Game day – it’s all on the line today

So, after weeks of Championship action where it’s been a case of dancing round the proverbial handbags, with not a bit of jeopardy in sight, the body count has suddenly started to rise. Yesterday the Rossies, Kildare and Donegal all bit the dust and this afternoon at Salthill either ourselves or Galway will follows suit.

This means our meeting at Pearse Stadium this afternoon, in what’s an All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-final tie, should have a real air of a proper Championship clash about it. This knockout, winner-on-the day tie throws in at the Salthill venue at 3pm this afternoon, Tyrone’s Seán Hurson is the ref and it’s being shown live on RTÉ.

Neither of us should, of course, have found ourselves in a kill-or-be-killed knockout tie this weekend. But we both made a proper bags of our respective Round 3 assignments in the group stage so here we are. With them looking to land a fatal blow on us while we’ll be doing the same to them. Nothing personal, this is simply the business of Championship survival for both of us.

On the face of it, Galway look in the stronger position going into this pivotal encounter. Their screw-up last weekend wasn’t as mortifying as ours and the defeat they suffered was a wafer-thin one, in a game they could and should have won.

It was also their first Championship reversal this year. Before that they’d sealed back-to-back Connacht title victories – the first time they’ve done this since the early Noughties – and they seemed to be moving through the group stage calmly and without too much fuss, despite the fact that they were in a tough group.

In that sense, you could argue that Galway have been hard done by as regards where the chips have fallen for them this year. Had they lost the Connacht final, they might well have finished in an easier group and then, having so narrowly failed to win the group they were drawn in, they end up getting paired with us.

We can’t, in reality, have any such complaints about how we’ve ended up in this fix. We’d done the hard job by going down to Killarney and beating Kerry and then, having let Louth come far too close to comfort to us, we made a total hames of the game against Cork last weekend.

The Rebels’ win over Roscommon yesterday suggests our defeat to them last week should perhaps be seen in a kinder light. I’m not sure I buy that: if Dublin or Kerry come up against Cork later in this year’s Championship (as Kerry have already done) then, the Rebels’ revival notwithstanding, they’ll be expected to win (as Kerry did) but which we failed to do.

But while our reversal last week may raise legitimate questions over our standing as contenders for Sam – and it would be hard to argue that it doesn’t – it doesn’t really help all that much to provide any insights into how today might go for us. This is for the simple reason that this is Galway v Mayo in front of a sell-out capacity crowd with everything on the line.

Meetings between us are often, though not always, close affairs. Today could well be too, though if Galway are at full strength and their forward line clicks in the way it’s been threatening to do for some time but not quite managing, then we could be in major trouble. All the more so if we come into today having failed to shake off the funk we’ve been in since pulling off that unexpected heist in Killarney.

There are sure to be changes to both teams before throw-in today. Ours are likely to be tactical – with two or even three post-game switches a possibility – but theirs could well be enforced. Both Seán Kelly and Damien Comer are named to start but it remains to be seen if either or both will. We won’t know the answer to that until shortly before throw-in.

The prize on offer for us both today is, in large part, the same as was dangled in front of us last week – a place in the All-Ireland quarter-finals. The difference today is that the place on offer is one that guarantees a tough draw for next weekend but it’s the only spot available, the only way to keep our inter-county year alive.

I’ve been extremely nervous about this one ever since the draw was made on Monday morning. The closer we’ve come to throw-in, though, the more bullish I’ve become about our chances, though I’m still unsure how strong are the foundations upon which such positive sentiments are grounded.

Maybe it is the case that, with the safety net off, we’ll be the ones to thrive best in the white heat of battle. Or maybe we will manage to shake free from the torpor that’s been inflicting us in the last two games and deliver the kind of performance that saw us put Kerry to the sword. Maybe we might even have figured out how to avoid leaking scores coming down the closing stretch.

It’s definitely not the showdown that either of us wanted at this stage in the Championship. But it’s the one we’re put stuck with so, from our perspective, we need to draw on all that solid recent experience of beating them in knockout Championship games. We had plenty of trepidation heading into those showdowns in 2019, 2020 and 2021 but we saw them off all three times. There’s every chance we could do so again today.

As supporters, all we can do is go with the flow. It’s likely to be a tense atmosphere likely from first to last, with both sets of fans fully aware that this could be it for the year. Neither team will want to lose and their fans won’t either. This one’s all-in for everyone.

In the final analysis, I’m finding today’s game impossible to call. But that’s okay: all I have to do today is turn up and shout for the team. Which is what I’ll be doing and I hope the lads do enough to keep the flame burning for a while longer this year.

A quick word on the women. Their match up in Armagh is a group game and so they’re not in the all-or-nothing space facing the lads today. Here’s hoping, though, that they start their group stage in a positive way, with a win that sets them on the high road to the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

Two big games, two wins needed. It won’t be easy but it’s not stretching credulity too much to say that we can secure wins in both. Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

261 thoughts on “Game day – it’s all on the line today

  1. There’s one horrible though about this….lose…and it’s all over for 7 months!

  2. That’s a well written piece Willie Joe and you paint the picture perfectly. You always sum it up so thoroughly. This blog as always this season has been brilliant and I hope you get to write a few more pieces up until the end of July.
    Neither team should be having to play a prelim but to battle they must go today. Unlike you however the closer it gets the more nervous nd unsure I become. It will be close but Mayo need goals and maybe as many as 3 of them. I will be there and I’ll shout and I’ll cheer and just maybe the bounce of a ball will see us through. Penalties perhaps…..

  3. Good luck guys know you can do this bring that passion& fight like I know you can bring.

    If we do loose I’ll still be shouting for ye next year as always ha.

    But my gut feeling says mayo by 2

    Bring it on!

  4. Go hann maith ar fad WJ. Beautiful introduction to march day-mile buiochas duith.
    Yes, it’s the last chance salon! Let’s get behind our 26 panel and hope management make the right decisions and le cunadh De bheidh an bua ag foireann Mhuigeo inniu!
    Safe travelling to all. Bìgi curamach ar na boithre!
    Mhuigeo Abu!

  5. Think you’re right Pullhard we need goals Can’t see us scoring enough points.Tommy Conroy to start, get us a few goals and we hang on by a whisker.One point will do.

  6. Impossible to call. Which Mayo will turn up? The one that put Kerry to the sword in their backyard 5 weeks ago, or the one that got bullied and out muscled by Louth and Cork?

  7. The difference today could be both blanket defensive structures. Galway have many years to perfect theirs and ours is still full of holes as we have seen in the last two games. If we don’t plug the middle channel it could be a long day at the seaside.

  8. It really is a game that’s unanalyseable Galway v mayo games really do take on a life of their own it would melt your brain trying to predict an outcome one minute I’m thinking Jesus ya we could pull this off and the next minute I’m thinking Jesus if Galway click atal goodnight but that’s the beauty of it as long as they leave it all out there it’s going to be close , proper championship knockout it’s what it’s all about we just need to show up let’s hope we do

  9. Don’t forget one thing today, pause, bask. These are the days of our lives to quote the great Freddy. This, for me is a big part of the whole point of life.

  10. Well said Willie Joe. Here’s hoping for two Mayo wins today. While we should have beaten Cork last week , I think Cork aren’t that bad after all and could have beaten the Rossies by more yesterday. Cmom Mayo!

  11. The team and management dug their own grave last weekend. Yes they will bring a huge fire and determination into todays battle, however, it must remembered that it will only be matched by Galways. Salthill probably not the venue for Galway to unleash their full scoring lethality but a comfortable win for them nonetheless going by the state of our play from the last two games. Only and complete step change in performance both on the field and on the sideline will see us competitive today. Up Mayo.

  12. Let’s face it, today’s game is the first real test of McStay’s term in charge. If we perform like we did in the last two games we’ll get beaten by 6/7 points. A lot of new young players have been introduced so maybe it’s a year too early for the white heat of knock-out championship football. However, against our biggest rivals, it’s a great opportunity for our young lads to show they have the leadership, intensity and physicality to challenge the top teams. We also need our underperforming older players to rediscover their best form if we are to win this match. Best of luck today.

  13. A damp day, suits Mayo always in those type of games.
    This game is a great opportunity that may finally spark all players to life.
    Throw everything at them, get the lead and then try and stifle them.
    This game could well be decided on the team that makes the less errors.
    Systemd may be out the window for this one, just the greater desire and bit of experience, if used properly to win the day.

  14. Cant help but feeling today could be the last time we see Aidan, Kevin Mc Loughlin, Jason Doherty and maybe even Cillian in a Mayo jersey. If Comer and Kelly are fit and Galway have serious about winning an All Ireland I think they could beat us by 5 or 6. I think in the last few weeks we have really discovered how big a loss Oisin and Lee are.

  15. All – one final appeal before battle commences, this one aimed at those posting comments during and immediately after the game. In recent matches these contributions have tended to be high on emotion, frequently over the top and not, frankly, of any worth at all. I’d ask everyone to pause and consider if the comment they’re about to post adds to the debate in a constructive way and, if it doesn’t, then don’t post it. Also, please dial down the baiting of the opposition – on both sides – as that causes problems too. And leave the trolls to me, I’ve the tools to sort them. Enjoy the match.

  16. Hard to call, either team could have a performance and win handy enough. Nerves, the weather, experience, who will actually play all will be huge factors. If we can get to grips around midfield we have a big chance of winning. We have shown with the Kerry performance and in glimpses in other games that we can play good football. Some players due/need a big performance and hopefully they will. Roll on 3pm, or sorry 2.59pm for us to figure out starting teams.

  17. Weather update

    Hasn’t rained since about 07.30am. The sun is trying hard to come out. So you never know ye might be looking for 99’s in Salthill. Save travel to everyone !

  18. We were never as good as when our backs were against the wall. i think the lads will be hurting after last week and they will turn that hurt into a focused determination and win this bloody thing. Come on Mayo.

  19. We gotta declare war today. Go to battle. Never mind who they have available or not available. Concentrate on tearin into these guy’s. High tempo is how we best operate. No safety net. Loose and ur gone. Hit hard and fair. Tackle on the edge. The team that scores the most will win.

  20. Ticket situation here, regular poster, will if anyone knows of 2 available would be extremely grateful 0868516484.

  21. Thank you Willie Joe for bringing us up to speed with all that is happening with Mayo,I apologise for trying your patience yesterday, all I want is balanced and fair comments on our team and management, we must always be kind and realise that whilst our team and management won’t be checking the comments their friends and family probably are,safe travels to all supporters today ,hopefully a game for the ages and may the best team win,as long as it is Mayo,up Mayo

  22. Beautifully composed piece WJ, a perfect scene setter, bravo. I’m finding it impossible to call, but only if Galway are indeed, not at full health. If they have a full compliment, it’s hard to make a case for us. It’s also hard to believe Killarney was all of 5 weeks ago, what a strange summer it has been. Having said all of that and, in spite of my aforementioned reservations, I’ve never gone in to a Mayo Galway clash believing we don’t have a chance. LETS GO!

  23. We’ll best Galway today only if we go at them in a direct way like we took Kerry. Asking these Mayo players to pussy foot around back and forth and get dispossessed half the times is foreign to their best abilities.
    Go at their blanket fast and direct with runners on the shoulders – if you don’t break through and score, you’ll likely win frees. With the free-takers we have, that will be fine too.
    Also, press the kick-out and crowd midfield for the breaking balls – that’s Galway’s feeding ground.
    It’s do or die time – so no messing around outside the blanket – get in there and score!

  24. Good man corrick. I’m all for fair and balanced debate. Big Big test for players and management today. This is not going to be easy.

  25. I can only see a comfortable win for Galway to be honest. I admire the positivity but I think today is a day Galway coukd click. There is a lot of pressure on them but I think they will embrace that and are playing us in a very vulnerable state. Kelly if injured, closes the gap a bit but the still have a better front 6 bottom line.
    Obviously I’d love a win but can’t see it.

  26. Sun is out in Salthill since 9am. Moderate breeze from the West so the ground will dry up somewhat. Mayo fans need to cheer throughout the game let our lads know we are in this together, I have no doubt Mayo will leave it all on the pitch today. Remember we are at our best when it is all on the line. UP MAYO

  27. I see another comment on the other thread that Sean Kelly will definitely start for Galway.Do people make theese statements to make themselves sound important or do they actually have some inside knowledge if so maybe they could enlighten us about the former manager allegedly being the eyes in the stand

  28. @Glorydays you will see those lads tog out again next week!!!! Have faith! Up Mayo.

  29. Well said JP – “the days of our lives” indeed. I’ve vivid memories of Salthill in 1967 when we caught Galway on the hop (back from trip to US) and ended their chance of 4 in a row – one disgruntled Galway supporter snatched the sacred red n green flag from us as we made our way back to the car afterwards!
    btw if you ever want to see how to bate the blanket and roll up the shawl check out Best of… Ciaran McDonald – Mayo GAA Legend on youtube – he could pick locks with the outside of that left foot – ah memories! Ar aghaidh Muigheo!

  30. I wouldn’t get bogged down about whether certain players carrying injuries will start for Galway.
    The truth is they start they will be tested out early in the game and if not fit they will be subbed off.

    The winners yesterday all got a goal in their games.

  31. The winning of this game is our half forward line. We need pacy wing forwards. Ideally, Hession and E Mcloughlin on the wings but it won’t happen.

    But that’s our weak line not following back as the opposition run through the defence. An inability to help midfield and win breaking ball.

  32. Showers here in Galway but last nights strong winds are gone. Showers forecast to be more or less gone before game starts, could be a cracker.

    Stills looking for 2 tickets as per my earlier post but would settle for 1. 0868516484.

  33. After a sunny start it’s now raining in Salthill. A mix of sun and showers today. Middlin breeze. Calm for here!!!

  34. If Mayo win WJ, u will have to give us poor Mayo listeners a free episode of the Pod!!

  35. Redemption or regret.I believe things are different today.It is seismic .It is not that Mayo footballers have not achieved or been consistently good.They have and they rightly can point to consistency on a grand scale.It is that they have marched us to the top of the hill time and time again and then always marched us down again often after serious displays.I feel many will desert them after today if it happens again.
    So is it redemption or regret?

  36. Win or lose today, I want to see a response to the passive collapse last week. We were pushed around and that doesn’t happen to us. The fact that it’s Galway should mean that isn’t an issue today.

    Need a monster from Aido. If we can get him in the game we have a shout.

  37. @Padraig O Neill OK I agree with you to .. it’s redemption ha!

    Keep the faith everyone as others say it’ll be a tence atmosphere in salthill and the rain won’t stop that atmosphere at all haha

    Mayo for the win .

    Safe travels to all!

  38. Galway unlucky looking at Tyrone and Armagh through but its still in our own hands simply win and go to QF. I couldnt call it I dont think anyone could if it was a life/death decision. I hope the best team on the day wins it and no side suffers injuries. Hope it dries out.

  39. Safe journey to everyone travelling today, and best of luck to the lads.

    Hon Mayo!

  40. Still a few too negative for game day, our role now is to support, the pre game analysis is nearly done. Too close to call, I’d agree with WJ on that. Fans can make a difference, keep it positive around the ground from kickoff until the game is won. Another poster here got me a ticket so I’m out of the queue.

  41. Mayo need to start fast. Get the first couple of scores and tackle hard. No backing down. Keep Galway on the back foot. Keep the scoreboard ticking over. Above All else Hold onto the Lead for 75 minutes. Hopefully Management and Players have learned from the last 2 matches? We will know by 3pm. Come on Mayo . We can do it! Safe travelling to All.

  42. Yes, it’s nervy and intense. Let us unleash ourselves. I hope the fans play a blinder. Let us be in Salthill today as the Mayo that we know.

    Lovely post last night from Sean Burke looking back on these epic Mayo v Galway games and asking us to relish the moment. JP too sounds that note today.

    Thank you to them and to all of you fans.

    We can do this together.

  43. Of all those games 2009 was the sweetest, Galway got 1-4 to draw level and then a cleverly worked free between Andy and Peadar who won the day with the last kick of the game, from near despair to elation.

  44. Really hoping to see Mayo Men bring intensity and grit today..
    Feel it’s been seriously lacking in recent times ..
    Can’t call it though if I’m honest Galway will be hard to beat..
    Anything is possible with Mayo though as we are all to aware.

  45. Ya, JP spot on there.
    I forget the good fortune or grace or whatever you want to call it that we can be present to an occasion like this.

  46. Funny mentioning that 2009 game,that would have been considered a monumental collapse if Gardiner hadn’t scored that point……..fine margins.

  47. Our time has come, you have me all riled up now with that comment. That was the motivation, I needed. Let me at ‘em!
    Mayooooo, Up Mayyyyoooo!

  48. @Our time has come

    I hope we win by a point and it is a soft dodgy free.
    It goes without saying that we need to Mind the House at all costs. No sloppy goals and we must block the runners. We will find out soon enough if we took heed of the league final.

  49. Galway PRO has a video of Galway team arriving. Looks like the team named will start.

  50. @Our time has come yes that’s got me riled up to now ha hope we get many ‘soft frees’ haha

  51. I’d agree with 45 and a couple more above. Can’t see anything other than a Galway win (much as it pains me to say it).

    We are soft through the middle and can’t see that being any different today. I sincerely hope I have plenty of eggs on my face come the final whistle though.

  52. Someone here very kindly offered me 2 terrace tickets so my friend can come so I’m very happy to pass the gesture on to someone else regarding my 1 stand ticket.

  53. A fair bit of negatively here, and you can see why. That absolute collapse against Cork was only 7 days ago.
    But fuck it. It’s Galway, it’s knock out. Let’s tear into them. Bookings galore, off the ball hits. Whatever it takes.
    No more Mr nice guy, just fucking win.

  54. @Dan exactly totally agree with you don’t blame people for being negative after cork at all but I think our guys will cone bouncing . Oh my nerves is it to early for a glass of something haha!

    Enjoy all ( Hopefully ha)

  55. Definitely has the feel of 90s championship against our neighbours.
    Rearing for this one .
    Hon Mayo !!!

  56. Thank you Craggy,I accept that you want Mayo to win as I do,can we all accept the fact that all the top teams now use stats which are being fed to management all through the match and everything is dictated by science,as we have seen with Hawk Eye,all the best for today,I believe that you have many years to catch up with me,but I have had great enjoyment in the chase

  57. We have this and we will win .
    Much like 1999 in tuam, our bench will swing it .
    Ciaran Mc, Pat Fallon came on that day and Eoghan Mc and Cillian will have same effect today .

    People talking about us been soft, we have short memories only few weeks ago we were ripping Galway apart and same will happen today .

  58. Galway support excellent , mayo support very poor but this has become a trend over the last 18 months or so . Ratio 3:1 in Galway’s favour

  59. I’m surprised not more mayo support . But sure that won’t put off our guys they went to killarney in nearly a full house of kerry support come on guys ye can do this!

  60. Jason, Eoghan, Tommy, Kevin Mc in for POH, J Carr, Mattie and C Loftus.

  61. Right calls by management on that one Tommy conroy is vital for the pace he brings! And eoghan mc Kevin mc brings brings experience to!

  62. Your so funny corrick. I’ll actually meet you for a pint if we win today

  63. Another of those games where we change every line on the field?? Let’s hope it works.

  64. It’s a home game for Galway Sean ?
    There was 9000 mayo supporters in Limerick last weekend
    They were giving away free programmes in Carrick

    Not sure if you are joking or not

  65. Galway have been operating at a much higher level than us in recent times and we’re withen a point or two of winning Sam. They have under Joyce built a very strong team who know how to defend and how to score…Mayo are not quite there yet so I can only see a comferable win for Galway.

  66. As I pointed out last night, the team that’s starting has been selected as a PR exercise. If you read back on comments, the 3 players that came in for the most flak were Loftus, Ruane and Carr. All 3 have been dropped more on public commentary than anything else. It reeks of desperation from management. Hopefully it will work out but it’s a very worrying trend. Kevin Mcloughlin has barely played all year and now he’s thrown in to save the day.

  67. That’s a valid point KM but it’s the first time since tuam 99 they’ve outnumbered us . Anyway over to the bucks on the field now

  68. Mayo for the win still haha yeah true actually their was always going to be a bigger crowd of Galway fans at a home match like this !

  69. So much for strength in dept when we are relying on kevin Mac and Jason Doc..incredible playrs in their day but not anymore surely..

  70. Oooohhh! Come on Mayo!!!
    I like Kevin Mc in for those long range scores and a calm experienced head under pressure. We need the wily ones that have composure.
    Up Mayo!!!!!

  71. Aidan orme in the panel ahead of Swanny o’hora.
    Is Padraig injured?

  72. @alankenny

    He’s been dropped as his performances of late have been poor. The correct call as is not starting Ruane in my opinion.

  73. Afraid not Craggy,I can’t make it hopefully in the future after the final, I would enjoy a pint with you to correct your views

  74. A Rochford plan to be unleashed? Lord help us. He never beat Galway while in charge of Mayo so I don’t know what that plan could be.

  75. Game over doherty cant hamdle Comer not many defenders can never mind a forward marking him

  76. After a great opening 7 mins we keep carrying in to turnovers. Long ball into their ff line is sticking.

    I know the strong wind is a major factor but we need to play possession football to half time, damage limitation. Cillian then in for second half

  77. How vital is Tommy c though yes not going our way Atm but what a pace he has wait till next year when he’s back to his 100% best be hard stopping him!

  78. Can I ask a question, I missed the line ups, is Loftus playing?
    Please bring on Ruane now and make a change on Comer

  79. So poor, but not gone yet. Going to have to blitz this 3rd quarter. Cillian in pronto. Need a goal

  80. 5 down, not to bad with wind. Blessed Walsh left shooting boots at home that half.

  81. We have serious, serious problems in the middle. They can’t win their own ball and terrible on the breaks. Still carrying the ball into contact every time too, trying to run through the middle and getting turned over. Not much learned it seems.

  82. Both teams have hit bad wides. Will we be able to take advantage of breeze in second half while still nullifying the danger of Galway counter. I don’t know.

  83. Need something different round the middle getting cleaned out only for walshe not at it it’s keeping us alive just about, Cillian, p o hora need to come in

  84. It’s not over yet? Mayo has to throw the kitchen sink, table. chairs, everything at Galway now, I know their 5 ahead but Galway are shaking a bit today, Mayo has to go at them now, Mayo goalie dodgy to say the least with kick outs?

  85. This is going to be a game of two halves. It better be. Mayo did not score in the last 30 playing minutes of the that half and lost 9 of their 13 kick outs.
    On the upside, Shane Walsh will not be a happy man when Mayo get over the line.

  86. This game is far from over!!
    Gleeson staying out at half time practicing kick outs against the wind…
    I still think Mayo will come good..

  87. Said before match it a 5 point breeze, and seems to be picking up. But must play better, as well

  88. Lucky to be only 5 behind,, tho’ we could be a lot closer, but for 3 woeful late wides. And other old habits too, taking ball into contact and traffic and sloppy close passing leading to turnovers and playing right into Galways hands. Big second half needed or our season is over. We need to make best use of the wind. Here’s hoping we really go at them and give them a right rattle.

  89. Great to see people over reacting. 5 points down against that wind is not bad. Could have been much worse but last 5 minutes we should only be 2/3 down. Second half we need to get first 2/3 scores. With that wind, Galway can’t sit deep because Ryan, Cillian probably come on will come out towards 45 and start taking shots

  90. Reape was hung out to dry on kickouts. Only McLoughlin went for one short one. No effort out of the others for a short kickout. What else could he do???? It’s the breaking ball that’s the issue. COC is needed big time. Thank God Walsh has been poor. Mayo still have a super chance.

  91. That’s a serious wind Galway have had in the first half and they wasted lots of chances, Mayo should have scored two or three points from very good opportunities but it’s all to play for with that wind so hopefully Mayo will make better use of it in the second half. Eight points with that wind in your home pitch is a very poor return so if ye stop them getting goals I think ye have a real shot at this. Best of luck

  92. I’d be taking Eoin Mc off. I’d worry a bit about his discipline (high tackles) and him already on a yellow.

  93. O Shea should have been left on to contest the long kick out, mistake taking him off.

  94. No player gives me as many heart attacks as Eoghan Mcloughlin. Too many unforced errors that can be the difference between a win and a loss going down the stretch

  95. Great win after that.
    I would love to try and coach E McLaughlin in tackling, he is a brilliant athlete but needs that fine tuning.

  96. I don’t understand why people complain before match even ended. After it finishes then you can complain.

  97. Delighted for old guard like Kevin MC.
    Game management by players better today. Deserved win, but lucky at same time.
    The injuries really helped us and Galways wayward shooting. But that’s not our problem.
    Roll on the draw.

  98. Dire stuff, huge win for Mayo. Best of luck ye need to forget it immediately and get lads ready for the quarter final. I hope ye can do it, far better tactics than last few matches. Bitterly disappointed by Galway performance, Comer off , Kelly not 100% as predicted swung it for Mayo.

  99. Wow wow what a 2 nd half display huge rise in intensity and subs that came in made the difference

  100. Don’t bother with the man of the match poll Willie Joe.
    Give it to all of them.

  101. Mayo never say die attitude to the core there and you can never write off mayo either beating one of the favourites for all Ireland in their own back yard…

    I said mayo will come with a bounce they certainly did ..

    Tommy c / cillian o Connor are vital to us!

    Nearly dancing around my room as couldn’t attend due to work ha!

    Will be watching quarterfinals from Parishols haha and driving the French mad with mayo! Fair play to our guys absolute delight : )

  102. Good lord above we can’t make it easy for ourselves. Had Comer been fit for the second half it could have been different. Fair play to McBrein, won us that game along with some great help from Shane Walsh.

  103. I obviously no nothing about Mayo football…I could only see a Galway win but what a comeback.

  104. Never in doubt!!

    We tightened up the back. That’s a good takeaway

  105. Cillian & Diarmaid settled us, still problems in the middle and we benefitted from the wind in 2nd half. It wasn’t pretty but we’ll take it! Maigh Eo go Deo!

  106. I’ll delighted with the win, but mgmt were all at sea on crucial in game decisions.
    It was really not going for Eoghan McLoughlin and yet he finished the game. Are mgmt actually monitoring performance?

  107. @Km79 totally agree felt Joanne cantel was nearly bragging that we would loose to Lee but I’m sure he’s glowing right now! Haha

  108. Well they’re always box office. You have to say that. Wasnt looking good at half Time. Brilliant goal from mcbrien. Anything possible from here on in.

  109. Huge win .it would have been a hard one to take if we lost .Sean Kelly shouldn’t have been can’t be relying on injured players.eoghan McLaughlin certainly would give you a heart attack.really needs to tidy up his his ball handling skills but that’s for another day .sweet sweet win

  110. Love when I’m proved wrong..
    Goals really do win games..
    Has anyone seen David?
    Think his ” Goodnight was a tad premature..

  111. Great win but not a perfect performance. Left a lot of space in the 1st half and lucky Galway were a bit off in their shooting. Reape’s kickouts were a struggle in each half (first half understandable) thought that put us under a lot of presssure with all the possession that was lost. McBrien MOM for me, great to see Cillian back !!

  112. Cheers @ chesneychet, we all know how sore these losses can be. Best of luck in the hurling, I will be supporting yee

  113. But JP it was Eoghan who punched the ball off the line in the dying seconds! I’d agree with you, though, that he could have been taken off at any point in the second half but that intervention was crucial. On a day of tight margins, it was decisive.

  114. Didn’t play great, but showed everything good about Mayo football. Passion, heart, guts, call it what you will. But that was pure Mayo right there, fucking proud of every one of them.

  115. Can I join you in that particular queue, John Martin? I think none of us can claim to know anything about Mayo football, or indeed football in general, after that.

  116. A great win and the lads gave their all as they always do. The last 10 minutes saw the drop off in performance levels again. Is it a psychological or physical issue I wonder? Reape with a couple of very important saves again. Our scoring return really needs to improve. That’s 5 bad scoring performances now in 6 games. Hopefully draw Armagh.

  117. Eoghan made mistakes today but overall was extremely influential throughout

  118. Credit to the management and players, that was a superb performance. Into that gale in the first half we were very calm and composed and really put the foot down in the second half.

    Does Cantwell seem to really enjoy putting mayo down, even saying to Durcan about his missed shots, it struck me as very unprofessional.

    Momentum and the belief in that team must be sky high again.

  119. @TheDarkyfinn not perfect at all but huge games/nerves/ underdogs etc …also we had bad wins in 1st half

    Fair play to our guys as always say (ha) you can never write us off they did us proud …!

    We were totally written off in fairness :p

    With mayo never say die attitude really came into play today!

    I’ll be cheering on mayo from Paris next weekend they did us proud even we don’t land the big one! Mayo every time : )

  120. @Willie Joe, but in that circumstance another player would be covering right side of goal.
    He gave up a lot of possession.
    This game also harks back to an old point.
    David McBrien is our best line breaker. We need him free at midfield in my view.
    He’s precisely what we lack high up the field to break lines.

  121. Papering over the cracks and delaying the inevitable. We were annihilated in the middle all day and will be again the next day.

  122. I had commented earlier in the week about pace, pace, pace,L and sure what do I know, it was experience we needed! Jason Doc and Kevin Mc were excellent for us today, in that first half when we needed to stay in the match they helped us do exactly that.

    Sam Callinan is a joy to watch and a pain for his marker. Hard to believe he only did the leaving cert. a gem of a player.

    Fair play to McStay, stick or twist was the question and now competition in the panel must be ferocious. Places are not guaranteed.

  123. Woohoo! Did ye enjoy the Mighty Mayo Rollercoaster?! Knock out suits us better like most of us know. I’d liken this championship to our stint in Division 2 League. Boring as hell until now. Thank God we get another do or die game to have maybe gotten some excitement from this championship.

  124. So many areas for improvement. We were lucky to be in it at half time but fair play to the lads in the 2nd half. Nothing to lose now. We are on the way to Croker and no team will want to draw us at 8.30 tomorrow morning.

  125. That’s them gone thank god. Don’t really care if we win another game tbh. Well done mayo. Job done

  126. Typical Galway v Mayo championship game, Mayo gave it their all & it paid off, not near perfect performance but they dug out & held out for the win, great stuff. That game will give them strength & confidence now moving into quarterfinal, Up Mayo.

  127. Could anybody tell me why Eoghan McLaughlin goal was disallowed??

    Here is my take for the draw ( ??? ) tomorrow morning.

    Dubs to get a handy one, ie Cork.

    Tyrone v Derry ( take out another big team )

    Kerry v Monaghan

    Armagh v Mayo

    Time to start celebrating a great win today.

    Well done to all players and management.

  128. Tremendous composure by David mcbrien on goal .very deceptive pace .I don’t think we can be looking for too many faults.i would have taken any sort of win .The whole squad and management were under serious pressure today and how often are games ruined in that wind in is a totally unsuitable ground for football from every perspective

  129. Well done Mayo, I was very critical of them last week but they came with the aggression and intensity today that was required, we were cleaned out in midfield all day so we have problems there, but we enjoy tonight. Great momentum going to Croke park. Finally, Joanne Cantwell can’t hide her dislike of Mayo, v unprofessional!

  130. No room to judge the performance after a remarkable smash and grap type win. Thats for later. Thats why we love them moreover. That’s what they have given us year in year out for the last 15 odd years. Cillian O Connors point having been on the pitch about 30 seconds lifted the roof off.

  131. Huge win in the end, by my oh my, why can’t we kill a game? Watching Mayo will kill me stone dead one of these days.

    Just about deserved to win in the end, but we didn’t make things easy on ourselves. We got cleaned out at midfield for long spells (admittedly partly down to the strong wind in the first half) and the keep ball at the end was heart attack stuff.

    Eoghan McLoughlin needs to improve his game management skills, some of the positive things he does are undermined when he gets turned over around the middle.

    The kickouts are also a big issue, we lost most of them today and were cleaned out on the breaking ball. Reape will not be happy with three going out over the sideline, although he did well when called upon.

    We have also largely stopped kicking the ball into Aido in the last two games, he seems to be playing out round the middle for the most part.

    Huge performances from Paddy Durcan, Diarmuid and Cillian when he came on (that point when he had just came on was sensational). And what a goal that was from McBrien, any half forward would be proud of that give and go and finish.

    We are still not at full tilt but won ugly today, and I think we’d all take that over losing to Galway. Playing again next weekend will be tough but let’s see who emerges for us in the draw.

  132. I thought I learnt on here over the years that 5 points is the max to be behind when playing against the wind first half?

  133. I really wish i could open up on naysayers right now. Ye’re a disgrac and don’t have a clue what ye’re talking about.
    “Galway will eat us alive”
    “Galway by 7”
    These are some of the quotes I’ve been reading all week. Absolute disgrac and full of it.

  134. Well,well,we are as I predicted the last Connaucht team standing,into the lions den and emerged victorious,we were by far the best team,we should have won by ten,we must be favourites now,Mayo for Sam

  135. Do you all not realise we’re just after beating the might Galway, our biggest rivels and one of the favourites for Sam this year.
    So hold the bitching for a while and just enjoy that beautiful feeling ?

  136. @BrovkaghMN agree 100% I think ha

    Don’t know why people saying improvement needed 1 course there are . But we were totally written from begininug the guys did us so proud today I’ll be waving my mayo flag in Paris next weekend!! On hols haha driving the French mad haha

  137. Thank God! Great to get the win. They all stood up today.
    Wind had a big influence on the game.
    Tactics appeared good and the team did the right things at the right time. I love that – that’s good gumption.
    Great points from Cillian and Carr. Great goal from McBrien and a super assist from Aidan.
    Paddy Durcan played very well and when that happens the whole team rises.
    Mayonaze and Big Bertha – hope you enjoyed that game!
    I’m only just recovering from the nerves of it now – all in the melting pot until the final whistle.
    I feel a bit sorry for Galway. Due to the outcome last week, they find themselves in this situation today and they had other hopes. Commiserations to our Galway posters. And equally, well done, Mayo! Onwards we march. Up Mayo!!!

  138. A huge win for Mayo. DOC was excellent in the second half and he really grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck. McStay and co got most of the calls right and managed the bench well. We are a much better team when we play with pace and intensity. It wasn’t perfect by any means and there’s still plenty to work on but no team will want to get us in the draw tomorrow morning.

  139. No new injuries is a big boost for us going into next weekend. Not sure the nature of POH’s injury?
    Bring on whoever in the draw – but hopefully it is the Dubs.
    Again, as I’m tired saying – particularly if it’s either of the two northern blankets, let our lads go direct at pace – that’s what they do best.
    Plenty to work on from Tuesday, but rest and recovering are key, as momentum only takes you so far.

  140. I’ve a sneaky feeling Cork get Armagh, Kerry and Monaghan, Derry get Tyrone and we’ll get the Dubs.. But I got all those predictions wrong so far this year so what do I know. It’s just good to be in the draw knowing half of us in the poll thought it would all end today

  141. Shane Walsh well of the boil all year with Galway and the other 2 lads injured. Hard to be at your best with the likes of them lads struggling for form.
    Anyway, we’re in the draw and we’d have taken that this time last week thank you very much.
    Nobody does it like our bucks.

  142. Just a thought,

    Can the 8 managers be present at this draw tomorrow given the trouble currently in RTE ?

  143. The panel depth was the winning of the game and was the opposite for Galway their subs made no impression. Still a wide open championship. Looks like no injuries picked up either. Hon Mayo.

  144. Inevitable we’ll get the Dubs.

    We’d a lot of strong performers today. Diarmuid, Paddy, Eoghan, and Tommy I thought was Brill. Broke the line many times in that second half. Playing deep suits him in my view. It gives us legs and forward movement.

    Cillian certainly looks fast and fit and every time he was on the ball he looked very dangerous.

    Some craic picking a team for next week.

    Great to still be in it and all roads to Croker

  145. So so proudo
    Of mayo guys

    tonight .. you can never write us us off at all…
    I’m literally dancing around here sorry but haha

    We may not win Sam but never write us off <3 Green&red

  146. We’re in the quarter finals. We played poorly for much of the game away to last year’s All-Ireland finalists, and dug it out. We changed centre half back after 7 league and 4 championship games, and got through it. Dropped Carr after him being in place for every big game all season. Not even close to perfect. Still alive and loving it!

  147. They stuck in. Dug it out. Well done to all. Mcbrien was very good. A class act.

  148. Permutations

    Kerry can only draw Tyrone or Monaghan

    Armagh can draw Cork, Mayo or Monaghan

    Derry can draw Cork, Tyrone or Mayo

    Dublin can draw Cork, Tyrone, Monaghan or Mayo

    Statistically with re-draws etc we are most likely to draw Derry or Armagh

  149. Great win playing moderately which should give us great momentum. The players gave their all which they always do when their backs are to the wall. Mgt got the selection wrong and taking Aido off was crazy. Other players should have come off and not one high ball into Aido esp. in the first half when he was in a one on one situation. Eamon Fitzmaurice couldn’t understand it. What a goal by McBrien and a pass by Aido.
    Anyway we’re in the hat tomorrow and off to Croker which is where we want to be.

  150. @Clare, I have to mention this, your very positive outlook is admirable and you have been very consistent since you started to post here.

  151. see what happens when we are direct and quick ball,!!!

    credit to them , they got plenty of stick during the week…

    all roads to croker

  152. Aidan was subbed as we needed legs late on and he exhausted. Correct call.
    Kevin McLoughlin was good, but I’d bring him on on 25 mins and let him finish the game from that minute, especially with a full 20 min half time recovery.

  153. Congrats to all, I thought the end had come after the loss last week, but no, we are still in it. Tommy Conroy is a great player. I would love to draw Dublin tomorrow- we play better against perceived better teams

  154. I didn’t think we would win but I’m delighted with that!

    Great that changes were made with players getting minutes. We’ll need them all next week (and hopefully the weeks after).

    McBrien has been some find. What a player.

  155. Thank God for Eoin mc Laughlins positioning in dying secs.A sure goal otherwise and a very different feel to the blog this evening..

  156. Sean Hurson had a very pooor game let some things go – advantages played but then called back, frees given for phantom fouls – then other things were pulled back.

  157. On Eoghan, he would test your heart. Like another poster, I noticed he got on a lot of ball. Most importantly, he brought MASSIVE energy. That had to lift the team.

  158. Mayo have better panel then the tribesmen. Comer and Kelly weren’t match ready and walsh was poor.
    Need improving around the middle,winning primary and breaking ball has to be looked at.

  159. @Batetheblanketet
    Aww ah thanks so much!

    Always try post honest reviews ( even though my heart is mayo ha)

    Felt we were always a better team great to see Tonmy c coming back to form imaging him next year!

    @Batetheankey and thanks so much! I love mayo
    Gaaa we all do we may not have crossed the lune but by my god never write us off!!!


  160. I’m not a negative Nelly, but come on now, at 16 level someone covers each side of the goal.
    So, good on the block, but it’s absolutely standard to cover left n right of Goalkeeper.
    We can and should improve.

  161. I think Eoghan McLaughlin was a bit hard done by to have the goal disallowed. Seemed fine to me. He also saved us at the death. It really would have set us all back years to concede a goal then. Kevin Mcloughlin and Jason would not have been starters in most peoples plan, but both worked out. I also thought that we should have played with the wind when we won the toss, but that also went ok too.
    We really need a kick out strategy. This is the third game in a row where we seem to have no plans for when Reape has to go long. At least get 3 Mayo players in a 5 metre radius well up the field and give him something to aim at. The O’Connor brothers were both brilliant again, but I’m not sure where Aidan was supposed to playing.

  162. Folks give Cantwell a break. Her jibe at Leroy was just banter ,the same as I will give to any Galway man I meet this week.

  163. I assume we have requested that even if we draw the Dubs and they want their Saturday evening throw in that we will only play on Sunday

  164. No I wouldn’t prefer we lost, but we have big problems and got a one point win against a labouring and depleted Galway. It doesn’t paper over what happened in the previous week. Same people get utterly carried away when we scrape wins and then throwing the toys out of the pram when the next team open us up and exploit the same weaknesses that have been on show for a long time. Our midfield was exposed by Tyrone in 2021 and it’s still a problem now.

  165. Thanks Swallow Swoops but we only have ourselves to blame. Tierneys goal chance will keep me awake tonight. Ye can draw Dubs Derry, Armagh. I would hope ye get Armagh but there are no easy draws of course but looks like ye got no injuries. With Galway out I can try to look at ye unbiased. Try to get some support around midfield next week and be smart like today with changes ye have a chance at making semi. Tis not like ourselves, the Rossies and Mayo have 20 All Irelands each so I will hope ye can do it. I will be in sunnier climes for semis and final less stress would be good!!

  166. That was one lucky win. Not sure how we did it. Destroyrd on our kickout. Well beaten at midfield. Galway wides lost it for them and injuries.
    Very poor game and performance from both teams but it doesn’t matter Mayo have beaten Galway and reached AL QF.. The season is salvaged…

  167. The happiest man alive tonight is WillieJoe? the knives for Mcstay can be put back in the drawers lads
    He had a big and very necessary call to make and it he was big enough to make it

  168. In terms of a been critical of the performance , sure… you could talk about several faults after 35 minutes. But so far this year we have met what everyone should consider as our 2 genuine all Ireland contenders. No disrespect to Ross or Cork , Louth. , and have beaten those teams 3/4 one draw. Galway x2 Kerry x 2. That will do for now.

    Next week we return to the pitch of play we know best.

  169. Definitely KM79.

    It’s gonna be tough on one or two players but that’s football at the elite level.

    Fair play Carr when he came in. Clipped a vital point.

  170. Hi I have been watching the game in Australia it’s a great day to be a mayo person. Mayo were all ireland champs when I was born I am along time waiting for Sam to comeback iam out of the country till 1st of September I am hoping to see it in mayo when I get home
    Up mayo

  171. Lahannan. True. But faith play to Kevin for addressing some of the problems. Not sure what Doherty offers us at this stage but Kevin mcgloughlin was a very worthy inclusion. Eoin would give you a heart attack. Diarmuid was very good and Tommy and Ryan all tryed hard. Galway kicked it away first half. I’m absolutely delighted to be in that draw tomorrow. Hopefully armagh or Derry.

  172. Unreal I am literally bouncing around my room tonight…. I know I drive ye all mad with my optimism for mayo gaa but I always belive they will show up on the day never say die attitude
    From Paris next wee :)??

  173. The lockouts for both keepers into wind were an issue.
    Midfield is the issue more than reapes kicks. What % breaks are we getting there? It’s a very poor return.
    Biggest area and scoring we need to improve on.

  174. If was cynical, I’d say we will get Armagh and be paired with Cork game to help fill stands 🙂

  175. Permutations

    All Ireland SFC Quarter Finals that Can’t happen :

    Galway v Kerry
    Galway v Derry
    Galway v Dublin
    Galway v Armagh

  176. Thank you for those kind remarks and good wishes, Chesneychet. Please God we can sail the ship onwards through choppy waters and into port.
    I still spare a thought for you guys though. Earlier this year, I had fancied ye to advance deeper into the Championship, ye had/have the attributes, but it shows these group stages can actually be lethal. Enjoy those sunny climes, we’ll gladly take your shouts behind us in the next game, and your heart can relax for the football but send positive vibes for your team for the hurling. Up the West!

  177. Fair play to Mayo. You beat us fair and square, no complaints. We’ll go away and over the coming months, reassess our performance, and try and improve our panel. You still have a huge task ahead. But, your management team is doing everything it can to address all issues. Mayo are now the Connaught standard bearers, and I’ll be supporting Mayo from here on in, as will most Galway gaa folk.
    Clare, you could very well prove to be the lucky charm this year “ha”..

  178. Can’t believe there’s people pointing to Eoghan McLaughlin’s last minute clearance as evidence he should have been on the field. I mean, that’s a thing any junior B corner back positioned on the line would have routinely done. As an aside – what the hell was Reape doing for that play too, caught in absolute no man’s land?
    I don’t mind Eoghan and he has some fantastic attributes as a player but he’s also very much a work in progress as a player. Todays he has a poor day overall. To me he can only be on the field up until the 55th minute. Run the opposition ragged then come off.
    The issue is he has no composure on the football and you cannot close out a game from a winning position with players like that. The turnover for the second last Galway point was simply unforgivable at that stage.
    I thought it was a flawed performance overall and I think we are a long way off winning the all Ireland. Guys like Durcan and Conroy had welcome returns to form and McBrien was also excellent.
    Galway were woeful to be honest – I seriously don’t want to hear it from Ciaran or any other posters this winter about how good they are and how they are leaving us in the rear view mirror, and how their best 8 club teams are all better that the best Mayo club side. Come back to me when they actually win a knockout championship game against Mayo, Dublin, Kerry or Tyrone. It’s been a very long time…

  179. Had a look into a Galway blog just now and the knives are already out for Joyce.
    The fact that under Joyce galway have never beaten us in knockout football and also lost the league final, so easy to see how lot of galway guys are not too happy…

  180. Thanks Swallow swoops, the hurlers are up agsinst it but much like Mayo once you are there you have a chance. As for PJ im sure some would like him and O Neill gone but have no idea who would replace him. The redevelopment of Tuam might allow games to be taken away from salthill where the wind ruins so many games.

  181. Very enjoyable if nervy game. Sam Callinan was super on Walsh, stamped his name on a Mayo shirt for years to come. A long way off perfect but conditions were difficult and space tight. Few bad misses but game management mostly good and tough defending we were all hoping for. We need to improve but will be hard to beat.

  182. Is the draw still rte news now as well as the radio as I have a vision of a couple of lads under a table with a blanket over their heads making the draw.very hard to understand why this isn’t done live on the Sunday game tonight.The suspicion would be that they will keep mayo and Dublin apart to ensure a full house semifinal

  183. I always felt that Galway would be very difficult to reel in once they had any sort of lead. The conditions were a big part of it no doubt but I thought they might have been a bit cuter and gone double sweeper and all that.
    Take nothing away from us though and the benefit of options off the bench. Cillian and James Carr came up with a point each and that sort of thing becomes invaluable in a tight game.

    Theres an awful lot of we only won because……

    Tyrone were a kick of a ball from departing last week. Do you thing for a second anyone in Tyrone is looking backwards.
    Not a chance. We got off the hook now go and win the bloody thing.

  184. The sweetest of the lot. Voice gone, just home. Commiserations to TuamStar and Chesneychet. Mayo Galway games take on a life of their own. Our number came up today – McBrien a legend.

  185. Ah lads, can we stop with the moving McBrien stuff.
    We’ve finally found a proper out and out full back. He was great today, as he’s been all year. Leave him be. Definitely some tweaks needed with the half back line, but leave McBrien where he is.

  186. @Mikey, I have to call you out on that Eoghan McL comment. There is no way Mayo win that game today without him. Not sure were you at the match but his ability to create and attack while also tracking opposition players is only matched by Paddy Durcan. Eoghan had a flurry of massive turnovers. One of our last scores came from his excellent tackling alone. The one he lost in the middle of the field is a team failure, so many of our attack were hiding when he was the one trying to break the line. Eoghan needs to keep doing what he’s doing because the good massively outweighs the bad.

  187. Great effort by all today. If you weren’t there you couldn’t understand how difficult that wind was. Chatting with a couple of lads I see at many games at half time and we agreed Mayo might have felt 4or5 points was what the wind was worth.
    Not getting into it about the ref except to point out a few stats. He awarded Galway 21 frees to Mayo’s 10. Nine of Galway’s were within shooting distance of which they scored 5 and missed 4. While Mayo had a solitary attacking free which Ryan scored.
    Finally I have to give great credit to the Gardai on traffic duty. They ignored the lights to keep the main volume of traffic moving and fair play to them.

  188. Well done to all players and management tonight . We won , job done . We are going to need more to go further but that’s for another day .

  189. Well done to our lads today. A superb second half performance and deserving winners overall. Huge kudos to management also for making the big calls on the changes ahead of throw in. They certainly answered a lot of the questions hanging over them all week. Bodies must be very sore after that bruising game in the warm conditions. A couple of players looked out on their feet in the last 10mins, so hopefully they can get the necessary rest and recovery this week.

  190. I’m on the side that Eoin MCs positives outweigh (the admittedly heart attack inducing) negatives but am I the only one who thought he should have caught that last ball on the line and burst out the wing with it? He’d have never been caught!

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