Game day – performance the main aim tonight

After a two-week break the action resumes tonight in this year’s National Football League. For us, it’s a rematch with our All-Ireland final opponents Dublin – on the double, to be precise, as the ladies are in action too – under the lights at MacHale Park. The lads get underway at 7pm while the LGFA match throws in at 5pm.

League clash repeats of the previous year’s All-Ireland always generate interest but they never resemble in any meaningful way the contest that was played out for Sam. Teams take different approaches to the League, some – like Dublin – because they can afford to, others – like us – because we have to.

Dublin – who haven’t yet named their line-up for tonight’s clash – will roll into Castlebar later on with a highly experienced and well-drilled team, one that’s had the luxury (which we haven’t) of training regularly in the one place. While their starting fifteen is likely to contain the two new lads – Howard and Basquel – their 26 will be well stocked with experienced, battle-hardened players.

By contrast, we’ll field a backline containing just one player – Colm Boyle – who lined out for us last September, with our fifteen assembled as best we can bearing in mind the significant logistical and other handicaps we tend to be burdened with at this time of year. Added to that this year is an overly-long injury list, which sees us take the field tonight shorn of several of our top performers.

It doesn’t take a genius, then, to figure out how tonight’s match is likely to go. Dublin have started the year in flying form, we’ve got going in our usual stuttering way. They’re, unsurprisingly, the highest scoring team in the division, we’re the ones with the lowest scoring record after three games.

We’ve home advantage, its true, but MacHale Park is far from a fortress venue for us. Dublin have beaten us the last two times they’ve played us in Castlebar and while the second of those was a gritty 0-9 to 0-7 battle, the 2015 meeting was a thrashing, pure and simple.

Do I need to mention how long it’s been since we beat Dublin at all, or that we’ve never done so since Jim Gavin took over? No, didn’t think so.

I’m sorry to be so downbeat – I’m usually firmly in the glass-half-full camp – but it’s impossible to see anything but a win for Dublin tonight. If we take that as a strong likelihood (while noting, of course, that in sport anything can happen on a given day) then we need to be looking for comforts elsewhere from tonight’s game.

For me, how we perform tonight is the key thing. Another League match in which Dublin wipe the floor with us – as they did in 2015, as they did again last year – won’t do players, management or supporters alike any good.

There’ll be other days when we get the chance to rip into them properly and show that, when push comes to shove, we’re the only team in the country capable of putting it up to the best team in the game. Today isn’t one of those days.

Aside from anything else, points difference is likely to have a bearing on who ends up where in the League table. In light of this a structured, resolute performance – one that ensures we don’t get pasted and might, if the stars align, gives us a chance of claiming something out of this game – is probably the way we need to go in this one.

I’m not going to be there myself tonight. Not because of how I think the game will go but it’s just one of those weekends when there’s too much other stuff for me to attend to on the domestic front up here, plenty of it juvenile level GAA-related.

So there’ll be no post-match audio from me for this one but I’ll be following the match from here and will have the match report and MOTM poll up on the site a bit after the final whistle sounds at MacHale Park tonight. Safe travelling to all making their way to Castlebar tonight and wrap up warm.

Here’s to a strong performance in difficult conditions for the lads tonight. Up Mayo.

89 thoughts on “Game day – performance the main aim tonight

  1. Think parsons may start with coen going to cb. Hopefully Adam shows well thought he was very good in the sigerson final last week. Think crowe and drake need to play well as they have been around the panel for a while and haven’t seemed to be pushing for a starting spot come championship. And if you are not going to be trusted by management to do a job come championship what’s the point in making up numbers in a panel?

  2. I just wanted to say how rare and bloody refreshing it was to read interview with Lee Keegan this morning. He had gone up again in my estimation- there is an element of the Roy Keane about him. He knows what it’s all about, what he’s after and makes no apologies.

  3. Agree 100% with blondie. Time for the likes of Crowe Drake Gallagher Kirby, Conor O’Shea (and a few others) to shit or get off the pot in 2018. It might sound harsh, but a county with mayos stature should never be entertaining career fringe players. You wouldn’t see it in the likes of Dublin or Kerry and it shouldn’t happen in Mayo either. I remember reading jack o Connors book when in 2006, he pulled a 23 year old Kieran Donaghy aside in spring and said – “Kieran, youve been hanging around this panel a couple of years now and doing fuck all. It’s time to shape up or ship out.”
    Donaghy was player of the year that autumn.
    Best of luck to the fringe lads tonight and hopefully one or two will stand out against the Dublin benchmark.

  4. That’s overly harsh, Larry. Every major county has ‘panel’ players, Dublin have loads of them. And Adam Gallagher has been out injured for ages, this year is his first one back. Hugely disrespectful to speak about him, or any other player, in those terms.

  5. The forwards need to step up to the plate tonight. If it were in any other walk of life you could class them as a lazy bunch who time and time again fail to deliver for the team. Of course, it’s not that simple, as our tactics recently of working the ball out of defence means the opposition have time to get their men behind the ball and make it almost impossible for any forward to find space to take on a shot or find a man. A change of tactics might be no bad thing, where quick ball out of defence might give those forwards a bit more space to work with and hopefully get a better return on the scoreboard. Anything would be better than some of the fare served up in recent matches and tonight might be the time to do it.

  6. Performance far more important than the result tonight. I just want to see the younger lads in particular sew into the game and put down a serious marker. We need to pick up two or three more options in advance of May.

    I was really disappointed with the likes of Loftus against Galway, accepting the ground doesn’t particularly suit him. But the old adage that it’s the same for our opponents rings true and I’d suggest this is a big few games for him and the other pretenders.

    We can of course rely on Aidan O’Shea being pulled and dragged all over the pitch though. That’s the one given we have.

  7. If that’s the team that starts (which it won’t be I hope) the management have lost it. That midfield will be eaten alive as they were in galway and id have doubts about 6 and 7 if they start preventing the dublin attack. Forwards look strong. I wish robbie hennelly all the best. The guy has had a tough break and I hope it works out for him

  8. Do you know whats very noticeable in here is the posters who give it loads about negative comments after a defeat never show their hand before a game like this , they just wait in the wing ready to pounce on everything afterwards, they cant lose because of their on the fence no prediction method.

    Some ridiculous selections from this management and they dont make any sense . Gawd help us later on tonight if Dublin show up. Probably end up not being able to gauge Gallaghers performance because of lack of team performance . Id be very surprised if this ends well at all.

  9. I don’t know what Ger McDonagh has to do to get a start? A savagely depleted defense with square pegs in round holes at midfield and yet, this years club player of the year looks like he will be on the bench!!!
    He is more mobile than Cafferkey, stronger and more physical than Hall and also has that “dirt” you need at this level.
    No disrespect to Cafferkey but he will get ran all over the place this evening and will be badly exposed. Hall will be thrown around the place like a rag doll also. Men and dogs of war needed this evening to keep the scoreboard respectable, unfortunately Caff and Hall are neither.
    Best of luck to Adam Gallagher. Great to see him back regularly on the scene with club, college and county. No doubting his ability, the boy has it. Balance, vision and technique. Anyone that saw him clip over 9 points in Omagh a few seasons ago will know that. All he needs is an injury free run in the panel.
    Best of luck tonight. Our survival or otherwise in Div1 will not come down to tonights game. Kildare away and Tyrone at home will decide our fate.
    No more talk about who is not available, this is a great chance for fringe players to show us what they have got. They must make their mark. Regardless of the scoreboard.

  10. On reading that back it doesn’t look great. I don’t mean Hall and Caff are not MEN as such, I mean they do not have the aggression, strength and dirt needed for tonight.
    Hopefully I’m proven wrong.

  11. Dublin Team has been named, take from that what you will:

    1. Stephen Cluxton.
    2. Eric Lowndes.
    3. Philly McMahon.
    4. Davy Byrne.
    5. James McCarthy.
    6. Jonny Cooper.
    7. John Small.
    8. Brian Fenton.
    9. M.D. Macauley
    10. Brian Howard.
    11. Ciaran Kilkenny.
    12. Niall Scully.
    13. Paul Mannion.
    14. Paddy Andrews.
    15. Colm Basquel.

    Solid squad, nine starters from the last time the two teams met. Taking out the thermals for tonight, gonna be freezing later on.

  12. Jaysus, it’s pretty cutting stuff on here today. We’re playing one of the best teams to ever play the game. We’re missing several of our best players. Any lad still on the panel, if he gets his run tonight deserves his game time.

    They’re all breaking their backs at training and whether they are the best of the bunch or further down the pecking order they all deserve our respect.

    Whether people agree with selections or not for any given game, don’t forget this is the managment that came within a hens kick of lifting Sam in the past 2 years.

    Plenty went in to shock when Stephen took time to consider his availability to commit further to the cause.

    I’m delighted we still have him and his team still at the helm. There is good reason for whoever is still on the panel and there is no doubt good reason for whatever team line up he has decided on.

    With a fully stacked fully fit team to pick from this would still be a huge battle to try and get the points this evening.

    There is no point in finger pointing and tongue wagging at this point in the year, as happened the last 2 years and then singing their praises later in the Summer.

    Players are asked to buy in to the managments plans each year and commit fully, which they have been doing. We as supporters could do with applying the same logic and support the managers tactics. He has been stellar for his term in charge.

    So the very best to them all this evenimg. Currently they are all, to a man, part of the bigger picture and good luck to them all.

  13. I think McDonagh will start tonight, almost sure of it. We know Rochford always makes 2 changes, id be very confident McDonagh will be one. We’re not going to win this game and Rochford knows this, hence the team selection. No point in putting out all the first teamers available to give the Dubs a rattle and ultimately lose, we’ll learn nothing only what we already know, we can only compete in Summer when we’re flying fit. But with this selection we will lose, BUT we’ll learn a hell of alot more about the likes of Gallagher/Hall/Crowe/Drake/Coen/Gibbons and to a lesser extent Loftus, thats what we want from the league, thats how we’ll progress long term. Kildare/Tyrone/Donegal are the games for the strongest available.

  14. Changes I expect by the time the ball is thrown in…

    Coen moves to CHB in place of Hall with Parsons going midfield.

    McLoughlin back sweeper with Gallagher playing in his familiar HF position.

    Durcan or Keegan may miraculously pass late fitness tests too and come on to the bench or start.

  15. Have to agree with Larry on this one, though I wouldn’t include Gallagher in that group. I know every county has panel players but these lads are keeping potential new talent from coming in. If after 3/4 years on the panel you haven’t progressed enough to be pushing hard for the starting championship 15 then I’m afraid it should be time to part ways. None of the lads mentioned are in the top 3 players in their clubs, yet they are keeping players off the panel that are week in, week out performing in one of the most competitive senior structures in the country. We have to start taking a chance on some new players and giving them the same oppurtunity that these players have had to develop on the panel.
    We need to be honestly asking the question at the moment about the lack of new talent coming through and if the talent isn’t there, then we need to be asking who’s responsible for that…

  16. My comments are in no way a reflection of those lads dedication, committment or passion for the jersey by the way. If you have been given a fair crack of the whip and it hasn’t worked out, then there is no shame in the baton being passed to the next man for his turn.

  17. @Liam
    You’re incorrect.
    Adam Gallagher was injured mainly and all of those mentioned are top 3 with their clubs.

  18. If they’re top 3 JP, then they’re number 3, unless you’d put Drake above Andy and Kirby ahead of Durkin, Mc Donagh or Douglas. Are you seriously going to tell me Conor is ahead of Aiden, Seamie, Hall, Ruane? Crowe might be the only one, but he’s behind Nally.

  19. I agree with you WJ that criticism of any player is not acceptable. It might be good to post exactly what the commitment of a county player is in terms of discipline required in areas of fitness diet travel to training impact on social life and work life constant media scrutiny of your performance etc… Very few could do it I believe. Think about that before you post everyone.
    I expect Dublin to win tonight but like others will be happy with a cohesive performance from us.

  20. Sean Burke..was thinking the exact same re the appearance of certain posters post match who love a good neck wringing..same everywherr I guess..As for tonight I would hope for a decent more and no less..Serious line up for Dublin..

  21. Seems my comment above caused a bit of a stir. On reflection WJ, it’s probably a bit too harsh on Adam especially. Accept he’s had injury issues and I’m delighted to see him start tonight. Hasn’t really had a chance since 2015. I’d love nothing more than to see him kick 5 or 6 from play and tear philly or John small a new arsehole tonight.
    David Drake has a chance tonight to show what he can do, he has blinding pace which has not really been showcased at this level so hopefully he’ll do good. It’s just a little frustrating that guys who debuted 4 or 5 seasons ago, and are permanent fixtures in the squad, don’t seem to have made any progression. In fact, you could argue some have gone backwards.
    I also can’t accept Danny Kirby is in the top 3 Mitchell’s players, he’s a decent player but his forward movement is nowhere near good enough for this level in my opinion, compared to say Douglas or even Evan Regan. He is an excellent long range point kicker though, and ironically could have been useful to this end against the likes of Galway last week. Like Shane Nally, there probably a place in the squad for players like this in certain games.
    I alway 100% respect the commitment and sacrifice of the Mayo squad too, but at the same time sometimes it’s spoken of like it’s a massive sacrifice and chore for the players involved – there are hundreds of players in Mayo and elsewhere that would give their right arm to be in their position and we shouldn’t lose sight of that either.
    Nobody’s forced against their will to play for Mayo.
    Best of luck to all the team tonight and hopefully a fighting performance and good result

  22. We need a couple of lads to show they are ready to start a championship football match this summer.Avoiding a hammering is fine but not the objective.Its absolutely freezing around Castlebar now wear layers and enjoy.

  23. Yes, Conor OShea is way ahead of Michael Hall and Matthew Ruane.
    David Drake is ahead of Sharoize.
    Kirby is 4 behind Ger Mc, Durcan n Neil Douglas but no shame in that. I don’t particularly rate him though but thats just my view.
    Your asserrtion that all these guys are outside of top 3 in their clubs is ridiculous.

  24. Mayo will turn up tonight probably not enough but will play well,as for these posters who feel that we have better players not on the panel,why in the name of all that is holy would our management not try them,our management team has proved that they have the brains and know how to get the best out of the panel,we will be there in September again but with most of last year’s panel ,up Mayo

  25. Great to see management giving the panel players a run. Think Parsons will start and Coen will drop into the half back line but that should be the only change.
    Mayo will learn nothing from putting an experienced team out against Dublin in Feb and looking for a win.
    Dublin would however learn from any tactical challenge we presented and where is the point in that?
    Let the panel players learn from the experience of facing the All Ireland champions.
    Our performance tonight is what’s important not the result as has been stated already.

  26. Dublin starting with 9 of their All Ireland final team. Out Cian O Sullivan,Michael Fitzsimons,Jack McCaffrey,Con O Callaghan,Eoghan O Gara,Dean Rock and In Eric Lowndes,David Bryne,Micheal D McCauley,Brian Howard,Niall Sully,Colm Basquel

  27. Think we will be a bit more defensive tonight.

    This game has the potential to pull some less experienced players up to championship standard.

    We need to get behind these players at home and tonight we need to stay behind them, right to the final whistle.

  28. I’m not overly negative. Feel we have a chance. Team as good as it can be and think Parsons will start.

  29. Good luck to our lads tonight. They deserve to be given game time and they all repesent their county with heart and spirit. Let us remind ourselves it is an amateur sport and their commitment deserves the best of support and positivity we can give. Imagine the blog if we win tonight.

  30. Keegan and Seamie O’Shea named on the bench for tonight. No sign of Parsons, Harrison or Durcan.

  31. We could be in for a tough night in the middle of the field even if Parsons starts as he’ll be off the pace somewhat. If we have Gibbons & Coen tracking MDM & Fenton then we’ll be chasing shadows. A decent performance by the new lads and a reasonably close result would see me happy. I hope that the stewards will not be letting any Dublin supporters plant their flag in the centre of McHale Park tonight….
    @JP I’ll split the difference with you, 2 of those players are in the top 3 and 2 are not, hardly a ridiculous statement. Given we all seem to agree that we need new blood on the panel, who do you feel needs to make way?

  32. @Liam, fair enough. Well my own view is that we are somehow like Irish rugby used to be. Very conservative in giving gametime to new or fringe players. From the outside if we look back as far as 2011 not a single bedded in player has ever been dropped off the panel. That just doesn’t seem realistic if you think on the volume of seasons, volume of players and the fact we have been what, 7.5/8 out of 10 over that period performance wise roughly?
    Long term issues in conceding goals.
    Long term issues in not scoring goals.
    Long term issue at full back.
    Long term issue in lack of pace.
    In my own view we were at a transition year last year and certainly this year and quite simply the close calls should be going to all of those under 28. Over 28s need to be playing top drawer stuff.
    Three year mgmt term to 2020. It just makes no sense in game theory to not be having a big influence of ‘transition’ on our selection decisions for the 15/26/34.
    Anyways, match drawing close and I think we’ll be decent enough tonight. I don’t want to draw debate away from the match.

  33. Mayo bench Clarke, Newcombe, McDonagh, Akram, Nally, Keagan, SOS, Big Barry, Boland,Loftus. Only two forwards, Great to see Seamus and Leeroy back. Hope to see them today as well as Akram and McDonagh. The latter two to see if they cut the mustard.

  34. Hi Liam,
    As every poster here and WJ knows I am a very genuine Dubs and GAA fan but why would the Stewart’s stop the Dubs fans putting our flag up or did something happen previously that offended the Mayo fans….if so apologies for my ignorance.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  35. Yes Martin. A dub fan did run onto McHale park and plant a dub flag in the middle of the pitch a couple of seasons ago, before throw in. Highly disrespectful!! But hey, those kind of idiots aren’t just unique to Dublin.

  36. No need for an apology, Martin, but the incident Liam referred to was where – as Sean Burke says – a Dublin supporter came out onto the pitch with an enormous Dublin flag at half-time in the game two years ago and stood at half-way with it for the duration of the interval. For some strange reason, the stewards decided to leave him there unmolested.

  37. Yes Willie Joe, in deep trouble, gave up about 4 goal chances, they only took one. If we could only get an early goal in 2nd half!!

  38. @Cat, Baltic here.
    Great feeling in the air here.
    Great game.
    Looking forward to more of the same in the 2nd half.

    McLoughlin having a good game, but not as good as Mannion.
    Adam is a name to watch, really putting in a shift. Lee Vs CK, a new rivalry?

  39. Dublin forwards getting by their men to easy, Cafferkey as usual constantly behind his man, Mannion giving young o Donoghue a torrid time. I dont think Drake knows how to defend, he has speed go forward but his distribution is poor. Cluxton kickouts are killing us even the long ones are going to a dub. Our half back line has to do better. Adam Gallagher started well and Mcloughlin is having one of his best games in a while. Hopefully we can keep with them in the second half.

  40. Apologies gents I didn’t realise that happened and he and the flag should have been removed immediately…..enjoy the 2nd half…good game

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  41. I think that ends the debate about Cillian being dropped/taken off frees. Hes the best we have and was sorely missed

  42. We got out of jail only losing by 4 points!!
    Gallaghers miss might have me a difference??
    But the dubs looked streets ahead of us?

  43. Why doesn’t Adam Gallagher hit frees for Mayo? Used be excellent at them as a Minor from what I remember

  44. @mayomessie . A lot knocking Ger Caff . Appreciate your opinion . Just back in car – frozen ! Ease of him . That could be Boyler or Donnie next year and don’t think he deserves it . Not to disappointed at all as think fitness improving and fringe players did well . keep the faith !!

  45. Although the game was practically over, the last quarter by Dublin was as bad as I’ve seen from that team in a long time

  46. Hopefully a few on here will appreciate what Cillian gives us now !
    Overall positive though
    Need to get the win up in newbridge

  47. The 4 missed frees in the second half made the differences, Not sure why Adam Gallagher didnt take them from the start, I think Dublin did take the foot off the pedal in the last quarter. Again i would have liked our subs to come on earlier, Dublin brought on 3 on 44 minutes and they upped a gear. We wait until the 60th and 65th minute to do the same. Over all some players stock went up others went down, some players got needed minutes under there belt.
    i think we might be seeing the last of Nally, manager didnt use him again tonight, eventhough I don’t feel Hall or Drake are better than him.

  48. Honestly, 2nd half was a damp squib. Shadowboxing of the highest order.

    Good to see the game played in the right spirit though. I’m off home and thaw meself out with a few strong ones.

  49. A mixed bag tonight. But overall more positives from that game than from our first three games.
    Ger Mc didnt get put on. Are we seriously thinking that young Sharoize or Kirby are in a better place form and stage in their career than Ger Mc.
    If Ger went down to U21 level what would he do?
    With Castlebar he was their main leader. The door was wide open at the back tonight and not brought on!!!

  50. A better performance although well below Dublin ,think might manage Kildare,I hope tonight’s performance shows that some fringe player’s not going to shift first team,could have five more points from easy frees plus a good goal chance,but Dublin played very easy

  51. Shadow boxing of the highest order. Summed up by Gavin taking mannion, the best player on the park, off with over 20 mins left.
    Damp squib.
    The biggest winner tonight from a Mayo perspective was Cillian and he didn’t even tog out!

  52. In fairness Larry, Mannion looks like he’s done his hammer. while taking that last shot.

    Waiting for me window to demist b4 heading home. You are 100% on Cillian though – seems that there is only a single Mayoman alive to can kick a dead ball. He was missed, but not by us.

  53. Oh well. As expected we lose but the fitness is improving. I have a feeling Mayo will get enough points to stay safe in division 1. Get Hanley back in a jersey and see how he likes it, himself and parsons will be good additions for these coming weeks and badly needed.

  54. Dubs not even in second gear , still beat us pulling up and there is positives I hear. Its pure shite talk now in Mayo , no grasp of reality. Furthermore id love to ask robbie Hen what was going through his head to come out like that , what in his goalkeeping school of thought ever said that was the way to go ??????? The chat in here earlier was about certain players hanging round the panel for a while now without making any inroads , whats the craic like , is it for real with some of these guys ,one in particular and his body language even says I dont deserve this jersey. Some of this stuff is crazy .

  55. Why are they bringing fellas on with a couple minutes left. Complete pointless messing

    Give them at least 15 min or don’t bother.

  56. That was an odd game. Some kicking by both sides was cruel altogether. Nobody would have guessed Lee to start? Secrets can be kept after all.

  57. In fairness, the 3 frees that Loftus kicked were all in front of the posts and practically unmissable. No excuses though for the bad misses by the other boys though.

  58. Not a bad result in terms of points difference. Caff done okay, the man is lucky to be still playing football. Gallagher showed well out the field where the pressure wasn’t intense, but fluffed a fairly handy goal chance when it really mattered, still worth persisting with. Great to get 70mins into Lee, thats the real positive tonite, we’ll need him big time to stay up. Robbie done well with most kickouts, so fair play to him.

    Must say the Dublin supporters around me we’re good craic, good banter back and over in good spirit, twas as if theirs a mutual understanding that the real stuff starts in August. Now time to thaw out.

  59. A lot of positives from tonight. Had we taken those 3 handy frees and scored the open goal we could have tightened it. That game will bring us on a ton and will put us is great shape for Kildare. That was a very strong Dublin team bear in mind and we were very wasteful from easy deadballs.
    Don’t mean to open up a Hennelly debate but he should never have left his line for that ball.
    Anyway, bookies offering Dublin +14 made a big mistake.

  60. Sean Burke, they bet us by a cricket score in the league last year, yet bet us by a solitary point in September? Maybe your the one losing a grasp of reality?…we’re like this every year in the league, should be no surprise.

  61. Paddy Neilan is the best ref in the game. Controlled the game all night, never let any nonsense start, was consistent and clear.
    Well played.

  62. If the Dubs decided to cut lose they could have hammered us this evening. Full back line in serious trouble all evening. O’ Donoghue roasted by Mannion. There is zero chance of Cafferkey playing full back if we get to Croke Park – so why are we playing him in the league

  63. Oh right , so Dublin decided to take it easy on us . Christ sake if they could beat us by ,20 points they would . Keegan back and Seamie getting a run out and lots of fringe players getting a run out . Don’t think we will win the all Ireland but not too disappointed with tonight

  64. Exactly south Mayo exile , there is stuff been done that doesnt add up for moving forward. Why not start loftus, why persist with caff and not mcdonagh , fair enough caff was good v monaghan but he has been poor since albeit off injured v kerry after 15 mins (looked like he would be roasted) , just cant see how he will get championship sharp come may , young ,fast , fit vibrant Galway attack will friggin kill him.
    Boyler though!!! There will never be another, that buck would bate Mcgregor.

  65. South Mayo Exile, Cafferkey is playing full back because that’s his natural position and he needs games to get up to speed, he was out for over a year with a career threatening injury. That takes a long time to get back from. I do agree that Ger Mc deserved a run but I’m not the manager.
    I don’t agree that Dublin could have cut loose at any time, if they coulda they woulda but they couldn’t. At one stage in the 2nd half Dublin wemt through phase after phase of play, maybe 50 passes, over amd back the field. However, Mayo didn’t foul, didn’t get opened up and eventually turned them over. Little signs of what will come later in the Summer.
    Andy had the beating of the entire Dublin full back line tonight. Not bad for an auld man.

  66. Right, TH, that’s the one that crosses the line. Read the fucking house rules about what you can and can’t say about players (they’re here). Specifically rule no. 17. You’re in moderation for a spell and will stay there until I can be sure you’ve got the message. The same will go for anyone else who crosses this particular line.

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