Game day – this one won’t be easy

As this strange Championship campaign hurtles on at top speed, we’re back in do-or-die action again today. This afternoon at Dr Hyde Park we face Roscommon, with this behind-closed-doors tie throwing in at the Roscommon venue at 1.30pm. David Gough from Meath is the ref and the match is being broadcast live on RTE2.

Although last year was our first Championship defeat to Roscommon since 2001, they’ve been sticky enough opponents for us in recent years. Sure, we blew them out of the water in the All-Ireland quarter-final replay in 2017 but they fully deserved the draw they secured the first day we met them at Croke Park that summer.

The bulk of that team – more experienced and more battle-hardened – will still be in their ranks today. They come into this game as defending Connacht champions – they’ve bagged two Nestor Cup wins since we last made it to a Connacht decider – and a few weeks ago they were crowned National League Division Two champions.

So they’re in a good place right now. While playing us never holds much, if any, fear for them they haven’t always relished playing us in recent years. But this year is different – they’ll no doubt sense our possible frailties and I’d say they can’t wait to get stuck into us.

That means that today is a huge test for James Horan’s evolving side. While we were far and away the best side in Connacht when we were in our pomp in recent years, those days are well gone. So many of the big names for us then no longer feature on the starting fifteen for us now. This is a different time and it’s one in which we have to stake our claim anew.

The knockout format of this year’s Championship means there’s absolutely no room for an off-day on any match day. The safety net we made such productive use of since 2016 isn’t there this year. If we perform with the kind of lassitude we’ve shown in Connacht in the past five years then our inter-county season will be over later on today.

It could still be over even if we play well. As Kevin McStay explained so well on the preview episode of the podcast, Roscommon are a fine side who are coming into this game with a decent bit of momentum. It would be no great shock if they became the first Roscommon team since 1980 to record back-to-back Championship wins over us.

That said, our cause today is far from hopeless. Despite our League campaign ending in relegation a few weeks back, we’re playing far better football now than we were in the spring. With every game we get to play the newcomers continue to gel in a more productive way with the established lads. While we’ll have to be at our best to get past the Rossies this afternoon, it’s equally the case for them if they want to get the better of us.

There’s no point trying to call it – we’ll find out soon enough in any case how it’s going to go today. Another day looing at the television but, no more than Zoom calls and being confined to within 5km of barracks, it’s a part of pandemic life we’ve all had no option but to get used to.

So take it handy there on the way to the sofa, try to arrive early enough to secure a good seat and get ready to telegraph all that roaring you’ll doubtless be doing over in the direction of Hyde Park. Today’s a tough test, but sure isn’t that what’s the Championship is meant to be about? Time for the tough to get going. Up Mayo.

110 thoughts on “Game day – this one won’t be easy

  1. All that can be said is the best of luck to Mayo today. I believe that Mayo will win and cap off the best week of 2020, so far.

  2. Big game today, Roscommon are slight favourites id say. I was looking at the team sheet for the time we routed them in the 2017 replay. On the starting team were Higgins, Boyle, Vaughan, Seamie O shea, Parsons, Doherty and Andy. Very settled team and a lot of changes in 3 years. But age has caught up with a lot of those players and while their experience would be invaluable on the panel or for an appearance off the bench to steady the ship. Its time to look to the youth for the future of Mayo football. I’ve no doubt Horan has a long term plan in mind. If he didn’t see a good talent pool coming through, he wouldn’t have come back for a second term. Very hard to call todays game, Roscommon are the more experienced battle hardened side and have a good strength in depth on the panel. But we have a good blend of youth and experience. Seeing photos of the Hyde yesterday, the pitch looks in very good condition and will allow for a much quicker came than the shocking conditions last weekend. Midfield is a worry but what we have now is forwards who can do serious damage if they get half a chance. I think we’ll sneak it by a few points.

  3. I’m hoping that the reversion to the old format will focus Mayo minds and bring out the best in us. The Rossies are a good side but won’t have the benefit of surprise this time. Mayo know what’s coming and should be under no illusions – we’ll have to play well today to win.

    I expect to see one or two changes to our lineup before the ball is thrown in. If Kevin McLoughlin is fit he’s always in my side. He’s too good a footballer to leave on the line for a big game.

    Good luck to the lads. A second win for the sons and daughters of Mayo on this historic weekend would be a right tonic.

  4. Best of luck to the Mayo team today. For the first time in many years, we’re the inexperienced team coming up against a more experienced, physically stronger team.
    If we win today, it would be a major confidence boost for the young guys especially. It might the old heads that are needed to steer us on the right path though

  5. Best of luck to the team today. Here’s hoping we can come out the right side of this one. With the blend of our experienced players and the talented youth coming through there’s no reason we cant.

  6. Its a massive day for both teams, but especially Roscommon in my opinion. They’re at their peak with this current team and manager. They play to the same system now for the last 2 years, and everyone knows their roles inside out. We don’t fully know our identity as a new team yet. Im sure we’ll find out alot more about ourselves at 3.30pm. Its a mamoth task to win this.

  7. Huge game for this developing team today. A win against a battle hardened and strong Roscommon would be a major boost. Can’t see why the Rossies aren’t favourites given form, settled nature of their squad and last year’s result. Hard to see the named team starting, especially in the half forwards. Aidan to 11 for the first half anyway?

  8. I think we will win. We very nearly beat Tyrone without our best player Cillian O’Connor and while Roscommon had a good run in Division 2 they are no Tyrone. I think we need Aidan playing in midfield for most of the match and a huge game from Mattie Ruane but I think we can do it and win by 2 or 3 points.

  9. I’ve took a conscious decision to just enjoy the match today. Normally, watching a match at home my t-shirt will be soaked with sweat like I’ve been part of the action on field. Thinking hard on positional moves pre game. This year, with it being a real boost to have the championship back I’m going to try and put all that aside.
    Saying all that, in a tight game today I’ll probably end up my usual bag of nerves 🙂
    We’re in transition, enjoy the sight of these new young pacey and skilful players. I have to say as a final sign off the young lads coming through are really blessed with pace and skill.

  10. Its great that Horan is going for pace as a key attribute to new additions. But unless Aido starts at MF, Kevin in the half forward line, and one of Coen/Carr in the corner we’ll be in big bother. Roscommons MF are limited from general play, but they can win high ball, especially Compton. Whoever wins the middle wins this game imo.

  11. Who ever wins today wins Connacht in my opinion..
    Mayo for me, based on Tommy Conroy, Cillian been on fire at the moment..

  12. No doubt we have a bunch of very talented young players right now. The question now is have they the steel for the battle. Today will go a long way to answer that question.
    Best of luck to all the lads. Only wish I could be there.

  13. The best comes out of Mayo when our backs are to the wall. Expect the same today. I would make Roscommon favourites for this one. They have the more settled look to them.
    Nonetheless this blended Mayo Team are playing very good football. The Victory over Galway was a huge boost especially to the younger lads. The second half fightback against a tough dogged Tyrone where we threw everything but the Kitchen sink at them. Another slightly easier Victory over Leitrim although playing in harsh conditions.
    Today is our Connaught Final. We will have to play out of our skins today there is no second chance. There can be no messing with the ball, the marking has to be tight and we have to take every chance, frees, 45,s, points and goals.
    A lot will come down to our Forwards if we can hold the Rossies at the back. Cillian and Tommy are in great form move the ball to them quickly. I would expect Kevin MC to start as sweeper and will take breaking ball from MF along with James Carr with AOS to MF. Doc to play as a third MF. Lee must move to CB and let’s Run at the Rossies. We need to take the this game by the scruff of the neck early and not let Roscommon settle. If we don’t we are in for a Bumpy one. Our Subs will be important, Coen, Loftus, Higgins(if named) Durcan can all come on and turn Match.
    Mayo by 2 but this one won’t be easy.
    Go n-éirigh an t-ádh le Mhuigheo.

  14. Any word on subs bench. Lovely day for football. Can’t wait for start. Mayo by 3 points.

  15. Tuamstar put it right . I think the Connaught winners are from this game . I have to say Roscommon are favourites and rightly so .

    Defensively we have made no attempt in 3 games to address the issues, so there is no reasoning to assume we won’t concede another 16-20 scores .

    Forward play is more suited to august weather and pitch conditions so we really won’t get the benefit of their skill set and ability unfortunately . This was easily seen in carrick last weekend where the pitch was as heavy as I’ve ever seen.

    I’m in hope and optimism rather than full on mayo confidence . Should be a good game and an eye opener for where we are at the moment .

  16. I think that most of us are nervous about this one, and rightly so. I do think that we will win if we eliminate the errors that lead to soft goals, we need to set up correctly defensively, i.e. put players the the right places and react if players / formations not working. If we break even in midfield then have a real chance and subsequently get balls into the ff line. Finally, we need to be level or thereabouts at half time, the danger is if the Rossies are ahead, they will defend in numbers, we will start to take chances and they are good enough to win on the counter attack. This will be tight but we have enough to win, once players and management believe and compete as well as we know that they are capable of doing.

  17. Good luck to Mayo today, I think with a Good start and no soft goals they can win today I can’t remember the last time we lost after a good start .
    Willie Joe Biden for Uncle Sam and
    Mayo for Sam.Maguire.

  18. It’s 5:30 am in the States. Can’t sleep, lol. Gonna drag myself out for a run (more than 5k away from the “barracks”) to settle down. Agree 100% with MayoDunphy on changes.

  19. The best of luck to Mayo today,may it be a great game and no injuries to either of the teams,thank you again for all your information Willie Joe

  20. Very nervous about this one
    We are now very light in the middle sector . This has been our platform for success over the last decade. We bullied most teams bar the Dubs. Now I can see us being bullied . Not much point having AOS inside if we can’t get him ball. Hope/expect he is out midfield .
    Hope Horan has a defensive gameplan in mind to protect full back line. Don’t expect him to change a habit of his managerial lifetime though .
    Hoping for a narrow win …….

  21. Best wishes to James and the lads today. I think we’ll just get over the line. Fascinating to see who we pick in defence. Our forward choices, ironically, are far more predictable for us these days. Big problems at the back. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Ross beat us and humble us by scoring a few goals. All the warning signs are there, let’s be honest. But we’ve plenty improvement potential, no doubt, and today’s the day for it!! Let’s see what we’ve got.

    A feast of football, really looking forward also to Cork/Kerry straight after. Feet up, kettle on, fire down. Twill do nicely.

  22. Can’t see it, full back line unsettled and not enough timber around the middle of the field. Rossies should be favourites and it’ll be a huge setback for them if they don’t win

  23. No excuses, dry day, some say great pitch, ( Ros wouldn’t add some water to it, would they ? ).
    I would be expecting a good Mayo win, I see it like this, starting with Ros, Galway, Kerry and the Dubs, the bar is raised one or two notches in that order, let’s be sensible here.

  24. Hi, So good to have the game to look forward to. Am confident that JH knows what he is doing. Still would like to see a curved ball thrown in for the goalkeeper’s position.
    I guess Ros. will miss their supporters more in the Hyde and will find it hard(too) to figure out all the Mayo attack lines!

  25. I have read all the comments here all week and am surprised that there is a consensus that this will be a very difficult game for us and that Roscommon may take it. I think it’s based on the fact Roscommon have improved from last year and we are inntrandition. Last year was a fluke result ! Mayo dominated the fame but just couldn’t put the scores on the board. We are scoring much more this year and I don’t think Roscommon can match us on a fine day on a good pitch in the hyde. I expect a comfortable enough win by about 6 pts..Cillian was excellent last week but I would caution it was only one game against Leitrim. We do not want to be to dependent on him…

  26. A curve ball from a kickout to a Ros forward. Its gas, every knowledgeable poster here recognises we are weak as water around the middle, and no defensive structure at the back. The dog on the street knows it. Will James do anything about it though?….highly unlikely. Ros by 5.

  27. If we start the best 15 I can see us winning, would make us favourites, and if that means dropping a few newbies it should be done. No point having all these promising newbies if we’re out after the first big hurdle.

  28. Wondering about the kickout strategy. If aido plays ff Clarke will have to go short with the likes Leroy and Paddy.d powering up the field. Overall feeling optimistic but as mentioned a few changes might be needed to the lineup.

  29. Am I the only one (from reading the comments) that sees nothing other than a Mayo win. Roscommon are grand but like above they aren’t Tyrone or Donegal.

    I think this team could potentially (if they get themselves together) destroy any team and I can see that, it’s the first time I feel like a Mayo team could rattle the Dubs, big claims but the new energy and speed in this team is amazing.

    We should feel lucky we have these new lads because before them we were in serious bother, between conroy, mullin,mc laughlin, loftus(not super new mind you), moran, O hora to name just a few…we have a new team full of venom, I feel like it’s mayo of 2014 watching them. Mixed with O’shea and cillian and the old crew we are a lethal looking new side. Yes, lost to Tyrone , but in that second half you could judge what they were made of, we really should have destroyed them by the chances. The potential is there this year, no doubt.

    Rant over. Mayo win this, hands down. At least 3 or 4 points but possibly much more. Enjoy the game.

  30. Hennelly ó hora Plunkett brickenden boyle Higgins Flynn Mark moran k McLoughlin coen carr. Subs for today

  31. I think James is committed to the newbies and will stick with them. This is going to be a very tight game and no guarantee of victory if he picked all the available oldies who will not be in his plans come next year. If we lose with the newbies it means they will have another game in the tank and the experience of a knockout game which will be a very good learning tool. On the other hand if the newbies win it will be a huge boost to their confidence and we will have a better idea of what James is planning for the future. There may be one change if McLoughlin is fit. He had a quiet game against Tyrone but has had 2 weeks to sharpen up for today. Really looking forward to this one and I feel we can squeak it provided we do not shoot ourselves in the foot with silly mistakes! Best of luck to James and the lads.

  32. I’d like to see eoghain and paddy swap sides. Get them running at better angles up the field. With paddy primarily right footed and eoghain left footed they would become harder to stop. Jack McCaffrey played lhb and we all know damage his speed and right boot done

  33. No plan B on the subs for MF. I’d say Aido will be out there. Loftus is a class player with ball in hand but I’d say they’d have a massive advantage under long balls.. No point in us pressing kick outs and losing it then.

  34. Km79, An attempt at humour. I am not sure what it means other than a surprise goalkeeper.

    It inspired! another regular contributor to claim victory for Ros by 5. He claims Mayo have ‘No defensive structure at the back’. It sounds a bit curved to me.
    I am very far from being an authority but just whiling away the minutes.
    It is so exciting. Nearly there.

  35. With Higgins, Boyle and McLoughlin back on the bench it is unbelievable experience to call upon, Mark Moran back as well no Darren McHale. I see Coen and Carr as good options off the bench as well.

  36. I’m not sure what the story is, The Heather is Rising – a few others are getting caught the same way at the minute. Your comments are going up but there can be a delay depending on what else I’m doing.

  37. Shades of 2011 about today’s game. A Roscommon team on the rise. A Mayo team in transition, starting out on it’s journey.

    Hopefully a similar result

  38. Honestly can’t see anything past a Mayo win. The Rossies are decent, but no world-beaters. If it’s in the mix after 60 minutes, I fully expect Mayo’s big game experience to get them over the line. Mayo by 4.

  39. Seriously strong subs named there by Mayo…so many great options later in the game. Best of luck to the lads. The dog is gonna have to come out in the green and red today I’d imagine to get over the line!!

  40. Can’t wait for this one. Great to have things like this to look forward to at the moment.
    There’s a fair bit of pessimism on our chances, but I fancy us to win by a few.
    The Rossies are confident, which is always a good thing.

    No question it’ll be tough and it’s important not to let the Rossies get an early lead. We could struggle to break them down.
    So a good positive start is required and for the love of God, don’t concede any soft early goals.

    I’d be surprised if the teamed named starts for us, would expect 1 or 2 changes.
    There could also be some positional changes with Keegan, Coen, Barrett and AOS not starting in their named positions.

  41. Best of luck to the team today think we’ll win this with a bit to spare i don’t think our backs will be caught out as much as people think with Higgins Boyle and o hora they won’t give rossie forwards much change coming into the home straight ad in mullin lee durken Barrett I know which team I would rather have keep the faith sit back and enjoy the show up mayo

  42. Fionn McDonagh 2nd week out, McBrien has been out for 3 weeks not sure what injury’s they picked both finished the games against Galway and Tyrone. In regards to McDonagh would have like to see him back as I see him as a big upgrade over Bryan Walsh and still no sign of Fergal Boland either, We can only go what is selected and the dogs that bite from the bench. Still confident we can pull this out but I see Aidan having to spent time around the middle. We faced Crompton last year when he played for New York in midfield he would have to have improved a lot to hurt us.

  43. I’ll believe in the Ros revolution when it happens. Otherwise I think we’ll have enough to beat them. For me AOS is a midfielder all day long and should things go wrong in the middle sector I hope JH and management are decisive enough to switch him in. All being said it’s a strong-enough team and as Kevin McStay said in the podcast we are better off losing with a young panel instead of a team filled with veterans.

    Mayo by 2

  44. Expect a good game but its knockout so hard to call. If Roscommon can get goals then Mayo are in trouble but if not Mayo should be able to outpoint them unless the old wides fault reappears. Should be a good game and the winner will be strong favourites against us in the final.

  45. Thanks Willie Joe for this platform. Really look forward to reading All the posts. Good Luck to Mayo. Fingers and everything else All Crossed!

  46. Best of luck to Mayo today, sort out the kick outs and midfield , that should get us over the line.

  47. Best of luck to our lads and management. A big big test especially for the younger players. I hope we’re all smiling in a couple of hours.

  48. We were poor after the goal, need to finish them off in first 10 minutes of 2nd half or could be a long afternoon

  49. Clarke’s kick outs make me nervous I don’t think O Donoghue has the confidence to take on his man and shoot. I’d like to see Carr and Mark Moran coming on we have the winning of this game

  50. I’d bring Coen on. We need a forward who can kick reliably. 8 wides with the breeze. We arent moving the ball fast enough. Too many runners…carrying into trouble.

  51. Excellent performance. Ros hardly in the game once we started breaking their kick outs. Could be 8-9 up at half time. A few poor wides to end the half but some platform for the second half.

  52. Now is the ideal time for Horan to try out the new fast guys on the bench, this Ros team cannot play up to the level Mayo are at, seem to lack fitness and basic skills of the game.

  53. Excellent performance. Intensity, hunger, skill.
    Thought they all did well. Jordan flynn solid when he came in.
    Well done James and Team.

  54. Good win yes KM, but by god was that boring. Probably more back passing than forward passing in the game, horrible to watch.
    A win is a win though.

  55. Well good performance from Mayo and I have to admit Mayo have done well to get the new players they needed.Roscommon seemed to run out of ideas but excellent Mayo defending frustrated the Rossies. I dont know at this stage what to make of the final but it would appear to me that very quick ball will be needed and someone with deft passing like Ian Burke to unlock Mayo.Comers absence along with John Daly at back tilts it to Mayo. I would hope Steed is back but not likely and at this stage with Mayo at full strenght it will need a top drawer performance to stop them. Congrats.

  56. Well done Mayo…Great performance all round…I didn’t find it the least bit boring. Good game management.

  57. Ya wj…bit late but we’re happy about that. Good hunger from Mayo team and overall great energy and talent…young and older players. Well done lads. On to Galway. Mayo for Joe….

  58. Well done Mayo. Really solid performance overall. Great work rate throughout the team. Not a single goal chance given up either. Need to keep it up for next week now.

  59. I wouldn’t say brilliant all round. It was decent. When we raised the intensity levels, ros couldn’t manage us but we had a terrible 2nd quarter and a bit of blip midway through the 2nd half when we let them pop over 4 in a row. The Galway attack will run at us next week and will put far more pressure on Clarkes restarts.

    Durcan was big for us today and got two crucial scores. His second was momentum changing. He was my motm. Coen was decent. Mullin probably a quiter game. Mattie and Diarmuid (bar his goal) quiet enough too. AOS kicked one nice point but he’ll be disappointed with his own game today I’d say.

    We won without being brilliant. We never had to be because ros were very poor. No fight in them whatsoever. They were flat. Galway will be like demons next week to make up for their performance,or lack of one, in a few weeks ago.

    I dont think we learned much from today and Mayo would be best advised to forget about today asap and turn our attention very quickly to what will be an entirely more challenging opposition in Galway.

  60. Great performance today. Gave Roscommon no chance really, controlled performance. Time to belive in Horans plan for the future and quit the questioning of his decision to put in the players of the old guard. This is a team in transition and after todays performance, things aren’t looking too bad.

  61. I think Loftus has one of his better games for Mayo today. Still clearly needs more upper body strength but he did well today and kicked a few good scores. But again, Roscommon weren’t at the races at all.

  62. Great win .the game showed the difference playing division 1 and division 2 football.i can never understand some people wishing mayo to division 2 for team building purposes.I THINK it is not right MAYO having to play 5 must- win games in 5 weeks.we could do with the connacht final being postponed for a week or we hand a big advantage to GALWAY .THE COUNTY BOARD should request a postponment for a week as there is wriggle room with all-ireland semi – final not on until 6 of december. Maybe somebody in this house might know JOHN PRUNTY ‘of prunty dome fame’ and ask him to re-jig fixture in the interests of player welfare.NOW is the time to act and not be complaining after connacht final loss next sunday

  63. Good win, we had massive hunger and intensity in our play. But to be fair, Ros were very poor.
    I’m glad we had the game won early enough. It gave us a chance to coast through the rest of the game, bring on some of the other young lads and keep everyone fresh for next week.

    The Galway game will be a big step up on this. I’d read nothing into the league game 2 weeks ago.
    They’ll bring it to us, so we need to be up for the challenge. We will I’m sure.

    Toss up between COC and Durcan for MOM.
    Cillian is in great form right now, haven’t seen him look this fit and fresh in a long time.

  64. In the days leading up to this game, the talk on the blog was that we’ll know where Mayo are at after the Roscommon game and now the chat is, we didn’t learn anything. Let me the first to say that is complete and utter BullShit.

    We learnt that Chris Barrett and Oisin Mullen make for a solid defensive unit.

    We learnt that Keegan still has pace to burn and with the right support, can do damage.

    We learnt that Paddy Durcan, the 2 ’Connors and Aidan are the heartbeat of the team and absolutely essential going forward.

    We learnt that our young guns have a ton of potential and are good enough to mix it at senior level and that if James trusts and believes in them. (We should too)

    We learnt that just because Andy and others are out of the picture, it does not mean the team is dead.

    We learnt that when the team plays with intensity and drive, that we can be a match for anyone.

    Let’s cut out the self deprecating crap. We’re still in it ticking by with a very decent performance in the bag.

    Onwards to Game 3.

  65. Ah now…boring you say. When will Mayo fans be content. It was a good performance. At times we played keep ball as you would see Dublin do many times when they are in full control of the game. Before the game many fans on here were extremely pessimistic about our chances. Times are grim, enjoy the win and look forward to a connacht final against the old enemy.

  66. Great. Marvellous It seems C Barrett was good at full back. Conor Cox substituted. David Clarke looked comfortable. JH is something else. Everyone was good.

    I like the keep ball when winning. Great experience for the team. They all looked fresh afterwards. Augurs well.

  67. Cillian makes such a difference. Looking forward to the Galway game. Mayo match fit should make a big difference.

  68. Fantastic result! Great to see how our game dominated the Ros game. Hard to gauge how poor Ros were. The fact that youth was backed in the starting 15 and the choices from the bench was great. Some of the movement taking ball out of defence and creating space in the forwards looked very smooth. Think it would be great to get the whole picture by being their live, but there looked to be a good zonal / swarm defence to stop any sniff as of a goal. I wonder if that will hold up against teams that can transition from midfield to the forwards quicker – it was odd that we did lose a fair bit of the aerial battle in the middle but still were able to general suffocate them as Cillian said. Great to still be in and looking forward to a Connacht final after far too long a hiatus!

  69. From that win, we are a big team this year, like I said earlier. Sad we didn’t win by more, 6 doesn’t do us justice. Galway will lose to us.. be positive. We will be there against the dubs. We will challenge, end of. This is a new team.

    Enjoy the Kerry cork game.

    2020 has been weird, no better year for us to do it.

    Dare I say, Mayo for sam.

  70. Well that went well 🙂

    Really couldn’t ask for better, weird feeling watching a mayo match and not going through the full rollercoaster of emotions as I felt we were comfortable throughout.

    Delighted most of all with the clean sheet, had grave concerns there as rossies are a good goalscoring side. They never got a run on us at all, don’t know if that is because they were so poor or we didn’t let them. Barrett calms the whole thing down back there.

    Lots of good performers but the 3 I picked seem to coincide with the polling trend cillian, paddy Durcan and eoghan mclaughlin my 3

    My motm for 2nd week in a row is cillian though, he is in fine fettle

    Only 12 teams left after tonight, let the dominoes fall

    Definitely think having the extra games suits us ahead of Galway

  71. Barrett unreal. Will never forget his performance against Tommy walsh in last years league final. Immense strength and so comfortable on the ball. He won’t be moved from the starting 15 now.

    Hope Loftus brings more aggression to the tackle and to the breaks around the middle. If he does so, he’ll be a real asset as he can take a score that other midfielders could not, and he has pace to add to the attack.

    Well done David Clarke. Excellent kickouts and composure. Its a measure of the man to come back like that after the couple of recent performances where he was under pressure.

  72. You would have to wonder what is going on in the Ros camp. Only one Murtagh comes on when the game is over.
    They take off two of their goal scoring dangers in Smith and Cox. Compton also doing well at midfield taken off.
    Still a good win for us. Kevin Mac class again. Setting up scores at one end and when ball comes off our post – who is there but Kevin Mac.

  73. …. Also just a comment on the game management. Very impressed we took the sting out of the game in 2nd half and killed the game. That’s the kind of maturity needed at the very top.

    Its knockout football now, just about winning games, don’t need the kamikaze white knuckle ride every time

  74. Good win but nothing to get excited about, Roscommon were very poor. Mayo let them back into the game after first water break and had Roscommon taken their scores would have been a lot closer at full time. Mullen ran into trouble a few times by over playing the ball, but he has great pace and will improve, rest of defence was good enough. Midfield was ok both played well but no physical presence there, was impressed with Flynn when he came on, forwards ok also, think Carr should get more game time. Maybe not good enough for a Galway team playing like they did early in the League.

  75. Only 3 games left to win All Ireland.
    Galway first game next week and it’s a Connacht final.

  76. Great win and well done all the lads. Still worries about midfield and kickouts.

    Some goid kickouts were good others still to high and hangy ine nearly getting DOC cleaned. We were lucky they didnt put pressure on us content to let us win short.

    Flynn done well when in in fairness but gane was over and both rossie midfielders were gone at that stage i think.

    Loftus like last week kicked score or two near end. He kicked few balls away but grew into the 2nd half. Not a midfielder though in my opinion. COC, PD and KMac excellent

  77. One small gripe with today was that Aido wasn’t given the last 15 especially after taking a knock just before h.t.We need him fresh as a daisy next Sunday and he looked fairly whacked towards the end. Apart from that well done J.H.& management team. Got it spot on.

  78. Dave. I’m content with the win, but if I’m reading a book, I don’t really want to know, who done it, on page 2.
    Happy with the performance but was looking forward to this game all week and probably because of that it turned out to be a bit of an anti climax.

  79. Jimbo I couldn’t disagree more. Mayo are youthful and will recover well for next week. We also have momentum on our side which is a big thing in sport. Also you can’t just decide now that we’re in the final, we’d like it postponed to suit us. It doesn’t work like that with pre-determined fixtures. The only chance of it being postponed would be if either panel had covid cases and please God that doesn’t happen.

    Mayo may lose next weekend (I don’t think they will) but if they do it won’t be because they’re gassed out – they look incredibly fresh, fit and athletic. Give me our lead in to the Connacht final over Galway’s any day.

  80. Very good performance . Win or lose against Galway , team is shaping well in transition . Still think we are lacking in some areas though , midfield especially. But great day .

  81. There’s every possibility Kerry could go today….very wet down there and a complete lottery now. Beat Galway and who knows….

  82. Cork vs Kerry woeful with persistant fouling by both teams. If I was Cork I would get the ball in quicker. Mayo or Galway dont need to fear whoever wins Munster. Take Clifford out and Kerry are ordinary. Hope Kerry lose but they usually scrape through in matches like this Cork have to press it now.

  83. positvity… I honestly never felt in 19 or 18 we would do much not since 15 /16maybe.. We have ballers this year.. We will clean up with galway, by the way it looks , be playing a decent cork side. Get by them.. Then our old foes in the final….why are we always so negative here, yes we messed up many years, this is a proper team lads a NEW team, a mix, it is insane we didnt hammer them sheep by about 10 or 11. They are lucky, straight to the final. Then we can talk about issues, we will have them.

    Mayo for life.

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