Game day: time to cross the line to glory


It’s finally come: after the long wait since the drawn match we’re back into the thick of it again this evening. Another shot at Sam, another opportunity for glory.

A huge challenge awaits us at Croke Park later on today. Dublin are a serious team and any complacency they may have felt going into the drawn encounter will be well washed out of the system now. They know they’ll have to perform better in this evening’s replay and we know we’ll need to do the same and more if we’re to get the better of them.

But we know too that we have the lads to do it. They’ll give everything in their pursuit of victory and our job this evening is to give everything we’ve got in supporting them. The support provided to the team in the drawn match was simply incredible but we know we’ve got to do even more this evening to roar the lads on their way.

We can do this. We will do this. Now is the time to turn those Mayo for Sam dreams into reality.

Best of luck to Stephen and the lads – we’ll be with you every step of the way today.

Up Mayo!

39 thoughts on “Game day: time to cross the line to glory

  1. Good luck to the players and management today. You will do us proud, of that there is no doubt.
    I truly believe that today marks the end of the many years of heartbreak we’ve all endured.
    All of those disappointments will be channelled through the players and supporters this evening, ready to explode out of each and every one of us at the final whistle.

    Safe travelling to all supporters going.
    I have to say, it’s been a pleasure reading this blog over the past few weeks. The sense of togetherness and unity of purpose has been evident all along.
    We truly have all “been in this together”.
    The force of our collective will, players and supporters alike, will ensure we are not denied. Not this fucking time.

    Up Mayo

  2. Well said Dan! Good luck to all involved with this amazing team! Safe travels all, try an enjoy the moment!
    Maigheo Abu

  3. Never saw this before … Have back ups on the way down but never on the way up. The road is jammed ..very cautious silent looking bunch not a beep. Nice sign in Croghan Mayo up for the spin The dubs at home to win??!!!

  4. No more bad luck.

    No more getting shafted by a ref.

    No more ball bouncing over a crossbar in the last minute to deny us victory.

    No more deflected bizarre own goals or plain soft goals.

    No more attempt for a point coming back off the post and dropping into an opponents hands to be finished to the net while defender was half asleep.

    No more “Mayo were not good enough on the day”

    No more “big players did a disappearing act on All Ireland final day”

    No more “3 cheers for a gallant Mayo, who’s day will surely come soon”

    No more “Mumbling Dublin Des and Ciaran Whelan” laughing at us.

    We’ve had all that before and more. It all ends today.

    Mayo 4-12
    Dublin 1-16.

  5. Let’s go mental as a crowd today and do all we can for Mayo!

    The sound we generate (1) to drown out the Dubs during any rousing from Damo Dempsey, (2) when team run out and (3) esp when Lee’s name is called out will set a serious tone for the day.

    Hon Mayo!!

  6. Best of luck to Stephen Rochford and his team. Let today be a day that will be remembered in Mayo for generations. We will shortly walk down Jones’ Road wearing green and red, heads up and shoulders back. We will remember those abroad that couldn’t make the journey. We will remember those not with us. And we will shout loudly for our team. On Mayo.

  7. The very best to our lads, manager,back up team and to all those travelling (safe journey) for the game and supporters everywhere. Let this day be ours to savour forever.
    MaighEo Abú

  8. On bus from Galway. Sun shining on a glorious day. Looks like it will be wet in the capital so Dubs will have an excuse for getting bet! We will need to attack more if we are going to win. A little more composed when we have the ball. Aido should not be taking frees or sideline kicks. Ref will want to set down a marker early but won’t fall for Dub propaganda about Leroy. Hon Mayo!

  9. Best of luck Stephen and the squad. You’very given us so much pleasure. We can never repay you. Hope you can do it now for yourselves! With you every step of the way, through thick and thin.

  10. This feels alot like the hurling in 2013 for me, living down in Clare for years and following them.. Everyone was saying that Clare blew tere chance and we needed a last minute point to force a replay.. I said if Clare could get goals in replay they would win and i think its the same for Mayo, well Clare got 5 that day so i fancy Mayo for 3.. 3 – 14 Mayo 2 – 15 Dublin. Paddy Powers here i come, itll be like buying money..

  11. I’d say best of luck to you guys, but given the circumstances I wouldn’t really mean it.

    Let’s go with “May the best team win”. The Sun is shining, a good day to hope for a good game.

    Safe travels to all.

  12. I believe that today is that great day. Enjoy it everyone including our resident Dubs Jaden n Martin.

  13. Some of the most inspired and inspirational postings on here over the last 48 hours. I was lucky enough to be at the drawn game but am back in New York for the replay. Anytime the ‘Mayo, Mayo’ shout starts up, join in at the top of your lungs. The players hear the chant. Along with waving our flags like maniacs it’s least and maybe the most we can do. MAYO ARE GOING TO WIN THE ALL IRELAND TODAY.

  14. Good man jaden.Enjoy Damien Dempsey. Never again do I want to see that pitiful look when I’m in my county colour s. “Lord ye were unlucky. I hope ye win it soon, No one would begrudge ye 1. ” Today s the day. 1-10-16. Will be on tattoos after today. C’MON MAYO.

  15. The love of the Red and Green

    Good luck to Mayo Poem ( From Ed Moyles in Warsaw 30.09.16 )

    As we sit and watch from far away
    The Red and Green prepare to play- the Dubs and Champions of the day
    We’ve got to say-this


    C’mon the Red and Green- and Stick it to those Jackeens
    Produce the goods, attack in floods and we’ll score the goals we need

    Out run, out jump, out fight them,
    Stay cool and block their runs and tricks
    Why not ,Test their Jersey fabrics!

    Get a grip and don’t let go,
    Catch, Kick and solo,

    Forward to our goal and keep the plan,

    Dream the Dream , Seize the day
    Go and Play – your hearts out

    Like the last day you outplayed and we outshouted
    We’ll do the same again now- it’s undoubted

    Cos we’ll not rest till Sam heads west
    We’ll show them- who’s best

    And this dream, it will come true
    Bad refs, nor curse will choke us,
    Nor good weather or wet ball cos, We’ll keep our Focus
    No Pundits mock or other shocks
    No Blue clad Dub will stop us

    Today’s our day- get out of our way
    We’ll show you how to Play

    You can put us to the test
    It’ll only bring out our best
    Sam Mc Guire is heading west

    Now as you travel to Dublin by whatever means to support our Red and green,
    Shout out loud and shout out Proud even when there’s lows,

    We’ll play it fast, we’ll play it hard and we’ll take all their blows,
    But,we’ll give them back and let them know, we’re more than
    they bargained for,

    But we play it clean , we’re living our dream and we’re here to settle the score,
    We’ll stick together whatever the weather, Cos you know we want it more

    Today we mean business, and you’ll see that in us.
    Today we’re a winning team.
    So Hand over that Cup or it will be plucked
    By the Might of the Red and Green.

    Final whistle – picture now, the faces of Gavin and Jayo,
    As Cillian O Connor, pumps fists to the sky,
    Sam is heading for Mayo.

    God Bless Mayo and all in it and out of it.
    End this drought and fill Sam with Porter in the pubs of Mayo.
    Good Luck all Mayo people,
    I was there the last day in Croker and shouted my lungs and head off.
    Please Do my shouting for me, as I can’t be there today.

    Ed Moyles Warsaw

  16. Hennelly in goals being suggested by many
    David Brady has said there are “major” changes

  17. all the best to the team and management who are giants amongst mere mortals after today. loved the blog Willie Joe and here’s to going mental today!! go on ya boyah!

  18. Good luck to the lads and Stephen today. Im sure Stephen and McEntee have a surprise for the dubs. Everyone supporting Mayo please bring colour and noise. We need to play our part today!

  19. Today is the day, no excuses or hard luck stories – good teams make their own luck. If we don’t win today it will be because we weren’t good enough. So seize this precious moment guys, it may not come around again for a while.

    Hon Mayo…….

  20. I thought the game was gone near the end the last day….then I remembered people on hear saying not to ever let ourselves go as quiet as we did in 2013.

    So I shouted my head off. That’s all we can do. Positive support in all circumstances.

    Today is our day.

  21. If it’s true about Cillian, I’d be very very worried for us. We need him.

  22. One thing that was clear from the Tyrone game and the drawn final – Mayo are slowly but surely edging towards an awareness of what it takes to win an All Ireland.

    However, there are still a few players playing like the Mayo of old, all nice, pretty football but no physical edge. If these few players can get stuck in like their team mates – proper not pretend tackling, blocking, getting the hands in there to win dirty ball, tracking back etc, then Mayo will be well down the road to being crowned All Ireland champions this evening. This, in addition to an improvement in our decision making will see Sam reside on the western seaboard where he will experience the greatest welcome he can ever remember.

    Safe travel to all and may the sons and daughters of Mayo be the happiest people on the planet at 7 o’clock tonight and for a long time to come.

    Willie Joe, a massive thanks to you for making the All Ireland championship a much more enjoyable experience for those of us living abroad. God Bless you and your family.

  23. Rumours flying about, the truth is no one outside the squad has a fecking clue who will line out. We will know all at 4:55, until then no point repeating unconfirmed reports.

  24. Congratulations to Dublin. There defence won it for them. Comiserations to Mayo team they never gave up. But the goalie call probably cost them. Keep the head everyone and safe home.

  25. Maurice Deegan shafts us again. Keegan on black. Connelly and Fenton should have went

  26. I thought my username of Backdoor Sam would be lucky it’s hard to take but we are probably lacking a really top class forward to seal the deal but the lads did their best and gave us some great days out. No reason we can’t have another go in a few years with a little rebuilding. Stay positive keep the faith it’s all we can do

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