Game day: seal the deal this evening

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After a whirlwind six days, here we are once more all set to face the vortex again later on today. Having stared defeat so squarely in the face last Sunday, this evening’s replay offers us the opportunity to pit our wits anew against Dublin. This is championship football red in tooth and claw: glory and a place in Sunday week’s final awaits the winner and we have to do what we can to ensure that this is us.

It’s an enormous challenge, for sure, but as the lads showed last Sunday, they’re not the type of guys to shirk when faced with the most fundamental type of obstacle. We came back from the brink the last day, we should have every confidence in our ability to turf Dublin over that same precipice later on today.

Last Sunday’s match – both on the field and in the stands – had a bit of an ugly air to it at times but this evening’s replay is an entirely new contest and we should go into it with this in the forefront of our minds. Once the ball is thrown in, all that guff that was being spoken and written about over the past week will evaporate, leaving only the elemental contest being played out on the Croke Park pitch.

It’s a contest we can win. It’s a contest we will win. Let’s get there this evening and do it. Up Mayo!

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  1. It’s a new challenge today. Hopefully we’ve learned from the last day out and are ready to play with conviction and confidence. I believe we really didn’t trust ourselves for large periods last Sunday and if we can do that today we have enough to advance.

  2. We can do this. Both teams at full strength. They have greater firepower but we have greater resolve and never say die attitude. Aidan to bang in a goal or two. Up Mayo!

  3. RTE are reporting that Connolly has been cleared to play. Personally I think this just seems to ad to the whole mockery and inconsistency of the games rules in general. I wonder what will happen now to the proposed ‘chant of clowns’ at minute 12!! Hopefully Aido responds by bursting the net and this amazing team of Mayo Men dig deep to get the result they deserve. Safe traveling and supporting to you all today, hon Mayo

  4. what kind of a disciplinary system is being run by the GAA, is it based on the Egyptian legal system and should we now expect Lee Keegan to be sentenced to death before KO ?

    Have a look at this footage and you can see that after Connolly lays off the ball and is tracked by Keegan, Connolly has two swipes at Keegan before Keegan in self-defense engages Connolly and they go to the ground, Connolly then in the clinch on the ground fires in a final punch which is the only one that was shown on The Sunday Game where Tom O’Shea and Ciaran Whelan seemed at pains to sell the story that Keegan was the instigator by cynically blocking Connolly’s run, and now poor unfortunate Diarmuid had somehow found himself in trouble again through no account of his own, cynical fouling of Keegan was the route cause and the suggestion being that it was this that needed to be dealt with.

  5. It seems to me the GAA have some serious issues to sort and their ambling from vtisis to crisis is a complete joke.Effectively there is now no penalty for striking or possibly anything else.Yet dodgy penalties stand.Concerts come before the game the stadium was supposed to be used for and tickets can be handed to touts against its own policy.Rather than enforce this policy they facilitate the breaking of it.
    Decent people cannot waych the quarter final unless they pay a subscription to a foreign tv station and referees deem it ok to screw the most loyal of counties in big games.
    My patience is running out.

  6. The only thing i remember from last weekends papers is this regarding mayo .”Coming back is easy ..but coming back bigger and better is the trick and thats what mayo have done “.
    Lets hope they pull a big fat rabbit out of the hat !!

  7. No matter how it turns out today, I fucking love these lads. They make me feel so proud and honoured that I hail from Mayo. You know what, the lads should take the hill again. Own Croke park today from start to finish. The time is here to make history the reality for tomorrows to come.

    Come On Mayo!!!

  8. We owe it to this mayo team to support them all the way. Supporters will have a big role to play at some stage in today’s game. Let’s not be found wanting when that time comes. Stand up and cheer on our team all the way .

  9. The ridiculous system that has allowed Connolly to play notwithstanding, I’m glad he’ll be on the field, simply because I want a comprehensive victory to-day, without Dublin excuses. I saw the replays in 1955 and 1985 and know that now is our hour.

  10. Connolly playing is a joke but it could work in our favour–he is a loose canon.Our experience from last year might swing it for us.
    This is the same ref that blackcarded R.Feeney in AICF.
    Will he bottle it today?

  11. 2 tickets for upper hogan section 702 half way up .. sitting with 3 other mayo supporters if anyone is still looking

  12. Reservoir Dubs blog has big caution about Connolly’s readiness to translate the let-off into performance……..they’re recalling Lee’s similar QF red last year rescinded on appeal and reckon he wasn’t fully performing in the follow-on Kerry game………

  13. Cool heads, look up for men open for goal chances, support Aidan with an outlet and finally another target man at some stage and I feel we can win.
    Of all of that I would say look up for men open for goal chances. Several went a begging the last day. We can hit them for two goals with the form we have.

  14. The kevin keane affair has come back to haunt us now. He should have been banned too, end of story. Many of the same clowns on Mayo gaa banter page and the like who were campaigning to get kevin off are the very same people outraged that connolly is now available. To be fair to the dubs what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Anyway hopefully he won’t be at full tilt after staying up 3 nights in a row. Hon Mayo!!

  15. Poor decision to let D Connolly off, as was the decision to let Kevin Keane off a number of weeks ago. This for me points to a serious problem in GAA discipline land and is something that must be looked at and reformed. It will require someone with a clear vision to get the organisation back on track – unfortunately I cannot see our current president doing this anytime soon unless it starts hitting the organisation in the pockets.

  16. Safe journey to all supporters. Last week I was so proud to be a mayo man. Red and green were out in force…same again this week. I hope the ref has a good day. We should really get in connollys face today. Put dublin to the sword and not have to chase the game. Mhaigh Eo abu

  17. Look we can hardly complain too much we’ve exploited the very same circus – twice. Now I would have quietly smiled if Connolly was unavailable but that’s largely due to the fact that this guys exploits in the civil court leaves one entirely unsympathetic. The effectiveness of those anger management classes seems questionable. Maybe Aidan should consider bequeathing his tricks of the trade in this regard.

    A couple of posters have alluded to this and I agree – maybe it’s no harm that he plays. No quest for justice, no bickering about who’s available and no excuses. Let’s just focus on ourselves and get our own lads ready for another relentless assault (that word seems appropriate).

    We’re more than capable. Finish the job lads.

  18. It might take the wind out of their sails.They have nothing to feel put out about now.
    It could work in our favour.

  19. Connelly back.. All i can say is i am glad. We need to beat them with him or never get the credit we deserve or hear the end of whinging dubs as if the world if against them (they seem to forget that they are the only team with a different set of rules helping them every year) Its unbelievable what i have read by the dubs this week. They either have no clue of football or are so up their own arses that they could not see their orchestrated fouling tactics at work last Sunday. Cillian put their tactics to bed with his 100% accuracy. I dont think they will gamble like that again today! I expect to see the free flowing affair today that many expected last Sunday

    Im hoping Barry starts. Im hoping Donal is fit. Im hoping the ref gives us a fair rattle and cuts out the incessant fouling of our forward linen, on and off the ball!!

    Very proud Mayo man! The nerves are here again, that means its time for Croaker again. (on the laptop at least) signing off from Canberra, Australia

    Hon Mayo

  20. Need to deprive the Dubs an early goal today. The concession (incorrectly) of a penalty so early last week was criminal. We can play it cautious for twenty minutes and then look to open out a bit. Given the comments from many quarters on the attention Aidan has been receiving I’d still look to load a few balls into him early on. Just get one or two guys closer to him for the breaks. No more than Dublin, an early goal for us would be a huge lift. If Aidan could wrap one in I think the hill would collapse.

  21. Their penalty might have been wrong call with benefit of cameras but fact is we were caught cold early in the lead up. Marking in first 20 very crucial and if can get a goal of our own better again. The way we played for Keegan’s point in 1st minute should be how we try to play before launching high balls in. Get them defending low balls and drag them round the pitch a bit. We had some similar patient build ups on Donegal game. Alternate the tactics and keep them guessing. A good 1st half by Durkan on KK important too. Can’t wait now.

  22. Weather conditions not as calm as last week so will need to allow for that. Cillian unlikely to have same result against the breeze/ wind which will be at Hill end so those quick frees a few of them take might be important too.

  23. In any other organisation the ceo would be stepping down over such debacles.
    The spirit of the lads will win through but we need and demand a fair ref.I honestly feel we need tobe stronger especially at Co.Board level on injustices.Limerick was a farce last year and that memory should be enough

  24. Gutted beyond belief that I am unable to make today’s game. You just can’t plan for curve balls and I am resigned to my fate. I am a wreck after Connolly keeping me up the last 3 nights! I am glad that he is back as it will stop the Dubs mouthing about how hard done by they are. (Aslan before the game though?? Please.. why don’t they get the Dubliners to play support- Badly done Croke Park). If we beat them, we will do so when they are at full strength and no one will be able to say that we only beat them because they were without Connolly. I just wish that the whole sorry affair didn’t drag on so long. Not Connolly’s fault or the Dubs- just ridiculous procedures that allow 3 avenues of appeal!! It was unfair on all concerned- Can’t have been an ideal match preparation week waiting to see what would happen and the inevitable late nights that it must have involved. I am spent and I was only refreshing twitter from my couch late at night in Mayo! This supporting Mayo lark is exhausting but we are so so lucky to be on this epic journey and I wouldn’t change it for anything. In about the 61st minute the last day, the Mayo fans had gone quiet as they tried to absorb the possibility of another one slipping away. I said to my friend, ” James Horan mentioned this quietness last year. If we can’t muster something and we are only sitting in our seats, how can we expect the lads to dig into the recesses”. At that point we started a Mayo Mayo chant but didn’t get too many to join in and it was short lived. I really really feel that when the chips are down or rather IF the chips are down, if the Mayo fans can dig deep and find even a fraction of what our lads on the field found last Sunday,(and indeed last year in Limerick and many other days) then we can make a huge difference. I won’t be there to shout today but can you please get a Mayo Mayo chant going for me especially if we fall behind. It has to help the lads. It has to!
    Maigh Eo Abu

  25. 31 counties were behind us anyway but even more so now, judging by the reaction on twitter. A more varied approach for us today will be key. When Dublin got their penalty, Donie was struggling at that time and it was his man, Paul Flynn that won the penalty. Keep it tight at the back early on, try to get ahead and then hit them with counter attacks. Best of luck to all associated with the team today and for us, its our job to roar them on. Roll on the game!

  26. The gaa disciplinary system is a farce and if not reformed will ruin garlic football. I really do have sympathy for referees. I hope today’s ref has a strong game and is able to send people off early if required.
    As for the game itself last week I predicted a dublin win and I feel they threw away by switching off in the last ten. However I was very impressed with Mayo and only for such poor forward play would have won it. Freeman Moray Dillon all need to be involved today as all are more natural scorers. Barry moral needs to feature much earlier also..
    Defensively Mayo need to do the same again it worked well but vary the tatical on Clutton.
    Who is going to win? I really don’t know. …Safe traveling to all and I just hope there is no trouble in the crowd as sadly I think their potentially could be.

  27. This great mayo team will not be beaten by NO KANGAROO COURT at four in the morning, home advantage again, leinster referee for a Dublin game, AN attempt to make it a all Dublin ticket affair, no nice Saturday evening 5pm start so the dubs can get the dinner and walk down to the game as the mayo supporters use planes trains and automobiles to get to croke park but get there we will. As always let our voices be heard , our team deserve it. stay safe everyone, MAIGHEO ABU.

  28. When Connolly gets sent off today he won’t be appealing as he will only be missing a league match
    Mayo by 5 points
    Up Mayo

  29. It dosent say much for the 2 previous panels that withheld the 1 game ban, whats the point in them if they cannot make a decision that stands. We never had to go to the 3rd panel with Kevin Keans ban.
    Connolly has no conscience and will be flying today, Dublin are back favorites in opinion.

    I hope im wrong….will need fresh legs and minds today

  30. Just seen on that Diarmuid Connelly is free to play.. if that’s true then it’s a fucking discrace.. GAA has gone to a new low.. Not only now have we to beat the opposition, the referee.. we now have to beat the organisation itself.. This game has no integregation anyone. Fed up with this shit


    Connolly again sent off.

    From the moment this wonderful Mayo team ran on to the pitch today you could clearly sense that………

    C’Mon Mayo. Hit the score board early!

  32. Keep the ship steady and don’t give away an early goal. Cards of different colors will be flashed today, let’s make sure they are not coming in our direction. We have stout hearted men wearing the green and red, lets put Connolly and his cohorts to bed. Onwards to victory.

  33. Aslan to play before todays game , I hear they are going to sing how can I protect you in this crazy world with eddie Kinsella on lead vocals, come on mayo .

  34. The GAA is a now nothing but a farcical organisation. And not just the Connolly decision, various mind-boggling decisions (in our favour as well).

    But fuck it, no matter. Don’t care if he plays or not. It’ll make no difference, we WILL win this game.
    Enough about Connolly and the dubs in general. It’s all about us now. We show that same heart, passion and desire, and we will not be denied today.
    Couldn’t care less if Barney Rock and Kevin Moran in their pomp were in their line-up.

    Up Mayo

  35. Congrats to Dublin and AIG, now all you have to do is get Mayo to comply with your wishes and all will be well and the GAA will have the dream final they so obviously want.
    Oh well, there’s only one way to shut them up.
    Mayo by 5.

  36. Going to be a super game for the neutral supporter. Delighted Connolly is free to play. If we are going to face kerry we need to be able to beat a full strength Dublin side. Up Mayo!

  37. I heard Des Cahill, on RTE sport, say the ban was overturned as Diarmuid didn’t have enough time to prepare his defence for an earlier hearing. Mind boggling!

  38. If there’s a God above Mayo should win today, for the heroic efforts of the players over the last 4 years, for the supporters who fork out their hard earned money time and time again and have to make the long trek up to Dublin’s home ground and of course for Willie Joe whose blog further enriches an already great experience. Best of luck to all today.

  39. Connolly plays,so what,they won that battle.Now it’s time for us to win the fucking war.Every man,woman and child needs to leave their voices behind them in Croke Park today,Mayo by 4 or 5 points.Maigh Eo Abu

  40. Hit them fucking hard early, play a forward of aidans shoulder and goals will follow! Stay tight at the back. I wouldnt be so sure on starting barry and andy, if donie is fit then id just bring in durcan for drake.

  41. The best of luck to mayo today, and galway tomorrow , no need to worry who plays for dublin, this mayo team are completely focused, nothing fazes them, safe travelling to all , heres to a good match, with no injuries to either team, get ready for kerry in the final, up, up mayo

  42. Give it holly lads for 70 + .
    Keep brogan quiet watch Kilkenny and we’ll surely win it.mayo by 2.
    Enjoy the game all.

  43. The spirit of determined force that this bunch of fellas possess will see them past dublin this afternoon………….if the dubs are of a siege mentality then let us see how they fare against the hive mentality, resolve and strength that Mayo is.
    Am glad that they (th Dubs) are at full strength…………no excuses now.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  44. We shouldn’t be surprised that Connolly got off, there isn’t a player with more experience of how to maneuver their way through the judicial system, he has plenty of practice as this is not his first time.
    Whatever. It won’t effect the outcome as we will not be beaten today. They’ll need two of him, and his thuggery, to hold us today.

  45. Advantage Mayo….if this doesn’t fire up our guys I don’t know what will

    (I’m not a betting person, but what are the odds on Connolly getting sent off today)

  46. 16/1 on Connolly getting the line Whitey.

    I also see that our odds have lengthened since yer man got off.
    We were 5/4, now 13/8. Whatever. Bring it on.

  47. Best of luck to Mayo today. Hopefully they will do the business for us. Safe travelling to all.

  48. Hope to see some surprises in our 1st fifteen today.

    These lads pure hunger and never say die attitude will win the day today.

    Bright sunshine, dry ball makes for a fast match.

    We will do it by 3.

  49. If we even get a few of those decisions that we should have got last week we’ll be hard to beat. If we’re ahead at half time, (unlike 2013) I can’t see us lose it. I’ve watched the game back a few times and the mental strength and drive of the lads is incredible. KH’s point for example, he collects the ball from Hennelly, lays it off to Keegan and seconds later he kicks it over the bar after a layoff from Aidan. I’m so proud of this team and it’s fans. 2015 will be our year.

  50. The breakfast is on the table, the can of Guinness is opened and poured, dog is going to be put in the garden, new mayo jersey on and no kids in the house. Couldn’t be better set up for a game. Now all that’s needed is a victory.
    I’m glad Connolly was cleared to play, there’s no excuses from Dublin and Mayo won’t be any way complacent. Regardless of what happens I have to say that this team has given so much pleasure to so many since 2011 and are due a break

  51. Rumour has it that when Mayo win Dublin will make John Terry captain and go out to face Kerry.

  52. Oh well they gave their best, no complaints, best team won, we must be the unluckiest team in the world

  53. Terrible that we didn’t learn from the last day. Allowing Cluxton to orchestrate from the back was as daft today as it was the last day.

  54. Hard to take. Same old feeling and it doesn’t get any easier.

    In fairness to the lads, they gave every last ounce out there and were only beaten cause they were out on their feet.

    Hard to see this bunch landing Sam now and that breaks my heart.

    Very proud of them

  55. I feel so sorry for our Mayo team, it’s beyond words today. Thank you to them all and hold your heads high, you were playing against a county with 10 times the population and still they were struggling to contain you. It took blind umpires “watching ” brogan throw the ball for the goal to finally undo Mayo, but anyway, that’s it for another year, we need to smarten up our forward play and come back stronger.
    Dublin will win the next 10/20/30/40 Leinster titles with ease, it will only get easiier because the other counties like kildare and meath wont even bother in another few years, much like wicklow dont bother today. Kerry, Tyrone, mayo etc will be waiting for the dublin off years to try their case but thats as good as it will get.

  56. Please dont start on team or management they have given their best, this is a very good Dublin team

  57. Good man JC With supporters like you how could we lose. Maybe none of them tried at all at all. I suggest you for next manager You d sort them all out and you would identify all those excellent players who never make the panel. YOU the man I say

  58. for a team with mayo experience having played in 5 semi finals in a row,why cant they cope with the pressure of the last 15 minutes of a game like today,4 pts up in full control just didnt push on . lee keegan missed a very easy point that could have made a huge difference,thats why mayo are not winning all irelands because when dublin went 4 up they drove on ,kept the ball tapped on a few more scores

  59. Really feel for the lads. Gave it everything but when they went to the well it was empty. I thought when Cillian goaled we were on our way.

    Key moment in the game for me was straight afterwards when we put Keegan right through. He dropped it short when really he needed to drive on in and finish them. They did exactly that after their first major.

    Sickeningly disappointing but now is not the time to slice and dice lads.

  60. david i wouldnt agree with u that kerry ,mayo and tyrone will have to wait for dublins off years,they only won a semi final,and i honestly believe that kerry will have too much for dublin in the final

  61. To all the good people of Mayo I offer my sincere best wishes, it was a fantastic game and your wonderful players did ye proud and played their part in a magnificent game.
    It’s there for ye but ye do need a little more in the front six. They are far far too brave not to get ye over the line, heads up its there just behind the cloud of despair, destiny

  62. yeah dublin were just way too good for ya’s so I was readin a few comments here from kingofoxford and mike heveran, mike is annoyed about the game being played in Croke Park, like where should it be played in Castlebar in front of 20,000 and to say the Dubs are whinging your player Kevin Keane availed of the very same card being recinded. and the king of ox we here in Dublin are very proud of our team and have been on the end of disgraceful decisions given against us, so to try and make out the Ref’s are for Dublin would ya ever go and ask me you know what, look it were a way better team then Mayo you’s had the game sown up and ya blew it now your all well done lads maybe next. be for your team win lose or draw, like the Greatest fans in the World Dublin. by the way most of Mayo lives here they work in Dublin so they too can walk to the game. see ya all next year now do the right thing and wish us luck for the final.

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