Game day – third time tricky

For the second time in just five weeks and for the third time this year, later this afternoon we’re once more up against Roscommon. Our All-Ireland SFC Group Stage Round 2 match against our Connacht neighbours takes place – as last month’s Connacht semi-final did as well – at Dr Hyde Park.

Barry Cassidy of Derry is the ref and he’ll be throwing in the ball at 5pm this evening. The match is live on GAA GO and Midwest will also have live radio commentary on it.

As was the case when we met in the Connacht semi-final in late April, it’s set to be dry and sunny for this afternoon’s game. In what’s been the wettest spell since Noah’s Ark was afloat, the fact that all of our Championship matches to date this year have been played in good weather is a bit weird. A nice kind of weird, it should be added.

Today’s meeting with Roscommon is clearly of greater importance than our provincial clash. The winners later on today will, almost certainly, finish second in the group (we still entertain hopes – however delusional – of topping it) and so enjoy home advantage and slightly easier opposition in the preliminary quarter-final. That could make the difference in terms of winning both that last-twelve knockout game and the quarter-final that could come after it.

Davy Burke has made no secret of the way in which he’s targeting this game. But, as Colm Boyle argued in his Patreon column this week, we need to be doing the same. This is going to be a proper Championship clash and we need to be properly ready for it.

The twin losses of Paddy and Diarmuid represents a big blow for us. It may not prove fatal today – though it might – but it will certainly hobble us badly, perhaps fatally, in the near future. We simply cannot afford to be without players of that calibre as the big tests of the summer draw near.

When we met at Hyde Park in April we took the game to them from the off. That had them chasing us and, while they created plenty of scoring opportunities, their shot selection was questionable and many of their efforts at the posts were on the wild wide. In the end, we won comfortably enough.

You get the feeling that today won’t be as straightforward for us.

That said, if we can replicate the attacking movements we showed against Cavan – where both Cillian O’Connor and Darren McHale excelled in what was a more purposeful attack – and, if the quick handpassing movements we used in that game have just a small bit greater precision, then we’ll be a real handful for them later today.

Diarmuid’s loss around the middle places an additional burden on the likes of Jack Carney and Jordan Flynn. Neither of these players have hit the required heights this summer but we need a strong performance from both of them today, as well as another 2021-esque display from Matthew Ruane, who is enjoying an extremely productive summer so far.

When you zero in on it, the middle third is the obvious key battleground today. We have the means to control their dangermen and we’ve plenty of talent of our own up front to do damage but we simply have to win the exchanges between the ’45s.

Roscommon cleaned us out there last month. Since then, however, we were greatly improved in the sector against both Galway and Cavan and if we can bring the same strong showing to Hyde Park later today, that will go a long way towards getting us the result we need.

It’s still likely to be tight, way too much so for comfort, but if we’re to raise any kind of gallop in this year’s Championship then a win to day is an absolute must for us.

So let’s go get this win, bagging in the process a third straight win over the Rossies this year. Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

127 thoughts on “Game day – third time tricky

  1. This is a game we can win. But it will be tactical and management must make the right calls. I hope the team continues to improve and show that we are capable of beating Dublin.

  2. The Rossies will be up for it but we’ve beaten them before and I believe we can do it again, extend the winning streak. Hope we all get a great game today!

  3. looking forward to this, we look very strong up front so that will be the winning of it for us. Bit more direct and less lateral also please. If there is a curve ball for us today it could be O’Hora or Plunkett in a sweeper role as Murtagh, Creggs, Cox got 13 from 14 attempts last week

  4. You’re spot on WJ, the middle third will determine an awful lot today. We won the last game relatively comfortably without dominating possession. If we can turn than around today, then we should be too strong.

    It’s a big challenge for the likes of Carney and Flynn but it’s one they need to relish. It’s time now for these guys to step up as real leaders for Mayo. They’re around long enough and need to push on.

  5. It’s so hard to get enthused for these group games. The lack of jeopardy could easily be solved by making it top two going through and bottom two out. Imagine what that would mean for this game today?

  6. Agree on middle third Willie Joe and Keith Doyle could be a huge addition for Ros.

    The stakes could not he higher and yet i’d wager 5 or 6 thousand less will go to this one.

    Win and we have an exciting game with Dublin and a chance to have a decent end of season with a QF.

    Lose and the wheels could come off. Beating Dublin after a loss would see a tall order and hard to bounce back with 2 defeats in a row. We could face 4 championship defeats in a season, losing to Roscommon and Galway for the first time in same year and what would then look like an inevitable change of management.

    So fingers and toes crossed. We’re blessed with a fine day again. No excuses

  7. Great piece of writing, Willie Joe. Really good.
    Up Mayo today! We need to get this done.

  8. Not sure if it’s mentioned already on the blog but aido deserves credit today it will be a joint record championship appearance for an outfield player and obviously if he plays via Dublin he will have the standalone record. I’m sure he would give most of the appearances up for a celtic cross but that being said it’s a great achievement.

  9. Best of luck lads! Should have enough in them to get the job done today. Is there any indication of where James Carr is at?

  10. As usual on match days the time is dragging before travelling so just tuned in to Geelong/Richmond AFL game where Geelong are surprisingly behind at ht. Anyone know how how Oisin Mullin is getting on over there? Don’t know if he was on the pitch in first half but didn’t hear his name mentioned.

  11. Well done Aiden an incredibly durable player
    As Willie Joe mentioned middle third is critical
    We have to limit supply to that inside Rosie line
    Our revamped half forward line has more scoring potential but less size and back tracking
    Hope but not very confident we will have a new defensive stategy

  12. Pod Fan you pain a frightening picture there if we loos today. More than likely we won’t be beating the Dubs and then facing a very difficult knockout match could be the end of our season.
    So in a nutshell, this is a must win game…end of!

  13. The nearer we get to the game the more tricky it is looking. With the loss of 2 of our better players the panel is beginning to look very threadbare. Hope I am wrong but have an uneasy feeling. Ross did enough v Dublin to suggest they will put in a very strong challenge today. They did way better than us on long kick outs earlier this year and Galway did likewise to us in Connacht final hence the importance of our middle third. But it is their inside forward line that’s the biggest threat. Big test today and both teams need to win. Maigh Eo Abu

  14. @JoeG: Had my fingers & toes crossed when he was kicking that mark… but sadly wasn’t anywhere near threatening the posts. He’ll get there soon you’d imagine.

    Has been involved in the last 4 games in a row, a mixture of injuries and lads that had been starting in their early season win streak dropping horribly out of form. Came in as a replacement in the first of those and helped swing a performance from +50 behind to a 3 or 4 point defeat, iirc. Had a couple of solid performances among those, but slightly marred the one against GWS with a mistake that cost them the winning score. He’s been playing relatively well for a team looking short on energy/confidence/determination (a little like ourselves at home) in a run of fairly poor defeats.

    Another mistake for a Richmond score today (the poor kick under little pressure putting his teammate under a lot of pressure leading to a Tigers goal) he’ll be kicking himself for… but all in all a solid game you’d imagine he/the team will be delighted with. Way more pros than cons, with the pace & energy he brought in the final quarter when re-introduced making a big impact. A lot of excitement about him over there still, especially given his experience. If the Cats wanted to trade him he’d have plenty of takers.

    I’d imagine we’ll be waiting for him to choose to come home or to retire rather than them letting him home in the next few years.

  15. Perhaps our bucks will win their man marking battles with their inside forwards who scored 13 points last week , 13 points against us and have won one game out of nine all year . If we dont beat this roscommon team we are in even bigger trouble than we think , Carney and the likes be as well off standing up today and start showing their worth too .

    Mayo by 4 . Tommy Conroy motm.

  16. Mayo will win this one today easily enough I’d imagine. Roscommon don’t seem to be improving at all and we cannot be gone that far back.

  17. Willie Joe, while all I ‘m really thinking off today is to beat Rossies. I think you should do a article on Aidan O’Shea achievements over last 15 years. Don’t think get recognition deserved inside or outside county. And today been most capped outfield player is some achievements. Loved his goal against Roscommon in Connacht semi final. Another today would cap the day, together with Mayo win. While I feel AOS days with mayo numbered, he definitely be missed, as Andy Moran and Keith Higgins, and Leeroy Keegan, and other Mayo legends that retired before him

  18. The message will be to find that extra percentage that the 2 vital lads missing give us whenever they play. That means some of our starters today who have been playing in fits and starts have to hit the 8/10 mark in performance as well as the subs used. That’s what a well managed panel is for.

    After that we are the fortunate position barring an ultimate disaster of been in QF plem in 3 or 4 weeks time so let’s see where we are at then. And more importantly who’s on or off the treatment table.

  19. Sean Burke if we going by the few in Regans atm a small crowd will be attending.Special well wishes to Aido today.

  20. This is a potential banana skin. It will not be easy. Doc a big loss.

  21. Not making any predictions (in Espana so it’s GAAGO, and glad of it).

    As our away match though, what’s not to like? As near a home match as dammit; meanwhile Donegal have to travel to Cork, and back. And I would far prefer the Rossies in The Hyde to Westmeath in Mullingar – a potential banana skin for Galway.

    So go to it lads, avenge last year’s defeat – again!

  22. That slow start by Donegal down in cork needs to be noted , we need to come out of the blocks like lightning . One week after the next is not good for most teams.

  23. Think I went for a 5/6 point win earlier in the week, I think we could rack up a good score here so the winning margin could be greater…well done Aiden some servant.

    Cork Donegal level at 30mins so an interesting 2nd half coming up

  24. @Thedarkyfinn that’s pretty interesting about donegal & Cork as I said I think we will know more where donegal are when they play the likes of dubs or kerry etc.

    Though Cork are an up and coming team to.

    And fair play to Aido such a great servant and puts with so much crap saw some dubs giving out about Aido being front page of some paper sure he’s only asked to do the interview jeez like.

    Anyway well done to him!

  25. Great article and I know it’s tongue in cheek stuff, ? but there’s nothing delusional about topping the group. Dublin are not what they were with Davy Byrne away travelling and Gannon out of action, not to mention Mannion looking a bit disinterested too.

  26. I suppose that’s an even darker ”dark horse’s entering the race for Sam.

  27. @hefarkyfinn yeah those 2 goals were great from Cork on fairness.. ! fair play to cork!

  28. Not bad going for a team that was nearly planning for Tailteann Cup a few months ago. No unbeaten team left. Todays game for us takes on more importance as the Prelims will be a minefield.

    On the other hand, if Cork top their group…

  29. Is Tommy still named on the bench or out altogether? O Hora is a good player but I’d worry about his lack of game time for this big game.

  30. @willie Joe ah Ok thanks ! Good to know Tommy isn’t injured or anything!

    Interesting swap..

    Good luck guys!

  31. Can’t even second guess what’s going on at this stage… let’s hope management have a cunning plan.

  32. JR, that’s probably a good guess. Might be finally abandoning the man on man stuff that’s been a source for some of our defensive ills.

  33. I hope POH is used as a sweeper as mentioned earlier. Best of luck to all…

  34. Twas funny seeing Swanny listed as our full forward, best of luck. Mayo Abú

  35. @you three I think it’s pretty windy there hopefully the 2nd half we come out get more scores such a pity about that goal chance we had just there…!

  36. I’m at the game and it looked like a goal for mayo?
    2 points from kick out one a soft turnover and atrocious shooting.
    Mayo will have the wind in the second half

  37. Mike Finnerty would sicken your hole .Enda Smith touches the ball and he’s a hero .
    Talk about trying not to be bias.

  38. Desperate shooting, we need to calm down and take scores and put this to bed.

  39. We’ve left a lot of scores out there… some bad wides. Hopefully this isn’t another game we should win but don’t…

  40. Thought we played very well in that first half bar the wides but most of those are down to a tricky wind

  41. Ruane McHale and the EmcL playing very well
    Some nice creative forward play
    We really should be out of sight
    Incredible miss by McHale
    Everyone was celebrating as thought it hit underside of cross bar
    Was nearly impossible to hit the outside of the stantion but he managed it !!!!

    Strong breeze with us second half
    can see boland coming on to kick a few

  42. Played actually quiet well but the wides have us killed, could easily have had 1-12 on the bored at HT, hopefully thr breeze will make shooting easier in the 2nd half

  43. @Thedarkyfinn totally agree with you I’m listening to it on midwest and it sounds pretty windy..

    Watching it to ha just prefer the midwest commentary!

    Eoghan mc playing well.. Aido

    O Hora is doing a good job in fairness despite lack of game time we should kick on in 2nd half.

  44. It is quite windy here but it shouldn’t be the cause of most of our wides. Lack of care I think but at least we’ve been creating chances easily enough.

  45. You’d imagine if maintain the possession levels of first half and even improve slightly on shooting in second half with wind (although not sure it’s to big a factor) could win by 5 or 6.
    Darren McHales more direct approach is paying dividends. We seem a bit exposed at the back again though, that and the shooting main areas of concern. But positives in our ability to win breaking ball and move in quicker.

  46. HT thoughts. Some very good play but wides are killing us here.
    O’Hora nowhere near championship level yet.
    Flynn and Carney have gone back a bit.
    Aido is some man. Been immense this half. Cillian quiet enough. As WJ said on twitter, Rossies far more economical with shots. Hopefully we can kick on second half.

  47. Folks, what is the reason for the wides? Am listening on Mid West and can’t figure out why. Was too late to get organised to get onto GAAGO.

    I wondered – are the wides because we’re trying to take chances in a packed defence? Or is it just that the radar is a bit off?

  48. Enda Smyth is just different class the two scores he got from midfield but we are going well AOS is some man i wish we’d hit him with early ball into the full forward line

  49. Ah come on, Enda Smith’s score was outrageous. I’ll hear nothing bad said about Mike F!

    I can’t believe it’s level. Mayo are much better. Surely if the second half plays out the same way, Mayo win handily. They’ll find their range soon. And bring on Towey to f**k, it’s made for him with all the ball Mayo have. Aidan is so much a bigger influence than Cillian.

  50. Thanks Willie Joe. I know there’s wind and a blinding sun against us, but we really need to be more clinical after the break.

  51. We’re playing well, working good scoring chances but bad shots the reason we’re not comfortably ahead.
    Aidan, McLaughlin and Ruane best in first half I’d say.
    Should push on and win by 5 or 6 assuming scoring rate improves with the wind

  52. @Gkorydays agree with you there Enda Smyth is unreal he’s like their Ryan o D or even their Shane Walsh.

  53. If we lose this, it’s down to missed chances by Mayo with Roscommon much more clinical. Our number of wides are shocking at this level-do we do any shooting practice in training or is it just laps, sprints, press-ups etc.?

  54. @Glasagusderg conor cox just had a big miss there to I think the wind is playing a big part in this game to be fair.

  55. we need to start pulling away here by far the better team but letting roscommon stay in it

  56. @CP agree Eoghan mcs best game all year I think he’s a class player and the pace he has is unreal man of the match for me.

  57. We should have won that by 7/8.need to be more clinical.did anyone see the red for fergie b

  58. Not pretty in the end but a wins a win… Jesus we never make it easy on ourselves

  59. The red card was harsh to be honest on boland.

    Lots to work on for sure no doubt about it we were the better team Tommy conroy made a big difference

    But I’ll take this win over a very confident rossies side tbh.

  60. Well we won but why oh why can we not close out a game. We go six points up towards the end of normal time yet again we are holding on for dear life.

  61. Good result in the end, but my Lord Jaysus we are incapable as a county of closing out a game in comfort.

  62. Well that’s over thankfully. We were the better team and deserved a win over 70 minutes but lord it was a horrible watch. And again we tried our best to lose it. If Dublin decide to go through the gears against us it could be worse then last years game. Can’t understand why Mchale was taken off, just seems like an easy target. Himself and McLaughlin were Mayos two best players.

  63. Eoghan is an out and out baller, fantastic today, delighted to see it, can’t recall the anti Mike F as a commentator, take a breath he is one of the best in the business, knows every team in depth, my only criticism of him is that he doesn’t show his Mayo baised, a consummate professional

  64. Is our match against Dublin more likely to be on the Saturday or Sunday??

  65. I just cannot for the life of me understand how naive we are defending a 6pt lead. Wide open…brain dead stuff. Did we learn anything from the Connacht final. No.

    And wtf was Tommy doing fishing over that point when he had two, not one, but two runners off his shoulder to literally tap it into an empty net. Where’s the killer mentality. I like Tommy but he needs to be much more aggressive. A few times he won ball and just ran 15 yards back out toward the direction the ball came from and fisted it back further again. Cmon Tommy. Turn and take on your man. You’ve the pace!! He’ll either foul you or you’ll beat him. Win win. I dunno folks…we just seem off to me.

    Two average teams. Always good to beat that shower but just not much more to take from it other than that.

  66. @Green&red agree with you there we are own worst worst enemy.

    I couldn’t understand either why mchale was taken off he was unreal. Ryan O D class.

    Tommy conroy as I said really made a big difference when he came on could Aido, cillian, Tommy, Ryan o D plus P Hora not be on at same time?

    O Hora needs more game time bit I thought he did Ok in fairness to him considering.

    Still annoyed about boglands red card what was that about??

  67. Sorry *bolands ha

    But a win is a win and I’ll take it over the rossies any day.

  68. Why O why could we not have a few forward nearer the Roscommon goal in the second half.
    Playing with a strong breeze on our back and yet we fiddled with the ball way out the field and nobody inside to take a pass.
    We won and that’s the main thing but it’s so frustrating when we could have won by 6 or 7 points.

  69. The game should have been over when Mchugh goaled but we couldn’t resist letting them back in could we.

    Lose the kick out fair enough but what happened to the defence for their penalty? Barely a defender in sight when the ball was kicked back in from the lost kick out.

    That could have ended up getting messy for us.


  70. What was boland sent off for rossies should been handed a penalty if it ‘was that bad’….

  71. I’ve can be critical of Aido but when he’s off the pitch, we are far less controlling. Our game dissolves around the middle and we look panicked.
    Mentally, we’re a joke at closing out games. Tommy’s decision to for a point when he has two lads at the back post was shocking. Ruane should have laid off on his shot at goal too. Dublin would have played the extra pass in both situations and added at least two goals.
    We’re never going to win anything if we keep showing such a weak mentality with a lead. I never envisaged us winning the thing this year but we need to improve on so much to challenge going forward.
    Delighted for Eoghan Mc. He was exceptional. Ditto Stephen Coen.

  72. Roscommon has only won one league or championship match this year. They have been taken apart in the last 15 minutes of recent games. We don’t have any kind of a killer instinct and never looked like we could build score on score.
    Besides the two points, very positive performances by McLoughlin, McHale, and Ruane plus a full game for O’Hora and a half too for Loftus.
    Was McBrien injured just before half time?

  73. Martin Carning was pathetic saying it was a penalty for Ross. The last man back, think it was Ruane got his foot to the ball long before contact with the Ross player. So it wasn’t a foot block Martin.

  74. A win is a win but my god you would struggle to see an under 14 team as incapable of closing out a game.This is a very average Roscommon team and we are hanging on after being 6 points up with 10 minutes to go.At least this might stop the daft talk about beating these type of teams by 8 and 9 points.unfortunately the loss of paddy and diarmaid has seriously weakened us and we simply couldn’t afford to be weakened further.That type of display today will be ruthlessly puninshed by Dublin but anyway I suppose we are still in it

  75. We should have won that by more. I thought we moved the ball well at times and at pace, an example would be the second goal. I think that’s been worked on. Eoin Mc was excellent. Thought Coen put in a great shift too.

    Davy Burke is some man for the moaning. Any time the camera panned to him he was mouthing. Not a great year for him and the Rossies so far.

  76. I’m delighted with the win. I didn’t think we would win today to be honest. Very similar last 10 mins to the last game against them and the Galway game…. aido goes off…. tide turns….
    But, wins a win. Some very good performances, some utter muck over and back and then playing it backwards. A great goal, a lucky goal, chaos at the end so in other words the usual… 2 wins and a crack at the tourists..

  77. We were by far the better team but gave Roscommon far too much resoect in that we need to find that killer instinct and kill off teams like Ros early doors.. wind had a big bearing on how the game played out.. we will take the win
    Dublin look to be resting players ahead of our game.. I expect them to destroy Cavan

  78. We’ve lost by far our 2 beat players paddy & diarmuid.

    We all knew it would be close lots to work on for sure

    Dubs up next be a massive battle and with their insane bench I don’t know..

    But I know one thing our guys will give their all.

  79. Tommy was right to take the point
    We missed a goal chance earlier and won by just two.

  80. Ken Kennedy, our own crew had a good rattle at Maggie on line as well…
    Job done, lucky penalty that should have been a free out the other way, but we needed bit of luck with injuries.

    Eoghan McLaughlin, Darren McHale excellent, and good performances from others as well. Matthew Ruanes shooting boots deserted him a bit, but good showing in general.

    Defensively some of our tackling is very poor still, which could prove more costly in time.

  81. If we have found a new attacking scorer in EmcLg I’d be delighted, really took his scores well. Badly needed. Cillian only managed 1 and none from AOS who played well but please play him in the middle of the park against where is he is badly needed now against Dublin esp with Diarmaid out. Or anywhere around there and let Carney sit the next one out we can’t keep carrying players. One or 2 others aswell thou Jordan Flynn is improving with every game played.

  82. Similar to louth game last year we were the far better team but let the other team stay in it by mistakes.

    Free shot at Dublin now, not expecting too much from it but it’s the kind of game we would end up winning. Hopefully mcbrien injury isn’t too serious

  83. Tommy was right to take a definite point versus setting up a goal we mightn’t get.
    That would make it a two score game with less than 2 minutes to go.
    You’d reckon that should be enough especially when we had given up an extra goal lead prior to that.
    Our emphasis at that stage of the game should have been on preventing Rossie scores, locking down the game instead of trying to rack up big scores.

  84. Happy with that we were patient but yet cut through at ease , plenty wides but places created .
    Solid defence and all good without spectacular.
    Reape kickouts very good bar one late one solid keeper display.
    O hora beaten well by cox , no offence to the lad but hes not a man we should have in first 15 if everyone fit.
    Mcbrien was very good till injured hope not serious.
    Coyne very quiet but so was his man.
    Sam, coen and eoin were very good and solid .
    Matty very good in parts , Jack Carney typical no nonsense performance but poor distribution and shots, Jack you’re a far better player than you are playing , please break out and show your quality.
    Mchale was class love it that be backed up last performance, in the team to stay well done.
    Flynn getting back to Jordan of old and all good.
    Aido best performance in a while and truly solid bar one ball he fumbled very encouraging.
    Rod class as ever
    Cillian what a score, he’s not headline cillian of old but worth starting everytime.

    Loftus super when brought on dictated play, setup the pen with fast hand and driving forward.
    Tommy c incisive when on but should took that goal and what it would have done for his confidence .

    So all in happy showed character, yeah we sort of let them into it but was horrible to have to play them again, job done , hopefully mcbrien and diarmuid back for dubs and have proper cut at them.
    Well done and happy bank holiday weekend to all , pints time

  85. It’s worrying when the dubs (who are in 2nd gear) have 2 goals scored already after 30 minutes. And we couldn’t put one past Cavan. If we don’t speed things up and become ruthless soon then it could be a rocky road. The easier games are over now.

  86. Thanks for that run-down, Outside of the Boot. Appreciate it. Enjoy that cool pint on this lovely sunny evening.

  87. @Geeen & red I agree to I’d be nervous for dubs but just hoping we will step it up somehow for them…

    @Joe1480 I’m still furious over tat to be honest normally never go after refs as it’s a hard job but like rossies should have gotten straight penalty if it was that bad honestly I’ve seen way worse in mayo /Dubs matches that only a free awarded to mayo in the past so I’m like that was uncalled for and harsh on boland to be honest.

  88. Outside of the boot…your description of cillians performance is slightly hyperbolic, one long range point doesn’t justify his selection. If that was the case, boland shouldnt be dropped.

    Dublin will rip us to shreds. Our fitness levels are the our only hope in keeping the scoreboard somewhat respectable. An 8 point loss with dubs pulling away after 55 mins plus

  89. Cillian O Connor did loads off the ball..

    Tommy conroy was ace when he came even if he don’t score he did so much off the ball easy to say oh he didn’t do much…

    Dubs will not ring rounds around us some forget or don’t want to remember that we beat the same dubs team in 21 semi.

    We’ve lost the confidence since I get that.

    But time to get behind out guys now.

  90. Stop bandwagon, cillians point was highlight but off top of head, the pass to Rod , the making of space movement inside but ya I make no apologies in going back to thay point .
    For years we have struggled with blanket defence but cillian gets ball in hand all 15 of rossies behind ball over 45 yards out he drives it over the bar, that’s a morale killer for rossies.
    If cillian wasn’t there and we continued lateral passes and they got turn over they be buoyed and fans buzzing but with cillians accuracy and class we mitigate against blanket defense .

  91. Yeah ace performances alright against a roscommon team that are now division 2 and yet to win a championship game

  92. I would be interested to see how anyone could know what a player is doing off the ball if they aren’t at the game .the camera follows the ball not the players

  93. Clare
    Fergal Boland foul was out near the sideline in front of us.
    Did not show it last night but looked like he clipped the Rossi after he laid off the ball.
    Maggie Farrell’s called it.
    Not mistaken identity ?

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