Game day – we have only one plan

It’s All-Ireland final day. Once again, for the sixth time in ten years, we’re in it, striving with everything we’ve got to win it.

Those of a certain age – for sure, everyone of my generation – have to pinch themselves to believe that year after year we’ve remained up at these giddy heights. That this level has become our natural habitat. Year after year.

Once again, this year we’re back in the final. Like we were so often in recent years, only this time with a new code for us to crack on football’s biggest day.

Not that long ago it seemed that Dublin’s powers were so all-encompassing that we’d all have to get used to life under the penumbra of their perpetual, dreary dominance. But then we stormed that citadel and we opened up all kinds of new possibilities.

And so now, today, we get the chance to cash in that down-payment we made when we beat the six-in-a-row champions. For what it’s worth I think it’s to our advantage that Kerry failed to make the final either. Had they done so they’d be very strong favourites today and our record as underdogs in the final isn’t a pretty one.

Instead we get to tango with Tyrone. A team we’ve a very good record against in big Championship games at Croke Park but a county that apparently can’t countenance that it might be the one that would finally fail to beat the county that has lost all those finals since 1989.

But here’s the thing: Tyrone don’t get to play all those teams from previous years. Decent teams some of them were, great teams a few of them were too but all, for whatever reason, came up against teams that had more – more than once just fractionally more – than our lads had on previous final days.

No, the team Tyrone must beat today is this Mayo team and this Mayo team isn’t planning to get beaten today.

The funny thing is that, to win this All-Ireland, this Mayo team doesn’t have to be the best team from the county of all time. They don’t have to be the best we’ve produced since 1951. They don’t – and almost certainly aren’t – the best we’ve fielded since 2011.

All they need to be today is better than the team they’re set to face at 5pm. It’s going to be a hell of a battle but when the dust settles I firmly believe we’ll have done this.

Padraig O’Hora spoke for all of us in the aftermath of the semi-final win over Dublin. We’re not going to stop until we reach the summit. We have only one plan and today’s the day that plan comes to fruition.

We can do this. We will do this. Today’s the day we’re going to do it.

Mayo for Sam.

215 thoughts on “Game day – we have only one plan

  1. Great piece Willie Joe
    Thanks again for great blog
    Let’s hope it mayos day
    Last call for ticket if any one has spare or know of any just arriving in the big smoke
    087 9275080
    Up mayo

  2. The big day is here at last. And this time it’ll be the biggest day of all. Two tough, well drilled and wholehearted teams going at it in the best tradition of our game. I think our middle 8 will be the difference. Enjoy the day all and safe journey to those travelling.

  3. While this may not be the best team, we sent out in the last 10 years. Some of the age profile of younger ones of the team, who going into second final in last 9 months, have massive ability/ desire to grow/ improve. Guys like Oisin, Tommy, Matty will only improve. Enough typing, let go and win.

  4. Best of luck to everyone, safe travels from the west. Dry day here in Dublin. I’m quietly confident. Up Mayo

  5. Jesus I’ve goose pimples reading that Willie Joe, to think we could finally do it after all these years. In 1989 I stood in a throng of people in the corner of the Davin stand, have never missed a final aside from last year, and all these years later I return to that exact same spot for the first time by sheer coincidence. Fate, I hope so and that it was always part of the plan.
    Safe travels to one all, best of luck to the team, management and supporters. We can do this, let’s get over the line, let’s win Sam

  6. Please God and our Lady of Knock let us win the all Ireand today and help me find an hours sleep on the train I couldn’t sleep a wink last night

  7. Spot on WJ.
    We really are spoiled this last 10 years. As someone that followed Mayo in the seventies, I completely get that.
    Today is the day. Come on Mayo , let’s finish this.

  8. Thanks Willie Joe for all the brilliant articles and analysis provided for this build up on the blog and to all the great comments from knowledgeable contributors also. Blood pressure and heart rate will certainly be elevated between 5pm and 7pm today…as Mayo supporters this is where we wany to be. It won’t be easy but we’ve been here before so come on Mayo…get it done!!!! Best of luck and to all the green and red army, enjoy and see ye on the other side…..gulp!!

  9. The time for talking is done. It’s all about peaking at 5pm on September 11th. Be ready for war, don’t fear the northerners – respect them – but no fear – and that applies to fans too. They’re not as tough as they make out and neither is northern society in this day and age. Stand our ground, we’ve been on this merry-go-round long enough, they’re team are newcomers. Get in fucking line lads, maybe next year for yee. Our time has come

  10. Well said Willie Joe. As someone who has attended Mayo matches since the mid sixties I feel honoured and humbled to be in attendance today. Just waiting for lift to train station. Unbelievable the amount of texts and what’s apps I have got in the past 24 hours from Corkonians. The goodwill is so heartwarming.You deserve great credit, Willie Joe for your stewardship over this blog . Up Mayo

  11. Brilliant WJ. Brilliant start to the day.

    I hope that later in the day I’ll have to deal with something I’ve never had to deal with before.

    Please lord.

    Just once.

    Dublin scored 3 points in the second 35.
    Galway didn’t do much better.

    We are not going to let this go today.
    No way
    All day.

    Come on the mighty Green and Red Machine.
    Bring it home baby.
    Bring it home.

    Whooooooooooooo !!!!!

    Hupppppp Mayoooooo !!!

  12. Good luck to all involved today and safe journey to everyone. If and hopefully when mayo win I’m sending a big high 5 to you all. To the mayo team I’ll say go and finish the job and in the words of Brian Coady “if there’s bullying to be done today we’ll do the bullying” up mayo

  13. Mayo 2-16. Tyrone 0-15
    .,. or Mayo by a point after extra time
    -either way we’ll be happy campers
    Mayo4sam21 The Dream that never Dies

  14. Great piece.
    We have only one plan .
    Our Lady of Knock intercede for us. Fr PJ Nyland will be interceding for this great team.

  15. If one team is more capable going down the home stretch it’s got to be us. We’ve shut out better forward lines already this year. We’ve turned over better players already this year. We just have to stick to our plan and blitz them, show them that it’s Sam or nothing.

  16. Thanks Willie Joe and all the contributors for the many lay-by’s you have provided us on the journey over the years. I have to say that this site has been of almost therapeutic value to me, no kidding.
    We’ll bate all.

  17. Best of luck to all who got tickets and enjoy the game, think we will win this.
    If anyone hears of spare ticket call me on 0872144485
    Up Mayo

  18. Wj you never lost your ability with words I love
    “penumbra of their perpetual dominance”. I hope and pray that this is our day and that the plan comes to fruition. If you are lucky to have a ticket enjoy and makes yourself heard fro minute 1 to 70.
    Also a shout out to the young girl from Wicklow iwho was behind me in the Davin stand at the semi final and roared Mayo on because she loves them. I hope you got a ticket and will continue to shout for them.

  19. Hope the Ref is up to it. I understand the off the ball antics in the Semi final had to be seen to be believed, and this from a former count footballer from a neutral county. You miss a lot on TV

  20. I’m not from Mayo, even Ireland, but I’ve been following this ride for 7 odd years now. You people are some of the best fans in the whole world! I’m with you all today! Up Mayo!!

  21. For many of us, this is the 13th morning since 1989 that we have woken from a restless sleep and faced the day of destiny. Our hopes and dreams go with those young man who represent our great county with skill, courage and with the ultimate ambition in their hearts. One plan, one objective. 70 minutes to bridge 70 years. Get the job done.

  22. Well said WJ and good luck to all the management and squad. To all who got tickets, well done you are all now part of the squad too, shout with all your strength you represent the mayo diaspora. Do us proud.

    Safe travelling.

    Dia is mhuire linn.

  23. From a Galwegian, and trust me there are many many galwegians who want to see Mayo take Sam back to Connaught. Wish your guys the best of luck today. It’s we’ll time to empty the tank and deliver the goods on the biggest day of all. Come on Mayo from all in Galway

  24. We’re all part of Horans army.
    We’re on the way to victory.
    And we’ll really shake them up when we lift old Sammy up.
    Cause James Horan has the greatest football team.

    We’re all part of Horans army.
    We’re on our way to victory.
    When Aidan lifts old Sammy high.
    Some will roar and more will cry.
    Altogether now for Horans Mayo team.

  25. Haven’t read the blog for over a week as I needed to switch off the game for the sake of my head after Kerry sleepwalked their wat out of this years championship. I am struggling to locate a premised in my resort in Spain that will show the game, there are only three Irish bars and all of them are owned by brits who didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked them if they were showing the AIF, you couldn’t make it up.

    I wish Mayo nothing but the best today and I hope ye drag this one over the line, Tyrone are masters at drag tackling and they just pull the player for Just the right time before releasing whereupon another defender will take up the next borderline tackle. I see that mcquillian is the referee, ten years ago he gave us a roasting and got dublin over the line so I pray he does the same with ye today. Frankly I think the Tyrone forwards are a very good unit and probably have the balance shifting towards a Tyrone win but I thought the same about Galway and Dublin so I am hoping it’s three times a charm for incorrect predictions.

    Everyone outside of Tyrone wish ye well and I’m just dreaming that I witness or hear the commentators describe the scenes at the final whistle. Safe journey to all Carpe Diem this above all days.

  26. Well said WJ. That got the blood going.
    I’ve been conflicted for the past 2 weeks over how this will go. But fuck it, this is the time.
    Won’t be at this final, so roar yer fecking heads off for those of us missing out.
    We’ve got this. Up Mayo.

    Oh and I had my usual pre-final dream last night. Mayo 2-10 0-9 up at half time. And em, Lee Carsley of all people was our stand out performer in that 1st half.Work that one out Freud.

  27. Just watched an OTB with Billy Joe where he described Horan’s approach as to how to play the game as
    ”The guru of go”
    I hope we see that at some stage today. Mixed in with some of the caution required in the first half of the All Ireland.

  28. Today is about winning any way we can.. performance doesn’t matter so much. To loose this one would have a much more devestating psychological effect than any of the other losses.
    With maybe the exception of 2013 deep down we knew we would loose all those finals.. today we genuinely dont know. To close to call. Tyrone have better forwards better bench better defensive structure. We have better middle third better athleticism more speed and power.. if we play on our terms high tempo and intensity we can win. If we get sucked into Tyrone gane plan of slowing it down etc we will struggle like we did so often in the past.
    To close to call. But maybe thats the post traumatic stress of the last 33 years talking.
    Travel safety to game those who are going…let the rest of us enjoy the fellowship excitement and hope….Mhaigh Eo Abu…

  29. Folks, this denizen of the fort of the Dane genuinely withes you all the very best of luck. Or more to the point – Don’t fuck this up.

    I’ll have my Mayo jersey on for this one (much to the annoyance of my Galway offspring), and the Bubbly is in the fridge in the event that the promised land is reached.

    @gamechanger10 – Badmouthing a team on final day is just poor form. But sure you know what they say – You can always tell a Kerryman, you just can’t tell him much.

    Anyway, looking forward to a tough contest. To the victor, the spoils.

  30. Best of luck to the team and management today.
    Like a lot of others, I’ve been at all of those finals since 89 but that’s all in the past and I firmly believe this is our day.
    We can and will do this !!
    As supporters, and bearing in mind all the great fans who couldn’t get a ticket today, we need to shout twice as loud and roar them all the way to the summit.
    Hon Mayo !!

  31. Good luck to the Mayo team, management and supporters. Let’s create a surge that will push us over the line.
    I loved a post earlier that said there was a hurricane building in Croke Park and Tyrone would be playing against it in both halves today.
    Sinead37, your post nearly brought tears to my eyes when you said that today this team of ours would become a great team.
    Love and light to you all.
    Mayo for the win, Mayo for Sam.

  32. The day is up in heap already, had last night’s left over Steak and garlics spuds for breakfast at around 9. Went for a walk and ended up watching an u 12 soccer match just to clear the head. The drink I bought yesterday, for today, got a serious hit last night. What will I do now ? To make matters worse my local bar owner has invited me down for a couple before the match ( he knows I always watch the match at home), 4 pints free gratis he says, Jasus what will I do ?..
    Another thing, what’s the crack about the cup not being allowed leave Croke Park, what a load of shite, Mayo (or Tyrone) deserve the right to take it home, is it full of Covid or what ? The GAA hierarchy need to cop on in a big way !

  33. I have adopted a new style this week, keeping business a total shutout of reading anything or listening to podcasts about this game.
    It works.
    A bit disappointed, not the normal dsy of am All Ireland where we would leave our Dublin home, walk down to Croker, get excited during the game, and burger and a few pints afterwards.
    Mayo just have to get it right, win that ball, pass through the crowded areas, and take the shot at goal, no passing the book.
    This will be different to what the experts are predicting.
    I’m lookforward to the excitement in Claremorris or Ballinrobe during the game and the big homecoming in Castlebar tomorrow.

    The West will be awaken this evening with a mini earthquake in Mayo.

  34. Best of luck James, Ciaran, backroom team, and all our amazing Mayo lads, some team, such resilience, such grit, such courage,
    We luv ye all for years of great days, great memories, that so many other counties can only dream about.
    Fr PJ stay with these amazing guys this even, as no doubt you were on semi day.
    Tks WJ for great writing, and to all the great posts from all. We’re all United together with it all!!

  35. From today’s program

    From Thomas Davis:

    Full often when our fathers saw the Red above the Green/ They rose in rude but fierce array, with sabre, pike and skian/ And over many a noble town, and many a field of dead/ They proudly set the Irish Green above the English Red

  36. Great piece WJ. Sums it all up.
    We have to go out and earn it today.
    We don’t deserve it until the final whistle goes and we’re in front.
    It’ll be a battle, only the winner will deserve it.
    It’ll be Mayo!!!

  37. Jaysus today has been a long day. the minutes seem to be going slower as it gets closer. Still confident we will win but as it gets closer doubts will creep in. All I can say is Id rather be playing than watching. At least playing you can focus on job at hand and forget about everything. Weather looks like it will be ok. Bit of rain now in Dublin but will be gone by time match starts. Wont be much wind and its not a warm day. Perfect conditions really.

  38. RahoonSean……Feck the pub…..focus on the game, knees shaking, elbows on the table, head cupped in the hands………Then…..immediately out the door rip roaring and down to the pub afterwards for the most glorious pint of black you’ll ever taste !

  39. Mayo people I’m proud . To win just once the harder the effort the sweeter the success .70 years . 70 championship starts. Dozens of connacht wins, dozens of semi finals losts, 10 All Ireland Senior Football Finals, poor refereeing, bad injuries, red cards, own goals, bad luck always worse on our side than opposition.
    This year our best player, the greatest scorer in gaa out injured .Oisin out. Eoghan Mc horrific assault , no card . Out . Best fans and supported team in the championship. We’d sell croker out twice on our .They leave reduced capacity. Sam cant leave Dublin this year. We dont moan or over complaint.
    “Then on with the cause ’till our aim is accomplished”
    Green and Red Jersey is on.Really enjoyed the build up this week .Must have read every inch this wonderful blog. Great to think there is thousands of us worldwide right now waiting for throw in. Been years since I’ve been this excited and looking forward to something!

    From Galway to Dublin, from Derry to Kerry
    New York and ‘Frisco and Boston also
    In Pittsburg, Chicago, Detroit and Toronto
    There are stout-hearted men from the County Mayo
    Now boys, pull together in all sorts of weather
    Don’t show the white feather, wherever you go
    Act each as a brother and help one another
    Like true hearted men from the County Mayo

  40. I’ve a strong feeling Tyrone will hit us with an early goal or two and it will take us a while to settle down. We need to be wide awake from the throw in or else we won’t win

  41. If we hadn’t lost so many finals in a row I’d be more confident but until we win it again. There will always be that nagging doubt in my head. Raining here in Castlebar now. Think it will hit the east in an hour. Jesus me nerves are shot. Haven’t felt like this since 2012. It’s our time.

  42. Dia duit a cháirde,

    Wanted to share a little chant for today. It goes a bit like this.
    Heyyy, hey Mayo,
    ooh ah,
    I want to knoowww if you’ll bring Sam home

    Maigho Abú

  43. It’s no wonder there are so many “fans” are without tickets judging by the number of children In the pubs earlier on asking their parents when are we going to the game, and judging by the number of teenagers now heading to the game the “fans” will be out numbered 10 to 1

  44. Confident here as well. The path has been paved as smoothly as possible, and we need to take advantage of that. Sam is there for the taking today!

  45. Gonna be physical. Gonna be so low scoring in first 20 minutes until it settles down. First half will have 10/11 points. Second half it will take fire.

  46. Cmon mayo. In graingers watching it no ticket unfortunately. Shout for me my friends . See you in westport tomorrow night. Cmon MAYO.
    Hope you ready for meltdown here w.j. ( thanks for everything you do here. Think I’d have gone mad this week without this site).

  47. Worrying so far.. tyrone doing really well. They are getting scores easier…we need one goal at least to win

  48. Big man will come in for Tyrone soon. Both sides should have scored a goal. Tyrone taking nearly all their chances. Mayo will need a goal to win it.

  49. From a neutral perspective Tyrone getting the points a bit easier but mayo look very dangerous at times very enjoyable first half I still think mayo will be ok and win by 3 !

  50. Robbie’s save has kept us in the game. Tyrone taking their chances. Still we are a second half team.

  51. Two great goal chances gone a begging so far. Let’s hope we see our Galway and Dublin second half ramp off now for the second half.

  52. Time for carr, keep aido in there not enough ball going into o shea.. we still have a great chance.. .. we are not pushing up on Morgan he is getting freedom of croke park.

  53. hopefully the scoring end stories ring true for us – can’t doubt the lads after all we’ve seen in the last two games. Would be a great boost for Aidy to get a score as he’s getting a decent amount of ball up the pitch. Feels like we do have a goal in us. All to play for!

  54. No goals conceded a positive.
    Losing out on the 50/50 risky passes, at least 6 turnovers.
    Playing into Davin end (where I am located) hopefully helps.
    We can do it.

  55. Mayo not playing with that belief that they can win, but playing into the scoring enf in 2nd half. Mullin doesn’t look fullt fit.
    Need a defender on now to watch McCurry and another in reserve for McShane

  56. Congratulations to Tyrone. Comiserations to Mayo . No complaints we just didn’t have the quality to win it.

  57. Congratulations Tyrone.

    We Just were not clinical enough with the finishing.

    We cannot blame the referee today.

  58. This is as bad as it gets, we were a complete shambles in the last 15 minutes when the game was still there to be won.

  59. Hard luck but ye were beaten by a better team on the day. Some terrible shot choices near end but thats pressure. Well done to Tyrone as I said earlier in week goals will win it and sure enough the big man delivered.

  60. Ah no words for ye I think the missed penalty changed the game Tyrone subs were a big difference I know ye back again seriously I don’t how mayo supporters keep coming up again and again anyway safe trip home!

  61. No excuses today, Tyrone the better side on the day. Sickening how many chances we butchered. Tyrone annihilated us when they went long, it was criminal. Where do we go from here? This was our chance. And the Dubs & Kerry will be standing in the way for many years. Anyways, the journey goes on

  62. Great performance by Tyrone. The Mayo lads didn’t take their chances and scores- it’s as simple as that.

  63. Sadly tyrone were a better unit and had a clear plan.
    Few more retirements needed. You only get so many chances in life. Conroy was good.
    At least we beat Dublin.

  64. It is Tyrone’s day. Well done to them. They were just stronger.
    We did miss Cillian a bit today.
    Best wishes to all the Mayo fans everywhere. We are together.
    And best wishes to our boys and management for being in the arena today and all this year.

  65. The one result that I did not see coming was Tyrone puling away and having the game won a good quarter of an hour out. Yes we had chances that we butchered but nothing new there. The fact is anytime we threatened to get close Tyrone just played it long and took there chances at the other end.
    This one is a real sickener. The worse I have felt since 1997. We just don’t know how to win finals.

  66. Keegan and s coen stood up. But we lacked leaders otherwise particularly up front. Cillian finally missed.

  67. Hard luck lads. Better team won I’m afraid.
    Ryan O’Donoghue, important to say, he was immense all through, just bad luck with the peno.
    Keegan didn’t want to lose another one, he showed everyone that in the second half.
    Very little impact off the bench including hession.
    I think the 4 week break didn’t help ye’re cause.

  68. No composure in front of goal was awfully disappointing to see. I expected Horan to drill it into to them to take the point when the opportunity presented itself. A performance littered with missed chances but the penalty miss and Walsh’s scuffed shot from 8 yards was killer.

    Horan left the changes too late, don’t know how Loftus and O Shea stayed on so long. After the great work in the semi final we let another one slip through our hands.

    The only positive is this young team will only improve but Kerry and Dubs will be rearing to go as well next year.

  69. Reekclimber, sorry, no disrespect intended but beating Dublin means nothing. Unless Mayo can go one beter than a semi-final, you will never be considered as anything other than second best.

  70. Did we not learn anything from th.e semi final. Why were mAyo players running into contact? Why were players playing passses that were 50/50. Big ball into Cathay Mc Shane. Did Tyrone win that match or did mayo lose it. We are not cursed we are just not god enough.

  71. Same old story. Darren Coen and James Carr should’ve started. We repeated Kerry’s mistakes but missed twice as many goal chances. Inexperience was there for all to see. Bryan Walsh, Loftus, Conroy all guilty of spurring golden chances, abd the the O Donoghue pen miss to top it all off.

    No external excuses to cover this one, I’m afraid.. Just the lack of composure throughout the match that sucked the life out us.

  72. This can’t be another “ah always next year” scenario. There were failings evident in the first half today that weren’t addressed for the start of the second.

    Three good performers for us I thought.

    Tyrone didn’t change from Kerry, men back, tackle in packs and crowd the man out. Break on the overlap and have people who can shoot from distance. Shooting from distance helps if your man is two or three metres away from you. Tyrone not afraid to recycle but if they get a chance they will shoot and take a wide, but then they reset. We didn’t match their intensity.

    In the pod McStay mentioned McCurry wasn’t a good match for O’Hora, unfortunately for O’Hora we found that out.

    I was extremely confident and I’m still not fully sure how we lost that game. The bulk of the players are there, they are good enough to win it.

    Carr and Orme on as subs, did they get ten minutes between them? I feel sorry for them.

    Mullin I don’t think was fit enough.

    I’ll say no more, verbalising any more in the aftermath of the game isn’t a good idea.

  73. Tyrone were so composed fand accurate rom within 50 yards. We on the other hand didn’t take our chances, and when the goal was gaping, we shrinked and shrieked. Missing Cillian was always going to be colossal but we still missed easy scoring opportunities.

  74. JH appears to have learned nothing tactically. I still don’t understand why he won’t look for help from Stephen Rochford, the man who has gotten the closest to getting us over the line.

  75. I often wonder how the Mayo team comes back year after year from the amazing hurt of losing consecutive All Ireland finals. I surely admire the mettle and tenacity in your players, but is this one final too much? I’m sure you will pick yourself up and dust yourself off but my God the heartache must be unbearable at this stage.

  76. Culmore…………Dunno but possibly because Padraig was on a card and maybe still looking a bit risky in the tackle……..

  77. Don’t think too many could argue with result bar the penalty luck. I was surprised how ye were within two points after we had a good run. We’ll leave the autopsy for later but as people mentioned before there’s exciting stuff happening in Mayo. Peter Hartes first words out of his mouth to camera was paying tribute to Fergal McCann, a fantastic Tyrone AI winning coach who died earlier in the year from cancer. Just delighted for him. Ye will be back and will do it. Have no doubt.

  78. If you have a centre half forward that can’t kick the ball straight among other forwards we are not going to win. We were very competitive. Tyrone always got their hands on us but we seemed unable to lay a hand on them and slow them down
    We are cursed.

  79. Conroy looked good, confident and brave several times. Ryan O’Donoghue looked very good also but it was sad that he missed the penalty. These things happen. He showed excellent ability.
    Stephen Coen played well, came forward more than usual, in a way that I found inspiring, and scored a wonderful point.
    Hennelly played quite well.
    O’Hora did quite OK and also came forward quite a bit. That shows his mettle and guts.
    Keegan is just an absolutely wonderful bit of stuff. What spirit and belief. He is amazing.
    Kevin Mc had a fabulous amazing point at a crucial time.
    Paddy evaded his marker and had an influence at times. But was quieter than usual.
    I do feel we missed another scoring threat up front and Cillian would have offered it.
    Tyrone were just a stronger, more developed, more robust team all through. Maybe they are at a more advanced stage of their development. They have strong, skilful players and are quite ruthless.
    The goals were killers, just as they were in the Kerry game.
    I noticed they were also scoring a lot of long range points.
    I wondered why Mayo didn’t take those on, especially in the first half, because we had scored beauties against Dublin. I can only conclude we were afraid to give away the ball to Tyrone if the attempted point didn’t succeed.
    We have more development to do.
    Pity Oisín and Mattie couldn’t have had more influence on the game but there you go.
    A positive – we are back in Division One next year. We’re here and we have to start from somewhere. This is OK.

  80. I think that was probably our worst performance of the year. Ryan O’Donoghue was immense and was unlucky with the pen but he needed to put it away. Personally he could be in with a shout of poty. Lerroy was fabulous but overall we just weren’t good enough. Tyrone were good in the first half but I think we flattered them in the second. And in the last 15 we still had a shot but we had no composure in the final third. On paper this is a successful year but in reality going back west with out the sam maguire is not what we wanted. The only comparison I can think of was last year cork beat kerry and then lost to tipp and it was not a successful year then even after the joy of that win .They same thing happened here for us after the win over dublin and now this loss. Still proud of the lads after a year in which we progressed loads. Hopefully we come back stronger last year. Mayo Abu

  81. Mayo must have a very weak bench as it was obvious a number of players
    were not performing from the start.
    it would appear that its obligatory to solo ,hop, solo again and then take into contact
    before attempting to pass. Why?
    On the day Tyrone were much better and deserving winners.

  82. At least half of the team were way off what it takes to win any big game never mind an all ireland. Lack of composure in shooting positions was shocking to see. Tyrone left us in it with all they missed and we didn’t take advantage. The team with the more natural footballers won.

  83. Aftermath of the Dublin game, had the feeling of having won a final. Too much emotional capital spent that day. Seemed to lack that spark today.

  84. Cillian was a loss also consider jason doherty players that make an impact since cillian injury in the league forward line struggled dublin game highlighted this? Think its the end of the road for 3 players

  85. I must also add found it strange that we committed so many men forward even with the big threat of tyrone’s counter attack and they got many scores from that. And then they did the same thing but we just couldn’t convert.

  86. I don’t know what to say- I have held my tongue for the last 30 minutes trying trying to regain composure .WE will simply never win one – ever. That was a bad display- its as simple as that. I can’t pick an allstar from our team based on that

  87. Lost for words, like the Majority of Mayo heads i could not see Mayo losing and ended up getting well beaten. So depressing.

  88. Tyrone were simply the better and braver team they took their scores and deserved to win. I think the weight of 70 years is too much for us The lads gave everything maybe we’re just not good enough what else can you say that’s 11 losses in finals now I think it’s a world record. Anyway we are all tired and emotional. Hard luck Mayo well down Tyrone and enjoy the celebrations Cheer Owen.

  89. ‘Why did James Horan not look to Stephen Rochford for help’ maybe because he is the manager and rochford isn’t. Do you want James Horan to kick points too..How.many scores were left behind us today…as bad as we were in that game was it was still there for the winning with a little more composure. ROD played his heart out but the oenalty miss was huge…the lift a goal at that point would have given would have been huge.

    Not sure where we go from here..very hard to take.

  90. @Castlebarred, that’s a disgraceful comment. End of. You may consider yourself a loser but I don’t and many other Mayo people don’t either.

  91. Beating Dublin an emotional high – did not bring same verve today. Maybe several weeks lead in not ideal. Cillian missed and poor composure. Tyrone more skilled and composed. Occasion seemed to get to some of our players. Disappointing.

  92. I understand the feelings of deflation and disappointment people might feel. I am disappointed too – this is natural after something painful like this.
    I just want to introduce some cold light of day here before we get too carried away saying we are losers and all the rest. I don’t like that melodrama, sorry, but I understand it comes from feeling sore and sorry.
    Remember the talk of bonus territory – remember when a lot of people said they’d be happy with this year with promotion to Division One and hopefully to win Connacht. I remember Billy Joe saying he’d consider it a fabulous achievement for Horan if we could win Connacht without Cillian.
    Before we go talking about Mayo never winning AIs, can we try to come down to earth and take stock?
    With this team, winning the semi final and competing in the final – many considered this bonus territory. Tyrone showed they’re a team that are further developed than us. We have no absolute right to win the final even with the 70 year story. We have to be right to win it.

  93. Tyrone were the sharper team today.
    This one is hard to take. I feel for the older players like KevinMc, Lee and Aidan. Hard on James Horan too, who has devoted so much time and energy to Mayo football.

    It is difficult to know what we need to do to win the damn thing. 2017 offers us a template, the best prepared Mayo team for any final.

    Thankfully we seem to have short memories in Mayo football, we will need it and park this one fairly lively.

  94. Thank you for everything, Willie Joe and fellow fans. A place of excitement and solace, I love the Mayogaablog.

  95. Really believed Mayo would win today but think u did not
    learn from beating us( Dublin). In the Dublin game u took off Aiden and u were much quicker and direct . Aiden is a gentleman but not suited to the current game . Impact sub maybe but think u do better when he is on the bench . Gutted for u . This was the year for u and if u had scored the penalty then it was game over .
    Also must say whoever does the fitness work had ur team incredibly fit. Thought it would count towards the end but some bad shot decisions cost u.
    Some great Mayo young lads , but next year gonna be tough .
    Most Dublin supporters were hoping u would win coz despite the banter we have huge respect not only for the team but for the Mayo supporters who are there win lose or draw.
    Stay safe .

  96. Yes, My Left Foot – I feel for those players too. Losing so many finals must leave scars. They are very brave men and that is at the foundation of all. They deserve our respect.
    I thought James Horan looked gutted at the end – it must go through you when you invest so much into it. But I invite people to consider what our hopes and expectations were at the start of the year – promotion and win Connacht.

  97. Cheer Owen
    You are correct …no arguments at all
    Except on the penalty…..we missed it.That not luck ots just a miss.
    Morgan did well…stood up etc.
    His long kicks outs and frees were immense

  98. I’m afraid we’re bottlers. Bar Lee, Ryan and Stephen Coen every one else didt perform. I feared before the final Durkan might be stopped which he was. He got away once in the first half and scored and then they shut him down for good.

    Midfield malfunctioned, half forwards never won a break or scored.


  99. We took off o hora and his man mc curry goals big tip of my hat goes to Keegan Ryan o donoughe and Steven Coen and too all involved all year it takes a special effort group prob need time out maybe come back in two or three years with new blood proud mayo man!

  100. What really happened, all feels a bit surreal now. Did Mayo get beaten by 5 points?

    This feels different than the other losses.

  101. How could anyone vote for Ryan O’D for MOTM for Mayo. Missed 2 open goals. Great player but not a good day at the office for him today.

  102. Surely this is the last big game AOS will start? Still a great ball winner but that’s about it. Our forward line struggled to make any impact from open play.

    Tyrone were kicking points from all over the place, we bottled much easier chances. Tommy Conroy is the future, if he can add ruthlessness and accuracy to his game he can be our David Clifford. Hopefully next year Cillian will mentor ROD and mold him like a self portrait.

    We mustn’t forget a lot of these lads are still young and improving, the likes of O Donoghue and Conroy have still never played in front of packed out Croker.

    It will be interesting to see what benefit the Super 8s will have on this “New Mayo” team if it returns next year.

    No point pressing the panic button, no doubt this was our biggest opportunity to bring Sam home but if we have to do it the hard way against Dubs or Kerry next year then we’ll certainly rise to the occasion.

  103. In other years. I would leave in an horrendous mood but today showed to me that we are just not up to it when it comes down to the final call. Goals cost us every time. Will we ever win one in our lifetime. Its impossible to know. But what we do know is that we will never learn from our mistakes. Every year we concede goals and never take our goa chances.

  104. Struggled to come up with 3 names to vote for in motm poll which says it all, keegan clearly our best player as always, Stephen coen emerged with credit too but that’s it

    No excuses today, no conspiracies, no talk of curses.
    We were beaten out the gate by the far better team

    I’m off to get hammered before I say anything I regret

  105. I will say this tho, agreed with pat above can we stop talking about missed chances as if its bad luck. It’s bad execution and technique is what it is.
    Tyrone lads were competently stroking points from 40 yards out

    I’m sick to the teeth of looking on missed chances as a positive trait

  106. We had a lack of a kicking game today. There was space to move the ball but we chose to carry a lot. It worked in other games but Tyrone had chance to weigh it up and plan for it. They could afford to go man to man because most of the attacks were coming from running the ball. Durcan sprinting half the field in the first half is fine but is not the quickest way to transition the ball when space is ahead. Need to be able to mix it more. A frustrating performance by us but credit to Tyrone.

  107. The old heads get MOTM. Keegan followed closely by Kevin Mc. Both had to show the young fellas how to take their points. Bryan Walsh, Conroy, Plunkett and a few other young guns just didn’t have the composure of AI Champions today.

    ROD has been immense all year including today for the most part, but the penalty miss has to count for something.

    We’ll be back again next year. We’re still building something, whatever that is I don’t know but on top of that is Sam and once we can add composure to the relentless hunger that won’t be going anywhere, we’ll reach the summit..

  108. Totally unprepared mentally, Can’t see Mayo win all
    Ireland under Horan ,Tyrone made it look easy , full of confidence throughout, Mayo game plan a disaster &
    no plan B , Yet another sad day for Mayo football

  109. Best fans? Mayo fans falling over themselves to stick the knife in to their own team. Mayo came up short. Credit where it’s due Tyrone well deserved winners.

  110. These players owe us nothing. it was a bad day and we were well beaten today. As Mayo people we should be thinking of the effort and sacrifice they have put in all year.
    As an earlier poster said we have no devine right to win.

    Keep the faith

  111. It doesn’t get any easier. We only have ourselves to blame today. Too many missed chances and poor defending/keeping for the goals. Played right into tyrones hands.

    Gutted for them all but Keegan in particular as he always turns up in finals and that’s probably the last chance for him.

  112. Goals goals fucking goals !!!!
    I’m not one for hunting for changes but there will definitely IMO be a couple of lads who I love and admire may or may not be in mayos plans next year .
    JH will stay on . He has to . He has a lovely young crop of players coming through .
    We go again !!!!!!

  113. What’s really sad is that some of the sunshine supporters commenting here got tickets ahead of real supporters. I’ll be there for the FBD next year.

  114. I cant see how Hennelley gets the blame here.
    This was never more than 50 50.
    We just have to go again.
    Nothing else for it.
    This is a hard night though.

  115. WJ – thank you for yet another championship season which has made a great journey so much better. I hope you’re relaxing this evening – please take the evening off before wiping out all the shite comments.

  116. I said at the beginning of the year our weakest line was our half forward line and that proved to be the case today,zero scoring threat.some players were left on the pitch too long today subs should of been made sooner

  117. No excuses, Tyrone were the better team on the day, Mayo never got going at them at all, Lee Keegan was brilliant, he is as tough as they come & passed the ball perfectly all through the game but to many players just didn’t step up at all, midfield was missing & therefore you are on the back foot if you don’t get enough possession, defence was caught out badly for the two goals. Time is a healer.

  118. Think its time to get Rochford back as Coach , line very slow today to make the changes required. whats the point in bringing on players with minutes left to play. If a player is not performing on the day just replace him .

  119. I don’t think our style of play lends itself to half forwards standing out.
    Paul Galvin said similar on Twitter.
    Our halfbacks are on top of them all the time

  120. It’s raw, it’s sore and it’s hard to take , but we will go again , we are Mayo, we are gaels and we don’t give up .

  121. I can see the usual pattern after a big loss is establishing itself, i.e. sadness turning to anger. If anyone has any respect at all for the kind of place I’m trying to run here, please don’t make life even harder for me tonight than it is already.

  122. There is an awful lot of peole feeling hurt and disappointed and that is very understandablr because people invest so much emotion into it. But its only a game. Games have winners and losers. We lost because we were not the best team. It needs to be kept in perspective. 20000 children are dying of hunger tonight and every night..keep it in perspective folks.

  123. A somber evening, there’s no words to accurately describe the devastation that a 6th all Ireland defeat in 10 years brings. What I would say, is I had the pleasure of meeting Rob & John at Half Time, both had hopes similar to myself. Dreamers. I looked across to both lads as the full time whistle blew, and felt the same pain the same hurt as myself, it truely had a feeling of will it ever happen, but genuinely, it will. My heart goes out to the lads, they give so much to the blog & are a credit to the Green & Red.
    Keep the faith.

  124. I had planned earlier today to sign off on this blog for good after Mayo won the All Ireland and was to put put an inquiry out that all bloggers meet up at the homecoming tomorrow.
    But how that has changed.
    This defeat reminds me of the 1997 final where too many guys didn’t perform, how does one try to understand this, how can a Mayo man get best performet, probably O Donoghue, not one other Mayo player performed.
    I ask myself why is this so, there are a few obvious reasons.
    1, Too many Mayo players have experienced too many final defeats.
    2, Mayo management was poor, a few guys stayed on the pitch far too long in 2nd half.

    Where to now, too early to blame guys. It seemed to me that many Mayo players just didn’t believe they could win today.
    I put this down to the management primarily.

  125. We didn’t perform well today in several positions. Not from lack of effort, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out for certain players.

    The management and players will he hurting badly tonight as well as all the fans.

    As disappointed as I am I’m still eternally greatful to the management and all the panel for the work they have put in all year. We have had a mighty year following them. And I would thank them for all the thrills and spills.

    Gutted like everyone else.

    I was proud of the team before throw in, and I’m as proud of them tonight. Heartbroken but proud.

  126. OK lads I apologise sincerely…I am so sorry. We fucked up in a huge way. I love everything about my county ..those boys have gave everything for the cause..i have tears..genuine fucking tears..I am so so done with all the heartache…I haven’t trained twice or three times a week to get this shit finally done..We’re obviously cursed..I am so sorry to all
    ..Im crying here and am wondering what does it actually take ..and I’m pissed

  127. Lads and Ladies, 4 All Ireland defeats now under Current management, this is a record, ok, good young guys have come through but same old failings in the finals.
    A clean sweep all round.

  128. This is really difficult to process. Tyrone performed entirely as everyone expected. Mayo didn’t. It looked like the hype and the heavy tag of favourites weighed heavily. Cillian was a huge loss and we felt it today as was Eoghan McLaughlin. Castebarred, I know those comments are born out of deep frustration and disappointment but those comments were reckless. We come on here for solace and perspective – a kind of Mayo fans group therapy if you will – and the last thing we need is to be insulted – especially our wonderful diaspora.

  129. Willie Joe, you are a soldier of red and green, let the ramifications follow and all the autopsies, we all want the same goal , and only when we all pull together ,will what we want, we will get. It will happen believe and make it happen . Mayo man always and forever .

  130. Hennely had an OK game and great season, at fault for one goal but overall good,
    I think we missed a great opportunity this year, Kerry will come and Dublin not gone away either
    Still we soldier on

  131. Lads we are hurting to night .Then I put my young lad to bed who is nearly 3 turns around and gives me the turns up and says Up Mayo and for some reason some of the pain dwindles .
    Up Mayo . We will get there …

  132. I’m gutted and struggling to deal with such disappointment again. We’ll regret this one for many years.

    However, how anyone can suggest that we need new management is beyond me. We have a completely new team with only 4 of the 2017 team playing today. Horan and his team have done an excellent job bringing new players through and we just beat the 6 in a row all ireland champions. I’m my view, Horan is a superb manager. If management leave, we’d be in a huge hole.

    We lost today cause of a missed penalty and poor decision making. Management may have made some bad calls but their plan also put us in a position to win the game and we didn’t execute well enough.

  133. Mayo fans are the most tolerant of all but sadly much more than tolerant is needed to succeed,
    Other countries demand success & get it ,Tyrone
    are a typical example & Kerry look like having a new manager next year , James has lost four finals ,Lads
    train all year and then lack confidence & believe on the big day , Why I wonder ??
    Definitely needs thinking about ,

  134. Well. That is hard to take. Now another team has entered the fray to stop us winning an all ireland. Is our mentality not strong enough? Are we still short a few players?Horan has rejuvenated this team. But I wonder should he continue? Tactically naive today. Couldn’t improvise plan B. He is no novice. And the Aos issue…its clear as day that he holds us back against the top modern teams. Today he got out in front of his man a few times but ultimately slows the game down…allowed tyrone let back behind the ball. Beyond frustrating..why cant our management see this. Mayo people as a race tend not to be very ruthless…We need to increase ruthlessness….and make the tough decisions that need to be made. Showing guys loyalty does not win all Ireland’s. And before people jump down my neck and say these lads owe us nothing…that’s BS. We all want the same thing. If you had your chances and fail to take them it’s only right to let somebody else try. Ultimately mgt threw the players under the bus today. Idiocy is making the same decisions twice and expecting a different result.

  135. Really didn’t see our midfield getting wiped out so badly. Ruane and loftus especially both had stinkers.
    Even more so when you think they were matching up against a couple of no names that most GAA fans had barely ever heard of. Tyrone number 9 was very good I thought.
    The lack of composure up front was awful. Conroy is good but every score he gets is very physically taxing. Usually slashed wildly over the bar with 3 men hanging out of him. That kind of football is not sustainable in all Ireland finals and predictably dried up in the second half. There’s few “easy” points created, Tapovers a la Dean Rock and others with Dublin because of the build up play not being good enough to create those chances in space. It’s all 100 mile an hour stuff in front of goal.
    Bryan Walsh slashing a ball wide from 8 yards out when a simple fisted point would have been fine, only for canavan to show him how it was done a few min later was just the perfect example of the difference in the end.

  136. @PullHard Chin up, we have nothing to lose at this point.

    The key is to go in with no expectations. We haven’t won in 70+ bloody years, losing with much better teams than the one we put out today. The weight of those decades of heartbreak will always rest heavy on the shoulders of every player to put on the green and and red jersey until 15 come along and overcome it. We’ve a few who’ve done that but not a full team.

    Today showed that this “baggage” talk of accumulating final losses not affecting the young crop of players was a load of rubbish. The likes of Keegan and McLoughlin were our best players today, what does that say?

    I made the mistake this year of giving in and allowing myself to get carried away with this blinding confidence I was seeing all around me. As if this year was different to the other 10 finals just because the opponent is unfamiliar.

    We don’t have the right to be this confident because of our constant shortcomings that is endemic by now. It’s time we stay humble and reserved, back our fellas but to avoid getting carried away (even if it’s Tipperary we’d be facing) like many of us did again this year.

  137. I got no ticket and watched the match on tv. It seemed to me mayo were rushing their shots and did not have composure on the ball. Cillian was badly missed today. It appeared on tv that the mayo supporters were not shouting and cheering for the last 20 minutes of the game .maybe I am mistaken and somebody who was at the game may clarify it.Robbie got caught in no mans land for first tyrone goal and mayo were playing catch up after that goal.

  138. @Jimbo, when so many tickets were given as corporate packages then you won’t have the hardcore support there like myself.
    Look at the Hill today it seemed to be all Tyrone, also on TV there looked to be closer to 60,000 people there today.

  139. MikieJ, I think there is something in what you said – to go in with no expectations.
    Personally, I am getting tired of this narrative of the seventy years, and this narrative of losing 11 finals since 1989. What actual difference does that make when you think about it? Really? Maybe if a team lost one year (e.g. 1996) you might think they might hope to win it the next. But that’s about it. Otherwise these stories are tiresome.
    I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot as supporters thinking about the long string of years as if it means something in reality, as if it might mean we should win it more, or that we are shocking bad people for not winning it. This is a year on year thing. Each year is a new one and is different.
    The media really have shortcomings when it comes to championships – they promote and define narratives for their own reasons or to entertain (e.g. Mayo haven’t won for 70 years, Kerry are favourites for this year, Mayo are now slight favourites etc).
    It’s year on year.

  140. @Jimbo, I was at the game and feel you may be right. I think after the penalty miss and the first Tyrone goal, we feared the worst. I think the experience of all those previous final weighs heavy on most Mayo fans to ve honest.

  141. Perspective needed tonight.

    – losing mullin will be a big loss
    – some of the younger players arent as good as people thought

    – Dempsey to be manager next year with a proper attacking plan
    – harrison and cillian back is HUGE
    – a new goalie who comands his square and instills confidence in the full back line (just like Clarkey)

    UP MAYO!!!!

  142. Swallow swoops is correct. You need to just blank slate and ignore the usual media build up. It just gets everyone anxious. Cillian was the lynchpin loss, the other lads tried their best to step up but came short. Tyrone easily could’ve been missing mcshane/Donnelly. Mattie was taken off and I’d been concerned about him. The timing just worked so well for Tyrone , with the delay and then two week break for final. Gaelic football is in good health and competition next year is going to be fierce.

  143. Jimbo
    I agree, support was poor today.
    To many supporters at their first game of the season

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