Game day – quarter-final spot the prize on offer in this one

All roads lead to the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick for us this afternoon. This is the venue for today’s Round 3 meeting with Cork in the All-Ireland SFC group stage, a game that throws in at 2pm. Paul Faloon of Down is the ref and the match is being streamed live on GAAGO.

Has there ever been a more low-key lead-in to a Championship match involving Mayo? I don’t ever recall such a quiet countdown to a summer fixture as we’ve had for this one, certainly not in the last decade or so.

There’s a good chance this apparent indifference to today’s game will be given confirmation when the attendance at the Gaelic Grounds is confirmed. Close to 45,000 were rammed into the venue for the hurling last Sunday but I’d say it’s doubtful we’ll see much more than a quarter of that number there today.

There are a whole host of reasons why the crowds are, in large part, giving the football a miss so far this summer. The new structure hasn’t been a hit with supporters and the quality of the matches has been poor as well. Little wonder, then, that football fans appear to be holding fire until the knockout action gets underway, which is set to happen with the preliminary quarter-finals next weekend.

We don’t plan to be part of the action then. Today’s game will, though, dictate whether we are or not: if we win or draw today then we top Group 1 and proceed directly to the All-Ireland quarter-finals. If we lose, points difference is likely to dictate the top three positions in the group.

There’s been a fair bit of hand-wringing over the nature of our win over Louth in the previous round. Seen in some quarters as yet more evidence of the struggle we always seem to face when trying to break down a blanket defence, in reality Louth’s too-late riposte put a bit of a charitable sheen from their perspective on a game we never looked like losing.

Two wins from two games puts us in the driving seat in the group heading to Limerick today. With Kerry the top seed in our group, this isn’t a position we’d have expected to be in at this juncture but our unexpected win over Kerry in Killarney a month ago opened the door to us to win the group and claim a spot in the last eight of the Championship.

That’s the prize on offer for us today and it’s one we should be aiming to do everything in our power to grasp. As well as swerving a potentially hazardous preliminary quarter-final next weekend, it would give us another weekend off, with the potential, should we go on and win in the quarters, of a further fortnight’s break ahead of the semi-final.

For opponents Cork, today is as close to a free shot as they’ll get this summer. They’re already guaranteed to advance and while this is likely to mean another outing for them next weekend, they know that a win over us could, depending on what happens between Kerry and Louth, see them top the group.

Their performance against Jack O’Connor’s team last time out will surely embolden them. They had the All-Ireland champions in all manner of bother early in the second half and, despite the controversial penalty and the loss of Seán Powter for the bulk of the second period, they still only went down by two points that day.

Although we haven’t met them for some time – our 2017 Championship meeting, also played in the Gaelic Grounds, was the most recent time we did – we still know that Cork are the type of team to be wary of, a side stocked with skilful footballers who, if we let them play, have the ability to punish us.

Allied to this, the presence of former Galway manager Kevin Walsh in their backroom team will also provide us with some pause for thought. He’s a man who knows how to deploy a blanket to telling effect against us and we can expect that this will, at least in part, be the approach we’ll face from the Rebels today.

If it is, then our experience the last day against Louth should stand to us. Although we didn’t execute our blanket-busting approach well enough then, we did get out in front early on, forcing Louth to emerge now and again from their defensive shell, and we also created two gilt-edged goal chances.

A similar approach, only this time involving taking our chances when they arise, will go a long way to seeing us get the result we need today.

So too, surely, will the return of Diarmuid O’Connor. We really missed his play-everywhere presence the last day and it remains a matter of conjecture as regards how close the final result then would have been had he been on the pitch. If he starts – and he could well do so – this would be a major boost for us.

While there’s still no prospect of Cillian featuring today – his appearance for Ballintubber yesterday evening ruled that out – we should still have enough firepower up front to do the business this afternoon. That depends, though, on James Carr rediscovering his shooting boots after an off-day against Louth and also a greater scoring return from the likes of Ryan O’Donoghue, Jordan Flynn and Jack Carney. This quartet were on song in Killarney and if they’re humming again today, we’ll be well on our way.

If we can ally to this a tighter performance at the back then it’s hard to see us losing. That late goal by Louth will have stung and so a clean sheet has to be a major objective this afternoon.

We’ve rejigged the backline a bit for this one, with Padraig O’Hora – who was excellent against Louth and very effective against Kerry too – slotting into the full-back line. This switch releases exciting young prospect Sam Callinan to take up station at wing-back for the first time, with captain Paddy Durcan also named to start in the same sector.

Although Cillian isn’t on the bench, we’ve still plenty of talent there too, with two speedsters in the form of Enda Hession and Tommy Conroy. Both are likely to see action early in the second half and, with Cork’s replacement list looking a bit thin by comparison, who we bring in and when we do this could be a key differentiator today.

Ultimately, if we play at the level we’re capable of, putting in the kind of performance that Kerry couldn’t live with last month, it’s difficult to see Cork staying with us today. Our greater experience playing top-level teams all this year should come to the fore, all the more so as we’re now, finally, approaching the knockout stage of the Championship.

A win today will propel us forward to the All-Ireland quarter-final stage in the right frame of mind. Our fate rests squarely in our own hands and, while we’re favourites to win, this is a mantle with which we should be comfortable.

We have the capability to win today and a win is what we’re heading to Limerick for. I expect us to get it too.

Right, that’s enough blather, it’s time for me to hit the road. Here’s to a profitable day out for us in the Mid-West, here’s to another win for us in the Gaelic Grounds. Here’s to us sealing our place in the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

252 thoughts on “Game day – quarter-final spot the prize on offer in this one

  1. I know that many do not like this format with 3 qualifying but in reality there is no team outside the top 8 will fail to qualify for the next phase so whoever wins out will have been fully tested.

    Today provides another opportunity to assess how well we are performing, win and give ourselves a better chance of winning the quarter finals. While I think we will have enough to win, it is up to management and players to get this right today. May the games begin …

  2. Thank you Willie Joe for all the information,safe travels to all supporters and enjoy the game,no more silly rumours just football,Mayo by seven

  3. As always WJ, your blog makes the lead up to match day all the more enjoyable so thanks again. The Louth match was a strange one, no stand out performances so very hard to pick MOM, but I think we intentionally stayed in the lower gears. Lots of praise for O’Hora but his primary job is to defend, not wander up the field, 2 goal scoring chances came from where he was supposed to be defending, one scored but luckily the easiest one was missed. I’d say Louth won the midfield battle 80/20, we can’t afford to concede anything like that possession today. We managed the last 5 minutes very poorly, we should have parked the bus and we’d have preserved our 5 point lead. I believe we’ll see a different Mayo today, Cork rarely put 2 good performances together so I’m expecting a 3 point win. Best of luck to our lads today.

  4. 3 tickets for sale if any one interested
    Can not make game last minute

    Really hope mayo show up today and and turn it on a beat cork well be great confidence going in to quarter final

  5. Nullify Powter and Hurley and we could get the win. Maguire is a big man in midfield, so I can see Aidan spending more time there than usual.

    This will be extremely close, I genuinely can’t call it. Im expecting a bit more from Reape tbh. His place kicking was dreadful on near perfect conditions against Louth. We need to be converting 4/5 long range frees/45’s like the other contenders do.

  6. Best of luck to the lads and safe return for all travelling to the game. Unfortunately on flight from Athens during match time ????

  7. Indifference is an understatement at this stage WJ.
    Some people still don’t understand the format. Hard to get excited when they literally don’t know what’s going on.
    The people who understand the format knew/know the 4 teams who’d finish bottom of the groups. No excitement there.
    Games seem to be of a jeykll and Hyde nature, kerry game great, Louth game muck. But in general from games I’ve seen throughout the country it’s more like 1 game good, 2 games bad. Football is dying. Excitement is dying.
    Gaago or attend, (as you can’t beat being there) . The only plus with Gaago is that you can switch it off. If you’re stuck there, like in mchale park last time out you don’t just get indifferent you get angry.
    As for today, I actually expect that we’ll see a decent game. I definitely hope so.

  8. How long are we going to be switching Aidan o Shea to midfield and what happens if he is injured or when he eventually calls it a day.the demands of a midfielder has changed due to Cluxton and his kick out strategy which has been copied over and over but an inter county midfielder still needs to be able to win possession

  9. 1985 I think the midfield battle as we now it is dead. If you look at most games these days, it’s mostly short or mid range kickouts. And Louth only pressed up on us a handful of times in the whole game. We could have played Paul Towey and Conor McStay at midfield against them, it would have made little to no difference. Maguire is a unit but our lads should be smart enough to avoid him and use their superior athleticism

  10. Thanks WJ. Safe travels to all supporters, from Mayo and Cork and right throughout the country.
    Mayo will turn up. It’ll be a tough encounter.
    Happy viewing and listening to everyone.
    Get the job done, Mayo.
    Maigheo Abu

  11. Mile buiochas WJ. Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo inniu. Let’s get a result, a draw will suffice.
    Safe travelling to all. Bígi curamach ar na boithre!
    Mhuigeo Abú
    Happy fathers day and remember our Dad’s who have passed!
    Beannacht De lena anamhacha dilis

  12. Safe travels to everyone and best of luck to the Mayo team. A technical question, Can GAA GO be cast to a tv? Or is it available direct from a smart TV? Cheers

  13. Cillian scored 4 points for Ballintubber last night so no way will he play any part today.

  14. Best of luck to the lads today. While it’s disappointing Cillian is missing today, it’s great to see him back playing and scoring. We have a real mix of substitute options for the forwards on the bench now, youth and experience.

  15. jR, by my reckoning, cillian scored six frees ( some from close to 45 m ) one penalty and a tap in goal.

  16. Hey MayoIslander/WJ, I will take 1 please if Mackey stand, just ring me @0879230593.. hope you can delete my mobile number late thanks Dave ( Mackey all gone on Ticketmaster now)

  17. Great article, Willie Joe.

    Enjoy the game everyone, and good luck to the team.

    I feel a bit nervous in the ould stomach but I also feel excited. Mayo have this in their hands if they turn up. I want to see them turn up, and I want to see them play to their capability and use their heads too.

    All the best, everyone!

  18. Mayo focus I am aware the midfield battle is over as we knew it but you still need midfielders that can win possession.obviously reape will avoid sending kickouts in McGuires direction but it doesn’t stop the cork goalkeeper looking for him on their kickout when we push up as what happened with enda smith in Roscommon game

  19. I know you forgot Willie joe..
    Live Free coverage on Mid West Radio.
    Pouring rain here in Limerick.
    Maigheo Abu.

  20. What a surprise, changes to starting line up.
    Hopefully this tactical mind game will play dividends and completely throw Cork, who would never have expected Diarmuid to start today….. “Cough”

  21. Thanks once again Wllie Joe, an best wishes to Kevin and the team today. Mackey stand is packed (bluffed my way in!) and a good smattering of the Green an Red here.
    Great to hear Cillian is playin an scoring (a couple of his fellow club men here were telling me), an pg, we’ll see him lining out for Mayo next time.
    Cork always to exit Treaty town with a couple to spare.
    Up Mayo!

  22. Cork are lively and dangerous today we will need more than frees to win this one. We are being dispossesed in posession going forward. Cork’s no 13 playing puck

  23. I said it in my last post my friend is family member of the cork team he said plan a will be blanket defence try a donegal on it park the bus 15 behind the 45 mayo need to brake at 100 mph make the space up mayo

  24. Teams really have us figured out…
    Really don’t see why our full back needs to be that far forward

  25. Mayo are very poor. Lacking urgency and fight. So many players not imposing themselves.

  26. Cork parking the bus as we knew they would, playing exactly to the Louth template, and still we look totally unprepared for it. Cheap turnovers, fouling, running into traffic. Pure headless stuff.

    Faloon out of his depth at this level too.

  27. Carr gets a yellow but Ryan didn’t get a free? Questions about that ref and his decisions. Mayo though are brutal, slow build up play and a refusal to get a structure in place at the back even against slow Cork attacks. Why are we tackling way out the field and leaving ourselves exposed inside? Why are we rushing the ball forward and trying to run through tackles? Brutal performance.

  28. We have learned nothing all year. Defence wide open when they run at us. Clueless going forward. O’Donoghue taking terrible punishment. O’Shea needs to stay in a protect him.

  29. Predictable in possession.

    Way too open in defence.

    What’s new.

    Aside from the kerry game (which was like another sport and completely irrelevant to the reality of how championship knockout football will be played) when is the last time Mayo played really well? Our form is very concerning.

    An inform Cillian is hugely missed and we ain’t strong enough in the centre. Let’s see how the 2nd half goes…..

  30. Maybe Mayo needs a backs to the wall game. This is same form as Louth game – very poor.

  31. Players slipping, cheap turnovers, James Carr struggling and on yellow card. We’re going to need our bench

  32. No interest, why I dunno , stuck to the ground has never been as apt . People going on about blanket defences , wtf about them , Kerry ripping Micky hartes bucks a new one . Defence is a shambles, all the big teams on an upward trajectory now and here we are going backwards unless they put in a massive second half this is doomed to failure .

  33. Picking up from where we left off against Louth very lethargic no bite what is holding us back no urgency, cork not going to lie down need to inject pace pace pace into that attack

  34. Unfortunately, as many times before, we are playing right into the hands of the blanket defence-running straight into it and into traffic, conceding turnovers and then Cork attack into our more open spaces and getting handier scores. Unfortunately also, we have got another proper stones of a referee. Some of his decisions are mind boggling-free to Hurley for slightest of arm tugs, no free for frontal charge on Ryan, free against Ryan for legitimately using his body to turn defender, steps against Carr(we see far more blatant steps than that let go-he took maybe 5) and yellow for Carr for unavoidable contact. Where do they get them? We need to seriously buck up in the second half.

  35. Im afraid this management team have learned nothing from the Louth game i wouldnt manage my way out of a paper back but i know if you kick the ball long into Aidan O Shea he will either score or win a free more often than not

  36. Kerry and Cork heading for first and second I presume if they both win as seems likely?

  37. Very poor so far. Kerry’s handling of Louth shows that we’ve got genuine issues dealing with the blanket.

  38. Is Kevin and his side kicks on the sideline not seeing that their system of play is not going to win this game.
    Hopefully he will work something out for the second half or we’re bunched.

  39. Same game plan as Louth match. Awful to watch. Can’t blame Cork. We are so predictable. Nobody willing to shoot from outside 30 metres.

  40. The ref is happy for play to develop down the end of the pitch but then when McBrien wins it he calls it back for an injury? This is kind of the inconsistent nonsense needs to stop.

  41. Very poor, reckon cork will flag and our bench will win it for us.

    But all previous alarm bells are still ringing.

  42. Conceding the goal after going was 6pts up is absolutely criminal. Head in the hands stuff. Where are the leaders?! Same thing happened against Kerry…we conceded several times after scoring. Brainless stuff folks

  43. I mean, the penalty wasn’t a penalty, lads, and that’s what brought Cork back into it.

  44. The definition of madness is doing the same failed things over and over again. Garbage.

  45. We are not half as good as we think we are.

    Braindead on the pitch and the sideline.

  46. Six up and you can’t see the game out? Not good enough. All we have achieved is waking Kerry. I’m raging I believed after Kerry.

  47. Embarrassing, useless stuff. Cork hit us for over 10 unanswered points ?too many passengers not up to it

  48. Forget about any All Ireland. No leaders. No cuteness. Just not good enough. So so disappointing.

  49. Don’t be blaming the ref. We were shite. absolutely bottled it. Run up to 40 yards and turn back.
    I am honestly done…

  50. O’Shea taking a last minute free instead of being in there to win the ball when we needed a goal just about sums Mayo , clueless through and through .

  51. That was horrific stuff. A throwback to 2010 or the early 90s dark dark days.
    I can see the smirk on Jack o conners face from 300km away.

  52. Same old same old. Running into tackles, refusal to play a sweeper when we are six up? The Louth player said it two weeks ago, we will sit deep and then push up for the last few minutes, Louth left it too late, cork didn’t. McStay and co well and truly beaten. Midfield cleaned out again, backs wide open, nothing happening in forwards bar Flynn and O’Donoghue. Very hard to find any positives from today.

    Mayo third in the group I think. You couldn’t script it.

  53. What in God’s name was ROD doing, after winning mighty corner possession, soloing straight back to the half way line to deliver a back pass…….That’s not Mayo……FFS !

  54. Who can we play next? Deserved that good kick up the you know what today we will come back better next week as it will be straight knockout and maybe a straight knockout game is all we need right now!

  55. And I predict it will go like this
    Mayo will go 5/6 points up
    Then we will be mayo
    Let in a goal
    And then a few points and it will be harem scarem for the last 10 minutes and prob end up a draw ?

    That’s what I predicted
    I know my county 😀

  56. Absolute shocker. Terrible decision by management to introduce two attack minded defenders when we were controlling the game. No need to bring in Hession and Mcloughin to that game. We have a huge issue at 6. Yet again we get carried away with ourselves and don’t kill teams like ruthless winners do. Hard to believe Kerry bet Louth by 30 odd points. Now we find ourselves 3rd (I think) and could end up with a lovely trip up to Tyrone. We aren’t learning at all unfortunately.

  57. McStay way not the way, anyone knew that all year thinking you would win an All Ireland with Aido at 14.No new forward talent brought in.

  58. 1-6 without reply is farcical. Shows a a complete collapse on the sideline as well as on the pitch. Cork have shown fight but let’s not pretend they weren’t a midtable division 2 team who got caught by Clare a couple months ago

  59. Kevin is looking a little bit of a bluffer. Where was the signal for one of us to go down and suck the momentum when they were clawing it back.

    I’ve said on here numerous times, that Kevin has hung his hat on Loftus at 6 and it will come back to bite him…today was that definetley that day. Just rewatch the penalty, and look at Conor making no tackle and it took McHugh to over take Conor and put in the tackle when it was too late and cork player inside the box. Not completely blaming Loftus as others were poor.

    Kevin did the same with Roscommon, balls out for the league, tank empty come summer. Will he ever learn?

  60. Beat Kerry in Kerry… then lose to Cork. Like that.

    What other county would do it?

    Is it any wonder we’re not respected?

  61. Weaknesses have been shown up in previous games and apparently ignored.Ian McGuire dominated the midfield.where or what is our no 6 supposed to be doing but even so the collapse at the end is hard to get your head around

  62. Mayo were ragged in defence, panicked when Cork scored the penalty. We still had a 3 point lead. wrong options time and time again. Wide open down the middle. Pretenders or Condenders?We are third in group. Away game next weekend? Hopefully we will get a drawn against a quality side in the morning and sort us out for better or worse.

  63. Unreal we had the lead on usual then let it slip .. fair play to Tommy conroy for the goal and Ruan o d class act as usual . That should have been a red card for the cork player for the smack over Jack Kearney head.!!

  64. Poor display. But if O Shea kicked the ball over from that last free we would at least have a home game next weekend.

  65. It’s Do or Die next week and away from home. All hype now gone.
    Couldn’t be in a better position!!
    Backs to the Wall stuff.
    Hon Mayo!!

  66. We got what we deserved NOTHING. What a shambles no connectivity in the forwards no plan going forward, no off the shoulder runners and experienced players taking headless punts for scores.
    As with Louth we cannot defend a 6 points lead in last 10 minutes. We do not deserve to to progress to quarter finals. I say let put an end to this next week by getting turned over again as I cant see how we can address this defeat especially when we cant take scores.
    Goodbye Sam 2023 and 24

  67. Kerry performance now looking like a major blip. We failed off towards the end of the league and beat an out of sorts Galway team in the final. Roscommon defeated us at home, struggled v Louth and now this. Our form is terrible.

  68. We need to bring in someone to deal with a blanket defence this year is over for us I hope we get one of the ulster teams next to end it for us because after today we know how good we are

  69. I have to ask everyone to keep their comments measured. The usual trolls are already crawling out from under the stones and I’m not going to tolerate any OTT stuff on here.

  70. This is extremely worrying lads , our game management is the worst iv ever seen a team displaying, like seriously I’m a huge optimistic but after today it really is difficult to see positives going forward, like we knew cork weren’t going to just fall away but we didn’t look like we have it in us atal very concerning

  71. Coen was taken off and was doing well, Loftus ( as usual) and Durcan had shockers. Ruane has no impact today.

  72. I’d love to see a stat on the ratio of shots to scores from paddy Durcan in his mayo career. I would guess less than 30% of his shots end up as scores. It’s a massive and understated issue in my view.
    I know he’s a great player but that kind of profligacy in front of goal is unsustainable.

  73. Actually Regina, thinking about us, I revise to say you could script it! How many goals is that now we have conceded? I can distinctly remember McStay talking about defence winning championships, well I don’t see anything done to improve us in that regard.

    Out again next weekend and that you’d imagine will be that, the template to beat mayo is well and truly established. We look miles off the pace and fitness. I was livid after the match there but I’m calm again as what’s the point? We aren’t changing from a style and system that hasn’t got us where we want to be, and I don’t see the grand plan for how it is suddenly going to work now.

  74. Doesn’t matter who we play next we are gone absolutely disgraceful display. I will have to hide in the house for a few weeks

  75. Every single successful team that has won an AI in the last 15 years has built their team on defence and yet we look so lost in the defence. Other than McBrein I do t think we have an out and out defender. As far as I’m concerned nothing has changed since James stepped down. Putting O’Shea in at full seems to be the only thing and yet I’m not sure it’s bringing any value. Fair play to Flynn who took the game to cork. But overall I can’t understand what’s going on. Management need to get the finger out. They have spoke about their combined experience a lot. Need to see it now

  76. We were much better in 2nd half to be fair. Great to see Tommy c flying again.

    I really do question the penalty and thought a few calls went unfairly against us but sure guess its just pretty dissapointing after the lead we had.

    Maybe since we knew we were already safe in preliminary had a part to play we shall see next week hard luck to the guys don’t be to harsh on them . They give up ALOT of their spare time for free to play .

    We might do better in do or die knock our stage next week (I hope ha)

  77. Won’t lie. I’m very disappointed. It’s the blanket defence that is the thing that sank us in the end.

    We need to go up and keep tacking on points against those teams. You’re not safe against them unless you’re a LOT of points up. It’s very easy for MAYO to lose a lead against them and it’s very hard to get that lead back. I said this here yesterday that this was OUR main worry against defensive teams and we could lose the game from it. Don’t take a lead against these teams for granted.
    Three points was not enough to be ahead close to the end.
    We were undone – within that system – by one mistake. That is:
    How did the Cork player run up the field and get through on goal within 30 seconds of Tommy scoring ours? He needed to be stopped. It’s a killer for MAYO to concede goals against blanket teams because it’s so hard for us to get scores against them.
    It’s a wake up call for us.
    We actually need to be better able to handle the defensive shell itself. Can people shoot from distance, score or put it wide, and then swallow up the kickout?
    Galway are the professionals at the style of football Cork played today.

  78. Pathetic, we are soft between the ears and every team in the country knows it except us. How many close calls until we actually learn anything? Loftus at centre back doesn’t work, you could drive a train through the centre of our defence. Pathetic

  79. It’s fair to say the great mayo revival under McStay has failed. Nothing new brought to the table despite all the hype, big backroom team and the promise of exciting times ahead.
    We’ll await with interest out opposition for next weekend!

  80. Everyone disappointed but if people on here are so quick to say we are not as good as we think we are it certainly applies to so called supporters. Some of the comments on here are a disgrace.

  81. 5 Point going into the last minute against Louth and we escape by the skin of our teeth , 6 points up against Cork with 10 minutes left and we lose by three and to be honest Cork could have scored at least two more goals in those farcical last few minutes .

    You would not catch Dublin or Kerry not being cute enough in those situations to close out a game by any means possible , but unlike those teams we never learn from our mistakes no matter how many times we make them.

  82. Our season is effectively now. Players and management will be rightly shell-shocked after a collapse like that.

    There are lots of things that can be said about today but the stand out point is about No. 6. The Cork penalty (not actually a penalty at all, but anyway) was a direct result of Loftus being a pathetically bad defender who has no idea how to tackle. In possession he is ineffectual and generates no attacking momentum. He can’t seem to take a point at this stage either. The decision to play him at 6 has been a disaster and can’t continue for another game.

  83. Covielad, most of the comments on here post game are unbelievable. It’s hard to see the posters as supporters.

  84. We have now lost to Roscommon and cork now so realistically we are no longer contenders .I did have concerns about the huge lack of experience we had at the back and a wing forward playing at centre back.the Louth game gave enough clues as to where we were .having said that with the experience we have on the sideline this was still extraordinary.breaking down a blanket defence doesn’t mean you have to leave yourself wide open at the back to give away tap over scores

  85. It’s hard to put into words how bad that was. At least we found out a few things today that might help next weekend but that surely has holed our season below the waterline.

  86. Total overreaction and trying to diss Kevin McStay and the usual target, our no. 6. How would you guys play a blanket defence under Kevin Walsh?

  87. You have to question why Cillian o connor was playing a club game yesterday too? He would have been a good man to have on that field for the last 10 min for his experience and leadership alone.
    He will be togged out next week anyway that’s for certain.
    Kevin McStay, for all the positives in Feb and March, will be judged in the exact same manner as every other Mayo manager over the last 30 years.
    By his record in championship football, ESPECIALLY knockout championship football.
    Unfortunately it wasn’t the first time a Kevin mcstay managed team capitulated in that manner in the championship…
    The loss of Mullin and keegan is coming home to roost now too. Their replacements are simply not good enough.

  88. Everyone gets hyper emotional after a loss like that to a perceived lower quality team..we could go out next week and do a Roy of the rovers. That’s Mayo and always will be it seems. Saying that the season is over probably, players must feeling sick as dogs after that.

  89. Ah well Willie Joe, at least you are not facing a days work in Fermoy tomorrow.

  90. @swallow swoops conor loftus gets such unfair abuse . He’s a good player . Can’t blame the penalty against him either as it def was a bad call by the ref and not a penalty if you ask me..and unfair to blame Kevin mcstay is well lots thought we would be competitive at all this year and just rebuilding the team with new management people need to relax and give the team a break .

  91. Did nobody on management or on the pitch know that if we scored the last free then we would be second and play at home???

  92. Mikey3, I take exception to that comment and another earlier about Kevin McStay capitulating in the Championship or flattering to deceive.
    It makes no sense in context and is sickeningly unfair.

  93. Mayo are the type of team that could very easily go out and win away from home next weekend but then just flop another day or throw it away. We are not solid enough, in terms of structure or mentaliy. We appear sorely lacking in leadership and very few of our players are really on form.

    I said it above, but conceding that goal after we scored one, was absolutely criminal. For God’s sake. Slow the game down after Conroys goal. Use your f##king brains!

    I really can’t understand why we haven’t come up with a defence structure. Joyce and O’Neill have focused hugely on defence and countr attacking football. That’s what wins All Irelands.

  94. Swallow Swoops – the wake up call should have been last week when we nearly scuffed a 5 point lead against Louth. We got away with it and then went and did the same thing today only this time we got our just desserts. Absolutely nothing learned from last week. Very hard to see where we go from here. Every team in the country knows how to beat us.

  95. Not good enough from the likes of Durcan at this level. Poor critical thinking skills but maybe he just had a bad day at the office. Lack of experience showed today with McHugh and Coyne giving away silly frees. No composure on the ball and Mayo’s number 1 problem ……. Not holding on to the ball!!!

  96. Maybe all the happy clappy positivity crew will disappear under a rock now for at least another year. The arrogance of some people calling an easy win….all it ever does is seep complacency into the players as its unavoidable for them everywhere they turn. This game was always a tight rope for those who could see our vulnerabilities….both physical and mental. Our shortcomings brutally exposed today. Well done to Cork – they out played and out muscled today.

  97. I guess it has nothing to do with the width of the Pitch after all. We got ourselves into a great position, After. Stephen Coen being substituted we became very porous in defense. Looks very like we weren’t prepared enough for the type of defense any team with the involvement of Kevin Walsh brings. Ref was very poor as was the last 15 minutes from Mayo.

  98. People should not be pointing the finger at the player’s it’s Kevin and Co who comes up with the game plan and to be honest we can’t brake down the blanket defence but we’ll done to cork tomorrow morning will be interesting

  99. Its a long long time since Mayo had a decent set of forwards ,maybe seventy years or so ,and we will win very little unless that changes .its that simple.

  100. @Swallow Swoops – Agree!! Typical Mayo people, blame the manager or pick on a particular player when we lose… but only have the highest compliments to give to them when we win. Mayo fans are great for turnout and support in crowds, but by God, some can change their tune fairly quickly.

  101. Think blaming Loftus is too easy. Too many players off the pace. For years we criticised mayo for all the wides but now i think I’d rather see lads having a go than solo from the corner all the way back out to the halfway line. Really can’t see anything happening this season.

  102. Clare it’s not an attack on Conor loftus. It just doesn’t take a genius to see he’s not a centre back and this experiment has been tried and failed again and again and again. It’s not working full stop

    Tell me what’s the definition of insanity again?

  103. This all comes back to the best club coach Ray Dempsey with the most in depth knowledge of all club players in the County not getting the think you were going to win the All Ireland with Aidan O’Shea at full forward.

  104. Moose, I heard Kerry trounced Louth.

    Dreamy, we need to learn to actually score and score well against defensive teams. Shoot from distance and nail it. Or shoot and put it wide and win the restart.
    I agree with you that we should have been on, on, on defensively to stop goal chances. You’re 100% right that this is what turned the game, being as it was against a defensive team. It was a small thing that turned the game BUT we still have more to do.

    Dreamy, I felt all along that we have been riding our luck, and being a bit complacent, against these defensive teams. Against Roscommon, we said, “Ah look, it was just a week after the League final and we were tired”. We had an excuse – OK.
    Against Louth, we actually DID GET our cushion of 5 points and we won in the end. Ah sure, it’s grand. But it’s not.
    What happens when you don’t have the 5 point cushion?
    Today is a wake-up call because we had no excuse or cushion to fall back on – just that we find it hard to score against these teams.
    We must finally wake up to the fact that we need to **score from distance reliably** from outside the defensive shell. We need better shooting.
    Defensive killer instinct teams like Roscommon or Cork are no slouches.

  105. Jordan flynn was really good as was Ryan O D see cork kept trying to take him out shoving him over the whole time and not many frees towards that from the ref questionable..

    @45 happy clappy crew? Ha Sure I’m always optimistic anyway and all isn’t lost not the end of the world . Still think we have a great team and potential just was not our day today . Dont think anyone said it be an easy win either. Can’t blame supporters for the loss today in fairness .

  106. mayo were too laid back like they were in second gear.they will get bettter.Mayo v galway final

  107. All this is nonsense about a blanket defence. We had the blanket defence beaten, 6 points up, time for our blanket defence and close out the game playing counter attacking football. Same should have happened last week, but no lessons learned on sideline.

  108. Agree with leantimes regarding defence when Coen left, he might not be flashy but he is steady and measured. If Cillian O Connor was brought on he would have had the cuteness to see this game out.
    Expecting a big reaction next weekend but forget about any fairytales this year again after today’s capitulation.

  109. No specialist in the mgmt team like a Paddy Tally is proving to be naive happy Mayo lads stuff. We look chaotic and uncoached.
    Centre back needs to be changed, now. I will rewatch but Conor Loftus had many turnovers giving away the ball and is not adding to attack with passes, runs or scores. It has failed change it.

  110. Liam its Limerick footballers, they probably wernt willing to put in the hard work.Nothing to do with Dempseys management.His results werent that bad considering how limited there footballers are.It was a mistake on Dempseys part to take that job

  111. Liam, not comparing apples with apples.

    Limerick may not have liked what is needed to step up to next level. And we’re non runners.
    McStay was ran from Roscommon after some almighty hidings, after promising league campaigns (sound familiar?)

  112. Achill 75..All comes back to Ray Dempsey???
    That’s a serious reach if ever there was one..
    Can anyone who has the stomach for it tell me who we could end up against next wend??

  113. Achill75 interesting call there. Fair to say it may not have worked for him in Limerick but he had to play Derry, Dublin and Cork with a very average group of players. Since Dempsey resigned from Limerick they have been hammered by Clare twice Kildare and and 2 division 4 teams. On reflection it looks like he was working mini mericals down in Limerick because it has completely fell apart against weaker opponents since.

    Easy in hindsight to say Dempsey wouldn’t work but the structure Knockmore had to win back to back county titles is EXACTLY. What mayo need. No Loftus at 6 and men gliding past him

  114. Clare, I noticed that too – that Cork seemed to be targeting Ryan and giving him rough treatment, trying to intimidate him.
    I thought to myself – Kevin Walsh must see him as a threat. A fella that can kick points over the bar and is elusive.
    This makes me think:
    Pádraic Joyce was calculating that Mayo would be relying on frees to score in the League Final.
    These defensive teams want to starve you of scoring opportunities. All is tightly calculated with these teams. They don’t want you to score points from play. They want to control things. We must not let them.

  115. That was totally disastrous today. Brutal on the field and sideline. Sure any team of any level will think they can beat us. The gloss of beating Kerry is well gone now – sickening. We are miles off.

  116. Achill75 – the same Ray Dempsey who was very quickly and correctly ousted from Limerick? No thanks.

    Also not on board with this “everyone thought we would win” stuff. Anyone I spoke to was nervous about this one. Cork were very good against Kerry and had a great chance to beat them too. This scalp was coming one way or another and it happened to be us. Ref certainly helped them too.


    We still only have ourselves to blame. Headless in both defence and attack, running into traffic hoping to buy frees, very little kick passing. Ruane went missing again today. Loftus…just forget about it. He’s not a number 6.

  117. Regina,
    Mayo will be away next week to either
    Or probably Tyrone.

    Roscommon would be the best draw.

  118. Swallow swoops
    Disagree all you want but that was the worst Mayo performance since Longford in 2010

  119. Dreamy, what player has started the most games this year and in same position every time do you think??

    We have the players of that I’m sure. But for money we are spending managing and running team, serious questions have to be asked about the set up.

    Very slow in making changes. Sticking with same strategy. Which no matter what people think is like the old regime when teams set up against us defensively.
    It’s hard to say if Dempsey would have done better, we will never know now.

    But as I felt at time we appointed experience, but not experience of winning.

  120. I still think despite deficiency we will go further. The players may have to grab it by the neck themselves though and do there own thing.

  121. Gizmobobs and Achill75 – He was still shafted though and putting the blame on the players is a low blow!! No thanks. Support the management we have!

  122. Not quite correct Bate the blanket

    It’s Donegal
    And probably Tyrone.
    One if those 3, away. If it’s Kildare it will be neutral as their pitch is a building site.

    I actually think we need to add someone like Kevin Walsh to our backroom team actually…

  123. Liam – where did he put blame on players? This is a group of players who lost to Laois yesterday. A div 4 team Liam.

  124. Green&red – you are not comparing like with like. That’s club football, this is a different league altogether

  125. Liam – yes resigned. That’s what all the papers said. Players apparently had a vote but not the power to actually removed anyone. They have been absolutely puke since he left. Bet out the gate by Wicklow. Clearly players have a ego problem and results back it up

  126. @Gismo, Donie Buckley, it has always struck me that he was involved with us and we looked chaotic. So, where was the coaching?
    Specializing in the tackle won’t get you anywhere, one needs stricture like Derry and Dublin.
    Centre back is such a mess that I think we need to move a stopper like David McBrien there. Get Sam Callinane back on the field.

  127. 12 months ago we were calling out for a full forward line of R.O’D, C O’C and TC. Injury prevented this. It’s now time for it.

  128. Liam – whether it’s club football or not, there was no shape what do ever there today. That can’t be denied. I read a stat that the forwards who started today, none of them were on the last 8 county winning teams. No new blood at all.

  129. I’d love to see the stats from all counties about what percentage of shots drop short. I’d say Mayo must be well ahead on that. Anytime Mayo play they drop 2/3 shots short. It’s crazy. Rarely see that with other teams. 6 points up and threw it away. Gonna be either Kildare, Donegal or one of Galway, Armagh or Tyrone away next weekend. Mayo played well for about 10 minutes. The most worrying thing was when Cork upped their intensity in last 15 minutes, we couldn’t deal with it. Lots of teams can now match us physically and stamina wise. Our lack of the basics is going to get exposed more and more.

  130. Liam who mentioned players? I actually said we have the players to win.
    But our expensive set up is not working

  131. Whatever happens in the next games are a bonus.
    We cannot master the blanket defence.
    In a wide open game, with no blanket there is a serious problem in the middle of defense, guys that were out through injury are not back to themselves.

    If ever Cillian I Connor was needed it’s for the next game.

  132. I am fuming and slipping to third in the group was exactly what I was afraid of and considered it highly likely to happen. I am not often lost for words, but to describe that shocking, awful, shambolic will do for starters. This should and hopefully will serve as a kick up the arse, wake-up call and, for our supporters,including many who post here, a reality check. People were dismissing Cork and reading far too much into our league performances, which is completely different to championship football and our excellent win against an insipid Kerry and believing in the hype. Many of my posts show that I never believed the hype and all along I have been very concerned about some recent performances, our complete inability to deal with blanket defences and our openness in our own defence, especially up the middle. The evidence has been there for all to see, but some don’t see it or don’t want to see it. We were shocking against Roscommon, Louth and again today. All of the excuses were trotted out-wet, windy conditions, tight pitch, and game a week earlier, heat, two week break and tight pitch against Louth and I have already seen a mention that we might’nt have too bothered, as we were thro’ anyway-God give me strength. The truth is that we are nowhere near as good as some seemed to think we are and the one positive is that today surely will see an end to the “Mayo for Sam” nonsense. The game itself, we were shocking in the first half, made a great start in the second to turn things around and then, inexplicably, shot ourselves in the foot, when we were in complete control. The rot set in when Cork lost their Kick-out over the sideline and we stupidly played a careless line-ball across the pitch straight to a Cork player, when we had them on the ropes, resulting in an easy point, then a bad Kick-out and then Cork slice right thro’ our middle(surely someone should have fouled him earlier). Mind you the penalty will be a strong contender for “softest of the season”. Then we became obsessed with trying to get a goal, when a point would have got us 2nd place, kicked a few Hail Mary bad wides and I would love to know did Aido lob that late free in looking for a goal, when a point would have been the right call. The management are going to be really tested from now on and they need to make some big calls. I know it’s late in the day to be making big changes, but something must be done about our central defence, specifically CHB. I am not having a go at Conor, but he is just not a CH-this is a vital and pivotal position. I am a bit old fashioned here, but I like my CHB to be a strong defender, first and foremost. I not sure who we should put there, but we really need to seal up that area, maybe O’Hora. I am still trying to get my head around how we managed to blow a 6 point lead. The joys of being a Mayo supporter.

  133. Let’s do what Jordan Flynn did and more of it.

    And let’s defend as if things really depend on it.

  134. I think this is one of the worst losses.
    Management bringing nothing new. Unfortunately very simple to beat Mayo, Play blanket and you beat Mayo.
    Really sickened by that loss. We need Cillians experience. Hession shouldn’t be on the bench. Passing back and over, no leaders. Take on the shot. Flynn only player that stood up today.

  135. Like someone said above Mcstay has hung his hat on Conor loftus at 6 and it has been a disaster , central channel has been exposed every game .

    We won the league , we beat Kerry in Killarney in the championship which is now completely meaningless bar providing us with a small boys competition in the preliminary stuff . It’s a 5/10 year for Kevin and co with a big bill . He has to be given next year in fairness but we will have to see some resemblance of improvement and an upward trajectory for him to keep his position for 2025 .

  136. Some marvellous supporters on here blaming everybody for the defeat. (Presume a lot of them didn’t make it to Limerick) Yes we got beaten and yes we played poorly and yes we blew a 6 point lead. Look at the team. Tons of inexperience and it showed in last ten minutes when things started to go against us. We know or most of us do anyway that we struggle when teams set up defensively. We know or most of us do that while winning the league was a bonus, it is not a barometer for championship. We caught Kerry, they let us play. We will improve, both players and management. Always thought that the best we could hope for this year was a solid league and a quarter final appearance. That may yet happen.. A number of our more experienced lads did not play well today. That is disappointing. Tough to pick it up next week but we have no choice. Well done to Cork. Steady improvement and unlucky v Kerry. Were deserving of a lot more respect than some of our supporters were willing to give them.

  137. Will McStay be big enough to admit now that Conor at 6 is a huge liability?
    It was far from our only problem today but I’ve just watched the lead up to the peno back online…. Conor majorly at fault. Not fair on him as he’s not a defender. Exposed for the Louth goal too. He didn’t even move to the attacker. McStay seems blinded to the problem. I understood why he tried it, but it’s over now. Still time to change it up. Lots of viable options at 6 and plenty decent defenders within our back 6 to switch and swap and try a few things…

    The nature of that peno today really rattled the team. Showed real psychological brittleness.

    Very unfair on Callinan being dropped today. Coen really struggled today, though was strong V Louth. Hession may not be fully fit yet but good to see him back.

  138. Not only losing a 6 point lead, but allowing a 9 point turnaround. On that alone we deserve everything we got and will likely get in the next week or two.

  139. Liam instead of giving your opinion on what happened in the Limerick dressing room in which you havnt clue what really happened.Do you really think we will win All Ireland with Aido at 14 and Loftus at 6.only 2 Crossmolina men would put Loftus at 6.

  140. To win just once , they lost to Clare and will get thumped against any top side . The reality you’re looking for is we aren’t a top side anymore . What is alarming is how clueless we were and lack of football intellect was off the scale . In any sport when you score a goal , the most dangerous period to concede os straight after , well drilled teams shore up on this , Mayo are a calamity like that under the present management, the centre half back issue is downright crazy , pub punters can see it but our bucks can’t .

  141. Green&Red – He was voted out by the players and forced to resign…. Why would he randomly resign after a couple of months? He was forced to, that’s completely different. The focus should be on the players, and the fact that most of them were lost on the pitch today. I watched it on the TV and saw the same 5 players every camera shot. Some people just aren’t pulling their weight!!

  142. Management must take the blame for persisting with a failed approach. Brutal performances against Roscommon, Louth and now Cork. Slow to make changes on the line and absolutely no sign of any improvement in our style of play. It’s very worrying that they were given a 4 year stint. No 1st year bounce, no defensive improvement, scores drying up big time, it’s very worrying. The only improvement is the PR spin.

  143. I had great faith in the current management but if after 8 league games and 4 championship games they can’t see we have a problem in the centre of our defence particularly when often playing behind a beaten I have said before Conor Loftus is a decent footballer as a forward but realistically wouldn’t make the starting six forwards.I don’t understand the concept of him being “a gorgeous footballer “ .apparently the idea was because of his ability to kick footpasses into the forwards and his long range point taking ability.Did he score maybe 2 points this year so far .is it too late now to change well I don’t no.I would have hoped that mcstay McHale rochford and Buckley would know more about it than us .very hard to recover in a week from what happened today

  144. Green&Red – you put the blame on the players!! You said that they weren’t able to put the work in?? That is putting the blame on the players even though you don’t know the whole story

  145. Sam Callinane being dropped, he was one of our best defenders all year.
    With a few simple changes we would have won today. It felt like Cork were living on scraps for most of the game and had a lot of scores by sweeping straight downfieid cutting through us.
    Then up the other end our attack was so labored with this pass and move inside tactic.
    Our defenders were taking on too many speculative shots instead of getting the ball to our shooters.

  146. At the end of the day we are still in the championship.Let’s give it our all next weekend leave nothing on the pitch and if we come out on the wrong side so be it but we aren’t gonna go down without a fight.

  147. @Achill75 I think we all get the idea you are not a fan of Aido at ff.

    I think there are bigger problems than that, honsidering he’s at least shown in games.

    No. 6 needs to be a defensive minded player. Loftus is a forward and not his fault he’s being played out of position. Is McHale away of this I wonder?

  148. The First Division 1 team outside Connacht Galway have played this year and they only look average too.Sam going to Dublin or Kerry again this year.

  149. A hard day for us. A few thoughts for what it’s worth:

    1) Fair play to Cork, they had a definite game plan which had Kevin Walsh’s finger prints all over it, kicked some
    nice scores when the fat was in the fire. We may not be fond of him, but he knows how to play against us with the Shawl.

    2) I have been watching Mayo for nigh-on 30 years and we have coughed up all sorts of leads in that time, all through the age groups. We are seriously short on tactical acumen in the county, particularly in managing a lead down the stretch. If the Dubs, Kerry or the Ulster sides were six points up going down the stretch, the game would be over. As simple as that.

    3) A lot of posters scoffed at the idea that we can’t manage a massed defence in front of us. Well, they got their answer today! We attack this formation too slowly and too laterally, there is very little running off the shoulder or angled runs. The great Dubs side of the previous decade were masters at unlocking this sort of formation and should be studied by our management team for a few new ideas, because we look clueless every time we’re confronted with it.

    4) Aido played anywhere but full forward today, and IMO we suffered because of it, I.e. No marks were taken the entire game. This is one way to beat the blanket, which has worked pretty well for us up to now, and was abandoned today. He’s be better employed staying round the house IMO.

    5) The Loftus experiment at CHB has failed, definitively. He’s had chances at half forward, midfield and now center back, and is desperately out of form. Time to put someone else in there, whether it’s McLoughlin, Brickenden, McHugh, Paddy D, whoever. It’s too pivotal a position and the failure to crunch the Cork forward prior to the penalty was very naive, to put it mildly.

    6) Cork were the more aggressive team for most of the game and apart from maybe the third quarter, we didn’t really match them. If you don’t match their work rate, class won’t kick in. Also, one of the Cork players clearly punched Jack Carney in the head towards the end of game, which is a red card all day.

    7) Referee was poor, but we can’t blame him for losing. We were six points up heading down the stretch, game should be over.

    8) We are wide open whenever the opposition run at us, uniquely amongst the remaining teams. This cannot be allowed to continue.

    9) Matty Ruane is badly out of form and was out of it again today.

    10) We should forget about the result down in Killarney as that joke of a Munster SFC does Kerry no good in preparing for the All-Ireland series. They would hammer us if we played them next week.

    11) Posts calling for McStay’s head are a bit premature. Let’s at least give the man the respect of having a full season under his belt before drawing any conclusions.

    12) Ryan O’Donoghue played very well-for the most part- in the face of some filthy fouling today. Likewise, Jordan Flynn kicked some fantastic scores and pulled down some brilliant fetches center field.

    13) James Carr has not been in great form in recent games, and Tommy Conroy kicked 1-1 off the bench today. James is very up and down in general, and if Tommy is fit enough, which he must be at this point, then I’d start him next week. His pace frightens defenses and gives us a badly needed extra dimension to our attack.

    14) This result means our backs are against the wall now. Rather than slating the team online, we need to get behind them now, irrespective of whom we’re drawn against in the Preliminary Quarter final. Time to circle the wagons IMO.

    15) Our excellent form during the league was perhaps illusory in light of results since the championship began. Teams are boring holes down the center of our defense, which would have been plugged previously by Lee or Oisín. It’s almost impossible to replace generational talents like that overnight.

  150. Liam, and you don’t know if the players were willing put in work either, it’s all hypothetical. Either way it doesn’t matter to us.
    What should concern us is our own management and what they are setting us up to do. And as they say proof is in the pudding.
    This is turning into Roscommon 2.0, if there was signs of a willingness to make changes it would be less disheartening. Unlike Limerick we are blessed with very good players with football our sole focus. We are spending nearly €300,000 a quarter on County teams (and that’s just the money on the books!). The least you’d expect is signs of correction where issues found.

  151. Achill75 – I wasn’t trying to drag attention to Limerick at all, I was responding to a low blow comment about management. I do agree that there needs to be a change in game plan (with Louth’s blanket defence, we couldn’t pierce through… but Kerry had no bother with them today, and that’s the difference) and certain players are NOT pulling their weight. To be completely honest, I think anyone who though Sam Maguire was on the table this year is maybe a bit delusional?? Of course I hope to be proven wrong but it’s so unlikely with a new management team that Sam would be won in a few months. That’s not to say it’s not possible, but this team has so much development still to do. There is so much that has to be tried and changed and that will take time. I understand that there is an urgency and that some of our more experienced players don’t have time to play with, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. When I look at Mayo play, every single game, I could pick out 3 or 4 players that are not doing what they should be, or are consistently making mistakes that a Junior B player wouldn’t make. And it does annoy me, I think “what are they seeing in that player that I’m not?”. But they have experience in management and have watched, played and commentated on the game for years. So, I put my trust in them. Never a dull moment with Mayo!!

  152. Fear not…….we’re still in the championship…..A few kicks in the hole should win us Sam…….

  153. Liam, how long were Tyrone management in place when they beat us in 2021?
    Jack last year with Kerry was in his first year as well….
    We have the players and money that make us one of a handful of teams that can win, so it’s not delusional to think we can aspire to it.

  154. Liam – I never put blame on the Limerick players, they went and had a vote apparently. So they clearly felt the blame was with the manager, which is their opinion. However if that’s the case surely the Limerick players would be able to beat 2 division 4 teams to get to a Taltian cup semi final? Btw player votes don’t mean that players are right, as the Limerick players are cleary proving now. Results don’t lie

  155. It Means Nothing To Me, posts calling for McStay’s head are immature, not pre-mature.

  156. Thus style of football has Rochford s prints all over it. Possession football. No urgency. Not one high ball into aos all day. Aos out taking the the last kick. Shocking from Management. League is over and with it so is Loftus at 6. Mchugh not up to it. Carney not going well either. Is Management deluded to think we could operate not starting Tommy hessian and cillian played last night so surely he could have given us something. Rochford got away with this before because he had an experience d defence that could close out games. That’s not the case now. Midfield were bad too. Ruane not in it. Paddy had a bad one too. ,it’s a massive hill to climb from here. Kerry no problem with louth as I thought. Management learning nothing.

  157. 3 Connaught Division 1 teams bet today. League is a distant memory now.

  158. Has someone called for McStays Head? Are management not allowed to be criticised?

    Armagh beat Galway by a point.

  159. I’m sorry to say it but seeing Galway beaten has made my father’s day.
    We could face them next weekend now?

  160. Correct Mayo 82. You just know now it’s going to Galway v Mayo. I hope it is. It’s just the type of game we need now.

  161. @ Sean Bourke. We could have Galway v Mayo yet.
    Unfair to blame Conor Loftus for shortcomings at CHB. Management persisted with a system that didn’t work even against inferior opposition. No plan B so he couldn’t be replaced Some will blame Rochford. But the book stops at McStay.

  162. Desperate defeat up in Carrick. No focal point with Comer absent. Walsh very hard chance at end to level it but unfortunately as always Kerry and Dublin to the fore and all Connacht teams scrambling. At least we play in Pearse against ye Rossies or Monaghan but Kelly got a knock maybe just studs though. As for Mayo seen some of it and it wasnt good. No All Ireland in Galway im afraid and certsinly same for yerselves and the Rossies.

  163. Final Whistle pod is live. Rob and I are joined by Anne-Marie Flynn and a very happy Mick Foley. We’ve also got post-match reaction from Stephen Rochford.

  164. @chesneychet in fairness we were much better in 2nd half and conroys goal was great we just lost our reason after that penalty was awarded unfair by ref (if you ask me) and let the lead slip after that but sure its over now. But old failings certainly coming into play for mayo for sure .

    But people shouldn’t be so harsh only a game at the end of the day !

    I had a feeling all week Armagh might beat ye I’d never write them off.

    I don’t think I’d fancy a match against the rossies now ha.

  165. No All Ireland in Mayo or Galway this year, Shane Walsh totally out of form all year, hard to see it coming to him now

  166. For all the talk it will be between Dublin and Kerry. They both know how to score heavily and are ruthless.

  167. It’s a very disappointing result Today but the writing was on the wall last week v Louth. 5 points up with 3 minutes to go and we leak 1-1. Obviously we didn’t learn from it.
    A real supporter should Never criticise these Mayo lads . They only do their best it just was not good enough Today.
    Playing a Division 2 Team but we played Louth last week why were we not ready?
    Management .
    Kevin needs to re ignite the Team in 7 Days for next weekend this won’t be easy. Look at this game again and again but are Management learning? Management must sort the below and fast.
    You can’t score going backwards.
    Turnovers by Cork unreal.
    Wiped out at Midfield.
    Wiped out at the Centre of Defence
    Playing pass the parcel in the Forward line.
    Tactical Fouling non existant
    Unable to hold onto a Lead
    Softness . (Look at the hits ROD had to take, where is the Muscle in Us?)
    For next week
    Cillian has to start
    Tommy has to start
    Diarmuid has to start at Centre Back
    Jordan to MF with Mattie
    The big Question is have Management got the Balls to change things. If Not it’s Goodbye Sam for 2023.

  168. The line at fault today no point in bringing McLoughlin (( Eoin) and Hession on if we didn’t give the ball to them and get them to run at Cork defence. Don’t know why Cork player wasn’t fouled before he got into the square for the Penelty. Game changer IMO

  169. Fair enough Clare but Cork won easy in the end. It was a soft looking penalty but commentry said it was clearly a peno. In our game very poor penalty from Shane. I wouldnt know what to think of chances in a 50/50 with Mayo as both teams sadly looking average now. I think we will get the Rossies in Salthill and ye will get Tyrone. You would be deflated and the league form looking suspect. To be honest I hope we dont draw Mayo as the effort involved will leave the winner easy pickings in a QF.

  170. Clare, people are harsh because they’re understandably fuming..To be outscored by 9 pts in last ten mins is bonkers stuff tbh..And while the game is over the manner of the loss REALLY doesn’t bode well for next wend..
    I cant take one positive from that defeat today..Really sickened..

  171. Our main issues today as was against Louth was in the final third plus some turnovers didnt help either. Why are players afraid to shoot between 30-40 yards. Would we not be better trying to take more chances (quicker) than constant recyling. As someone mentioned we lack some mental cuteness at times when its needed in games e.g. like how the Rossies played us. Anyway Galway my pick for next week – nothing better to focus the players and Mgmt minds !

  172. @The Heather I rising totally agree with you regarding attacking players & management. Your so right .

    Sure we can’t win them all .

    I’m sure the guys are being hard enough on themselves as it is

  173. People looking to play Galway are ye mad? Theyd be only too happy to put us out of our misery and destroy us. You could drive a train through the centre of our defence

  174. @Regina yes I get that of course I’m dissapointed is well but some of the comments I’ve seen here are awful to be fair these guys play for free and give up a lot of their spare time to do so . Can’t say I’m feeling confident ir next week even after that but people shouldn’t be berating players and that . I don’t think its on to be honest .

  175. Good chance it’s Galway next, they didn’t start several first choice players today. Maybe knocks, I don’t know.
    Probably best draw for us as they would be slight favourites now.
    And if Kelly and Comer were missing we should have edge if Cillian is back.

  176. Craggy,what did Rochford do to you,you have been criticising him even when he was with Donegal

  177. As Leeroy put it the League nobody wanted to win.He also had cautioned Loftus defensively at CHB before the Roscommon game.

  178. All the huffin and puffin and now looks likely a shoot out between the traditional two , isn’t it bloody crazy the way it works out .

  179. A shambolic final quarter. Management either have to earn their corn in the next week, or they’ll have lost the support. We’ve been down this road too many times before.

  180. I’d love to hear the reasoning behind cillian let play for tubber last night instead of match day squad for the county . I found it bizzare and still do find it bizzare .

  181. Commenting on the position a player is in is not criticism.I don’t believe Conor Loftus is a defender and I don’t believe Matt ruane is a midfielder.put the two together and it’s a recipe for what we got today.Again I emphasis that both are decent footballers but they are being asked to do a job that doesn’t suit their particular skill sets.i know Willie joe padden wouldn’t be suited to the modern tactical kickouts but god almighty we need someone in the middle of the field that can get up in the air and claim the ball with some sort of authority.The notion of a Galway v mayo all Ireland final now seems pie in the sky although I would think Galway are probably in a slightly better place than us albeit if Sean Kelly is injured it’s then a huge blow.what a player he will be interesting to see if any major changes are made for next week

  182. Forget about Dempsey, Galway were on the edge of ditching PJ until last year’s run. McStay is trying to build a team and it’s 2 steps forward, one back from where we were last year and losing key players. He made substitutions early enough and only 1 was a surprise, Coen taken off. Today was a poor day for the players with only a few performers. The ref was poor but it resembled Galway in Castlebar several years ago when we took over by 5 and then they got a goal to get momentum and we didn’t wrestle it back. For 15 mins of 2nd half we were good today. I can’t help thinking that teams knowing they’d qualified softened their championship battling qualities today, E.g Galway losing too. The doomers are having a field day and WJ has identified some trolls too.
    The level of support for our team and players from some here is an absolute disgrace. I wouldn’t want them supporting Mayo, they drag us down. Some threatening to jump ship and off with them. Let the real supporters shout for the team and away with this negativity every time we lose. We’re back in a dogfight which we had many times during the last 12 years and have been written off many times before often by the same posters. We could get Galway next week, and could be a great draw if it happens and Kelly looks injured, a big blow to them.

  183. @shuffly de k 1
    00% agree with you it’s nearly like bandwagon supporters support .

    Just unreal some of the comments.

    No one expected to be contenders at all this year even . Just as a rebuilding and trying out new styles of play etc.

    Totally agree with everything you said its nearly shameful son of the comments and hardly call us the best supporters after seeing some of the comments I saw on this blog and social media!

  184. Clare, McStay said he’s not rebuilding. Tuohy only new addition to squad.
    With money we are spending and players we have we are contenders.
    It’s a narrow field. We are still in this if lessons learned.

  185. @craggy England. I agree with you management learning nothing. Tommy, Hesdion and Cillian should be starting. Why wasnt Cillian even on bench. Madness.
    AOS should know enough not to take last kick, he should be in trying to win it.
    Why didnt they kick into him, take the mark.
    @Clare sadly we aren’t trying new styles of play, if only we were then it would be easier to take it. No 6 never changed. No new game plans etc.

  186. @craggy bogland. I agree with you management learning nothing. Tommy, Hession and Cillian should be starting. Why wasnt Cillian even on bench. Madness.
    AOS should know enough not to take last kick, he should be in trying to win it.
    Why didnt they kick into him all day take the mark.
    @Clare sadly we aren’t trying new styles of play, if only we were then it would be easier to take it. No 6 never changed. No new game plans etc.

  187. @Gizmobobs I know mcstay said he’s not rebuilding ?

    I meant that loads of supporters felt it was a rebuilding year and we wouldn’t be competitive at all .

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