Game day: survival is in our own hands

Today’s the day: it’s our final League match of the year and our final chance too to maintain our long-running top tier status for another year. Our opponents Donegal are already safe but most likely will need something from this fixture if they’re to make next Sunday’s Division One decider.

We all know the Division One permutations at this stage. While these are important the essential point for us heading into this game is that the place we end up in today when the music stops a bit after 3.30pm today is entirely in our own hands.

If we win, or even scrape a draw today, we’re okay and will be playing top tier League football once again next year. It’s only if we fail to do either of these things that what happens in other matches becomes relevant. Our job today is to ensure that, for us, what happens at MacHale Park is all that matters.

Like many other years, this League campaign has been a bit all over the shop for us. Last Sunday’s stirring win up in Omagh showed, however, that we’ve still got the potential to perform when it really counts. We’ll need to prove this point all over again this afternoon against a Donegal side that hasn’t lost since the opening weekend in this League campaign.

It won’t be easy and I doubt it’ll be a comfortable afternoon for us but I’m confident too in our ability to put in another fully committed performance. If we do that, we should be fine.

I’m off out the door shortly, as I’m planning to make it to Castlebar well ahead of throw-in today. If you’re on the road yourself, safe travelling. Back later on with the match report and all the rest. Up Mayo!

33 thoughts on “Game day: survival is in our own hands

  1. Beautiful morning, Mayo in Castlebar in a do or die game…what more do you want? I reckon 12,000 plus will be there today. Make sure you roar and shout. Up Mayo

  2. 1 point win today people will say it was a good league and we uncovered some good new players like boland, Kirby and loftus. 1 point loss and we’re going backwards, the team is finished and Rochford has to go! Small margins!

  3. Great game in store. The stakes are high but Mayo in good shape going into game.

  4. Good man Willie joe , I came down from Dublin yesterday, know a few more that did the same

    Expecting huge support today , hon Mayo

  5. I’m out of the country at the moment so I’d appreciate an extra few ‘Hon Mayos’ thrown out on my behalf today!

    A little bit of pressure usually raises the pulse of this team so I’m hoping for a solid performance today. Would also be good to finish the league with a result at home, a venue we’ve struggled at recently.

  6. Missing this again today due to work. Mayo will win today but not by much. The win last week will have helped their resolve I’d say. All the best to the team and safe travelling one and All.

  7. C’mon Mayo….! Crispy tight in tackles do…waste not want not mistakes be few…make it happen from the start…points will follow by the cart.

    Dongs will sting with little stings….so let your skins be tough as new….leather to boot and o’er she goes …lets reap this win by just a few.

  8. I think we will shade it today by a point or two. I think the team will line out at named but not in the same positions, expect Duirmuid to drop back to half forwards.

    Looking forward an improvement again in the kick passing and quick movement which was beginning to come together v Tyrone. No coincidence the inprovement in long range point taking has coincided with the introduction of more kick passing in the style of play. Alot of the points scored in the past couple of games have nearly been passed over the bar, very few of the high and hopefuls. People say its Rochfords style of play at Corifin but it also has McEntee written all over it. Crossmaglen are the masters of the kick passing game.

  9. Hope every Mayo man and woman who has the health and can realistically afford it, gets themselves to Mchale Park by 1400 hours today. A huge show of support to carry us over the line.

    Either that or risk going next year to places like Clare, Fermanagh and Louth.

    Your County needs you today.

  10. Subs bench as per the programme: Robbie Hennelly, Donie Newcombe, Carolan Crowe, Stephen Coen, Donal Vaughan, Conor O’Shea, Jason Doherty, Conor Loftus, Evan Regan, Aidan O’Shea and David Drake.

  11. It’s do or die, so, I’ll predict a 4-5 point victory and Mayo to score 2 goals or more.

  12. Not looking good at halftime the difference is Donegal can score and we can’t. We didn’t scored from the 12th minute to the 32nd minute we badly need a plan and a dedicated forward coach We need to play direct ball in the second half Murphy is destroying us will we ever learn

  13. As it stands at half time:

    Pos Team P W L D F A Diff Points
    1 Donegal 7 4 1 2 103 88 15 10
    2 Monaghan 7 4 1 2 89 82 7 10
    3 Dublin 7 3 1 3 112 73 39 9
    4 Kerry 7 3 2 2 112 97 15 8
    5 Tyrone 7 3 3 1 85 84 1 7
    6 Mayo 7 3 4 0 92 100 -8 6
    7 Cavan 7 1 3 3 79 99 -20 5
    8 Roscommon 7 0 6 1 95 144 -49 1

    Tyrone aren’t doing us any favours. Cavan and Roscommon is a tight one. We need to pick it up or we’re in trouble

  14. Not looking good Not sure how this match was allowed to start late. I thought the whole point was for al matches to start at the same time. As it is we will know score from the Hyde about ten minutes before finish in McHale.

  15. A serious lift in intensity needed for 2nd half. Also too open at the back allowing DL cut us open too easily. Come on Mayo!

  16. Whats the score now?, we’re on a high here in Dublin after wining the Feile division final.

  17. Unless Donegal get a barrage of scores in the last minute it’s going to be a Dublin Kerry final.

  18. Here are the final standings:

    Pos Team P W L D F A Diff Points
    1 Dublin 7 4 0 3 127 84 43 11
    2 Kerry 7 3 2 2 121 108 13 8
    3 Donegal 7 3 2 2 105 95 10 8
    4 Monaghan 7 3 2 2 100 97 3 8
    5 Mayo 7 4 3 0 99 102 -3 8
    6 Tyrone 7 3 3 1 96 93 3 7
    7 Cavan 7 1 4 2 84 107 -23 4
    8 Roscommon 7 1 6 0 103 149 -46 2

    Fair play to the lads. Another year in Div 1.

  19. Well done Mayo delighted we’re safe in Division 1 credit to Rochford for making the changes in the second half and encouraging defenders and Keith Higgins to attack well done Aidan O Shea he turned the game. Maigh Eo Abu.

  20. well done Mayo. That donegal keeper saved from vaughans shot at goal, in my premonition the ball went into the net. I must recalibrate!!

    well done to all.

  21. Astonishing second half . Donegal seemed content to play keep ball from minute one of the second half. Bizarre tactics
    O Shea a COLLOSUS. Where are the people who think he does not deserve his place ? Who would ye play instead of him
    I’ve said it many times it’s personal with some posters and o Shea
    They don’t like the limelight he gets
    We are lucky to have him
    And as for cormac reilly
    Wow wow wow
    Inept is not the word
    He can not get another game this summer

  22. Great to get the win and stay up on our own terms. I also think it will be good for us to have Galway in Division 1 next season..

  23. Aidan O Se turned the game, he is the heart beat of this team. He bullied Donegal, they went into their shell when he upped the intensity and he cleaned murphy in the individual battle also. But maybe his role with this team perhaps is to play the 2nd half.

  24. Great comeback by the lads, but my feeling was that Donegal had already had enough from the League and Gallagher would be well aware that a mauling from a resurging Dublin, would be of no benefit to his young team. That said, after all the scaremongering about our team, we survived, and will be a force to be reckoned with again this year.

  25. Well that will do nicely. Not having to rely on Roscommon for the favour.

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