Game day – opportunity knocks

It’s Mayo v Dublin, with a significant twist.

Those heady All-Ireland final days, when it would have been possible to fill Croke Park twice over such was the insatiable demand for tickets, are long gone. Instead, it won’t be a full house this afternoon when we meet the team we established such a rivalry with over the past decade.

Instead of HQ, this afternoon we face the Dubs – for the first time ever in the Championship – at a Connacht venue. Dr Hyde Park in Roscommon, our happy home-from-home this summer, is the place for this All-Ireland SFC Group 2 Round 3 meeting, a match that throws in at 3.45pm with Martin McNally of Monaghan officiating. The game is live on RTÉ and Midwest will have live radio commentary on it as well.

Unlike those totemic clashes between us over the last decade, today isn’t an all-or-nothing tie. We’re both already through to the knockout stage and so defeat for either of us today doesn’t represent a terminal event.

That said, the rewards for victory in this one aren’t insignificant.

The group winners – which will be Dublin unless we beat them, a draw will be good enough for the Dubs to win the group on scoring difference – advance directly to the All-Ireland quarter-final. Today’s victors also earn next weekend off and will then face an easier task in the quarters, up against a team that has to slog its way through a preliminary quarter-final next weekend. The group runners-up face that hard weekend-on-weekend slog, making the quarter-final – should they survive next weekend – an extremely tough mountain to climb.

Those simple facts surely render as utterly asinine the argument that we might not expend too much effort chasing a win this afternoon. Aside from the notion that going less than full-pelt in a Championship match in high summer makes no sense at all, the prize on offer today is worth going for, both for where it would leave us should we win, and where it would leave them too.

And as for the idea that there’s no point busting a gut in pursuit of victory because of the high risk we’ll lose? In that case we’d be as well off not taking the field today at all.

None of this is to deny that Dublin are, deservedly, raging hot favourites to win today. With good reason too. After all, if we can’t close out a Connacht final win aganst moderate enough opposition from a position of two points up in injury time, what chance have we of besting the All-Ireland champions?

For all that, we still have a sporting chance today. The Hyde Park factor is a plus for us – this will be our third Championship outing this year at the venue and it’s a place we know far more intimately than they do.

Our great record there isn’t really relevant, for the reason Lee Keegan alluded to during the week. For the same reason, it should be said, Dublin’s extremely strong history of wins on the road hasn’t much bearing either, given the weak enough opposition they’ve faced on their perambulations in recent years.

Squad depth is, though, an extremely germane factor. On that metric Dessie Farrell holds a significant advantage and it could well be the one that decides this contest coming down the stretch.

As we’ve already found out to our cost in this campaign, it’s of little use doing everything more or less right for 72 minutes if you then allow the opposition to pick your pockets in the dying seconds. If we show the same tendency to fade today – and it’s not just against Galway this has happened us this year – then Dublin will surely, with considerable glee, finish us off.

Realistically, you’d have to back the Dubs today, as the majority of you have done on the poll here on the blog. It won’t, then, be any surprise if that’s how it turns out. What would be a surprise – and a disappointment – is if we don’t stay with them for most, if not all, of the encounter.

If we manage to stick with them all the way, then maybe, just maybe, we might be able to snatch what would be an enormous result for us. Opportunity is knocking for us today at Dr Hyde Park – it’s up to us to answer that call.

Sadly, I won’t be there myself today, due to a long-standing family commitment up here in the capital. But thanks to Edwin McGreal, who is kindly doing the match report, and to my son, who’s on WordPress duties, it’ll be pretty much business as usual here on the blog later today. The lads will, of course, have a Final Whistle pod up on Patreon afterwards as well.

It’s Mayo v Dublin, people. Beating them, the odd time we manage it, is sweet and a win today, on Connacht soil, would certainly be delicious, even if I won’t be there to taste it myself.

Right, off with you – let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

115 thoughts on “Game day – opportunity knocks

  1. Hoping for a good showing today. Don’t expect us to win. Not being negative saying that – all form points to a Dublin win and bookies are not wrong at that price. You could argue we’ll surprise them but we simply don’t have the team of a few years ago. Okay with that – let’s continue to build a new generation. A good showing today and hopefully a nice draw tomorrow could see us take a semi final spot if things go our way. I’ll be there to cheer on regardless!

  2. Best of luck today Mayo. Give it yer best shot and let’s see how the cookie crumbles.
    If we come up slightly short let it not be for the want of trying.
    And please God no fresh injuries and a run out for Diamuid and James C would be a boost.

  3. Best of luck guys.. Was out with the Dublin mates last night and they said they expect us to give them the biggest test they’ve had alk year so far..

    Mayo by 2 or so and eoghan mc man of the match can’t wait!

  4. Just go for it and make a big statement ….a repeat of Killarney last year Mayo by 4.

  5. Interesting stat on rte website. Ryan has 100% record on all frees in this years championship (21 from 21)

  6. A no lose game. Almost everyone expects us to lose and by some margin if we are honest. But who know! We need to show up in all positions including the bench and sideline, give it our best and see if that’s good enough. Can’t wait to cheer on the lads on Father’s Day!

  7. Great stuff as usual WJ and I always find your Game Day post whets the appetite even further for the day ahead. The game is not a sell out but 18k or thereabouts will still create a great atmosphere in the Hyde. We are up against it today but if we can stay with the Dubs, especially in the third quarter, then we might just do it. To win it, we’ll need our forwards to really fire and today might be the day we’ll get that big performance we’ve been waiting for. Maigheo Abu!

  8. Excellently written as usual Willie joe and a very accurate and realistic description of where we are at right now .look we alot of very good players and if we get tactically right and somehow improve our midfield area then this could get interesting

  9. Good luck, Mayo. Good luck fans. Let’s lift the team when they need it coming down the final stretch.
    Can’t wait to attend Mayo v Dublin in the Hyde – the Battle of the Hyde as Cloud9 said yesterday.

  10. Best of luck to the team and all travelling today. Perfect day for an ambush, I hope!

  11. Thank you very much Willie Joe,you give so much information on all Mayo teams,I am confident that we will win and change the narrative about our team,Mayo by five,safe travels to all supporters enjoy the entertainment give respect to both teams and referee

  12. Would be great to see more players (than the likes of ROD for example) when in a scoring position today making that split second decision and showing courage to have a pop, especially when it’s not do-or-die.

    Best of luck to everyone involved and safe journey to all supporters.

  13. Hopefully in 2025 another county team then Dublin must win the Leinster football title it’s overdue for years it would be nice to see Wexford, Meath, Kildare, Louth, Laois or the weaker with championship silverware in Leinster it’s dead if Dublin keep winning Leinster for the rest of the decade. Mayo will have a year off from overseas in 2025 but in 2026 could be going to England to take on London for the 1st tie 2016 in 2021 London and New York were not expected in the Championship due to Covid-19 after Sligo, London & New York postponed in 2020 during the lockdown. 2025 will Roscommon in London while it will be Galway’s year to host New York, Mayo, Sligo & Leitrim will be in the draw. In 2026 Mayo will go in England for London and Roscommon in New York for the Connacht football championship.

  14. Agree with allyousay wj
    Key factors imo are
    Retaining possession from kickouts
    Scoring from distance
    Managing last quarter.
    Dubs have the edge on all these aspects.
    I do expect Mayo will be dragged up to play at Dublin’s rhythm and it will be our best performance this year
    Great to get Dublin, you learn from the best. Great experience for McHugh Callinan Carney and other youngsters on our panel.
    Strength in depth as you point out is biggest concern in final quarter

  15. A lot will depend Today on both Teams kick out strategies. We have the potential to steal some of Dublins Kickouts and turn them over by pressing high on them. Again if we can get our own kick outs away we should attack at pace. Running at Dublin is the only way. Cut out this lateral movement it will only play into the Dubs hands. I’m hoping our Forwards can finally find their scoring boots and won’t be afraid to shoot from outside the 40. Throw Aido in front of the small square and let’s bomb them in on top of him let’s see how the Dubs like that with Tommy and Cillian swarming off him. Need to keep it tight at the back so there will be a sweeper deployed probably Padraig o Hora. Hoping Diarmuid starts at Midfield and gets forward to score. Mattie playing well . Mayo by 2 for me but if not go out on that Hyde Park and leave everything on the field.
    Go neirigh an tadh le Mhuigheo.

  16. I got a train ticket, Seán Burke! From the vending machine, as you said. Up Mayo!

  17. Interesting how dubs have so man big men playing from 5 to 9.
    Howard, Small, Burger, Fenton are all midfielders by trade so maybe we can outwit them with Darren mchale and Tommy in 10 and 11 roles .
    Jordan, diarmuid or Jack and Matty will battle rrady but as dublin have gone so big at 5 and 7 aswell as 9 I think we can easily put donnacha out to midfield on Fenton as it’s not as if they have jack Mccaffrey and murchan type pace at 5 and 7 to counterattack.
    I’m feeling good about our chances , would take AOS out of starting role and play Loftus in free role .
    He can fire fight in halfback Sweeper role , play as additional midfield or half forward as needed and intelligent enough to do so .
    The impact of our bench looks whole lot better with Carr and say AOS there aswell as Plunkett to retain possession and a man who will stick tight as glue in Eoin O Donoghue .
    I’d prefer him to O Hora for pace then add in Hession if indeed he doesn’t start.
    I think we’re shaping up please no injuries, good shot at dubs and alot of things gained , result somewhat irrelevant in bigger picture but I’m going for a win

  18. Good luck to our lads today, they should look at how our minors manage their games. They have a clear strategy for long kick outs – if the high catch is not on they break the ball down to a waiting team mate, they have an effective defensive strategy and are much more dogged when scrapping for dirty ball around the middle third. I’d like to see Mayo put in a more disciplined performance today and be more physical in winning 50/50 ball. A win would help us get over the hangover from 2021.

  19. 75 minutes to throw in and the covered stand is nearly full. Seems to lots of Mayo here.

  20. If the idea is to play Brick as a sweeper then I can understand it. What I can’t understand is why it’s only being tried now and is Brick the best man for that role. Any manager worth their salt knows you can’t thrown in a sweeper for one game. It has to be a constant in every game. But let’s see if that’s the case.

  21. No brick will free up donnacha to go midfield and we will try leave matty freer and away from Fenton

  22. We appear to have brought down to our level. Basic errors making us look very poor.
    Similar to other games where we have majority of possession and not scoring..

  23. It’s a terrible refereeing display. Ref has made so many bad calls for both teams, more so against the Dubs but won’t complain about that.

  24. Good performance so far, could possibly move the ball in a bit quicker at times, we’d a great opportunity to feed in McHale near end when in space but player on ball took extra play or two out of it allowing cover to get across before playing it in.
    Other occasions trying to drive through a crowd when space not there.
    Will need to improve on those facets in second half if want to get the win. Didn’t make enough of our chances created. But all to play for and have wind in second half.

  25. Not so bad by us at all we should actually be ahead of Dublin be a interesting 2nd half hope eoghan mc isn’t to badly injured Tommy conroy playing well

  26. Unfortunately can’t be in the Hyde, as otherwise engaged down in the South East-what is the atmosphere like? There is a lot to like about Mayo in that first half, but disappointing to see a few efforts dropped short into the keeper’s hands from pretty easy range. Here’s hoping for more of the same, but just a bit more clinical in the second half.

  27. GBXI your spot on cillian should come on at half time but doubt they will make that change. Conroy should also be taken off, no composure today and had put others in trouble with his aimless running. Below his usual standard like ryan

  28. Credit to managment all going well, just need more sharper performance from inside forwards .
    Tommy and ROD on a bit sharper and we be well ahead.
    Carr and cillian will bring goal threats when they come on .

    But AOS, Jack Carney been very good good tempo and direct play from both of them .
    Think we could replace brick and bring on diarmuid if he’s anyways fit will have massive impact .

  29. It’s there for us
    But we need better decision making
    First decision is to get Cillian on and take all frees

  30. Alot of handling mistakes and players slipping. Poor shot selection and Ryan o Donoghue a few bad wide unlike him. We are still in this and we for once have a bench we can call on. Hopefully all fit.

  31. Missed plenty but the better team against the wind, we’ve a great shot here

  32. Dublin getting their score very easily, at least ROD is now got his scoring boot on

  33. We are contenders, every one get behind the lads now and stop the negative bullshit.

    Donnacha McHugh an all star

  34. Honestly physically that took some effort..
    Mayo players should get off the field ASAP…

  35. Our guys can hold their hides up high no one gave us one chance going into this game a draw isn’t bad at all against the all ireland favourites missed chances but surely we have to be considered as contenders now

  36. Gutted but f me can we all now believe, our team goes toe to toe with the best in the country by a country mile and lose by a point, so proud of the lads

  37. That is fucking disgusting. That’s a really hard pill to swallow. We did so much right there but it always felt when Dublin decided to go for it they did it. I feel for players and management. Thought the ref was an absolute joke for both teams. No level of consistency whatsoever. On a side note what an incredible make from Kilkenny for the last play.

    It could prove to be very difficult to life the moral after that.

  38. Some performance really, loads of positives. McHugh had some lad called Fenton well marshalled. Tough road ahead but that should give great momentum

  39. Gutted is well but absolutely super proud of these guys we have been totally written off all year and some said we would be absolutely slaughtered this against a team who are favourites by a mile apparently for sam… Bursting with pride for our lads.

  40. I agree with Tuamstar Mayo should get off the field and into ice baths or whatever. Playing Cork or Derry to a lesser extent Monaghan next week will be no joke

  41. Now let’s get behind this team next week and no more nit picking negative comments. They went for it and gave everything. Unlucky at the end. The key was not conceding goals.
    As for Joanne Cantwell don’t get me started.

  42. Very enjoyable fare. Didn’t create to many goal opportunities again unfortunately. But a valiant performance and well inside the spread 🙂
    Finally got rub of green from officials as well with the 45 that never was and the softish free for us at death and the free out few minutes earlier when Dublin lad was clearly fouled. More of that again please 🙂

  43. Not a good result and you could tell from the body language that they’re not happy. The preliminaries are not a good route to go.

  44. Surprise Surprise.
    Dubs not quite the same animal outside of Croker.

    Gutted we didn’t get the job done but we have plenty of positives to take from it.
    I would have written at half time that the ref was riding us but he gave us a few soft ones in the second half to even it up.

  45. We should have been fouling Kikenny there instead of allowing him to claim the kick out.

  46. Defensively excellent, a bit more clinical in that 1st half we had them. Also its great to have good performances all over the pitch you could not be critical of any of them

  47. Hopefully this performance can put to bed the tired old trope that this team is not a patch on our 2012-2017 team.
    Donnacha McHugh our motm, he’s currently togging in with Fenton.
    That kind of a man marking job gives you a platform to build from.

  48. Best Mayo performance in a long time and so many positives-will mean so much to the development of our younger players, who will benefit hugely. A clean sheet against Dublin is a great achievement. So so close to pulling it off-just needed to win that last kick-out. So many good individual performances, Ryan, Tommy, Matty, Conor, Donnacha, but my vote goes to Aido, who put in a huge shift, with a lot of unglamorous donkey work, mixed with very clever play. Sam also had a good game, as did Jordan. Our young lads will be better players from that.

  49. So close. Played a great game and game plan. Unfortunately the few scorable wides we hit came back to haunt us. Dublin will always find a way to a score in the dying seconds.

  50. Gutted, absolutely gutted. But also very proud. Aido was immense, I mean that immense, skill levels were
    Off the charts. Ryan and Tommy came to life in the second half so good thing mcstay didn’t listen to some of the opinions here at half time to sub them off!
    Mchugh marshalled Fenton well and loftus made a good impact from the bench. Proud of them all just hope today didn’t take too much out of them. 2 more tough games (hopefully) in the next two weeks is a big ask but they have shown they are a top team today and can compete with the best

  51. If only diarmaid o Connor hadn’t slipped at the end Costello wouldn’t have been able to get to get up to fist that point but brilliant performance and alot to build on .it’s a joke of a system that we have to go again next week

  52. Very proud of all our lads who walk away undefeated today. Would have been great to skip next week but we will have no fear either.
    Delighted to see Diarmuid back too

  53. They’re the biggest doses ever( bar Galway). But Costello? He’s the worst. Well done mayo. That was a great performance in fairness. As for Cantwell? Ah lads ffs.

  54. Just back in the car and I feel exhausted after watching that. What a game what a performance and what an atmosphere in the Hyde. We probably left the win behind us but that effort restored so much pride and belief. Anyone that made the decision to stay at home missed a day similar to the great Mayo/Dublin encounters of the last decade. Roll on next weekend.

  55. The best Mayo played all year. Player coming back. Carr probably needs some minute. As someone said Donnacha McHugh job he did on Fenton was a highlight of the game. Thought he was fantastic. Carney and Ruane going off at the end I think we loss a lot of height around the middle. Was surprise Ruane was call ashore and AOS got left on for the 70 minutes. At least we see what we are made on now.

  56. 1985 that’s exactly what I said watching, if diarmuid hadn’t slipped he would of been on him and most likely turned the ball over, great performance and let’s get out next weekend in big numbers and support the lads they deserve that.

  57. Not sure these words have ever been used in this order before, but that’s a statement draw, literally no one gave us a chance in this game but we came within 30 seconds of winning it, only Kerry have a chance of doing the same, we maintain our position in the top 3

  58. So proud of everyone on that team and everyone directing them. Nothing more to say

  59. @you three. 17 to 17 is a draw all day long. Great performance from the lads. Missed a couple of sitters but a couple of decisions in our favour in the 2nd half probably evened things up a bit. Hopefully McLaughlin is ok after being replaced

  60. Very proud of the displaying was brilliant
    if that was a mayo kick out at the end the dubs would have every mayo player on the ground
    We have to be ruthless

  61. Well done Mayo. Oshea, rod, tc, mattie flynn, Loftus everyone really stood up today. Mayo taking on the dubs never take a step back. Come on ta fuck

  62. The only consolation is that we are a relatively young team and the 3 games in 2 weeks won’t do detrimental damage. Also the fact that we gave the reigning All Ireland champions a great test today will give a good boost of confidence to the younger players. Obviously a won would have been great. But we are in the situation we are in now. And I have full confidence we will be still in the mix in a few weeks time.

  63. The big thing today was that we didn’t concede a goal .I saw one of silliest comments I have ever seen posted on here earlier that “Mayo have always conceded goals good and bad “Therein lies the reason we didn’t win an all Ireland.Anytime we don’t concede a goal against Dublin then we are in the mix right to the end

  64. I was at the game so missed what Ms cantwell said?
    Must be another swipe at Mayo!!

  65. @no doubt, meant a statement draw in the sense everyone had us written off by at least 5, most of the pods gave minimal time to this game as we hadn’t a hope, so proud of the boys, onwards and upwards

  66. Can’t believe people think a draw is good? It isn’t and you could see from the team and management at the end that they weren’t happy. Our season was basically ended last year because we didn’t win the group. The number of games to make a quarter is basically a nail in the coffin. We were spent last year by the time we met the Dubs.

  67. Keep Dublin goalless and you’re in the mix. Two devestating performances from O’Donoghue and Costello. Both teams throwing away chances plus both keeping it conservative enough. I think McStay shaking his head was a bit disingenuous considering how fluffed chances earlier cost both teams a victory. Farrell looked like he’s no need of a laxative for some time anyway. Great performance lads and as claustrophobic as I expected.

  68. Great to see a 73 min performance and see scores being kicked from distance by a few different players. Tommy C seems to have his mojo back. Hopefully we can take better advantage of his line breaking ability going forward. They all gave their all, and no doubt will be gutted given the position they were in. Tough and all as it will be, they have to refocus asap as any of the teams they could be meeting next weekend will be capable of winning in Castlebar if they can build momentum.

  69. @dreamysleepysnoozysnooze

    A draw against a team that’s been hammering nearly every team out the gate is a good thing best game from our guys all year.

    Yes gutted we didn’t win it but the guys should be proud of themselves I know loads of dubs who laughed at me when I said we would put it up to them the confidence is well this will bring guys..

    The moods been low around our team and I can see why totally but absolutely so proud after that.

  70. Super stuff delighted with that to a man showed their potential yes there’s an extra 5% in each player but no point being peak in middle of June.
    Played to a man game fully and everyone at least a 7 out of 10 .
    Aos was superb, matty and jack great leadership around middle , ryan missed great with ordinary to his high standards but all leaders and done really well.
    Flynn super work rate and score just needs confidence to peak.
    Loftus massive impact and leadership , diamruid and cillian be sharper after that.
    Reape cool and calm all day long super performance, Brickedeen and Mcbrien top performances .
    All very good and solid impacts from anyone who went off did their part too .
    Add in carr and were going right way .

    Massive praise for management they got everything spot on . Mchugh on Fenton was called here while ago and the role of Diarmuid at a second 6 is will only get better.
    Well done and let’s go for it hard next week, team done their part to peak all our interests, let’s get behind them and help push them.forward

  71. Just in the Armagh v Galway game, Armagh topping that group means if we win next weekend, we could face one of Armagh, Donegal or Kerry but if Galway had topped the group it would have been 50:50 Donegal or Kerry. Think I’m right in saying that as provincial finals avoided where possible in quarters. Open to correction on same

  72. Hard luck I thought ye did enough to win it and Aidan O Shea had one of his best games for Mayo. A sickening draw like ourselves so on we go to next week. Mayo to get (Monaghan, Cork or Derry) while its (Roscommon, Monaghan or Cork for ourselves so its not the savage intensity of Galway vs Mayo last year. I hope both teams make it through to the QF.

  73. Kevin emotional and riled in the interview…..I wouldn’t blame him, he takes a lot of stick. That was a very determined Mayo performance today with some lovely passing moves. Draw for me was bad luck but no problem, a ‘statement draw’ as somebody above said. What does kill me still though is our runners getting into range, gap emerging but instead of a shot for point, a feckin back pass…….Dubs regroup and we start again……’d never see a hurler do that.

  74. What did Cantwell say that was so offensive?
    Some game of football there in the Hyde. Really enjoyed and was so proud of the lads. A good gauge of where we are at and we are certainly not too far away at all!!!

  75. Pull hard we certainly aren’t. Sure the bulk of panel have all Ireland final experience. They haven’t become bad players overnight. And the best team out there are mostly another year older with lots of miles on the clock. There’s no great team out there at the minute like peak 2010’s Dubs. The same 5 or 6 teams I referenced start of season can beat each other on their day so there will be more twists this year yet.
    Easy beat of the spread as well so not the worst day in office!

  76. Missed opportunity to top the group and avoid three matches in 14 days.

    Cork, Monaghan or Derry in MacHale Park next weekend should win that but the issue will be the following week against a rested Armagh, Donegal and Kerry

  77. Didn’t deserve to lose…gutsiest performance I’ve seen since I can’t remember….had the taking of them dubs just clinical at the end….we should be proud of that performance….whelan a fuckin eejit ….mental blow to mayo me hole

  78. Immensely proud of the performance and gutted we couldn’t get it done. Not fair that ourselves and Galway are forced to play again next week just on the basis of scoring difference – we are victims of disgraceful greed by the GAA for more games. However I suspect there might a bigger demand for tickets for next weekend – I’m delighted to say we’ve answered an awful lot of questions there today – time to start believing again!

  79. Great performance. Yes the win would have being nicer. Our players will come on a bunch with that game. We should fear n-one now. Well done players and management

  80. Two mayo players clearly joint players of the match, Conroy and O Donoghue, then O Shea and a big gap to the rest.

  81. Any idea what Eoghan’s issue was ?

    Also big credit to mgmt today for getting a huge amount right..McStay hinted in his interview they learned a lot from last year so keep the faith they could do well in the coming weeks. Momentum can be a great thing

  82. Lads will far sooner games than training and be a different game against derry or cork . They will drop deep and ask different questions.
    We will get better of them but dont expect same freedom of man on man .
    After this showing you’d back us all day long against Kerry.
    Mcbrien was superb on most consistent forward in country in Con.
    We’d boss midfield and halforwards and backs reaching peak.
    Inside forwards physical and scoring but yet bit more from them and our bench getting stronger and will have greater impact going forward

  83. The big issue after today is the effort and intensity we played with. I don’t think the tiredness will show in the PreQF but it will be a huge ask to beat a rested Donegal or Kerry team the following weekend. That’s where I’d worry tbh. It looked as if we were at 100% today and Dublin only at 75%. Every time they needed a score they seemed to get it.

  84. @you three. I was referring to your earlier post where you said we lost by a point

  85. I reckon these ratings are fair
    Colm Reape 7,
    Jack Coyne 6,
    David McBrien 6,
    Rory Brickenden 6,
    Sam Callinan 6,
    Stephen Coen 6,
    Eoghan McLaughlin 6,
    Donnacha McHugh 7,
    Jack Carney 5,
    Matthew Ruane 7,
    Tommy Conroy 7,
    Darren McHale 5,
    Jordan Flynn 6,
    Aidan O’Shea 8,
    Ryan O’Donoghue 8,

    Subs Used:
    Conor Loftus 7,
    Cillian O’Connor 6,
    Following not on long
    enough to rate:
    Diarmuid O’Connor
    Paul Towey
    Bob Tuohy

    Subs Not Used:
    Rob Hennelly
    James Carr
    Enda Hession
    Eoin O’Donoghue
    Pádraig O’Hora
    Michael Plunkett

  86. A few points from the Hyde today.
    Pluses and learnings:
    – Diarmuid is back fit and well. I believe that he and Conor Loftus should start next week for Carney and McHale.
    – I’d also introduce Cillian earlier for whoever isn’t having a good first half the next day.
    Not so good:
    – Disappointed that our management did nothing to stop the constant Dublin raids down their right side (our left) all through the first half, resulting in several of their scores.
    – Ridiculous that some of our lads stood 3 metres off Dublin forwards (several times) inside 30-35 metres,where they can score from all day long.
    – Wouldn’t it have been smart to have had a plan to bring in Hession when Jack Caffrey was sprung by the Dubs. He played puck against tired legs.

  87. Also not having scenarios planned for when 1 point up with one minute to play is not great. We need to get more cynical and systematically foul out the field in these situations – slow the play down….. yes as Dublin would

  88. Sorry, that should have read:
    – Disappointed that our management did nothing to stop the constant Dublin raids down their Left side (our Right) all through the first half, resulting in several of their scores.

  89. While that stings at the end. What a performance. Yes I know a week is a tough turnaround after a performance like that. Let’s do whatever it takes to get over the line against cork or Monaghan or whoever we are drawn against. And show that shower in RTE that we are top contenders and not gone away. I felt like we were within a hairs length of getting a goal there today which could have made all the difference. The tackle by Fenton was top drawer. Looked a a foul, but clearly was not. Draw a fair result in the end. We looked cool and composed and held one of the best attacks in the country goal less. AOS finest performance this year to date. Lots of positives , to win Sam you have to beat everyone in front of you from now on!!

  90. @Cloud9
    You’re watching a different game to me today if you only rate Carney a 5.
    He never flinched once in that midfield third and fought fire with fire.

  91. 1-5 outsiders today. Massive performace, our team made us so proud. Standing 6 ft tall in Meath this evening, Mayo Abu. O’Shea GOAT. Who picks MOM what game were.they at. ???

  92. Thanks @no doubt, yes was incorrect on the one, but in my defence it did feel like a one point loss at the end!

  93. Carney carried a serious amount of ball and was very efficient in his distribution. I was very happy with him.

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