Game day – we’d want to be winning this one

After two matches on the road, we’re back on home turf at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park tonight. Roscommon are our opponents in this evening’s National League Division One Round 5 match, which throws in at 7.30pm. Cavan’s Joe McQuillan is the ref, it’s live on TG4 and GAA GO (the latter outside Ireland), with live radio commentary on Midwest.

This is an important match for both teams, both in relation to how we’re doing in this year’s National League but, much more importantly, with an eye to our almost certain meeting in the Connacht SFC semi-final next month.

In this week’s podcast episode with Ciarán Murphy of Second Captains and in Edwin McGreal’s podcast column (both available to our Patreon club members), the odd incentives and wildly differing objectives facing teams in Division One of the League this year got a good airing. The new Championship structure – in which the start of the summer campaign abuts directly onto the end of the League – really has made the NFL the competition nobody wants to win, with everybody (bar, I guess, Derry) doing what they can to avoid making the Division One decider.

Both ourselves and the Rossies have made a decent fist so far of doing enough not to make it to Croke Park at the end of this month. But, of course, that means that we both now have a bit of work to do to make sure we don’t get sucked into the relegation vortex over the remaining two rounds of matches.

Unlike Galway, neither ourselves or Roscommon are adopting the kind of insouciant air regarding Division One survival that Ciarán Murphy, speaking about his native county, explained so well on the pod earlier this week. Shorn of five of their best players through injury, Galway know they might fall through the trapdoor later this month but equally they’re aware that, when their main men are back, they’ll be a different proposition for the Championship.

For them, a sojourn next year in Division Two isn’t of concern. For ourselves and the Sheepstealers, however, it sure is.

So top tier survival is a major incentive for both of us to do the business tonight. Whoever wins this one is all but guaranteed safety – with six points in the bag and with the head-to-head advantage on two teams below us along with a solidly positive points difference in our favour, a win for us tonight and only the maths nerds would quibble about our likely survival – while whoever loses it faces an untidy scramble to stay up.

From our perspective, we’d need to be winning this one. Our form has been patchy at best so far in this campaign, with major question marks over a middle third sector that lacks heft and a rather toothless attack.

Given our so-so displays in the four rounds we’ve played, we’ve outperformed by already bagging four precious League points. Two more will do it and tonight would be a good night to get them, not least given the alarming manner in which we fell away when Tyrone hit the accelerator up in Omagh last weekend.

We also owe the Rossies one. Sure, there’s no way we should ever have had to play them last year in a Connacht Championship fixture a week after contesting a League final. Notwithstanding this, the manner they turned us over that day was, from our standpoint, as predictable as it was depressing.

They’re no doubt revelling in how they’ve become a stone in our shoe of late. For years they couldn’t buy a win in Castlebar but now they’ve beaten us at our place the last two times they’ve played us in the Championship there. They’d like nothing better than to give us another going over on our home turf tonight, recording in the process a first MacHale Park win over us in the National League in forty years.

And, let’s face it, they’re not without hope in this respect. They crushed Monaghan last time out so they’ll head to Castlebar sky-high in confidence. With Davy Burke naming an extremely strong side for tonight’s game, there’s no doubt but that they’re going to come gunning for us.

We’ve reciprocated with the team we’ve named, which, on paper at least, is the strongest one available to us. If David, Paddy and Diarmuid are all still out through injury, as it appears they are, then that weakens us but the team we’ve named still has every chance of claiming the win which, at this stage, we need.

It would be easy to characterise this match as a defining one for Kevin McStay’s team. While such a line of thinking is, to my mind, misplaced, tonight’s clash with the Rossies does give the team the opportunity to demonstrate their mettle.

Last year’s summer implosion, in large part driven by a loss in form of several players precisely at the time of year when we should have been starting to click properly, raised the suspicion then that this current Mayo team – unlike the all-out battling outfit that went before them – isn’t a group that can be relied upon when the going gets tough.

Well, it’s set to be hammer and tongs under the MacHale Park lights tonight so it’ll be of more than passing interest to see which version of this Mayo team shows up. Anything less than the best version of themselves and we’ll be in trouble but if they bring the performance they’re capable of the win we need could well follow.

The county’s women footballers could also do with a win today. A bit like the lads, they face a team – in their case it’s Cork – who also aren’t out of the woods where it comes to relegation so a win today would be of huge importance for both of them. It would be great to see our women secure the points in this one.

The best of luck to both teams, and to the county’s camogie side as well – they play Louth this afternoon in Division 4 of the Camogie League. Here’s to wins for the lot of them. Let’s get it done. Up Mayo.

178 thoughts on “Game day – we’d want to be winning this one

  1. Best of luck to Mayo today,safe travels to all supporters and hopefully no injuries,enjoy the game

  2. Lets see where this management team is at more like. Lateral slow hand passes will be swallowed up by an ultra defensive Roscommon team. Conditions in their favour aswell. Each time they beat us in MacHale its wet damp horrible weather.

    Prediction: Roscommon by 3, and this blog to explode at 9.30pm, mainly due to supporters who buy into all the hype around the league.

  3. From the rossies I know they seem pretty overly confident ha they will be hard to beat but I think they are in for a rude awakening from our guys.

    Mayo by 4 or so.

    League is only the league but this is one we need to def win if not we are in hot water don’t care about winning league or being in final leave that to derry and let derry run out of gas come summer..

    But need to secure division 1 status and if anything it’s our pride that counts tonight to..

    have full faith mayo will show up tonight good luck!

  4. @margie agree let’s see where management are at, but we’ve still too many players who go missing when the chips are down.
    I don’t buy into the league hype at all, there’s nothing I’d rather avoid more, than somehow fluking our way into a league final, and getting an absolute trimming off Derry or Dublin. I would like to show some fight and win today though, and then whatever happens in the last two matches happens, on current form, there’s not a snowball in hells chance of us beating Derry, and Monaghan are last day survival experts.

  5. @Gizmobobs. That’ll a laugh.
    The GAA Volunteers are what it’s based on but these days the Volunteers give their time for Free while they see The GAA rake in Millions of euros.
    Thousands of Volunteers can’t get to Matches because of giving their time to under age teams they then go home and themselves and their children can’t watch the the main match of the day Without Paying for it.
    The Double Standards of the current GAA will kill its ethos and many will turn to other Sports.
    Putting fines on Clubs and Volunteers won’t help and is incredibly obnoxious.
    Maigheo Abu.

  6. I still have faith, listened back to the Kerry podcast from last year when we bet them in the round robin, they couldn’t praise us enough especially our midfield, I don’t believe we’ve shown any hand yet. Great team but lacking top top players, need to be realistic in terms of what’s possible, for my money we can beat the top 3 on our day but lose to the top 12 when it isn’t, good luck to the lads, be great to get one over the Rossies

  7. Mike H – all sports have problems getting volunteers to help out and get referees. Parents find it easier to stay out of things- but well able to turn up at games and criticise everyone from the selectors on the sideline to the referee on the field. This in turn is turning more volunteers away. Same in all sports.

  8. Too much hype about the “league hype” . The phrase has taken a life of its own on the blog. When I get to the game this evening I’ll be hoping for a mayo win the same as any other game i attend and will be looking to see who’s playing well and who is not and look for systems of play especially and whatever happens at the end of the league happens and I’ve never gone to a game yet hoping my team lose. Sometimes I reckon people think they’re sounding like kerry supporters /mature gaa thinkers ahead of others if they state they don’t care about this competition or that competition.

  9. Agree with Marge about league being over hyped. I’m fairly sure it’ll take more than a loss here to send any team down. Lots of football to be played between today and end of March. I can’t help sensing McStay has learned from last yrs league and chosen not to go full metal jacket at it. We’ve seen how schizoid league performances can be with Kerry and Dubs playing yo yo type ball in their attitudes towards some games. Mayo fans need to compose themselves a bit. They’re going to survive in division 1, I’d bet the house on it, and, surely that’s all that matters. Watch the Dubs let Derry run amok today and rope them in later in the summer. Same goes for Kerry….you can rest assured Jack O’Connor is wryly smiling to himself somewhere today. Nothing to panic about yet ladies and gentlemen.

  10. Let’s get relegated, let’s lose to Ny in Connaught… let’s get 3rd seed to Dublin in Round Robin …and then … let’s beat the dubs in Croke park… ahh only joking let’s beat the rossies this evening… getting 2 weeks break between games later in year and peaking for qtr/semis should be our priority …

  11. Gizmobobs I don’t know why referees are needed at u12. My memory of a few years ago outside of Mayo was that someone from each team refereed a half each and no problems. If what I’m listening to from young fellas there won’t be too many refs needed as young lads don’t want to be lambasted by coaches if they don’t keep possession of the ball. Recycling is the name of the game. Win at all costs and no fun or learning the basics of the game.
    Anyway I always expect us to beat the Rosies and hopefully today will be no different

  12. I wouldnt be convinced thats the whole pic at all mark dempsey .

    Number one . we lose tonight , we are in a relegation dog fight.

    Number two.. Both Dublin and kerry have performed in some games a lot better than we have , id argue Dublin in particular had a savage performance v Kerry last day out . We on the other hand have been poor in all our games imo bar galway game but come on Galway were absolutely dire that day .

    oh and i doubt derry will be running amok on dubs either , expect the opposite tbh . That COC is simply unplayable when he hits this form , i expect this year a ronaldo or messi type debate to enter the gaelic football discussion , clifford or o callaghan .

    Tonight is a big game , if supporters are afraid to admit that , well thats exactly what it is, fear

  13. Any official update on injuries (Paddy, McBrien, Diarmuid, Carr, O’hora). Having these fit and ready for championship will be pivitol…I expect a couple of changes from the team named but also think this is the last ‘targeted’ game for a win. 5 or 6 plus for me

  14. @No Doubt, we all hope for a Mayo win. The point is the over reaction when we lose a game and sometimes over eulogising of players and managers when we win a game.

    The league is effectively a pre season competition, despite the GAA/RTE and paid pundits telling us otherwise. It generates money via newspaper columns, social media and pod casts for these pundits. I’ve no problem with that. But thir always going to big it up from Jan-April. The second its over they drop it like a hot potato. Over hyped.

  15. Mcbrien and durcan are massive losses. I watched canavan bearing down on goal the last day in omagh. Stephen coen came into picture and instead of turning and blocking canavan he just kept following his man. Leaving gaping hole for canavan to run in and despatch past hennelly. I have seen that type of defending so many times in the past. I always thought the number 1 rule was dont let a man in on goal. Again this is observation not criticism. Stephen is half back anyhow. Point is mcbrien has become linchpin and his return cant come quick enough. A reaction tonight would be expected. If we dont see that against the rossies then there is somethin wrong. League or no league. Losing wastes far more energy than winning.

  16. Fair enough Sean… there’s a kerryman working with me who told me last March that Mayo would win the league, and last week he foretold Derry would win this one. He’s not too slow this lad, let me tell you. I’d say either Mickey Harte or Dessie Farrell will pull a stroke today with a pure mule performance, but it’ll bear no significance down the line. Mayo’s performances heretofore are entirely irrelevant in my opinion. Last yrs league win had the weight of the world on their shoulders whereby the Dubs sailed in as has-beens and stole the thunder from Kerry. You’ll be toasting Mr McStay like the rest of us with his cunning plan later on.,… I hope anyway

  17. If anyone has anyone traveling to Mallow for the ladies game tell them to set their sat-nav for Pàirc uí SuperValu instead. Game moved to there for 5.30.

  18. Mayo need the fringe players to step up in the absence of the guys that are out injured.
    We are forgetting that at least 6 or 7 subs will need to have a big impact on games when they come on, this is how it will be in the championship.

    I don’t mind if there is a loss tonight by a point or a win by a point but it more about guys being able to play well, the fringe for guys that will be subs when the key injured guys are fit to play.

  19. Spectre. Coen knew he hadn’t the pace to get to Canavan so he did the sensible thing and stuck with his man so at least his own man wasn’t going to score

  20. Don’t agree we’ve been poor in all games. We stared Dublin down and won, weren’t too bad against Kerry, and were very poor against Tyrone – in the third quarter.

  21. Mayo should benchmark their ability on players that are consistently available. Dont include players that are consistently injured / coming back. It never works out.

  22. Dub went up a gear v Kerry, Tyrone went up a gear v Leaderless Mayo. Can we go up a gear this eve. Have we that gear.? The stakes are high.

  23. “Waste of time” could apply to the couple of minutes I spent reading that shite.

  24. I think you are way over the top in your scathing criticisms of players, many of whom are on a learning curve but are progressing. McBrein at 6 or 3, the jury’s out on that. No reason why Ruane can’t regain his form and be the force he was.
    Your glass is definitely half empty, I agree with you the expectations of some posters are unjustified, but, provided the management and there’s enough of them can get the tactics right, we will acquit ourselves well in the championship.

  25. Thought there was a policy on here of not insulting individual players. Retrocut, that post is well out of order and you should be ashamed of yourself!

  26. @Retrocut to be honest I think you are fairly harsh there about the players. Jeez like we have a very young team some of whom only made their debuts last year..

    It takes time to reach your peek in your career doesn’t happen over night.

    Yes there are questions for sure and the players know more then anyone they have a lot to improve on but I think your over the top in that post.

    One thing I’ll say is the guys never give up and keep going till the end which we saw v Dublin and kerry.

    Give the guys a break it’s only sport at the end of the day.

  27. We are neither as good as we think we are ,or as bad as we think we are,on our day of everything goes right for us we can beat anyone,but we must have everything going for us,but the complete have to comments won’t improve us,some of the players are out of form,but form is temporary,class is permanent,I have no doubt that MRuane,and T Conroy will return to form,we will beat Roscommon this evening,it will keep people quite until our next loss,but the arrogance of people who believe that winning the league is not important,some of the players will look back with pride on winning the league,we don’t have to run them down,up Mayo

  28. In respect of winning Sam I’m afraid you are probably on the money Retrocut. But that ship has sailed for now. And I think most people have made their peace with that by now.

  29. Retrocut – that’s a disgraceful comment to post, all the more so on a match day. You’ve been active here long enough to know that you can’t trash-talk named players in that way. Your comment has been deleted and a spot in moderation central is called for now, I reckon.

  30. Mcbrien is the big loss. The mainstay in that full back line. I don’t think brickenden is at his level yet. Big night for management and players.

  31. Id say @Retrocuts post will be edited or deleted soon. I have to say he/she/them has hit a few home truths there. Though I strongly disagree with the criticism of Diarmuid and Ruane. Them two boys have proved themselves. In Ruane’s case its up to mamagement to get the best out of him the way Horan did. One of the top midfielders in the Country when on form.

    Hard to argue with some of his points re: certain new additions to the panel. Seiriously even some Ballinrobe people are surprised at the inclusion of some of their club players into the panel.

    @Retrocut gave Brickenden a free pass there imo. You can’t just slate the likes of Plunkett who’s coming back from over a year out, and fail to mention the roasting Brickenden has got in most of his very few Mayo starts. Id say Murtagh will kick 4 or 5 points off him again tonight.

  32. I’d hate to see this blog later on if we do loose it’ll be up to 90 haha..

    It’ll be a cracker of a game either way I’d say or a blanket defence game by the rossies…

    It’s a big gane and a massive test for mcstay&co

    Safe travels to all!

  33. Seeing as it’s already been mentioned more than once in the comments, in the event that we do lose this game I’m giving fair warning in advance that I’m not going to be tolerant of anyone overstepping the mark later on this evening.

    Some of the comments posted here in the aftermath of the Kerry and Tyrone games were, frankly, an embarrassment and I’m losing patience with those who feel this is the place to blow off steam without any consequence. I’d appeal in particular to those posting comments during and immediately after the game to exercise restraint. This is far from a ha ha issue, as a minority of blowhards are spoiling the community here on the blog for everyone else.

  34. On injured players.
    Are Mayo management bringing guys in too soon and getting injured after one or two games.
    Are injuries being picked at training ?, are the training pitch surfaces causing a bit more injuries than usual?

    In my opinion getting to a league final is to be avoided as championship commences 6 or 7 days later.
    Finishing in 3, 4, 5 or 6th position is good for me.
    There is no need for the Gaa to have a league final as in nearly all other major sports the team on the top of the league wins the league, possibly greed on the part of the Gaa.

    How can management get the most out of Ruane, to me he is a more effective roving player, would be great moving around to gain possession from kickouts rather than in a static position of jumping for the ball in midfield, a bit like what Brian Howard does so well for the Dubs.

    Has Mayo management not spotted this?

    The Dubs have made a statement last week, could really raise there game v Kerry with a few experienced guys out injured.

    We have a fair idea of the final 4 in the race for Sam and the Dubs will probably win again.

    Kerry actually have a midfielder on their team but is playing out of position currently.

    Past time for Conroy to deliver and take scores.

  35. @willie Joe apolagies I didn’t mean anything by the haha.. I hate seeing any bad comments directed at any players after a loss or in general!

  36. The game will hardly be a cracker.considering the conditions it’s more likely to be a dour dogfight and hopefully no haha issues.

  37. Not able to go or watch this game. We are well capable of winning but will be another good test for the team. Based on McStays comments, would expect a reaction from the players due to the need get to the 6 point mark.

    There have been questions over leadership from the team, we will need to see some of this if we are to beat the Rossies this evening. Finally, we need to get over the fact that we have players missing. Ultimately, very hard to win if you develop a “victim” mentality, the Irish rugby team are a good example of a team that does not get stuck in this mindset. Have a hunch that we will win but need to see improvement from last week as a minimum requirement.

  38. Posters forget Ruane is coming back from serious energy, he’s doing his damnest to get his fitness back, on his day he is a good long range point taker and puts in trojan work.
    Carney puts in hugh shifts, not fully appreciated by armchair pundits, I can see pressure coming on him to try his luck in Australia, so be glad we have him and other young lads from all corners of the county.

  39. @Margie: I’d love to know where you think Brickenden has been roasted in his 9 starts in the last 2 years?

    Prior to his injury last year he was in fantastic form (better than I ever thought him capable of from underage & club games if I’m honest) and went right back to it this year. Jack and Sam both got roastings this year, despite being fantastic players, but Rory hasn’t. Or anything close to one.

  40. I was hoping Derry would go toe to toe with Dubs today and maybe rest a few next week but 7 changes from Galway game for today’s game..

  41. In fairness on the Canavan goal, I thought Sam had it covered. Tried to tackle both sides and Canavan did a drop kick which caught everyone including Hennelly out. Would have to acknowledge it as a piece of brilliance. Goes to show how good Canavan is that Sam who’s been doing very well on some excellent players struggled against him 2 days running. I didn’t see any role for Coen in stopping it but maybe I missed something. I actually voted Coen MOM as he was good throughout that game. Third quarter Tyrone jumped a big level and we didn’t react similarly. McCurry was a big factor and he will be in their summer team.
    Despite that loss we’re in the ball park of Tyrone, Galway and 1 or 2 more. Cork gone backwards, Donegal, on the up but Meath maybe still behind us, Ros are in and around the same pack and Monaghan sliding a bit. Dubs, Kerry and Derry are the 3 obvious favourites, most others could take them out on their day.

  42. Some of “the best supporters in the country”. from 2012 to 2021 aren’t quite the best now when we are struggling a bit. Still remember the desperately small crowds of Mayo supporters at Connacht final in 2011 and quarter final v Cork same year. Then the bandwagon got up and running and ran fairly well til Tyrone derailed it in 2021. While opinions are great the constant sniping at certain players and management is tiresome. Maybe it’s just the league, maybe some teams are just too good for us. But this is our county team and they represent us . No doubt there will be posters laying in to some of our players tonight after ten minutes. Back the players. Support the county. Maigh Eo Abu Best of luck to all tonight

  43. Sticks for the reek. At 1 stage coen was goal side. Then kept followin his man. He could have blocked canavans run. Watch it back from behind goal. Its plain to see. I expect yes there told keep trackin ur man. Sensing danger didnt come into it on that occassion

  44. Coens man would have been available for a palmed goal if he didn’t keep tracking him. I think he made the correct decision, you have to back Sam to put pressure on Canavan and Hennelly to make the save in that situation.

  45. TsuDhoNim – agree on Brickenden. He was excellent in the league last year. Wouldn’t say he got roasted this year at all. Struggled on Clifford but that was 3 days after sigerson final. The fact management gave him the job over McBrien tells a tale. McBrien didn’t have a good day on Clifford last summer.

  46. Well.. My expectations for a cracker in Croke Park have gone out the window a bit after seeing the Derrry panel. Hard to disagree they’re not doing the sensible thing though, with one foot in the final already, and with a long season ahead, not leading towards burnout as everyone claims they would be.

  47. Great to see Frank Irwin back in the panel he has potential but needs games. I think Mayo will shade it tonight but if we dont its not the end of the World though its always nice to beat Roscommon. Wrap up warm its going to be a cold one

  48. Thanks knockingabout. Mayo supporters are almost on a par with Tissue supporters now. We have probable 26 man panel. The games people play.

  49. Wide ball coens man was running away from goal. Taking coen with him. Just msking the point about mcbrien been crucial now

  50. Dubs are pretty good at Horanball it turns out.
    But will it’s cost in accuracy end up costing them points (again)?

    Dublin struggling to evolve the game state here. Not surprising that the frustration is building.

  51. Dubs are the all ireland champions ,beating the league leaders in their home patch ,hammered kerry last week , showing all the signs of a tactically competent team . Will improve all the other norms come june/july. Im in awe of them , i honestly think they will retain sam maguire at a canter .

  52. I wish people would stop this nonsense about not showing our hand. Every top county knows exactly who the players are in every other county and what their abilities are.

    The only way we could be hiding our hand is if we have a few players that nobody knows about that we are suddenly going to launch and that will never be the case

  53. As expected Dubs A team too much for Derrys B team. The media will be fawning over them again tomorrow.

  54. As expected Dublins A team too much for Derrys B team. Lets see what team they put out against us.

  55. @Brian
    That Dublin A team is missing Cluxton,Fitzsimons,McCarthy,Mccaffrey and Mannion as well.
    They will take some shifting with home advantage all the way through the competition as is their right.

  56. I think Mayo will struggle against Roscommon tonight, because it will be blanket defence mostly from the Rossies but they have good forwards & will cause a lot of problems for Mayo’s defenders but it all depends on what style of attack Mayo bring to the game later? I hope they move the ball quickly with players running onto to ball to open the blanket & get scoring more, maybe they can win if they play nonsense football.

  57. Okay..egg on the face aside, Derry didn’t bother and the Dubs didn’t need to bother. Harte looking down the McGuinness gun in April and that’s what this compressed season has reduced it all to. Apply that irreversible truth to what McStay has to face knowing he’s damned if he does etc etc. Pundits will tell you it’s a Dubs and Derry final already… laughable, really it is. At this stage I’ll be putting my house on Ireland to win the Eurovision.

  58. @mind the house. Agree about all those players to come back for Dublin, and while the experience they’ll bring is invaluable, most of them are the wrong side of 30 in my opinion. Says more about the quality of opposition to me than anything else, Kerry deserved their All Ireland, and in David Clifford, probably have the best player ever to play the game.. But I think they’re seriously overrated, and us beating them easily twice last year, led us to a false sense of where we were at, and we later found out the truth against, Louth, Cork and Dublin.
    But I agree, looks like Dublin have got over their 6 in a row hangover, and are ready to go on another run of 3 or 4, interestingly after recent comments that their funding would be reduced, it was reported in the Independent recently that they’re still well top of the funding tree, with no reduction at all.

  59. Two changes – Eoghan McLaughlin and Paul Towey in, Mattie Ruane and Tommy Conroy out. Conor Hunt replaces Frank Irwin on the bench.

  60. A great start, should have been well up after the first twenty minutes, let Roscommon back into it. Very loose at the back, can’t give quality forwards space and we are allowing Roscommon easy shots.

  61. this lateral passing across the pitch and hundreds of handpasses is so frustrating,

    we are miles better than these Rossies

    why cant we play direct football a prime example is mayos third point from a super pass from Boland into ROD and over the bar

  62. It’s not bad from mayo though. Colm reapes point from play was great in fairness to him weather will play a huge part in the outcome of the game but so far not a bad match considering it’s absolutely pissing rain..

  63. Showed a bit of bite at the start but have fallen back in to the same pattern as last weekend with our backs attacking and adding nothing. Roscommon have the better forwards and will probably go all out 3rd qtr. 3 full backs need to mind the house. Sick saying it.

  64. To loose at the back and could have conceded a crazy goal with goalie so far of his line. Same thing happened in Derry game

  65. Too many wides again for Mayo. Management should also tell Reape to stay on his line. Nearly caught out again.

  66. Good start but have fallen back to our old ways from a attacking point of view, hopefully we can pick it up again after half time.

  67. What is Brickendon doing showing for passes on a counter attack in the left corner forward position?
    That is just so chaotic.

  68. Because minus Ryan upfront no one is capable of scoring like the roscommon forwards can with ease? And we’re relying ok on pints from Reape and Coen?

  69. If we defend like this we’ll win nothing. For 4 of Roscommon’s points we didn’t have a defender within 3 feet of the kicker. Flippin Diarmuid Murtagh being given the freedom of MacHale Park. Way way way too much space in the Mayo defence. Some last minute last ditch tackles have made it look better for us but you can’t be relying on that. I’d be very worried if we set up like this in championship. We also have Dublin and Kerry similar space. I just don’t understand it.

  70. Great quality football considering the weather. Superb scores from Murtagh and Cregg. Ross absolutely butchered two goal chances.

    Leave Towey on for the whole game, he deserves it. Ryan has had 3 turnovers, 3 fouls, and a yellow card. Some of his hand passing is cat.

  71. Dave Johnston, because presumably they are ones who have him instructed to sweep.
    Leaving our last defender very isolated again.

    Very good performance for first 15.

    Was surprised Flynn made it back on, looked like he was out of it. Thankfully seems ok.

  72. No it did not Joe G
    I am down that side close to the goals
    The disputed point was dodgy too . Looked like it went over the post at best

  73. Hessian, coen and mchugh have been outstanding.

    Hession would always be one of the first names on the teamsheet for me

  74. I blame AOS,I blame Stephen Rochford,I blame K McStay, who else can I blame,it will leave the critics very sad tonight

  75. @Green & red that’s the thing whenever we win or play well or maybe not even our best and win the other team where shite…

    Our guys have stood up tonight after talking to the rossies I knew during the week they were full certain they would hammer us whatever the result is tonight fair play to our guys in that absolute awful weather they gave it their best..

    @supermac 100% agree with you!

  76. Very impressive second half considering Roscommon looked like they had their tails up for the last 10 minutes of the first half. I thought they were going to make the second half very difficult for us, but we went about our business in style. It was a real pity to see McLaughlin pulling his hamstring, he looked really dangerous going forward.

  77. That’s division 1 secured. Hopefully use next two rounds to work on tactical side of things.

  78. Great win tonight I expected a tougher game from the Rossies but thrilled to win in such awful weather

  79. Good win in the end. Kept possession well in the 2nd half. Safe now in division 1 for another year. Job done.

  80. The only thing I’m taking away from that game is how horrendous roscommon, if u looked at the scoreline without watching the game u would think mayo where really good but again our forward play wasn’t great and outside of rod don’t have the scoring threat but good to get the win

  81. Mayo45 say was cramp when he went up to bench and walked off.

    Hopefully that all it is, he looks like our only regular goal threat.

  82. Christ that was a hard watch, two points for ye so job done but Roscommon were really awful, hard to believe how bad they were. The last 15 minutes were like a training session. Bad looking injury to McLoughlin much like Dublin player earlier today.

  83. It’s either us or rhe Dubs now in the league final against Derry on points scoring difference it seems.

  84. Mayo were good in awful weather conditions you can say rossies were awful etc but they were hell bent on winning this game that’s what I heard all week.

    We have loads to work on still but mayo showed up tonight.

    Glad Jordan flynn was Ok in the end in first half he look shook.

    Only the league but that was a big win.

    Great to have enda hession back and fergal Bowland stood up again

    Fair play to the guys

  85. Much better. Hession was outstanding, he gave Daire Cregg almost nothing & he’s one the best young forwards in Ireland. McHugh excellent. ROD excellent & much more like himself.

    Can’t really criticise much. A little wasteful in front of the posts but I’m happier we were creating the chances in the 1st place. And we overplayed it a bit at times – Just the final ball/shot execution was a little off or we could have mullered them!!

    Safety should be secured now. And we can experiment a bit

  86. Standard of both sides poor , lacked intensity . A win is welcomed . Nothing new with Mayo though , very easy to read for teams with ambitions . Well done to the bucks though , they are doing the best they can .

  87. Sorry Mayo 45, they just said he felt a bit of a ping, so may be a be a few weeks out you’d imagine.

  88. That was terrible viewing..
    Two things I took away, Wrap Ryan O Donoghue in cotton wool and Davy Byrnes days are numbered as Roscommon were a shambles…

  89. Delighted for the result and all I could have hoped for but morseo delighted for guys like Stephen coen , called it earlier in the week his importance to this team is so very important.
    Delighted for hess and donnacha mchugh . Two great battling performances but with added class foe their scores . Did think donnacha was man for smyth as he had the physicality to stick with him and that man marking role was very important .
    Jordan was outstanding and Jack Carney who also was getting stick fairly showed what he’s made of with great solid midfield display.
    Forwards were fine bar ROD who was different levels tonight . Hopefully keep that going.
    Felt sorry for eoin Mac as its a positions that suits him but he will loose probably 3 weeks now .
    Great to see conor Loftus back out there , add in carr and a fitter matty and cillian and our squads getting more solid all time . Maybe even o hora as corner back cover to release Sam to halfback but all round Delighted no harm to stick one on that shower, still haven’t shown our hand and building but only negatives is towey performance and amount of time bricks was in full forward line, Barr that all went well and Reape showed his class, Jack coyne got his mojo back and all good .

  90. How long does a hamstring tear keep you out? McL was having a great game for us. Hard to see him back before May.

    @Supermac, yes, Hession was excellent. Coen steady and McHugh one of his better games but ros were dreadful in 2nd half.

    Flynn put in a shift but again, the game just seemed to pass Carney by…though Bob was fairly quiet too.

    Towey, I kinda feel sorry for him. He was forcing it. He was coming way too deep to get the ball and just pop it off. That’s not what he’s there for. He’s a shooter, full stop and he snatched at the one chance he got. Huge pressure on him. You have to give guys like that a series of games.

    Tommy, just has to find his mojo. It’ll come, it’s just a matter of when.

    Cillian needs minutes, minutes, minutes. Start him in next few games and give him 60 mins.

    Aidan was in and out; he tried hard. Don’t really know what his role is though. It’s not creating scores whatever it is.

    Concern still remains the space we are affording opposition forwards. We improved as game went on but again, at the start of he 2nd half Ros kicked two terrible sides. Murtagh and cox(I think) were unmarked unsure 35 yards. Those wides sucked the wind out of them. We tacked a few over and the game was up. Hession controlled that half back line area well.

    Sam brick and coyne all ok. Just need to be tighter.

    Our injury list isn’t good now.. McLaughlin, O’Connor, McBrien, Carr. All starters. That’s a major concern now.

  91. Love how whenever mayo win anything the other team were absolutely awful. Really irritating.

    Guess will be the way until we really prove ourselves

    Rossies weren’t that bad in the first half mayo just turned up the notch in 2nd half and put our best out we are a better team then rossies.

    Loads to work on but a good win by our guys

  92. Story with ROD playing so deep second half? Great to win. Not the best game but 2 pts. Not sure why Rossies were so flat but well done to the lads.

  93. Nice 2 points that’s all it is probably secured us in division 1 as I always say it’s just the league in which no game defines us it’s up and down a lot of positives but unfortunately a few negatives hopefully mcgloghan isn’t to bad and tommys form really worrying just hope he can get into a vein of form but over all 2 points move on

  94. @Mayonaze I got a hamstring injury few years ago takes about 6 weeks for me anyway hopefully quicker for mcghloulin of that’s what he has..

    We badly missed hession last year he’s such an important player for us!

  95. Disappointed you didn’t see Jack performance for what it was mayonaze. I thought he was Integral to all things good, broke up play , won clean ball, got short kick outs , good distribution, tuohy I’d agree game passed him by but wouldn’t worry about him . Towey I’m afraid is the new richie feeney , he’s not taking his chances and longer we not have a scoring forward , the stronger his legen grows despite him not producing the goods when given chance.

  96. Much more committed display .we really need to be getting better return from mcloughlins blistering runs forward.Ryan o Donaghue kicked some excellent points and Tommy conroy looked lively he just needs to start clipping a few points now .Roscommon did surrender without much of a battle in the second half but the two points was all that mattered this evening.

  97. You’d have to feel for Tommy C…. he’s trying manfully but just not happening… yet.
    Half back line in total and Ryan very good tonight. Forward division trying one pass too many at times. No need to over complicate the thing, but near total control in 2md half.
    Now we have;licence to work on ironing out creases without threat of relegation. That’ll do for now.

  98. Eoghan was outstanding. Hope the hammer is ok… he’d be a big loss.
    Aido excellent after the break.
    Tommy made a massive difference when he came in.

  99. Well done Mayo, at long last more attacking football & lads taking on more shots, great stuff, Rossies were not at their best but it’s a good win to ease pressure now, Mayo are coming on nicely with a lot more to straighten out in the next few weeks.

  100. Mayonaze

    A well thought out post, especially on Paul Towey, while he was directly involved in two of first eight points, (he was replaced directly after that), it is a tough full forward line to break into, he obviously has the ability to kick points, that is obvious, but definitely rushed one kick tonight. Hopefully he will get time in last two games , if he does and does not take that chance then on to the next man.

  101. @clare Mayo were not at the level they can get to. There is a strong argument to suggest that we played better against Kerry than we did today. So just because some posters acknowledged that we weren’t great today doesn’t mean their anti mayo or always have agendas the way you suggest. A blind man could see Roscommon were terrible and honestly their supporters can tell you want they want but they are a very average team. If we were on song today we could have hammered them.

  102. Oh good jesus christ are ye serious about towey , i must live on a differnt planet altogther .

    Boland impressive , thiught his physicallity improvement this year was very evident tonight.

  103. @Green & red I never once suggested they were anti mayo or have agendas against mayo did I?..

    Just saying why can’t people say fair pay to mayo we played well when people thought rossies amazing forwards would have another one over us.

    Never suggested we reached our best either tonight but we out in a decent game by God some are never happy if we loose we are filmed if we win other team were shite.

    Fair play to our guys in terrible conditions.

  104. The conditions were horrendous and Mayo did well considering. Not the finished product but little steps forward after the Tyrone debacle. Hopefully McLaughlin’s injury isn’t serious because that’s the best he’s played in a long while. Paul Towey unfortunately didn’t do himself justice and might not get too many more chances to shine. Ryan and Boland make things tick and keeping those two fit and in form is vital.
    Roscommon were lucky to not lose Fitzpatrick to a red card and they really lose discipline when things aren’t going their way. This game will have no bearing on a Connacht semifinal (provided we beat New York) but better to have a win in the bank than a defeat and the return of Paddy, David McBrien and Diarmuid will give another boost.

  105. I must admit after last weekends performance I couldn’t see us win today and delighted to be proved wrong.
    Division I status now seems safe and that’s the first priority building towards the championship will now be our biggest challenge!!!

  106. My prayers were answered – great to see those long range points in the first half. I think it’s the first time in 7 years I’ve seen a scoring from distance display like that from a bunch of Mayo players. Brilliant stuff.
    Great games from Eoghan McLaughlin and Tommy Conroy. Tommy was a handful for the Roscommon defenders.
    Well done, Mayo!

  107. Obviously staying in decent B and B paid off,the shite football worked,it will keep our critics quite for another game

  108. @Green & red I meant by God if we loose we are doomed and if we win other team were shite and this the case almost always

    Doesn’t mean I suggest people have agendas against mayo or anti mayo I never once said that.

    Anyways fair play to Ryan O D how lucky are we to have him

  109. @Dave Johnson If we win our final two matches, and Dublin win theirs, are we not looking at a Mayo Dublin final? I’d expect the Derry A team back out in two weeks anyway.

  110. Omg red and green were you watching the same

    game as mise!
    Mayo outclassed the Rossies in every part of the field in the 2nd half. I thought all the team played well in particular ROD, Hession, Coen Mclaughlin, McHugh, AOS and Coyne.

    Yes the Rossies were poor in 2nd half. Smith brothers hardly got a kick
    Mhuigeo Abú

  111. Maybe Brian. Its looking like a combination of the 3 teams either way. Whether a league final benefits us in any way is another story.

  112. Gutted for Eoghan McLaughlin. Everyone knows neither ball skills nor decision making in final third are his strong points, but I thought he was excellent tonight – did exactly what you’d want him to do – raiding up the wings, diving on breaking ball, getting to the ball a fraction of a second ahead of a Rossie.
    Hopefully back for Championship.

  113. Clare.
    I think we’ve all heard you now for the umpteenth time, regarding what others say following a win / loss. Sometimes, other teams are shite.

  114. Hats off to Donnacha mchugh, he absolutely roasted Edna Smith.
    Hession back in business too.

  115. McLaughlin and O’Connor both look typical hamstring tears. I’d be surprised to see them back before mid May. Big losses for us but neither season ending so it’s about getting them back when ready and hoping form returns fast.

    Any update on Carr or McBrien???

  116. My top 3 for motm were in line with the voting. Couldn’t pick between ROD, hession or mchugh. All immense

  117. Well done on the 2 points..but how poor were the Rossies? Definitely expected a tougher challenge tonight. Ryan is so important to us. Great Hession is back. Jordan got a terrible bang on his head. Awful for Eoghan McL. Dubs looked super in earlier game. (WJ a comment on a previous thread didbt go up during week, i’m not sure why I am in moderation?)

  118. Very happy with that performance on a horrible night for football. Expecting Hession, McHugh and R’OD to top the motm poll. We never really got out of 3rd gear, which was a good sign. Carmey faired well in fairness to him. Still far too open at the back in first half. Reape needs to watch himself. Hopefully Eoin’s injury is not too seirious. Nice feeling to be safe. Best part of tonight is their is loads of room for improvement. A fit Durcan McBrien, Doc, Carr and Ruane adds alot to the team.

    Feel sorry for Towey, he puts in all the effort as the others to play IC, it just hasn’t worked out for him. Theirs only so many chances you can give a lad.

  119. I wonder should people come on here last week and say mayo were brilliant and the management made all the right decisions because of course that would not have been the truth and as this is a discussion forum what happened in the game was debated .some people don’t seem to want any discussion other than ,up mayo’ which would get fairly tedious after a few hours.beating an average Roscommon team proves very little any more than losing to Tyrone did .There was alot of positives tonight and we are are in a good position now so on to the Derry game which I would imagine will present a much more difficult test but people are entitled to analyse a game if they want and if you don’t then that’s fine as well

  120. Is Davey Burke losing the Roscommon dressing room? Thought they looked very apathetic.

  121. @Corick Bridge they hardly stayed over for a home venue surely? There’d be levies on the levies if we were at that craic. 🙂 besides Think Ashford only 5 star around here I could be wrong. They’d hardly go lower after Adare and Lough Erne.

    Good win in tough conditions, 2nd half was hard watch. Darren McHale looked busy again when introduced l, probably warrants a start at this stage.

  122. In the end a very good win. Could end up in the final yet if we’re not careful.
    I must say however like other posters I am fed up with this if we win the other side were shite and if we lose we are the worst team ever.
    Sometimes you win because you are the better team as we were this evening.

  123. I actually agree with Clare. A lot of us are wondering “why Roscommon fell away”.
    They were very physical at the end of the first half and had the game back to a point. I thought – “Oh, they could come out now and go at us in the second half and overrun us.”. We’ve seen it before.
    And their forwards were scoring well.
    BUT, agreeing with Clare, I think Mayo came out and upped the energy levels at the start of the second half. This was a good tactical move. We often suffer on the receiving end of this but Mayo had something to prove and maybe used their heads.
    Roscommon couldn’t live with that increased energy. We tacked on a few scores in a run and that made it a hard game for Roscommon.
    As well as our intensity, I thought Roscommon couldn’t deal with our speed in the second half. We injected a lot of pace into the game. Eoghan Mc got on a lot of ball and played puck.
    In addition, Tommy Conroy made a big difference when he came on. Roscommon struggled with his speed so close to goal. Two frees (converted) came from Ros fouls on Tommy in the D. That helped build our lead.
    Roscommon seemed tired too.

  124. On tommy conroy , when you look at it , when he receives the ball the opposition panic , its wild the amount of men that bottle him up and he wins frees a lot , i totally believe he will get back scoring soon , hes such a talent .

  125. Mayo need to play paul towey in the next two league matches. He is an excellent player but was too excited tonight to perform to his maximum and the wet night did not suit him. He ,like tommy conroy is a top of the ground player. It was a great win and our division one status is secured.

  126. Bid win, with vital players missing and hopefully safe now. Will have to watch the playback at home to pick the bones out of it. But my overall impression was big improvement on Tyrone-we were really up for it, with better tempo, greater intensity and we were much more direct. We’ll deserved win.

  127. I think tonight Donnacha went from a fringe player to being right up there for inclusion in any future game. I thought he really stood up in attacking and defending duties…now if we can get the same out of Bob that will be 2 major plusses. Rod should and probably will get mom but for a relative newbie I thought McHugh was very good.

  128. Carney as the go to man orchestrated our play with authority. Eoin just can’t resist bursting forward at pace , made one run too many and we need to get a better return from his runs. We seemed to run out of ideas and were turned over too often in the first half once we got into the final quarter.
    Nonetheless it was encouraging performance. McHugh can be pleased with his night and Hession is still a class player. Solid performance

  129. Donnacha McHugh was fantastic, kept Enda Smith scoreless for the game while kicking two points himself.

  130. Well done Mayo much improved from last week. Would be great to see more improvement for the Derry game on Paddys day

  131. @dreamy

    Re: Davy Burke, you might be right. My rossie sources insist mark mchugh was the brains of the operation last year

  132. People are being very critical of Towey. Let’s judge the forward unit on their main responsibility, ie. To score

    Tuohy and flynn are contributing little to nothing. Cillian is getting a penalty or two whilst also taking wild shots. Aidan scores for the 1st time in a year and all is good again. Tommy C has he scored? ROD and boland are the exception.

    Towey dropped 2 short and 1 wide I think during a tight tense 1st half. Cillian came on and kicked 2 hail marys at a time when a mothers and others game would have more intensity. If towey did that, posters here would be calling for him to be dropped.

    I think we’re v selective as to who we criticise, and often give senior players the benefit of the doubt based on past performances. However, look at dublin- kilkenny was dropped last year because he was slowing the game down and being too lateral in his play (remind you of anyone in our fullforward line)…roll on a year he’s kicking 4 or 5 points in a motm display against derry.

    Bottomline, towey has been given a game and a half and people are saying he’s not up to it. Some of our panel have had 12 and half years

  133. The result is the one I expected as I don’t rate Ros. The most pleasing thing was our style of play which clearly McStay put his stamp on and it was very noticeable that Rochford was less visible. Still plenty to improve on like why was Ryan so far from goal. I watched the Dublin game and when they attack they always have a few close to goal which we don’t.
    Anyway we should now try and beat Derry and try and make the League final and win it again. Onwards and upwards

  134. Agred dreamynighty , not as if I give a feck for roscommon but clueless davey out at half time.waving his hands and all upset as if , he fairly plays up to camera.

    Delighted with our scores from distance and games in the boys legs but eoin Mac at 12 could have been a game changers unless Sean Moffatt can work wonders think eoins out fro least 3 weeks .

    Really looking forward to derry game big time now .
    Start same team but Conor Loftus in for Eoin Mac.
    Aido did sound so let him and cillian slog it out for that role .
    Towey is a 50/50 but tommy, Mchale and Carr be pushing hard for that Jersey for he will do well to keep it , great to have competition .
    Tuohy is really rate but be nice to have look at Frank irwin too so maybe save Frank for monaghan game .
    If we had eoin and diarmuid I’d have loved to see it as be high octane game v derry .
    I’d give Jack Carney every vote of faith v glass. Jack’s improving at steady pace each game and credit to him . He won’t get better of him on his own but with conor, Jordan and coen helping out a group.effort to stop one of best players in country .
    Ya should be exciting

  135. @bandwagon, I could not agree anymore with you. Towey being subbed at 37 mins was scandalous. He needs to be given multiple full games. Cillian is living off nothing more than reputation – he has more wides than scores in this year’s league. Ryan, who is adored here, is savagely inconsistent in every game so far. I reckon his lost the ball 4 times today, plus a number of fouls – he’s still our best forward but he’s far from perfect. Tommy will come good but he’s never a reliable scorer. Aidan is also not a reliable scorer. They’re messing Towey around and it’s only going to test his confidence.

  136. The big thing for me this league is that we have only conceded 1 goal in 5 games. We gave up a couple of chances tonight one where Reape was AWOL and the other where we left somebody unmarked.
    We were wide open last year but we have tightened up no doubt about that. A good habit to be in alright.

    I thought Coen had a good game tonight. He has a knack of breaking up play and plugging gaps. I thought Brickenden also did well. I have no doubt he has more improvement in him. I’m not so sure I want to see him popping up on the wing as often as he seems to. Stay at home and Mind the House.

    Let’s hope Eoghan Mac isn’t too bad. For his limitations he offers us chaotic unpredictability and his speed puts the opposition on the back foot.

    More positives than negatives so far in this league campaign for me. We really dont need a league final. Time to rest a few against Derry and hopefully the injuries clear up for the Championship.

  137. Man enough to come on here. We brought it back to a point game at half time playing very poorly and not taking either of our goal chances and then just fell apart in the second half.I am just hoping we are timing a championship run because at the moment our fitness levels are very poor. Ye are safe now and can probably start planning for a championship campaign

  138. ROD was class. Jordan Flynn great game as well. Hope McLoughlin will be OK. Boland very good as well. Roscommon very poor in 2nd half. We did what we needed to do. Hopefully we can get injuries cleared up and rest up key players now and focus on Champonship.

  139. The Mayo panel is very deep, and there will be top top Mayo players not starting in championship games. This is a far better team than the 2023 team. We have so many options throughout the team. Hopefully we can now rest players and avoid critical injuries.
    More specifically, my confidence is based on the following:
    1. Reape is one year more experienced. Also he has Hennelly breathing down his neck this year.
    2. The backs have matured brilliantly this year. We have so many options. Guys are really having to fight for their places. Competition for places will give us that edge as the season progresses. Apart from the young guns, Coen is playing his best football for years. A great steadying influence on a young set of backs.
    3. We have good options in midfield with Mattie Ruane really going to have to fight for his place. Jack Carney is a different physical specimen than what he was last year.
    4. Our forwards are working much better this year. The difference is that things are being orchestrated by ROD and Fergal. Fergal has been an inspiration this year. His eye for space is top notch. Also his shooting ability is right up there with the best. But it is his ability to find and create space that is making the forward line look like a much more fluid unit this year. And ROD is having his best year so far. He is a nightmare to pin down. He is so two footed.
    Roscommon are not a bad side. But they looked awful tonight. So did Galway, and so did Dublin when they both played us.Go figure. (We were careless against Kerry.)

    I can see us making wholesale changes for the next two matches, and giving some guys a well-earned rest. Nobody wants to lose any match, but Connacht and Ulster teams have no business being in the NFL final … not until the GAA get some sense and give a 2 week break before the championship starts.
    I am really looking forward to this year’s championship.

  140. One of the highlights of the game was Jordan Flynn soaring through the air commandingly to claim a kickout in the second half. More of that please.

  141. Good performance.
    Strong start.
    Really sloppy 2 quarter. All across the pitch. Should have been matching the Rossies score for score in that period, but our shooting was poor and we were probably lucky the Rossies didn’t take one of their goal chances. We probably came out of that period ok, but come summer we’ll need to be finishing games like tonight in this period.

    Switched back on at half time and really put the foot down until the game was finished with Ryan and Cillian’s quick thinking score. Closed the game out pretty comfortably from there. Deliberately never let the tempo drop.

    We coped really well with the conditions. Shot a good score but probably under shot our performance. Plenty to work on, but a good game coming up in two weeks against a Derry side who lost their momentum today.

  142. Anyone else find the ros manaager a little bizzare, like what was he at out on the pitch as the teams made their way in at ht , like as if he was whooshin cattle in , telling the players to get in to dressing room, whwre did he think they were heading , up to an sportlann for a quick one .

  143. I don’t know lads.. Judging Tommy conroy is difficult.. He has loads pace but sometimes he doesn’t get the head up and spot a man in a btr position.. He’s a bit like Mclaughlin who does everything at 100 miles an hour.. Tommy needs to watch a few clips of Gooch to just understand his surroundings.. He’ll be a btr player for it.. Running into too much traffic.. Won’t work V better teams than the woeful Rossies.

  144. Agreed@ Mayo45. He has a spring on him once he times his run to the dropping ball.
    That one took me back to the ‘original’ WJ.
    (No offense current WJ)

  145. GBXI, you bemoan Towey being subbed, and yet slate ROD. That doesn’t add up I’m afraid. I was calling for Towey to get a start – he did, and I don’t think he can have any complaints at being taken off. He was given a few mins in second half to make an impact and unfortunately couldn’t make it count.
    I still think he’s a good option later in games when it opens up and space might be a bit easier to get, but not in tight marking situations.

  146. Good win. Division 1 secured for another year, and a decent beating for Roscommon ahead of the Connacht championship. Most of us would have settled for 3 wins from 5 prior to the league, although perhaps the evidence of a leap forward in playing style hasn’t quite appeared.

    Stephen Coen looking harder and harder to leave out, and he’s chipping in with a score or two every game. Good to see Jack Coyne showing well after a difficult time last week.

    Thought Roscommon’s shooting in the first half was a bit too good to last and so it turned out. They seemed to really slump after 60 minutes; a Dublin or Kerry, I think, would have really put them to the sword. Holding any division 1 team to 9 points is good going.

    Hope Eoghan is ok. Realistically we have 7 weeks now til our next game of note so you think we’d see a few injuries clear up by then.

  147. Evening folks. Someone said it earlier…Reape needs to watch himself…wtf is it with loads of goalies up the pitch? Good performance overall…..but we lack forwards….Tommy not same since cruciate….and too much hand passes… a few other counties we’re hesitant to take shot over bar when in distance…..anyway good result tonight…

  148. @tubberman, ROD is Mayo’s best forward and will likely continue to be but my point is the players are not being held to the same standards. ROD was muck against Galway but he didn’t lose his place. Cillian kicked two absolute howlers when he came but he still gets 30+ minutes a game. Towey got 2 mins in the second half, 2 minutes!! That’s poor man management in my book. If McStay wants Towey to come off the bench in summer with 5 to go and kick a winner he needs to build his confidence now. Give him the chance to make mistakes, like he does with Aiden, Cillian, Ryan, and Tommy.

  149. Towey has had more mins than Cillian I would say so far in the league.
    Saying he had 2 mins in 2nd half ignores the fact that he had the entirety of the first half.
    Cillian and ROD are given a bit more leeway because people known what they can do – Towey has to prove it. he had a chance tonight and unfortunately didn’t take it

  150. A commentator should respect the forum and its commentators and not hog the free opportunity to comment. READ what others have to say, THINK about it and spare the rest of us unnecessary posts. You really don’t have to reply so much.

  151. Yeah and Towey has 3 from play in little over 70 minutes. Cillian has one from play. If this is how it’s being managed Towey should just say to McStay don’t start me, I’ll come on after 40 minutes. Game has opened up and he gets less scrunity.

    Cillian hasn’t shown anything of note from play in a couple years. He is fighting with Towey for the first inside forward sub role. The difference for me is Towey 8 years younger and is quicker, give him more leeway than Cillian and Mayo will benefit.

  152. @Tubberman: No, slightly less. It’s 121 minutes for Towey vs 123 minutes for Cillian ignoring all added time at the end of games (and Cillian has seen added time over and above Paul in the Kerry, Tyrone and Roscommon games and equal added time in the Galway & Dublin games).

    That completely ignores the impact of trying to see a game out and game management switches at the end of the game (and a tired defence at the end of the game all of which shift things around a lot making it a little apples and oranges), but purely on minutes Cillian has seen slightly more action.

    Hopefully we see both clicking into gear and hitting top form. Neither of them near full flow just yet.

  153. McStay needs to say to towey, I’m going to give you a run of games for the rest of the league don’t worry about making mistakes, play the game you can and shoot with confidence there’s no pressure on you, very hard to perform as a inside forward on a wet night knowing if you miss the shot you are going to get hooked, must of been playing on toweys mind after getting taken off at half time vs the dubs , those shots he missed tonight he scores them for his club , seemed to be a lot of weight in those shots and they were rushed with the pressure etc, needs the backing of his manager , not taken him off after 3 mins into the second half, kills a lads confidence

  154. @james that’s exactly it. In a nutshell. Which makes it poor management by McStay. Towey needs the carrot, Cillian the stick.

  155. @GBXI comparing Cillian and Towey is just farcical. One should be trying to force his way on to the team… the other has nowt to prove.
    Cillian taking pot shots is understandable in the context of the game tonight,if they go over ,great, but they gave a breather and chance to reset. Cuteness to win frees(and even encourage the final whistle) are all valuable in their own way.
    I hope Towey gets more game time in remaining league games but I’d agree coming on rather than starting may suit him more.

  156. Mayo played very well tonight. Little or none of this over and back on the 45 mt line.We attacked and took on shots . I felt sorry for Paul Towey he was possibly trying to hard. It was a shocking decision to take him off 3 min into second half. Does nothing for his confidence. We had some very good performances. I have to say I’m very worried about the distance Colm Reape is coming out of the goals and his general positioning. Sooner or later he is going to be caught off his line. He just got back tonight to save the lob. By the way I did not think in fairness to Colm that the ball had actually crossed the line for the 45 , that they scored from.. Colm kicked a fantastic point from play, he was not as accurate as usual from his place balls.Im a firm believer that the place for the keeper is in the goals. Hope it doesn’t cost us dearly later on in the year. Thought Fergal Boland was good again. He scored 2 and played a lot of ball. Half back line did very well also. Bob and Jordan have and will have better days PG.I was very happy with the fine win. But I won’t get carried away by it. I thought Roscommon were very poor.

  157. @2 hops, comparing Cillian and Towey is perfectly legitimate. Neither are likely to be a starter come championship if everyone is fit and they are both inside forwards competing for the same position. Cillian hasn’t played well since I don’t know when and Towey has actually scored more from play in this year’s league with the same minutes played. If Cillian keeps contributing so little from play come championship he’ll be hanging up his inter county boots this year.

  158. Towey is the new Evan Regan on this blog, the answer to all our woes.
    It was a match winning decision to take him off.
    A huge difference between club and County football.
    The selection team know best.

  159. Huge change in dynamics with Boland on board – intelligent and calm player. Goalkeeper will get caught at some stage – very nearly ydid esterday.

  160. Davy Burke did state he wanted to get the Kildare gig at some stage. Something wrong with how Roscommon went at it last night. One would’ve thought they had nothing to lose with that performance. League table might look less daunting later today anyway.

  161. I wouldn’t be a huge fan of the sweeper/keeper myself but it’s there in most counties,like it or not. It is risk and reward stuff and in fairness to Reape he’s pretty composed on the ball, looked comfortable taking it around a man and of course pointing from 47m out when it was needed. It wasn’t a night for just standing there anyway such were the conditions,he would have frozen. …as for the lob,he could have caught that handily enough,but it looked good.
    He dealt with the big bombs in too, just his place kicking a bit off.

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