequent free).

    Getting any sort of a run out of ROD the next day out would be a major plus.

    It’s also unusual that Paddy D would hit five wides, would hope that the two week gap would allow him and a few others (Cillian especially) to treat any niggles or sharpness issues.

  133. In the draw for the quarters after 2 games against Division 1 teams. 13 points conceded on average across the two games. Jordan Flynn back, Boland getting on and playing well, Jack Carney bringing something different, Oisin back on song, Lee rolling back the years. A lot of issues remain but if Ryan is back in a fortnight you’d feel we’d give anyone a good rattle.

  134. My god Mayo won but were very poor and yet when chips were down kicked some wonderful points. Did not look like there was 10000 there and most of the rossies left after first game ?

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