Game day – time to get moving again

After a two-week gap, we’re back in Championship action this evening as the All-Ireland SFC Group Stage gets underway. Cavan are our opponents in this opening round fixture in Group 2 and throw-in at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park is 5pm this evening. Meath’s David Coldrick is the ref and there’s no live TV or streaming coverage of the game, though Midwest will be providing live radio commentary on it.

Like last year, the start of this phase of the Championship offers us the chance to bounce back after provincial disappointment. Unlike last summer, however, this time we haven’t been left kicking our heels for weeks and another contrast with last year is that we’re not opening the Group Stage by meeting one of the provincial winners.

Cavan are coming into this game on the back of provincial defeat as well. They’ve had a month to recuperate following their one-point extra-time loss to Tyrone and while, for both of us, the prize this evening comes in the form of renewed forward momentum, you’d have to feel that they won’t arrive in Castlebar freighted with the kind of provincial campaign chagrin that we will.

A morale-boosting win over Monaghan – who made it to the last four in 2023 – was followed by pushing Tyrone all the way. They won’t see us as a discernible step up from those two opponents.

But they do come into this having been winged badly by injuries. Their shoot-on-sight forward Paddy Lynch is gone for the year with an ACL and they’ll miss him greatly this evening.

Despite this, the Breffni lads have the tools to make this an extremely frustrating evening for us. They’ll know how uncomfortable we are when trying to open up a massed defence at MacHale Park and they’ll have seen how well a modest enough outfit like Louth made life so difficult for us last summer.

The template is there for them but so too are, from our perspective, the keys to solving this particular puzzle.

In fact, when you think about it, it’s not breaking down stubborn defences that’s our main problem at all, instead it’s our penchant for conceding scores at vital times.

We did enough scoring to beat Louth last summer but then conceded an idiotic goal at the death which almost did for us. We’d racked up what should have been a winning total against a Cork team draped in Kevin Walsh’s Galway shawl but our implosion at the back saw us plunge to defeat. Then a fortnight ago in Pearse Stadium we were a point up three minutes into injury time and still conjured up a way to lose.

So while forward movement is what we’re looking for, it’ll only be achieved with greater solidity at the back in the heat of battle.

A better defensive structure – with David McBrien at 3 and Sam Callinan at 6 (notwithstanding that these numbers mean less than they used to back in the day) – should help in this regard. More heft at midfield is needed too, though, and the hope has to be that, two weeks on, Diarmuid O’Connor has regained the fitness levels that will give him the capability to influence proceedings in the way he’s so often done for us in the past.

Up front, we need to see less shot-shyness than we showed at Pearse Stadium and more of the productive approach on display at Dr Hyde Park two weeks before that. Patience will still be needed in attack – shooting for the sake of shooting isn’t the answer here – but more variety and co-ordination in our probings could help us reap richer dividends.

For all our home venue travails – it’s an incredible stat that we haven’t beaten either Galway or Roscommon in a Championship game at Castlebar for a whole decade at this stage – we’ve inevitably found a way to see off others who pitch up at our place in the summer.

Among them are stubborn Ulster opponents like Armagh, Donegal and Monaghan, all of whom arrived with high hopes of success but who all went away defeated.

We have the means to add Cavan – whom we also beat at MacHale Park in the Championship, in a qualifier match back in 2007 – to that list. The sting from how we let the Nestor Cup slip from our grasp at Salthill should drive us on this evening and should help us make a winning start in the Group Stage.

Safe travelling to all those heading to the game this evening. We’ll have a Final Whistle pod out afterwards – there are rumours about a bit of squad rotation there for this one but no official announcement as yet – and I’ll have a match report up here later on as well.

First I need to cross the country and, ahead of that, I’ve a few things to sort so no time for more babble. As ever on match day, it’s now time for deeds, not words. Let’s get this done. Up Mayo.

130 thoughts on “Game day – time to get moving again

  1. Safe travelling WJ .. I had not intended on travelling down to Mayo but after seeing team and panel , I am going. I thought about the attendance and atmosphere . Basically I’ll be the 6ft 3 ape roaring and shouting for our bucks for the full match.
    Morale is low on the blog and in the stands at times.
    While some on here might not like the team selection or the management team .
    Think we as supporters need to step up and roar our lads on .
    These are our county men who give up so much to represent Mayo .
    Let’s get behind them today and show the country what Mayo fans are all about !!

  2. Players need to play with confidence for the full game, only worry about getting scores and not letting their opposition score, forget the system of play, and let them express themselves.

  3. My Ball……well said……these lads give everything for the jersey and County

  4. As always, a great intro Willie Joe. Lets hope your good advice is heeded. Up Mayo.

  5. Very good intro and sums up where we are at .I expect us to win by 3 or 4 points and hopefully confidence will start to build again.A reset by the management might still provide a reasonable run this year.i remember leaving a wedding in castlebar back in 2007 for that qualifier against Cavan and missed the dinner but missing a mayo game back then was unthinkable

  6. Its not so much the backs that are the problem but lack of work by some players up the pitch who are not tracking back. Backs being left with an extra man running at them on the breaks. Think changes to named team might help a bit in this regard but our midfield and half forwards can’t let their men attack and not track them. This has been an issue with this team for too long.

  7. Hope the atmosphere is upped today as many have said the players deserve better. I expect some tweaks will have been made to the game plan so we’ll be back on the horse and chomping at the bit… going for a convincing 7/8 point win….

  8. The ability to take a point from 45 yards out seems to be a dying art. I suspect the statisticians have a part to play in this. The field is mapped out according to the probability of scoring in various areas of the playing field. While all of this applied mathematics may have a part to play it does remove the individual thought process of the player… his brain. I do think that David Clifford is a man who thinks for himself. He is a talented player but he also has a football brain and is left to his own devices. Our lads are reluctant to have a go from far out. We are intent on getting in beyond the 21 and losing the ball. It certainly would be more effective to have a go than all this lateral passing and is one of the tools to beat a blanket defence. It would pull the defence out and possibly leave other opportunities inside. Cillian is one man who was good for a long range point and certainly got us a replay in an all Ireland with such an effort. I am sure people with a better knowledge of the game than I have will be able to recall other occasions of long range point taking and have a view on the matter. Our lads are either trained to not try long range punts or lack the confidence to do so.

  9. Well said WJ and my Ball. So let’s get behind our team and roar them on. I was at the Louth match last year and on a beautiful hot day theter was zero atmosphere in a big stadium with at least 20k fans! For the life of me, I could not understand the lack of support from the Mayo fans on that day!

    Will be listening in on Midwest with the two legends MD and Martin C on commentary I mo teach fhein I bhaile Loch Garman le cunadh De!

    Go néiri le foireann Mhuigeo inniu!
    Mhuigeo Abú!

  10. @Oileann,
    I hear what you’re saying and agree with you but there was 10k at that Louth game not 20k,big difference. It was a roaster of a day and a precieved gimme for Mayo so a lot of fans were at the beach.
    I’m abroad for this one but would expect 11-13k there depending on weather.

    Similar crowds were at our qualifiers v fermanagh in 2016 and Derry and Cork in 2017.Those games stuck out to me as days when the crowd dragged the team over the line,there isn’t that fevour anymore for many reasons.

    However look at how quickly things can change,Galway for example are now being talked about as dark horse for Sam after a poxy undeserved win against us.

    Mayo don’t really do statement wins,we need to respect Cavan,they wont be afraid of us,the bookies odds are an insult to them.Ill be happy with any sort of win and maybe a few greenshoots of progress re a defensive system,a sweeper at crucial times (or all the time) and lads taking on shots.

    If you’re going to the game please get behind the lads and roar them on.

  11. Think it’s a bit crazy that there is no way of watching this game. Surely Mayo have one of the biggest group of supporters in the country!

  12. At heuston station in dublin , i always tend to gauge crowds by my own experience , i usually spot between 10-30 jerseys , only one so far im afraid but there was an earlier train .

  13. Yea – – funnily enough I have a clear memory too of that game in `07. Pierce Hanley was tearing through them.

    Little did we realise that he would be snatched away down under soon after, We were in the middle of a crowd of

    Cavan people and the craic was good. One joke I had told however did`nt go down too well. They were talking

    about the return journey when I said ………` jeez there`s more tar in twenty fags than some of them Cavan roads!`

  14. Safe travels to all supporters,enjoy the entertainment,please respect the players and management of both teams,Mayo by eight

  15. I couldn’t make the trip this weekend so will be listening in from Brentford this evening.

    I’m expecting a reaction from Salthill. It was absolutely galling to lose that way. We’d done a lot of the hard work only to let it slip at the death.

    As such, I’d be hopeful it will sting us into action. We’ve made a few changes which is fine because I don’t think we need to panic either.

    I’ll go Mayo by five. Would be good to see Tommy C hit the onion sack.

  16. Mayo by 7 I reckon, cavan will make it sticky for 40 minutes or so but lack the scoring power and mayo will have a power surge in 3rd quarter to pull away.

    Looking forward to a few badly needed pints afterwards

  17. On the train too. I’m hearing more Cavan accents than Mayo in my carriage.

  18. Mayo will win by 10 plus today. There a huge gulf in standard between the top few teams and the rest. Most of these next few games are non events.

  19. If we have anything about ourselves we should win this easily. Playing front foot football. And not trying to defend when we are a couple of points up. Mayo by between 5 and 10. We have the better players. They have injuries to key men

  20. Strong breeze blowing from bacon factory end, scores will be hard got!

  21. @Oilean acla “I was at the Louth match last year and on a beautiful hot day theter was zero atmosphere in a big stadium with at least 20k fans! For the life of me, I could not understand the lack of support from the Mayo fans on that day!”

    If I recall correctly that was an absolutely sweltering hot day and Mickey Harte’s tactics were so negative the game never had a chance to get going.

  22. Hi Clare
    Is Aido on the bench ? I’m not at it due to a pre planned thing. Any changes to the 26 otherwise?


  23. @Eoin I agree I remember watching it on TV as couldn’t make it actually nearly turned off as was soo fecking boring to be honest and the dead heat wouldnt have helped either.

  24. Late change as expected, still struggle to understand rationale behind that craic.

    Reckon we will try and go for goal early, if get one fancy us to beat the 5 points handicap maybe 7+, if we don’t it will be closer to 5pt.

  25. @Thedarkyfinn I’m not to sure if Aido is on the bench or not I just saw the change on FB I think he is still on the bench though!

  26. Aido is out on the pitch anyway. Beautiful day for football tho’ lively breeze could play a part in tactics etc. No excuse to not play good football

  27. Cillian O Connor, Tommy conroy and Ryan O D are magic when they are all fully fit yes cavan seem very poor but cillian O Connor is so clinical is well.

  28. I hope Mayo win well after all the praise Martin Carney has heaped on them in the first half.

  29. Martin Carney was equally sure the match was over last year when we led Cork !!

  30. Like a. Challenge game so far… no intensity. Mayo technically poor under no pressure.

  31. Started brightly and have taken some nice scores. But have allowed Cavan keep in touch, mainly thro’ silly frees and wasteful attacks, with the final pass going astray frequently. We need to come out all guns blazing second half or we could have another Louth finish. We have the strong wind second half and we need to use it and go for the jugular

  32. Martin Carney praising us is usually our undoing.
    Hopefully we hit a few long rangers with the wind… overcomplicating it a bit inside 20 meters when handy points there to be kicked.

  33. Lads ye must be watching a different game lol! I’m standing here corner Bacon & Stand. We are 4 up at HT against a team that were woefully poor. That’s shocking for me. If we were any good we’d be 10 points up.

    It took us 29 mins to kick a direct ball in and when we did were 2 on 2 but Ryan fumbled it. The next time we went more direct, Cillian gave a poor hand pass intended for Ryan who would have been through on goal. Up until then our strategy was short zig zag handpassing which might work against a poor team but will never work against a good defence. We have 6 points from play is it?

    Let’s see how 2nd half goes but it ain’t great. Mayo have been in 3rd gear and Cavan in 2nd.

  34. Mickey Harte opting against the McStay plan of leaving comer one on one for the 70 minutes 😀

  35. Listening to MW radio. While doing well on the scoreboard, frustrating the amount of possession they seem to be coughing up. Hopefully will improve on that side of things second half.

  36. @km79 how’s it a disaster? Yes the goal let in was bad but it’s still a 9 point win lots to work on for sure but thought cillian did well for his first start since last year.

  37. @our time has come thanks.

    ah God no didn’t realise I actually stopped listening to Midwest. They shouldn’t have risked paddy : /

  38. How bad is the injury? They didn’t say much on Midwest apart from saying it looked bad

  39. MOTM poll up.

    Paddy’s injury takes the gloss off the day, nobody near him, looked like he wrenched the knee. Then got overrun by the kids coming on.

  40. That’s a massive blow for us can’t understand why management risked playing him at all today when we were in control of the game.

  41. That’s brutal about Paddy. No need to risk him today. Just listened on MW. My god I found Martin Carney’s constant giggling very annoying.

  42. Absolutely sickening if it is a bad injury, but in terms of him being risked – do we know if it was a knee issue that had Paddy out last time?

  43. Injury looked bad for Paddy and overshadows a good performance. Pretty sure his last injury was a quad / thigh and this looked to be ankle or knee.

  44. Great win such a pity about Paddy. Wishing him well in his recovery. The next one against the Rossies now crucial. Win that one and it’ll be bonus territory playing against the Dubs.

  45. Wasn’t at the game but by the sounds of it we played well. Good to see a few different faces pop up for scores, Mchale with 2 points is encouraging, Carney and Loftus chipping in too.

    Although it was a good win it sounded like Cavan threw in the towel early enough in the second half according to Mid West commentary. Hopefully Paddy’s injury isn’t to bad but again the sounds of it are negative. You’d wonder did he need to come on if he wasn’t fully fit? Rest him up for the rossies ?

    Anyway that pretty much secures qualification from the group now. A win against Roscommon and respectable performance against the Dubs and let’s take it from there. No more easy games from now on in you would feel.

  46. Paddy playing the 15 minutes would have been huge for him if he got through the last 20 seconds. Just rotten bad luck. But maybe it’s not as serious as it looked. He was rolling around after…if he remained motionless it would be more worrying .

  47. @Green&Red, I was at the game and I didn’t think we played well. Cavan were incredibly poor. One of the worst teams I’ve seen is play in Cbar in years. But yet, they created 3 goal chances 2nd half. We created nothing. I just don’t understand the strategy. It’s desperate. We’ll go nowhere playing this way. Also, far too many basic handling errors, which those not at the game will not have picked up. MWR always paint a very positive picture of matters so I’d never judge a game by what they say. I think their commentary is brutal.

    Positives today. Coen played well as did Callinan. Diarmuid back and Cillian too, gives us another option up front. I thought Mattie did ok too. Rod as usual impressed

    Negatives. Awful strategy in attack. Conceded more goal scoring chances than we created (against a poor side). Durcan injury is really bad news for us. Flynn got going in 2nd half after a very quiet 1st half but Carney had another anonymous game, ok he kicked a point but other than that I was really hoping he’d influence the game and he didn’t. He was hauled ashore soon after half time. Tommy didn’t feature.

    I’m feeling very deflated leaving the match this evening.

    9,000 attendance says a lot.

    We’ll not beat any ‘top team’ in current form or playing the way we do.

  48. Paddy’s injury looked very bad, hope not as bad as it looked as he could be out for the season. Tommy really off the boil, must be doing something in training to get a starting place. We looked like a team that had no played together, still all over the place. Cillian and Diarmuid drove us on.

  49. The Galway result actually makes us look a bit better. We should have beaten them well enough. Now I heard Derry had a player sent off and Glass didn’t play. Hope Paddy is ok

  50. @Bate the blanket I think Derry are just flat out from going a 100 miles an hour through out the league I backed them to win today hold my hand up fair play to Galway. Derry also got a red card rightly so is well.

    You can’t keep that kind of tempo up that they were going through the league through championship same way we found out last year. yes kerry did it in 2022 but kerry & Dubs can seem to keep it up when they really want to.

  51. If Paddy is injured we just have to get on with things.
    Don’t try him for the rest of the qualifiers.
    Comer off injured as well.
    Are Derry over hyped?
    Linesman spotted the Derry man stamping and was not afraid to make the call.

  52. Gareth McKinless got a fully deserved red for a stamp on comers lower leg while he lay on the ground after the referee had blown for a free in to Galway. That was about 20 minutes in. Stupid and it most certainly cost Derry as he was the only experienced half back on the Derry team. Glass did play contrary to another poster above. Galway should fancy themselves to top that group now

  53. Derry had a straight red mid way through the first half. Played most of the match a man down. Game might have had a very different complexion if not for that. But Galway put them to the sword anyway and took their chances well when they arose. No matter saying we “nearly” beat them. Nearly never won the race.

    Sounds like we didn’t create any goal chances against Cavan, a team who sounded to be struggling for most of the game, and had 3 against us one of which actually resulted in a goal. Tells its own story.

  54. Some here saying Durkin should not have been risked today but he needed game time and today with no real pressure was a good time to give him a run
    I agree with the poster about Martin Carneys annoying giggling
    We gave 2 goal chances today and also gave up 2 goals to New York and neither are th

  55. Poor affair , no bite to our bucks at all , lack of goals will kill us in the end .

    Derry ! How do

  56. I’m be been saying here for a while now that Galway are dangerous and yet a lot here don’t rate them. Surely you can see after today…there’s a reason now they are 13/2 to win the All Ireland, 3rd fav’s. We are 14/1 and if Paddy is out you could make that 20/1.

    If we can’t create goal scoring chances against a really average team, then what hope have we. It’s head scratching stuff, our attacking strategy.

    I really hope Rob asks McStay why we aren’t able to create goal chances time and time again and yet we allow lower ranked teams like Cavan and NY more opportunities. I’d also ask the managers opinion on the amount of basic handling errors, the majority unforced.

    On Durcan. It’s easy to say he shouldn’t have been rushed but I think that’s unfair on mgnt. It doesn’t appear that the injury is a reoccurrence. He needed minutes. It’s bad luck. But I’d really be pressing mgnt on strategy.

  57. Derry totally overrated. Hammered by Donegal in their own ground and well beaten by Galway.

    Galway will be really believing in themselves now especially if Comer stays fit. Cowardly stuff from McKinless.

  58. Mattie had a shot saved over and Darren Mc kicked over when could have gone for it,so we did create a few goal chances.
    We seemed to have dealt with their goal chance until I think it was Bob who had his pocket picked and ball was buried.
    Overall I think we kept them at arms length without too much exertion. Today proved how much better we are around the mid section when Diamuid is playing.
    I’d have him mom.

  59. At the game while listening to MidWest…. I dont know what game they were watching.

    That Cavan team were shocking bad and yet if they banged on 2 if them goal chances, a different story.

    Still win is a win and sets us up good, thought DOC and ROD were very good and good to COC starting .

    And listening to mid west, my god Martin Carney is annoying and was a bit disrespectful to Cavan and their supporters I felt.

  60. Agree with others.martin carney is a brutal commentator.
    Loves to make up a few words then laugh at himself

  61. Great win for us, Derry with temperament problems, really nasty stamp on Comer. Where are the mad yokes on here last week saying we would be beaten out the gate by Derry. Ye got the win over Cavan which was a crucial win for ye. Guaranteed a preliminary QF now and can have a right cut at the Dubs. I hear Durkan injured, that’s a big loss for ye. Comer and Finnerty off injured but hopefully not too serious but time will tell. We took the goal chances today whereas in Connacht final Mayo were lucky not to concede two goals too. Lets see if we can handle the next two games and get into a QF.

  62. Hello Chesneychet,

    A very sarcastic point of view. if you don’t mind me saying so. I am sure you could do better. Hope so.

  63. @chesneychet I said fair play to ye in my last post I did back derry but fair play to ye.

    Durcans injury doesn’t seem to be as serious hopefully from the final whistle pod mcstay said durcan was walking around after.

  64. @Chesneychet or maybe reape made some good saves in connacht final..

    Anyway connacht final done and dusted time to move on from it!

  65. How did it look in real life but in diarmuid , ruane , Loftus and Mchale we had more fluidity and ballers add in Sam and eoin attacking and flynn stabilising seems like the best we can line out in middle 8 in paddy’s absence and boland or Mchale debate

  66. In fairness Ciaran there was so some amount of bitterness towards Galway last week after the loss. Clare was convinced Derry would win. Galway are much better than people here give them credit for.

  67. @GBXI it was an opinion I honestly thought Derry would come out firing out after loosing the ulster final I wasn’t the only one who was convinced that Galway would loose either. As I said fair play to Galway.

  68. Baz Ham ,
    I thought Carney was downright insulting to the Cavan team and supporters. On top of that he had to get the dig in about the Cavan people being mean. Might be ok down the pub, but not on air. I hope nobody from Cavan tuned in. We would be up in arms if a Dublin commentator sneered at us like that. As I said earlier, non stop giggling at his own rubbish.

  69. We had at least four goal chances but ballooned them over the bar.matty had a great chance in first half.callinans black card was a farce,cavan man blocked his run, card should have went the other way.
    Durcan was holding the lower part of his left knee.He seemed to be in bother for awhile but got up later walked on it.Mcstay said he will have scan it in interview.20 points isn’t bad.
    For there goal Duncan was breaking out of defence and dropped it,cavan pulled on it and scored.lots of mistakes but no intensity to the game.Roll on the Rossies.

  70. Done what we had to do today, incredible work rate on a very warm May afternoon. 20 points 17 from play not too shabby. We were a bit more direct at times with Cillian starting than we were v Galway 2 weeks ago, Best wishes to Paddy Durcan on a full recovery on whatever happened in the last play of the match. Didnt seem to be a collision of any type, but you do get worried when you see the Cavan player beside him calling for attention. Onwards now to Dr Hyde park in 2 weeks time, safe travelling to the Cavan and Mayo fans that made the journey. Congratulations to Galway and I will take this oppurtunity to wish the best of luck to Roscommon v Dublin in Neutral Croke Park next weekend, ..Because when ourselves and the Primrose and Blue renew our aquaintance in a few weeks time my Good Luck wishes will be for the Green and Red,

  71. @ Chesnechet the stamp on Comer was a dirty deliberate act.
    Fair play to the linesman that called it out
    Galway will take beating if they play with confidence.

  72. Well the critics can sleep well for the next few weeks,we gave a good account for ourselves today,I was very pleased to see that the Corofin style in evidence,we can only improve

  73. Galway and Mayo have both won their first games so its actually a good evening for the West. I hope Comer isnt badly injured, he has no luck at all, I think the Derry boyo should get a 3 match ban for that stamp. Harte said Comer was making a meal out of it, love to see Harte’s cage rattled. Good to hear Paddy Durkan was walking around, he is a fine player and one Mayo badly need 100% fit same goes for DOC. Galway will need a lot more Jr to be getting near a final but same goes for all other teams except Dublin I suppose.

  74. What the feck am I in moderation for. Its like Pravda here and not for the first time Willie Joe.

  75. Job done, a straightforward victory as pretty much everyone predicted. And cleared the handicap nicely to help put food on table 🙂
    Paddy a loss, but great to have Diarmuid back motoring, he’s the one who really makes us tick.
    Cillians movement inside also adds to the team, McHale also seems to add more go forward ball.

    Should be good game with Rossies, but expect a 4-6 point win. Which will allow us a free shot at the Dubs.

  76. Chesney wouldn’t worry about Moderation, in Willies defence WordPress can do some strange things of its own volition in background, you could be out like a shot.

  77. The corofin style in evidence.oh lord I was wondering what would come out next but credit where credit is due any sort of win would do today and hopefully we will see a continuing improvement as every normal mayo person wants to see the team do well .Unfortunately I have a horrible feeling we have given Galway great oxygen by surrendering that lead in salthill and they are now a serious danger to anyone.hopefully paddy durcans injury isn’t too serious as he is vital as we move on to meet actual all Ireland contenders

  78. Ah fair enough, sorry Willie Joe, I find WordPress tricky enough when I was trying to cancel a national hunt subscription service, Its also got another name too now to make it confusing! For 2025 if you are into Cheltenham etc I would recommend Risk for Rewards but that’s probably so far off topic I will be in moderation again.

  79. Hopefully that ends the nonsense of cillian starting on the bench. A clear motm today and always guarantees scores. Aido will have to content himself with a bench role going forward

  80. It was just your handle, Chensey, you had one letter different and so WordPress saw you as a new user. I corrected it when clearing the comment here at Pravda HQ!

  81. Important to win today, overall a mixed performance, some of our execution was off. I thought that both O’Connor brothers made a huge difference. We were much more efficient than Cavan, we might complain about our forward play but we had more structure and confidence than them. 4 wides is impressive but there is still more work to be done. Cillian is such as asset and seems fit.

    Defensively, Diarmuid adds much needed solidity, I think he stopped a goal bound shot. Sam overall played well and is more suited to the half back line. Let’s see how the Rossies do against the Dubs but I would be confident that we will improve and should be favourites.

    Galway are a good team, if they can keep players fit then they would be favoured to get to semi finals. Derry are showing that strong early season performances do not seem to suit strong championship progress, and in particular for teams which lack squad depth.

  82. I don’t agree with with Aido not starting. It seems to me it just took him too long to get into the game. (Maybe that was due to alleged collision during week).I want to see him rampaging from the off but if he gets gassed he should be replaced by Tommy. I’m afraid Tommy not worth a starting place ahead of Cillian now .Will probably mean more tracking back for Ryan and our wing forwards but not starting Cillian is now unthinkable imo .

  83. What game were some people watching today in that they want Aidan back in at full forward.

  84. I was at the game but I have to say I’m hurt and very disappointed this evening and really didn’t see this coming. How anyone could even possibly think about bashing Martin Carney is just beyond me. Let the man giggle in peace.

  85. Is that Cillians first championship start under McStay? Crazy when you think of it.
    Derry proving that winning the League doesnt matter anymore come business time in championship.

  86. Ah Martin Kearney is a decent man and gave good service to Mayo.Jokes are often subjective…I dont think any disrespect intended.Bet Cavan people saying worse.Nice to win well.

  87. I enjoy Martin’s commentary on Mid West, particularly his off the cuff humour, excitability and witticisms. One joke may have been off colour today but I give him a pass on it knowing his intentions are good and I have found him respectful in his commentary almost all of the time.
    It’s good that we are spoiled for choice for places to tune into Mayo matches generally, isn’t it?
    If we weren’t at the game in person and wanted to follow live, we were all roped into the one outlet this evening.
    I know people that follow on Mid West as a preference over watching on TV. Imagine that. It’s convivial and Martin guides listeners along.
    Don’t worry, Ken, you’ll be able to give Mid West and Martin’s commentary a wide berth and find other ways to follow Mayo games soon.

  88. Apologies, Ken…I meant:
    “Don’t worry, Nephin (and others), you’ll be able to….”.

  89. Always look on the bright side of life,can’t criticise the the players,so critics Martin instead

  90. Absolutely Corick, and if people can’t criticise the players or Martin, it’s always good to know others will criticise people on the blog for voicing their own opinions.

  91. It’s back to the old days listening to matches on the radio instead of watching on TV.

    Radio commentary is nearly always better than TV commentary.

  92. There’s also the old days option of going to the game, Bate the Blanket, though the 9k attendance yesterday evening showed that option wasn’t too popular.

  93. Crowd was very poor yesterday alright, the lack of jeopardy in this set up a big factor when combined with cost.
    For a family of 5 to have to pay around €100 for a game (not including, travel etc.) that the result wasn’t ever really a doubt for and if even if managed to lose to rank outsiders was far from a fatal blow, is hard justify if money tight.

  94. I listen to commentary on headphones while at mstch….best of both worlds..!

  95. Yes its understandable with the cost involved especially for a family . The package deal was decent though in fairness . You would hope we as a collective support can start to gather momentum though along with the team , more numbers at the hyde , beat the ros and then really get behind them for the dublin clash and turn up in our thousands like days gone by .

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